More Black-Jack Products - Black-Jack Grout Pumps

More Black-Jack Products - Black-Jack Grout Pumps

Patent Pending Technology exclusive to all Black-Jack Pumps revolutionizes grout loading and discharging by 50% over competitors pumps More Black-Jac...

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Patent Pending Technology exclusive to all Black-Jack Pumps revolutionizes grout loading and discharging by 50% over competitors pumps

More Black-Jack Products Single Cylinder Auto Reciprocating Black-Jack with Extension Hopper attached to hydraulic power source.

What are the advantages of our Equipment? ·



Pump Pressure from 50 to 1000 psi


Pump rate over 300 cu. ft. per hour (single cylinder) & 600 cu. ft. per hour (double cylinder)


Smaller than our competitors pumps


Less expensive


Only 7 moving parts - fewer parts to suffer wear & tear - fewer to replace


Emission free - only pump which can be used in a sterile environment


Extremely portable - small & light


Connect to any auxiliary hydraulic power source

Your Source for Repair Parts Also see us for repair parts for any piston style pumps, pumping hoses, nozzles, and hydraulics.

Double Cylinder Auto Reciprocating Black-Jack with Skidsteer attachment plate

Black-Jack Single Cylinder Auto Reciprocating Pump Hydro-Ace –11hp Gas Hydraulic Unit Custom Hydraulic Power Assist Cart


Permit 781 Rockford, IL

Prsrt Std US Postage

Black-Jack Equipment makes all the Difference


Applications Construction Slab/Mud-Jacking/Raising Pavement Undersealing Waterproofing Erosion Void Filling Dowel Rod Anchoring Precast Walljoint Injection Self Leveling Floor Underlayments Soil Compaction Machine Base Installation & Encasements Cable & Rock Bolt Anchoring Contact Grouting



Mining Tunnel Lining Shaft Waterproofing

Utilities PO Box 240 Cherry Valley, IL 61016 1.800.834.2566

Engineered Concrete Lifting Consultants and Equipment, Inc

Underwater Foundations (Sea Walls) Piers Breakers Shoreline Foundations

Encasements Waterproofing Underground Storm & Sanitary Sewer Repairs

Structural Building Restoration Foundation Stabilization Foundation Raising

Civil Engineering

Black-Jack Pump / Mixer Combo Available with a hydraulic power source or as a skidsteer attachment

Soil Nails Tiebacks Earth Anchors

Geotechnical Deep Well Casing Monitor Wells Well Sealing & Abandonment