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The Waterville Mail (Vol. 36, No. 37): February 23, 1883 Maxham & Wing

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WAtERVir.LE'S 0(TY CHARTER, ol tjeUtto-lllCYo StU b*.iio action tfpon tbe aoceptanc* of oar Chy Ohartor nt am now preparedto admlniiterpar* the, coining town meeting. Only it very KUtiriti Mlde l'i IBIS. rni’Ht for onr old town, and not on* 'of V6L. XXXVI. tlmm thntild vote yen or fisy npon'lta NO. 37. Waterville, Maine• Friday, February 28, 1888. F. A. WAliDROH, abfieptanto tfll they inform themMlvei ns Ur as possible what this change oon* '(he RUtHtfem NkWS tolls the follow*' I GKH. WooDFoimeB T»i«u,i! to N*W vlmPt romembetlng the tact Uiitt tnoUt j^cellattpr AT .3:1AIV,, tempintee, Tb*y will won't time to an­ ; ENOLAnD.-—TlTO New England creed, nir la not at al. uninvorable to the lunga. Ing story, which may or nol be true,:-I and the New England doctrine I Creed at leas! go long as the body is warm and One ol our cUlBena was In a store hi swer several qurttlonnbefoTO they decido ' la beliel, dufctrine Is teaching. What comrortabln'. Another important Idea is VVatefvlllo, one day, when ho bteamo that il is not best to *' let well enough ^CrmAnal DeJencM a specially, , New England believed, New Enirland..that.the skin and the Inngd are in inli. quite Intutested in a colloquy between a tPor the Hall.1 I bravely taught, and whnt New ling- mnte sympathy, ns may be seen when penurious old woman and the siorc- alone.’* Is it n more cconnmi^l pfnn I land taught. New England has always the |)ores ul the skin-.?,000,000 in num* kec|)cr. She bought atont five dollars’ for managing oaf town nffiiirs? Is It MY BIRTHDAY. FOSTER, i loyally lived tip I’o. In what did New | ber-^Mire chwed by whnl wo call a cold, Worth of good.s, and bvM him down on better te tfelug^atc all our liiiwn l^isls?a^Law, O! Tikk. moat relentlma nf Pnwera! I'Knglaml believof First and foremost' the rc-opening of'these by a sweat—the the price of each artlole until his pa­ tlon to seven or eight men, than to keep Will yon never pnnae In yoor flight 7 aho believed In men. She recognixod Turkish btuli or Its iktulvalent at home, tience was fairly oxliaualod. When tho yi8 the first thing to be laat article was btmglit.vdinw up anil things In the bands of the vutora ol Yon add dny nntu n ight. ^wrought, that «cienve 1 nd taught, that dono, by wbieh most of the usual rcaulta paid for, there remained one cent her large f If so, shnil we do It this year ? A laggard In Lite'a bright morning. YooBMim jroar fooUlepn at nooiti art had cultured, and that Christ Itud are avoided. In ndthtion, if there is dun, She 8,ikl she wunlil take up the —or hnxt year f ■I/iItAUUAUVAUU.) And hit wl^hoQt ^(limitni nt waraing, J. K. SOULK. died. When the Puritan stood covered fpcclal tightness, a wet cloth on which balance—one cent—In needles. This THon come tlie-dutolT* ot the Charter, Ypo add birthdays too ooona before the king. It wae because he be mustard has been sprinkled, may be was tiie tcitlhcr which broke the Ciimel's AGENTS FOB Teacher of Mlusic. liPTcd that the Poriian bat covered an woi n over the wboH) chest, oauaing "conn- back, nnil the irate merchant handed her Shull we nmrnd it In any of ifs ptovis-* When Yontb was the falreetand brightest, Yon decked nil the birthdays f^Ilh flowen; embryo state, and Ihat man wat great* ler-irrilation " and diveraiou. It is sale, dovn a box of neottica, wilh tho ctiri Ions f It has beiri carefully drawn; It 'tDealen in Virtl.elan Uiitical Imtru And Ushered them in with the brightest er than king or throne. New England also, fur the victimnof weak liiDW te use remark, " There I take as many ns your Is supiioscd to suit exactly tho half doo»t«n(a> Will tunc Pianos in a thonfngh Of all the gay tripping hoars. believing in man, believed in 'liberty lor the flesh-brush daily, ns n sniisiunte lor conscience will allow I" "All right," on intelligent men ftom whose liands R nitHmir.' ^ ■ Bat note, bow yotir gfim old eye twinkles, WATKRVILLE, ME. man. True, she passed her blue laws; the bath or wash ol the (tody, which Is said she, nowise abashed; and she When you spitefully bring me new cares, a»feaalTaPi Beak Store. . Or promise me cruwsfeeiand wrinklea true, she burned her witches; but tbrongh olien too violent and chilling lor the Iherenpon ilt-llberately counted out nee­ mimes; they doubtless want a change, AND And sver>inoreaaiDg gray hairs I 4 -----1-?------ir+ nil her doings there ran this ourrent of sensitive—the brush to bo used night and dle after needle itnlll she hud aoinally Bliatl- wo makn it-at once, or take tlmn secured Ihi-oe huudrcti and rilly! Which for sober Kcoiid thought and investi* her. better thought; and Just as the morning tn winter or tn ot'ld weather. But though you're an artlul dodger d s number being evidently the limit of ber stream, muddy iit its auurce, grows And act such an unfeeling part, ni cheat you yet, you old booget. brighter and fVt'Bher In its course, so BONDat Uest.—there are two solid very expansive conscience, sho picked gitlion I The legislature Had ifivifti ns And keep my youth in mr hear heart ( New England thought at last mn elear, grotimla on which Uunday laws rest; up her bundles and, liko Ilia Bedouin, live years Uiim tn tieoldc,—probably be< CELEBRATED ,Aad when f^ve once entered the i so her thought is cleir to-day, and man one, the right of the pccvnlllng rcllginn silently stole away, cause they tboiiglit the matter of sulilcieut Which leads to that Unknown Shore, ia freo nmolig New England hills, and ul the country (be it Jewish, (JliVistian, I shall live on and be immortal Importance for a careful investigation. under New I^gland laws, ns he la free or Pagan ) to have its d.'ty of wnrslllp WanteoI ! I •43omc one who will tell Long after old Time is no more. Ma D on 11 6 t. Bko. 1. I’mvides tlial the “ rights, nowhere else on earth. Now England bee from disturbance; and the other, us whiit Western critic moaiil when he AND believed In men and liberty at Plyinonlh Ibo right of every man to an equal share wrote the lollowing, nnent a concert IniraunitiuR, powers, privUegn.. and fr.-ine ^i^OK la H11.LIKK11 B i . IFor ih® Mail.] given by a distinguished pianist i '’ It l.s ehiscs"of the town sliall remain to tho Rock, nud when on the aburo of ilint far in n rest-day from toil. REST. PEACE. HOME. Wajierviilea -Me. island on the southern coast, one of Now As regards the Urst, If this ..niunlry an encouraging sign of onr real miiaical England’s sons lay burled with the dus­ were a Jewish country tb« Jewish wot fibre that so large an mulli-nce could be city, How sweet to rest , ^ ky men lie led—for they “ buried Shnw ship ou 8alu-dny should be ))ceitllarly as.*.(‘mblod to hear a pure abstract piano Bkc. 2. The ailitliniatratlon of all (lie On my Saviour's breast. With sins forgiven— with his niggers" al Fort Wagner— piuU’ctod from moicstalluu. IMl weir n-ellal.j. * * • Only coniioiseeurs and Usual, pi'udeulhd nud municipal affiiiia of A LOT OF A perfect 'Heaven I • P'-rsoiis ' .xcepHounlly endowed wlHi sen­ Shaw still r^resented Now England, a Mohammedan country, Iho Friday said city, with the goveriimuiit thereof, OFFICK, Oor. Mtln aod Temple 8t0. and the New England Idea of manhood should be m like inaiiudr proiccletl. sitive musical porcepHons can get nt the shall be vo.stsd la one prlneipaPmaglN*• He is our peice;" RBSIpRKOB, Ufltn-St., 0pp. Elmwood. There, sorrows cense. and lib^rly. fi'nt New England not only This is simple ooromun sense applied In Hiihtle boauliea ol the pianolnrte. • * • trale, to ho siyled Ihe mayor; and uno ' No darksome night _ bolit^’ed in liberty for men, but she be- things us they are,' and no aeliuii ol dno- I 111 (the pianist) has n touch of the rnliusi eumieil of seven, to be Uunuminated thu For Sale Cheap. III the mansions bright. JSce Hiura,^ 8 to 9 A. M. — lievetLin liberty that was regulated by Iriuuh'u theory. Whore there is a con German species, yet lie is nhiiost, il nut boarii of aldei'iiieii; nil of wiinni shall bu 1 to 2 and 7 to 8 P. M. Strive for the goal, law. l3hc recognized the doctrine uf re- llici of'^acred days, as liming Jews. cniiri ly free from that woody 'ubabilmils of said city; which board O weaned soul; ■sponsibilitr. She recognizes forever Christian,''uud Mohammedan, all ciinuei of tuiiu which dlsflgiircs ihe playing of shall conslitulc :ind be failed Ihe city At the ‘ * open dinir " tile doctrine of penalty. Sbo teaclies be protecietl, and hence the majority BO ninny German pianists. His execu­ council; allot whom shall lin sworn to Thy welcome is sure. tliat, saint or sinner, it n man puls Ids must determine the question. This cer­ tion seems never exhnnated, anti tho thu tttilhlul purlin malice uf Ihn duties of Earth's troubles done, Unger in Ibe lire it will be bnrned; tbaV tainly distingui.shes the day, but it tloes masterly ease wilh which he sit.s nt the ilicir ri’specilvo olUec.s; provided the Tbencoinetli thy home; Ireo or slave, it the Slate err ag.-tinsi no ha>m tn those who do not' count it piano and calls out so large a variety of hom'd ut aldermen shall not vote, assess At the Master's feet, OFFICE justice, the Slate will suffer. Thus she s.icred. It only obliges lliem to be composition of a high order may surprise or appropriate nayiintincy fof any ob' Thy j<»y is complete 1 Over Feople'i National Bank. tnUgbt tills fiiinl truth that penally fol­ courlet ns. The inctpialiiy in Iho matter every liearer." Pcrhiipa timl other West­ Jed or purpose lor which tlio town of Waterville, Me. —Benty Coatle. lows the viuliitiun ol the law.ltnd Ihat is only such ns in some tilings must ob ern crilio who wrote uf n ccriain plan- VVaturvitIo Is nut iiutliuvizud to vote, as­ BEBIDENCE unlst, "Uo has the,nlinm cum dignitate sess nnd approprialo money, except for , the truest liberty is the liberty that rec­ tain artioiig the freest people. next to Unitarian Church. OUR TABIjR. ognizes the rights cif others and bows to \ As regards the second grounil; pit sl- which makes one li-cl he is simply en­ such piirpoBcs ns arc authorized by this the snnetity of the law. And »o New u^ngisis, pliysieinns, Blallslieinns, and joying liiniscif playing, and is not on act. And providedfiirtAtcr, that neither Harper’s Magazine for March England logieally believed in work, sensible observers in general, have exliibilion," can give ns some plain Eng­ tliu board of aldermen, nor any agent or william T- HAINES, A. li. iincFADDFA, is a beautiful and entertaining number. The fler founders came and tbey built tlie agreed that man's body and minil need lish for Uie abovu. officer.for tho city, shall borrow or biro Dealer-ln all hind, of frontispiece engruvitig is fmm George H. money for, or nn aeonnt of tho city or Bonghton's picture. The Burgomaster’s Daugb- new Stale in the shadow of the old New a eomplele rest at an iuterval of about From Hio annual report of the ofllcoi's Inlishltants tlicroof, except for tho pur­ ter. William Black’s Bhandori Bells,"and England forest, and on tlic bard soil ol seven’ d.nys. But man will not lake Miss W.cAKVEii. Wnterville^ Maine. laer, with 12 ilUO'tr.'itiohs; ConMila.apoem. by lier cl'ildren tbrougit and Ihrongb. More the cnmmnnily, Irom religious ro.isons, tho year 42. Of these there nru four life Bko. 3. Tho mayor of said city shall Mrs. II. W. Scwnli, with illustration by Diel* than this, recognizing nianliuod, recog­ already regard as a rest-day.” Bo Hit- sentences far murder. bo thu chief executive niiigislratu theru< man; Philip W’ouvermai'S, by E. Mason, with nizing liberty, recognizing responsibil­ civil law, providing lor iiieu's uf. It s!mll bu his duty lu bu vigilant 2 illustratioQs; Sir Christopher Qardiuer. '■ E. fa. JOSTES, Till re lira sooies of men in the Maine and active in emising tho taws .‘luit regu­ Knight, by Cha'a Kranois Adams. Jr.; Frost, a ity, believing 'in work, believing in ed' well being, oppoiiits and eiilorees a restucation. New Engnand believed in selfl.egislatiire who Inlk mid vote lor proldday irom lulior, which is the same day lations of Iho clly to Ix! executed and Attorney & Counsellor poem, by Charles L. Hildreth; Lethe a poem, ' ZD E 3sr T I S T by Mary A. Burr; The Morning Star—An Indi­ government, and she laid the town on wliiub the great Christian conimuniiy biliun tor polilieiil effect, but wbo drink eiiforeeil, to cxotiuso a guiicriil supcrvi.swatSkville, me., an Superstition, by Benjamin Alvord; An Old meeting, ii.S the corner stone of our Iree worship, and in which the same law, wlifskoy whenever they esn get it.— [Bos­ ion over the ednd'ict .ol all suhoidiuntu A.T.Ia-A.'W. Bachelor’ii Valentine, n poem, by Sarah Orne inslitulious. The pendulum has swung for Ollier reasons, protects llicm in wor­ ton Post. officers, mill to cmierf llieir violations or OrriCK: Front roomd over Wntervllle SnvIngB Phoenix Block, Waterville, Maine. •lewett; with well filled Editorial Depart* far, but 1 believe, genllemen, that this ship. Bank, lately occupied by Foster & Stewart AtVye ^ 'Very likely ; " and more's tho pity "— neglect of duty to bit punlsliiid. Ho may mciits. as usual. OrrtCB Hochh : 8 to 12, A. BI., 1 to « PvBJ original New England idea is tiie only -There is the whole ol the Sunday nol that th<-y vole prohibition hut that esU special muetiiigs ot the hoard ol alPublished by Harper & Brot , New York Artlflclal teeth ict on Knbbor. Gold or Silver City, at $4 a year. seed eorn from which good government (inesiinn in a nutshell. Thera W no they " drink whlskeyl” It is very nat­ tlurmen, when, in li'.s-opinion, tho inlorplAicw. Alt work wnrrunted. d. There are also the following government than we are lit for and ca­ nido on Sunday. Why? Because ilio fall into the same vitdous habit as liiiii- hoard to 1)0 c’oiiveiied. a:^i) eupplement designs:—For Pinffo Panels and pable of giving to ourselves. New Eng­ vast majority uf the people see tit lo solf. Did the Post ever hear of an in- time lo lime, contintitiietie to tlin hoard RESIDENCE ON MILL STHET. , Slusic-Utioni arid HalJ-RfMim Decorations; for land believed the pnblie service is woi'sliip ou that dny. The Jew, or M<>- veterale smoker who eotiiiselled Ills Ixiys ol ahluriiien such iiifoim.'ition and recoiiia pitcher, •* Clover and Grasses for a vase, lor the |iiil)llc good, and not lor the haiiiniedau, or Pagan must not ki’cp PI.A.NS AND ESTIMATES MADE. never to partake of thu noxious weed?— meiid such measurcH as tliu busiuc’-s aii*l “ Barberries lor Eoclcsiaslicai Embroidery; party or tor Hie polilieiun. She believed, 8II01' ON TEMPLE ST. E. F BENSON, M. D. Arobic open shop on that day. Why? Be- [Bridgloil News. Interests of thu city nviy, in his opinion, Decorative Design: and two pagcBouth JoalAU D- llATDEM. INCBEASF. ROniNTOH reqiihe. Hu sliiill iiresidu in thu hoard — . ♦- - ■ — Kensington Design for a Screen Panel. “ Hon­ and this crowned Now England beliel— cause Hie people liuve decreed a restPhysician at Surgeon, eysuckle.** 1 here are sevornl pnges, with nu­ New England believed eninestly, man­ day h'om labor once a week to lielp liii Bob Toombs lias dlsiiihcriled a grand ul aldermen, but shall havu only a caatW'.VTKllVIMaE, ME. merous illustrations, devoted to Decoration fully, loyally, in thc.diviue duty ol ho- inanity, and that is Hie day. dnnghtur bi'cnugo she nifirrietl against iiig Vtiir. Thu sahiry anil coinpeiisutiuu Furniture, several to Ceramics, one to Art Nee­ 'ieving. She recognized that, iailli unOFFICE in Thayer’s Block. The only olijeeliou that has any c-ilor his wishes. Hu pointed in a in ot the mayor shall hu two hiiiidn'd dol­ dle Work, one to Art in Dress, with Bric-aOffice lloue: From 3 to 12 A. M, and from lirac. Mew I’ublicationv, Correspondence, etc. lerlies liumun effort. Slie recognized ill ii is that Hie Jew iiiiist keep two Ills will giving her $60,000 and offered lars per year, which shall not lio inDEMTI.Si'jr, 3to5P. M. 'I'he Xditorial Department and Gallery and that lliore is a divine power above; she days in Hie week, and hence is al ii ilis- to make it $U0,0U0 if sho would prninise cruased or diniiiiislied iliirlug his eontinWatcrvillc, Maine. ..Studio are well filled, ns usual. The Londen recognized that there is im eteriuil here advantagu will! his neiithbur Well, as not to .marry Mr. Colley. Sho relust-d, uano.e in (dlleu, unless liy thu volu oi thu dembmy says truthfully of TuK Aht Amatkdb, after. She believed that no man does we have already said, in the most crpial and he ordered her lo leave the house. quulilied eleelurs in wiird nieolings called OFFICE in Burrell’. New Bullilliig. that it is “a marvel of variety, beauty and n great work unless he is energized and adiiisnisirations, there must, In the ‘na Sho went and married her lover. for llmt pnrposi'. nor slia!! he rcceivo cheapness.” Irom tho clly any other eonipensaiion for Publinhcd by Montague Marks, 23 Union impelled by the tremendous power of Hire of things, bo some iiieonality. Laws Coiansellor at Law, Square. tn absolute belief; and so New Eug- lor example, require n no’.jee of “dan­ New Voi k,at $4 a year. Eilward Gilson, lormerly ii resident any services by him rendureil in any and Clowned all her creed with tliul WATERVILLE. CoBNBit OF BIain and Tbmple Sts Liri’iNcoTT's Magazine.—The con- sublime, ihat holiest, that highest aUi- ger” lo bo put up in dniigcriins places of Bunion, Is now a wealthy c:illle-rais- other capacity or agency; provided, in ihe city; but, alas! blind men ear.nol or in NohriisUa. Hu owns five randies. however, Uiu board uf aldermon may WAXJcCi^viJLrjE:, (s-it tents of the March numbcrarc umiBtially varied Ofllce over Ticoulc Ntitlounl Bank. tnde of man, belief in what is above, rend noliees. The law.s are imeiiual lo He has reeenlly visited this State and ulecl the mayor to any city office, anil an(i include Severn I articles of special intercht. OPFIOB—Over L. II. Soper*. Slorn. OHlcc belief in wiinf is beyond, and in this Prof. James I). Butler has an apparently ex­ Hie bliiid man. They liavo lo Ik*. 8o purchased largo numbers of thorough allow him a ruasoiiablo eonipuiisatlon lor 11 to H.80 A. M.: 1.30 to 3 P. 31.* haustive paper on the Portraits »)f Columbus. belief New Englanil has gone forth and here Hie Jew’s cunscieneo lell.s him to I^’NIGHT CALLS answered from the ofllce. hied ciittlu, lie sh'ppud lour e.irloads surviees rcndereil in siioh olllcu; but Iho ” Invalid Life in the Kouth *' Mims up the* ex­ eonciuered the tliought and eiilluro and keep Irom v/orking Saturday. The law not lung u"o. Hu buys uf his aldermen shall nut Ixt ciitillctl to rucuivo periences r»f live years spent hi the rcctjvery of compelled progress of onr people. ti-ll.s him to kuep from wtivking Bnnday. slock III Fuii'fleld, Waterville and Hall- any salary or cmupeus-.tHon for any sevCoimspllor at Law, health, and contains much information tiiat "grant brothers, cannot fail to be useful to tlmse who are in It is a pilv;but it cannot he lielpeu.’ owell. vleosjiy them performed ns such. WATKRVILLE, ME. KCaroli of favorable conditions with the like A Washiiigloii correspondent writes The other alternative would be no " ie»t Seo. 4. 'I'he uxectilivu powurs of i.aid ‘ MANOPACTURERS OF ,object “ The Civilized Indian ” gives an ao- to Ihe Clivi-laiid lU-raM; “Few. in- dny," Mild that would hu destruoiivc to count of the Cherokee nation, and its social Messrs Bootvsl.l. & BmiLEioii shlpimd city generally, and the niliiiiiiistration of FINE GABRIAGES & SLEIGHS. and condition. ” An Oc‘:ah Swords* tieed, nre'tho people who can keep up the whole cuiumnnity. \Vc must nil on .Monday from their farms at llallowuil police, willi all thu ixiwors of the select­ -AI.SOman, ' an illustrated paper, coinbtnes a livelv Hie round ol gaiety at the eupilol with­ bear some burdens lor the public good. and Vassalhoro', 2,h licad of Ht-refortls. men of ihu town of Waterville, shall bo - homoeopath 1ST. narrative of personal adventure w’itli solid and out showing Hieii wenrinc.-s. An ex­ Our Ainericnn libeities are largely vested 111 thu mayor and akiermon as* •scientific informal ifin. “The Sl^»r.v of ception to Hiis rule is a young daugh­ ecnuecied wilh the weekly dny of rest, They were sent lo Gi'ison & C". «f Ne­ fully ;is if thu same had been liurein parDone Inn faithful manner. Addre.a, Winter Street-----Waterville, Me. quasi braska. Mtssrs. B. & B. will slilp a the Palatines.’’.by Charles Burr Tofld, brings ja North Vn.salboro. ter of an army olliceT’ •italioned here. riiis day has given Iho peojile 4hiie lo herd id' 1-1 Herefords on .Moinhiy ne.xl; lieuhii'ly eiiiiincrated ; all -other powers oi'FlCK nniJRS-.^\.wto 3 M to light a forgotten episode in the histiiryof now vested in the iiihaliit:inls of add Sumlay, cjrccpteil. .\inerican colonization, while “PolaiiderH in All wiiiu-r -he has-been wilh ro- think, and rend and enjoy tiunlly life, parties in Iowa me the piii'eha.surs. Pure and Wholesome Texas,” by R. L. Daniels, shows the different eeptions and dinners, kettle drums and and without It wo should have become town, and all powurs granted by this Mr. Burleigh will soon go to Kiiglaud act, sliall ba tested In thu mayor a couditiona under which emigrants from remote germans, and on W’cdiiesday as she tin iguonant. brulish, niatUiiic-people, countries are establishing new homes on our eanie into Mrs. Chandler's parloi-s she like ilie low peasantry ol Conlineiiliil again fur ii fresh supply ut ealilu. aldermen of said city. The Ixiard < f soil at the present day. The new instalment ahlermen hliall, iiiiiiually. on llie third urwill do all kinda of neives excmdlhgiy, when the pet uf th® li’in*!!** Stiiiul propeity, not oxei-cdiiig Iho sum Mr. 13. 11. Mitoiieli, formerly wilh with vegetable 'puriaera for the bhxxl, are precisely what we de|>end upon iu The Kiohiuoiitl Whig Muyb tlott thu bold unrnrtunHtely whhpered:" Mm why don’t of nno hundred llxxis:kiie EHtj’prgaj) ............ . - WkaK Ll!NOir;—Dltt!-lmp?fU'nf'prin­ ol lh0JiiflB aro now uTiii’Tttt iiiGney viiiue. (hire b«|ihn* irum fiirt appiicHSe';. 3, Every ..lit w, net, orditi-mcu or Co.,' with lieadquiirtci-8 In Uoston, Tb Amfritu CiiTiriil fljelipisii*. ciple to bo reuiendxirt-d is Hint pure air com|>lul<;ly enipty thu greator piu'tion tiuii, mid ini’.ipiil..r»dicul Hiid peiinanetit. bill iippropiiiitlug money, lia' hig passed I fur 8iiiitord’» fiudicHl Cure. Complete lur^l. tho lio.inl ol uidi-rmen, .'liall Ixi presoiil,,, _ ... , ,, , , , i is as needful for the lungs as foixl is for of the limu.’* Comphtt, FVtttn Volumet. Mr. David Duuoe, of Farmiugdalo, Hio stomach,—pure air day and niglit. i 'Ihe poet who decUred Ltmt eiirth had noth­ ed to the mayor, and if lie appiovu lliu Cloth, tafi; Sheep. $36; IlalfRussla, $10 was found frozen to death in the snow | Whilo it may not be well for Ihe patient Jiuluh i*. Ucnjamiii lellruH In broken in;* Kuficr thtiii n wutiiui/M heart evidently knew saiiii-. III! sliull sign it; il uiii, ho bIiuH SOLD ONLY UY gUDSOKimON “ rcliirii it within seven day.s, wiili Ids obD. P. WING, at Alua on tlio 12lh ot Ft’brflary, hut the ^ exposed In stormy weather, cor- lieaUU from active praetit. ' in the Eng- ' ^atn wanted In nil purta of llie Hulled fllaloe statement that he was intoxicated .when “‘'‘w* ">"!'* clothed.’it lish courts ut thu age ul 71 with Ik h.nndo , . , i-. . .. Jei-tloiis, to Iho Ixiaiil ot aldermen, Wc^ for Specimen Pages and Terms. .1...I >i7. ............. . . *• 1 • wiivWtlAXJMK.— nliBlinskcHl-lorBstonCo^ K-ns wBlcoiuu to everv lmlv’« tollH tut.le i. ii. which sliall enter Ihe ohjeetiims at Lii-ge 8. W. Green’s Son, rxihlhhm last Been ulivo, is said not to be true. impure air sUall be brvstbed at tuch a tlie aldest lawyer in 'Great Brlluiii. "WA-TBEIVILLBon itsjoiiriials, aiol pr-icted to reconsider laming rnigranus and rich, flowery odor. JS^PVViOB—over illd*D Broa. Jewelry Stora oppo.lte People’* Nat'l Bank. RaaiDBUOE- oornerCollege and Oetobell St*




