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Norwood Society Archives - The Norwood Society

Index to Norwood Society Archives* Parks & Golf Courses West Norwood Golf Course (9 photographs) A1, P1 Upper Norwood Recreation Ground A1, P1(28),P4...

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Index to Norwood Society Archives*

Parks & Golf Courses West Norwood Golf Course (9 photographs) A1, P1 Upper Norwood Recreation Ground A1, P1(28),P4(180, A2,P12(493a)(5), A4,P19(TNS607-609). . Penge Park 1852 A2,P10(452). Knights Hill Recreation Ground – Tivoli Gdns A2,P11(452a)(14). Norwood Park A2,P11(453a)(15). Becondale Rd Gdns A2,P11(454a)(16). Parks and Open Spaces in Upper Norwood A2,P11 (489-454)(1-16). Bigginwood A2,P12(491a)(3). Westow Park A2,P12(492a)(4). Grangewood A2,P12(495a)(7). The Pond Beulah Hill A2,P12(498a)(10). Sth Norwood Recreation Ground A2,P12(499a)(11). Open space Goat House Bridge A4,P17(24*). Belvedere Green A4,P19(TNS610,611). Corres B1,P20. Crystal Palace Park Rifle Range B1,P23. Commons, Open Spaces and Footpaths Society 1960 B1,P24. Dulwich Woods B1,P25. Trees Conference B1,P25. Trees Sub-Committee BF1,P91. Open spaces and commons B1,P37. Beulah Hill Pond 1963 B1,P37. Biggin Wood B1,P37. Queen’s Gdns B1,P39. Crystal Palace Park B1,P40(2), C2,P73 Brockwell Park B1,P41. Knights Hill Woods B2,P47. W Norwood Tennis Club B2,P47. Streatham Common Sth Side (maps) B2,P51.Westow Park (2) B2,P55. Seat Norwood Park C1,P67. The Lawns Plaque C1,P69.. Norwood Grove, Beaulieu Heights, Beulah Hill Pond C3,P79 . Grange Park C3,P80. Norwood’s Open Spaces BB2,P94. Norwood Park BB2,P94. Map of open spaces Crystal Palace Areas DBB,P95.Lambeth’s Open Spaces CB,P97. South Norwood Lake. A1, P1(19),A2,P10(468), A2,P12(496a)(8) Sth Norwood Lake towards South A1,P2(49). SN Lake C3,P80. SN Lake Sailing Club C3,P80. Sth Norwood Lake & Park BF4,P91. South Norwood Lake looking East A1. P1 (3). .. Beaulieu Heights A1, P1(8), A2,P6(236), A2,P7(258),A2,P12(497a)(9). ). Porch of Beaulieu Heights A2,P6(244). Beaulieu Heights Council for Nature B1,P23, B1,P24. (13) B3,P57. B3,P58. Beaulieu Heights C3,P81. Reservoir D1,P84.

Churches, chapels All Saints 150 years BF4,P91. All Saints C3,P81. All Saint’s History C2,P75.All Saint’s with St Margaret’s Review C2,P75. All Saint’s with St Margarets C2,P72.All Saint’s Organ C4,P82. (456a)A2,P11(457a),A2,P11(458a), A2,P11(459a),A3,P14 (317), A4,P16(561). All Saints Church, now and then A2,P9(440).All Saints’ Graveyard A2,P10(461). All Saints’ Church A1,P4(141), A2,P11 (468a471a),A3,P14(211),A4,P17(642) All Saints’ Gatepost A1,P1 (1),A1,P4(138). Empty vicarage for All Saints’ A1,P3(93). The old All Saints’ Vicarage Church Road A1,P3(95). All Saints’ burial – Charles Harrington A1, P1(14),A2,P10(456). All Saints’ Churchyard A2,P7(266). All Saints’ Churchyard A2,P7(266). St Aubyn’s Church A1,P3(121). St Aubyn’s church tower A2,P10(482), A4,P16(503-504, 506-507). St Andrew’s now St Helen’s A1,P4(148),A2,P6(229-1),A2,P6(230). St Andrew’s detail A1,P4(149,160,161)P5(181,182,197). St Aubyn’s Interior A1,P4(159). St Aubyn’s Church Tower A1,P5(191),B1,P20). St Aubyn’s D1,P83. Robert Taylor Memorial A2,P7(269). St Michael’s Convent A2,P8(326-349),A2,P10 (454). St Margarets the Queen A1,P8(352-354,357). Virgo Fidelis Haymaking A2,P9(363),A3,P14(366), Virgo Fidelis C3,P79. Chapel at Norwood Fidelis Convent (2) D1,P83. Presbytery Virgo Fidelis B1,38. B1,P22. Convent Wood A1, P1. St Luke’s W Norwood (2) B3,P59 St Luke’s W Norwood (2) B3,P59 St Luke’s book D1,P85. St Luke’s Church WN 1934 C3,P78, D1,P83, D1, D1(5) P86. St Luke’s Church WN 1934 C3,P78, D1,P83, D1, D1(5) P86. St Luke’s Churchyard A2,P9(446a),A2,P11(450a)(12),A2,P11(455a), A2,P11 Lansdowne Evangelical & St Luke’s A2,P11(467a),A4,P16(558). The Chapel, Chapel Road A2,P11(460a),A2,P11(461a-466a),A3,P13(388,389), A3,P14(319), A4,P16(544-546). Salvation Army Westow St A2,P10(448). W Norwood Cemetery A2,P11(451a)(13). Primitive Methodist Chapel A3,P14(318).Chatsworth Rd Baptist Church (547). Emmanuel W Dulwich A4,P17(RAN 2 photos,A4,P28 (Youth Centre 2 photos). Upr Norwood Council of Churches B1,P23. Visit St Paul’s B1,P25. St Aubyn’s B1,P25. St Oswald’s B1,P25. St Stephen’s B1,P25. Methodist Church Westow Hill B1,P37. Methodist Church Westow Hill C3,P81 New Methodist Church Westow Hill C1,P69. Methodist Church site B2,P47 St Martin’s B1,P41. Chatsworth Baptist B1,P42, D1,P86. Christchurch Gipsy Hill B1,P44.. St Luke’s W Norwood, St Matthew’s W Norwood B2,P48. All Saints Rosendale Rd B2,P51. Holy Trinity B2,P52. LB Leaflet B2,P55.. Christchurch (3) B3,P59. Churches Old & New B3,P63. St Oswald’s C2,P72. St Aubyn’s NS HQ. St Paul’s Penge C2,P73. Upr Norwood Methodist Church C2,P73. St Constantine & St Helen’s C2,P74. Article ‘Building of New Churches’ C2,P75. Croydon Churches & Incumbents C2,P75. Croydon Diocese to Southwark 1985 (2) C2,P75. Holy Trinity Selhurst C2,P75. St Oswald’s (2) C2,P75. St Alban the Martyr C2,P75. Croydon Parish Church 960-1960 C2,P76. All Saints UN, Salvation Army, Virgo Fidelis, St John’s, St Andrew’s, St Aubyn’s, Downsview Methodist, Westow Hill Methodist, Lutheran Diaconesses C3,P79. St Alban’s, Baptist, Methodist, Portland City Mission, St Mark’s, Holy Innocents, Holy Trinity Selhurst, St Chad’s. St John’s C3,P81.. United Reformed Upr Norwood D1,P86. Baptist Church Idmiston Rd (2) D1,P86. Gipsy Road Baptist BF17,P93. St John’s planning BF19,P93. Aerial view St John’s BB,P94. St John’s C4,P82. St John’s A2,P6(238), A2,P7(246). A2,P7(279), A2,P7(285/286), A2,P11(472a-473a), B1.P38. St John’s Window A2,P6(239).

