LIST OF COMMISSIONS This list of Lanning Roper's gardens is

LIST OF COMMISSIONS This list of Lanning Roper's gardens is

LIST OF COMMISSIONS This list of Lanning Roper's gardens is compiled from surviving correspondence (the Lanning Roper Papers, now in the Royal Hortic...

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This list of Lanning Roper's gardens is compiled from surviving correspondence (the Lanning Roper Papers, now in the Royal Horticultural Society's Lindley Library) and with additional information from the memories of his clients and friends. The list requires a word of explanation. The names in brackets after the name of the house indicate Lanning's clients, though in many cases they are no longer the owners. The words 'garden design' and 'planting design' are self-explanatory and are used to indicate a short-term commission. Lanning's preferred way of working was to tend 'his gardens' over a period of years, and I have adopted the word 'advice' to describe this. 'Garden advice' means that he oversaw a substantial rearrangement of the garden, or part of it; 'planting advice' means that he mainly adjusted and carried out progressive changes in planting only. In the places where he was mainly the planting consultant I have named the architect or other designer who may have been involved. But the situations were infinitely variable, as my book explains, and this list can only give a brief guide, though it does help in assessing his work. An asterisk * beside the name of the garden indicates that there is a file of correspondence in the Lindley Library; CL indicates that Lanning wrote an article in Country Life about the garden, and these can be found by referring to the published index of names of houses and gardens; n.d. indicates that the date of the work is unknown.

ENGLAND BEDFORDSHIRE HOWARD'S HOUSE, Cardington (for Humphrey Whitbread Esq.) Garden design in 1969 and 1982 BERKSHIRE BAGNOR MANOR, Newbury (for Billy Wallace Esq.) Garden design including riverside lawn, terrace, flower borders and swimming pool surround, with the architect John Griffin, 1960-1 CL (see Chapter 4) THE OLD VICARAGE*, Bucklebury (for Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury) Garden design, including setting for Henry Moore sculptures, and continuing planting advice, 1962-74 CL (see Chapter 4)

LITTLE BEAR*, Pangbourne (for Mr and Mrs C.B. Goulandris) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1965-82 (see also London: 37 Chesham Place)

FARLEY HALL*, Farley Hill, near Reading (for Hon. Mrs Peter Samuel) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 197582 ENGLEFIELD HOUSE*, near Reading (for Mrs W.R. Beynon) Garden and planting advice, 1975-80 WICKHAM HOUSE*, Newbury (for General H.S. Hashim) Garden design, 1976-7 RIDGE HOUSE, West Drive, Sunningdale (Kenneth Wagg Esq.) Garden advice, especially 0n siting of pool and tennis court, 1974-81 THE MANOR HOUSE*, Yattendon (for Lord and Lady Iliffe) Garden advice, 1977-81 MILTON HILL HOUSE*, near Abingdon (for W.H. Smith & Son) Garden and planting design, 1978-81 YATTENDON PARK*, Yattendon Brief planting advice, 1979-80

THE OLD MILL, Woodspeen (for Jean, Lady Ashcombe) Garden design, 1964-6 (see Chapter 4)

AVINGTON MANOR*, Hungerford (Lord and Lady Howard de Walden) Garden advice, 1979-82

RIBBLESDALE PARK, Ascot (for J. R. Hindley Esq.) Garden and planting design with William Wood & Son, 1966

BASILDON HOUSE*, Lower Basildon (for Lord and Lady Iliffe) Brief planting advice, 1982,

BINFIELD LODGE, Newbury (for Mr and Mrs H.J. Heinz) Garden and planting design with William Wood & Son, 1966 (see Chapter 4)

ASCOT PLACE, Ascot Planting around the temple with William Wood & Son, n.d. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE

BUCKHURST PARK*, Ascot (for Peter Palumbo Esq.) Planting design and continuing advice, 1966-82 FOLLY FARM, Sulhamstead (for Hon. H. W. and Mrs Astor) Planting advice for the Lutyens/Jekyll garden, 1971-'7 (see Chapter 7)

WADDESDON MANOR, near Aylesbury (for the National Trust) Planting design with William Wood & Son for The Aviary garden, 1964 (see Chapter 7) HORSENDEN MANOR, Princes Risborough (for Mrs Gourlay) Planting advice in two reports, n.d.


