MILK MINI - Meet MILK desk

MILK MINI - Meet MILK desk

MILK MINI  / Home of the HOLMRIS MILK desk / [email protected] MILK MINI MILK Mini desk. Half the calo...

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 / Home of the HOLMRIS MILK desk / [email protected]


MILK Mini desk. Half the calories with the same great taste. It‘s got half the calories with the same great taste. The MILK Mini desk is a slimmer version of it‘s predecessor offering a simple solution for those who have a smaller workspace. MILK Mini is available in two fixed heights, making it simpler but still adaptive to your needs, whichever version you choose. With a smaller footprint but offering the same storage and cord management solutions as the original MILK desk, the MILK Mini desk proves smaller isn‘t about lesser, just economic in scale. Key features • 2 compartments (Cables can be carried from one compartment to another.) • Notebook storage • Cable outlets • One size cable tray included (Sockets etc. can be placed in the cable tray.) • Frame and stand in white lacquer Customization options • Available in high gloss or matt white finish • Low or high version • Top lids in black, white, purple or brushed aluminum Additional accessories (available separately) • Toolbox • Fish tank • Paper bin • Set of extra Top lids (3 pcs.) Technical specifications • Dimensions, low version: 120 x 47 x 73 cm (47.24“ x 18.5“ x 28.74“) • Dimensions, high version: 120 x 47 x 109 cm (47.24“ x 18.5“ x 42.91“) • Fixed height: 73 cm or 109 cm • Materials: 60 mm MDF • Compartment bases in black felt Warranty: • 2 years limited warranty on the table

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