I). :'- . Magee Furnace Co^s~



1 c.,

, M,D.

Second Hand Stoves

IV. B. Arnold


S. CThayet, Ml D.

Counsellor at Law,

Counsellors at Law,



MYDEN k ROBINSON, Vocal Music OONTBAOTORS Elocution. Job Carpenters. M. D. JOHNSON,








^ :








rs u c KI Jsra

74 k 74 Baakaan Sweat, N. Y-




1883.. 'OUa

^ttttrbtUc Mail.

(•nid )hw, act, nrclioancc oi' bill. If, up on BWch rpciii»l(lfT.Mlon, a majority, of the wlurte nnmbcr of the board of alder men ehall lyfree lo pnea It. it ihall have the same cllMI aa if aigned by the may. Erii.MAXn.VM. or,


[Sac. 6, provWca for the appointment of aaaeaaora by the board of aldermen, with jtotrera the anme aa nowj but with the provlao that the board of aldermen may iippoint one peraon in each ward whoae duty it ahall bo to " fumith all neceraary Inform.a^on " relative lo taaablo properly In 1ii.i ward, /.ll tnxea to be collected na now, but with aucli addi­ tional provlsiiina aa Iho board of alder­ men may eelabliah.] [Sac. 7, 8 and 0, provide for laying out and uliiinging roada, atrccta and aide.


tDiToas AaDraorniKTohi.

V\ATEIlVILLE..r»B. 28, 188.8.






his State

A Good Odd Fellow.

i^e pnbllali for the Intereli ^rSng, aoAbopIng and pratitatedient of a reliable man,

f Arch hn« for » frontlApleM m ftn^'portinit of fioortnpAitir

latti Dr. IsCoMrd niooOiWtw

Hbnted by hriiiv>h,iindcii^ the “ tllle,“A Good Fiftpt FiniNhed.**


- -» *

ItxroltM MKKTtN...- Those who ttltended tile meeting of the Ueforiii dlub Sun- the UMbin extrrmiste in tbe «ntj-»l»T«ry »xitathm.. Under the title of " A. New Knnek at iliiy evening, and saw the erowfluil au an Old Diiur,” wll 1 bo f.iond on earnest plea


yOjirjlilk I/lghty-five

Conn.,—ifotv ho takes Life Easy

well-known throughout our "tMofbr hll c^pd Works. A man whose statotnenis esttnot be impeached. I haVe suflbred with the Liver and Kidney complaint and was at times veryblllloui.

now, and bow ho ohtitined the Means to Regain his Health.

