Market Square South Overview Application Timeline

Market Square South Overview Application Timeline

Market Square South Overview The Market Square South building was designed as a modified residence hall-style building. The building consists of a mix...

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Market Square South Overview The Market Square South building was designed as a modified residence hall-style building. The building consists of a mix of single and double rooms which surround four distinct common areas. These areas are designed to engage students and bring them out of the bedrooms and into the common space. We have also replaced the concept of a community bathroom with a “cluster” of bathrooms that will give more privacy to our students. Here are some other features of the building to keep in mind: o

There are 36 singles and 8 double rooms. The double rooms are larger rooms located on the corners and have views from two different angles.


The annual rate for single rooms for 2015-16 was $6,448 and the rate for double rooms was $5,870. Rates for 2016-17 will be available soon.


The bathrooms are in clusters. There are four bathrooms on each side of the hallway. Each bathroom has a sink, shower and toilet.


Students who live in the building are required to have a full campus meal plan and no exemptions are granted.


Students may not squat their room for the following year.

We developed this building with Sophomores in mind. Sophomores want more privacy but they are still building friends and are making critical decisions about their majors and Odyssey projects. It is our hope that this building will help to create “living-learning” communities that brings together elements from the classroom and moves them into the living space. For this year, we are sponsoring four distinct learning communities in this building: Artistic Expression, Global Issues, Social Justice, and Sustainability. Students who are interested in living in one of those communities will be asked to complete a brief application form and submit those materials by 5pm on March 18th.

Application Timeline March 4 - Applications available online. March 8, 10, 15, 17 – Information sessions. Meet by the Market Square South elevator at 5:30 pm. March 18 - Applications due to SLTC 252 by 5:00 pm. March 29 - Notifications emailed to Hendrix address. April 4 - Room selection night. Students selected to live in Market Square South come to Worsham at 5:30 pm.

Date Received: __________ Time Received: __________ Received By: __________

Living-Learning Community Application 2016 – 2017 Deadline for application is Friday, March 18 at 5:00 pm. Please return completed application to SLTC 252. Name:

Current Campus Residence:

________ Transfer Student: ________

Hendrix ID Number:

Email Address: [email protected]

Expected Graduation year:


Community Interest (Circle One): Artistic Expression, Global Issues, Social Justice, Sustainability First choice of housing: Single Double (Roommate’s Name and Community Interest: ________________________ _)

These Living-Learning interest communities will bring together students who have a shared interest and put them into a common living space. This community will require students to be active in the development of the community and will link designated theme to the living space. Students accepted into the community will be expected to participate in related events and positively contribute to the community. Students who fail to participate in the activities may be required to move to another residential facility. Required events and activities include, but are not limited to: Decoration of Common Space – Define the values of the learning theme through nonpermanent décor. Weekly Community Meetings – Opportunity to talk about plans and address questions/concerns. Monthly Theme Dinners – Includes a brief presentation and discussion. Monthly Progress Reports – A written report on activities and progress for each community. Community Trip Event Fall Semester – A day trip to a location related to the theme. Community Project Spring Semester – A service project or event related to the theme. (Odyssey credit is possible.) Student interested in living in these communities should complete this application and in an essay of 1-3 pages, answer the following questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Select ONE interest community and express why you are interested in living in this community? What previous experiences or interests do you have in the proposed topic? Are you registered for classes in the Fall that are linked to these topics? What are those links? In what way will you be able to help contribute to the development of this community? Each community will take a related day trip in the Fall. Describe your dream day trip for this community.

Please use this cover sheet as the first page of your application. Applications must be stapled for consideration. A committee will review your application. The committee will select individuals who demonstrate strong commitment to the proposed community and bring a diversity of experiences and interests.