NEW current - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

NEW current - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia Buick Clubs NEW SOUTH WALES NAME OF CLUB WEBSITE Buick C...

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THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia Buick Clubs NEW SOUTH WALES NAME OF CLUB WEBSITE

Buick Car Club of Aust. NSW Inc. Reg. No. Y1496506

QUEENSLAND Buick Car Club of Australia Qld. Inc.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Buick Owners Club of WA (Inc.) Reg. No. 1004664


8 p.m. 3rd Thursday each month 134 Queens Road, Five Dock. 2046.

Buick Car Club Room, Cascade Hall, Cascades Park, Cnr. Colburn Ave & Link Rd, Victoria Point. 4165. Key with B.Hall, D.Hawkins, S.Talbot

10.30 a.m. 1st Sunday alternate month, Venue refer Club calendar on p. 8.


P.O. Box 168, Merrylands. N.S.W. 2160.

P.O. Box 113, Cleveland. QLD. 4163.

255 Benmuni Road, Wanneroo. W.A. 6065.


Greg Massey 02 9773 6899 Brian Hall 07 3829 2222 Alan Haime 08 9279 6427 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]


Tony Gentilcore BH 02 9453 9199 John Forster 07 3282 5544 Stuart Syme Email: [email protected] Laurene Forster 07 3282 5544 Colin Castle 02 9980 2740 Email: [email protected]

08 9299 7231


Virginia Russell 02 4653 1224 Email: [email protected]

Bev Nicholson

08 9405 7451


Lloyd Bracher 02 4572 8394 Linda Hall 07 3829 2222 Gail Hitchcock P.O. Box 4248, Pitt Town. 2756. Email: Email: [email protected] [email protected]

0412 068 101


Peter Allen Gary Ferrett

08 9306 4556 08 9401 1801

02 9601 5005 Doug Hawkins 07 5543 6927 Jim Donis Chris Blakeley 02 9734 6800 R. Grant, P. Dearling, T. Barker Tech. Officers: C. Hinxman 07 3356 9816 D. Hawkins, I. Woodward 07 5545 1271 & R. Grant 07 3202 8702. Membership: Rod Davidson.


Geraldine Massey 02 9773 6899 Peter & Sandra Kraschnefski 07 32021017 Harold Hitchcock 0412 760 980 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]


Jim Russell 02 4653 1224 Dating Officers: P. Dearling, Murray Lizatovich Email: [email protected] D. Hawkins, R. Davidson, C. Hinxman, Examiner: H. van Riel, D. Bradford. Ken Churchman


Mike Doggett


John Gerdtz 02 9629 7957 Brian Hall 07 3929 2222 Email: [email protected] Librarian & QHMC Rep: Colin Gary Ferrett 02 9734 6800 Hinxman [email protected]


Wendy & Claus Gronau

& Website Co-ordinator: Ranald Grant 07 3202 8702


Michael Richmond 0412 404 061 Email: [email protected] Dawn Castle 02 9980 2740 Email: [email protected] 7 Ruth Place, Cherrybrook. 2126

Ranald Grant


08 9299 6774 08 9295 2569

02 9605 5449 Margaret Barker 07 3354 1030 Email: [email protected]

All Members $65

Ph: 07 3202 8702 Lois Haime 08 9279 6427 Fax: 07 3003 1198 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Or: [email protected] 107 Gibson Cr. Bellbowrie. Qld. 4070. 22 Waylen St, Guildford. WA. 6055 All Members $65

$80 (inc. magazine) or $45

Annual Subscriptions are due by 30 June each year BY SUBMITTING CONTENT TO THE B UICK C AR C LUB OF AUSTRALIA INC. IN NSW (BCCA), ARTICLES APPEARING IN THIS MAGAZINE REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE CONTRIBUTOR AND ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE CLUBS. YOU AGREE THAT BCCA CAN USE THAT CONTENT IN ANY WAY, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. BCCA ALSO RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO USE THE CONTENT YOU SUBMIT. Please send “For Sale”and “Wanted” ads, articles, items of interest, tech. questions, solutions, helpful hints, recommendations for restoration supplies & services, recent (or long running) restorations, particularly from country members, and photographs to the magazine co-ordinator of your club. Photographs preferably sent by email. Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced. In order to avoid any errors, all advertisements must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Any part of this magazine may be reproduced, duly acknowledging the source.

…The deadline for all items is the 20th day of the month, for publication in the following month’s magazine. The Buick News

Page 1

August 2014

content that I feel may offend some of our readers.


Ranald Grant (AH) Ph: 07 3202 8702 ..... Fax: 07 3003 1198


i, folks. It’’s July as I write this and its very’, very cold - at least for us Swallows here in Brisbane. We had one day recently in our North Western Suburb when there was ice on the car outside and it was still there at 8am – but of course others have had it tougher with -5 and -7 at Stanthorpe. It’s all too cold for me. ‘ Last months Journal had some interesting articles particularly the story about the 1949 Woody – “Around the World in 80 Days”. I noted the comments about a Ford in the Rally where the electric radiator fan had been connected the wrong way round and it was pushing the air out the front instead of through the radiator. I can relate to that as we had that issue in CAD41 many years back with the Air-Con fan and it similarly contributed to overheating. I was also intrigued at the comments around the 12v Coil and Points and the need for a Resistor etc. I am not sure if all that is totally correct and will research it a little. It’s an amazing story though and I can’t wait for more of it. I was also impressed by the piece on the Grand National Buick. I guess one day we may see them here in Australia when GMH shuffles off the local stage. Maybe even the V8 Cadillacs. There is still no siting of MH370 – its very puzzling and so distressing for the relatives. I am sure lessons have already been learnt about tracking planes and more will be learnt if and when the plane and the “Black Box” are recovered. ‘ We are building a new house directly opposite us and its going very well and we are seeing first-hand the current techniques and especially the tools used today. Almost no 230 volt powered tools on site except the Air Compressor and a Drop Saw all else is cordless and most interesting was the Impact Screwdriver. It will drive in Batten Screws while it is being held by finger and thumb and its effective torque is 150 nm!! I sympathized with the Builders on Thursday as they had a Westerly wind blowing – icy cold and they were fitting Insulating Sarking and Roof Sheeting. That was a tough and very cold day. I guess its like having to do mechanical repairs to Farming Equipment in the fields in Winter – very trying conditions. For our New Members we have 25 years of the BCA Journal all on CD. Contact Colin Hinxman on 07 3356 9816 for a copy at a very nominal cost. It’s a mine of good information.

Last Months Quiz: Q1 – What significance does the presence of Oranges have in the three “Godfather” Films? Answer:- They forecast a violent death or a close call Q2 : What is an Octobass. Answer:- It is a rare 3 stringed Musical Instrument more than 10 feet tall and it needs two players - one to do the bowing and one for the fingering New Quiz’: Where in North America is the largest freshwater island in the world?

My thanks also to all those who send me articles. I regret any formatting errors I introduce in making them ready for publication. I also apologise in advance if I need to ask you to remove The Buick News

Page 2



et’s firstly congratulate the NSW committee on all continuing in their offices for another year. It made for a very fast, efficient Annual General Meeting. It also means you're all still stuck with the current NSW magazine team of Dawn, Colin, Peter, Alistair and your's truly. Thanks for the opportunity once more. As you'll see, we've got our Members "Lessons Learned, Shared" feature in this edition, covering quite a few people's individual experiences with Fuel. A big thank you to those members who have contributed, it is most appreciated. We will have another in a similar vein, so keep an eye out in a later magazine. The Nationals in Perth are almost on our doorstep, and we're really looking forward to publishing lots of great pieces from you out there. So make sure you take something to write or type with and put some batteries in your camera. Don't forget, we like all kinds of stuff, not just car bits and pieces, but road trips, holidays overseas and recipes are all good so keep 'em coming! Time to settle back with a cuppa and see what we've got for you this month. See you in the Spring! Until next month, stay happy, be nice to someone and drive safely.

NSW Magazine Committee - Michael, Dawn, Colin, Peter & Alistair.

MAGAZINE COVER PHOTOS Members please note we are always looking for good quality photos to be printed on the cover of our magazine. They can be forwarded to the following email address: [email protected] and must be at least 1MB in size. The photos should also include the owner’s name and car details. A reminder to all NSW Buick members. If you have changed your email address, please remember to let the Buick Club know so that you will receive notices sent via email. If you are not receiving any emails from the Buick Club, usually regarding Club Runs, please check that we have your up-to-date

August 2014



n Thursday, 17th July 2014, the Club held its Annual AGM Meeting and I am pleased to congratulate the new Committee on their appointments. This year, the Club’s incoming committee is essentially the same as the outgoing committee, which means continuity for the Club. All committee members have submitted their annual reports and you may wish to read them as they are a record of the past year’s activities. I would like to thank the Outgoing Committee for their efforts over the past year. We have all worked well together which has resulted in the Club being in an enviable position. At the moment, our membership is strong, we

are an active group, our monthly runs are well supported and we are in a secure financial position. I would like to acknowledge the work of our Treasurer, Lloyd Bracher who has done an excellent job of managing the Club’s finances. Our magazine is recognised as one of high quality and is the thread that binds us together ensuring all members remain fully informed of the Club’s activities and are able to read interesting articles relating to Buicks and classic cars generally. This is a credit to our Magazine Committee who spend many hours researching and preparing the Magazine. Our Annual Presentation of Trophies and Change Over Lunch was held at Gledswood Homestead, Camden. The event was well attended and the recipi-

ents of awards were very proud of the success of their vehicles at the annual Concours. This year’s Grand Champion Car was Graham Week’s 1963 Skylark Convertible. Congratulations to him and all trophy winners and Runners Up. On a personal note, Geraldine and I will be away for the month of September, travelling with other Buick Club members on the National Meet, this year hosted by the Western Australia Buick Club. I know that a great deal of planning has gone into this event by the WA Club to make it a success. I am sure everyone who attends will have a great time. Enjoy your Buick(s)

Greg Massey



ur annual Buick car Show was held at the Bearded Dragon Hotel at Tamborine Village on the Sunday 29th June and we were greeted by a beautiful warm sunny winter's day. Despite the great weather, there were only 27 Buicks on display which is well down on previous years, but the quality was very high and made the judge's job difficult. Due to the low level of support this year, the Club might need to consider whether we should have a new venue and /or a revised format next year.

I'm sure those Queensland members travelling to Perth later this month will be making sure their cars are checked and double checked for the 3,000 mile (4,800 Klm.) drive, and packing condensed to fit all the luggage and spares in our Buicks. I'd like to remind Queensland members that your club's AGM is on Sunday 5th October at our Club room in Victoria Point. All management positions will be declared vacant and I would urge all members, who are able, to give serious con-

sideration to giving something back to your Club by nominating for one or more of these positions. Linda has been acting in the Secretary's role for some time now and is not prepared to continue as Secretary after the AGM due to other commitments so if the Club is to continue we have to have a new Secretary elected at the AGM. Look forward to seeing you somewhere soon in a Buick.

Brian Hall



he AGM was held on Sunday 13 July 2014 at the VCC Clubrooms at Forrestfield. After the morning tea the AGM proceeded, followed by a General Meeting. Secretary Bev Nicholson, Magazine Coordinator Lois Haime and Committee Member Jim Donis were returned to their vacated positions unopposed. Attendance was good with country members John and Sue Bell driving up from Eaton and John and Kaye Cook from The Buick News

Kukerin. There were a few apologies with some members away on holidays.

the cooking. Thanks to Harold and other helpers.

A motion to increase members’ fees was moved and carried without dissent. Members will have received their subscription renewal forms, with the new fee structure, by now. It will be appreciated if members submit their renewals as soon as possible.

Arrangements for the Nationals are progressing well. The Clubperson(s) of the Year was awarded to the National Meet Committee who have all put in a lot of time and effort so that our local members and visitors can enjoy themselves without any hitches.

