March 2015 A CINDERELLA STORY? - Opportunity Education

March 2015 A CINDERELLA STORY? - Opportunity Education

March 2015 In this Issue: "Educating Children Around the World" A Cinderella Story? Join Us in Africa - Cape Town 2015! Welcome New Schools! This Sc...

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March 2015 In this Issue:

"Educating Children Around the World"

A Cinderella Story? Join Us in Africa - Cape Town 2015! Welcome New Schools! This School Needs Pen Pals Did Your School Win? Start Writing - Right Now! What Can You Do? Bingo! Pic of the Month

A CINDERELLA STORY? Cinderella is a classic tale in any language. She is Aspoestertjie in Afrikaans, Cinduri in Hindi and Yeh-Shen in Chinese. The iconic Disney version may come to mind but there are actually more than 500 versions and that is just in Europe! While no one person has been credited for the tale, her origins appear to date back to the ninth century




Shen." You can find her - and even male Cinderellas - in almost every culture. The tale commonly tells of an evil stepmother and stepsister(s), some sort of ball or festival, a love story with royalty brought together with a lost item. In a Cinderella story from India, Cinduri suffers through life with a mean stepmother and step-sister. Her "fairy godmother" is Godfather Snake, who helps bring the magical transformation allowing her to attend a festival where she meets the prince. In Zimbabwe, "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters," a story by John Steptoethat recounts the tale of Mufaro's two beautiful daughters. Both react in different ways to the king's search for a wife - one is pushy and selfish, the other kind and generous. The king uses disguises to discover the true nature of the daughters, happily ending up of course with the kind and generous daughter as his queen. It’s not just a fairy tale for girls - in the funny, boy-friendly version of "Bubba, The Cowboy Prince" by Helen Ketteman, Bubba suffers under his wicked step-daddy and brothers. Only a fairy god-cow can gather the magic to connect the "princess" Miz Lurleen to the bootless Bubba, ending as they ride off in a Texan sunset to ranch happily ever-after.

Your students will have fun researching Cinderella tales from their pen pal country. For instance, "The Enchanted Anklet" by Lila Mehta is a specific Cinderella story from India. Students can read the story for details that depict Indian culture. A Venn diagram can help clarify the "American" Cinderella story in one circle, the “Indian” in another circle, with the shared portion of the connected circles listing the story elements that are the same in both versions. Ask your students to write their own version of Cinderella that has details that are specific to your school, city, or state. Encourage them to create different plot twists or a new surprise ending to spark their creative skills. Illustrations would be a great way to inspire visual, artistic learners. Whether it's a group or individual activity, make sure you send a copy of the final product to your pen pals overseas, including instructions for them to return their new and improved version of Cinderella! This













THE TOBOGGANING CAPITAL OF AFRICA! Come with us to visit the tobogganing capital of Africa! Also noted for its beautiful wine country and surfing, although we don't recommend you do them all on the same day. While these unique tourist activities are available it will be the amazing schools, teachers and students in Cape Town, South Africa that will make this a life-changing trip! Opportunity Education Foundation is excited to invite you on the Education Experience Trip 2015 to Cape Town, South Africa. The OEF Education Experience Trip, July 2015 is open to educators, high school/college students, professionals - anyone willing to share their English skills & experience. The trip includes spending time Monday through Friday teaching, learning and sharing in OEF schools and Cape Town sightseeing. The 9 day trip is scheduled to depart the USA on Thursday July 23 and return from Cape Town on Saturday August 1, 2015. An estimate of total trip cost is $950 plus airfare. The estimated cost includes all lodging, food and ground travel. A quick estimate of airfare from Chicago ranges from $1450 to $1600, for a total trip cost of $2550 (dependent on airfare).