Public Houses and Hotels Jolly Sailor South Norwood. A1, P1(5). Queen’s Hotel Church Road C3,P79. A1. A2,P7(260). P1(7),A1,P4(139).C1,P68 . Queen’s D1,P84, D1,P96. Hollybush A1,P4(155). The Alma A2,P7(291). Thurlow Arms A4,P16(554). A4,P19(TNS631).The Park Tavern Elder Rd B1,P43. Gipsy Tavern B2,P45.The Rosendale (2) B2,P50. White Swan Telephone Box B2,P54. The Greek Taverna (3) B2,P55. Beulah Spa C1,P66. Crystal Palace Hotel C3,P80. C1,P68 C1,P66.C2,P74,(2)C3,P78. C3,P78.Norbury Lodge Hotel C1,P68, C3,P81.. The Alma C2,P74. Cambridge, White Hart C2,P74. Farquhar Rd Hotel C3,P78. Jolly Sailor C3,P80. The Woodman C3,P81. Hamilton Arms D1,P82. Fairview Hotel D1,P85. The Leslie Arms BB,P94.

Beulah Spa and The Lawns Tivoli Lodge A1,P1(12),D1(2) P84, A1,P5,(196), C1, 71, C2,P73. Lodge 1960’s A1,P3(89), 1830’s A1,P3(90), 1861 A2,P7(252). Chimneys A23,P7(267). Plaque C2,P73,D1,P84-86, BF,P91, A4,P18(TNS604). Upper Lake Beulah Spa A1,P2. Proposed Crescent A1,P2(81). Estate of J D Smith A1,P2(86). Spa A1,P3(87). The Lawns A2,P12(494a), NS newspaper cutting A3, P14 (215). OS Map 1896 B1,P22. History, Peter Hunt and Rev Micklewright B1,P23-24. Planning 1963 B1,P37, C1,P69. Trees C3,P78, C3,P79, C3,P81, C3, D1,P83.

Buildings and features of note and interest WCT Co Ltd No 58 (?) 1893 A1, P1(16). Charcoal burners hovel 1800. A1 P2(41). Gipsy’s House Norwood A1,P2(77). The Sycamores Beulah Hill 1865 A1,P2(79). Norwood Grove 1780 A1,P2(82), (2)

