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MTR Corporation
MTR Corporation ... MTR was listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (2000) ... Profit sharing with MTR by percentage o

MTR Corporation
wit/A3. MTR Corporation. Direct Line : (852) 2993 2107. Fax : (852) 2993 3379. 2 February 2007. Economic Development Bra

MTR Corporation
In MTR, we have prided ourselves in helping Hong Kong grow into a world class city. Along the way, we have also expanded

MTR Corporation Limited MTR Corporation (CI) Limited - RNS Submit
Nov 3, 2009 - On 22nd December 1993, Mass Transit Railway Corporation (''MTRC'') entered into a US$1,000,000,000 Debt Is

MTR Corporation -
Cornmission's request for comrnent on ReIease No. 34-53020. The ordinary shares of ,MTR Corporation Limited ("MTR") are

MTR CORPORATION (CI) - bondsupermart
MTR Corporation Limited (as Guarantor). US$3,000,000,000 Debt Issuance Programme. SERIES NO: 43. TRANCHE NO: 1. US$300,0

MTR Corporation Limited
The Company is pleased to announce that the office of the Under Secretary for. Transport and Housing (“Under Secretary

About MTR Corporation
portion of its issued share capital to private investors in an Initial Public. Offering. ... Kong as we did at home. In

MTR Corporation Limited (“the Company”) is a publicly-listed company (SEHK: 0066) headquartered in the Hong Kong Spe

MTR Corporation (66 HK)
MTR Corporation (66 HK). Target price: HKD42.70 (from HKD42.70). Share price (13 Apr): HKD38.35 | Up/downside: +11.3%. J