As per usual the club provided a sausage sizzle for those present and Event Coordinator hopped-in and took charge of Page 3

Alan Haime

August 2014

New south Wales BUICK MEETING PROGRamme Member Only Access: User Name: series80 Password: BuickAug14

Meeting Programme Co-ordinator: Don Rothnie 0409 820 815 Email: [email protected]

Meetings commence at 8 p.m. CLUB MEETING ROOMS: 134 Queens Road, Five Dock

Aug 21 Thu

General Meeting. Guest Speaker will be Peter Weinher t of Henkel on Loctite products, thread locking, gasket materials, some panel bonding, body sealers, cavity wax (like fish oil). He will bring some hand samples so our members can touch and feel.

Sep 18

General Meeting.


Oct 16 Thu

General Meeting. Guest Speaker will be J oe fr om Tur ner Dr iveshafts and Steer ing will pr esent the range and capability of the Nu-Tech polymer bushing system. A cost effective way of resolving steering/suspension issues in many vintage vehicles

Nov 29 Thu

General Meeting. New south Wales EVENTS CALENDAR

Aug 11 Tue

Gourmet Run to the Inter national College of Manly, 151 Dar ley Road, Manly. Cost $35 per person. Meet at 10 am at McIlwaine Park, Concord Road, Rhodes. Please let Frank or Nancye Hall know ASAP on 9654 8999.


Shannon's Sydney Classic - held at Motor spor t Par k, via Fer r er s Road, Easter n Cr eek. Tickets/ stickers are $15 and our club has 20 tickets in AREA B. Upon arrival, the sticker should be on the windscreen – no entry until it is, so do it before leaving home. Stickers are not meant to last, so don’t apply until the day or just before. Contact Geraldine for ticket/sticker at email: [email protected] Payment to Treasurer - BSB: 062 517 A/c: 2803 0663 ref: (your name + Shannons).

Aug 26Sep 20

Australian Nationals in Perth, WA - Meet in Adelaide, tour Barossa Valley, etc. then drive to Perth six nights in Perth followed by the Post Nationals Tour north along the WA coastline and return via inland road, viewing beautiful wildflowers etc. Contact Events Co-ordinator: Harold Hitchcock 08 9342 3812 (H) or email: [email protected]

Sep 21 Sun

Lugarno Spring Fair at Gannons Par k, Lugar no. Gates open 7:30 – 10:00 am. Departure from 2:30pm Entry via Boatwright Ave, Lugarno. $10 per vehicle charitable donation. Bring your picnic things. Many food and coffee outlets or bring your own. The club tent will be put up and a relaxing day is enjoyed by all who attend. There are many stalls - best to bring cash as some do not take credit cards. There is always a large car display.

Sep ??

The next Spanner and Natter will be at Dream Works Vehicle Restorations (advertiser in our mag) in Warilla (south of Wollongong). It can only be on a Saturday and it will be late in September after the Buick Nationals. If enough people are interested, I will confirm a date with Dream Works. Contact Peter Allen, email [email protected] or phone 9601 5005 to register your interest.

Oct 26 Sun

ChromeFest, The Entr ance NSW. Things to do now ..1. We must get our for ms in ear ly to be able to park together so please don't delay. For guaranteed Buick Group Parking your entry must be in by July 30th 2014. Download the form from or contact Gary Ferrett. Last year, our club was in Zone 2, Marine Parade/Coral Street. 2. Cost per vehicle is $20 for Sunday. Payment options are on the entry form. 3. If you plan to stay overnight on Saturday, 25th October, it may be a good idea to book accommoda-tion early. Last year, some members drove up on Sunday, while some others stayed overnight. Give some thought to attending this great event - lots of fun activities, live music playing, things to see and do, many beautiful cars and trophies. Last year, two Buick Club members won prizes for their cars. The "Lost in the 50's" Museum showcases many of their lovely cars. We are parked in the main area and all the shops are open. There are many food options.Our 2014 Co-ordinator is Gary Ferrett AH: 02 9734 6800 Mob: 0417 218 255 Email: [email protected] ChromeFest contact is Janis 0411 288 815. For more details go to: http:// Gary will advise all entrants of the meeting point. Don't forget to bring your chair.

Dec 7 Sun

CHRISTMAS LUNCH this year will be at Ben and Michelle Spannenber g’s home, 9 Wills Road, Long Point (9605 2199) Put the date in your diary. More details to come. Thanks to Ben and Michelle for offering their home for our Christmas function. RSVP Geraldine; [email protected] or phone: (02) 9773 6899.

The Buick News

Page 4

August 2014

NSW OTHER EVENTS, LOGGED RUNS & SWAP MEETS All American Mystery Cruise Nights invitation to member s to attend their cr uise nights meeting at Par ramatta Pool carpark, O'Connell, Street, Parramatta - contact 0419 695 301 - see following dates: 1st March, 5th April, 3rd May.

Aug 9-10

The Nats are Back in Wagga. Street Machines Nationals. Wagga Showgrounds.

Elite Show Cars, Street Car Show, Wagga

Aug 24

Rose Seidler House Open Day. Classic car display, music, 1950’s fashion enter tainment and food. Walk through the iconic Rose Seidler House with its original furniture and fixtures.

Sep 6 Sat

Aberdeen Neighbourhood Centre invite to 2014 Big Boys Toys & Family Day at Jefferson Park, Aberdeen – 10-2pm. Gates open early for setting up. Trophies will be awarded for various categories, the event is open to cars, bikes, military, trucks, tractors, stationary motors and boats of all ages., there will also have jumping castles, and face painting for the kids, plus vendor stalls and entertainment for mum and dad. Gate entry is a low $2.50/child, $5.00/adult or $10.00/family. Profits support the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Centre. For more information please contact Di Pittard at the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Centre - 6543 8457 or Email [email protected]

Sep 6 Sat

Willoughby Street Fair, Classic Car Alley is held in Chatswood CBD, with stalls, etc, and many visitors. Please complete the application form online ASAP: spring-festival/streetfair-2014-classic-car-alley-form. Individuals can register as well as Car Clubs. This is a fun event that some members have attended in previous years. Contact Bernard Lau 9777 1029 or [email protected] for more into.

Sep 14

Sydney Rock’n’Roll Alternative Market, Manning House, Camperdown - Open: 10:30am – 5:30pm.

Sep 14

Broke Village Fair & Vintage Car Display - 626 Wollombi Road, Br oke. All welcome to come and enjoy a family fun day with stalls, displays, bands, dancing, games and amusements. Please advise attendance if showing your car (displays set up by 9:00am) Maxine Alexander (02) 6579 1036 or [email protected]

Sep 21

Burwood Festival, Classic Car Show & Shine at Bur wood Par k Enter fr om Par k Road into Burwood Park, pay $10 entry. If you wish, your car can be judged by CMC. Trophies given. Email to: [email protected] for information and entry form (by 1 Sept)

Sep 28

Orange Blossom Classic Car Display & Swap Meet. Bull & Bush Hotel, Baulkham Hills. Many of our members enjoy attending this outstanding family day. Entry is free. Lions Club will do the BBQ & Coffee-to-U van will be available from 8:00am. More info: Trevor Leslie at [email protected]

Oct 5

5th Annual Motoring Expo at the Austr alian Motor life Museum Integr al Ener gy Recr eation Par k at Darkes Road, Kembla Grange (Wollongong) - 9.30-2.30 pm, entry fee $10 per vehicle on the day—contact 0408 211 844 or visit

Oct 19

Hunter Elvis Festival, 458 Lake Road, Argenton, 10:00–2:00 Presented by Lost in the 50’s Museum. Show ‘n’ Shine on the grounds of Club Macquarie ( download registration forms at

Nov 2

Kiama Car Spectacular and Family Fun Day at Kiama Showground. Many classic car s, stalls and swap meet. Call Bob: 02 4234 1336 or email : [email protected]

Nov 23

Sydney Rock’n’Roll Alternative Market, Manning House, Camperdown - Open: 10:30am – 5:30pm

2015 May 24

AutumnFest at Black Beach, Kiama, classic car s & motor bikes display, all day long enter tainment, stalls, pet show etc. and conducted by Minnamurra Lions Club, contact John Knox email: [email protected]

Manning Road,

Manning Road,

Sydney Univer sity,

Sydney Univer sity,

Members with vehicles on Conditional Registration should ensure when attending events that a current club magazine is kept in their vehicle at all times. If you are unsure of the rules, please contact the Plates Registrar, Jim Russell. Further details, contact: Geraldine Massey 9773 6899, email: [email protected] To assist members making direct deposits into the club's bank a/c, the details are: BSB 062 517 A/c: 2803 0663 REF: (your name and event). For anyone who does not have an email address, please let me know, so that I can post any notices that are sent by email, thus keeping everyone informed. Ring me on number above. Please leave a message if phone is not answered. The Buick News

Page 5

August 2014

Queensland Buick Events and Activities Calendar Club Meetings and Activities are as follows. I will keep Club Members reminded about and informed of upcoming events by email. Please ensure that I have your current e-mail address – Sandra K.

Aug 9

Club Room Chin Wag with Guest Speaker - morning tea at 10 am following our meeting at 11 am & lunch

Aug 26 Sep 20

Buick Australian Nationals in Perth. Full details on the Buick Owner s Club of West Austr alia website or contact Events Co-ordinator, Harold Hitchcock on 08 9342 3812 (H) or email: [email protected]

Aug 31

Club Run – Mt Tamborine Shed Raid. We will meet at 9.30am at the home of Doug Hawkins (Lot 3 Kilmore Drive, Tamborine) for morning tea and to check out the new container's contents. This will be followed by a drive up the mountain to the home of Nola and Ian Woodward (29 Prospect St, Mt Tamborine) for lunch and another shed raid. Please BYO morning tea and lunch. (Members might like to check out the Jimboomba Swap at Maclean's Bridge on the way to Doug's.)

Oct 5

Our Club AGM - held at the Clubroom. Further information to come.

Oct 19

Club Run - Kilcoy Classics on Wheels – further information to come.

Nov 1

Club Room Chin Wag with Guest Speaker - morning tea at 10 am following our meeting at 11 am & lunch

Nov 23

Club Run - to be held in conjunction with a run organised for QVVA's 50th Anniversary celebrations during the month of November. Further information to come.

Dec 7

Club Christmas Luncheon - further information to come. Events Co-ordinator - Peter & Sandra Kraschnefski 07 3202 1017 Noggin & Natter Night Co-ordinator - Stewart Talbot 07 3396 6941, Mob. 0439 919 808

QUEENSLAND COUNTRY MEMBERS: Please advise of remote events to ensure we put it in the Journal and achieve Compliance with concessional registration requirements.

BCA “NOGGIN & NATTER” Nights listed above are held at the Club R ooms at Victoria Point on the 1st Wednesday night of the month at 6.00 p.m. unless advised otherwise by the Events Director or Stewart Talbot 3396 6941 or Mob 0439 919 808. Keys to the club rooms are held by S Talbot, D Wilson, B Hall, D Hawkins).

Events set up by other "Auto" or related Clubs:-

Note:- these listings are taken from many sources and accuracy is not

guaranteed. Please check with Venues/Organisers if you are interested in any of these events etc.

All events listed below are Buick Club sanctioned events for attendance by our members in their concessional registered vehicles. Emails on most events below will be sent out when they are received by our club. Please contact Sandra ([email protected]) if you are not receiving club emails from her.


Every Saturday All Wheels A Go hold a regular car meet for automotive enthusiasts at Crusty Devil Bakery, Cannon Hill Shopping Centre from 5.30pm onwards. Contact Russell for further information (0412 302 669). First Saturday each month at 5.00pmWoolworths' Car Park at the Logan Village Shopping Centre. Corner of Albert and North Streets, Logan Village. UBD 303 G2. Masters Car Show at Morayfield Masters Centre, Morayfield Rd, Morayfield from 5.00-8.00pm on the first Saturday of every month. Ferry Road Cruise Fri & Sat nites (Jan-Dec 2014) Ferry Road Diner, Ferry Rd, Bundall

Kosmos Cruise Nite Sat Nites (Jan-Dec 2014) Kosmos Café, Behind Hungry Jacks,Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains

Friday Night Cruise at Harry's Diner Newmarket Rd, Newmarket

Munchies Cruise Nite Fri Nites (Jan-Dec 2014) Munchies Diner, Mt. Lindsay Hwy, Acacia Ridge

Gumdale Cruise Nite Sat Nites Gumdale Shopping Centre

Pioneer Village, Old Petrie Town Fri 5-9pm & Sat 7 am onwards.

