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Lesson Plan - Teach ICT

Lesson Plan Date Period Class Lesson 7. Lesson 4 Databases Context of the lesson Where this fits into the “Big Picture” This unit is about data han...

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Lesson Plan Date Period Class Lesson

7. Lesson 4 Databases

Context of the lesson Where this fits into the “Big Picture”

This unit is about data handling for Year 7. It allows you to review pupils’ learning from KS2 and to introduce them to some of the ICT Framework objectives. They find out what the term ‘database’ means and learn to access and use databases in different formats. They learn how to collect data and how to search for data effectively. They also learn how to write their own hypothesis.

MLO for this lesson. What will pupils know/understand by the end of the lesson

Know: What a data capture form is and what it can be used for.

Teacher input/Activities. What the pupils should undertake with approximate timings.

Understand:. The difference between open, closed and leading questions Be able to: create a well designed, suitable data capture form Greet and settle students. Starter Whilst students are arriving hand out a copy of ‘lesson4starter.pdf’ either to individual students or to pairs. Students should work quietly through the starter activity whilst you are taking the register. Collect homework from last lesson. Go through the answers with the class. Teacher led discussion Tell students that a major film company is about to start casting the characters for a brand new film. The film will star one major super hero and a major super villain. These still have to be chosen. As well as the lead roles, each super hero and super villain will need a team of supporting members. It is always useful to have other people who have different powers from the Super hero/villain. Open the filmcharcters.mdb and show them the data in the ‘characters’ table. Remind them that they used a spreadsheet last week to be able to find data. Explain that what they are looking at is an application which is specifically made for running a database. Explain that they will be using it next week. Show them the different fields on the table and explain that although the film company already have a lot of records stored about possible team members (super hero team) and henchmen (super villain team), they are always looking for new talent. Imagine a world where superheros and villains actually exist and now the student’s task is to design a data capture form that could be given out to these heroes and villains who might like to audition for a role in the new film.

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10 mins

10 mins

Display dcform1.pdf on the board. Tell them that this data capture form has been designed to collect data from the heroes and villains who want their details to be entered onto the database. Ask students for their opinions on the design of the form. • How interesting is it to look at? • Would you want to fill it in? • Does it give you any hints/tips on how to complete it? Show students dcform2.pdf on the board. Ask them for their opinions of this design and whether they would be more likely to fill this one in. Discuss features of poor and good design. Discuss the use of open/closed/leading questions when designing a data collection form Student activity Tell students to access the link ‘designing your data capture forms’ for instructions for this task This will take them through the stages step by step and enable them to keep referring back and reminding themselves of what they need to achieve. Show their data capture form to another student and ask for Review/Summary At least 5 minutes before feedback on layout, design, use of colour, space, images, end. instructions. Note the feedback down on the data capture form. Extension work

25 mins

5 mins

Investigate other data capture forms on the Internet and look for ways to improve their design Design a poster to highlight the features of a well designed data capture form.


Print out 4 copies of the data capture form. Complete all 4 copies with details about team members (super hero team) and/or henchmen (super villain team) They must bring these with them to the next lesson.

Materials required

Lesson4starter.pdf Filmcharacters.mdb dcform1.pdf dcform2.pdf link to ‘designing your data capture form.html’

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