BF9 P92. Park Hotel (once Crawleys Hotel) Mary Nesbitt’s house – now Virgo Fidelis School A1,P2(83),A2,P7(271). Mrs Nesbitt’s villa near the Horns 1786 A1,P2(84). Roselawn Beulah Hill A1, P3(88) & (110). Orangery Norwood Grove A1,P3(109 &130). White Lodge Cottage, Biggin Hill A1,P3(119),P4(135). Woolworths Westow Hill A1,P3(124). Gayfere East Grange Hill A1,P3(125). Upr Norwood Library A1,P4(134). Rockmount Church Road A1,P4(137/151/152) P5(195),A2,P11(481a). Westwood Lodge 126 Church Road detail A1,P4(150). Fox Hill Cottages A1,P4(153). White Hart A1,P4(154),A2,P11(488).Cottage W Norwood A1,P4(163). Hope Cottage Church Road A1,P4(167),A1,P5(194), A2(P11(477a). Rosebank Church Road A1,P4(168). Sth Norwood Clock Tower A1,P4(177). Argyle House Church Road A1,P5(184). Stone carvings King’s and Queen’s Heads A1,P5(187,188). Nextdoor to White Hart A1,P5(192),A2,P6(228). Stanley Halls A1,P5(193),A4,P17(56315). BBC TV Tower A2,P6(201), A2,P9(410), A2,P9 (414), A2,P10(480). Corres. B1,P22. ITA Tower site A2,P7(249), B1,P24. Norwood Grove A2,P7(255), A2,P12(490a)920, B1,P23, B1,P39. Rosetta Court Church Road A2,P7(262). Mirror House opp Queen’s Hotel A2,P7(282). Noni Lodge A2,P8(298). Streatham Library A2,P8(358). Fawcett Fountain A2,P9(445a).Norwood Cottage Hospital A2,P10(458),A3,P13(376)A3,P14(375,374,372),A3,P14 (captions), Photos A3,P15 373-387) Mounted A3,P15 (377-387) Captions A3,P15(388-9), A4,P16(562-564), B1,P22. (11) 377-387 B4,P64. DBB,P95. Pediment over 23a Knights Hill A3,P14(323). Norwood Fire Stn A3,P14(316), A4,P16(550). Entrance to W Norwood Cemetery A3,P14(315). 4 and 6 Thornlaw Rd W Norwood A3,P14(314). St John’s Lodge Bewlys Road A3,P14(313). W Norwood Public Hall A3,P14(312). Gatehouse Elderwood A3,P14(311). 20 Grange Rd A4,P16(541). The Horns Tavern A4,P16(549 & 556). W Norwood Library – new A4,P16(555,557), A4,P16(573 Old). 112 Church Rd A4,P16(TNS.JW.2). The Phoenix Centre A4,P17(563-10 & 12). Greek Portico Canterbury Grove A4,P18(2 photos). Old Police Station Sth Norwood A4,P18 (TNS 600 and 601). New Police Station Sth Norwood A4,P18(TNS603). Norwood Working Men’s Institute A4,P19(TNS629). Dulwich Toll Gate B1,P20. Upr Norwood Atheneum B1,P22. Barclays Bank B1,P22. All Saints’ bus shelter B1,P22. Upr Norwood Rest-room for the Elderly B1,P22. ITA mast 60-61 (2) B1,P23, B1,37. Dulwich Toll Gate - Alleyn’s College and London Society B1,P24. Dulwich Wood House B1,P25. Ly-ee-Moon B1,P25. Radio Mast Sydenham Hill B1,P37. Community Hall Westow St 1962 B1,P37. Queens Hotel B1,P37, B1,P39. Upr Norwood Library B1,P38. Norwood Heights Shopping Centre 1986 B1,P38.Crystal Palace Football Stadium 1983 B1,P38. St Valery B1,P38. Norwood Cottage Hospital B1,P39. Victorian Cottage B1,P39. Norwood Hall B2,P45. Portobello Hse B2,P47. W Norwood Bus Garage B2,P47. Regal Cinema (8) B2 P49. Silwood House B2,P52. W Norwood Cemetery B3,P57,D1,P83. Viewing Tower B3,P57. Listed Buildings B3,P58. Lambeth Potential Conservation Areas B3,P58. W Norwood Cemetery B3,P59, (5) B4,P64, Drawings B4,P65. . Sth Norwood Clock Tower B3,P63. Toilets Church Rd/Sth Norwood Hill C1,P67. Tyrol 120 Church Rd C1,P68. Little Menlo C1,P68,(2) D1,P83. C3,P81.,A2,P7(248), A2,P7(256),White Lodge Biggin Hill C1,P68. Norwood Grove C1,P69. Lyy-ee-Moon C1,P69. Phoenix Centre C2,P72. Coombe Cliff (4) C2,P73. Coombe Cliff C2,P74, D1,P83. D1s,P84. . . School of Church Music C2,P76. Croydon Cemetery Memorial to war dead C2,P76. Davis Theatre C2,P76. Sth London Theatre Centre C3,P78. Quad Houses C3,P78. Orchard Lodge Anerley C3,P78. Woodfield House Beulah Hill C3,P79. SN Clock, Stanley Halls C3,P80. Norwood Grove C3,P81.D1,P84. Westwood Hse Sydenham C3,P81. Norwood Cottage Hospital Minutes 1890-1912, D1.P83. Old Post Office Beddington D1,P83. Lambeth list D1,P85. The Ritz small cinema D1,P86. Norwood Club BF6,P91. Sth Ldn Theatre Centre (Old Fire Stn) CB,P96. Old Palace CB,P97. The Stone Passage CB,P97. Drinking Fountain Sth Norwood Hill A2,P7(261). Fountain opp Stanley Halls

A4,P17(563-1), A4,P18(TNS602).

Triangle (see also Roads & Streets) Jackson’s Printers and Stationers A1, P1(29a). Triangle A1, P1(30). Triangle pre-1975 A1, P2(48). Inside the Triangle A1,P3(111). Inside Triangle A2,P6(229-2). Cut and Cover Plan B1,P20, B1,P36,P37 (4). Map 1:1500 1970 New Triangle B1,P22. Improvements 1987 B1,P38 (2). Should be Conservation Area B3,P58. Exhibition 1970g, What progress? B4,P64. Dead or Alive? C1,P67. Croydon Plans C1,P67.Lambeth Plans C1,P67.Industrial Survey C1.P69. Owen Luder tour of area C1,P69. Deputation (3) C1,P69.Leaflet C1,P70. Dead or alive meeting C1,P71. Bromley Planning (2) C2,P72. Exhibition C2,P72. Plans C2,P72. Article C2,P73. 4 alternative routes C2,P73. Future of Triangle C2,P73. Road Plan C2,P73. Restoration C2,P73. Road scheme C2,P74. Conservation Area? C2,P74. Conservation meeting C2,P74. Experiment C2,P74. Various (10) C2,P74. Cuttings (3) C2,P75 LBC study (2) D1,P84. Traffic & car parking D1,P85. Underpass BB,P94. 35 prints BLB,P94. CB,P96.