QUEENSLAND COMMITTEE EMAIL ADDRESSES: President Brian Hall - [email protected] Vice Presidents John Forster - [email protected] Laurene Forster Secretary Acting Secretary - Linda Hall Treasurer Linda Hall - [email protected] Committee Members Doug Hawkins - [email protected] The Buick News

Troy Barker, Paul Dearling, Ranald Grant Technical Officers Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Ian Woodward - TBA Ranald Grant - [email protected] and [email protected] Events Directors — Sandra and Peter Kraschnefski - [email protected] Property Officer – Margaret Barker [email protected] Webmaster, Combined Council Rep and Librarian - Colin Hinxman Page 6

[email protected] Liaison and Journal Editor – Ranald Grant - [email protected] Noggin and Natter Co-ordinator – Stewart Talbot - [email protected] Dating Officers Paul Dearling - [email protected] Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Rod Davidson - [email protected] Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Hans van Riel - [email protected] Don Bradford - [email protected] August 2014

Queensland Buick

Events Calendar contd.

Jul 6

“Muscle on the Mountain” Shown-n-Shine at Maleny Showgrounds, Stanley River Road, Maleny. 9.001.00pm. Further information from Shane/Phill on 0474 487 503. (An email has been sent out to members).

Jul 6

Lakeside's All American Independence Day or ganised by the Pontiac Car Club.

Aug 3

Summerland Sports & Classic Car Club 31st Annual Static Display – Clyde Campbell Car Park 8.00-2.30pm, $5 per vehicle entry fee, further information on 0431 984 410 or 0419 006 302.

Aug 3

Lismore Static Car Show - Summerland Sports & Classic Car Club 31st Annual Static Display – Clyde Campbell Car Park next door to the old Lismore Police Station (access via Keen Street). All Vintage, Classic, Sports, unique Cars and Bikes welcome. Many trophies – judging commences at 9.30 a.m. presentations at 2.00 p.m. Enter on the day - $5 per vehicle. Further information – David Gordon 02 6628 1519 or email – [email protected]

Aug 3

Moocooboola Festival Car Show - all antique, classic or custom cars welcome. Trophies: Best in Show and People’s Choice. The annual Hunters Hill community festival Moocooboola is held on the first Sunday in August at Boronia Park, Hunters Hill. Moocooboola Festival is a wonderful community and family day that has plenty to see and do with over 20,000 people attending throughout the day. Food & Wine * Music * Dance * Market Bazaar, Kids’ Stuff * Grand Parade * All-day Rides * Car Show * Dog Show * Art & Craft * Community Info + more. Contact Adrian Black, Events Coordinator, Hunter’s Hill Council for registration form - 02 9879 9432 OR [email protected]

Aug 10

Rocklea Swap – Rocklea Showgrounds Phone 0412 183 804.

Aug 31

Jimboomba Auto Extravaganza Swap Meet & Vehicle Show - at Maclean Bridge in Tully Park (only entry via Greenbank Road, turning off Mt. Lindsay Highway) $5 entry fee for adults (includes parking) + $5 per vehicle to be judged. Gates open 6 am. Further information on 07 3341 9618 or 07 5537 9445.

Sep 13

Gympie Swap – Phone 07 5482 2303.

Sep 14

Muscle Car Spectacular incor por ating the Mustang Owner s Club 2014 State Concour s at Rocklea Showgrounds. Trade stalls, classic car display and trophies on the day. 9.00am-3.00pm. $5 entry fee.

Sep 14

Beaudesert Swap – Beaudeser t Showgr ounds – Phone 07 5544 9230.

Sep 17-20

National Classic Car Rally - starting in capital cities and finishing in Canberra. An email will be sent with further information.

Sep 21

Eliminators Hot Rold & Car Show & Swap Meet – Beenleigh Showgrounds – Phone 0468 304 955.

Sep 21

“Corvettes on the Coast 2014” American Classic & Muscle Car Show at Br oadwater Par klands. Phone Brad on 0414 730 833.

Sep 28

RACQ Batteries All British Day - St. Josephs College Sportsground, Vivian St, Tennyson (near new tennis centre). Proceeds to QIMR Cancer Research & RACQ Careflight. Further information on 0419 784 680. $15 entry for display cars (inc. passengers) $5 public parking in grounds (inc. passengers) or $2 for walk-ins.

Sep 28

All Holden Day - Toowoomba – Phone 0407 353 959.

Oct 15-19

“Water Wheels Wings” Festival of Elegance – further information to come.

Oct 18

DECADES FESTIVAL is coming to the Mor eton Bay Region on Satur day 18 October at Pine River s Par k, Strathpine. Rewind through time and relive your most unforgettable memories from the 50’s through to the 90’s. Reminisce about the past as the Decades Festival showcases the best of each era, with all the fun of festival markets, stage entertainment, interactive workshops, dance and historical galleries. The 2014 Decades Festival will feature a Car Show with entry open to vehicles between 1950 and 1999. Applications and details on how to register will be available mid-June via

Oct 19

Bundamba Swap at Ebbw Vale soccer gr ounds – Phone 0408 723 800. Canungra Swap - Phone 0418 795 022. Kalbar Swap – Phone 0409 075 919.

Oct 25

South Burnett Motors in Motion at the Kingar oy Aer odr ome.

Nov 8-9

“Swinging Sixties at Autorama” - Gold Coast Antique Auto Club's Annual Rally. Enter by 31 October, limited to 100 entries. Registration at the Club Rooms at 238 Mudgeeraba Rd, Mudgeeraba from 8.00am with the rally to commence at 10.30am. Further information from David on 5577 1787 or website:

2015 Jun

Phone 0428 622 749 or go to

June long weekend - Old Petrie Town Steam Fair – more information to come.

The Buick News

Page 7

August 2014


Aug 26 Sep 20

2014 Buick National Meet. See website for details.

Sep 1 Mon

Breakfast at Fast Eddys. For those not attending the National Meet'n'Greet in South Australia, brekkie will still be on at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together.

Oct 6 Mon

Breakfast at Fast Eddys. J oin us again at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00 for brekkie and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together.

Oct 12 Sun

Mystery Museum—Meeting at Kingsway Shopping Centre, Cnr Hepburn Ave and Wanneroo Rd, Kingsley at 10.00 for a 10.30 departure. It's a short run to our destination and BYO everything for lunch. A BBQ will be available.

Nov 2 Sun

Woodridge (near Guilderton) Spring Fair - details to follow.

Nov 3 Mon

Breakfast at Fast Eddys. J oin us again at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00 for brekkie and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together.

Nov 9 Sun

Maurice Brockwell Run. Details to follow.

Nov 16 Sun Yanchep Annual Picnic. This will be the 4th year we have joined the “Goodfellas” Hot Rod Club for their annual run to Yanchep. This is a very well organised event and last year attracted over 300 Hot Rods and American Classics. Our Buicks were well represented and very well received. BYO everything for a picnic by the lake. Food and drinks are also available at the Yanchep Pub We are meeting at Jim and Beryl’s place ( 6 Jacaranda Drive, Wanneroo) at 9.30am for morning tea, then a 10.15am departure. Nov 23 Sun GM Owners Day—Details to follow. Dec 1 Mon

Breakfast at Fast Eddys. J oin us again at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00 for brekkie and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together.

Dec 7 Sun

Christmas Lunch will be held at 12pm at the Par kerville Tavern, which is situated at 6 Owen Rd, Parkerville. We have booked the restaurant and food will be ordered and paid for as you go. Plenty of parking is available for our BUICKS. Please advise Harold at email: [email protected] if you would like to join the fun by November 16.

Please check our website for updates on events. We will email out updates if anything changes, please ensure we have your correct email address. If you have not previously had an email from us, please email Harold Hitchcock at [email protected] to get on the list.

The Buick News

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August 2014


Margaret Lang

It is with considerable sadness that I advise the Buick Club of the passing of Margaret Lang. Margaret and Frank Lang were active and enthusiastic North Qld Buick Club Members for many years and also participated in Vintage Car activities in their local area. Margaret had been battling Cancer for many years and she is now at peace- Lord rest her soul. She will be greatly missed by her family and many people in the Old Car Community around Australia. RIP Margaret and our condolences to the family at this difficult time. Inserted by R Grant following advice from Bob Matheson.

Qld. Member Tony Caple, took his '55 Buick to the All American at Lakeside Raceway (Qld) on Sunday and he won the Trophy for "Best Chrome" for the event. Considering the number of cars there, and plenty of them worth an absolute fortune, he was pretty impressed to collect anything.

NEW MEMBERS TO QUEENSLAND Welcome to the Buick Car Club Leon and Jenny Whitworth, Burleigh Heads 1957 Roadmaster 2 door hardtop Ari and Outi Blinnikka, North Tamborine 1965 Riviera

Well done Tony!!

An Interesting Titbit A Question – What is the origin of Philips head screws, where did the idea of a Philips head screw come from and/or why was it developed ?. An Answer - I have been told that it was the Aircraft Industry way back when metal bodied planes were being built from Aluminium and they were being screwed together. There was a risk (with the softness of Aluminium) that you could overtighten the screw and strip it out. So the Philips head was designed. If you look at it closely it has a tapered driver bit and the idea is that as it hits the end of the screw travel and load increases, it comes out of the screw rather than continue to drive it in. So that’s why they jump out as they become tight in Timber etc.- they are meant to ! If you don’t want that to happen then you should use a Posidrive Screw - it has straight sides and there are others like Spax etc. Apart from this I have also been told that the Auto Industry favoured them for assembly as the Driver Bit was less likely to slip out than when a straight slot is used and so much less risk that the operator will mark a finish on a Body or Dashboard etc. I would be interested in feedback on this. Ranald Grant.

Gas Conversions A Federal Government scheme intended to encourage more private buyers to jump behind the wheel of LPGfuelled cars has officially ended. It has done little to assist Australian Car Manufacturers. For motorists who converted a pre-owned car -they got $2000 cash back while those that purchased a car “out of the showroom” got $1000. After seven years and more than 317,000 grants paid out worth almost $600 million, the sales for Ford and Holden (the only two local carmakers to offer cars converted to run on LPG) amounted to less than 390 sales a year. The subsidy scheme has spawned a healthy LPG conversion industry that struggles with the legacy of buyers regarding it as a cheap but smelly taxi fuel rather than a serious alternative to petrol and diesel-powered cars. The Governments statistics show that over 7 years the scheme has approved 3629 grants for new cars converted to run on LPG, including vehicles that were bought new but converted to run on LPG before they left the showroom.

(Qld. Editors Note- I cannot sort out the maths of all this or where the $600 million actually went but overall it seems like another massive waste of Taxpayers Money.)

The Buick News

Ranald Grant.

Page 9

August 2014


towards Fernvale.

After a howling westerly wind on the Friday, our planned “mountain climb” run on Sunday turned out to be a beautiful Winter's day. We met up with John and Laurene at College's Crossing near Ipswich for the drive to Pullenvale to meet up with everyone for morning tea. We went to the car boot to get the morning tea box out – and the boot wouldn't open! What are we going to do! The Run Notes were also in the boot! We had had a boot issue on our return from the Riviera run to Bathurst but Peter had “fixed” the problem. We'll wait for Col to arrive, says Peter and John. After just about jumping on the boot and trying everything, nothing was budging.

Now, that's another story – we had quite a steep descent to negotiate and as we're travelling along I thought I could smell burning brakes (maybe?) - either us or perhaps John ahead of us. No sooner had I checked via the two-way, with Laurene saying they had new brake pads, when we could see smoke coming from “Princess”. We pulled over to the side of the road for “Princess” to cool down for awhile – which she did – and we were soon back on the road. Our journey continued with no further dramas, thank goodness. With boots not opening, bonnets up, brakes and other car issues, today had been an interesting one. Thank you to all who joined us for our “mountain climb” today. We look forward to another “mountain” run in August to the Hawkins & Woodwards at Mt Tamborine.