Mr. of 21 Lyons Bt., U ^ faithful Odd for the higher edneXtinn ol women. John Itnr- Fi-llowi and for forty yenri a m^mb«r of Qufnb mnKliH, in Higne nnd Se.ieona. chate charming­ TiOdf*, Ko oldatl orwaolxatlon of I0 My wife hu « lulw'rka /or ye.r. with Hie Wr. Albert K/ojifAbarViKcehe,^. H.. troubled ly and instrnetWely of e.mnttv life and Nature) . i*fat. vw and Elhridge Kingsley has iilustfated the pa­ kind In the Statr of Oonn.) lie it a man much re* with bad humor oa .h«nda had necks oauaed by tame iroohle end palpllalloD. «1 tba. JuaH, - alap that teiTfDlS diaeare that many an .unfortunate per with eereral etrikiiig engravings, fn con­ •peeted In ITdtr Haven. Tour reporter found him lead poisoning. fHe'napalntcr.) Attiniesitwould woman Is suffering with, Female Weakness. crack open, and the hfeak out, oul.oraok tlie akin scpnrnte separate from trast with the rural Ainerlo-tnism of -this pa­ at bis pleaeaut home on Lyons et. one afternoon I break the fleth flesh 1D ininrffc large dplceo". sufrerlng fretl great pontlnual 1.1 II* aawv « 1. ^ . *• a M-he IcW", Buffcrlog • - per is tl. H.'s study of iocil scenes and char- ataking llfv eatyv Too aae/’he Baysi ‘Ini try I itching and vtlngihif. l*nrdh«Md your remodii's; Irfglng. 1*Drch«Md acter iii tlie Tlllsge of Oberammergan. “ The list now luwarils a more delcrmined Architectosl Leagne.if New Vorlt ” is the title log to make myaelf feol a little Ijidlfpoicd. 1 | used Cutloara IwolventiQtvrhally, and Cutlcara and CtiticurA 8onp externally, and In less than employed several doctors nnd used dlffereni pli cure, and baa not effort to slay the lidc'of ruin now bear- of a profusely illustrated paper, Mr. Cable preiamc iU the lingering resnKs of A Lodgb din three months effected* a eomplete ooiitiniies his illnstrated his^rioal seiies with ner which I attend^ a while ago down at the beentronbled sinee. Corroborated by Bullard ft kinds of inedioines butihey did not cure nr, M’e was advised to try the Household Blood Purific/ iiig away so nr tny auirso clioicu a class “ The End nf Foreign Dominion In l.onlsiana;” beach. 1 have many of my friends In Foster, Druggista, Keene, N. H. and Dr. Edward Eggleston, in his third lilstor- New Ifsvon know, ■ lufTerer for years from Indi­ of the young men ol our coimiry. ical paper, treats of “ TheMigrationaof Amer­ walke, and for allowing accommodatiotta s Tilt;,time was closely Hlleil by good ican Cnhinisls, ” A Realistic nimanoe of the gestion and bllUouBoeM. When 1 have indulged for building; giving exclusive |K)W«r to and earnest talk, Mieli as indicated that Uamo-Tnrkisli war. entitled ■‘Yatil,’’is the ia tog hoarty food Pve had to iutTer at times ex­ • «T. W. Adams, Newark,Ohio, says: **Cntlcuni .nd Coiiifh Syrup. After uelns srroral bolllra, itnatr»pho th'it ohflnges the whnio rxatuiuution, need looking to “for betstood, nod more liu.-trlily. despised, tliaii tenor of the heroine’a life. Mn*. Ilumett'a trial that Dr. Kennedy’s,KAVORITK RKUKDY three years, which nothing relieved dr cured un* til 1 used the Cutlcura Resolvent fblood purifier A valuable modlcine. To all men and women tbai ' icr or for worse.”] could be freely talked, or ligaily shown *' Through One AdminiatrAtion ia nearly fin- Is the loostcxcolleat medicine I ever had know­ Internally, and Cutionra and Cutlonra 8oap ex­ are lufTering witli any of tho above dteeases, we ifthed. and Mra.' .Mary flallock Foote'a atriking ledge of for any of the disorders above mentioned. ternally. fSac. 11, 17, ISnud 14 provide for. di ill thu police euitil. I' I' J , do adviflc them to try U. I cannot praise It ai ator.v,“The I.ed-Ilorae Obiim/'ia bronght to It leaves no exhaustive eiTocls, but rather strength high nr it doserves, to the siiff-rfngpeople. --------- --------- -------— viding the towu into wards, 6, 6 or 7, an eifeotive Gonclnalone There are aeveral go^id ens and regulates the digestive organs In a charm­ Ileapt. URV. JOHN BPINNeV, Sfarks, Me. In tile iniUi'liueul against thu Maine poems, with an unfinished one by Bryant, PSORIASIS. equal ae far at may be in the number ul TRIAL BOTTLKB S6 CENTB, ing manner. We keep It as a household roedtcins, H. E Canienter, Esfl., Henderson, N. Y., cured •• Ci'IiIi'hI raili'iiad lor eaielissly anil neg addreM to iiia wife, aeven ydara after her death. ond 1 havo recommended It to my frieiida, for It is of Psoriasis or Leprosy, of twenty years’ stand, inbabttants, (Votersf) each to elect, on ligeiilly killing Ur. J. A. I’ickaril, at The Kclitorial Depnrtmonta abound in diaoua* XBBIOIHEB THAT AEH ing. by the Outlcura Resolvent internally, and an excellent preparation.” Highly recoromended by reliable people In onr the iirst Monday in March, a wardeii anu Carmel, December 20th, at a crossing aiona of timely iopioa, embracing matten frt^m Cutlcura and Cutlcura Boap exlernnlly Theinost - A n AT V T. * Mr. Cutler Is a roan whose word can bo depended wonderful case on record. Onre certifted to be­ State fur Consumption, I>y8nep8la, Female Dis* cleik, nnd a member of the board of tile railroad nnd public liighwny, the Address The Century Co,, New York ClAy,— upon Ills testimony Is but a rc.eoho of words of fore a justice of the peoeo and promtnoni cttlxena. oases. Kidney, Lung and Liver Trouble, I^it lesliinony sliows llml Dr. I'icknrd at a year, ^ thuu«nnd« In New Kngland who have received re* All afflicted with Itching aud scaly dlaansea should U^nliood, Uhcumstlsm, Coughs, Catarrh and ot aldermen; and lo cast its voles for the lime was traveling along Ihe liig'.iSpfofula Humors, llilliaueDess, etc., J’opDLAii .Science Monthly for Dr. Kennedy'. FaVor- ■end to^us for thia teatlmontal in full. mayor. The complications and embar way alouc in a sleigli. Tlie iilliigcd arts M'irch has the following contentsi ITK UEUKDY. 7nB HOUSBIIOTjD blood purifier and CQUQH SYRUPs The Growth and Etfeot nf liatlwny Cimsniirassments alleuding ward elections are are negligence on thu part of the rail dution. by Qerrit L. Lancing; Qneer Phases | 0 HKiDQ^na Bakikl Chaplim Camp No, 3.) Those who hare experienced the torments of And for Khenmatlsm, Adhes and Pains, provided fur in due detail aod proper wny, excesslvo spied and failuio to f Wheat, by I’rof. jit. CiTTicuRA Uksolyrnt, fl per bottle. Cut* the death of our ............................... IVtch’N, Tdnthla’ anA late brother; and icuRA Soap, 25c. Outicura Bhavinu Boap, 15c. I lie meress ol the Wiilerville Heform Gold. Special Notice. ... either tourer more, can overtide his veld Chill. One reason is that iho temper­ Ornnt Alien; A Few Words About Eatables, to express the hope that onr Supreme Com­ Sold by nil dniggistr. ' * by C. B. lUdcliiTe, I). D.; Sketch of Sir C. will have them in bis keeping, and Principal Depot, but no pu ebase of property exceeding ance iiilUi'niee is so cosmopoiiian '.hut Wyville Thomstm, with portrait; Editor’s Tn* mander teach them to look forward hopefully to the WKBKS APOTTER,Bo«ion Maas. one liundied tbousaiid dullara is ex hueeess Hi loiy one point is lelt all along ble: Law against Rights'* Piratical Publish­ . brighter o.amping gnmnd beyond the dark riv* llie line. Aimlher reason lor this inler- ers,’’or a Piratical Government; Literary No­ : cr, where partings are unknown. I-am yours posed to ibu danger of snub an cuter esl is, llial certain names as aetiveniem- tices , Popular MiscoMany, N<»tcs. lespectfuliy, E.B.Marston, Orderly Berg’t. Published by D. Appleton A Co,, New York gency.] heis are noticed llierein, sliij Iruo lo Citj', ut $5 a year. Headq's Garfield Camp, So. 1,) their maiiliooil, and iiotvvillisliinding the A Uiiy Marshal, appointed by tlie mil) Cououa, ColDs, Ulkebino of tub Lungs, Asth­ Sons of Veterans f ma and Consumption has given rise to spurious nolcil ••eln.iigu of base.” ‘Mo save iJ^Tlij death of Mrs. 15. II. Mitchell or and iilderiueu, abull bold all Ibe powei AVaterville. Feb. 13, 1888. compounds. The genuine O llie y. ulli,” iusiead of sp. uding loo now bold by the eonslabulary police inueii eneegy on “ olil liar.l e.ases,' »vhieii W.18 briefly noilrucl in iho Mail two weeks WiiERBAH onr brother, George P. Libbyj has Adamson's Botanio Oough Balsam been oalicd from earth to heaven by the great under tlie exclusive control of lUe mayor is donblless the mos'. elUeluin mcliiod ago. A frWuil who knew her belter ibtin F.ither of all, be it is prepared only by PRANK W. KINSMAN ft CO. Sole Proprietors. Toprotectyoursclves from Lasolocdt Ihat we sensibly realize the great Sec. 16 provides lor puUing lliu now sys to lortify the I'ulure ag.iiiist ll|e evil- ol wo, wanis to a(l08itiun loss wo have sastained in the death of our tern in operation “ in the tirst iiistanee brother and friend,—a-loss that can nevfir be greater joy over the one returned titan repaired, a place in nnr lives ailid in our hearts Tlie ecleeimen, before the third Monday over the ninety and nine” not ustrnyed and churncter: She had been in failing health aeveru^ that cun never be rc-fi)!ed* in March next lifter the urceplaiiee ul the sways tlie •sympalhelic thi.iiglit toward UesoUed^ 'Ihat our heartfelt sympathy be nionths, and iia she felt sbo wna nearing her extended to his bereaved father atui mother llml pt ini ol rescue. charter, shall issue their warrant calliii the tinme of P. tV. KINSMAN, Dfoggle',-Augusta, and in fact a great part o f onr stock departure. fusc of chousing a gave promise of f.uture goiKlness and useful­ ward of 95,000 hi gold is offered for a heller aril, It. W. D. ill the Mail of Feb. 9.,relative the home of her pnrentn. Again hape heemed A aingie dosn Inatuntly rclicvee the most violent cle. We also offer a reward- of TEX -TuousAXu ness through tiiblr loving care and Instrnotion. mayor and seven aldermen, to be taken to llie different phases of work to be t<> cheer, nnd leaving her tu the care of n lov­ Sneezing or Head ,Uoid8, cleiira tliv head as by uoi-LAns to the pioprlctor of any ifmcdy show­ Tiiat a memorial page be inscribed 8t<)ps watery dlsoiiargoa from the nose and ing more testimonials of gennine cures kf iwthiiia Irum the city at large,... .and lliu alder­ done are notably suggestive »nd the no. ing mother, ho leturned to his buHincrn. -But in our records etnbrncing these resolutions, magic, shortly after he was culled back Hgaitt, as fthe nnd'that ns a further token of respect for our eye5. prrventn ringing nolscB in the head, cures and luuff diseases la Uu. sanm Ivngth^-tlinet-'-a-, ble Irutli emhodied ia tlie closing seiimen sliiill elect a city clerk uud all uther haef grown much woikc, to cointutt lier nnd deceused brother, this Oarap now suspend iu Nervous Heiidacho and tmbdties Cidllff and Fttver. In Chronic Catarrh it oivanaes iho Kasai passages leiiee ol ilie. conunuuiealiou referred lo help her bear her great £UtTering«, which he city olHcei's,—&c., &c. of f Jul mucus, rcRtored thes senses of smell, taste should shield the active temperance did with thetendereat aympatiiy and afiection, order of business and o lose without form. nnd hparlng,whcn affected, frees the head, thfuat bKO. 17, 18 and 19 give lo Ibe alder workers fi'iim the laiiuts ol oppasilioii. and doing all that a devoted hu^bend could do. and bronohlat tubes of offensive matter, sweetens We will sell for a sbork time at ■SS'Kendebec Distifet LoJge, I. O. G. and pu tides ihe breath, stapst ho cough and arrests Six wec’kK uicvioua to her death hhe had » par­ It would perhaps savor of audacity min the measurement ot wood, bark, &e.-, A-damson’s Botanic Cough Balfiam alytic Khock, which caUMC’ have liowcvei in this Stale one doiiioWatkuVii.i.k Mak-iIkt.—Our 'tlealcis Biruuk lip lllrougli Ihu crust, lulling <11 readers inay i.nd it dinieull lo compre cralio and noteworthy law, i. e. Iho pUshmentB she added the graces of a trt^e Chris­ \V. C. T., G. L. Dunham; W. V. T., p:iy for linttei- 25 els.; oirgs Ho eis. : pn- Ihi- Hood on tliu Mirf.iuu. Hiil few ut thu tian, f-he became doubly dear. Her genial boliuDd all ilsjuiuiniiig. Rut wu shall sue “local option,” giving Iho majorily in ciul nature fitted her to entertain nnd interest Mrs. E. N. Gamnuiii; W. Sue., G. T. lutoes 75 els. ; Inrkiy 17-18/t». : eliick inim-is were aide tuiBu.ipu, a.s the water friends. Hhe had a word of cheer and en­ Davis; Lli ilry wiioil JO. bsl'ore llie \oliiii? tiny urrivu.s. In tlio deiiiocl utic featmo is—tho majority rules; lent and interested in every good work. Her and Scotch, if pcoviih-ni elios i.l inuu, life was a joy. She loved tbo beautiful in na­ ^■A Lecture on Spiritualism, by iiiunntimu wu invito tlio udvucutus of lliu the noloworlhy—tliiU enough ol towns ture, and had everything to live for. nicsscd owning tlie. houses lu wliiv-h Iheir laini A 920.00s blBLICAL EEWARD. uliarlur to answur thu qnusliou lirst asked and eities vote “ no licenso ” lo offer with a kind and loving husband, to whom she Mrs- Bradbury, of Fajrfield. gather­ 'The puhlishors of' •• liutledge'^ .Monthly ” lies live. The i.ew liver ami linibor bill contains oft'er iwelvo viiliiahle lewarde in lli.elr Monthly places of refuge lo that class ol real was strongly attu'ohcd, she often remarked dur­ Ci'Ti-EHY.—Gtlr slrek of Cutlery com­ '24 iiums of thu Idll p-i.-sud over tho liy nil volcrs, " Why tlo wo want to estate purchasers and lonaiits who do ing her illncsB that for Ida sake aim would be ed ratlier a small audience at the for .M'Teh, «mon:» which .8 tlie liflitiwli g; vet with all her earthly attrac- Unitarian church ou Wednesday ev­ We will give v‘i) in gntil lo tlie persun telling prises 11 lull line ot Ihe siinmlard Pri'sid. Ill’s veto last year, ami not iipoliango lliu iuriu ol guvurumuul ut oui' no', care to locate in the vicinity of liq­ glndtoUve; tioiiK she wuH cnable gladden our eyes; but she lecture was free. Mrs. H. spoke in ward must bund‘.20 ceiile in Sliver (no p'iHliiga priaiioiis lor repair ot liglithonscs al Forks, UakuB, Sliovels, Spades, 8eyhc same sign.” fall at the munieipal elnetion, by tho has left bohiud fticr something impei ishiible trance, taking as her subject, “ Tho slamtis taken) Willi their iiiiawer. lor svliieh Cape Elizabeth and Maliiiicu-; for con­ SmilUs ami farming tools ol all kinds. ulmost e.vertiniis ul the lemperaiieo el in tho recollortion and example of her virtues. they will receive die April Mnnthiy, in wliich tinuing Ihc survey of the eoi.-sl id' Maine, All ol tliese are standard goods. We will She spoke the ininie and address of blie winner of tlie re­ $9.00d; for expoiiee of Soldier’s Home buy the liest, even if lliey do coat us' a her friends gather into their hearts the Spirit of Spbitualism.’' Inlluwiug ui'u the names of eiiient. the voter-', by a smiili majorily Muy IcsHons of love her life displayed, and may ward and die eiirrect answer will be published, said *• no,’’many good temper iiltlu mote You can b.iy good goods teliolitrs in Miss King's teliuul in Wins­ anee men rearing llie cbuiige would bu th« y germinate and bloKsom into fruitful acta ill a slow, dignified, earnest, and and in' wliitdi Severn) more viiluitiile rewards 111 'Togus, $142,191. here aa low as you cao buy cheap guilds, of piety, B»? that when their life-work is done, nither raasculiiie Voice, but in good wil. be puhli-lied. ISuiLDEim' Hai.dwaKI!,—Are/.,..niinK- a'u e-iaei places, il, T. Hanson. low who wuiu nut ub.'.ent a day during prejinlieial lo the interests of the city, tliey iniy m‘;et the dear departed in the ulibs* Address, liurLKuae I’uulisiii.xu CdsirANv, mg of liuildiiig or repairing Ibis siiring. not voting. Tlinsn voting no licenso ” ful home '* over there.” rhetorical aud ready How of lan­ Kaston, renn. llie i>ust ll rill :

Thousatid Bo|tles

dieiice and listened to tbo earnest IHik, luiisl havo been coiiviiioed ibat some­ thing more than the ordinary etnvietlou of tliB proi»ricly ami jusineas of tempi rknee work Is moving lUo public mind

Sold in 1882

^WTHTrITeO FR0^« it

On It



AI this Smson of ihO' Yeai you can Jindai



Marked Down

to Close ihelii Oilt.^




Sanford’s Radical Ci:r



Heavy Suits^ “ Under Flanneh. Hats., Caps^ Gloves,


Spring Style Hats.