Personalities, authors, etc Margaret Finch The Gypsy Queen A1,P2(54a) C3,P81. Charcoal Burners A1,P2(78), Mr Carberry the butcher A1,P3(91).Young Paxton and the Duke of Devonshire A2,P9(417). Speaker’s Reception and house 1985 A2,P10(448a). RAC Abrahams A2,P10(470). Curtis and Dumbrill A3,P14(371,370,369), A4,P16(570-571). H W Brittan 1905 Corres B1,P22. Lord Bossom B1,P22 (2). G T Maloney of Norwood Massachusetts 1964 B1,P23. Freddie Mills B1,P23. Fr Trevor Huddlestone, Maurice Hannah, E S Humphries, Peter Hunt, Rev Micklewright. Herbert B1,P24. Mrs Hull, B1,P24. Alan Warwick Talk 1966 B1,P24, BRB,P95. Works of Paxton by G F Chadwick 1963 B1,P24. Sir George Grove B1,P24. Jim Greenwood 1967 B1,P24. M England, Sjir Alan Ellis, Chuter-Ede, Mrs Eades, D G English B1,P24. Ernest Taberner B1,P25. H A Wilson (Story of Norwood) 1964 B1,P37 (3). Pettifer Coachwork – slides – B1,P37 Lt Col J E Reid Obit B1,P37. Audrey Hammond (sketches) B4,P64. Emile Zola centenary (2) C3,P77. Zola Photos C3,P77, BS,P96, MCT,P97. John Surtees C3,P78. Ninian Comper, Charles Spurgeon C3,P79. Mrs Elizabeth Bolton, Herbert J Dykes C3,P79. George Gouraud, BRB,P95. Admiral FitzRoy, Sir William Treloar, Sims Reeve, Garibaldi, Livingstone Lt Gen Henry Shrapnel, Margaret Lockwood. Fabian of the Yard C3,P80. Conan Doyle C3,P80, BRB,P95. Coleridge Taylor, William Hurlstone C3,P81, Taylor BRB,P95 Canal personalities C3,P81. Rider Haggard C3,P81. William Stanley C3,P81.Mendelssohn C3,P81. Geoffrey Cheshire C3,P81.Bowyers Builders C3,,P81. Admiral Fitzroy C3,P81. Decimus Burton Pouget, Sextus Dyball Architects of Norwood C3,P81. Ninian Comper C3,P81, BRB,P95, B1,P22. Camille Pissarro C4,P82. J Geddes Chemist (3) D1,P83, (3) D1,P86. D1,P87. Thomas Edison D1,P83, BRB,P95. David Nixon, Young (sweetshop), Ron Yeatman, Pappadakis (sweetshop), Jean Kent D1,P86. Doris Yeatman D1,P8 & 87. Brig Sir John Smythe D1,P87. Mary Tidnam D2,P88. Sir G Barry D2,P88. E L Dee BF4,P91. Lilian Thornhill BF9,P92, CB,P96. . Owen Tudor BF9,P92. J G Reddall, Voss BF15,P93. Frederick Willis BB,P93. Lord Thurlow(2) BB2,P94. Owen Luder BB2,P94. Ian Alridge BRB,P95. Therese Raquin (Zola) BS,P96. Christine Northeast,Ken Maggs,P H Delamotte CB,P96.W T Phillips CB,P97. R Kelf-Cohen CB,P97. Frances D Stewart CB,P97. W M Farmer (Obit) CB,P97). Clare C Chesterman CB,P97. Chantal Morel MCT,P97.


Gt Northern Railway, Handbill from Peterborough to 1851 Exhibition Jackdaw No. 43. A1,P2(61). Thicket Road Railway Bridge A1,P3(112). Gipsy Hill Railway Station A1,P3(114). Bus terminus Crystal Palace Parade A2,P7(253). Low-level station frontage A2,:7(263). High Level site cleared A2,P7(275). Car AW8393 used in General Strike A2,P8(355). High Level Subway A2,P9(447). Trip to the races from ‘The Hope’ W Norwood A2,P10(449a).Canal 1815 A2,P10(481). Lwr Norwood Train Times A3,P14(322). H L Station prefabs A4,P16(572), B1,P23. Lt Waiting Room C P Parde A4,P17(563-15*). Tram A4,P19(TNS628). London Box Motorway 1966 B1,P22. Norbury and District Society Ring Road C2,P72. Car Parking Sth Norwood B1,P25. Bakerloo extension B1,P25. Transport in London B1,P25. Chamber of Commerce Traffic Plan B1,P37. CP High Level Stn B1,P40(3). Gipsy Hill Stn B1 P44. Tulse Hill Stn B2,P51. Tulse Hill Stn (2) B2,P52. Environmental Improvements to British Rail properties B3,P62. Bus service reliability surveys B3,P63. Overnight parking of heavy vehicles B3,P63. Croydon’s lost waterways B3,P63. Reshaping bus services C1,P67. Transportation Consultant C1,C67. Triangle Improvement of Road Patterns C1.P71. Cut and Cover C1,P71. HL site housing C1,P71. Tube Extn C1,P71. Motorway C2,P73. 4 alternative routes C2,P73. Traffic-free Westow Hill C2,P73. Closure of Westow Hill C2,P73. Transport Museum C2,P73. Triangle Road Plan C2,P73. Triangle Road scheme C2,P74. Triangle Experiment C2,P74. Croydon Trams C2,P76. Atmospheric Railway C3,P80. Canal and cottage C3,P80. Jolly Sailor Stn C3,P80. Ticket for Tramways C3,P81. Surrey Iron Railway C3,P81. Ring Road D1,P84. Westow Hill Pedestrianisation scapped (2) D1,P85. Transfer of HL Station, D1,P85. Cyclists’ Lambeth D1,P85. London Transport Assn 1975 D1,P85. Transport 2000 letter & leaflet D1,P86. Canal CB,P96.Penge Stn CB,P96. Last train from CPHL Stn CB,P97.

Schools All Saints’ History BF4,P91.All Saints’ School 1960. A1,P3(94), A1,P5(183), A2.P7(259), B1,P22. Entrance to Stanley Technical School A1,P5(190). St Joseph’s College A2,P7(293-295). Gipsy Rd School Class 1927 A2,P8(350). Salters Hill School A2,P8(351,356,359-361). Norwood Schools plan and 2 pictures A3,P14.St Luke’s School A4,P16(543). Virgo Fidelis Senior School Postcard A4,P16(606). St Joseph’s Woodend B1,P39. S.L.College B1,P39. St Joseph’s College Playing Fields B1,P39. Elmwood Carnac St B1,P42. St Luke’s School Elder Rd B1,P43. Norwood Central Schools B1,P44. Norwood Park School B2,P45. Kingswood School B2,P45 St Saviour’s College Hamilton Rd B2,P45. St Martin-in-the-Field B2,P52. Paxton School B2,P53.B2,P54. Rockmount C1,P67. Spurgeon’s College C1,P68. (2)D1,P84. Headmaster’s Hse All Saints C1,P70. Croydon Technical College C2,P76. Fidelis 1973 C3,P78. Spurgeon’s College C3,P79. Royal Normal College C3,P79. Westwood, All Saint’s, Rockmount, St Joseph’s C3,P79. Stanley Tech C3,P80. Cypress Rd, Portland School, Park School, Birchanger Road, Lady Edridge. C3,P80. Norwood Technical College C3,P81. All Saint;s C3,P81. Jewish Orphanage C3,P81, D1,P85, D1,P86. Pauper School D1,P83. St Joseph’s College D1,P84. Cypress Junior D1,P85. Oakfields School opera D1,P86. Certificates various Doris Yeatman D1,P86,87. Kingsdale School Dance Band BB,P94. Elmwood School BB,P94.