Highgro V E, near Tetbury

ANGLESEY ABBEY*, near Cambridge (for the National Trust) Planting maintenance advice, 1982 (see Chapter

(for HRH The Prince of Wales) Garden design and planting advice, 1981 (see Chapter 10) HAMPSHIRE

CHESHIRE TATTON PARK, Knutsford (for the National Trust and Cheshire County Council) Planting advice for flower borders, early Ig6os CL (see Chapter 7) LITTLE MORETON HALL*, Congleton (for the National Trust) Brief garden advice, 1970 (see Chapter 7) CORNWALL ANTONY HOUSE*, Torpoint (for Richard Carew Pole Esq. and the National Trust) Brief garden advice, 1982 (see Chapter 7)

ESSEX FOLLY FAUNTs HOUSE, Goldhanger, Maldon (for Julian Jenkinson Esq.) Brief garden advice, 1970 GLOUCESTERSHIRE DAYLESFORD HOUSE, Daylesford (for Lord Rothermere) Planting for formal garden with William Wood & Son, t. I960 BOURTON-ON-THE-HILL HOUSE, Bourton-on-the-Hill (for Colonel Head) Planting advice with architects Benson & Benson, 1962

EGBURY HOUSE, St Mary Bourne (for Mrs Daphne Watkins) Brief planting advice, 1966 NORTH END HOUSE*, Mottisfont (for Mrs Gilbert Russell) Garden and planting design, 1972-4 (see Chapter 7) THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE, St Mary Bourne (for Dr Peter Johnson) Brief garden advice, 1970 FAIRFIELD HOUSE*, Hambledon (for Mr and Mrs Peter Wake) Planting advice, 1970-80 CL (see also NORTHAMPTONSHIRE: COURTEENHALL) HALL PLACE*, West Meon (for the Hon. Mrs S.R. Cubitt) Continuing planting advice, 1973-82 C L (see Chapter 9) TAYLOR'S MEAD*, Sparsholt (for Lady Ivor Spencer-Churchill) Garden and continuing planting advice, 1978-82

HERTFORDSHIRE MACKERYE END, Harpenden This is one of the early gardens for which n0 records remain, only a few slides of work done, c. 1967? HUNTINGDONSHIRE

CHURCH HOUSE, Bibury (for Sir Tobias Clarke) Garden and planting advice (file survives but has been returned at client's request), 1970s THE BARN? (for Mrs Guy Holland) Brief garden advice, 19'712 VALLEY FARM, Duntisbourne, Cirencester (for Lady Hollenden) Continuing garden advice, 1973-81 KINGSMILL HOUSE, Painswick (for Mrs June Keith) Brief garden advice, 1977

ABBOTS RIPTON HALL, Huntingdon (for Lord and Lady de Ramsey) LR was a frequent visitor and he admired the design work of Humphrey Waterfield in the garden; he helped with planting design around the lake in the 1970s CL KENT CHARTWELL, Westerham (for the National Trust) Garden and planting advice, from 1966 (see Chapter 7)

CIRENCESTER PARK, Cirencester (for Lord Bathurst) Brief garden advice, 1979

SCOTNEY CASTLE, Lamberhurst (for the National Trust) Garden and planting advice, 1970-82 (see Chapter 7)

STANCOMBE PARK, Dursley (for Mrs Gerda Barlow). Planting advice, I98 I

PENSHURST PLACE, Tonbridge (for Lord De L'Isle) Planting advice, n.d.