The siiiialioii impioves slowly in Ihi) If so you will miss it unless you allow us t Ueurgo llunnels, Mary Ituuncis, Lolie even, dill so willi the ex|)cciarnm Sial tyMf. FiiANKi.iN Chase, whose guage ; arguing for Spiritualism In tlie star route tiial, on the ]5lh, to ligni'u oil wbut you will need iu our Ohio valley, but tbure ia it great deal of,, Mileliell, Reitiu Williiim.s, Kugeiie'I'uek Ihe Aldermen would gram apothecaries desiilinion'and siiltering, liilunsiHed by license, but the majority nl these nlli- sickness we so lately annuuuced, was that it was founded in natural piin- Rei'dell read a statement to the effect line. Wu po.bilivuly assert we can save er. p- : - - ■ you Iroiii 16 to ‘20 per uciil. and will sup­ tho coldness of the weather. eials being ill luvor of general license, neaicr *• the rest lliat renmineth ” than that he had deli rinined tu throw himself ciples, and that these principles have on the mercy ol Ihu court, n lraet thu ply yon with lliu best in the umyket. llAiit'Kii’s MaUAziNE lor tlareli, will) in order to inako ihu resiills of '' no I-\ii.Mi.NG"Tools.—Wu call the ;«tlenlieense ” if possiblo, obnoxiuns to tlio wo Buppofed. He died ou _^alurdny been in operation ‘‘from the begin­ plua of not guilty, nnd culur Ihu plea ol T. Huiisoii. lliu usual Atlraetiuus, bulli liteiary and lion of Farmers to onr eumplete Msor*eili/.ens, relused lo lieeuso even any ol 1 list, at tlie age of 70 years, and his fu­ ning," leading tho human race foi'- guilly. Hu was ri'ndy lo lustifv to all Unrestrained enlluisingm:What on ment of low priced Farming Tools. jiicturial, will be found at llcnrleksuii . lliisclass; hence, for llie year past, there neral took place ou Tuesday tollowing at he knew in regfird lo any ol the defendlias been no plnee in lliiseiiy vvhere al­ the Uuilariar. church ; Uev, Mr. llellows ward step by step in the develop- ants. He was cidlud to the slaiul, nnd eni'lli makes you aniiouiiuu that you ex 'iVhile low in price, wo guarantep them tract tvet'ii without pain? Didn't I ll) be lirst class in every particular. H. i^Ke.memukii LIT1’I.K CultINNE this coholic liquore could be legally obtained. ullioiaiing in the religious, services, and j “ better knowledge of their licgan thu Ktury ol his eoniu'clion witli hear every patient you had up here yulrt T. Hanson. Tlio results—Ihe liquor simps closed, Dor.sey ns Ids liiivalu secrutary. Noth­ evening. 8ee adveriiscniunt. 1 hat the advent of ing impurtidif was uliuiiucl lliu lirst two “ You did, -ir,” replies thu puripitotic thu hangers-on abonl them cither gone the members of the Simiarititn Lodge of I ^**'*^°*^*bty, Tho Minnesota lugUlaturu lues indefllie mist," but ihosu were shrieks ol joy In a panic in u school house attiicliurl lo Work or left tor licensed haunts in Odd Fellows, of wliioli he was au i-s-1 Christianity was but one epoch, with days, but ihufo was inuuh uxciluinuiit wliich thi-y uUerud, sir! They were so nilely puslpuned Ihu prohihitory nmendother places, a belter class ol Idnauts a .Uoiiian Catholiu Chnreli in New coming into tho city, uud so well satis- tociiu'd meiuhor, coiiduciiiig the core'- intermediate aud cnutiuueil advauce- imioug thu duleudanis over Uerdull's coii- deliglilud, sir, at being painlessly re- inonl rusulve, 49 to 38. lussion. It is rumored that another de­ City York on/rues lay, si.vloen eUiUron lied were the eilizen-s will) the pxucri monius of their order. Mr. Rollows' ment to the revelations through fendant. Miiinur, may turn Slidu's ovi- Uevud that lin y could not restrain ihuir Faumeiis. and others desirin-/ (f gen­ uuiliiiaiasm 1"—Frunuli Fun. teel. luoiallve agency bu-incss, by ware killed and several others badly iii- ment that at the mnniciplal election in spoke ill just lerms of the eliaracler of mediuinsbip iu these later times. deiiuu, aud there wi re reports, not coiiwhich $5 to $20a day cun bo earned,send jureil. A lire bruku out under a stair- Dec'emher last the iniijorily of over 500 Ihe deceased in the various rel.itions iu ^ That liumauity, in Ibis life and the liruiud, that tho lending dulundaiils hitvu Si'OvEs.—One. of thu ussuiuial fualuves uddiuss at once, on poslal, to 11, C. Wil­ lor.“ no licenso," was uasily oblained. lied from tho city. for the eomlorl of a f imily i.sthe mutlur way, ami lUu eliildreu were in it failwhich he has boon so long known in ne.xt, were co-operating in these revSjmervillo, Mass. II. Rurdull’s testimony on .tlondtiy was ofStovus. Onr line ol Cook Stoves nnd kinson & Co., 195 and 197 Fulton Street, this emiimunily. 'Ibe simple unci sol- ^ gQujpj.gijQnJJug way III get mil in safely, when lliu faint~ ______ very damaging to S. \V. Domuy, wlio, Ilualurs iiiuUiduB a variety' of btandard New York. 'I'hey have almnsl a murder ease in iu , of one of tlio teachers preeipilated emit foi maliiies of the chinch, .vilU llie extent or results, for all time to come, wliun he luarned lliid Rerdull had lieeii paliuriis uinbriicing the very iniThe ruins which have been prevail­ Wi’nlerpnrt. J. T. Unwe, a blacksmith, iinpivssive renniiks ul Iho piislor, iiiid closeted with MiieNuagli and James, provumuiits. Wu pledge ourselves to ing in all parts of EnglamI havo now a disnstrbus panic. ill a dispute vyitli Leon Carleton ol Win- the ti'ulj heautilul exei'clses of lUo choir ’ as in all times past,— aud all iu the niiido agonizing appeals lor merey, for nut only satisfy, but pul money in the assumed tlie proiiurtious uf a ua ioual - ——--------------me sake lor his wife ami ehildicn. In caliiniity. Large tracts of land are ■ to­ I‘. 8. Heai.u has lor some time lind his turport, struck him over Urn licad with ami organ, lemlered the entire luneral care aud guidance of ‘‘The All-Fath­ tulling Ihu story, lluiduH's volee broku pockets ot every eusloiiier who buys 11 tally submerged. stove of ns. II. T. Haiisou. best liauds at work npun reuily-miide an iron bar, and Ihoiigli llie injured may sui'vicis iloepl) affcetiiig. , er.” Mrs. B. has not spoken to au down, tears coming lo his eyes. Hu elnlbing, and lUusc who need van buy leeover it will bo wilb impaired mind. audieuco in Waterville till now, was lull by his s)mp iiliy to make an ntllWu hear lliat Krasins Flagg, son ol A Umi.i.iANT \VEi>i)iNO.--Un Thurs­ denying llie tiiUh of what ho told gaimeuls as good as enstunnmade at Later—-Inslice , Miller discharged day evening ol Ihc pieseiit week^ look though she has been accepted in MauVuiigh. Thu dtlendaiils are imiuh Reiiul Flagg uf this phiuu, died in Cal., Full. 61I1. Out of a family ol six chil­ ready-made piines. A rare c-biinco lor llowe. 'I’lie verdict was a siiriniso. place-the uiarrhigc of Willis A. Joy, ts becoming universal ns lo how, such an Im­ The case will probably yet bo brbiiglit Esq.,—foiiiierly of EllSworlh, iu this Porlluud and other places as one of dcjecli-d. Inger.soll meets thu testimony dren, but uiiu remains, Mrs. Geo. Hun good bargains. of Rurdell with sneers. mense sale could be crc.alceen mslan- ciirred Iho maniago ol ll ibert Koilh, ot Uev. Dr. Sniilh of (JoHiy L'uiveisily, lio ding himself in poor health, has gone catarrh, which ninny regard ns but.nn In this mcdiolne by those who huvu oittvfitlly taiieuus. He leaves li widow and two this city, and Miss .Inlia Willoiiahliy. I li'oin wliich in.-«tt tlia rhildruii. Ko bliimu is ultaelied to any The happy cnuule, after the marriage, giadimted, a few years since, in the same many friends wish him a speedy return not relieved, Ihe disease passes rapidly blood and through that iipou tho wholo sysspent a lew days in St. Louis and viein- class. Tho briilo was'iiltired iu iin cxone. lo dropsy. Even llien, lelicf may bo tern, slhmilattiig all thu functions of tlia iiy, and arrived In this city on Wednes­ quUitu toUullo ot white c« train. Thu with iinpi'ovud health. obtained by U90 of Hood’s Siirsivpmilla, Thu members of St. John tlio Uaptisi day evening, taking tinaiters at the body to perfurfh tlie ilt(ti«aj>Mtiire rpqiihca pre.senta were nunieious ^ind cosily llioiigli tho recovery will not bo so of them. Try q holtlu .md aatisly yoursett Society, of wliieli ho was a mcmlier, ut Kuck Islimd House, which vvill buthui'r' The Maine 8'rATE Te.uceuance Ai— tiommtrr rtro future.-—Mr.-Keith tx-ono There wna a ebanning display of cut uaNCK b'eIiI“TTiuiFlneelingnirXtwisioii rapid. Tlic iillauk. ruayr litaf a week.. Co/rf Hamit and Ftet. ' leiiauirBTsriineffti wiiirnrin'uTnts'. It any ptedicino over desurved tliu nnino of the gentlemanly messi'iigers ol tho lloweia, and a bounteous spread of reLowell, Feb. S, ISTB. li'eshmeiils vvassyivod. The happy pair of a specilie, HoCd's 8nrsaparilla does, tills week. MESsns. C. I. Rood & Co.: tientlemen-^ , — • , Aij>en W. Pliii.uituOK, Esq., of 'Au- Ainei'ienii Express between Milwaukee. .. , About one ago my (laughter cuminencM , us u rcme«ly for any disuasu of the kidand this city, and has hosts of lole.uls iu taking vonr Snrsapai-nhi. At that time sno g'l.' a, a leading dry goods merchant, both places who will wisli him joy. lor their homo in ihe Weal, eanyiug noys, in the early days of development. imdveiy litljp, appetite; ennid take no long with them thu bust wishes ul their liusts walks, and ner taco was badly broken oitt is pruminuutly luuutioned in councclioii with a Innnor. She was U(W-s|)lr(ted; troubled Tlio following are Ihe Vcnl estate trailsige], ig iinnouneed iu tho Fiiirlield offiieuds whom they leiivo behind. with coUllmmls nnd feel; lierlilood seemed... with the mayuiiilly. He is chairman ol ■ —.—.— to be pMr, ohd Mie wits hi a coiulltlqn which fors made receutly : the .hoard of aldermen, kiid -was acting Journiil that Rov. Mr. Rules ol SI. caused us great anxiety. After taking one Tils Elmwood is d.ilng a much bel­ In what way a I’ruvttleiit Evil iriiy bu battle of vonr Sarsapurillii slie began tolinWaterville. —Daniel 8ihlev lo Hrciio iiiayur, during Mr. Vickery's uhseuue lust Mark's Mission, Waturvillu, has resigned ter business now Ihaii last year at this prove; nujJ (die iioM'.lilis n good jiPi'etUe and Sbern of its Power to llanu. uud Rosie Maluie,'$5'2.i. Floreiicu I’htiscan ptkv bineh Imigot walks, tier humor U stiiuutOr. higidy esteemed as a his cliuvgr, tu take effect April 1. Mr. season, and coiiaiderably moru llian last Jlalarl* 1* a broad iiaiiie for innny dlteatva—all led.lo J. 11. Plaislud. $750. nothing ruinpared with what It was one yeW ago. She Is in belter spirits, is not tioubleq (^izcii and very popular. His boyhood Rates lias made warm Irjeiuls here, both moiilh. Among the guests ut tho hotel oriiloatiUK iu blood nolaonlng. Ullltoua frvvr.slie Ytiesalboro.—Sarah A. Hussey mid lyuimi and typhoid fovor and cbllU and fevera nro with eold bands nnd feel as prevlonsI.v, Anil was spent iu Waturvillc. I attribute this tmprovemciit lu her oondliu and out ol Ids religious eirclo, by on Monday were W. W Erlhelbeigcr of nruniinciit ineinbora of Ihe fRiiilly, Malaria do. Mary G. WliiahiW lo Sarah 0. Lord, Hea alike the hulldera, Ihe pluuiinera and Ihe pliy- $900. iliimes E. Adams to Peter Wiltlon lai-gely lo your Sarsaparilla. She has ..^Iryiium UU deparluru.wULlia regrutiud,. ...takeujdx t-■ -* -tutandk ’ * *UirtmtlnusJU- —“— tiiki'ii «to bulLUis.aud -aMana, DaapuUlug of onUuuy tuauuent, ttua. ttams.'-fSO..................... ....... .............. tlio U.-S'.-Sigiml-8«rvi«e,. Fi'-od’k L. Fanov SKAtiNfi Match ilf lUe Ulnk' use. 1 was wa: IncUneil to oppiiso Ibu triill ofn alnnwt unaiilmoualy leooinineud UKNUickwood, U. 8. Naval Service, anil latter ar lirst I 'nnw linvp gienl faith In It at • ClinioiL—EimiiaetluGondwin and Fos­ CAEOINB fOnOT/S I'LASTKK aa tho SON'S Mu. Geo. £. Gaiiland, a recHut graij to morrow (Saturduy) evening, with bloaU pniiller. Veiy truly y« bK~'....'■ -----------Mr. Orlando 'rumpkiiis, propriolor of araateal nntl-iniilarlal ipccUo ol the nge- 'I'hoao ter Nelson to Allston Webber, $136. A-'L. ' 1,. JllNf'Kl’kYj JllNC ^laatera act upon the liver, apleeu, bowela uud ]jri/u.s lor ladies and geiilleiuen, uud one uate ol ('olby, has entered the oflleo of of the Rostoii 'ITieali'u. Nui. 2IH Broadway, IaiwcU, Mass. uw ThlBDowifer novor vurlei.'A inurvel of purity 'woru'overHhe reKluii of tho liver, nnd upon or more luces'during tho evciiiug. Mu- Guuiity Alloruey Haines, in this village, 'I’he imniml calaloguiT of Koubestur ttruuKtiv uuti whoietumrooaa. ooouuiuica the hack over tho klduoya, they ward off malaria Messiis. Luce & Mii.i,kii have oponed Theological Seminary lots.tlio following than tho oriilnnry kludu, and cannot be eold In Hood's Sarsaparilla. fur the study of law. bic hy Vussalboro Ruud, like au armor. No other plnatora do Ihla. Wheiiyointurchaie, eailafy youraelf that the Bitiuiniry of stiulouts! Senior class, 14; ompoUiton with tho inultitudo of low teat, short Sold by all dnigglsts. Trlee 91 -. or six for Mr. W. C. I'hilbrook u'nd wile were I tin'll" lasteful drug store in Milliken word Tlie pruprieturs art) arranging for all­ 0 A l’CrNK la cut In tho center of the plaaler. Middle class, 20; Junior olasa, 17; in weighti aium or phoaphate powders. aVo/U only $6. I'repared by O. J. HOQf) di. gO., -diqlhRliiek.tiud will make nimoiiuceuicnl in Saahuty in cans. R oyal Bakimq Pawpxu Co.,106 Water glotlly welcomed to towu this week. ^ It dolinaou. Uhomteta, Now York. ecoilet, Lowell, Mass. ot her Masquerade. . German UcparUucut, 26; total 77. Street, NiY* Hlgheat awardt at lateruadoaal Eipoaluon, uur lolumns next week. b




Absolutely Pure. .




■— Cbe ^ntcrVilU 4)9aiLi .fei)< 23v IS83. %•■£ ’


HfaTBRVIIir HAIL ' I r-*T*i , I

Ftmi.inm> BTBBt Ekmar,

MAIU^ LEOjSLArtjttE; bn Monday )n the SonaU* an order

, ana pool roonig; also to change the law


I schools.

M A XHAM (& WING, Editors and Propriotori. F.pH. Maxham, Daa’x A.Wiit*..

TEftMS—rwo DOLLAKBA TBAB. 'f paid n’rictiv In advance, (1.75 peranntim

iiadnit doriKsrtVBoknTB ^Nn paper ditenntlnued until all arrenngee ^ are paid, except at the op' ion of the pobtitiere.-

AKBANOEMENT OF MAILS. 'ngthb Weet cloaes at 8.66


open at


x-i 8.00 r.

lif’A. w., 6 60 p.k

agrth & East oloace at


'* open at 7.80 a.m. 0,45 a.m. Office hoarefrom .t. M. to 8 p.M, and on toedeys from 0 to 10 A. M. Meil oloaes at|1 P. it. Sunday, for Pullman

W. M.DUNN.p.m pact fun.

(IrBaT BRf^tii.—Dn^al'urdny n sen-' , In this village, ltd lMt.,.t«meaI^tini Oain, sntion was ea|vd in Ilo .Uublttt ttlnls J*" ■P'* L.Oain)a*«dt by one U £i^y, ^ 5*7"tili. 17 n,, i slippigglntO iif WufcSftbdi*. T%i«ur. ajfedtove.^ . prise BinoPit Bte-'^pnsqmuli wn* kD0oiind.| .,in thlq F«li. 90. at Hm nf ed, and lirt *i«* VisSed 'by tbfcm'. Ho ^r st«p«iA Mihmk IVnaey, Mt*. Knnioe corroborated, Kavanagh’k Acslljlffin^ in ^tnne»^.sqdt)3 jssra-wldow ot ths kuKv. every detailf Ha RdmllleH mWing llio ttJgk kstervills, Feb. 91, J. Fremont liandkerchTuf signni. He teRlitletl^.lhiil Joy. agtd Wi jeara,» montha, |8 rtaye—sldwl it was Brndy who ncled lis |>rinciuhl aou of Gyrua E. and Angts Et Juv, slabber, and who afterwards eiil Burke's ,. Jn tM" JfM> H. Mrs Maty D. Allsn,

FANoy & Jhtsio.