Ballads, poems, stories, articles, publications, etc. Ballad ‘How’s your poor feet by W S Fortey A1,P3(96). Review 1965-66 B1,P22. Purley Trail B3,P63 Croydon Shopping Trail B3,P63. Norwood Trail B3,P63. Spotlight on Norwood, Snapshot of Sth Norwood B3,,P63. Trail of Norwood B4,P64. Essay Competition C1,P66. Review of publications C2,P72. C2,P76. Story of Norwood 2nd Edition C3,P77Trail of Norwood, Screamin Alice, Last Train, W Norwood Cemetery, Phoenix Suburb 2nd Edition, Glimpses of Norwood C3,P77. Norwood Past C3,P77. Glance back-leap forward C3,P78.Glimpses of Norwood pp 1-14 C3,P81. Penge, Anerley & Crystal Palace C4,P82. W Norwood Cemetery Walks C4,P82. Programme ‘The Ostrich and the Dolphin’ C4,P82. Old surviving firms of Sth London 1897 D1,P83. Centennial history of Norwood Mass 1973 D1,P83. Norwood in days of old D1,P83. Battle of Sth London D1,P83. Stories from Alexander Cottage 1990 D1,P83. St Luke’s book D1,P85. W Norwood and Brixton and Streatham Advertiser 1947 D4,P90. Trail of Norwood, Glimpses of Norwood, Screamin Alice, Last Train from CP HL,All Saints Review 1960, Norwood from 1852,. Croydon Advertiser 1960 BF13,P92. Photo negatives Norwood Area (J G Reddall) (Voss 1970) BF15,P93. London Yesterdays Book (Frederick Willis) BB, P93. 80 years of W Norwood BB2,P94. Edwardian W Norwood BB2,P94. 1911 street directory WN High St BB2,P94. Story of Norwood extract BB2,P94. Walks, Phoenix Suburb Dusk Jacket BRB,P95. Fire and Flood in WN BRB,P95. Screamin Alice, Glimpses of Norwood, Last Train from CPHLS, Excavations in Addington, Trail of Norwood CB,P96. Conservation in Norwood CB,P96. Norwood in Days of Old CB,P96. Croydon in Field and Street Names CB,P97. The Stone Passage CB,P97. Phoenix Suburb 2nd, Story of Norwood CB,P97. Postcards EEE,P98. Emile Zola book, Emile Zola Centenery, Story of Norwood PL,P98. Stock: Lambeth, Kennington & Clapham, St Luke’s, Bigginwood, Walford – Norwood/Streatham, Down at Beulah, Keep on the Grass, Trail of Norwood, Screamin Alice, Norwood Past, Sportsman in WNC, Postcard reproductions and enlargements, Conservation in Lambeth, Phoenix Suburb (3 rd edition), Ditto (2nd edition). Effra, London’s underground river, Conservation in Norwood, Look back in Wonder, Pissarro at the Palace, Crystal Palace and the Norwoods, Treetops and Terraces, Ditto Vol 2, Story of Wm Stanley, Norwood Past and Present, Walford’s History of Sydenham and CP.

Exhibitions Exhibition material (3) B4,P64. 1962 Exhibition Crystal Palace Story(2) B4,P64. Living with the Palace B4,P64, (2) C1,P66.C3,P77. Hole in the Heart Exhibition 1974. Croydon Exhibition 1975. 1962 Exhibition Crystal Palace Story(2) B4,P64. Living with the Palace B4,P64, (2) C1,P66.C3,P77. Hole in the Heart Exhibition 1974. Croydon Exhibition 1975. W Norwood Library Exhibition C1,P69. Upr Norwood Library Display C1,P69. Superday, Crystal Capers (8) C2,P72. Hole in the Heart C2,P72. CP Festival C2,P73. Croydon Airport Show C2,P75. Festival of Britain 1951 (2). . Zola Exhibition C3,P77. Poster for Zola Exhibition, Poster for Zola Exhibition, Norwood’s past on show C3,P78. . Fesival 1974 C3,P78. Chamber of Commerce Fair C3,P78. Sth Norwood Fair C3,P81. Zola photographs exhibition D1,P83. Lambeth Country Show (2) D1,P85. Victorian Evening 1980 D2,P88. All Saints’ Exhibition 1985 BF4,P91 120th Anniversary

Exhibition BB,P93,BLB,P94. Photographic Exhibition BB,P94. Exhibition Upr Norwood Library 1984 BlB,P94. Pictorial Exhibition DBB,P95. The Crystal Palace Story, Living with the Palace CB,P96. . Noakescope Show 62-63 B1,P23, B2,P56.. Wilson photos A4,P16(623-631). Triangle Exhibition 1970 D1,P83. Exhibition 1970 D1,P83 Subway Exhibition BLB,P94 Superday (2) DBB,P95. Crystal Capers DBB,P95. . The Crystal Palace Story, Living with the Palace CB,P96.,C1,P67 .

