MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CBS’s ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION PROCESS The following topics are discussed below: • • • • • • Reason for Additional Ba...

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MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CBS’s ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION PROCESS The following topics are discussed below: • • • • • •

Reason for Additional Background Information process Who does the ABI and how often Why Safe Hiring Solutions Detailed explanation of the Additional Background Information process with SHS Who sees the results and decides who is approved to serve If you have questions…

Reason for Additional Background Information process Thank you for answering the call to serve the Lord with minors or AGAPE adults in Community Bible Study. CBS decided to create and implement the Additional Background Information process in 2015 as part of an effort to respond to the changing expectations of the parents of the minors we serve. These parents share the views held broadly within our country that leaders entrusted to care for minors and vulnerable adults should be screened to determine if any are unsuitable for such a responsibility. By extension, these parents now expect that CBS will take measures to screen those leaders who will be entrusted to care for the minors and vulnerable adults that come to our classes. At the same time, the screening of potential leaders provides a level of protection for the leaders and for CBS that there is no obvious reason why a leader should be disqualified from service. This page provides more information about the Additional Background Information process and how the information you provide or release will be handled. Who does the ABI and how often The Additional Background Information process (ABI) is required of all regular leaders and caregivers for any classroom with minors or vulnerable adults. This applies to day and evening classes with Children & Youth Ministries, Student classes, and any classes with AGAPE programs and includes any leader, caregiver, or helper who is serving in a group of minors or AGAPE adults regularly. • •

Note 1: Helpers are non-class members who are regularly helping in the class. This does not include core group “love ladies” who only serve a few times per year. Note 2: Paid caregivers must complete the ABI process in addition to any screening done for their employer.

The ABI will need to be renewed every three years, unless state or local laws or the host church require more frequent renewals. The scope to those required to complete the ABI similarly will increase if state or local laws or the host church requires a broader definition of those required to undergo background checks. The ABI is comprised of a background check, personal information, and character reference checks. Why Safe Hiring Solutions CBS has partnered with Safe Hiring Solutions (SHS) to make complying with the ABI as easy as possible and to provide the highest possible level of security for your personal information. Check out the SHS information tab for more information about them. Utilizing the resources of SHS ensures that your June 2, 2016

personal information is never available on the CBS servers nor is it accessible to anyone at CBS except the ABI review team. See CBS’s privacy policy on our website for more details about how we treat your personal information. Detailed explanation of the Additional Background Information process with SHS The ABI begins when you agree to be considered for service with minors or AGAPE adults. Your class Coordinator or Children & Youth Director will initiate a request with SHS for you. If you are reading this, you have already received the invitation to complete the ABI from SHS and are getting ready to log in to the SHS system. All information that you provide as part of this process will reside solely on SHS’s servers. The first step in the process will be your release for SHS to conduct a background check of your criminal history and the completion of the personal information form. You are able to complete these two parts when you first log onto the SHS server and it will take about 30 minutes. You will need your driver’s license or other government issued ID in order to provide the information required. When filling out the personal information form, we are not interested in the details of any problems you may have had in the past, but rather a general description of the type of problems and whether you have successfully dealt with them to the point of being in a healthy condition currently. Please provide explanatory information where this is requested with this guidance in mind. You will be asked to sign in three places as you proceed through the document. We realize that you will not be able to sign with a mouse with any close approximation to your normal handwriting and that’s OK. The system is looking to make sure that a human is interacting with it and your signature is required. If at any point in the process you need to stop, you can easily come back and pick up where you left off. Simply use the username and password that you were given initially and it will recover your application as you left it. You can also check back to see if the report has been completed. Once the first portion is completed, you will receive another email that will ask you to provide three character references. It will have the word Reflynck in the title and addressee and will provide more detailed instructions. In order to allow you to prepare for this email, you will need to provide the name, email and cellphone contact info for three people who know you well and are especially knowledgeable about your interaction with minors or vulnerable adults. Your references may be fellow CBS leaders if they know you adequately. SHS will be using a new text/email based quick response reference questionnaire that each of your contacts should be able to complete in less than 5 minutes. Text is the preferred communication method, but email can be used. Be sure to read the detailed instructions in the reference introduction email for more information about this. This new system is very quick and the reference request will be delivered to your references immediately after you submit the information, so it is important that you ask them ahead of time to be a reference for you. Who sees the results and decides who is approved to serve SHS will package the background check results, your personal information responses, and the reference check results into a single report and notify CBS’s ABI review team that the report is available for review. CBS’s ABI review team is made up of people working at the MSC specifically trained to review the June 2, 2016

information accurately. Three of them will review each report by accessing the SHS server with personalized login credentials. The ABI questionnaire has been designed to make the review process very quick for over 95% of the reports. A specialized team of national CBS leaders will handle the others. Once three reviewers have seen your report and signified that they have no concerns about your responses, a notice of your successful completion of the ABI will be sent to the Coordinator or Children & Youth Director who initiated the request for you. Your record in FISHER will also be updated to include a note that the ABI has been completed along with a renewal requirement date. The fact that you have completed a background check and the renewal date is only available to the Servants Team members of your class. None of your personal information ever leaves the SHS servers. Specific Note: While you are required to provide your Social Security number to SHS to conduct the background check of the national databases, it is not included in any information provided to CBS. It is only used to track your history. No one from CBS will ever have access to your SS#. If you have questions… If you have any questions about this process, please contact your class Coordinator or Children & Youth Director. Again, thank you for sensing the Lord’s call to serve with CBS minors or AGAPE adults.

June 2, 2016