The tmljr MneroDt U the truly wise; not.................... others‘'lives unbiest. I And be ^ irno** loves JHonie. Thr Old, Old S^xotiY.—For years the peoh)eof ibis oountry^hAve strug>cled to solve the ' ns to who struck Billy Tnt* ,„ |((MitywiU&. Thousands has ^suflered un* besrHola ifcbfng,scratching and loreness from hiles. but a final determination to find a enre pat (hem on; the rl^ht track, and today those i«]f same people ^oice In a renew'al of health th(«ofih Swmyne*s Ointment. vWhst a curiotfl language! A man is late tdien be U dead and gone, and a train is late Irhen iiiTfisn't ocmo. 'TIs more-brave to live than to die.’* Therej'ore don*i,wait ^ slight cough devsiopes the)/into cOnsmnnt ion, but secure a bottle of Dr. Buira Cough oyrup at the f-mall outlay of }5cents, cure your eongh and live on happily. To die In ordsi^ to aVuid the pains of poverty, levs, or anything that is disagreeable, is not Ibe part of a brave nian. but uf ‘ a coward; for h ii a cowardice to shun the trials ancf crosses bf life, hot undergoing death because it is lionbrsbICt but to avoid evU.>-[ArlRtctlo.

ii'roni ifellti 'John d.vffom bf the firm ofEtane, 'Wrbster A Oo., Boftton. t’w'6 bottles of Adamson's Botanic Bdlsam ^Ifbcted a cure in mv falHiiy .that tbur skilled pliHlblkuB i'iiiled to do.*' ‘^ Anid by (irliggists nhd denleh at 35 cents. The most triSuig nbtlnhs UiSt afleoti^ah's credit are to be regarded. The snund hi your bHmmerat five ih the hiornirtgor st nine at night, beard by a creditor, makes him easy six months longer^ btit if lie sees you at n bibikra table, nr heanl* yieisr voice ni a tavern, wheu p)U should be at work, he sends fur liH money (be next day.—-(Franklin. Ely'i^ OuhAsi DalM has completely cured me of r«tarrh, «/ which I iiai’e been ftfillcted tfrer teil year.«, niter fry ing nlmifst every reme­ dy rpcommended, none having proved so effect­ ive iiud thorougli.—(S, .1* Aiken, wliolesale dealer in boots and shoes, 143 Federal at., Bos­ ton, Mass. Try*s Crenm Balm tor Gxtiirrli. The best remoilv for its purpose I hnVc sold. "(John Kooker, Druggist, Springfield, iMa««. An articleof real merit.—[u.P.AIuen. DrugpEt.Sprineflelrl,..Mas*. , , ■ r .. rn Ttiase who . n n ^'CreamStHim'liaVlTiven.niiOMtnryrenilU.—

cl>e»P«'‘ ‘®*<’

f***" I

The hill protecting shell flsh was in* dcfioittdyThe Senate coni currcd wliii the House in refusing to add the. month. of September to the close time ot dl'hi^ moose and caribou. ' I Pilssi’H lo be engrossed, an act pfoVld-■ ing that the patty in posr-bSaion of real properly may potUiolr to compel sup­ posed claimants bl^sbclrproperty lo biiiig action to ity bik.tillo; ah abt lb nnicuiJ > cbaiiler OU of lievlsed Statutes relating, to divorce. 1 On TueBda^ the bill id allow women ' to vote in school nialters passed to be engrossed ; also a'et relating to salary of Judge and licgisler of Probate in Soniersta county. 1 The prohibitory constitutional amend­ ment resolve was passed to t)o enacted . by a voto of 21 lo 2. Passed to bo en- i grossed act to repeal' tlic law.s relating i to taxidermists and all nets ! their appointments;' act making ttunduy i a close time fur game and birds of all' kinds. Tho hcgal Affaiis Comnilitea voted to ■ ICpbK leave lo wlllieruw oh the petition j for a ten-hour laW lo Uianufnctnries, and also to repoH tl bill lo amend the law i that no chtld under 12 years ot ago shall

Mr. l‘o^^ler, »ml CariV (Ic^nUMI »ir IKTsiBlfutOagflnt olTftlm IbrdayR.


SOOTHING SYRUP 160,197 Bottles tleed

by the moibers ot the United Statee during th* lut tix months. The **Bnppf BaIit”1s the only Soothing Syrup In the world which oonUins no opiates of •timulatlng drugs, and can be used by mother* with perf^ safety for ohiMren while Teething, or troubled with Croup, Dysenteir, UiarrhasL &o., Ac. It quiets the nerves and givea the child that natural sleep whidi promotes the health ot both mother and child. If your druggist does not keep It, have him get It where bs gets his medicine, do not take anything else. W#>PTepared by WOHBN*H MBDTGAIj ilfSTlTUTR, Btfrniw. V. Ti sod sold by



PAiUFiKrj) Items.— Mr. P.iss.iit. the iireliiteet. is miking the plana, for the new block on (he • ner of Main an I Uridga street. This building will be of wodd, containing five stores on the gl-oUnd lloor, two olHces ''’'d “ ^'d-ge hall with all niodl'l-u impioveinm.G In the srdond .slol}M ,.Our annual Mnffch Inl'btlllg ooeurs the Otli Ol

tory ; S. 'V. Lane, Grand, Trustee; A. E. Chase. Representative to Su­ preme Lodge ; J. U. Jordan," Altern­ ate.

should be tho .wifoB care, and her


Sgsreh uttver, fur ihelr virtues, and UiyHetr forihy vice-.—IFtiller.

C(. H. FLOOD, Agent at Waterville, Me* A flue dlNiilay of



M. Mttrcliaiit


In donlKut of *11 kind*, nt *11 price*, from 2 doilir* io 50 dullar* each. Bouquet* And fine Rote* for *1) ocoaFlon*. at all FCAAonR of (hr year. We havp made arrAnament* mUIi W..K. MOKTON A CO., the well known





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Friday Evening^ Feb. 2Srd, hlK 8KANdAVTIO.\ OF SENSATIONS. THE HIT OK THE SEASON The crilic* iiwnrd tho highest prat*e. The grent AttrActinn ol the AmcrlcAn Btnge, And without ah e<|unl In the u'urld.

Fall and Winter Clothing! MEN, YOUTH & CHlLDllEI^, Hats, Caps and Gents. Furnishing Goods. An Immehf^’ Assortment !


H. C. -MAHsToNi

Thu Lyric And Dramatle Wonder, and her famous

JVTerrie Makers,


Under the direction of SIRS. JENNIE KlllUALL lu th<*lru('W muslcnl Miiccesii,



Goods Unoxoolled I

Prices Kxtronicl^ Low f


Cochran^l Artist.

(hr ll4>lf(IavN.


-AsSwHii 'I'lils QukSTIoX,—IVliy do so

Satisfaction Positively Gnttvanteed.

Ordir* left wlUi W. W. COCnUANE, /Hole ibiinV itcnple Wc See ilrdltiid lis, seeni lo Agent for WiUcrvlllc, will receive promjit'atteh> At I’KllLTVAL’a. prefer to snIVer and be made miserable lion. by indigeSlIqn, eohs.tipiltioii. ili/.xini'.s.s, loss of appetite. Coming up of Hie loorl; yellosv skin, wlioii for 7.3 cell's we will -ell them Sliiloli’s Vitali'/ier, gq iranleell lo cure them. Sold by F^N. Kincaid. ^



Siiii.rtii's tiATAUiil! if^MEPV.—A hf.'ii'- j 18 8'1'Iff.L AIIKAD. Vitlons ciire for thitarrii, 1 jiplillieiin, Daii- Mulihcws huR just uirivtMl Idjuk* from ktif inouHi. and iteaibiehe. With ^aeli | lio-viDi) willi A large I 'l ol choico

bollie there is liii ingenious na3ai Ihiect-' __ T or, fof the iliqre successful treiilifichl ofj UjTHll^OS CZ JuGlBOIlS. complaints willioiit It cliariro. :infl will sell litiftn at vory low prices. Pri«o 59 ctS: SoM by F,. N. Kih’cntd. Cull Hiid f.^anlilii'-oUr stock, niul iiupnre out* prices, niiiHS-K'TB ■kiK'U'S oi' waterville


A few copift* f.>r 'Rle «l Ih Mail ofiioe.




New Drug Store,

My stork will rcpiOflPirl ono of tho most brilliauL and aHnwlivo asSoit_im'n'» uf pupiHur gqials lo be riiiin.d iu tliiu city. -

.nKlIiikvii IlioVtf, and will make Special Anpouncoment nest week.

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Fancy Cups & Saucers,’ ,

IN OltKA'/' YAltlKTY.


Fine, Kiirly Cut Hay,


Exculh-nt for MIlfcb Cow*, twenty-live ton* for I* Uie larj^est Rnlmul of bU kind lo tbe world, ind aic at #U porio'if, dldivafrd.—Lnckwood CK *0 1* *. ntJNN, Agent. K II R l] K A ” Ftb. M-tf.;j6.


“ PA’iiiooiiizii:



Qn|( u( (bo b<’** Bnlmenl* of Us kind- tn .Nmerica foii; L(beumB(]*m,, Neurul^hit Hpratn*, Briilse* IturjiH. (Jfiapped Huuil*, CJiUblHui*. Lnino Hack, ileadaciiu, it'll., Ur
S TA TiaiSTER Y, in tho Fine (srH'le* ami In Fancy boxen, bottlde4 n great vnvleiy in all jHice*. AUo, Ul) uxtuuilvuujid beMUtil'u) Buu of .

CbrislDias ai^ New Year Carls. Bcsidi'S the iibovii .S)icci«l Goods, I have a full line nt Bia|.|ii Gonds that gues to iiinku iii>' stiHik cumplele, loo uuinerous lu iii' iilioi). UKsll/h’S



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B A I R B T K Ia D, -


Wood of all Kinds on



Soiiiuthiiift New, r'«i fol, (‘hemi.Hinl rretly.

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1NGI.I.IJKI) Alt/c

lliN(|iiV Va«c«,’ *iwi<4M <'aI*villas, FIt'gaiiLt

Tu be found iu (lid innrk*t, enn be liticl the Mail Ofiice, tor 25 cents. ------------- -

Aniiimiicc.s Hint liu Inis made cxtcn.sivo preparations lor the HOLIDAY SKASON, and iimt his guilds arc fast arriving, and will .soon bo all open,

and t/iim enroiirafff home mtrrjiri-ic," ON TUriMY DAY.S' TRIAL. At.Uio Brtiucti Uouia ut Uie Head of the I’ltvln* V.. and is llieir I'avoiilc in'cscriplion lor ; - - MllR, and Htruv^ for Bed*,‘-uf jadii's who are siill'ci ing (nmi any Weak' j Tlio’VuLATb’ Belt Oo.,Murhhii)l. Midi ..tvlll iHHflound buHincfls principle, ntb) 1* iny moito - Butter, VtiD tfar An aCl 10 uilleml the I'baricr of tlio j The sins of the Southern Bomboiis Rfinl Df. OycM Celcbnited Klcctm-Voltaic ovf'ry time, but it xoau-time* Imppeun thut we moderafe p^^■Vi^. Fui-cign Missi'iii Socic 1 ness or complaints common to llieir scX. } ciiiHwH fliul Jiift \vhn( we need iit iiomi*, in wlilcb flKrii WK.N''fwoiiTir. KdU rtiul Kleotric Appli.inctit on (linl f‘'*r nje vapid lyi goiuing li'inic to trouble Freewill Baptist ‘It is sold by dinggisls at .iil pcrboltic. doys tt» intn. Vt.ung or old, who me artlirtrd <'ji*ie we nr* r»f i'fuir*o .iiiaitdod In buyiii|( eUe* IHem it J. ileiiJi'ix MeLciiu. Iiuleiien- ty\vii(‘r<*. NS’I ivii vou aie HI An act to iiicoi'poratn the Free Baptist Ladies can obtain advice free. Send i with nervoiiH debt Jit)’, bmt vitility ff buithh and iimiily vij^or. Ad•7lii' iiiiil(.rilj;iii.(l lliill.iiiu, t'DniiMlin.o will reJiiflt t>tep iironnd to , ly.'iO An act fixingthe linie when an amend nred. wnarked to it crn'i'cspoOdeiit of the Phil -! ilr(**« iiljove, N. IL —No rihk i« incurretl. Ce\ v,» Healed l*ropu*aU for a tfir' /luli.ll.iv rj.i hV'.'^Uw"’’ ai* u'i" jrti rid tlHVK' trial i« JvIbiWeH. lUork, on /hirlf/r Sfrref, t'lelplila Pres* llial tlio “ system of po- incut to HieCoiislilutiort sliall take efi'ect. Clacr................. tervillc (’IttftHlcal |iihUtut«> Lot. All act to prevent the fraudulent reSiiiiuionS, Hiii scuiptor. says tlnr. bo ; lilioal fraud i,s mil only destroying llie I| n\nl vxatnlDo my good*, uykI li you anylblitu '» Mtervllle 'I'lie t'Diiiruciorti aie lu furnl»-b nil Lubor Hiid you iieei. whloli'y4»ii citn't linil ut lioino, -I lilierties of lltij ncoplo, but it ia demor ' movHl or roiicealiia'iit ol iiiorlgaged iier' liegaii lii.s career as a clerk in the Hill | 31ttlcrl*L oe very jflftflio III ynju have II Ht a f.ilr iirice. I 1 mill counting 1(10111 in Lcwis'iei. He 'J'bc Tropofal* niiiy ho f-»r t he m bole combi id -1, klizing.soQiuiy in all its iibases, uiid uii- sonal properly. buve H tbie iiMvortinent of gixxix, imm'iU-M Miriiotit All act to le.slorb llm .sitlaiy of the ' "Ol sixty-Iwo cents a day. At ills end evcfy, iluy. l»y nlmoftl evt'rybotly. J will not nf- or for iId'MaMoii It'urk uiiil Ciii pcnter IVork ntp •olulely tlirea(cii8 to du'airoy all liouesly 4iriiu*ly * . - * U-mut to name Hivm Iuht'. biiv nNHUm j'uu liivy I*rojr9''Ul* ill»o Iw reoehed for the nmoii'tt •nil virtue in llio Cliuroli as well as iu Judge of the Superior Coiii't ol Keiine "I I wo years lie liad sareil I'mnigli to re wortti eziiiniiiiiif;, and my tirb-i'H are reuKongive,.'?.’) ioward- a clinreli buil'ling fund. Itle. I) in't lake iiiy word *oi il. but cull uiul oee ihe Contr»'’1or* will ybe r.r the l>rlck bullilh if Ibe Slate. As eviduiiee of this I need bee county. . DOW on ^ultl lot,~tiie hiiim* to l»c r**Dio\e-,l. or yotii'velves. An act lo aiiHiori/.n Hic sale of Hie 1) ly Ilia pew rcnl an.I living an 1 lay tip | ouly say that it is a eiiiiimoii tbiiig lor I 'rite l*)HG»atitl HuveUivaiioDi* may be prcii at tiie offi.'c <.f E- F. W’i-bfi. af tt’ati*rw llic, or at tli** Ibe Donioerals lo praelieu traud on eacli Bcl^iradc Hill ineeling house in Norlli BinO. Hi.a first el.iy niu lei ilic j >!i. Bf. KnKLL, 4»ttb’v of VM***‘it A MvveiHi. arcljlD'eH*. I'orlluDd. bust of a child of the B.iptial mi lister, | FITTKI) b'.HKl’ri'KI), elber iu tUnir primai'i' ebclions and in Belgrade. ami proiMtuI* >l r i:i»Ml!.\U F. WKIJB, I'sDlS, ) j ics to receivo tUles lo private cemeteries FKAXK CO. I iu* unJtrluken that trust by Klvini; bond itt the; af a political iiplieaval. Tho issue does not distress her now, nor docs slie 'iCS. 1' Bii ltdtn:; JO.SLFH KlfKK , . T r. 1 law tllrreim—A 11 iieraon*. ibori'fore. bavioK Je Order*'eft »((be Yard, or ut K. J. Connor’? ........ .. ...i . . • " vB, ) Cojj) om mittoe. hli'hedmn oF siieeeli and purity ot the ■ and lo hold funds for lepairs of same. sulTor from that erlrnsr liml /irlin;/ wliicIi ....... 5Ifiln w. —... »t. Streo mundii amiiohl tlx* estute of **id «iei'eaft«'d, nre de­ I An act lo set oil' ii portion ol Hie town she did bqforo taking Hood's Kiirsiquirilla.'’ Store, WaUivIlle, ilo., Fyi,. ballot.'” ■''Str.'JieLoan is a iiatlve-bi sired to exhibit the same for eeitlement; Hiid all I S'luiheriior and ho sees that llmugli tlio . Belgrade from the North Kcnncliei! A second hottle elTecicd .a tiirsi No nllicr indebted to said cstalu lire requesti-d to make Immcdlaie payment to of bhllpt-liox stuffling mill biilldoz ! Agrien iiiral Society, and annex (lie same prcparutlfih eontuliis sucli a conceiilration ^iirriugcs, L. K.'rHAVKU. of vitaliaiiig, enriching, purifying iiiiJ iiivig!®?Th8d beea deplorable to ifie victims’ Snciety. Feb. K’, lft'3. 3T drive ll)*i laMieliitrge. wiien one f,n I'eni liolilc o| ■ I An act iclutnig to tuxes on iiersomi! uraliiig prupcilius as Hood's Biirsaparilla. 'iBilksfy to prove still worse for tho KUliKKA J>INiML.N r wUJ cure him of MraJris. In Wcht Waterville. Feb. 17. by Rov.Ooorjfo properly. I P'rpelr^lijrs, .-HcxutiULUU.Apluiu, UaLUy- WLndptttt*, Mr. Peter VIguc, who has been at i (I. Hamilton. Mr. Albert Mnrxe RnffMlHU KeL An act to facilitate Hie |irep ration Try it and prov«'to your own **( isluclloii. that It work, ill Hie woods for-llio Duren Bros., I lie Mo'irc. b^ith of We*t WatorvIDe. Is ono (if the beiit LlnhiM-Dis for Man or lleust. inid is.siic of Hie aniiuiii report of Hie ! Xri HulJowcll, Keh. 17, Ahbiitt Brtei^ uf Hal* A hmiiLi^ib men, employee* of iLo (Kxleioa) use oaiy.) I’rleo, , 60f. and ^1.(0 accidently shot liiniscli in the wrist, btwoli, forwerlv of Cbelhea, to Min* Quorge K. State Supt. of Selinols. Urcpari'il hy C. L I’. II A M> V, tMe. '-'oes.ajie^ko nml Ohio Railway, struck All act relating to lines and peiialtiea last Sunday He was out on [Nortbey of Huriuwcll. L. .J. ('O'l'K \ t'Oi AgviiU, Waieiviile, Ale. snow .oboes, limiting ilecr and hud ill- ! In ^prridgewook, Fob. C.Mr. Cyrus C. Sto•oino time aco, not for higher wages recovered (or violation of the fish .'luil “Uf Icr iSundai/. They wanted a day ready killed one and was lii piirsiiit of veil* of Bulithtiold Hiid Mi** Uium* b. 61hk<»ou game laws. of Fairfield. “trtst, a day .ill thoiv huinea and church. All act to ainond Becliou 4 of cbiipler iiiiotbcr, when he tripped an,I fell iu llio and they ■wero go iiiuci'. In earnest 235 ol the Public Laws of 18.80, relating snow. He put tho breech of the giiil "'‘I,they declai’cd' that they aii.uuUJ give down In Hie snow and took hold of Hie I'.L.iVTII 1K.S Tlir, COMI*l.K.\ION, The Nuw bystKiii ol Bqc-Ivi cpiug. loi'eiiiinlcling llie Board of Agriculture. elites. muzzle to raise himself up, Whoa the JMheir places rather thau work on the I'XeVy inan who lias a Furin or (*iird«*ii run keep All act tu iiiiicud section 2. chapter 58, Urd'e days .: Bers on iiiy plan WitI) go/xl JVodt. -I haw inventin thin 7iU*Re,3td Ann KUt»beib StMOVtt IKiOILU, MCIHof the lievlsed Statnlci of 1871, in relii- gun was aeeidciilally tlisclimgcd and a . . "d a llivn..................Hys.,... »n«l Nnw Bystem of Bee Muiiukemeit), porlioi) nl the contents grazed bis wrist, Winjf, wife ttf Duiiiol U. Whig, junior ediUir of patch::, tan, iiam-woimi, ' ' --------- r*------- *-----timi to Hie election of mcmbei's of tlic whitdi 4‘0)iiplelely olianges (lie whole profess of .rU'l (fc'.l I nim'tU^i.rUUcc v(U'.(U.or uir-ti giutXlu. lie got up and tied a liandkcreiiicf around tbe •• Mu!l.’’Hnd oldWt daughter tHe fate llev^Keiplnte, aud rvudir the buhluess pb ant The cnghieers on Ihe Maine Onlral Board nf Agriculture. . iwr CI.'APPCS NANSS, RCTON Cf CHAPCS tllHIII. and prfilituiilc. J Ifute recidv«d (Ane JIu his wrist anil kept on in pursuit of the Mr. .lohfi Hurleiisb.—CO ycj»iw year* and iitid 6 Hundred ;*y''.|'es!iilv;tal..iui,ojolcit vuit.Ui uuvKsAUl .v.AU. AfJii) '^ tk' aath done what *bc tjodbL” .nilhronrtblc. Tryonr b*.ttlo xriU 7juu will uertr he Dollars 1‘rohi. fi’om the sale uf Box UoiUtl.JiUKt .-UAi4UN.vv'.Uuili.lie,iivui'Uiulc. and kilWii with ©He Hmrwr'Itettx ID /l/uitfruttyl CTrtu*")' time, it they gel beligid. but lokeep tervillc. wfthrmvtt.' •Vtrtnil'ff ITnfterin axe, llm (U'Cr luiiuji uBitlrlH lo rua ou tYtinenU'I noon it'su'olot’k.] tor uf yult t'artUutarn ritt Adihess, j’" Hafir legular t’umiliig Hilie. Slippery I’l litioiiers for cliaiiging the name pf Wits. lA'/Z/At: K.C(»n'ON, WesvUorlmm, Me. In thi* villuKe, t&, iif. Niluon,f ui,.»*e «■»to your own, which msy not 1't«»t,h ho hiid street, rrlce* reaeouuble. I'loek and are ftitiog It up for thoir use, liospiM) RBd oacupy it yowrselL Cowell Citikeu. here. TIIOMASSM AItT, AVatfr>iBv,l>« e Uk-j, sif