Sandra K raschnefski

One last turn of the key – and voila! - the boot magically opened! It must have been Divine Intervention. By this time, Members were starting to arrive, so we all gathered around for a cuppa – and the obligatory “look under the bonnet”. Paul Dearling had arrived with a car problem so it was all heads under the bonnet. We welcomed Gail and Darryl Rush to our run today – their first outing with us for 2014. Others to join our group today were Margaret & John Barker, Adrian, Vicki and Mitch Dearling, Aileen & John Curry and Martin Jansen joined us along the way. We left the park about 10.15 am and made our way through the leafy suburbs of Pullenvale, Brookfield and The Gap, through the Mt Coot-tha Forest and onto Waterworks Road and our journey towards Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious. We continued through the D'Aguilar National Park, enjoying the sounds of the bellbirds as we passed several turn offs to a variety of walking and viewing spots above the Samford Valley.

Learned Discussion about Mountaineering Hassles.

It was a long and winding climb up the mountain with the many motorcyclists and pushbikes adding to each tricky corner we had to negotiate. By the time we arrived at our lunch destination at Wivenhoe Lookout, Paul Dearling had pulled out with a car sick child and Vicki was also feeling the effects of a winding uphill climb. We were all able to sit at the one covered picnic table area and enjoy our lunch. Unfortunately the viewing platform with great views to Wivenhoe Dam had been closed since our previous visit to organise the run. After much chatting and eating, we all made our way home, some back via Mt Glorious and down through Samford, while the Forsters and us continued on down the mountain The Buick News

The 3 Wise Men "Shadrak Meshak errr no John Adrian and Col".

Page 10

August 2014

Photos taken at the mountain climb run to Mt. Nebo & Mt. Glorious

The GS of Darryl and Gail Rush

The view you should have seen from Wivenhoe Viewing Platform .

The Gang at the Old Bull and Bush -Morning Tea and Prayers by Laurene.

Tara Hinxman, Vicki Dearling, Adrian Dearling and Aileen Curry.

The Buick News

Page 11

August 2014

Qld Buick Show Day - Tamborine

Here are the lucky winners from the day.

It was a great to see a lovely fine day for our annual Buick Car Show held on Sunday, 29th June at the Bearded Dragon Hotel at Tamborine. As the day progressed a cold wind did blow across the fields but this was a welcome change to the cold and wet conditions of last year’s show.

Best 1930 & earlier: Colin Hinxman - 1930 - 45 Best 1931 - 1939: Adrian Dearling - 1938 Conv. Coupe Best 1940 - 1949: Bryson Talamini - 1941 Special Sedanet Best 1950 - 1959: Hans van Riel - 1955 Roadmaster Conv. Best 1960 - 1969: Val Roots - 1962 Skylark Best Post 1970: Bayne Card - 1970 Electra Conv. ( Sorry no photo ) Best Modified Buick: Adrian Dearling - 1938 Conv. Coupe

Twenty-seven Buicks were displayed in the grounds of the hotel with a great variety of Buick models from 1930 to 1978. The cars looked great and attracted a considerable crowd and of course a great deal of chatting between members. It was a little disappointing that the hotel was not able to provide breakfast. Seems there was some hiccup in their management and they actually ran out of food. However, coffee was still available and welcome on a cold day.

Best Buick of Show: Jim and Bev Humphreys - 1957 Caballera wagon People’s Choice of Show: Hans van Riel - 1955 Roadmaster Conv. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who brought their Buicks to make such an impressive display of these fine vehicles.

I am sure the judges had a difficult time selecting the various winners as there were many beautiful Buicks on display.

Brian Hall.

Adrian Dearling 1938 Hot Rod

Bryson Talamini 1941 Special

Colin Hinxman 1930

Jim & Bev Humphreys' 1957 Caballera

Val Roots' 1963 Skylark

Hans Van Riel 1955 Roadmaster The Buick News

Page 12

August 2014

NSW COMMITTEE CHANGEOVER & PRESENTATION OF TROPHIES 20TH JULY 2014 A cool morning greeted us as we prepared to leave in our ‘50 Buick for the Changeover luncheon at Gledswood Homestead, so the heater was turned on flat out for the one hour drive. It was just like the Commodore, too hot for one and too cold for the other. But, a compromise soon made us both comfortable. On arrival at Gledswood, it was great to see that most members brought their trusty Buicks. After arrival, the wine tasting was mentioned, so we all moved inside to a very nice room with double open fires and air-con to warm up the barn style room very successfully. The wine tasting helped as well with a jug of mulled wine on each table to get started. Our new (old) President called us to order and got us seated and thanked the new (old) Committee for their work over the last 12 months. Then handed over to me as M.C. Peter Allen was called up to present trophies for the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s. Then our main course served “Christmas in July” - with turkey, ham, beef, seafood and all the trimmings plus plenty left over for seconds. No wonder I’m putting on weight. “It’s not my fault”. It’s the food. More presentations ensued with Gary Ferrett presenting the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s and then the trophy to our Grand Champion, Graham Weekes, who dedicated the win to Narelle as the ‘63 Skylark was her car. Presdient, Greg, moved on to Clubperson of the Year with the trophy going to Gary Ferrett—a well deserved win. Congratulations to all the trophy winners on the day and thank you to the organisers—a great venue, terrif staff and food. I’m sure we will be back to such a great place.

Colin Castle.

1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012



Gerry Wilson Ken Harding Ron Senior John Gerdtz Neil Mashman Basil Keir David McCredie John Neale Graham Mackintosh Don Jones Ron Noonan Yvette Jones Neil Kelly Judy Bogg Roy Pegler John Brodie Graham Hamilton Eric North Fay Kelly Roy Pegler John Brodie Reece McCormack Ken Rallings Colin Castle Ken Knight Gordon Ball Peter Allen Dawn Castle Peter Allen Virginia Russell John Gerdtz Owen Mansford Alistair Turnbull Graham Weekes Jim Russell Allan Adams Tony & Barbara Gentilcore Dawn Castle Bob & Jan Caleo Greg & Geraldine Massey

Barbara Gentilcore

LIFE MEMBERS Clubperson of the Year Gary Ferrett with presentation made by Greg Massey.

The Buick News

Page 13

John Gerdtz Eric North John Brodie Basil Keir Peter Allen August 2014


BEST 1930-39 Hans Spannenberg

BEST 1950-59 Dawn (& Colin) Castle

It’s not often you catch them at both ends. BEST 1970-MODERN Tony Gentilcore N.S.W. Club Concours Trophy Winners

GRAND CHAMPION & BEST 1960-69 Graham Weekes The Buick News

Page 14

August 2014

Members’ Lessons Learned and Shared This month "FUEL" Members write of their experiences with Modern Fuels.


by Bryson Talamini

There is no shortage of articles on this question, however most have been written from a chemical perspective by oil industry people. The following are my conclusions after experimenting with various cars since the demise of leaded petrol and the introduction of ethanol. The cars and engines involved are 1926 Chandler side valve sixes, 1937 Cadillac side valve V8, 1941 and 52 Buick OHV straight 8, 1946 Jaguar OHV 6, and 1956 Jaguar OHC 6. Only use 95 or 98 octane. Regular 91 may contain some ethanol, depending on where you are. Mandatory indication on the pump may only be required at 10% or above. Ethanol also absorbs water and we are advised to use the fuel within three months. I have only used 95 and 98, (which do not contain ethanol), in old and modern cars and never had problems with corrosion and rubber deterioration. Keep your tank full. Following a reasonable run, if you are not going to use your car within the next ten weeks you should fill up. On the ‘56 Jaguar I had to repair the fuel gauge sender which is on the side of the tank, requiring less than ¼ full for access. It was very difficult to re-start the engine and took two refills for it to run properly. The tank had been low and open to the air for three months, although it did not smell ‘off’. I did a slow engine rebuild on the 46 Jaguar, and the fuel had been in the tank for eighteen months when I drained it out; you could really smell it was ‘off’. From this and similar experiences I think you should have no problem for six to twelve months if your tank is full. It depends on whether you added 90% or 10% new fuel when you last filled it, and if it’s in a dry enclosed shed. The extra cost of 95. Not as bad as you might think. On all the cars, (except the vintages), I have done many fuel consumption tests on reasonably flat roads while on trips. I always filled the tank and recorded miles and fuel used. Typically there was a fuel consumption improvement of around 5% over ethanol-free 91. For example, if you got 17mpg on 91, at $1.50 per litre doing 1,000 miles per year, using 95 instead would have cost an extra $11. (You would only need to go to 98 if your compression ratio was above about 8.5.) Additives. If your car was not designed for unleaded, (i.e. pre 1986), and has not been reconditioned with hardened valve seat inserts, you should use a lead substitute, especially The Buick News

if it cruises above 3,000 rpm. Use a substitute which meets Australian Standard AS4430.01-1996. (I only know of two). I have always used this and have removed cylinder heads after thousands of miles with no sign of valve seat recession. (This problem was thoroughly tested in England and Sweden in the nineties.) For thirty years I have also used an upper cylinder lubricant to minimise valve guide wear, to which the OHC Jaguar engines to 1980 were prone; it was even recommended in the owners’ manual. However I put it in all the older engines and it certainly greatly reduces valve guide wear.


Fuel Story

by Ranald Grant.

A common topic is - what fuel should we use in our Classics? I have used 98 Grade ULP for some years now and the reasons are: If I do careful measurements on CAD41 when we go on Runs that we repeat (so we have similar driving situations within reason) I get about a 15% improvement in Fuel Economy . This is greater than the extra cost of the 98 fuel. However I will be the first to admit that true comparisons are only valid if the test is under ideal and totally duplicated conditions with a measured amount of fuel in a Test Container etc. etc . In my case 15% is about 1.5 to 2 mpg so I reckon its arguable but I still think we do better. My second test or example is possibly more valid and it comes out of a trip to Perth in 2004 with Rod Davidson and Graham Eastgate in Rods 1938 and we decided to try some 98 Fuel. We had 100 miles or so of dead flat and straight running to check it across the Nullarbor and we had good records of fuel consumption on the same road up to that point. In this case it made about a 15% improvement for about 10% increase in cost. I believe that was probably the better measure. We also stopped at a Caravan Park somewhere and the guys there said that in the small town we were in, the Couriers used only 98 fuel for the better economy it gave. From those two tests I decided that we would use 98 always. Other factors for me are a Compression Ratio of about 7.5 to 1, I use a Flashlube Kit where the engine vacuum sucks in the Flashlube compound continuously, we have Pertronix Ignition, and we keep a close eye on the Carburet-

Page 15

August 2014

tor etc. at each Service - so I think we are generally in a good state of tune and I am sure that helps.


