Member Guide - East End Food Coop

Member Guide - East End Food Coop

MEMBER OWNER GUIDE WELCOME TO YOUR CO-OP Thank you for the investment of your share in East End Food Co-op! As a member owner of our cooperative gro...

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WELCOME TO YOUR CO-OP Thank you for the investment of your share in East End Food Co-op! As a member owner of our cooperative grocery store, you’ve chosen to invest in a community of people, ideals, and of course, wonderful food. You don’t just shop here – you own it! Co-ops are businesses used by the people who own them. Our Co-op has been memberowned for over 30 years, and now has over 11,000 members. This Member Owner Guide should help you make the most of your Co-op membership. The Co-op Board of Directors is democratically elected from the membership of the Co-op. They set goals for the General Manager to meet through the Co-op’s Ends Policy. Our Co-op’s over-arching Ends Policy Statement is:

The East End Food Co-op exists to enhance the physical and social health in our community. To these ends, we will create: • A sustainable member-owned business open to everyone • An ethical and resilient food infrastructure • A vibrant, dynamic community of happy, healthy people • A creative vision to transform the future It is our job and commitment to make these ideals a reality. Through your commitment and participation, these ideals will strengthen and grow.

HOW THE CO-OP WORKS Member-owners elect 9 board directors.

Board defines expected results for our GM & provides:



Board reflects on policies & updates them as needed.

GM interprets the board’s expectations to make:


Is it all working?

T BUS HE IN PLA ESS N Member-owners provide input and feedback to board, GM & staff. GM delegates to the staff who help to carry out the plan.

GM shares the results with the board.

GM collects data & reports from staff about their efforts.


r erato Co-op

Rounstedr regi



Staff develop programs & activities to accomplish their tasks.

MEMBER BENEFITS An East End Food Co-op membership is for the use of the primary member listed on the card, and for the household members added to the membership. Please let us know when your household members change and if you have a new address or other new contact information. You can stop by Customer Service to update your membership information, or by emailing [email protected]

Though membership is not required to shop here, members do receive benefits* from their investment in a membership share: • 2% discount on all daily purchases • 10% discount quarterly on the transaction of your choice* • Receive Co+op Deals Coupons periodically throughout the year • Ability to place money-saving Special Orders • Check writing privileges for up to $20 over purchase amount • Option to receive e-receipts electronically for all shopping transactions** • Access to EEFC Federal Credit Union • Voting privileges in Co-op elections • The opportunity to run for the EEFC Board of Directors** • Reduced advertising rates in The Co-operator

• Discounts extended by other businesses through our Community Partners Program

*Note: Members must keep membership active with one of the listed payment plans to enjoy the benefits of membership listed above. **Note: All ** items are only available to fully-paid members, not those on installment plans

COMMUNITY PARTNERS What are Community Partners?

Community Partners are locally owned businesses that offer discounts to East End Food Co-op members in exchange for promotion in our new member brochure and on our website. Because we are committed to bettering our community, we truly value the partnerships we build through this program. Locally owned businesses have a huge amount of impact on the infrastructure of our region’s economy and we firmly believe that we are all stronger together.

How does the program work?

Co-op members who have paid their share in full can show their plastic membership card at the businesses listed on our website for discounts on merchandise or services. Members should call ahead to places that require appointments and be sure to mention that you will be taking advantage of the Community Partners discount. Otherwise, you may stop in or shop as usual. You must present your green East End Food Co-op membership card when you check in or when paying in order to receive the program discount.

What else should you know?

While the Co-op does not formally evaluate or endorse these companies or the products and services offered, we provide the Community Partners Program as a means to support local business. Although we cannot be held liable for the experiences you may have with our Partners, we do welcome input on the service you receive at any participating business. Please contact [email protected] to share your feedback.

Interested in joining?

If you manage a business and would like to join the Community Partners Program you can find the application on our website. Partners receive publicity through features in our newsletter, as well as listings in our Member Owner Guide and on our website. Partners are also eligible for discounted advertising in The Co-operator. Anyone interested in learning more can contact [email protected]coop or call 412.242.3598 ext. 438.

Visit our website for more information and a listing of our current partners.

