Minutes Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Minutes Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Minutes   Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes Wednesday, June 7, 2017 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Town Hall Meeting Room Note: The Action Minutes...

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Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes Wednesday, June 7, 2017 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Town Hall Meeting Room Note: The Action Minutes represent a summary of presentations given and actions taken. For a more detailed record, the audio recording of the meeting can be accessed through the City Clerk’s Office, City of University Place. Contact Emy Genetia at (253) 460-2511.

1. Call to Order (7:00) Chair Quisenberry called the meeting to order. 2. Roll Call (7:01) Planning Commission Members Present Mr. Cliff Quisenberry – Chair Mr. Frank Boykin – Co Vice Chair Mr. Steve Smith – Co Vice Chair arrived 7:06 pm Mr. David Graybill Mr. Ken Campbell Mr. Tony Paulson Ms. Tonya Mushallo

Planning Commission Members Excused Staff Present David Swindale, Director, Planning and Development Services Becky Metcalf, Project Assistant

3. Approval of Minutes – May 17, 2017 (7:01) MOTION: by Commissioner Campbell and seconded by Commissioner Mushallo to approve the minutes of the May 17, 2017 meeting as submitted. The motion was approved. 4. Public Comment (7:01) There was no public comment. 5. Title 19 Amendments Regarding Chambers Creek Properties (7:02) Director Swindale reviewed the staff report included in the agenda packet. Extended stay lodging would be a new item in the city’s Code. Commission discussion covered the following:  Rooming house definition could refer to a rental house.  On page 3, rooming house definition, change to read “owner-occupied home” rather than “private home”.  How does this apply to Airbnb’s? There is a trend in other jurisdictions where corporations are buying homes and renting out rooms nightly, almost like a hotel. University Place City Hall 3715 Bridgeport Way West University Place, WA 98466


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Currently this does not seem to be a problem in University Place. Someone with a vested interest should always reside at the property. An Airbnb does not fit any of the proposed definitions. When Chambers Bay Properties was initially developed, residential uses were specifically prohibited. This would be changed through the proposed amendments. These changes are predicated on the need to allow extended stay lodging in order to make a proposed hotel/lodging project pencil. These types of comments have been made in the past. This sets a precedent. Are Traffic Impact Fees triggered by residential uses? The Joint Procedural Agreement states that UP is the lead when it comes to permitting any development on the property. All three jurisdictions will need to allow extended stay lodging. Can the developer’s plan to at some future time convert some of the extended stay units to hotel rooms, with no possibility for them to be converting back, be included in the zoning code or definition? Conversion from a golf villa or apartment to a hotel room is an expensive proposition. The change will not be made lightly. Staff is amenable with this proposal.

Mr. Joseph Coppo, Senior Park and Recreation Planner with Pierce County Parks Department, was in attendance and the Commission asked him to speak. He stated that the incentive for the developer is hotel rooms, and the developer feels without the extended stay units, financing will not be available to fund the project. Commission discussion covered the following:  Timeline is ASAP. Hope to begin construction by next year.  The extended stay – are they envisioned as condos or apartments? Will be a mix of types of uses. There will be no condos.  Hotel units make more money, but the extended stay provides stability. There probably will not be any leases exceeding 1 year.  Are there traffic concerns with extended stay involvement? A traffic impact study was done this year. With the changes of the square footage of the proposed restaurant to 10,000 square feet and 190 units, the traffic impact was a wash.  The County is not opposed to a 20,000 square foot restaurant, but doesn’t want to trigger an additional environmental review at this point.  A joint public hearing (City Council and Planning Commission) is slated for June 19, 2017 to help expedite the process. Within the resolution will be a statement that a project level SEPA will be done.  Staff is trying to find a way to define extended stay in a different way than multifamily would be defined. To reconcile this, if extended stay were allowed in other areas where multi-family is allowed, it will be mixed use.  The Council will pass a resolution approving the Master Site Plan update, which includes more changes than what is being reviewed tonight. In order to implement that, the zoning code amendments will be required.  The development team is comprised of several different parties coming together to do this project. They have been involved in other projects. They each bring their own strengths. They are top individuals in all of their fields and they are all locally connected.  Doing something special for a developer could elicit a negative response.  The Commission expressed some concern about the way this process is being rushed through.

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Public input is important. The County has also held two additional public meetings just on this project. What is the process at the joint public hearing? Does the Planning Commission vote first? It is allowed for in the Code. Director Swindale will get clarification on the process for the joint public hearing before it happens on June 19.

6. Staff Comments (8:13) Director Swindale reported that building permits for buildings A and B on lot 4 have been issued, as well as a site development permit for lot 12 directly across the street from the library. Expect to start seeing contractors mobilize on both sides of Bridgeport Way. Ms. Metcalf stated that September 19 has been identified as the date for a joint City Council/Commissions meeting. Please save the date. Feedback is requested as to how many commissioners can attend that meeting in order to facilitate planning. City Attorney Steve Victor will be going back to the City of Tacoma to take a position there. The new City Attorney will be Matt Kaser. 7. Commission and Liaison Comments (8:15) Commissioner Paulson attended the Subarea Ad Hoc Committee workshop on May 31. He stated that it was interesting to hear comments. Councilmember Keel was in attendance as well. Chair Quisenberry announced that Commissioner Frank Boykin won a national award for his company – top 3 percent in sales. Congratulations! 8. Adjourn (8:19) MOTION: by Commissioner Boykin and seconded by Commissioner Quisenberry to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved unanimously. Submitted by:

Becky Metcalf, Project Assistant Community and Economic Development Approved as submitted: July 19, 2017

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