LEICESTERSHIRE STABLE HOUSE*, North Kilworth (for Mrs Paul Hyde-Thomason) One visit, plan and planting advice, 1969 LONDON (including the former Middlesex)

House in PELHAM CRESCENT (for Humphrey Brooke Esq.) Plan for town garden (one of the gardens which backed 0n to Park House) with William Wood & Son, I 960 10 HOLLAND PARK, W II (for Lord and Lady Blakenham)Garden and planting design with Ian Mylles, his assistant at the time, and William Wood &Son, 1962 CL (see Chapter 4)

96 CHEYNE WALK, SW3 (for Gerald Hochschild Esq.) Garden design and planting design with William Wood & Son, 1963 (see Chapter 4)

THE AVIARY*, Southall (for Whitney Straight Esq.) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1965-79 CL (see Chapter 6) 37 CHESHAM PLACE*, SW I (for Mr and Mrs C. B. Goulandris) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1965-82 (see also BERKSHIRE: LITTLE BEAR) 30 CHARLES ST, W I (for Mrs Cynthia Fraser) Planting design for a roof garden, 1968 I HYDE PARK SQUARE, W2 (for Mrs D.L. Irwin) Planting design for a roof garden, 1968 STJOHN'S, Smith Square, sw I Planting around the church with William Wood & Son (planting plan only survives) Oct. 1968 HARROW SCHOOL (for Mrs Edward Malan) Brief garden advice, 1969-70 9 HAMPSTEAD HILL GARDENS, N W 3 (for Mrs Michael Bowater) Brief garden advice, 1970 I SWAN WALK, SW3 (for the Hon. Michael Astor) Garden and planting design with William Wood & Son, 1970s (see Chapter 4) MARGARET PYKE HOUSE*, Mortimer Street, wt (for the Family Planning Association) Design and planting advice for a roof garden in memory of Mrs Mure, I 9'70S (see Chapter I I)

MAIDA AVENUE, W2 (for Mrs Regester) Shrub planting with ifton Nurseries, 1970 CREWE HOUSE, Curzon Street, WI Brief garden advice, 1970 (see Chapter 7) 113 DOVEHOUSE STREET*, SW3 (for Mrs John Carter) Brief garden advice, 1971 28 WARWICK AVENUE, W9 Brief advice 0n garden pavilions, 1972 ABERCORN PLACE, N W 3 (for Esteban Cerda) Brief garden advice, 1972 14 HAMMERSMITH ERRACE*, W6 (for Jonathan McCreery Esq.) Brief garden advice, 1973-4 (see also SOMERSET: STOWELL HILL) 47 CHESTER SQUARE, SW I (for Lord Wilton) Brief garden advice, 1974 (see also 27 EGERTON TERRACE and WILTSHIRE: HILLBARN HOUSE) NORTH MYMMS PARK (for Mrs W. S. Morgan Burns) Planting advice, 1975 CL CITY CHURCHYARDS* : ST PANCRAS, ST BENET'S SHEREHOG, ST SWITHUN STONE, and ST STEPHEN'S WALBROOK (for Peter Palumbo Esq.) Design and planting advice, 1975-82 (see Chapter 8) MANSION HOUSE SQUARE* (project) (for Peter Palumbo Esq.) Landscape and planting for new city square, 1975 (see Chapter 8) 49 VICTORIA ROAD*, W8 (for Mrs Mark Bonham Carter) Brief garden advice, 1978 (See also SUSSEX: RIPE MANOR) 2'7 EGERTON TERRACE, S W 3 (for Lord Wilton) Garden design and advice, 1978-82 (see also: 47 CHESTER SQUARE and WILTSHIRE: HILLBARN HOUSE) ARGYLL HOUSE, Kings Road, SW3 (for the Marquis of Normanby) Brief garden advice, 19803 AUBREY ROAD*, W8 (for Lady Daphne Straight) Garden design and advice, 1980-3 (See also THE AVIARY, Southall) 11 KENSINGTON PALACE GARDENS, W 8

23 BLOMFIELD ROAD, W9 (for Sir Edward and Lady Ford) Brief garden advice, 1981 13 ELM PLACE*, SW7 (for Miss Annabel Palumbo) Garden design, I98I2

WOOD HALL, Hethersett, Norwich (for the Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia) Brief garden advice, 1976- 7 Rudham HOUSE*, East Rudham Garden design and advice, 1976-82

TRINITY HOSPICE*, Clapham Common, SW4 (now the Lanning Roper Memorial Garden) Preliminary garden and planting advice, 1981-2 (see Chapter 11)

