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Relaxation techniques practiced by our specialist staff bring you a feeing of comfort and well being; you can choose to rediscover vitality and dynami...

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Relaxation techniques practiced by our specialist staff bring you a feeing of comfort and well being; you can choose to rediscover vitality and dynamism by achieving harmony and equilibrium in your body or to relieve stress to unwind and relax.

The Californian Trip This whole body relaxation reflects a certain state of mind: without a precise technical process, it is based essentially on creative freedom. It envelops the body so that the client has the warm sensation of being in a cocoon of peace and serenity. Essential oils are used to relax the senses and calm the mind. Long supple movements followed by subtle gestures on certain parts of the body (face, feet hands…) vary between slow, calming rhythmic massage and a rapid invigorating and warming one. Soothed by calming music to induce relaxation, you will let your mind wander in a gentle peacefulness.

ayurvediC esCape Traditional Ayurvedic balances the body, mind and soul. Sesame oil is poured onto your body and a wonderful feeling of being cared for and pampered takes over. While your body follows the rhythmic movements of the practitioner, some energetic, some gentle, your mind is soothed by the melodious notes of Indian music reaching your ears. Little by little you let go to this alchemy created between the rocking of your body and the melody of the music; you can then free your mind of its burdens and worries. This exotic escape eases accumulated tension and you feel your body slowly escaping into absolute relaxation. This osmosis between body and mind induces an intense sense of harmony and well-being

swedish dynamism This technique aims at reducing tension and strengthening muscles and joints. Essential oils are used both to lubricate hand movement and to gain benefit from their particular properties. In addition to its revitalizing effects Swedish dynamism also has a soothing and relaxing effect, for this reason it can provide many benefits for people of all ages. It improves quality of sleep, reduces negative effects linked to stress ( irritability, migraine, lack of energy, back pain…) and induces a general state of well-being. Thanks to its action on the muscle system, it is recommended for sportsmen to improve recuperation after effort. Several studies have also shown its positive effects on the immune system, and revealed that short sessions significantly reduce pain and tension, all the while improving state of mind. The different treatments are provided in your room for 2 hours. This 2 hour period enables the treatment to be provided to one or two people.


BaCk relaxaTion The spine is an important part of our body; unfortunately it is also the source of our many muscular tensions. It is mainly in the spine that the destructive effects of stress lodge. The back is without doubt the part of the body which readily accepts “touch relaxation” techniques. For many people it’s a first step before allowing the “whole body” to be treated. It should be noted that the parts of the body which are considered to be vulnerable and private are protected by the client being face down on the massage table. The use of essential oils with all their beneficial effects contributes to the soothing and relaxation of the whole body. This relaxing technique puts pressure along specific meridian lines of the body and thus enables the energy blocked by tension points to be released. Working on the meridian energy lines undoubtedly provides positive effects on internal organs throughout the body. As the session advances, you will feel more and more soothed and relaxation will be total.

seaTed TouCh relaxaTion This relaxation process uses different techniques including shiatsu. It is performed fully clothed and seated on a comfortable ergonomic chair; it lasts 15 minutes. It is effective for: • A pure moment of relaxation • The relief of muscular tension from the shoulders to the lower back and arms, • Renewing energy, • Reducing the negative effects of stress (headaches, fatigue, irritability or anxiety…), A seated massage brings immediate tension relief, renewed energy and vitality, a general soothing of body and mind. The Seated Touch Relaxation service can be provided for groups, 15 minutes per person for a minimum of a 2 hour period.


CondiTions what to expect in a session. Except for the seated massage, all hand-proffered “whole body relaxation” techniques are performed on a specially designed table, using essential oils. The seated touch relaxation techniques are performed fully clothed on an ergonomic chair. The highest regard is given to individual privacy throughout. Every touch is precise, and gradually a feeling of confidence is created leading to complete relaxation, this unique moment when you abandon control over your body, and you allow images to wander without trying to retain them. During this moment of indulging, you will drift away from your daily preoccupations into a world of bliss. In accordance with French legislation the treatments we propose cannot be described as medical treatments but as techniques to achieve well-being and relaxation only. They are not intended to change functional capacity, help to maintain it or correct it when impaired. Therefore, the term “massage” (reserved solely for GP’s or Physiotherapists or Osteopaths) has not been used, the terms “touch relaxation”, “whole body relaxation” describe our techniques. If you are seeking a preventive or curative procedure, you should consult your GP or Physiotherapist or Osteopath.


liabilities The Establishment is not in any way liable for the actions of an individual practitioner when he/she is providing our treatment to clients.


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