Views and miscellaneous View over Croydon from Norwood A1,P4(176). Front Page Norwood Review and Crystal Palace Reporter 1885) A3,P14(324). Norwood United Football Club A3,P14(321). Wooded slopes in Norwood. Views S Norwood 1989 A4,P16(600-605). A3,P14(268). Poster ‘Upper Norwood the Fresh Air Suburb’ A3,P14 (214). Plaques ‘We Preach Christ’ A4,P16(539-540). Raspberry Awards A4,P16(583). U Norwood after hurricane A4,P16(607-622). Building site opp Stanley Halls A4,P17(563-5). Sth Norwood 1989 A4,P18(TNS 605). Course on tree preservation B1,P22. Planning procedure 1960 B1,P22. Great Palm Tree 1966 B1,P22. Flying Saucer Review letter B1,P22. Victorian Society B1,P22. Upr Norwood Welfare and Social Services 1966 B1,P23. Surrey Amenity Council 1960-65 B1,P23. Selbourne Society 1960 B1,P23. The Builder Sept 1965 B1,P23. National Trust Neptune B1,P23. Society Constitution 62-62 B1,P23. Trees in W Norwood 60-61. Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Society 1960-67 B1,P25. Tamworth Park Construction developments B1,P25. Tewkesbury Lodge Estates Residents’ Assn Forest Hill B1,P25. Victorian Society B1,P37. Wayfarers Trust Ltd 1963 B1,P37. Rotary Clubs of W and Upper Norwood B1,P37. River Thames Society B1,P37. The Phoenix Social Club B1,P37. Penge and District Round Table B1,P37. Penge and Anerley Residents Assn B1,P37. RAOB Wreath laying B1,P37. Croydon Planning Handbook 1972 B1,P37. No confidence in Croydon Planning Department 1988 B1,P38. Croydon planning enforcement B1,38. Bromley parking, Green Belt, Skips, magazine B1,P39. Estate Agents Boards B1,P39. Repairs B1,P39. Outdoor advertising B1,P39. Croydon Award Scheme B1,38(2). New Planning procedures in law B1,38. Cash for Heritage Fund B1,P38. Planning decisions 1984 B1,P38. Replacement reservoir B1,P39. Hewitts Farm B1,P40. Vicar’s Oak (2) B2,P55. Norwood Industrial Area B3,P57. Lambeth Arts Council B3,P57. Croydon Design Initiative B3,P57, B3,P63 History of Norwood B3,P58. Many Leaflets etc historic buildings and conservation areas B3,P58. Lambeth Design Guide and CA’s B3,P59. Telephone kiosks B3,P59 Vacant land in Lambeth (2) B3,P61.B3,P62. Street naming and numbering (2) B3,P63..CPF Crystal Ball B4,)64. Poster Central Hill Seventies meeting 1980 B4,P64. Civic Trust C1,P66. Trees 1967/8 C1,P66. Public Meetings 1960/70 C1,P66. Croydon Guild of Social Service C1,P69. NS Development Plans (2).C1,P69. Auction of Norwood Estate C1,P70. Dulwich Society 1970, CPTCA Constitution C1,P70. Sth Norwood History Notes C2,P72. Newspaper Cuttings (2) C2,P72. Dulwich Society 63/67 C2,P72. NS new HQ (4) C2,P73. CPTCA 1971 C2,P74 Conservation Areas General C2,P75. Queen’s Visit C2,P76. Croydon – portrait (2) C2,P76. Trees C3,P78. Spotlight on Upr Norwood C3,P78. Rare trees threat C3,P79. Henry Wood Gramophone Circle, UN Atheneum, Christian Colportage Assn C3,P79. Banner from Norwood, USA (3) C3,P80. Charcoal burners C3,P80. Cinemas, British Legion, Darby and Joan. C3,P80. Bombing Sth Norwood C3,P81. Sydenham Wells C3,P81,D1,P83. Norwood Preservation Society C3,P81. D1,P83. Views of Sth London D1,P83. Lambeth Conservation Areas (2) D1,P85. Conservation meetings with other societies 1974 D1,P85. Institute of Refractories Engineers D1,P85. Trees BF1 P91. Croydon Planning Applications 1987-1994 BF5,P91. NS Badge blocks BF5,P91. Planning applications 1987-91 BF19,P93. Fire Engine BRB,P95.