STERNFIELD HOUSE*, Saxmundham (for Lt.-Col. Sir Eric and Lady Penn) Garden advice, 1978-82

Ismaeli CENTRE, SW7 Planting consultant for roof garden with architects Casson, Conder & Partners and landscape architects Sasaki Associates, 1981-3 (see Chapter 10)

WICKMERE HOUSE*, Wlckmere (for Noel Bolingbroke-Kent Esq.) Garden and planting advice, 1979-82

GARDEN IN KENSINGTON, West London (for Lord Snowdon) Planting design, 1982 (see Chapter 10) LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, WC2 (for the University of London) Planting design for containers for Houghton Street and Clare Market pedestrian precinct with Armstrong, Smith & Barron Partnership, 1982-3 5 Cottesmore GARDENS (for Lady Iveagh) Brief planting advice with architect Vernon Gibberd, 1982 125 OLD CHURCH STREET, SW3 (for Mrs Peter Chance) Plan of design for town garden, n.d. 47 EGERTON CRESCENT, S W 3 One garden report, n.d. NORFOLK THE GLEBE, Bayfield Brief garden advice, 1970

BAYFIELD HALL, Holt (for Brigadier Douglas Phelps) Brief garden advice, 1982 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE COURTEENHALL, Northampton (for Mr and Mrs Peter Wake) Garden design and planting advice, early I96os

OXFORDSHIRE STANTON HARCOURT (for Lord Harcourt) Garden and planting advice, I96os BRUERN ABBEY, Bruem (for the Hon. Michael Astor) Planting design with William Wood & Son, I96os (see Chapter 4) HASELEY COURT, Little Haseley (for Mrs Nancy Lancaster) Garden advice and planting design, 1968-~70 CL (see Chapter 7)

LETHERINGSETT HALL, Holt (for the Hon. Beryl Cozens-Hardy) Brief garden advice, 1970-2

Turville GRANGE, Turville Heath (for Princess Lee Radziwill) Planting design, with plants from Mrs Desmond Underwood, 1969

THE MANOR HOUSE, Great Cressingham (for Mrs Chapman) Brief garden advice, 19'70-I

BROUGHTON CASTLE*, Banbury (for Lord and Lady Saye and Sele) Garden advice, 1969-71 (see Chapter 7)

WARHAM HOUSE, Wells (for Lady Mary Harvey) Garden advice, 1971-2

GREY COURT, King's Sutton (for Leo D'Erlanger Esq.) Brief garden advice, 1970

CHURCH FARM, Little Bamingham (for Mrs Walpole) Brief garden advice, 1972

DITCHLEY PARK*, Enstone (for the Ditchley Foundation) Garden consultant, 1973-6 (sele Chapter 7)

SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR THE VISUAL ARTS*, University of East Anglia, Norwich Landscape and planting consultant to Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury, with architects Norman Foster Associates and landscape architects Feilden & Mawson; also consultant for interior planting design, 1975-82 (see Chapter 8)

FRIAR'S WELL*, Aynho (for Viscountess Ward) Garden and planting design, 1976-8 CL

THENFORD HOUSE, near Banbury (for the Rt. Hon. and Mrs Michael Heseltine)

(for the French Embassy)

Garden and planting advice, 1977-82

Brief garden advice, 1981

(see Chapter 10)

SHROPSHIRE LOWER HALL, Worfield (for Mrs and Mrs Christopher Dumbell) Garden design advice, I980-I (see Chapter I 1) SOMERSET STOWELL HILL, Templecombe (for General McCreery) Brief garden advice (one report), 1969 (See also LONDON: 14 HAMMERSMITH TERRACE)