FUEL PROBLEMS OF A 1929 BUICK by Colin Castle I have been having fuel problems with the ‘29. I thought she was just upset because I have been paying too much attention to the ‘50. But, alas, it was more than that. Let me explain what was happening. When I start the car cold, it runs beautifully for about 20kms and the engine is nice and hot. Then it starts to backfire and run rough, no power to pull up hills, but can be coaxed along okay at about 60kph. Not at all like she should. That’s the problem. But, what to do about it is the saga. I have had the carbi off a number of times to check it out x Adjusted float level x Reseal float I thought it may have been sinking after a few kms x Check jets x Check standpipe lengths x Check tail clearance x Check gaskets x Check air valve Yes, you’ve got it, I check everything. NO BETTER!!!!! I might add, I’ve done this a few times in case I missed something. Then I notice a tappet noise, so maybe the tappets need adjusting. That’s easy. So, I adjust the tappets but they are pretty good so, NO BETTER!!!!!! Can you guess what’s next? Yes, off to the distributor, maybe the advance springs are worn out or fallen off. Here we go again x Check points x Check gap x Check bearings x Check condenser x Check mechanical advance springs. All looks okay. NO BETTER!!!!!!!! Give up? There’s not much to an old engine and I have fixed everything so I put the car away again and let it sulk. A month later, I need to move the car, so I open the bonnet to make sure I haven’t left anything unfinished. It seems okay, so I start it and get out to have a look to see if all is okay. Open the accelerator and the engine backfires but I The Buick News

see something come from the top of the engine. A little puff of vapour, so I grab a spanner and tighten the inlet manifold bolts, some only finger tight. As I tighten them, the idle gets smoother and I think what a dope. How easy was that. Why do we always bypass the easy things and go straight to the hard things. The car runs nicely now. But now I have the car on club plates, so I haven’t taken it on a long run, but I feel confident again.




by Lois Haime

On a recent visit to Singapore, a friend and I visited Fort Siloso on Sentosa Island. There is a wonderful World War 11 museum at the site of the famed Singapore guns, the guns that were part of the Fortress Singapore myth preJapanese invasion. Unfortunately in December 1941, one hour and ten minutes before Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbour, the Japanese landed on the beaches of Kota Bharu in the north of Malaya. The fall of Singapore and the surrender of allied troops by Lieut Gen A E Percival is well known in the annals of history. However, there is a misconception that the Fort Siloso guns were pointing out to sea and were never fired in anger. This is not true. The guns had all-round traverse ability and on 13th and 14th February, 1942, to prevent the huge oil supplies in Singapore being taken by the Japs, the guns were swung around 180°. They commenced firing on the oil tanks and installations at Pulau Bukom and Pulau Sebarok. The pall of smoke from the burning oil hung over Singapore island for days. The guns also took out a Japanese troopship approaching Singapore. Japan was desperate to make use of the Singaporean oil fields (perhaps they were so short of fuel that is why their soldiers had to ride bikes down the Malay Peninsula - some 500 km – to reach Singapore!). Actually the bike ride had been planned some years earlier and the Japs knew that Malaya had good hard roads and that they could move large numbers of soldiers quickly by bicycle. Unfortunately, Singapore could not be defended due to lack of RAF air cover and Fort Siloso gun emplacements and the other three gun emplacements in the area were bombed by Japanese planes. The Fort Siloso guns were “spiked” by the British troops before being captured. The museum has incredibly real displays of the surrender of Singapore by the British and also the later surrender of Singapore by the Japanese.

Page 16

August 2014

Lt. Gen. Percival was surprisingly credited with being an astute military man and had suspected that the Japs would invade from Malaya and not from the sea. The worst thing about this was that he did nothing about it, perhaps he was caught up in afternoon tea dances at Raffles Hotel. The point is that fuel supplies are always a military target. Whereas an army marches on its stomach (Napoleon), a modern army marches towards fuel supplies. The Singapore gun.

Lois (WA Buicks)

minimises inconvenient roadside changes. If your car starts to cough and jerk it is most likely the filter about to become completely blocked. If it won’t start it’s probably easiest to first check for spark by removing the lead from the centre of the distributor. Looking at the fuel filter doesn’t help as they always contain fuel and appear to be clean. The next easiest, if you have a typical carburettor on top of the manifold, (i.e. a down draught), is to remove the air cleaner, pump the accelerator a couple of times, and see if fuel squirts into the throat. If you have an electric fuel pump switch it on and it should make a clicking or a whirring noise, depending on type. Then replace your accessible filter, which is a lot easier than replacing the mechanical or electrical pump. Now you should reach your destination in time for happy hour!



COUGH….COUGH….Oooooh! by Bryson Talamini

Thirty years ago I bought my first vintage car, a 1927 Chandler Roadster, and the Talamini family were off on their initial club run. Top down, dicky seat occupied, with everyone having a ball on a quiet country road when, with a few coughs, we stopped. This was the pre mobile phone era, but numerous following members soon arrived to help. A bit of dislodged crud from the fuel system had stuck in the carburettor. Of course there was no fuel filter so I soon installed a generic in line type, and had no further trouble. Every car needs to have one installed in an accessible location and a spare in the boot. Contrary to popular belief the cause of the problem is rarely dirty fuel, (although that did happen to me once from a servo I had occasionally used), but it arises because cars remain unused for years with resulting rust, scale and corrosion in the fuel system, mainly in the tank. No amount of cleaning etc. ever seems to get rid of every little piece that might later fall off. A fuel filter can handle this quite well. However on a few occasions I have had to roadside replace the filter, which is why it needs to be accessible. From each car’s log book I reasoned that the filters should be replaced after 3,000 miles, irrespective of how they look, and they cost very little. It also seems that the Ryco Filters in a metal housing trap dirt and water while the more common Ryco Filters in a Plastic/Nylon housing trap dirt but not water- this latter type may be a little cheaper but the difference is small . This The Buick News

by John King

I have a copy of a letter to the Hudson Corporation from 1927 where a lady customer is asking if she needs to use the new Leaded Fuel in her 1927 Hudson car. They told her that she did not need to use Leaded Fuel as all of their cars were designed for Unleaded Fuel. When I was young, Amoco Super was the recommended fuel for Colman Lanterns and Stoves as it was unleaded and undyed fuel. No talk back then of having to rebuild motors to cope with Unleaded Fuel. The change seemed to come in with the introduction of high compression motors. There was 0.6 grams of lead per litre of fuel and that would add several octane numbers to the fuel. It was more of an economics thing I think, the change to Unleaded was mandated and reduced profits as fuel is a low cost high volume business to make a profit from it. The harder you had to run your refinery to make octane the more loss per barrel to gasses that were uneconomical and unable to be converted to petrol. We reached peak petrol USAGE back in 2007 to 2008 with smaller and more economical cars. The land the refiners are on is worth more than they can make manufacturing fuel. The large Asian refineries have excess capacity so we are seeing the closing of the Australian refineries, perhaps to escape the cash cow attitude of Australian Governments. Within two years we will be down to perhaps two refineries, one in Victoria and one in WA, with almost all bitumen and fuels being imported. I will check my shed to see if I still have any of the original engine and tech sheets from AMOCO from when I started in the early 70's with them. I may have given them all away to the Maleny Car Club.


Qld Editors Comment- fascinating and if John finds any Technical material we will publish it .

Page 17

August 2014


By Bob Farrow

With the ever increasing technology built into motor vehicles, the humble fuel gauge seems to be obsolete. The trip computer has taken over telling the driver how far you can go before running out of fuel. This may be the way of the future and now, but the trip computer lulls the driver into a false sense of security, as one of my daughter’s found out running out of fuel with the computer saying that there was still 50kms of fuel left. Another friend of mine is always telling me how far he can still go on his Harley according to the trip computer, not looking at his odometer to see how far he has ridden since the last fuel stop. My point in all this is why are we relying on these computers that are in our vehicles and not the one we were born with i.e. our own brain. At this point in time, my fuel gauge on my Harley drops to empty 40kms after I fill it up but I know how far I can travel on the available fuel in the tank because I work out my fuel usage when I fill up. Now, I don’t let it get to the last drop but when I do fill up, I can estimate beforehand the amount I have used. Last year, I did a solo 9,000km round trip to Darwin on my Harley via Adelaide, Alice Springs, Longreach and never went close to running out of fuel. So, turn off your trip computer, look at the fuel gauge, fill your tank, fill it again when it gets to ¼ of a tank, work out the vehicle’s range (in your head) and use the computer you were born with. I know as we all get older, the old adage, move it or lose it, is bandied around, well this I think also goes for our brain (as the doc’s keep telling us). With more and more technology around thinking for us, this is one exercise we can do for ourselves.


SO YOU THINK YOU HAVE VAPOUR LOCK by Bryson Talamini Well you probably have! Now, what to do about it? The primary cause is because today’s fuel is far more volatile and boils at a lower temperature than fuels in use before about 1950. In vintage cars with vacuum tanks, gravity pushes the fuel from there down into the carburettor. If the interconnecting pipe is subjected to excessive heat modern fuel can boil and the flow of bubbles back up interrupts the fuel flow. It can The Buick News

generally be over come by pipe insulation and relocating the pipe further away from the engine, especially the exhaust. A heat shield can help as long as it doesn’t inhibit air flow. A last resort is to fit an electric pump back near the fuel tank, with the fuel line altered to remain along the chassis rail until it is beside the carburettor. On cars with a mechanical pump the problem is mostly because the fuel boils in the pump which can’t pump a mixture of gas bubbles and liquid. There are a few solutions. If you want to appear totally authentic you can replace the pipe from the tank to the pump with one of 3/8 inch internal diameter; I have tried this and it works. (This is because it increases the ‘net positive suction head’ so the pump won’t cavitate, but I’m getting too technical here!). However I think the best system is to install a diaphragm type electric pump, an ECCO 15LM12,, from Repco, works well. (For 6 volt you may have to use the Airtex pump below). Install it on the side of the chassis rail towards the rear wheel. Tee an extra line into the existing, line (downstream of the filter); this line then goes in and out of the new pump and tees into the line on the outlet side of the mechanical pump. Install a toggle switch and in line fuse under the dash and wire it from the ignition switch, or any supply point that is live only when the ignition is on. Diaphragm pumps have integral check valves so an additional one is not required. (Airtex is not diaphragm but comes with its own separate check valve). You can switch on the electric pump to fill the carburettor before cranking, when the car has not been used for a week or so; this will eliminate excessive cranking, which is bad for starter motor and battery life. Switch off and run on the mechanical pump, unless vapour lock occurs or the mechanical pump fails. If your vapour lock is very persistent, i.e. not just occasionally in summer, you could go to a full time electric rotary pump, which has a longer life than the diaphragm type. E.g. for 6 volt: Airtex 8011, 5-8psi, 30gph, and for 12 volt: Carter P60430, 4-6psi, 30gph, limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true &lpid=107 (Or Google other sources). Install the pump in the same location as above, but cut it into the existing fuel line. At the mechanical pump disconnect both the line to the carburettor and the inlet line, (i.e. the one from the electric pump), and join them together. You don’t want the electric pump pushing fuel through the mechanical pump because fuel would flow into the sump if the diaphragm split. You can leave the mechanical pump as a semi-installed spare, and if it is the combination type fuel/vacuum pump, it can continue to pump vacuum for the vacuum wipers. Wire the pump as above and you can still use it to fill the carburettor before cranking.

Page 18

August 2014

Occasionally vapour lock occurs in the pipe between the pump and the carburettor, especially when idling. If the pipe is close to the exhaust manifold, and horizontal, or worse sloping down, the slow moving fuel at idle is in the pipe for long enough to boil. The idling pump can’t push the bubbles along the pipe into the float bowl, (which is vented), and the pipe gets blocked. The remedy is the same as for vintage car vapour lock as described above. The constant speed of the electric pumps generally will overcome this problem. I have used all of the pumps referred to above.



by Peter Stone

My only comment on fuel is an anecdote from our Nanua trip. The last fuel stop after Wentworth was 100 miles up the Broken Hill Road. We all left Wentworth with full tanks and the results for three vehicles were: Model A Ford Ute: Used 9ltrs which equals 5.63 litres per 100kms and 50 mpg per gallon. 1928 Chrysler 6 Tourer: Used 22ltrs which equals 13.75 litres per 100kms and 20.5 mpg. 1927 Buick Master Ute: Used 42ltrs which equals 26.25 litres per 100 kms and 10.74 mpg.

Qld Editor Comment :- I would not have thought that the Buick would normally use fuel at that rate and my guess is that 18 litres per 100 kms or about 15 to 16 mpg would be more the go. It is also interesting to note that Model A's have been tested and proved to have very low pollution in the exhaust output and I suspect that's because it comes close to the classic IC Design Principles espoused by Smith in his “Bible” on “Gas Flow in IC Engines”. Ranald.


by Don Mayton USA

Although I have heard of some real problems regarding the modern fuels for years, I have been filling my cars including a semi-modern 1975 GMC motor home (50 gallons US) with fuel and then topping off the tanks to remove any air, pouring in a quart of oil on top for a sealer and storing them up to 3 years. I usually don’t have a vehicle go that long before I use up the fuel but my wife had not taken the motor home on a trip for several years. So far no problems. With real long term storage, I have had friends having to rebuild fuel systems from gas tanks to the carburettors.

