Life Expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds - Northeast Pain

Life Expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds - Northeast Pain

Northeast Pain Management doctors left to right: Dr Ben Zolper, Dr Peter Thompson, and Dr Craig Littlejohn Life Expectancy would grow by leaps and b...

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Northeast Pain Management doctors left to right: Dr Ben Zolper, Dr Peter Thompson, and Dr Craig Littlejohn

Life Expectancy

would grow by leaps and bounds

if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon While even if the above were true and we lived longer, green vegetables do not increase our resistance to pain.

Ben Zolper who for the last 20 years has conveniently located his expanding practice in Bangor, Maine.

s we know, so many times in our lives, pain of all kinds can afflict our bodies making life seemingly unbearable. t’s a known fact that as we age, the perils of life do include the occasional bout with pain ranging from mild to devastating. As we gain in years, it becomes even more important to know the cause of the pain we experience. But in the larger sense, it is impossible to know exactly what to do and that is when we turn to medical professionals who are up to date in finding ways to mediate the devastating and crippling effects of long term pain.

Wanting to know more about the calamities of having my retirement years affected should I come face to face with pain, I recently had an opportunity to meet Dr. Zolper first hand and was intrigued and impressed with the newest approaches his practice takes in analyzing, addressing and conquering pain and its causes. His practice may prove to be a godsend to those Maine Seniors readers who are suffering from what seems like life’s greatest burden… constant pain.


One such medical doctor who has built his professional practice concentrating not only on all of the types and sources of pain but also the most advanced methods of treating most of them is Dr. 45


Making an appointment with the Northeast Pain Management ( practice may be your next best step and, from what I gained from my visit, one that I would surely take to heart as pain may be something we do not have to bear.

Guest Article

One obvious annoyance that all of us have faced—waiting well beyond our appointment time to see the doctor—is a thing of the past based on a sign in NPM’s waiting room that states: “If you have been waiting 20 minutes past your scheduled appointment, please go back to the check-in window and let us know.” Now, I know this is a first and points to the care and consideration Dr. Zolper and his professional team want for their patients. Dr. Zolper's clinical interests include the whole spectrum of interventional pain treatments including non-surgical treatment of spine pain, joint pain, muscle pain and tendonitis and he also uses kyphoplasty (see the sidebar for more info) to treat osteoporotic spine fractures. Dr. Zolper says that “Setting the Standard” is his goal at NPM, by which he means being the best at everything the office does, whether that is answering the phone, diagnosing a problem, treating a patient or communicating with the family medical provider. “We want to treat our patients as we would want members of our family to be treated”, says Dr Zolper. This approach and his outstanding medical credentials within pain management have enabled Dr. Zolper to attract additional medical pain experts including Dr. Peter Thompson who joined NPM in 2006 after having practiced in New Hampshire. As a graduate of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Dr. Thompson completed his residency in anesthesiology at the Medical Center Hospital in Burlington, is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, certified in pain management by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and is a fellow of the World Institute of Pain. The quality of care at NPM has been instrumental in making NPM the one source for finding ways to reduce or eliminate pain from our bodies and mind. As the practice grew Dr. Frederick Littlejohn joined NPM’s medical staff in 2011. Dr. Littlejohn is board certified in Pain Medicine through the American Board of Anesthesiology and is also an expert in minimally invasive spine care and interventional pain management.

Dr. Ben Zolper

What is Kyphoplasty? As we advance in age, some afflictions are more apparent in women who frequently develop weakening of their bones, osteoporosis, which can lead to fractures of bone in various parts of the body including the bones of the spine. The main symptom is onset of severe spinal pain. There has been no real treatment for this problem, until now. For the past 10 years or so, a technique has been employed in the USA which uses needles guided gently into place with x-ray to inject a liquid cement that hardens like super glue in 20 minutes repairing the fracture, stabilizing the bone and alleviating the patients fracture pain. The most up to date version of this treatment is called kyphoplasty, Greek for bone repair, and is performed by all of the doctors at NPM. It is successful up to 90% of the time the treatment is performed. If pain of the spine or other areas is crippling you with daily pain and discomfort, contact NPM and ask about how this technical achievement may bring lasting relief.