SUFFOLK THE OLD RECTORY*, Orford (for William Servaes Esq.) Garden design and continuing garden advice, 1967 CL (see Chapter 9) Ickworth* near Bury St Edmunds (for Lord Euston and the National Trust) Garden and landscape advice, 1970 (see Chapter 7) 48 CHURCH STREET , Orford (for John Trew Esq.) Brief planting advice, 1971 METTINGHAM PINES*, Bungay (for Lady Lloyd) List of plants, 1971 SURREY CHERRY HILL, Wentworth (for Mr and Mrs J.H. Whitney) Planting advice, c. 1959-61 (see Chapter 6) ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY GARDEN, W isley Planting scheme for new formal garden by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, 1969 DENBIES*, Dorking (for Lord Ashcombe) Planting advice, 1972-80 TELEGRAPH COTTAGE * , Warren Road, Kingston (Mrs Alexander Keiller) Garden advice, 1972-82 SUSSEX THE LAINES*, Plumpton (for Major and the Hon. Mrs Bruce Shand) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1967-82 CL (see Chapter 9) PENNS IN THE ROCKS*, Groombridge (for Lord and Lady Gibson) Garden and planting advice, 1967-82 CL (see Chapter 7) HORSTED PLACE, Uckfield (for Lady Rupert Nevill) Advice 0n azalea planting, 1968-70

THE OLD VICARAGE*, Firle (for Mr and Mrs C. C. Bridge) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1969-8z CL (see Chapter 9) FORESTER'S COTTAGE * , Coleman's Hatch One brief report 0n planting, September 1969 BIGNOR PARK, Pulborough (for Viscountess Mersey) Brief garden design advice, 1969 BENTLEY*, Halland (for Mrs Askew) Brief garden advice, 1970 HIGHFIELD HOUSE, Slindon (for Mrs James Bowes Lyon) Brief planting advice, 1970 MARTINS, Thakeham (for Mr and Mrs Robin Marlar) Brief garden advice, 1970 RIPE MANOR, Lewes (for Mrs Mark Bonham Carter) Brief garden advice, 1970 (see also LONDON: 49 VICTORIA ROAD) WAREHEAD HOUSE, Chichester (for Mrs Evan Jones) Brief garden advice, 19'71 WOOLBEDING HOUSE*, Midhurst (for the National Trust) Garden and planting design and continuing advice, 1974-80 (see Chapter 7) PARHAM HOUSE, Pulborough (for Mrs Tritton) Planting design for one border, 1975 (see Chapter 7) SANSOME'S FARMHOUSE * , Rudgwick (for Mrs More O'Ferrall) Garden and planting advice, 1977-81 WILLINGHAM HOUSE*, Ringmer (for Ian Askew Esq.) Brief garden advice, 1981 WILTSHIRE RAMSBURY MANOR, Ramsbury (for Lord Wilton) Garden advice, pre-1958 (for Lord Rootes)Planting design for formal garden by Sir Geoffry Jellicoe, 1967

HAVERING HOUSE, Milton Lilbourne (for Lord Wilton) Brief garden advice with William Wood & Son, 1963 MANOR COTTAGE, Rushall (for Mrs Wyett Larken) Brief garden advice, 1970 LOWER MOOR FARM (for Mrs Chance) Brief garden advice, 19'7 1 COMPTON HOUSE*, Compton Chamberlain (for John Newman Esq.) Garden and planting design and advice, 1975-9 THE PARK SCHOOL*, Wilton (for Lady Glendevon) Brief planting advice, 1976-8 ALLIED Dunbar CENTRE*, Swindon (formerly Hambro Life Centre) Planting around new building and courtyard (roof) garden with architects Peter Carter, and Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall, 1977-82 (see Chapter 8) Hambro LIFE TRICENTRE (project) Planting consultant in early stages, 19803 MILKHOUSE WATER*, Pewsey (for David All£ord, partner in Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall) Brief garden advice, 1979-80 LIDDINGTON MANOR*, near Swindon (for Mr and Mrs. J. Joffe) Brief garden advice, 1980 (see Chapter 8) KNOWLE HOUSE*, Froxfield (for Brian Henderson, partner in Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall) Brief garden advice, 1980-1 RAINSCOMBE PARK, Oare (for Lord Clanwilliam) Garden advice, 1980-2 OLD CONOCK MANOR, Devizes (for Derek Johns Esq.) Brief garden advice, 1982