OEF South Africa is very eager to show off their hardworking schools and diverse country. Our schools are located in Cape Town, the only city in the world situated on both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Well-known for Table Mountain and the infamous Robben Island, it is also home to the one and only tobogganing track on the African continent. You can tell your friends that you ate a monkey gland steak, without risking eating anything from a monkey or a gland. You can order this "BBQ" sauce with any steak as it was invented in South Africa years ago by "foreign" chefs who devised the name for a new









ketchup over every thing. Join us to discover all the interesting people, places and sauces that South Africa offers! Still deciding...take the words



Intemann, a three-time OEF trip participant, who is planning to make her 4th trip with us this summer! "Do not hesitate to come if you want to immerse yourself in another culture and if you want more than a tour. You will learn in ways you could never anticipate and you will receive more than you could ever give. And OEF and their staff will insure that you are well cared for and that you will have an unforgettable experience. Do not miss this opportunity for your own education." Want to go? All you have to do is email: [email protected] and note that you will join us. You will then receive a follow-up email with more details. Deadline to register for Cape Town, 2015 is Tuesday March 31, 2015.

WELCOME NEW SCHOOLS! We welcome the following schools to our free, international pen pal program which is a fun and easy way to meet Language Arts, Social Studies and History/Civics standards. Share this link to invite others to join. Welcome to: St. John Bosco Academy, Pittsburgh, PA and St. John's High School, India OEF would love to have more international schools. If you have educator friends, anywhere in the English-speaking world, forward their details to us and we will connect their school to one of our outstanding schools in Africa or Asia. Email today and start writing tomorrow! [email protected]

THIS SCHOOL NEEDS PEN PALS! Ushodaya High School was founded in 2003 as a co-educational Kindergarten to grade 10 school by S. Surendra Reddy and his wife Usha Rani. The main aim of the school is to provide quality education to





nominal fee. During a recent OEF visit, the administration shared plans which include offering




board for orphans as well as basic medical care for poor students. To overcome the reluctance of the school community to educate girls, they want to provide free transport, books and uniforms to girl students to encourage parents. Adding new bathrooms and internet access will improve the infrastructure. They have big plans for their bright students who are very excited for the chance to write pen pal students in the USA. Writing letters is an excellent opportunity to learn more than textbooks or even the internet can offer...just email us and we will put a Welcome Folder in the mail to you today! Email: [email protected] and you can start writing today!

FEATURED SCHOOL & GIFT CERTIFICATE WINNER Congrats to Brittany Lare from Memorial Middle School in Medford, New Jersey. On behalf of all of your pen pals at: Mlimani Primary School, in Tanzania, thank you for sending letters! Brittany, send an email to: [email protected] to claim your prize! Want to win next month? Just email [email protected] after you mail your letters and you are entered to win!

START WRITING - RIGHT NOW! We have the "write" letter lesson plans for maximizing the pen pal program for your students! While no lesson plan is needed to write to your pen pals, if you want ideas - we have them! Writing letters is a great activity to keep students productive during homeroom, study hall or downtime. You can also integrate cross-curricular objectives into lesson plans that we have created to maximize learning through letters. Click Here for Letter Ideas and Resources Click Here for Letter Lesson Plans We also have 4 options to stay up to date with our international pen pal program. OPTION 1: To keep up with our "Friends" - we have a Facebook page just for you! Visit our Facebook Page: OPTION 2: Unable to get on Facebook? No worries. Visit our Pen Pal Blog. OPTION 3: Pinterest. OPTION 4: Twitter. Check out our social media for interesting ideas, stories, and links to help generate enthusiasm and discussion about education plus lesson plans to integrate pen pal letters into your standard requirements.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Write Your Pen Pals! Even if it's been a while, now is still the best time to write. The name, address and mailing instructions are available on our website. Start by clicking here. You can also email: [email protected]

Get Others to Write! We have 355 schools very eager to have English speaking pen pals. Share the following link - and make sure you CC [email protected] - to get a gift certificate. Click Here to Refer A Friend and Get a Gift Certificate!

Visit an Opportunity Education School! Take a life-changing trip to teach, share and learn in an Opportunity Education school in Africa or India.

Click Here to Learn More.

Picture of the Month: Bingo! OEF students at Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Tamil Nadu, South India are raising their bingo cards high! Bingo games are just one of the 800+ individual items OEF provides our primary schools to promote English language learning. Students who excel in English continue to advance grade levels, offering them the chance to seek higher education or secure well-paying jobs in careers that demand English skills. For more information please contact: TERESA ROLL OUTREACH & SISTER SCHOOL COORDINATOR OPPORTUNITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION


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