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Student Assistance Services Staff


Blaise Carland, LCSW Heritage Cluster Tuscarora Cluster Loudoun County Cluster [email protected] 571-252-6509

Kim Hager LPC Riverside Cluster Stone Bridge Cluster Douglass School [email protected] 571-252-1173

Amy Iliffe LPC

Prevention and Education Making the Connection

Loudoun Valley Cluster Woodgrove Cluster [email protected] 571-252-1384


Darren Madison MSW John Champe Cluster Freedom Cluster [email protected] 571-252-1833

Keith Robinson MSW Dominion Cluster Park View Cluster Potomac Falls Cluster [email protected] 571-252-1276

Allyne Zappalla MSW Briar Woods Cluster Broad Run Cluster Rock Ridge Cluster [email protected] 571-252-1185

Jennifer Wall LPC Student Assistance Services Supervisor [email protected] 571-252-1014

Contact the Student Assistance Services Office http://www.lcps.org/Page/2064

STUDENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES 21000 Education Court Ashburn, VA 20148 571-252-1014

3 TIERED MODEL OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES TIER I SUBSTANCE ABUSE PRESENTATIONS: The Student Assistance Specialists offer several classroom presentations and in-services which are available for staff, students, or parent groups upon request. Topic examples:  The Disease of Addiction  Refusal Skills  Family Roles in Addiction  Current Drug & Alcohol Trends  Internet Addiction  Co-Dependency  Marijuana  Alcohol and Binge Drinking  Tobacco/Vaping/E-cigarettes  Over-the-Counter Meds  Prescription Drugs  Drinking & Driving  Synthetic Drugs  Ecstasy/K2/Bath Salts PARENT MEETING: Parents of students are invited to learn about the symptoms of substance use and abuse, current trends, parental empowerment techniques, and community resources through an online presentation at https://mix.office.com/watch/1g1ws0tzg10fk PEER PROGRAM: The students selected for this program will receive extensive training in communication skills, decision making, current teen issues, and problem solving. They will serve as mentors for new and at-risk students.



DRUG AND ALCOHOL INTERVIEW AND REFERRAL: Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists are available to do individual student interviews at each school and make appropriate referrals for services

INSIGHT CLASS: A three-day intensive, education and early intervention class is held at least three times a month throughout the school year. This class is designed to aid students in assessing the impact of alcohol and other drugs on their lives and identify ways to change. Students are referred as a result of a policy violation or on a voluntary basis (when space is available).

TEEN TOBACCO USE EDUCATION: In several secondary schools, students who violate the smoking policy complete a tobacco awareness program conducted by the in-school restriction staff, in lieu of outof-school suspension. SUPPORT GROUP SERVICES: 

PRE-RECOVERY: These groups are comprised primarily of students who are actively using but have some commitment to stop or cut down on their use.

SUBSTANCE USE EDUCATIONAL: These groups are designed for both middle and high school atrisk students. They run 6-8 weeks and provide a basic introduction to the cycle of addiction, family matters, and coping strategies.

CHILDREN OF ADDICTION: We offer a structured support group setting for students concerned about a loved one who may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

RECOVERY: These groups primarily run at the high school level. They provide support and education around recovery issues and help students maintain sobriety.

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT: Individual school based support is provided for all students who complete the Insight Class and for students who may not be group appropriate SA EDUCATION AT 30 DAY PROGRAM: Students who have a second violation of the drug and alcohol policy attend Douglass School for 30 days. They receive weekly substance abuse education, support through group services, and participate in the Insight class. STUDENT REFERRAL & ASSESSMENT: A Loudoun County Mental Health therapist is available to assess students, in some secondary schools, for emotional, behavioral, family, substance abuse difficulties, and/or other mental health issues. Parents are expected to participate. Recommendations are given at the end of the assessment process.

If you are interested in any of the above programs or have questions/concerns about adolescent substance abuse, please call: Jennifer Wall LPC, Supervisor, Student Assistance Services at 571-252-1014 Or the Student Assistance Specialist for your school Revised November 2016