The Gabble from Gibson"

by R Grant, Qld

Hi Folks, It’s a bit of an “Automotive Stew “ this month but here goes; 1 -- Tesla the USA EV Maker expects to sell 35,000 EV’s globally in 2014. The prices range from $96,000 to $134,000. How do you build an Auto Business on that volume? If they were all the most expensive model, the Gross Sales Revenue would be $4.7 billion, out of which comes Manufacturing Costs, Profit, Factory Construction Costs, Warranty Provision etc – the economics has me beat. 2 -- Renault Kangoo has a GPS option – it costs a cool $950 – I think I will stick with my $120 Tom-Tom. 3 -- In our buying decisions it seems that; x We are seeing a rise in sale of 1 Tonne Ute’s and larger SUV’s. x A fall in sales of light cars. x Engine power is a prime motivator. x Petrol is preferred to diesel. Auto Transmissions are “king”. 4 -- We are much higher in CO2 emissions than other countries but I cant grasp what that means and/or whether it’s a real problem. If we are measuring something like this and we find we are 2% well that is double 1% but is 2% a real problem - I am really struggling with this. I know that we have CO2 targets but are they a valid thing or just somebody’s idea. 5 -- Globally we have about 50 million tyres a year to dispose of and recycling rate is about 16% so its big problem. 6 -- The US Post Office tried an EV in the 1980’s called the Grumman Kurbwatt - Google for an interesting story . 7 -- The new Hyundai Genesis (a large car) is set to arrive maybe Nov 2014 although that may change. Looks like a great car in the $50,000 to $60,000 price range. 8 -- The new Hyundai i20 is coming from Turkey with some claims as to better build quality than those sourced from the factory in India. 9 -- Toyota has made a $437 million loss. 10 -- There is a push to mandate some emission standards and halve fuel consumption by 2025 (or as the article put it - double fuel economy – err what?). 11 -- We are soon to see a new VW Passat Hybrid, which is packed with “High Technology” and has very good performance. No idea of cost yet. 12 -- Hyundai is to re-release the Sonata. Sounds like it has had a major revamp. We had an earlier Sonata and it was an unbelievably troublesome car. 13 -- Toyota is having a squawk about the Luxury Car Tax. They claim getting rid of it will save about $470 per car on 19 of their models including Lexus and assist buyers decisions. They can’t be serious. $470 dollars influencing the purchase of a Lexus – what a load of “horse-droppings”. 14 - It seems we had a Govt funded program called Automotive New Markets Program for the benefit of Car Parts Makers as they have to re-jig their business as Holden and Ford "fade away". They only handed out $18 million. So??? 15 -- Great Wall Vehicles (a Chinese Manufacturer) is getting hit hard in sales as other makers cut prices and competition generally heats up. 16 -- Qld based Performax International is now approved to re-engineer the 2014 F250 Truck and the first one may be delivered in August. Top Price may be around $125,000 and the vehicle runs a 6.7 Litre V8 Diesel with 294kw of power (396 HP) and 1084 Newton metres of torque. Wow !!


Don (USA).

The Buick News

Page 19

August 2014


Chairman, Alan Haime opened the meeting at 11.25am and welcomed all members. ATTENDANCE: 16 member s & families. APOLOGIES: Stuar t & Delys Syme, Car oline & Colin Howe, Ian & Margaret Baxter, Mel Broun, Ken & Jill Churchman, Les & June Woodruff, Alan & Ros Hunt, Chris Blakeley, Nathan McLennon, Luke Geneve, Susan Niksic, Sherrin Barker, Lynne Bettens. VISITOR: Milan Klor ich. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS AGM: Held on 18th August, 2013 were read out by the Secretary. Moved to Accept: Alan Haime. Seconded: Harold Hitchcock. BUSINESS ARISING:


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Alan Haime r ead out his report which will be printed in the Buick News and also placed on the website. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gail Hitchcock. Opening Balance (as at 30th June, 2013) $7,219.82 Income: Subscriptions 1,855.00 Donations 1,153.00 Bank Interest 22.71 Events 3,170.00 Council of motoring refund 77.00 2014 NATIONALS: Expression of Interest 220.00 Registration 5,900.00 Order Forms 18,813.00 TOTAL RECEIPTS 31,210.71 + Expenses: Buick News 2,917.60 Affiliation Fees CMC 150.00 Web Page/Hostaway 141.00 Miscellaneous Items Stationery 19.25 Refunds 95.00 AGM Amenities 59.00 Trophy engraving 24.95 Audit 50.00 AGM Hall hire 50.00 OAMPS Insurance 833.14 Bank Interest 3.75 Events 2,978.50 2014 NATIONALS: Events 440.00 Accommodation 473.15 Order form payments 2,409.50 Unpresented cheque - 75.00 The Buick News

TOTALEXPENSES Closing Balance as at 27th June, 2014 Moved to Accept: Gail Hitchcock Seconded: Lois Haime.

10,569.84 $27,860.69

EVENTS REPORT: Har old Hitchcock gave a summary of the events held during the past year. The full report will be placed on the website. MAGAZINE REPORT: Lois Haime reported that the magazine covers for the past year have been quite eyecatching with some lovely Buicks on display - especially the cover featuring Ric and Bev Beazley’s red convertible on the beach. This was the sort of photo that Time/ Life magazines used for car advertisements. So thanks to the Beazley’s for having the initiative to send in their car photo! Articles from WA members are still light on. I feel there is a hidden treasure trove of articles out there amongst the blokes which probably members Australia wide would be interested in reading. There is a wealth of renovation experience and expertise which is lying dormant and needs to be excavated, so instead of commenting about the lack of WA content in the magazine, you need to contribute to it and get rid of writers block. We don’t need the second volume of War and Peace, often a page and a few photos featuring a time during your renovation when something fell into place, inadvertently and the whole of your garage was lit by a rosy glow and instead of clomping into the house, you came in with a smile on your face. For the benefit of members who haven’t read the latest magazine - the NSW magazine committee has asked if members could contribute an experience you might have had with FUEL, perhaps an interesting, horrible or funny experience. They’re only looking for a page. I think this will be a fun read if members do contribute. Hopefully the National Meet will generate some good articles. REGISTRAR REPORT: Mur r ay Lizatovich also gave a summary of what is happening in regard to the new code 404 regulations. The Council of Motoring Clubs is in contact with the Department of Transport and hopefully the new code regulations will be passed shortly. There are now 20 cars on concession with our Club with several more cars nearing completion and being licensed in the near future. Of the cars inspected this year 2 had very serious defects which the owners were not aware of and were most appreciative when found as they could have caused serious damage or worse, an accident. During the year some members requested that we investigate changing our licensing similar to the permit & logbook system that applies in Victoria. The log book & recording that would be needed was totally rejected by the Department of Transport as too expensive and time

Page 20

August 2014

consuming as had been noted in previous discussions. He also mentioned Queensland had a review and rejected the log book system – refer page 12 of the July 2014 Buick News. This year Murray intends raising with Management the issue of members having other makes of vehicles being eligible to be listed under the Buick Club 404 scheme. ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS: As no nomination forms were received by the due date, retiring office bearers were able to be nominated from the floor. Peter Nicholson nominated all three committee members as follows:Secretary: Bev Nicholson Magazine Co-ordinator: Lois Haime Committee: Jim Donis Seconded: Alan Haime All were re-elected unopposed. CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR: Chairman, Alan Haime presented this award to the 2014 National Meet committee. The AGM concluded at 11.55 am and was followed immediately by the General Meeting. See GM minutes below.

W.A. PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL REPORT We have had another outstanding year thanks to the dedication and efforts of the Committee. I would like to especially acknowledge the superb voluntary effort that our Committee has put into the National preparations. Amongst other tasks, Jim and Beryl have been responsible for printing the National Magazine, Lois and Bev have arranged the accommodation and meals, Stuart and Murray were responsible for organising the National and postNational runs, Harold has coordinated and ordered the paraphernalia, and, last but not least, Gail has handled the registrations and finances. We extend special thanks to Les Woodruff, our Club Life Member, who donated very generously towards the running of the National. The Committee has reviewed the Club membership subscription fees for the coming year 2014/15 and will be recommending a new fee structure. The recommended fees have been influenced by the hardcopy (printed) and online magazine costs, as well as the ongoing annual nonmagazine costs, for such items as insurance, CMC affiliation and the website. The following membership fees will be proposed: 1.

Membership with the hardcopy plus online Buick News magazine—$80.


Membership with the online Buick News magazine (no hardcopy) - $45.

These fees will result in the same base contribution of $27 for non-magazine expenses for each member. This is a more equitable fee structure than in the past, where members receiving the online Buick News contributed more to non-magazine expenses than those receiving the hardcopy Buick News. Last financial year our membership increased to 69 from 65 in the previous year. The new members that joined during the 2013/14 year were: Greg & Rhonda Trew - 1973 Riviera Boattail Paul & Laura Linge - 1967 GS 400 Coupe Jim Hubery - 1937 Roadmaster Sedan David & Karen McCracken - 1956 Century Kris & Annette Redmond - No vehicle information. Numbers for the National, to be held in August – September, have shaped up well. We have 65 registrations, most of which include a Buick with two or more persons on board. The total number of persons attending at least one of the events will be 135. We have 25 local Buicks entered and 30 from the eastern states, most of which will be driven across the Nullarbor. We also have 3 registrations from the USA. So far the Club has collected an income of around $29k from registrations, purchases of paraphernalia and payment for events. Lois and I, and Steve and Jenny McLennon, will be driving over to South Australia in August for the Meet’n’Greet, to be held at Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. We have arranged a visit to the Birdwood National Motor Museum, followed by a show’n’shine and dinner at the Tanunda motel, which will be attended by a number of South Australian Buick owners. We are looking forward to the Nullarbor crossing, catching up with many Buick friends and acquaintances, and meeting new people. Before I conclude, it is my pleasure to announce our Clubperson(s) of the Year. For their mammoth voluntary effort in preparing for the National, I hereby present the Perpetual Trophy to all of the Committee. Please join me in thanking them for their outstanding work. Thanks again to everyone for another wonderful year. Alan Haime

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Q: What type of car had the distinction of being GM's 100 millionth car built in the U.S. ?

We are not proposing to offer membership with no magazine. The Buick News

Page 21

A: March 16, 1966 saw an Olds Tornado roll out of Lansing, Michigan with that honour. August 2014



16 member s & families.

APOLOGIES: As per the attendance book. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETING: Held on the 25th May, 2014 were read out by the Secretary. Moved to Accept: Alan Haime Seconded: Steve McLennan. BUSINESS ARISING: The daily star t of the National Meet will now be from Stirling Square, Guildford not the Yahava Coffee Works. CORRESPONDENCE IN: OAMPS – Copy of the Public Liability Insurance Policy. Buick Bugle – June Buick Banner. CORRESPONDENCE OUT: Welcoming letter to Kris Redmond. OAMPS – Public Liability Declaration form 2014/2015. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gail Hitchcock $27,632.69 Opening Balance as at 26th June, 2014. Income Member subscriptions 120.00 2014 Nat Order form 2,081.00 Interest 19.50 2,220.50 + Expenses Internet fees 2.00 OAMPS Insurance 855.15 Buick News for July 255.20 M&L Badges Nationals 1,364.00 2,476.35 Closing Balance to date 10th July, 2014 $27,376.84 Unpresented cheque #2003087 for Council of Motoring— $75.00. Moved to accept the report: Gail Hitchcock Seconded: Murray Lizatovich.

CMC REPORT: Murray Lizatovich Department of Transport are charging $50.00 for the seat belt exemption whether for 1 event or 12 or 24 months but for the extended period it is difficult, as each intended event must be listed. Code 404 booklet has been forwarded to the Department of Transport for review. GENERAL BUSINESS: The new membership fees for 2014/2015 to be voted on are:$45.00 membership – includes an electronic copy of the Buick News. $80.00 membership – includes a printed copy of the Buick News magazine & access to the electronic copy. Moved: Chairman Alan Haime moved that the new fee structure be accepted. Seconded: Harold Hitchcock All in favour – CARRIED. The membership renewal forms will be emailed to all members for payment via EFT or cheque. Treasurer Gail Hitchcock will advise the Secretary of the magazine changes. Murray Lizatovich congratulated Alan Haime on the content of the BOCWA website – There being no further business Alan Haime closed the meeting at 12.15 pm and thanked the committee & members for attending.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Q: What autos were the first to use a standardized production keystart system?