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Books, Biick-Gamniou lloartle, Scrap Alliums, ilte., etc.





jriven on apptlcmSon.

THE MAli/ The crop mlviecs l'i''im abtoail :ire of a very elinraeter. relcgrniri.s is kept lor aalo ul J. S. Cnrtfr's roiiodi.‘iiinouiiee. (hut in (Ireal lirilaiii “ a eri cul Depot, itnd nt liiu B(»okKtorcB uf J i f. .sis in field work exists, li is w:itcr IVtciviil and O. A. Hennukeon. every when*. A goo 1. sowing lime is wniued. Ills s.iniiiseii ihai much oil THK DKST HOUSE HOOK^ llic niiluiini sowing i.s roltcn, ainl that all Kuriij) • i.s in 11 similareonditioii,;’ - ^ fok the SIOKI-T,

TiiEiiR'a A Limit to L VKiiVTllt.xti.—''Tbcre, llial's too provoking fr.r nnyllungt'* exclnbne'l Mrs, Smifi'kii.g tbrowbip iiBufe the piiper ilouk cf eugry ilisnppuintuieiit. “It's always tlie'way'though'; I never get (nlvreste'l ih n newgpaper article but it ends up u-lth Hlank ik fe.'i soft soap care tor hiliouhiiebe, or so:ne -- -- ........... ...... ollisr patent medicine iidverlisenieni.'* N'liv Among the nets passed by Hie Lugla Hat tort 01 Btlverliaing is all wrong. Mr-. S. “ L.uiiks lo.Nic.''—y/ic Oi-cal j aguld never have been vexed had site rend Hr. hiUire are Hie following, wliieli wo gather Srvayiie'a ten line laitico of his Oiiilnient lor from a list coiniificd for the J.rii'is/on male Jiniit d/i is prcjiarcil liy I lie “ Wo- j ■kin'disensoe. men’s Medical In.-liuitc ’’ ol BulTalii, N. i


anT dealer in




Oeh’l Seillag Aifeiits, Beaton, Mess.

/n Crayon, India Ink, and Water ■ Golors.

greatest amhitiou to further his welfare or happiness, togelllcf with that of lier children ! I his should Ontiii), Infineiiefi. Goiisuiitplion. end nil dwensotlicr lowii.s ill that viclaiiy will liiiil he her ch ef atm and the theatre of giuf the t' Lungs end Chest. Sdeents them nut only suiterior jiilllcrs lint her exploits, the bosom of her fami­ vnd St a boitle. Iy.79 " Doctor, exsiiiiiie my tongiie," ssys a giddy Kjiiat'e bii.sine.s.s men ia wUonl they can ly, where she uiSy-tlo us lunch to Vvinsn, **and tell me wlint it needs,*.’ "Host," trust.... Genrgo II. Newliall has jiur- ■ ward making a fortune as ho Can iii ,eplied the doctor.” eUaseil ilie s iw niitl at Rowd liiihaiii of I tho couiiting-i'ootn or -work sliop ■ TiieSaekst Wa.v.—The snCcst and surest S. A. Nye and will carry on a largo J Jtis It is not till tho inouoy e.ania.l that Wgy to restore the youttifnl color of the hair I, liiisini'ss there (lie coin ing season. 1 makes a man ■wealthy—it is wliat hC rgrm-hed by I'nrker'H Hair Balsnm. wdiich is Xyc pitreha.sod this mill iiiime de.,ervedJy popular from its superior cleanb- niter Ibe big fire here —Fairtiefil ei'i'tij-1 saves from his eai'iiiiigs .'■lelf gi'athCM. sponilciil 111 Hie Port. Press. , ification in dre-ss, or iitlulgeuce in At a Paris Hal Mosque—.lolly girl to tier appetite or more company than hi.q I Urtiiers ••7,(11 like to wnlli, inonsieiirl"’ -‘I Il appeals by a paragraph in Hie Sail Silere it.'* -' rheii wliy di>l- pernicious tu extravagbiuce, the poeoiid fastens doctor’.s bill to a long butcher’s lost onr dMrling Iroin ciiolftra infuntiim. but j Hit ownciH or IfiH liiiiUliiijif, <(n(l not ihu lo^qiily beutd uf I'arkvr'a Ginpvt I'uuic in j Rev. Mr. Kallueh, who let il for that account, and the latter brings in­ liWe. A few spoonful, soon cured baby, and j pm |,i(lS" ; Hie ll'U.stet'8. Hie poslor pre.-iil ■ nnCitcaaionnt dose keeps us in good lieabli.**— ing, discolinicnaiiecd tlieir iiclion, took temperance —the worst of all evils, I (llrooklyp Mother. in its tram.


dren of Horntio and DeUiida Dilllnffhams Fcb. 10, Mr*. Oorolinc 1*. Ilopkln*. aged 64 year*, widow of the late N. It* tlu|ikhiR[Hnd daugb* tet of (he Ute Joaeph and Joanna Patten.



while Its wonderliil In the cure ol Consumption Is witbmit it perallel in the hislory of ntedicine: silice its first discovery lUiaS been (told bti a giinraif ' vidfls has no more to give. It is the tee, it test witieb nO (ttllcr riiedicine ran F11%U 1>0RTIIA1T.*4 , husband’s duty to bring into the Stilnd. if yott liavo a eongh, wo eavnhouse, and it i.s the duty of tlio wife e.sily yon f., try it. I'rice 10 ots.. 50 to see that iiotlling goes wrongfully cts.. and .91. ff your lungs are sole out of it: 1*ho hushand's interest ebcsl, or baek lame, Slillob’s IWils To.^tlmonliils fmm rnlnfcr« In llofton and vicinity

1 Debility, Liver CLimpiaint. Bode, liumors,' purchase ihe steam live engine..... A; Is. ! knows not how, and that demon, I ..txr,.',....v-l 'I*........ I- - . . I -«*v . ... .............. Clirooio t iHrrhea, Nervous AffecItons. Female I Lawfeiice and (i. W. To/.ier liove lately Waste, cries “mote !" like the hOrsCCniaplulnts and etl dfseusceoriginolingen n bod \ pureltaseil Ibe Cubb grist mill nt Dan ; leech's daughter, until ho tlliil jiro-

.steps to siificiidnr llieir financial inlercsl ill Hie Temple, and in voting Hie piistor a leave of alisence for one vear, contin (It'd his salary, anti rts-dved (o maintain tlicir organi/.alion ami worsli p. kVc make this corrcctiiai (or Hie pnrpise, as suggested to ns, ol '■ giving Hie devil Ills due.’’—[l*ort. Tran.


applied lo IK»-I16{|,,repm it* 4o«f many time* over. Try if, and !>« eonvtnCed. Panipiilels. with ictlimontabi etc., forwarded free. If there ia n« local agent In your vicinity, addre**

Thi* will be the event of the scNsou Ifuslc. NeW Soiitr-t. New ('^cr.lultie*. .Vow Coatume*. Tho Funniest I*erformnnce ever \vi(nA'‘*'iMl' Keep watch for O^inne’* benntilYit Shuffand Ponfc*,' >vMch wm be .driven through the street*. Mf. Frank Sylvester, a low dnya 'ago, .Vdnvffl*fon, 35 ct* , Reserved reats, 50 ct*. Halo at tbi! Bunion pulp mill, cainrUl bis liiiseat* to c6mmonr>«Lpn Atuiiday, Fch. ithh, at.* llcllevRd and Cnrod by I>R. A.SIIKllMAN'S Bfvthod, witlionr rvpord to n^e or duruHim nf tbP gel's between lb-! rollers used lor making of Hflllctlon, tbt! Injury trii^vr* inflict, or hinrir*nnp from liibor, aiul wiili rfi-uiHy irt-m *uanRulullon—of A. M./ at Heikfhicl offfee cor.Maiti A Tdmple Bts. which, nccordliig to alatihttc*, ov*r SOiOOO died durhitf (Ik* piibt yt ar. No niiv Is iiifv vlin tin* n rup' box boanl.s, and lost the ends and nails Wr« %nd tlppiMid* upon a Irn*'*; !»o(li oro o pliyulcHl and mentut (ux ; bring on klduvy. blnddor attdotn.’v of the two iiiiddio (ingers. It was a which ifffct gvnnral hvallh morv ihnn Hgo or labor, bchliU'* nfrvcilog munbood roi' ^ narrow fseapu from lo.dng the entire d destroying liil incentive* to Morlal picofure. l*utU*n(« from abroad can rtevivv trvatwent »n»l ie*xfi TIiP nnfldjn^'known n* Mattliew*' Bakery, nnd arm whiub Would have been tomvj Jrom L..5.r,. »,.,l ,,5... ami In. tho lot on whtcli It rtnnfi*. ,Tht> Building lal jirw, • jnci olliars wild liava liaoii aliri d. nialird fur JOai ]*rliioi»ll tlib shoulder itad it been drawn in. and *( and* upon i\ Brick and Htonu Kc^unilptlon, office, 251 Broudway, N. V,; dny* oIlf cun«dll,ili(u--Mon.'uyii, 'I'lia.duj:. anil ."uluriliiyi. Ilrauch rntitInK upon a *uHd Lediiv; I* under K'liso (o ro*A olllco.43 Milk Siroat, llo-Uon; W;dna.jHj.,, 'rii,’ir;.lH,.";.nd Frld*)k. [Fairlield Jour. ' ImOT U’liaiit* for (Ivp yc>ar*. and U v»‘ry d«*lrH(jfe #*r^opfur pnrdc* lookftig iur u tliancc to ihvcMt . Sftrt.oit's ClIkst jlPTrox CtiitE.—This vriy money. Apply to? is heyond (inFsiion the most successful O.II.MA'l"fn'KW8, . . CouL'Ii Medicine Wo liavc ever sold, a x\t the Corner Market. February 24, JW-T* :f7tf _ few doses iiiv.ari.ilriy riiiing the worst

Econosiv kN A Familyi—There is nothing VrhicU goes fo far toward placingt young people heyond the reach of poverty as ecotlonly i:i the [W. r. Prsper, Diuggist.'Springfield, Ms«s. j next m'lnlli. AlllciHg the leiuling quesmanagement of household aff-irsi ‘ I do wi-li you would come home earlier," tlons that n-’jil dome belore the town Mid a H-omuii lu her l.ii-bRnd. “I nm iifaiid lo will be the p.nithin lo straighten Uridge It matters not whether a man fur­ ,t«v alone. I nlwtiye iinegine there'e.onicbody au-oel nt Ihe jiinctinil wllb Main, iilid lo nishes little or much for his family, !,butwheii you cornel know (here jf will assume :l pan <,f if there is a continual leakage in his aiiit.’’. , • ‘ the ainouni raised by Hie corporation to | kitchen or pailoi, it luns away, he cases (il Cough, (ll'oitp, filiil Broncliilis, l*snoviAS Sviicr cure. Dyrpepsia, Genern '