YOUR STORE Customer Service

The Co-op’s Customer Service Desk is your touchstone for membership, store questions, and services. At the Customer Service Desk you can: • • • • • • • • •

Update your membership and make payments Read Board of Director’s minutes and Co-op’s bylaws Purchase Co-op gift cards Get deposits for water and milk bottles Pick up recipes and consumer information Return products you are unsatisfied with for credit Place special orders for case orders in person or by phone Fill out a comment card with a question or suggestion Opt in to receive E-Receipts

Special Ordering

Co-op members can special order almost any product we stock in case or bulk quantities. You can place a special order through Customer Service in person, by phone, through email ([email protected]), or through the website: If you are unsure of the name brand or size of the item, our buyers will contact you about the specifics of your order. Most products ordered will be available for pick up within 10 days or less of ordering. We will notify you by phone or email when the order has arrived. You can special order Co-op Café menu items directly from the Co-op Café. Ask the Café counter staff for details or email [email protected]

Co-op Café

The Co-op Café cooks up fresh soups, hot foods, and deli items daily. Help yourself at the hot foods and salad bar, priced by the pound, and pay for your food at our front end registers. Order fresh, made-to-order juices, smoothies and Fair Trade espresso drinks at the Co-op Café counter. You can eat in or take-out at the Co-op Café, and we offer free wireless internet access for all of our customers.

Health Resources and Food Guides

Our staff will supply interested customers with our iPad kiosk which boasts a wealth of nutrition, diet and general health information, vetted by independent experts. Just ask an employee the next time you’re in our supplements aisle. Everything from recipes, vitamin daily requirements, and exercise tips are available on the easy to use touch-screen and can be printed for home reference. We also feature a number of informational brochures throughout the store.

YOUR STORE Bulk Foods Department

Bulk foods are the staples of Co-op shopping. Bulk foods and herbs are affordable because you can buy as little or as much as you need. They also allow us to reduce our environmental footprint by allowing shoppers to bring their own containers from home. How it works: • Help keep our environmental footprint smaller by bringing your own containers • Weigh containers on the scales in the bulk department to get the tare weight before you fill them with product • Write down the PLU number listed on the product, along with the tare weights, so cashiers can accurately ring up your order • Pre-weighed containers, some free and some for purchase, and free bags are available in the bulk department Take home recipes and cooking instructions can be found at Customer Service. The Book Department also stocks a wealth of cookbooks for every taste.

Co-op Lectures and Events

The Co-op hosts a series of presentations and workshops on food, environmental and social issues. Presentations are advertised in our monthly newsletter, The Co-operator, or on our website, Register for lectures by calling Customer Service at 412.242.3598 or signing up at the Customer Service Desk. Members and the community are invited to Co-op events throughout the year including our Annual Meeting, Know Your GMOs, and Winterfest.

Co-op Bulletin Boards

Members and shoppers can find community events, local services and classified ads in the Information Super Hallway, located in the back of the store. Postings must be approved at Customer Service.

Want to Learn More? Join Us for a Co-op Orientation

Orientations will include a tour of the store with introductions to each of our departments, as well as information about the Board, Credit Union, and anything else about the Co-op that may be on your mind. To register for Co-op Orientation, call Member Services at 412.242.3598 ext. 438, or email [email protected]

CO-OP PRODUCT GUIDELINES East End Food Co-op believes that you have the right to know how we choose the products on our shelves. We’ve developed these purchasing guidelines to reflect the core values expressed in our Ends Policy Statement. This guide allows us to make conscious choices that return value to our members, our community, and our planet. We strive to promote products and methods that are: • • • • • • • • •

Whole* and minimally processed* Local* Certified Organic Certified Naturally Grown and/or Biodynamic Non-GMO Project Verified/Specified Non-GMO Certified Fair Trade Certified Humane Minimally packaged or in recyclable &/or returnable containers Produced using humane and ecologically sound methods that don’t exploit people, animals, or our environment

We will not knowingly carry products that: • Contain artificial ingredients, such as colorings, flavorings, preservatives or additives • Contain known harmful ingredients such as nitrates or nitrites, synthetic chemicals, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG • Contain antibiotics or growth hormones • Have been tested on animals *local = within a 250 mile radius of Pittsburgh extending to all of Pennsylvania, and excluding Canada *whole = having only one ingredient: itself *minimally processed = using traditional, low-tech methods of processing or preservation, for example: smoking, roasting, freezing, canning, drying, or fermenting. These techniques do not fundamentally alter or separate whole foods.

SUSTAINABILITY The East End Food Co-op strives to uphold its Ends Policy Statement in regards to sustainability. This applies not only to our policies regarding buying and selling, but to our daily operations, our community involvement, and our use of resources. By supporting and building upon a strong local economy, we can ensure not only our own sustainability, but that of our local partners and our community. The East End Food Co-op supports local farmers and local distributors that promote sustainable agriculture and encourages its customers and staff to be mindful of the sources of their food. We offer classes and lectures that educate our community in environmental awareness, whole food preparation, and responsible waste management. We feel that having an educated public as well as an educated staff supports both the health of the Co-op as an organization as well as the health of the world in which we live. Through daily practices we encourage waste reduction and recycling, the elimination of petroleum based plastic bags, and the composting of food wastes and materials. We are making efforts every day to create an environment for our shoppers that will carry on far into the future, while still leaving as little a mark on the earth as possible. Below are just some of our many efforts to be a more sustainable business: • 10 cent discount for each bag customers bring from home • Encourage shoppers to bring their own containers to shop in our Bulk Department • Classes and workshops on rain barrel usage, composting, recycling and home gardening (learn more about our monthly events at events). • Composting all organic waste from the Co-op Café, Produce, and post-consumer waste • Recycling efforts include items like pallets, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, metal, E-waste, and toner. • Recognized as a Bronze-level Bike Friendly Business • 2009 Sustainable Business Leadership Award from Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture • Third place winner of 2015 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge

YOUR RIGHTS & PRIVACY One Membership, One Vote

Each household membership has one vote in the annual board of directors elections. You’ll receive notification of the nominations and elections process in the Co-op’s newsletter and through signage in the store. Think about running for the board yourself. Members are also invited to attend monthly board of directors meetings. Meeting times and agendas are posted in the store’s front lobby, and meetings are held in the Co-op’s administrative offices.

Credit Union

Members of East End Food Co-op may also join the East End Food Co-op Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union has its own democratically elected board, and is housed within the Co-op’s store. The Credit Union’s services include: Share Savings Accounts and Certificates; Personal Loans; Car Loans; Green Loans; Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit. Members can get information about rates, financial statements and deposit slips outside the Credit Union office, in the hallway just beyond the Co-op’s Produce Department. The Credit Union is open Wednesdays from 6 PM - 8 PM and Saturdays from 11 AM 3 PM. Members can also call 412.243.7574 for inquiries or to make a special appointment.

East End Food Cooperative Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our members and shoppers. As a not-for-profit business, the integrity of our business practices is more important than invasive information gathering.

Our Membership Records

East End Food Co-op only uses membership data for East End Food Co-op business purposes. We refuse requests to sell, or trade membership data with outside organizations. East End Food Co-op authorizes select employees to access membership records in our membership database, and those employees are directed not to disclose private member information, including but not limited to, names, phone numbers, street addresses, and email addresses, to anyone outside of East End Food Co-op.

Our Point of Sale Register System

East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade information collected in the operation of our POS (Point of Sale) register system with other organizations. Technical support contractors are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement with East End Food Co-op. Information collected through the use of this system is used for East End Food Co-op purposes.

Our Website

East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade any information about visitors to our web site including browsers, operating systems or IP addresses. Our website does not create or use any cookies. East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade e-mail addresses which consumers provide to us, and we use this information for East End Food Co-op business only. East End Food Co-op retains the right to share information with public agencies in the event of a public health or safety emergency.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Co-op’s board of directors is directly elected by the membership, and is made up of members just like you. Each household membership has one vote in the annual election. You will receive notification of the nominations and election process in the Co-op’s newsletters, E-News, and through signage in the store. Board members work to keep the Co-op accountable to cooperative principles, and make sure that the Co-op remains a sustainable business. They do this through a system of checks and balances called Policy Governance. Board meetings are open to the Co-op membership and typically occur on the third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 7 PM and are located in the POWER/EEFC Conference Room in the Factory. The board also has a Member Linkage Committee that frequently hosts events that all members are invited to.

Board of Directors

Have a thought you’d like to share with the board of directors? Email boarddi[email protected]

7516 Meade Street Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412.242.3598 Open to everyone, every day

HOURS STORE: Open Daily: 8 AM - 9 PM Phone: 412.242.3598

CAFÉ: Juice & Coffee Bar: 8AM - 7 PM Soup & Salad Bar: 8AM - 7 PM Hot Food Bar: 11AM - 7 PM Weekend Brunch: 9AM - 1 PM

CREDIT UNION: Wednesday: 6 PM - 8 PM Saturday: 11 AM - 3 PM Phone: 412.243.7574

MANAGEMENT TEAM General Manager Justin Pizzella 412.242.3598 ext. 135 [email protected]

Marketing & Member Services Manager Kate Safin 412.242.3598 ext. 142 [email protected]

Front End Manager eric cressley 412.242.3598 ext. 104 [email protected]

Human Resources Manager Jennifer Girty 412.242.3598 ext. 120 [email protected]

IT Manager Erin Myers 412.242.3598 ext. 121 [email protected]

Produce Manager Evan Diamond 412.242.3598 ext. 206 [email protected]

Grocery Manager Maura Holliday 412.242.3598 ext. 160 [email protected]

Café Manager Amber Pertz 412.242.3598 ext. 128 [email protected]

Finance Manager Shawn McCullough 412.242.3598 ext. 161 [email protected]

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