HILLBARN HOUSE*, Great Bedwyn (for Lord Wilton) Garden and planting design with architect John Griffin, 1958-62 (for Lord and Lady Bruntisfield) Garden and planting design including layout of jardin potager with architect John Griffin, 1962-71 (for Mr and Mrs A. Buchanan) Planting advice, 1971-8 CL (see Chapter 9)

ESTERSKENE HOUSE*, Aberdeen (for Lord Cowdray) Planting advice, 1978-80 STRATHCLYDE CAMERON*, Alexandria (for Mrs Telfer Smollett) Brief garden advice, 1979

NORTHERN IRELAND CO. FERMANAGH CASTLECOOLE*, Enniskillen (for the National Trust of Northern Ireland) Landscape and planting consultant, 1967-78 (see Chapter 5) CO. DOWN CASTLE WARD*, near Downpatrick (for the National Trust of Northern Ireland) Landscape and planting consultant, 1967-78 (see Chapter 5) EIRE CO. DONEGAL GLENVEAGH CASTLE (for Henry P. McIlhenny Esq.) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1959-82 CL (see Chapter 5) AUGHAWONEY LODGE, Kilmachrenan (for Mrs Nash) Brief garden advice, 1970S MARBLE HILL*, Port na Blagh (for Mrs D. Jobling-Purser) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 1971-9 CL (see Chapter 5) DUBLIN FARMLEIGH, Castleknock (for the Earl of Iveagh) Advice given 0n screen planting, c. 1960, and subsequent garden design and planting advice, n.d.

TRINITY COLLEGE Landscape and planting consultant for new Arts Building with architects Ahrends, Burton & Koralek, and subsequently landscape consultant for all Trinity College buildings, 1973-8 (see Chapter 5)



CASTLEMARTIN STUD*, Kilcullin (for Dr Anthony O'Reilly) Garden design and planting advice, 1977-82 (see Chapter 5) CO. WEXFORD STRAMORE*, Bunclody (for Mrs D. JoblingPurser) Garden design and planting advice, 197983 FRANCE 8 RUE PIPER*, Reims (for Monsieur F. d'Aulan) Garden advice, 1972-3 LE MANOIR Saintes Maries aux Anglais, Mesnil Mauger (for Philip Lockwood Esq.) Garden advice, 1977-80 AIGLEMONT*, Gouvieux (for Prince Amyn Aga Khan) Planting advice, 1980-2 (see Chapter 10)

FARNSWORTH HOUSE*, Plano, Illinois (for Peter Palumbo Esq.) Landscape and planting advice for the famous house designed by Mies van der Rohe, 1973-82 (see Chapter 8) ANANOURI* Highland Falls, New York (for Mr and Mrs C. Sidamon-Eristof) Garden design and continuing planting advice, 197682 (see Chapter 6) BILTMORE DIARY FARMS, Asheville, North Carolina (for Mr and Mrs George Cecil) Brief garden advice, 1978 and 1982 1 BEEKMAN PLACE*, New York (for Mrs John Hay Whitney) Planting advice for small city garden, 1978GREENTREE, Manhasset, Long Island (for Mrs John Hay Whitney) Brief garden advice, 1980 POWHATON PLANTATION, King George, Virginia (for Mr and Mrs Raymond Guest) Brief planting advice, 1980

ITALY LA GUIZZA*, ASolo Brief garden advice, 1971-2 MONTORIA, Asolo (for Miss Freya Stark) Garden advice during the 1970s. This was not a paid commission as Lanning and Freya Stark were firm friends, but he frequently visited Montoria and helped her with the garden, especially the roses she loved SWITZERLAND CHATEAU DE Bellerive* Geneva (for Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan) Design and jardin potager with continuing planting advice, 196982 (see Chapter 10)

WOODLAWN PLANTATION*, Virginia (for Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan) Brief garden and planting advice, 1982 (see Chapter 10) MIRADOR FARM*, Greenwood, Virginia (for Mrs J. H. Scott) One visit, 1982, to give advice 0n the proposed restoration of the garden made in the 1930s by Mr and Mrs Ronald Tree (see Chapter I I)