I Isisof the blood. tySl) j ville junclii'u. They iiili ii'l to iht Innii "Willy Im, mv *nn,*"iey»«ncroinimlcHlHMJtb-' a wliolesule and votoil btisiitess. Mt i nr to tier son, " lor mercy's sitke don t keep on , Lawrence haslteun ror years one of the hsinping up nml .fowii the Boor In tlint mnri- j (iropi'ietors of Ibe grist mill liere, and i.s ner—you'll wenr out vonr new boots.” (He I vimiowu.) '''nicrcyou go—siuiqg rlnwnl now! iKrt only a thoroiigli miller, bat ii coiif veil'll weiiroiit your now trousers. I deebire, I (Htleiit niecbanic. Mr. To/.ior has laver sec snob H bo\ I" j iiail yai's expeiienee, liaving Sorrows nre our bert tsiucHlora, A man con (ay II in (lie employ o( L i'Viein'e & lilayk I BCe furt'aer ilirough h It-sr tlniii s Irl.ect.jte. 1 tvelf foriid'hl years. Jhti- lirm wo t .iii U'rsTAa’s 11 t;jtAK OE Wild CM itnV cuns envi.ibb! repntaiinn ity their I'.iillilitl Oouglis. C tide, itrunebitiH, \Vb..npiiig Gough,! nes.s and Ibe eilizeiis of U.ioville and

ANNtfAl SALES, &0,000 TONS.

nu,.d 67 yeany lO monthni . m tt*Uuir*)K F«b. Ifi. Mm. Vafy. wiaow

wns a UK'mbef of (In AsS.t^liniUion aHSonl-1 of the Kte lemcl tHukhem. formetly of allon whoso oMcci -'tn niHke hlno^' M y®*re. e menthe. — 4. Carey aa In Manchentef, Feba If. alobn Varneygaged ry.” swore tl/at Itja apd tbfe' pihcr 84 yearn, 9 mun(hR,^>m1frly of Ahsuafea. memhois of the HBSoclaliun liclleveu lliat the fiir.tU for the murderi cartie,from tik* (In Weet FutmlaKdale, Feb. 14, Elder ilamea nhdlcy, anen 56 yearn, 0 monih*, formarly of Land latagiic. During tUe .giving o’I AagUetes -. evidence, Brady was seep erouching In Clietn8i^Ma«R.» Fcb, 10, Mr*. Mery It. Lanh«nflcd ftf year* niut. \ mimth i^er Idow of down behind two of the other prisoners. The rest ol the prisoners seemed deject­ the fate Kdmnnrt (7. Lane«formerly uf Tar* ed. except James .Miillctt, who wore a month in thineUief aut| mother of K«v, A. L. Lane Of V^ato^iUe Ajlfd Rav. 11. H. Ijana «if defiant look. Cary named Kelly, Bi'tuly, Woreeetet, •* In tbeeigblof Deliitty and Cuffruy as the foitr asensslns the Lurtl in the deatl^ of hie ftalnUi" who elo.-cd in on'Lord Cavciidisli and In Bkovrhcgan, Jnn!l0, Alice L. l)lillngH,am, Secretiiry Burke, The aiS8.-aiiiis wore Rtfed 6 monthft. 9 Haye. Feb. ^S, fiumtier H* under Ihe urdei'a of a mysterious *‘Nitm' Dllllnghnmf aneci 11 yearn. Ifi month* (•‘Chil­

her One,” who had plenty ol inonny. On Monday, Caroy continued his testimony, and was lii.-setl by Ihe prisoners and pub­ lic \vho had been admitted Ho shook his head menaeiiig^ly at his former Com­ UruggirtA. PBICB, 88 CiSkis. rades. spoke more contldcntly, rcplieil ^arply to ihe cross-examia'itiion, iinil West Wateuville.—Mt. Lebntloii exliibiled n general callousness. 1 ho be emplayeJ in aitjr such ostnblisUmcnl. Council, No- 18, of West house of Ills wife is guarded, and it Is Ought nut Id liabs will be reported on the ville, was constituted and the oflscere bl'lleted that she told the nulborilies of |>ro|ioaitlHD lo reduce Ibe poll lux; ought installed by M. P. Grand Master A, llib eVidbnee^he wtl.s able to give. Cany to puBB on tho bill to veBivici the costB on B. Marston, Tuesday evening Feb. said he belonged lo the Venion.a, and seixuro of iiitoxic.itirg liquors. | ^oth. The officers are as follows : llteifbbjecl was to separate Ireland from The Agricultural College resolve ap­ Eiigliin 1. lie had .no idea that Lord propriating $13,000. Wits passed in Uon- Gbarles H.'BlaisdoU, T. I. M.; Wm. Cavendish was lo he ffitirdercd when cuiTcncc with t|»c Senate. H. Wheeler, Dop. M; H. C. Wins­ Burke was altnckcil. Twchly of the The Senate his been tliSenESi:-.g the low, P. C. W.; Wm. P. Blake, Treas.; prisotiei's were coramittcil lo iihswpr the OongrcBBional Apportioiinicnt bill lot Wm.Macartney, Rec.; A J.Parker, C. ehat'go of murdering C.ivciidi.ali and two days, but passed it lo be engrossed of G.; Goo. W. Hubbard, Con. of O; Burke. ,r
PACIFIt eUANd: .'-Thi* bM nd ttUtibla FntiUier, wfaich La* bMn bn the inarktt fuv pMtflca 1* unfiurpttwd bt uac on Form. Hanlsii, Lawn. Mlflowtr-Bttd; . hU a complsl* manaK, rich In Ml the necesaoiy eterti^nliiL Thh Farmer who plant, hi* eropii, looking to the money they will rctanv RiKlt 6very tlollor'* worth of

J. F. PEROlVALr PIItas'lY lll.Ot'K


Kj;,nnkiu'u ('m’NTV.* Id l'ui)-iiH Coiiri A«gU'iurnn (Imj aC^UYDi\ Mtri tb»\ el'*Vrb i, ItSO. i;i)Mf.\T» k: A'lmluUtrulof ou i(ia


estate o|

THOMAlJH. KIMBALL,Uleof WatcrvlBo. . In 'Uid .cwGtnty. d(C( lived, bhvlnir prevented hi* ► ectiiftl ' * uti>I'l limil account of Bdmirti^rrntlDlt ot •ui(t * c( He r.,r abownuce: Ji ,. OKDKiiRD, tlDwt uollce thereof b^ jfiven -fhr**** week* HtmcvxNively prior P) the •t'C mU Moinluy of Marcli, next, In the MuSi, n i>Dwi>pntK*r prlnlvd Id WuteivUle, that hII person* Interested nisyat* lend at ii Iboiiutu i ‘ourt then tp he held ut .\u)ru*ta. and sieiw cnu»c,lf tiuy, why tUu sumo •bculd not be aJh>H-('il. KMKKY (). BILVN. JuUxe. Alto*!; IlOWAKl) tiWKN, UtitUb r. W

Yard at Mudd Field, A

Why Do Tou






- .

niMFil.iHim ACT AS A

HEART CORRECTOR Br'g"th.w’ * Ice. Liver and Kidney vwiiipii Com* i nl.-------... Lock ot-.----,w, Arntfit* __ —. w. — — ■••«>•«! Low Spirits, Sbirt!*. tndicesUen IndifiAstkn of Uytpertla. Hoadacht. low tunsLpalion, Fevers, Malnria and Cen'a^ion, Fever end Aaue. Oiarrlicea. Dropsy, Colds. RlteimaPsn. LeuraTnla, Ooiit. Female WcaVntis. Urinary D!s* orders, »nd aH Watmlarlhes uf Iha Spleen, L’oiiuiCi). OUddwr anw Uawtis, Irtsir.-Jir.’rbt Urge'll IVM! '. SUV, •L.'sJtlukla, ?a‘ A8K'y(>l K IHtl’Cf.'’ r(1K'] Pru-,, (tilt*. rUi-.DwirwA 1> ^sl k., .SaU Vvssj ''

Cije WalcrtiHfe iMrtll.. .fefi. 23, 1883. MlSCKLLANYj




Don’t ro the theatre, lectnre or ball, But stay In your rwun tonight; Deify yonraeWea the friend* that oniii And * giiiwl Itmg letter write. ^Yrit« t4» the (otd old folks at liuine, Vi ho nittt^wi hen the day is done, With folded hands and downcast eye* And think of the abseut one.






Dealers in

will I E. $.30 and 35. Groceries, Provisions, Flour HOU.SEllOLD, $3.5, Meal, NEW AMERICAN, *35. WIIEELER1& WI LSON,$40, 45, .50 •AND ALL KINDS OP ROCARY sHUl'TLE, Something - COUNTRY PRODUCE j New, $86, &s, &c ,

Whore .nnvbefonnd at all times a fall supply CHOICE Family groceries.

i At Garjente^’s Music Store, BlumonthHl'i Now Block, Main St,


liutter. Chpese. Egps, &c., Toas^. CoffeeG; Sugars, Spices, &c.

O R,NELSON & 00.,

selected with reference to purity, and , which we will sell at the lowest Market Rates,^



McPhail & Go.

Main Street............. Waterville, Mo




Having bought the stock of

Grand Piano.


IN HARD OR SOFT, HOT OR COLD WATER. n the new store, two doors above the Corner Mai SAVES LABOn, TIME and SOAP AMAZ- ket, on Main Street, and Intending to keep a TIIR BRS.T. INGLY, and gives xmlvorsal aatlsructlon. FinST CLASS STOCK OF So fUTnltv, rich or poorshonld Lo without It. 1 have never bofore touched n Piano *o perfect OROCIERIEiS, Sold by all Grocers. BEWAREof imitations Gi ttfry reepect.*'—Dr. Geo, F. Root. well dosiamed to mislead. PEARLIKE Is the A FULL LINE OF CROCKERY. ONLY SAFE labor-savlnR compound, and always boars the abovo symbol, and nnmo of and other Rood, u.unlly kent In such «' .tore, and JAMES X’VLB, NEW YORK. to carry out the motto, “ live and let live,’* dealre tt ahiiie of puhllo patronage. We guarantee the From Mrs Mitrtha Dnna Slumard, the Eminen quality of our good., and prices will be made sat­ Pianist“ 'fwelvo years ago I purchased It nnd i isfactory, has b< cn used ns much as a Piano ordinal Ity would be in Thirty J'ears, and still it i« a good Piano. Waterville, Sept 30, 1881. 1» I would nutoxcliangu/urany of the M'st 1’ meet with ’»


Ware-rooms 630 Washington Street,

PR. T. A. SLOOUM, ISl Pearl St, New York


by addressing geo. p. rowell

k Co., 10 bpruoe St. New York, can learn the Aexact cost of any proposed lino ol ADVKUTIS'NQ

It Iiirgc proportion of the precious metnl u*e(l U iiortUdonly to RfUTen »mi hold tho'TJngrnved por­ tions In place, and Bupply the necessary aolidity and strength. The purpbis gold la notually need ebs BO fur »8 UTILITY' and b«outy nre conc^-rned.


cost of solid oases.


A full etock for the FaU.Trnde, nt


position metal, especlully adapted to tho purpose each side.



Bolderod one on

The three arc then passed between

polished rteci rollers, and the result Is a strip of


heavy plated composition, from which the cases,


backs, centres, bezels,

ke., nre

suitable dice and formers,

cut and shaped


Thej;oldln these cases

is suincontly thick to admit of all kinds of chasing

$cwln^ Ifluchinc^ & Clock^t

J.B.'COYLE Jb. Gen’I Agent. Portlaid.

whole or ripped. Kid Qlovua cleanKedordyed. Old Crape, Laces,Hernan! and Grenadines, how* ever soiled or faded, refinished equal lo now. New Crape greatly improved. Crape and Smalt Puretl* under J\ Ihn. enn sent by maif. FRENCH BTEAM FEATHER RENOVATOR. Feather Beds, Pillows, Bolsters and Curled Huir thoroughly cleansed by stcHm. Upholstered Fur­ niture clonnsed without damago. Carpels and Lacc Curtains cleaneed and finished an good os new. Sleigh Trimmings restored to their primi­ tive color, without being ripped. Genls* Gar­ ments repuired. Orders so'iclted hy mail, express or at the agen­ cy in any town. Large parcels culled for and de­ livered.

EMTLE B-iKBIER, Proprietor.^ KSIAUFF BROS.. Agent, for Waterville.

J, SI. FIELD, Agciit lor Wcpt,Waterville

JDRESS j^jsiijsra.

MISS EDNA E. SPRINBFIELD, Uespecifully informs tho ladles of Watcrvill® that tine hue jubt returned from Boston with

have been earried until worn pcrfertly emooth by time and use without removing the gold.


To Rent

Loiv pf iced Kid Boots

Brown & Carver’s

COAL, of all fizef, cmtrTnTtly on liiiiiil tind delivered in any pat tot the viUH"0 in qunntities desired. IILACKSMITU’S COAL, lyilie insliol or car lend. DRY. HARD AND SOFT WOOD.I prepared for stoves ur (our feel loiip. Will eonirael ' lo supply GREEN WOOD in lots desired, at lowest cash tbe bale. Ion or ear loa'l. Loose Hay sii|)|)lied on

S. S. Vose A Son,

I 1

would say to tho public that they have fi:ti‘d un iioW and oomruodioua rooiiia lur thuir i’hotogrsph bui'iiu>-ii la j


Cash paid for M'OOL and 5VOOL SKINS, also for Green &Dry Wood. Down town oflice’ at Mauloy ' & Tozipr’a; Maraton Rtoek. TERMS, easb on delivery at lowest prices


WA'IKUVlIaLK, FIVm* doqrn bolow J,i’eavy’a,oyor BIwln Towne’a, ^tXro, whore theyaro now n-ady to wait on thtdr euiXiniirra. rimiiking you for puat pHtrouiiKu, we hupf. iu our new rooma, with ImpruvvU tuolliiioa, U> merit a oootinuance of the sauie, by giving you belter plotures at the same low pricoa.

CiirtTniotogriiiiliH, *1.25'per doz.' ■ Cabinets, SI.2.5 for four iPi. a. VOMU A MIX, ' MAIN 8T-. WATKIlVILLK. ____ 4_.

FOR SALE. Due Heavy KxpreasWuguit, one Tin Cart-llw tielghs, two horse sleds,


Wntorville. Maine.

J. WESLEY QILMAN IlKALEn IN Sheet Mitsie anel all Jchiehof Music JRooJcs.^ String, anel ' Ileed Instruments,

MITGHEL & GO'S., Waterville, ItEaiac.

INCLUDING; CLARINKTS, PICCOLO.S. FIFES. VIOLINS CjUITARS n.\NJ()«. ACCOUDEONS,^ HARMONICAS, ' And n nice assortment of Violin Bows nnd Cases, and Stiings for the different instruments.


Rolls Room Papey

’’"iMlE.SSKD DAY and STRAWby

Uiml Esinli^ Agency.


Kmbraclng tlic most beautiful designs every griuie, from lowest to highest priced goods, from all tho leading Manufacturers. DVDOKS. FUKIZKS, CKNTRK FIECB8, CKILING DKCORATIONB.&C., Also, a very large line of XKJVSTYLK WINDOW SHADES. , NKW KXTKNSION WINDOW CORNICV.k, Ol’.VQUKCl.OTJIB, A.NU SCOTCU HOLLANDS. Lowest prices at




American Ihnnerml Cyclopaedia; 8. W. Gruen'8 Son, Publisher. 71 & 76 Uovknun SI, N. York.

C **’III, until fartbex »bkics,runa*



CBICAGO,ROCKISUND&PACIFICR' By tha central poaitlon of Ita line, oonneote tbs Eaotand the Wvst by tbaabortcst route, and car-

ehaugo of care, between Tie» uaBscuenTs, •peBscuenrs, wtitiout wlia<

ago ami City, Council Bluffii. Leaven* Chicago and Kansaa Kao ___.h, Atchison, worth, Atchison. Zlinneepolin and 0t. Paul. It counccta la Union Pepoto with all the prlnotpal liucd of ruad between tho Atlantic and the Paclflo Occoos. Its equipment Is unrivaled and magnlft* cent, being composed of Meat Comfortable and Beautiful l)ay Coaches, Slaguiflocnt Horton Be* chmng Choir Cars, Pullman's Prettiest Palace Sleeping Cars, and the Beat Line of Btning Cara in the world. Three Trains between Chicago and Miasouri it'ivcr Pomia. Two Trains between Chi* owgo and Minneapolis and bu Paul, via the Pomous

< “ALBERT L.EA ROUTE." A Kew and Direct Line, via Beneoasnd Kanko* kcc, has recently b'cn opened between Richmond, Norrol«<, Newport Nows, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Au* nujta, Nciahvillo.LoutsviUe, Lexington, Cincinnati, ladiaaapolie and Lafayette, and Omaha, Minneap­ olis and Gt. PiL'il ajd intermediate points. All Through .i'essengors Travel on Fast Bxprees Trains. Tictcctsfor oaloat nit principal Tlokct OlBoesln the Uuited Suites and Canada. Il.'iggigo chucked through and rates of fare si, W'\y8 mi low as oompetitors that offer lessodvon* ^l^or'detailed information,get the Mops and Fold* era of tho

C??CAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. At your conrest Ticket OfBce, or address

n. G. CAGLE*

VKe i'rcB. A Ucu'l M'^'r,


Oca'l Tkt. 4 fasa. Aft*



Low’s Drug Store.

fhoseSleamera are fitted np with fine te ciimmoduflors for passengers, mahiwg Ihi.'a very convenient and comfortable reett for travelers between New York aniMaiue. DetIngUin Slimmer months these steansrs *|U tniion at Vin^ard Haven on tbe passage to tod ^.im N-w York. Passage, inrfwdiag State Room tn.OO. Gqode destined beyond Portlai.f' or New York forwerded be deltination nt once. Forfnrthrir Inronnatiea appiV t”) * •HENRY FOX, GanernIAgent,PerthiDj.