EVENTS: Harold Hitchcock Please refer to the Events Calendar on the website 4th-20th Sept. Buick Nationals. 12th Oct. Mystery Run. 2nd Nov. Woodridge Fair. 9th Nov. Brockwell Run. 16th Nov. Good Fella’s Hotrod Run to Yanchep. 23rd Nov. GM Owner’s Day. 7th Dec. Xmas Lunch – Parkerville Tavern. MAGAZINE REPORT: Nothing to report. The Buick News

Lois Haime

A: The 1949 Chryslers

Page 22

August 2014


MEETING opened by President, Greg Massey. NUMBER OF MEMBERS AND PRESENT: 27 Members & 1 visitor.

ACCEPTANCE OF TREASURER'S REPORT: Moved: H. Spannenberg. Seconded: G. Weekes.


APOLOGIES: Alison Spannenberg, John Gerdtz, Owen Mansford, George Cruickshank, John & Sue Stewart. Note: Owen is not at the meeting as he is in hospital. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Owen. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING accepted as published in magazine. Moved: G. Weekes. Seconded: K. Mugridge. CORRESPONDENCE IN: (incl. Email) 1. Geoff Ward, looking for a Buick to purchase. 2. Scott Barker, email checking address listing. 3. Julian Gill, for sale—1972 Centurion. 4.—advertising their website as free search facility for parts. 5. Minnamurra Lions Club, Autumn Fest 1915 Black Beach, Kiama. 6. M. Gilmore, W/E Committee info re weekend 8-10 August. 7. Motorlife Museum Motoring Expo 5th October. 8. E.C. Bewsher, for sale 1938? 9. Chet in USA, for sale 1976 LeSabre. CORRESPONDENCE OUT: 1. Rouse Hill Town Centre, Letter of thanks— Concourfs Day 2014. MAGAZINES: Buick Banner (Vic). ACCEPTANCE OF CORRESPONDENCE: Moved: J. Russell. Seconded: H. Spannenberg. TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance on 1st June, 2014 (Term Dep $22,067.93) + Cheque A/c) Receipts Magazine income Qld & WA Membership Advertising Property sales Club functions Easter Creek tickets Credit Interest TOTAL RECEIPTS Expenses Magazine expenses Web expenses Club functions TOTAL EXPENSES Closing Balance at 3oth June, 2014 The Buick News

MAGAZINE REPORT: Thank you to those people who have sent in articles for the magazine. We are always looking for new stories from different people as well as from our regular contributors, so if you have a story or recipe please send it in to the magazine committee. Michael reported that he had made contact with Bookworks regarding the Buick News being printed in colour. Apparently the cost to do so is close to triple the cost we currently pay so not feasible now. Story suggestions: Anyone had any fuel problems? No? If you have, would you like to write a short article about it and send it in to the Magazine Committee please? [email protected] EVENTS REPORT: As per Geraldine Massey’s list. Eastern Creek Tickets still available – contact Geraldine Massey. Lugarno & Baulkham Hills Spring Fairs both on in September and are logged as runs. Ben and Michelle Spannenberg have invited us to their home for our Club Christmas Party. Date, time and address will be advertised in the Buick News. GOURMET RUN REPORT: Details for the next run were unavailable at the time of the meeting but will be listed in the Buick News when available. SPANNER AND NATTER REPORT: Peter Allen asked the meeting if anyone would be interested in visiting DreamWorks in Wollongong for a Spanner & Natter. All agreed it would be very good to see so Peter will arrange for a future S&N. GM DAY REPORT: Nil. PLATES REPORT: Nil.

$25,520.66 827.90 3,565.00 1,100.00 50.00 450.00 150.00 $288.76 $6,431.66 1,491.16 22.00 1,000.00 $2,513.16 $29,438.56

WEBSITE REPORT: Tony Gentlecore advised the meeting that a relatively smooth transfer of most documents from the old webserver to the new one. The remaining documents will be finalised in the next week or two. CMC REPORT: Next CMC meeting in 2 weeks so nothing to report at this stage. LIBRARY REPORT: Nil. LIAISON REPORT: Nil PROPERTY REPORT: Nil. Membership Renewals: Currently there are 71 unfinancial members whom Treasurer Lloyd Bracher will Page 23

August 2014

be writing to. They will be advised the August magazine will be their last issue if they don’t renew their membership. Jim Russell will advise Lloyd of the names of members who have had vehicles on conditional registration so they can be advised that unfinancial members’ vehicles technically are unregistered.

For details contact Greg Massey. Classic & Vintage cars are invited to the Sydney University Markets to be held on 27/7 – this is also All Ford Day at Eastern Creek. Michael Richmond offered to obtain a quote for advertising fliers and business cards for club members to hand out as necessary to attract new members.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Hans Spannenberg advised the meeting that Swanson Gaskets would be happy to host a Spanner & Natter in the future. Jim Russell advised the meeting he had his new Holden ute treated with “Paint Restore”, a treatment he had won when the company made a presentation at a recent club meeting. The Magazine Committee invited Jim to write about the process and result. Tony advised that there are now two new advertisers in the Buick News. If you use these or any of our advertisers, please remember to tell them you heard about their company via the Buick News. Some advertisers are known to offer discounts to Buick Members. During the year Tony Gentilcore has been picking up Buick advertisements from online advertisers such as “”, contacting the owners and offering to list their car ads inside the Buick News “wrap”. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to be successful in attracting new members. Don Rothnie advised that Nuteck would be our guest speaker for the October meeting. Bakers Transport are another company who could transport your Buick; particularly to or from WA for the Nationals.

For Sales: Chet (via Bruce K in USA) Lesabre, Custom, 2dr Hardtop, blue with white landau top. 86,400 miles, probably about a mid #2 class, all there, all square, ready to roll! Got it's Senior Award back in 1990. Just need the garage space. $5, 000 firm. (if you want more details contact Secretary for email details). 2. Clare Bewsher from Glenbrook Has to be sold to raise money to pay beneficiaries of the deceased’s will. Reserve price will be low….. and an enthusiast just might end up getting it for a “song” at the auction on July 19th at Lake Cargelligo. Auction will be held by Fyfe & Wood, Lake Cargelligo. Even though it was to be auction on 19/7 there is still a chance it will be available after that date, if it was passed in at auction. Jillian Gill—1972 Centurion (see FOR SALES on page 28). Hans Spannenberg—Firing order tag (see FOR SALES on page 28). Wanteds. Geoff Ward looking for 1928 – 1931 Buick .

Meeting Closed at 8.35 p.m.


Chair: Gr eg Massey. Number of Members and Visitors present: 27 member s & 1 visitor. Apologies: Alison Spannenber g, J ohn Ger dtz, Owen Mansford, George Cruickshank, John & Sue Stewart. Secretary’s Report for Annual General Meeting 2013 Minutes of previous meeting: accepted as published in magazine. Acceptance of Minutes: Moved: T Gentilcore. Seconded: P Allen. ACCEPTED. Treasurer’s Report: As submitted Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report: Moved: D Rothnie. Seconded: M Richmond. ACCEPTED. President’s Report: Magazine Report: Events Report: Plates Report: Library Report: Property Report: Liaison Report: The Buick News

As Read. As Read. Tabled. Tabled. Tabled. Tabled. No report necessary.

General Business: A question from the floor was asked of the likelihood of all clubs joining together to form one club. This matter will be raised at the Presidents’ meeting at the WA Nationals. NRMA are offering membership of a second car for a discounted rate. Don Rothnie mentioned to the meeting that other Buick clubs don’t advertise their Treasury. Nor does the CMC. President Greg advised we have no reason not to publish our Treasury to our members. Don Rothnie offered his congratulations to the Magazine Committee on the “WOW Factor” of the most recent issue. NSW will be due to host the Buick Nationals in 2016. There have been some discussions of areas to hold this meet but no committee has been formed, as yet. Greg handed over the “Chair” to Colin Castle to act as Returning Officer for the annual club elections. ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: President: Greg Massey Nominated: Tony Gentilcore. Sec’d:

Allan Adams.

Remaining Committee Nominated by Tony Gentilcor e. Seconded: Graham Weekes. Page 24

August 2014

Treasurer Nominated: Secretary Nominated: Membership Secretary Nominated: Vice President Nominated: Vice President Nominated: Committee: Nominated:

Lloyd Bracher Virginia Russell Tony Gentilcore Colin Castle Tony Gentilcore Gary Ferrett & Peter Allen.

Other Positions by Appointment: Events: Geraldine Massey & Barbara Gentilcore Magazine Committee: Dawn and Colin Castle, Peter Cook, Michael Richmond, Alistair Turnbull. Plates: Jim Russell. CMC Representative: Kevin Mugridge. Website: John Gerdtz. Librarian: Gary Ferrett. Property: Mike Doggett. GM Day Representative: Peter Allen and Owen Mansford Meeting Programme: Don Rothnie Public Officer: G. Weekes. Gourmet Runs: Frank Hall. Spanner & Natter: Peter Allen. Minutes Secretary: Virginia Russell. Liaison: Claus & Wendy Gronau. Colin Castle welcomed and thanked the new committee and handed the “Chair” back to President, Greg Massey. Greg welcomed the new committee and thanked everyone for re-standing and invited all to stay for supper and fellowship. ATTENDANCE: 27 members & 1 visitor. Meeting Closed: 9.05pm N.S.W. PRESIDENT’S REPORT. The Club has had a very successful twelve months. Our monthly meetings are well attended as are our social events. The fellowship in the club is strong and supportive. We have attracted new members which is important if we want to prosper into the future. Much of this has been made possible by the strong support the Club receives from all the Committee members and I wish to thank them personally, for all the assistance shown to me during my term as President. Sadly, we lost members through their passing and the Club sent condolences to their family and friends. Some had been with the club since its inception and events like this are difficult for all concerned. The Club’s finances remain in a strong position and very well managed, which is a tribute to our Treasurer and his expertise. The fellowship within the club is demonstrated in many The Buick News

ways, especially at the supper after the formal meeting where we catch up with friends and swap Buick stories. The suppertime usually runs longer than the meeting. Our Annual Concours day this year was a huge success with 32 cars on display, which is a record for recent times. Again, the Management of the Rouse Hill Town Centre allowed us to display our cars in the front forecourt which proves a popular event for their shoppers and a great promotion for our Club. Our Membership was again kept well informed by our club magazine. The magazine maintains its high standard of content, with articles on social events, technical matters and general chit chat. Also, it keeps us abreast of what the Clubs in other states are doing. I want to take this opportunity to especially thank the Magazine Committee for their commitment and effort in ensuring that the delivery of our monthly magazine is an event we all look forward to. A new initiative this year is the introduction of the PDF option for members and this has been well received. This year, club events have been many and varied; our monthly runs are well attended and enjoyed by all. We participated in “ChromeFest” at The Entrance, which was a first and several members made a weekend of it. Like many organisations, our Club is very dependent on its peak organisational body, in this case, the CMC. The club has been well represented at the CMC and the monthly reports by our CMC representation are very informative and helpful, ensuring we are up to date with what is happening in the old car movement as a whole. This is particularly important as we need to be aware of Government Legislative changes, particularly those changes that impact our vehicles. Finally, I want to acknowledge the work and support of all the Committee Members. A Club like ours is only successful when we work as a team and share the load. In all cases, this has been my experience during the last twelve months. I want to acknowledge the efforts of the Vice Presidents who assisted me in my second year in this role and deputised at the meetings when I was away. I also acknowledge the efforts of the Club Secretary, whose administration of the paperwork, correspondence, and general management of the flow of information that comes and goes through the Club, has ensured we, remain a well run, tight organisation. Greg Massey N.S.W. TREASURER’S REPORT: Öpening balance on 1st July, 2013. Term deposit + cheque a/c $25,981.18 Income Received Buick News Print & mail Qld & WA 9,694.40 Advertising 4,650.00 Membership fees 10,425.00 Property sales 205.00 Club functions 2,895.60 Auctions, donations, misc. 352.00 Bank Interest 1,123.21 $29,345.21

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August 2014

Less Expenses Magazine expenses Club functions Web hosting Donations Postage Insurance Trophies & gifts Filing fees CMC subscription Misc. expenses Property Purchases Hall rental

$17,503.76 4,098.00 395.56 350.00 107.00 1,073.86 798.15 52.00 105.00 230.00 94.60 1,080.00 $25,887.93 Closing balance at 30th June 2014 $29,438.46 Lloyd Bracher

