Lucy Rood, 5th grade, Lemme Elementary Once upon a time, I had the

Lucy Rood, 5th grade, Lemme Elementary Once upon a time, I had the

Lucy Rood, 5th grade, Lemme Elementary Once upon a time, I had the most amazing dream. I was walking through a candy wonderland. Bottle-caps and sweet...

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Lucy Rood, 5th grade, Lemme Elementary Once upon a time, I had the most amazing dream. I was walking through a candy wonderland. Bottle-caps and sweet-tarts for a sidewalk! Candy canes with cotton candy on top for trees! Chocolate rivers with graham crackers to ride on. Then I came to the most amazing castle. If you have ever heard of the witches’ house in Hansel and Gretel you know what I’m talking about. Ginger bread, chocolate, and sweet cream frosting. Everything was perfect. Perfectly delicious! I jumped on a graham cracker and surfed the chocolate river. I swung like a monkey from tree to tree. And finally I took a rest sucking on a giant bottle-cap. When I woke up I noticed that the flower boxes on the windows of the castle were growing pixie sticks! I ran over and started eating all the pixie sticks until they were all gone. Someone was looking at me through the now open window. She was wearing a crown so; I realized she must be royalty. She didn’t look at me with disapproval so I thought she might be friendly. I looked up and said, ”Hi”.” We are so happy someone who likes sugar has come,” she said. “My name is Princess Sugar. Welcome to Candy City!” I soon learned that the sugar princess and her family were fighting a major battle against the veggies. This war had been going on for 3 years. Both sides were equally strong so nobody was winning. The only way to defeat the veggies was to defeat the soldiers one by one, then use the sugar rush on the general. But no one had liked sugar enough to do the sugar rush, until I came! You see, the way to do the sugar rush is to eat a bunch of sugar and go crazy for it. You bounce around and hit the veggies, and then they disappear. The veggies wouldn’t come until 2:00, so I had time to get ready. I put on some candy armor so I would not get hurt. The plan was for me to go eat a bunch of candy until all it would take was one more piece of sugar would make me sugar crazy. Meanwhile, the candy soldiers would pick off the veggie soldiers until just the general was left. I would be hiding nearby so I could hear the signal (A long blast by Princess Sugar’s candy whistle). The princess came out and told us to get ready. “To your stations,” she said. “This is not a drill.” Things were going good. I went out to eat candy. I was eating as fast I could. But then before I was even close to being done I hear the whistle blow! Someone spun me around and I found myself looking into the face of the general. He disarmed me of the sugar I was still holding. Apparently, the candy soldiers work faster that I can eat. The general pushed me to the ground, but that was ok. The ground was made of candy. I figured I would stick to the plan. I started eating. I ate a tunnel down, down, over, up, until I could not eat any more candy without doing a sugar rush. I made sure I was right under the general. I ate some chocolate dirt and BAM!!!! I rocked up right at the general, and I hit him square on! He disappeared. I came to a rest at the castle in the chocolate river moat. The people will thank me in years to come.