.I. !-. \MlC8, Ag*t, Pier 88, E. R.,New Yeyk i Ijoketwand State rooms can also bgalltlitd at f 4 Exchange Street.

MANkHOOD A Leolure on the Xatnre. Treatment aid

Roillcal Cure of .‘■enilnal We.knr.i, or Spern*: torrhisn, Inanccd by Self-Abn.e, loTofunt.rT Eirlu.lonu. Impntrnoy, Nerrou. Debility, nnd Im. prillmPiitDlo Marrlnge prenorally; Con.mnptloa, Eplli'p.y and Fit. ; Mental und riiy.lenl Ine.nM f ty. He,—By KOBKKT J. CFLVERWELL, M. D , nutlior of tho “ Groen Bopk,’’ etc. Thp world renowned author, in Ihl., LoHuro, clonrly prove, from hi. own experlenc, tlint Hip awful poi,aeqt,once«of.Self.Abu.e m«y be enpciually rPmo..pi| without dnngeron, .untlral opeiatluii.. bougie., in.trumpnt., rings or corm.ii: pointing out a inodc of cure nt once certain and ei’lictim . by which ivory HiifTorrr, no matter what hli* ounditlon may be, may cure Idmself cheanlT. nrivAtely and rniJically. ' hf i lecture loiU prove a boon to thouannd* and thonaand*. f^ent under era! In a plain envelope, to any ad dress, post-paid, on rcrelpi of aix cents, of two poHlngo stamps------Address,

TirS CULVEnWKLL MEDICAh CO. We do not propose to give our friends n long list .......................... of articles in our fctorc, ■ >re, but do cinim claim to keep keepj 41 Ann-St., Now York, N. Y.—P.O. Box 460. ho'lii toiva, which we 1 ns good a stock a-* any one ' not, life is s wpoplug by, go and dsre duplicate ut any [ bi-loro you dio. • ’sometliing mighty If our friends and the public generally wtlUtake and aiiblimi* leave bobind toeonnier ho trouble 11 call and examine onr >-ti^k, and we * A. In your own all to GUiivince them tlmt'wc enn'scll tnem town. $5 oatfik fi’oe. No risk. Kveryihing new. onpllal not required. We will fornitli you everyBetter Goods at Less Money thing. Many are making foniines. Ladles maks than any Other house in town wa will pay tliem a« m'ich as men, nnd boys and girls make srsst pay. ICoader, If you want a business nt which yob for their trouble. can nroke great pay nil the time you work, writs fi>r ft'- partfeuinra to H. IIallxtt ft Co., Portland, Maine. 27


Renieinbi^r the Place,


PATSlffTd. B. hTeiady, 76 3 tat« 31. Opposite Kilby, Boitor-


bcciire. F^nmlntbe United Slate.-,,t brltuin, Frimoe and other foreign countrie.. Cop­ ies of the clakna of any Patent furnished by it dollar. Assignment, recorded .t Wnfhington. Bio Agency In the United Butii possos.oo supostor facilities for obtaining patenl.oi ascertaining t he patentability of Invsntioni. U. It. EDDY, Bolleltor of Patent.. ... ... TnUTlMomAbS. 1 regard Mr. Eddy as one of the mostcapebi. *iti> .wh*mi b.». bad ofliclai lntcrceiip*e. ^ CHA8. MABOIY, Commissioner of rirtenti.”' “ Invcntora cannot employ a person more Imit worthy or more enpaUb of scasrlng for them sw Curly and^ favorable Consideration at tbs Palssf otfioe. EDMUND BDRKB, Ute Gommltnlonerof INiti^nts

Teacher ojl Singing. West Wntorville, Blaine.


A GREAT CAUSE of HUMAN MiSB Is the lioss of

violin $*trlng:N a Mppcially.


Kbnnedkc bo. Municipal Court of Waterville, First Mondsy of February, A. D. 188.3. Mr*. F, C. Spencer va. Jame* McOarvey aiyl AT TIIK Lockwood Co. Tmateea. In a pica of the case, for that the said Dt-ft, at Manufacturer and Repairer of said ^V^tervillc, on the day ot the purchase of this writ. bei»)g indebted lo the PUT. In the sum of ten dollars nnd.rtfky ueats,according to tho account WORK. annexed, and (he baliuieo llierecf in considera­ ■f ■ , ____ _ tion thereof, then and there promised the Plutii1> W October ID 1870. . ilfl to pay.her said sum ou demand, 8cc„ u$ ap­ AliktiulBor RKI*.VI1UN(' done promptly. U.H, EDDY, Esq.—Dear BIf: yon procou* TTKT^TRTCICHfW’S pears by iho writ in this action. Umlvollas and Puraaola mended. for me, In 1840, my first pstaqt. Since rten yon And now it appearing that tKU action was ■ CTN riKENIX BLOCK.) have acted for and advised mo In Hnodredi of coniinunced by seivlug nn ait«>ted'copy of the 89*.Shop East Teraplo-st., Waterville, ONE DOCK NO. OF'l'OST-OFFKE. I casus, and procured many patwntn, rolssaes stf writ iu the action upon the said l.uekwuod Com­ j cxtentlona. I have occasionally emplbytd tbe pany, and tliat-ut the time of paid service tlie said I New York, Pbiloaclnfila piInelpal Defendant’Wivi uut aw inhabitant of Washington, but 1 atlllgl'/e yon ahnost tbe wboir this State, and that no personal servico has been of my business, In your lino, and nffvibe oMeri to made upon said prliiclpsl Defendant— employ Joy you. It IS ouuKiiitn, tliat notice bo given to said Yours truly, GEORGE DRAPERr principal Deft., to appear ut the Municipal Court Boston, January 1,1863, ly38 of Waterville, on IheHhlrd Monday of March. A. D. l88.{. ul nine o’clock In the furanoon,to t-liow North Vassivlboro’,..............Maine. Thu best lot to bu found In town, at cause if any he has. why Judgment should nut be MAYO’S rendered BguiDst tiira In sum notion; and that said notice he giren by publishing In the Water 8 Cr«:im Balm atarr Very Pi-etty and Clieap, at Kk>!N£urc (.’dukty.—In Vrobalo Court, held a vUle. Mull three weeks succes!«lvety, the last pub’ Effectually cleanses Lffee Augusta, on tin* second Monday of Kcb., 1883. iieijtiou to be hcvcii days at teasi bi fore tlio day LOW’S. thu nasal passages of of said Court, an ntuxted copy of this order. 1 CKUrAlN INbTKUMENT. purporting to bo SUITED TO THE TIMES. Catarrhal virus,ouuallORACIfi W. b LEWAUT, Judge. i\ the last will und t( stamont of A week made nt home by tho Indu.ltllag healthy secrc* A truo copy of the Order of Notice. ATWOOD CltOSUY, late of Watorvlllo, on*. Belt bn.lne.. now before the pebtioiiH, ullayH tiifiumAUost-—HOILAC’.E W. STTCWAUT’, Judge. 38 in said cunuty, deceased, having been pTcrented lio. Capital net needed. We will livi inatiun, protects tlio IS®"Special attention lo i'or])robate: you. Men, women, bbvi nndglrlawaotmembrane from udPostui-B, , e;l everywhere ()ni>Eiti5i>, That notice thereof bo given three Kknnkuec CtiUNTV.— irPtobafeCourt at Au­ to worn fur ua. Now fa the tto«dlttonai colds, cum* weeks successively prior to the second Monday of kouenn work In apare time only, or gire todi gusta, on the second Monday of Fob 1883. pletely he«U the ProgrammeB, March next, in tiio Waterville Mall, a news­ » CKltTAlN INBTUUMENT. purporting to be whole time to tho builneaa. Yon nan lire .1 Noros and rcitores paper priuled iu WatcrvUle, that ail persous in- r\ the la.Ht will and lestaineut of home and do the work. No other bn.lne.t |«li> Circulars, tho sense of taste and pay you nearly aa well. No one can (hit to ».li* Icrc’lttf*,! Illijy utll’nd nt n Court of Probate th«‘ii to WILUAMJL ARNOLD, luto of WotorvJlU, . imell. Beneficial rc............... .............-iJarda......... ............... be holdVn Ht Augusta, and show oau^e, if any, in said County, deceaticd, Imvlng been presented enotmouo-py by ongagtngat-nmwi- tioathroaUil suTfi' are fI?fi1T2i?fr' By why the said Inxtruniuiit should not bu proved,' for probate: and terina free. Jloncy made faat, raeily, ^4 n few applications. Dodgers, approved and allowed, ns tho last will and testa­ honorably, Addre.a, Truk A Co., Augnlta, Mr. A thorough treat­ OiiUKRKi), That notice thereof bo given throe ment of the ittld ducem^ed. Hill Heads ment wid cure Ca­ weeks ruccessively prior to the second Monday of KMKUY 0, BI-lAN. .Tndpo. March, next, iu tho Watorvllic Mail, a newspaper tarrh, liny Fever, fto. Town Reports, Attest: llOWAIU) OWEN, Register. 80 ____ _________ Unequaled for colds printed in Waterville, Umt all persons intereslcil Catalogues, MpeyjpM’iii the head. Agroomay attend nt a Court of Frobutc (hen to bo holdable to use. Apply KENNKnKK.Coi'NTY.*>ln Probale Court, held at en ut Augusta, and show cause, if any, wliy the Dance Lists. said Instrument should iioi be proved, approved by the little finger Into the nostrils. Will deliver Augnsta.'op the second Monday of Feb., 1683. HEAD (M. D., narrard, I8«;, a"l Town Orders, T^DMUND F. WEUU, Administrator on the and allowed, ns the lust wilt and testament of by mull 50o. a pauknge^postago stamps. Bold by nUBBKT M. READ fM. D., lltrvan), IW«), « thu said deceased, r.4 oi'tHte of Soinoroet Street, Bo.ton, giro epectal attention to wholeettle and retail druggists. Bank Checks, JAMES 8TACKPOLK, late of WnlervlUe. KMKUY 0. BEAN, Judge. tile Irentmeat of FISTULA, PILES AND ALL ----------ELY’S CRKAM --------UAL lLM CO..Owego, N.V. In said county, deceased, having presented his Attest tllow^Kn Owkm, Register. 8(1 ^ Letter Heads DISEASES OP THE IlECTUM, without dotee. third and final account of adiiilniitrsUon of said tlon from bualiieaa Abundant refierencef firn. estate for allowancu: rampblcts sent ou Application^ Kknnehkc CoiiNTY.'-In Probate Court at Augus OiuiKiiEu, That notice thereof bo given three XOTICJB. ty^tfid at LOWEST prices., ta. oil the second Monday of Feb., 1668. Office tTQurs-*12 to 4'o’clock, P. M. fexsep wueka suueestively, prior lo the seconu Monday of dmund F. WKUU, Administrator on the Sunday.)__________ . lySS ■ All persons indebted to the lote firm of Paine ft Maxham & Wing, Muruh, next. In tfio Mail* a newspaper printed iu , estate of il*Daon,aTe requested to make Immtcdaiopay Waterville, that all persons Interested may attend Mai Office, lAf IA p people are always on the lookont JAREa TYftLknlU^a mentis..... .. ... . 4t a Cburt Of ProOBlh thotr tobehfftdeii at Aagus- in said county, deceased, having presented n sec­ mi I otianeei tb ineriue’ tbeJr .... , jiyientx Block, rr.T. UANBON. ta, and show cause, If any, why the same should ond and final account of mid Stackuolo, Trustee. ■■ I bw r Ingf, and In time become wealtbyi Waterville, Dee, 7th, 1881 27 not bo allowed. Main-Sl ■ Ml ww mm thoje who do not Improve their op* (of*Cnrollne 1*. KaHochJ under the last will and FsMEUY O. IIKAN, Judge. * ’ IIK H- p portunitles remain in poverty. We offbr a gr*** AUsski HOWARD OWEN, RegUler. 38 Walbivliio, uf aUiiiiui.lrution for ailowuiioa; chttoo to make money. We want many mso* OiiUKKEP, Uiut notice thereof bo given three tueu, boye and |^rU to work fbr us right is ihfir week, •uccerrlvely prior to tho .ocoud Monday of own localities. Any one can do the work propefif ■•The Largest Line'of Murnti noxt, In the Mult, »iiowapaper printed In Tm FArV6 AWD PAIfuN, fVQm the first start. The business will pay iD0|j* Watorvlllo, that ait poraoo. Intoro.ted may attoad than ten times ordinary wages. Expansive ouw ala Coart of Hrobato then to bo holden tt Auguu. made of the best stock that can be furnished fkee, No. one who engsges f^lstomaks w, b".’*.*iiowed"“**’'' ■ ■ ‘ ■ ■■ I bought, solhug at reduced rates, at money rapidly. Yon can devote your 'wboU U®* Ever in town, at ' not ........«... to the work, or only your spare> xsomenlsPillKRY O. DEAN, Judge. (nformatloifand all that Is needed aeni fkes. ............. C, U. NELSON & CO’S, LGW!8. Atto.t! HOWARD OWEN, Kogl.tor. ’ ■ 80 dress Stinson ft Co.. Portland, Maine, e





Lund Surveyor,

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17° A Net ScheWe tf Piicei




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The Great Female Bemedy,

uiilod at Colby in ia7S, iiu.l of wliaso duiUh we made a brief notice recently, was a young man well known and high­ ly csleemed |icie, and we i,'0|>y the concluuioii of aa obitu iry notice of him, coalrihuled lo Ziona Advooale hy lii» former pastor. Rev C. V. Hanson:—.Mi.


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■V Jk.-JSr WTatVOM >8

Foi the sad old folka it home. With locks fast turning while, Arc longing to bear fmra the absent one— Write them a letter to-night*

tiie warning ? —the signal, perhaps, of the sure ippro icli o( tlml move terrible di.sea.-e ('onsiimpt on. Ask youi'selv(‘s if voa can .iff.ird, for llie sake of lifly ceiils, to run the risk and do no'.liing for it. We know from exporicnee that Shiloh’s Cure will cure yoiir cough. It never fail.s. This esidains wliy more than :i million bottles Wei-., sold the past | year. It relieves group, whooping cough | at once. .Mothers, do not be witliuiit it. , For lame back, side or eliest. use Sliiloh’sj Porous Plaster. Sold by F. N. Kincaid. ^

(Junction Main nml Elm Street.)


Don’t let them see that you’ve no more nted cUeve ^ Yow never tbigot them quite«*~That ywa deem It a pleaaure, when far away, Long lettera homo to write. Don't think that the young and giddy friends, vVho make your pHstime gay, Have half the anxious thought* for you That the old fblke have tt^ay. The duty of writing do not put off, Let alecp or pleasure wait, Lest the letter for which they looked and longed Be a day or an hour too late.

Oh, Wii.vr .v (tocim ! —Will you heed



Don’t seieably acribhle “ Exenae niy haste; pee Hoarocly time to write. Lest their‘brooding thought* go wandering back To many a bygone night When they l
Salsnian was a man of unusual purity and strength of character. 11c ha. strong couvictions of duly, and was con­ scientious in the discharge ot all his oh. ligations. He won many Iriunds by his manliness, and was a welcome guest in many homes, lie wss an earnest and lliouglitful preacher, and gave promise of much usefulness in the ministry. IKwas resolute of purpose, and unHioching in the path of its accomplishment. Hi will be remembered with teiidi-r inter est by many In Wntcrvllle, who had learned to estcom him lor his high characler. ami for liis excellent ijuautii-s ns a student. Ho leaves a widow, tindnugliter of Ilea. J. I’liilliro'ik, ot Lis­ bon Falls, and one child, a iitile giil a few months old. His early removal from Ids chosen work, and one which ho'liud reached alter many yeare ol pa­ tient ami self-denying labor, may scorn to be a very mysterious iirovidcnco. Hut for him the gain has been great. “Oil hippy reLribiitiun, Short toil, (.ternu] rest.”

'"SHanoB orTfME

OottmeMlng Sssflfty.Oot. U, isss



■. ■ r