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Mindshare Guarding the secrets of the trade CASE STUDY M indshare is a global media and marketing services network with billings in excess of $27.8 ...

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Mindshare Guarding the secrets of the trade CASE STUDY


indshare is a global media and marketing services network with billings in excess of $27.8 billion (source: RECMA). The network consists of 115 offices in 82 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, each dedicated to forging competitive marketing advantage for businesses and their brands. Mindshare is part of GroupM, which oversees the media investment management sector for WPP, the world’s leading communications services group. WHAT MINDSHARE NEEDED? Mindshare UK was moving to an up-to-date office space in London. They wanted to make sure their new home had appropriate security standards in place. This would be followed by a renewed ISO 27001 certification.

THE CHALLENGE Companies like Ford, HSBC, Nestlé, Britvic and Unilever come to Mindshare for brand promotion. Every time Mindshare needs to devise a campaign or a product launch or an innovative technique as part of a client’s media investment, they are privy to chunks of information specific to that client. Statistics, market studies and analytics – there’s a lot that builds into each client account.


“The relationship with CGI has been built up over many years and allows us to work freely and openly with the CGI consultants. They understand our culture and have unrivalled experience in blending our culture with the security demands of today’s business.” John Adegoke, EMEA Compliance director at GroupM (serving parent company of Mindshare)

Within their clientele, they have companies that directly compete with each other. This adds an interesting twist to Mindshare’s security needs. The trust and confidence of each client has to be preserved. Protecting client information is top priority. Mindshare has to demonstrate that confidentiality is maintained at all times and that there is no risk of a data leak across account teams.

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Securing the client space


Since 2002, we have been working with Mindshare and many other WPP agencies to resolve the issue of client conflict. Our approach is structured to identify the issues and design innovative solutions to assure security. Mindshare achieved BS7799-2 certification in 2004, and followed up with recertification to ISO/IEC 27001, the internationally recognised information security standard.



Engaging minds over secure matters The main deliverable was client confidence. Within Mindshare, and the WPP parent company this meant information security was fully addressed. Mindshare could, therefore, retain existing accounts and win new business while giving clients the guarantee that their brand strategy was in safe hands. Mindshare continues to be the fastest growing media agency in the world.

Became the first media buying company to comply with international information security standards BS7799-2 accreditation in 2004

Successfully re-certified to ISO/IEC 27001

Was able to work with conflicting clients.

WHY US We understand what information security involves in a commercial environment. And have the kind of experience required to implement security exclusively for the world of media. Our solutions for WPP companies worldwide and hands-on support in locations as diverse as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Miami – reflect a successful track record in security - besides our deep understanding of the culture and business of media and communications agencies. “The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Logica, which CGI acquired in August 2012”

For more information, please contact us at: T: +44 (0) 845 070 7765 E [email protected] www.cgi-group.co.uk/telecoms

About CGI With over 69,000 professionals in 40 countries, CGI fosters local accountability for client success while bringing global delivery capabilities to clients’ front doors. Founded in 1976, CGI applies a disciplined delivery approach that has achieved an industryleading track record of on-time, on-budget projects. Our high-quality business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services help clients leverage current investments while adopting new technology and business strategies that achieve top and bottom line results. As a demonstration of our commitment, our average client satisfaction score for the past 10 years has measured consistently higher than 9 out of 10. Code 2898 0713

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