Maps Sth Norwood XIV3 A2,P7(247). XIV5 A55-58 A2,P8(300). XIV2 A3,P13(444a),VIII 13,P13(442a), VIII 15 A3,P13(441a), XIV3,VIII 14 & 15, XV 2 & 3 A3,P13 (440a), VIII 15 A3,P13 (439a), VIII 13 A3,P13(438a),XIV top left Kent VII & 15, XV 2 & 3 A3,P13(437a). Surrey XIV 3, Kent VII 14 & 15 XV 2 & 3 A3,P13(436a). Surrey VIII 13 A3,P13 (435a). Surrey XIV3 Kent VII 14 & 15, XV2 and 3 A3,P13(434a). Surrey XIV A3,P13(433a). Surrey XIV 2 A3,P13(432a). Kent & Surrey VII 15 A3,P13(431a). Misc. A4,Pa6(584). Croydon & Beckenham Parishes (A4,P18(584). The Lawns,All Saints’, Beulah Hill, Sth Norwood Hill, Church Road, Bigginwood, Grecian Violla, Biggin Hill, Streatham Common, UIplands, Leigham Ct Rd, Crown Lane. A4,P18(584) Convent Central Hill A4,P18(584). Crown Hill,Dale A4,P18(584). Crown Hill Beulah Hill A4,P18(584). Leigham Ct Rd A4,P18(584). Colliers Water Farm Thornton Hth A4,P18(584). White Horse Wood – the Bainbridge 1800. A4,P18(584). Beulah Hill, Church Rd 1800 A4,P18(584). Sth Croydon 1800 A4,P18(584). Green Lane and Norbury 1800 A4,P18(584). Crown Lane, Crown Hill A4,P18(584). A9-10 Crown Lane – Crown Hill Surrey VIII 10 A4,P18(584). C10-20 Anerley A4,P18(584). C17-18 Sth Streatham Norbury A4,P18(584). A5154 Surrey XIV 1 Thornton Heath A4,P18(584). B15-16 Surrey VIII 13 Norbury – Sth Streatham A4,P18(584). B13-14 Surrey XIV3 Sth Norwood A4,P18(584). B7-8 Kent and Surrey VIII 15 Crystal Palace & Anerley A4,P18(584). B5-6 Surrey VIII9 Streatham A4,P18(584). B9-12 Surrey XIV 2 Thornton Hth and Grangewood A4,P18 (584). A59-66 Surrey XIV 6 Croydon and Selhurst A4,P18 (584). A75-82 Surrey XIV 9 Beddington A4,P18(584). Croydon Inclosure Map 1800 h, 107/1-8 A4,P18(584). A11-18 Surrey VIII 13 Norbury Sth Streatham A4,P18(584). A1-8 Surrey VIII 9 Streatham A4,P18(584). A27-34 Kent and Surrey VIII 15 Crystal Palace, Anerley and Penge A4,P18(584). B17 Surrey VIII 10 Crown Lane/Hill A4,P18(584). Conservation Areas: Brockwell Park, Sth Bank, Sth Lambeth Road, Lansdowne Gdns (also P21), Clapham Old Town & Common, Lambeth Palace (also P21 2), Loughborough Park, Sunnyhill Road (also P21), Minet Estate, Brixton(2), Larkhall(2)(also P21), Angell Town, Leigham Ct Estate also P21), Vauxhall, Clapham Rd, La Retraite, St Marks B1,P20. OS Waddon, Broad Green, Addiscombe B1,P20. Map symbols B1,P20. Elderwood, Park Hall Rd, West Norwood, Gipsy Hill, Stockwell Green, Trinity Gardens (also P21), Clapham(3), Rectory Grove, Albert Square, Stockwell, Brixton Rd, Vassall Rd, Kennington, Walcot Sq, Hanover Gdns, Garrads Rd, Brixton Water Lane, Hackford Road, Clapham Pk Rd, Roupell St, Stonhouse St, Lilleshall St B1,P21. TQ3272 W Norwood Cemetery, TQ3271Auckland Hill/Gipsy Rd, TQ3172 Norwood Rd, TQ3172 Palace Rd, TQ3172(2) Lansdowne Hill/Norwood Rd, TQ3172 Leigham Vale/Glennie Rd, TQ3171 Leigham Ct Rd/St Julian’s Farm Rd, TQ3171(3) Wolfington Rd/Knights Hill B1,P21. OS 6:1 Norwood B1,P22. OS 1:1056 1896 Lawns and Spa B1,P22. OS 1:25 VIII 15 B1,P22. OS 1:1500 1970 New Triangle B1,P22. OS LXXXV 1870 W Norwood B1,P22. OS 25:1 1875 LXXXVIII Lwr Norwood. OS map Norbury/Thornton Heath B1,P37. Lambeth Ward (Knights Hill) B3,P57. Lambeth Conservation Grants 1988/89 B3,P58. Norwood Industrial and Commercial Area B3,P59.2 maps Jan 1983 WN MUA b3,P60. Maps of W Norwood 1765,1808,1875 B4,P64. OS W and Upr Norwood B4,P65. Parkway ‘E’ map C1,P67. Conservation Areas plans and maps C2,P72. Harold Rd, Church Rd plans C2,P72. Plan Westow St C2,P73. Triangle Plans C2,P75. 1847 Croydon C4,P82. W Norwood plans D2,P88. OS maps TQ3369,3270,3269,3370(2), 3370NW,SW,NE,SE TQ3369 SW D2,P88. Lilian Thornhill Estate Map BF9,P92. Map Crystal Palace Area BB,P94. Stanford’s 1862 18,22,23 18,22 BB2,P94.OS 18768-75. OS 1913 Norwood Park/Elder Road BB2,P94. Open spaces Crystal Palace areas DBB,P95. Piece of Map Central Hill DBB,P95. Various OS Lambeth Black Bag/P956. W Norwood BS,P95. England Road Map CB,P96. Plan of Croydon 1847 MCT,P97. CP red route PC,P99. Lambeth Plan (7) C3,P77.

Survey of London XXVI Lambeth Pt Sth C3,P78. Map Crystal Palace Red Route, Parliamentary Boundaries B1,P23

Roads, Streets Alexandra Drive Knights Hill B1,P40. Gipsy Hill B1,P40(7).B2,P46.. Alleyn Park B1,P40. 56 Alleyn Rd B1,P40.

Anerley Hill A1,P2(62), A4,P17(563-14). 1908 A1,P3(97). Roundabout Anerley Hill A2,P9(419,437). Orchard Lodge C3,78. C3,P78. Arnulls Road A1,P3(105),A2,P11(495),A2,P11(499, A4,P16(500-502), B1,P38. 4 Beech Cottage C1,P69. Auckland Rd B1,P38(3). Auckland Rd B1,P38(3). Auckland Rd B1,P38(3). 121 Auckland Road. A1, P1(20), A2,P6(233). Auckland Rd B1,P38(3). Auckland Road detail of window A1,P4(180a). 9 Auckland Road A2,P10(475),A4,P19(TNS612). Auckland Road A2,P6(235). Auckland Hill B1,P40(9). 151 B2,P55.25,134 C1,P66.92 C1,P68. 9092 89 C1,P70. Richarfd Stephens old car C3,P79. Avenue Park Rd B1,P40(4). Avenue Rd 22-24 C1,P70. Barston Rd B1,P40(3). Beadman St B1,P40(2)P41(2). . Beardell St Nameplate A2,P8(308).B1,P40. B2,P53. Bedwardine Rd TPO C2,P74. Becondale Road A1,P4(164),A2,P11(497). B1,P40(7). C3,P78. Beechgrove B1,P40. Belvedere Road. A1, P1(24),A1,P4(145/146,147) A2,P6(234). A2,P7(250), A2,P7(270), A2,P7(283),A4,P19(TNS617-619). VR Hex Post Box A2,P8(305,306), A2,P10(470). Belvedere Rd WC railings A1,P4(165), C3,P78. Belvedere Rd B1,P24. Chimneys

