noises off – character descriptions - The Bear Pit Theatre

noises off – character descriptions - The Bear Pit Theatre

Bear Pit Theatre Company Audition Notice Thursday 12 November 7:30pm RSC Clore Learning Centre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon (Above The Works Book s...

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Bear Pit Theatre Company Audition Notice Thursday 12 November 7:30pm RSC Clore Learning Centre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon (Above The Works Book shop) The Bear Pit Theatre Company will be auditioning for their 2016 productions: Noises Off by Michael Frayn. Directed by Vanessa Comer. Performing 2 – 12 March 2016 Body Double Written and Directed by Mark Carey Performing 2 – 9 April 2016 God of Carnage by Yasmin Reza. Directed by Colin Lewis Edwards. Performing 6 – 14 May 2016 The evening will be very informal and there is no need to prepare anything, however being familiar with the plays and the characters will help proceedings. Below if further information about each play. If you have any questions about any of the plays, please contact the production Director. Vanessa Comer: [email protected] Colin Lewis Edwards: [email protected] Mark Carey: [email protected]

NOISES OFF – CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS All the characters are members of the OTSTAR PRODUCTIONS company, playing in a new comedy entitled “Nothing On”. In Act One we see them in their final dress rehearsal; in Act Two we see them backstage, one month later, during a performance on tour; in Act Three we see them attempting to perform the same play quite a while later after company relationships have soured. This is a highly physical farce and the cast will need to be fit, quick-witted and able to learn lines early and precisely.




DOTTY OTLEY (Late middle-age) Grande Dame. Forgetful. Has a relationship with Garry and teases him by showing interest in Freddy.

MRS CLACKETT Slow but hospitable, old-fashioned housekeeper to the Brents.

GARRY LEJEUNE (30s) Leading man type, who never finishes a sentence. Temperamental. Romantically interested in Dotty and attacks Freddy in his jealousy.

ROGER TRAMPLEMAINE Estate agent engaged to let the Brent’s house.

BROOKE ASHTON (20s, attractive) Inexperienced actress from London, who pays no attention to anyone, rarely takes direction and persists in role despite interruptions. Always losing her contact lenses. Part of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle.

VICKI Works for the tax authorities and trying to woo Roger. NB: Appears in bra & pants.

LLOYD DALLAS (middle-aged) Director of the play-within-a-play. Part of the love triangle with Poppy & Brooke. Soon to be directing Richard III. FREDDY FELLOWES (40s) Serious fear of violence and blood. Lacks confidence and is rather dim and pompous. Also plays ……………………..

PHILIP BRENT Writer who spends time abroad. Married to Flavia. SHEIKH interested in renting the house.

BELINDA BLAIR (30s) Cheerful and sensible. Perhaps a bit oversentimental at times. Has a protective attitude towards Freddy.

FLAVIA BRENT Philip’s wife. Not a housewife. Glamorous?

POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR (young) Assistant Stage Manager. Emotion, over-sensitive and envious of Brooke, whom she understudies. Part of the Lloyd & Brooke love triangle. SELSDON MOWBRAY (Elderly) Mannered, alcoholic actor.

BURGLAR Old man who breaks into the Brent’s house

TIMOTHY ALLGOOD (young) Over-worked Stage Manager. Understudies both Selsdon and Freddy. Rehearsals for this production will start from 17 January 2016


Body Double CHARTACTER BREAKDOWN FOR ‘BODY DOUBLE’ EMMA TOMLINSON In her thirties Emma is a stage manager. Her Father was an actor, she worshipped him but he died a few years before the play takes place. Her Mother seems to not feature in her life. She is good at her job but has a strong will which can sometimes ruffle feathers. She is rather disapproving of the play and the old fashioned way of working. She certainly resents not working for a more cutting edge company but we feel her moment has gone. She is judgmental and doesn’t have a welldeveloped sense of humour. Serious and ambitious she falls for Simon who strongly reminds her of her Dad. She doesn’t show a great deal of warmth or vulnerability. Theatre is her life and she has few friends. JOANNA Mc ARTHUR An actress in her fifties. She is neurotic and fragile but has a heart of gold. She drinks too much. In constant need of attention she knows deep down that she could be a good actress if she weren’t so lazy. Performing wise she does what she does well. Her Mother casts a long shadow, she was a great actress and constantly made Jo feel guilty. She feels trapped by Simon and is only having an affair with Martin because he is nice to her and the opposite type of man to her awful husband. ONE ACTOR PLAYS BOTH - SIMON SHAW & PAUL GRANT SIMON SHAW A rather grand actor in his fifties. What some would call a luvvie; he wears his greatness on his sleeve. Brought up on a council estate by a doting Mother he is self-obsessed and has no sense of irony. Talent-wise he has made a little go a long way and relies on his faded matinee idol looks and voice beautiful. Certainly not a character actor. Can be vicious and quick tempered but also charming, especially to women. He very much agrees with everything he reads in The Daily Mail. PAUL GRANT An actor in his fifties. Very like Simon in appearance but shorter and heavier. He looks five years older than Simon because of whiskey, fags, late nights and unlike Simon, he has never moisturised. Originally from the north east he has lived in London for twenty five years. He still has a strong regional accent. A loner since his marriage ended. He was being groomed as a working class star back in the seventies but his hell raising put an end to that. He is bitter and suffers mood swings. A good brain but self-pity forces him into poor decisions. Paul needs a good wash. MARTIN BARNES A writer and first time Director in his forties. Martin is a beta-male and is always keen to avoid any confrontation. He is a nice man but bland and weak. His temp agency loves him as he is brilliant with spread sheets. He thinks he could be the new Arthur Miller but can’t see where his limited abilities lie. He is half-heartedly in love with Joanna but finds her a bit scary and demanding. Studious and a coward. The sort of man who was bullied at school. BARRY LISTON A Theatrical producer in his sixties. Camp but not gay. He has been around theatre all his life and knows everyone in the business. Not very good at his job he takes on more than he can deal with properly. A private man but jolly in a slightly forced way. Sad behind the eyes. Lonely when he stops work for a moment, which is not very often. Very loyal to his old friends like Simon and Jo. He lives alone and is particular in his appearance. Very careful with money. Rehearsals for this production will start from 10 February 2016


God of Carnage. Performing 6 – 14 May 2016 Synopsis: Following a playground fight between two boys, their parents meet to discuss the incident. But a rational discussion among adults quickly devolves into a childish evening of name-calling, tears and tantrums.....carnage!!! Characters Alan: a high powered lawyer, married to.... Annette: who works in “wealth management” Veronica: an aspiring writer and expert on African culture, married to... Michael: a salesman of bathroom fittings Rehearsals for this production will start on 30 March 2016.