Memorials and Tributes ---- December 2011

Memorials and Tributes ---- December 2011

Memorials ---- April 2015 IN MEMORY OF GIVEN BY Dorothy Anderson Rita Hogan Women’s Literary Club Marcia McAndrew Clyde Bell Char Shannon Mary B...

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Memorials ---- April 2015 IN MEMORY OF


Dorothy Anderson

Rita Hogan Women’s Literary Club Marcia McAndrew

Clyde Bell

Char Shannon

Mary Brown

Bradford Duplicate Bridge Club Bonny, Cindy & Steph Steck

Martin J. Becker

Stephen and Gail Grillo

Karen Bentley

Linda and Bert Marovich

Nancy Campbell

Ed Pecht Ron and Terri Orris

Rose Charnisky

Lena Cary Nellie Vecellio

Max Cohen

Book Friends

Helen Crissman

Josephine Smades Greg and Maxine Davis Lee Gardner Carol and Hugh Feiro

Jack Daulton

Nancy O’Donnell

Anna Delucia

Kathy and Greg Quaglio Ronald and Bonnie Watson Hunt and O’Connor Family Cathy Feahley

Mrs. Ellison

Linda and Bert Marovich

Betty Ernest

Cyril and Pam Emerson

Dorothea Fesenmyer Francis Gleason Francis Gleason (con”t)

Stephen and Gail Grillo Eugenia Nelson Linda and Chris Worley & Family Jim and Mark Frisina Mike and Debra Viola Lee Gardner

Diane McGuire & Pat McFarland Fred and Barbara Smith Maxine Davis Bonnie Smith Wed. Duplicate Bridge Club Shirley Hayden

Valerie and Patrick McDonald Ron and Terri Orris Emery and Mary Allen

Robert Hendryx

Timothy Tingley Ann and Dick Kessel Joan Klussmann Candace Newland Tom and Kim Salada Linda Bredengerd Leslie, Nancy, Susan Sumsion Tracy and Bob Sumsion Larry and Carol Killian Naomi Carlson James and Karen Gelston Madeline Miles Fran Goodrich Scott and Mary Gibbs Looker Mt. Paint Co. Larry and Pat Donahue

Nevada M. Higley

Shane and Heather Carlson

Myrtle Irene Jones

Jane and Daryl Koch

Donald Keesler

Ron and Terri Orris Patricia McFarland Diane McGuire

Helen Keesler

Valerie and Patrick McDonald Ron and Terri Orris Doris Vinca Patricia McFarland Diane McGuire

Donna M. Kenlon

Bradford Twp Police & Employees Tuesday Quilting Group Jim and Mona Ray Sullivan Barbara E. Dragoone Linda and Bert Marovich

Patricia Kroh

Book Friends

Ann Lamoreaux

Naomi Carlson Mary Brandow

Jenny Lance

Jim Frisina Jerome and Alice Fishkin

Betty Langianese

Phyllis and John Pionzio Richard & Roxanne Langianese

Bette Luther

Ron and Terri Orris

Glenn Miller

Barbara Himes

Ida Nye

Linda, Chris, Colleen, Curtis Brian, Christopher, Tanaz & Kevin

Margaret Schweinberg

Joe and Peg Costanzo

Stephen Piscitelli, Jr.

Dan and Emily Zinsner Joe and Carrol Vecellio Nellie Vecellio Marion Johnson Ron and Terri Orris Joe and Peg Costanzo & Family Cy and Pam Emerson

Susan Sinclair

Keating Family Joseph S. Mendelsonn Harold and Karen Wiley

Kurt Spencer

Fran Goodrich

Edith Urban

Dan and Emily Zinsner Stephen and Gail Grillo Kimberly, Craig & Elias Engstrom Tom and Linda Ash Frederick and Beverly Gallup Colin and Molly Heron Craig and Neidra Harrt Rebecca Jensen Beth Hart Richard and Ann Cavallero Zoe Patricoski & Martha Cooper Tom Urban Ann and Dick Kessel

Edith Urban (con’t)

Dianne Meier Marcian Bouchard Pauline and Bill Higie Elizabeth Myers John and Jeanie Satterwhite Tom and Jean Bromeley Ruby Ruppel James and Karen Gelston Widad and Cheryl Bazzoui Ron and Sabra Jernigan Doris Knight

George Valo

Jane and Daryl Koch

Marie Stella Viola

Roxanne Crupi Ron and Terri Orris

Paul Zetts

Boots and Bill Higie