Newsletter - 28th April 2017 - Holybrook Primary School

Newsletter - 28th April 2017 - Holybrook Primary School

Newsletter - 28th April 2017 Dear Parents/Carers Hope you all had a wonderful break and ready for the busy summer term. This term is the start of new ...

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Newsletter - 28th April 2017 Dear Parents/Carers Hope you all had a wonderful break and ready for the busy summer term. This term is the start of new topics which will be highlighted in future editions of the Newsletter. SATS start week commencing 8th May for our Year 6 pupils and although the school prepares the children for the tests you can help your child at home by being cheery, calm and staying positive. Talk to your child about SATs. Keep up the daily reading and talk about the characters, the storylines and encourage them to express their opinions about them. Play mental maths games at home and in the car and just generally keep everything ticking over normally to help with any feeling that SATs are stressful and fearsome.

ATTENDANCE—YEAR 4 CLASS ACHIEVED 99.1% BRILLIANT! The whole school attendance for this week is 96.3%. Well done to the Year 4 Class with their attendance this week and hope this continues. The Year 6 Class attendance was the lowest at 94.2%. At the moment the total whole school attendance from September to-date is 94.1%. We now need to achieve 98% and above on a weekly basis now in which to achieve the national average of 95% by the end of July. Your support with our attendance campaign is very much appreciated. Thank you. Miss McHale

The school governors have had to make a difficult decision recently to end the provision of fruit and milk to all the KS2 children. The reduction of our school budget means that our school is unable to incur these costs. You are very welcome to bring in fruit from home for your child to have at break time. The fruit and milk will continue for all the KS1 children.

Welcome to our new PIW, Mrs Lynn Holmes Hello everyone, I am very happy to have been appointed a Parental Involvement Worker within school to work alongside Mrs Wood. Over the last 8 years I have supported families as a volunteer for the charity Home Start, and as a Family Support Worker within a Children’s Centre. I have also worked within the Education Social Work Service assisting families in locating schools and ensuring attendance. I will be working in Holybrook from Wednesday afternoon to Friday. Please feel free to call into school to say hello or discuss any concerns you may have, I look forward to working with you and your children.

Dates for the Diary this summer term

Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday—School Closed Thursday 4th May— Year 3 School Trip Thursday 4th May— Y5 & Y6 Coffee Afternoon Monday 8th May— Y6 SATS WEEK Thursday 18th May— Y5 trip to Flamingo Land Friday 19th May— 1.30—4.30 pm Y5 & Y6 Rounders Competition at Blakehill Primary Thursday 25th May—Y5 Ingleborough Parents Meeting 3:30—5:00 pm. Friday 26th May— Y5 Ingleborough Parents Meeting 3:30—5:00 pm. Friday 26th May— School Closed for Half Term Monday 5th June— Return to school after the half term break Tuesday 13th June— Road Safety Day Monday 19th June— Sports Week Friday 21st July— Leavers Assembly Friday 21st July— School Closed for the Summer holidays returning 5th September 2017

Class Superstars Week Ending 27/04/17

MISSING SCHOOL = MISSING OUT ! Our school attendance figure for this week was 96.3% The target for the year is 95% at present this is at 94.1%. The class with the best attendance this week is Year 4 this week with 99.1% Prizes are given out termly to children with 100% attendance.

Y1 Kaydee-Leigh Low Y2 Thomas Burnett

Y3 Molly Gaughan Y4 Igor Mikolajski Y5 Jake Sugden Y6 Channel Pemberton

100% Attendance Draw Winners Week Ending 27/04/17

Good Citizen Green Ticket Winners Week Ending 27/04/17


Alfie Bingham & Max Lambert


Lewis Pollard & Tia Pulkowska


Aliyah Hall


Molly Gaughan & Scarlet Bingham


Roxy Franks


Kelsi Donnan & Isabelle Riley


Alfie Snowball


Kadie Kitching


Scott Fairweather & Timmy Jones


Max Franks


Kamil Skoberla


Abigail Bailey & Lewis Smith