N.S.W. EVENTS REPORT: I wish to thank all the Buick Club Members who have attended the monthly Car Runs and helped to make them successful and enjoyable. This year I have had several helpers and I thank them for their assistance. I encourage all members to try their hand at organising an event - I am very happy to assist. A variety of ideas keep the monthly events interesting for all members. July 2013 This year we combined the Annual Presentation and Change over Lunch with the Christmas in July function. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Allegro Function Centre, 1 Porters Road, Kenthurst. We had drinks on the verandah, overlooking beautiful bushland, followed by a delicious lunch and the presentation of 2013 trophies and welcoming the newly elected Committee. 40 members attended this event. Cost was $45 per person. August 2013 Many Club members enjoyed the Shannon’s Sydney Classic Car show (formerly known as the Eastern Creek Car show) Our Club had 20 tickets at $15 per car. September 2013 We participated in the Lugarno Spring Fair and the Buick Car Club was well represented by a good variety of cars, providing great interest to the hundreds of spectators who attended the Fair. Congratulations to Mike Doggett who won a prize. Cost is a $10 per car donation to charity. October 2013 Several adventurous Club members travelled to The Entrance to enjoy and participate in the annual ChromeFest, organised by the Californian Cruising Club and co-ordinated by Tony Gentilcore. There was music and exhibition dancing as well as stalls and many food outlets. 100’s of cars were on display, representing all era’s. Some members stayed overnight, while others came for the day. I recommend this event to all members next year. November 2013 We had a lovely day at La Perouse. The National Park Rangers were very interested in our cars and allowed us to use their private parking, which also enabled us to have a wonderful picnic area under shady trees. We had a private tour of historic Bare Island and all were impressed with the fortress and its cannons and cannon balls. December 2013 Maggie and John Saddington generously offered their home, overlooking the lovely Lake The Buick News

Munmorah, for our Christmas Party. We had a wonderful day with delicious food and relaxing hospitality. Many thanks to Maggie and John and their helpers. January 2014 The New Year commenced with our annual pilgrimage to the Australia Day CARnivale, held in Macquarie Street and surrounds. The day was warm but we found some shade. Again, Buick Club was well represented. An alternate event was the Camden Street Parade, followed by an Australia Day BBQ, hosted by Gary and Janice Ferrett at their home. Thank you for making us so welcome at your home. February 2014 Breakfast run to Peppercorn Café, at Mulgoa. It was wonderful to see so many of our members out bright and early for breakfast. The Peppercorn Café provided us with a room of our own so that we could chat and enjoy our breakfast. Some members continued to the nearby German Club to explore the markets and enjoy lunch on the verandah. March 2014 Autumn Festival at Black Beach, Kiama. This was an enjoyable day and the weather was perfect. This festival is organised by the Minnamurra Lions Club, with proceeds to Multiple Sclerosis Research. We had easy access to the Kiama shopping area, the beach and short walk to the famous “Blow Hole”. Thanks to Tony Gentilcore for co-ordinating this day in my absence. April 2014 The traditional General Motors Day provided an opportunity for our Club to display our Buicks and rub shoulders with our fellow GM enthusiasts. Many thanks to Peter Allen for his efforts in organising and coordinating our Club’s participation in this event. May 2014 My thanks to Barbara Gentilcore for organising a wonderful visit to an Alpaca Farm at Madison’s Retreat at Kurrajong Heights where we had morning tea and a very interesting tour of the farm. Afterwards, we ventured to the Botanical Gardens at Mt Tomah for lunch and a lovely walk around the gardens. June 2014 The Annual Concours Day was held at Rouse Hill again and was very well attended, with 32 cars on display. Thanks to John Gertz for liaising and organising the event with the Rouse Hill Centre Management, it ensured the day was a success. The weather was kind to us and we thank the CMC for providing Judges for the day and congratulate all the winning car owners. Geraldine Massey.

N.S.W. PLATES REPORT: As of 16th July, 2014, the club has a total of 50 cars on the Historic Registration scheme . Members are reminded that Historic registration is primarily for the use of club registered cars on club runs and other approved uses. The onus is on you, the owner and club member to make sure that you have the paperwork or club magazine in your vehicle when it is being used to fulfil the requirements of the historic registration scheme to ensure your car is legally registered. Jim Russell.

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August 2014

N.S.W. MAGAZINE REPORT: I’ve now lost count of how many of these reports I’ve written. I guess if I went back over my files I’d find the first one. You know what though? It’s still a lot of fun. What other volunteering position lets you get a bit creative, a little edgy and gives you the opportunity to interact with other club members to produce a world-class magazine. Each month we scramble after the monthly meeting to gather as much “household” information as we can get, such things as minutes, reports, registered runs and events. Then, once we have figured out how much space we have left we get together as a team and scour old articles from other magazines, the world wide interwebnet and people’s fading memories. We also solicit our members to write articles of interesting runs they’ve attended, other car club events and how they’ve fixed their vacuum tank or starter/ generator. In all, each year we produce 308 pages of photos and text to keep our members informed about what’s going on with the club and what others have experienced in days gone by. Not much has changed with the format this year, although we missed Dawn, Colin and Peter for a couple of months, so there may have been a few slight errors due to my limited typing skills! We have investigated a full colour magazine, however at this stage the cost is still quite prohibitive. That being said, printing and distribution is becoming cheaper all the time, so you never know. Every year I write about how we couldn’t do the job without firstly, you our members. I know we hassle a bit at meetings to get you to write about stuff you’ve done, or seen, but without you it’s just not as interesting. Every year I write about the team. Ranald, and his guys from QLD with their wonderful contributions to cover the warmer climes. Lois and Alan and the guys in the West, who let us all know what’s going on over there. The elusive Alistair, who whilst he doesn’t come to meetings, still presents us with beautiful colour magazine covers every month. Peter and Colin source all the technical stuff and do most of the brainstorming for features, such as the “Decades” and the future “Hot Topics”, such as fuel, that we’re about to run. And you just know that I’m about to say, “It wouldn’t happen without any of them”. Is that a round of applause I hear? Keep that round of applause going for Dawn. I think she’s also lost count of how many years she’s pounded the keyboard to re-type, scan, set, re-size and complete the compilation of the monthly 28 pages. I can say though, it’s a lot longer than I’ve been involved. Again, “It wouldn’t happen without her.” From my point of view, as I said earlier, it’s a whole lot of fun. I learn a lot, and hope that you do too. Thanks once more for giving me the privilege of helping put together the Buick News. Michael Richmond.

patches, beanies etc. I can only give the value of our property at its retail price. Qty. Property 42 20 19 2 8 9 24 6 21 9 96

Car club badges Umbrellas Assorted shirts Banners Cloth patches Wine cooler bags Jockey caps Hats Beanies Tea towels Tie-tacs

$1,050.00 500.00 380.00 30.00 40.00 90.00 240.00 138.00 210.00 45.00 576.00 $3,299.00 Mike Doggett.

SPANNER & NATTER REPORT: Spanner and Natter mornings again proved very popular this year. We get about 12-15 men along and occasionally wives to keep the host’s wife/partner company. September 2013 was at Mike Doggett’s place to see his collection of all things motoring. March 2014 at Hans and Alison’s place. Hans also took us to Cool Customs, the repairer who is doing the body restoration on Ben’s 1931 Roadster. Angelo also had a few other classic vehicles in for repairs and painting. It was a very interesting morning. In June 2014, we visited Frank and Nancy Hall’s place. Frank has an interesting collection of auto memorabilia on his property including his 1926 Doctor’s Coupe and his 1940 Buick under restoration. We also had a number of the Vintage Veteran Chev Club attend Frank’s place and it is hoped that Spanner and Natter mornings attract members from other clubs and broaden the scope of Spanner and Natter. Peter Allen.

N.S.W. PROPERTY REPORT: Property was slow in sales as little as several $100s. I recommend that the property we have had for years, as it depletes itself, not to replace it. Concentrate on property that does move and signifies our club in the public place – The Buick News


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N.S.W. BUICK CLUB PROPERTY SHOP Hats Umbrellas Tea Towels Key Rings Club T/shirts Badges & Tie Tacs Club car badges Caps & Beanies

$23.00 $25.00 $ 7.50 $10.00 $25.00 $ 6.00 $25.00 $10.00

Property Officer, Mike Doggett 02 9605 5449 Orders can be sent anywhere for cost plus postage and handling. August 2014



Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced In order to avoid any errors, all ads must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Ads


Places of interest on the Internet mentioned to our club:

I am interested in selling my 1972 Buick Centurion. It was sold new in Australia with a conversion to RHD by Chapel Engineering with a Compliance plate attached. It is 455 4V, Arctic White with Black Vinyl Top and Black Interior. Its fitted with all options and everything works. It has “Appliance Striker” Chrome wheels and Whitewall tyres, and the sale includes original wheels and hubcaps. 92,000 original miles. Its a car with a known history and no rust. I have just completed a restoration after 20 years in storage and there is nothing to be done. The car is currently registered on Tasmanian Club Registration. I can send photos to interested buyers—$18,000 ono. Julian Gill - 0400 600 034 or [email protected] Tappet cover plaque 3-34 2mm thick - $45 + postage.

Hans Spannenberg 0438 399 669 or 02 9605 2192 or Fax 02 9829 2194. 1916 D44 Buick Roadster (rare) - uted, looks bare, but comes with front guards, complete lights & radiator, also hood frames—$4,000. Lance Jenkins 02 4256 2684 or 0402 027 220. 1946 Buick parts—4xdoors; 2xguards; 1xbootlid—FREE TO GOOD HOME. Jeff Caragher 02 6492 2504 or 0429 922 504.

WANTED 1939 Buick speedo head/dash & some wheel rims to suit a 1939 (spares for the WA Buick Nationals). Lance Jenkins 02 4256 2684 or 0402 027 220. We have had a request to run an Advert for a Member, Russ Wallace in New Zealand. (The handwriting was a little (GM obsolete, Buick Parts 1950 and up) (Search for spare car parts) (Carburettor Remanufacturing, Restoration and Reconditioning) (exports cars, etc. from the USA) Boat Tail Riviera Egroup: (Your Classic Car Community) (factory orig. hubcaps, wheel covers, etc.) (1932-35 Buick parts) (1000’s Buick photos) 1930 Marquette Automobile Registry (USA) Email: [email protected] (Buick parts – 40s – 50s) (auto parts store) (Parts for 1930-60 Buicks) (garagenalia & enamel signs) (a car enthusiasts resource) (buick engine parts) Original Buick literature - McLellan's Automotive History (new fibre timing gears for Buicks etc) (new parts site) ([email protected]) (picture collection of car models) (auto parts & machining workshop) (orig factory brochures of American cars) (motoring bookstore) (vintage clothing) (vintage clothing) (vintage fashion, fabric, yarns) and (Quality Custom Car Covers to Fit Any Vehicle) www.borninthe & (both websites cover growing up in these eras) (classic car brokers) (Jacksons old auto parts company) (auto tube bending and hoses) (new old stock parts on line)

hard to read Russ - my apologies if this is a bit garbled. We have done our best.) If there are any Members who

think they can assist please call Russ or write to him at the address below: Wanted:- For a 1934-35 Series 50— a Retrolux Tail Light Lens with Amber centre and with a Chrome Ring 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch centre. ALSO, Multi Beam Head Light Lenses - 8 and 5/8 inches diameter left or right or what fits. Russ 0210 2457 984. Russell N. Wallace, 6 Tutchen St., Tauranga. 3110. New Zealand.

Our club encourages membership of the Buick Club of America. Information on membership can be obtained by calling 0011 1614 472 3939 or email: [email protected] The Buick News

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BUICK CAR CLUB OF AUST (QLD) Club Property for Sale Mens Business Shirts Ladies business Shirts Caps Pocket Patches Club window stickers Buick Club Car badges

$30.00 Short sleeve $30.00 Short sleeve $15.00 $10.00 $ 1.00 $25.00

Orders sent anywhere for cost plus postage& handling. Phone Secretary, Margaret Barker 07 3354 1030.

August 2014