Mme Kitt

Mme Kitt

Glimpse of heaven #12- When I returned to work after the passing of my beloved dog, Lola, I found 2 things in my mailbox on my door. One was a beautif...

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Glimpse of heaven #12- When I returned to work after the passing of my beloved dog, Lola, I found 2 things in my mailbox on my door. One was a beautiful drawing of Jesus from a young girl named “Grace” and a sweet handmade card from a student named “Patience”. A glimpse of heaven from God sending me His “Grace” to comfort me in my grief and His “Patience” to always trust in God’s will for our lives and the lives of our dear pets. One of my dear teachers used to be a veterinarian in his African country. He said that the name “Lola” in his African language means “Heaven”; wow what a glimpse of heaven! Glimpse of heaven #13- Before our senior boys played their last volleyball game in the city finals, I was asked to join them in a circle, on our knees, in prayer to God. As we held hands (Ms. O’Neill, all players and I), we recited a beautiful prayer together giving thanks to God. Turns out, they played their hearts out and came in 2nd place and received a silver medal. In my opinion, they had won the game right after the prayer they said holding hands as a team; they won the game of life, giving thanks to God, no matter what the outcome of the game. They put God first, not themselves, nor the game. The outcome of our lives is in God's hands. The journey is ours to take; keeping our eyes focused on God, and trusting in His will every step of the way! I was beyond proud of Ms. O’Neill and her senior boys team! Glimpse of heaven #14- A little girl in Gr. 2 came up to me and said, “Madame, if my bookmark doesn’t win the bookmark contest that’s ok…I’m going to be really happy and congratulate the kids who win, because they probably worked really hard on them.” I told her she just won Jesus’ heart by what she just said, there is no better thing to win than the heart of Jesus... Glimpses of heaven #15- Ms. Perry’s Gr. 3 students had all kind of fears and questions about purgatory. So Ms. Perry contacted Father Paul from St. Cecilia to come out and speak to her students. He took the time out of his busy schedule to spend a whole hour answering their questions about life, purgatory and heaven. Hope you are seeing your own “Glimpses of heaven” in your workplace and in your home.” Please feel free to share your “glimpses” with me, so I can share them with our students. I think that’s how God works; we are meant to share the beautiful glimpses we see each day. It gives us hope and motivates us to be more aware of the little hints God places in front of us, hints of what awaits us in heaven forever with Him.

Mme Kitt