Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

Lesson Planning – Modified Hunter Format Materials Needed: What will you need to have on hand and ready? Where did you get the information and materia...

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Lesson Planning – Modified Hunter Format Materials Needed: What will you need to have on hand and ready? Where did you get the information and materials used for this lesson? Vocabulary: What are key vocabulary words/concepts students will learn/hear during this lesson? Adaptations: How can the lesson be adapted for the gifted student, special needs student, and/or students with varying learning modalities/disabilities? When will students perform these adapted tasks? Objective(s): As a result of this lesson, students will be able to 1. Provide a statement of the knowledge/skill students are expected to learn. 2. Write measurable objectives not activities. IL State Learning Standard(s): Identify the Illinois State Learning Goal and Standard(s) most closely related to this lesson. Include the numbers and letters such as 16.B.2a. Anticipatory Set: How will you get the students’ attention and motivate them to focus on today’s lesson? How can you link it to their life or past experiences? The anticipatory set is KEY – if you don’t garner students’ interest at the start – you may have lost some of them already! Purpose Statement: What will you say to the students to explain why you are teaching this lesson? Why is this information valuable? You must explain why this lesson deserves their attention! This should be an actual verbal statement. Input/Modeling: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Step by step 5. Demonstrate Begin with a verb 6. Provide a sample if applicable Be succinct Do not repeat anticipatory set or include closure

Checking for Understanding/Assessment: What key questions will you ask to determine students are learning? How will you know they have learned the main concept(s) you covered? Guided Practice: What will students work on in class to demonstrate their learning while you are still available to offer assistance and provide guidance? Independent Practice (Homework): Will the class be expected to do independently or for homework? Are they ready for it? (Is it practice of something previously taught or rehearsal of a new skill?) What will it be? Closure: How will you sum up what was learned? This should be discussed verbally! It doesn’t have to be terribly long, but it should provide a summary. Keep it tied to the objective(s) and your purpose statement!

Formal Assessment: How and when will the learning objectives for this lesson be formally assessed? Resource Documentation: Where did you find the information for this lesson? List the book, journal, website, etc. information. Reflection: How can your lesson be improved? What changes do you need to make for next time?