Those patients suffering from compression fractures of the spine can find relief from the leading edge kyphoplasty procedure. Compression fractures of the spine lead to severe back pain, APRIL 2016 • 4 6

Absolute Physical Therapy Team Left to Right: Christy Stout, PT; Lindsay Duplisea, PT; Eric Cormier, PT.

Eric Cormier lead therapist, working with a client

usually in woman over 60, and this can be treated very effectively by the injection of cement into the fracture. NPM also has four expert nurse practitioners (NP’s). The NP’s have many years combined experience in the team approach to evaluating and treating patients. They are all passionate about wanting to help patients. Some of their goals are to be very informative and patient-centered. NPM typically schedules a new patient for one hour. A follow up is 30 minutes. Also NPM will perform a consultation and a treatment on the same day whenever possible. That saves travel time and money! I also found that NPM has a wonderful and friendly physical therapy department, known as Absolute Physical Therapy. The physical therapy and physician offices work seamlessly together— keeping in touch to optimize your care and personalize your treatment plan. Eric Cormier is the lead therapist at Absolute Physical Therapy. An Aroostook County native, Eric received his masters of physical therapy degree at Husson University and was



Guest Article

Even if you have attended physical therapy elsewhere and not had success, Absolute’s individualized plan and attention to detail may hold

the solution to your pain.

instrumental in bringing physical therapy to NPM in 2006. He has advanced training in several manual therapy methods that uniquely prepares him to treat various spine, pelvic, shoulder, and knee conditions. Shortly after the inception of Absolute, Lindsay DupliseaWhite joined the team. A local girl who has become the resident world traveler, Lindsay brings a strong orthopedic approach to the team. Lindsay is also a graduate of Husson University where she has continued her education to become a doctor of physical therapy. She is certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT) BIG approach for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Other areas of advanced training include: kinesio taping, McKenzie techniques, and core strengthening. In 2013 Christy Stout decided to dissolve her own physical therapy practice and became a part of Absolute Physical Therapy. Christy received her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Southern California. She has spent the majority of her career in outpatient, private practice. She specializes in patient education, manual therapy techniques, home and work ergonomics, and therapeutic exercise. She holds advanced certifications in health and wellness, ergonomics, manual therapy, and temporal mandibular disorders. At Absolute Physical Therapy you’ll discover the time you spend in physical therapy is not about going through the motions. Even if you have attended physical therapy elsewhere and not had success, Absolute’s individualized plan and attention to detail may hold the solution to your pain. The clinic is very welcoming and everyone there shares in the‘patient first’ philosophy. When APRIL 2016 • 4 8

Lindsay helps Sarah with her neck pain

you see the four private treatment rooms and the very wellequipped gym and work out area you will know you have come to the right place. Absolute PT boasts some of the most up-to-date equipment not available anywhere else in the state of Maine, such as MedX spinal training machines and Bio Dex balance equipment. Absolute Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients the highest quality of rehabilitation services. The clinic is committed to assisting patients with achieving their maximum level of physical function. Their expert therapists will listen to you and attempt to answer all of your questions which is essential to providing the highest quality, comprehensive, and individualized physical therapy service available. The patients I met during my visit all seemed to know the level of care they were receiving was the best in the area. This speaks volumes when it comes to deciding where you want treatment for the various ailments causing pain and discomfort for you and your family. 49


If pain afflicts you, remind your doctor to refer you to NPM or Absolute PT. My best observation tells me that anyone finding themselves in a world of hurt should contact Northeast Pain Management and Absolute PT right away. In my opinion, you will not find a better resource for treating and eliminating pain of all types. However, as luck would have it, none of these experts can help green vegetables taste like bacon, but they stand a good chance of helping you reduce ongoing pain in your life. Check and see for yourself and call Northeast Pain Management at 942-6226 or Absolute PT at 942-2233. MSM Give MSM a call at 207-299-5358 to find out how you can tell your story to our readers in your very own Guest Article.