B1,P40. 32 B1,P40. C2,P74. WC railings C2,P74. CA C2,P74. Railings C2,P76. Pillar Boxes C2,P76. Flats Lansdowne Place C3,P78. Drains problem C3,P78. Bentons Lane B1,P41(2). Bentons Rise (Sommersell House) B1,P41 Berridge Rd Norwood C3,P77. Berwyn Rd B1,P41. 75 Beulah Hill A1,P3(106), Adverts B1,P22, 77 & 79 B1,P24. Beulah pre-1960 A1,P3(120),A2,P10(455). 4 Beulah Hill – Hansard House A1,P3(126),A2,P11(480a). 45 Beulah Hill A2,P11(498), Nos 1, 31 & 79 B1,P38. Beulah Hill A1,P4(136), A2,P10(479),A2,P11(478a),A2,P11(485a), B1,P24. The Yews B1,P39. 258 B2,P55. 78 C1,P66, Hoardings, 79 ,63-69,67-69,53-69,13, 79,73,409-411 C1,P68. 98-110 C1,P69.Ormesby Ct, 77 C1,P69. C1,P69. Widening C1,P69. 63-79 C1,P69. 1964 63-69 C1,P69. Innisfail C1,P70. North and South Sides C1,P70. 55-71 (2) C1,P70. General C1,P70. C2,P73. Christian Colportage Assn C3,P79. Woodfield Hse C3,P79. 63-69 flats C3,P80. C3,P81. 4-6, 311 D1,P84. 1(2) BB,P94. Bewlys Rd (10 & 20) B1,P41. 140 Biggin Hill B1,P38. Trees Biggin Hill B1,P25. Biggin Hill Trees B1,P25. 132 C1,P66. Grit Bin C1,P68. White Lodge (2) C1,P68. C1,P70. (3) C2,P73. C2,P75. 100 trees down C3,P80. D1,P84. 27 Bigginwood Rd C1,P66. Trees C1,P69. Birkbeck Hill (4) B1,P41. Birkbeck Place (2)B1,P41. Bloom Grove (5) B1,P41. Bowley Close B1,P40(3). 44,83,90, 113,141 Broxholme Rd B1,P41. Bungalow Rd C3,81. 5,11a,25,43,48a Camden Hill Rd B1,P41. B2,P53. 79,80,2,10,19-23, 25-31,91,104 Canterbury Grove B1,P41. 59,53 and School Carnac St B1,42

Canterbury Mews B1,P41. Carberry Rd (2) C2,P74. Carson Rd (4) B1,P42 Casewick Rd (5) B1,P42. (2) B2,P51. 5,11-15 Cawnpore St B1,P42. Central Hill 11-17, 69, 43 (2), 141 B1,P38. Police Stn B1,P42. Imbroglio C1,P67. 61 C1,P68. Development, 61-63 C1,P68. 101-109 C1.P69.C1,P70. Day Nursery C2,P75. C3,P77 Day Nursery C3,P77. Community Bldgs C3,P77. DBB,P95. Chancellor Grove (16) B1,P42(2). Chapel Road A4,P17(26*). 18/20,19/21,30,32,36,38,35/51 B1,P42. B2,P51. Chatsworth Road D1,P86. Chatsworth Way (8,2,14,19,9,2/4,) B1,P42. 11 (2)D1,P86

Chestnut Rd B1,P40. 1,61,76-77,182-77,16,7,36,43,47,47a,66 B1,P42. 61 B2,P46. Cheviot Rd 66,44/6,126,156 B1,P42.B2,P51. Childs Lane C2,P74. Church Road looking East, opposite former Cinema. Former Rialto Cinema A2,P6(241). A1, P1 (2). Petrol Station B1,P24. Augustus Court Church Road A1, P2(44),A1,P4(166). 122 Church Road 1980 A1, P2(46). Church Road West Side A1,P2(55). Church Road A2,P11(476a), A1,P4(156), A2,P7(296), A4,P17, 205 B1,P24,124 B1,P24, Church Road A1,P3(132),A1,P1(140),3pics,A2,P8(307),A2,P10(467),A2,P11(479a),A2,P11(482a),A2, P11(484a). Church Rd Walmer House Portico A2,P7(245). St. Aubyn’s Parade Church Road A2,P7(264). Church Rd Composite A2,P8(302). Church Rd Sylvan Hill – Forsyte Cres A2,P10(474a). Augustus Ct and Castle Hill Church Rd A2,P10(485). The Old House now Rosetta Ct Church Rd A2,P10(486). 126 Church Rd A2,P10(487), A4,P19(TNS613,614). Mollie Davis Ct B1,P39. 104-106 B1,P39. Rosetta Ct (2) B1,P39. 90 B1,P39. Farmer’s Wife 125 B1,P39. 187 B1,P39. 84-88,258,35 B2,P55. 187(3),112,Silverton Cottage113 C1,P66. 160 C1,P67. 144-148,124,126,152 C1,P68. Petrol Stn, general C1,P68. Pedestrian Crossing C1,P68. Tyrol 120 C1,P68 & 69(2). 124 (2),126 C1,P69.C1,P70. 154-158 C1,P70. 75-91 C2,P74. CA C2,P74.64 C2,P74. Rosetta

Ct C3,P78. Cottage 1993 C3,P79.Flats threat to CA C3,P79.Missing numbers C3,P79. Rockmount D1,P83. D1,P84.BF4,P91. Old Vicarage BF18,P93. Clapham High St B3,P60. Clive Rd 54-58,60,63 B1,P42. 70,73,92, Eaton Ct B1,P43. (2) C3,P78. College Green. Imbroglio C1,P67. (2) C1,P68. College Rd 152-154 C1,P68. Convent Wood. C2,P73. Coopers Yard 6-7,8,9 B1,P43. Cotswold St 12-15 B1,P43. Covent Garden C3,P77. Coxwell Rd A4,P19(TNS615,616). Cork Tree House B1,P42. Craignaish Ave C1,P69. Crown Dale (Norwood Hse) B1,P43. 55 Crown Lane, B1,P39. Crown Point. B1,P39. Green Hse,Burlington Lodge B1,P43. Croxted Rd 71-27 (Rlwy Bridge) B3,P59. Crystal Palace Parade A1,P2(59). B1,P40(2). A4,P16(639). 13-14 B1,P43. C1,P68.(2) C1,P70. Crystal Palace Park Road (Park Side) A1,P3(128). Crystal Palace Park Rd A2,P9(432). Curnicks Lane B1,P43. Cypress Rd 13-19 C1,P66. C1,P68. D1,P85. Dalmore Rd 11,21 B1,P43. Dalton St 17,27a B1,P43. Deerbrook Rd 27 B1,P43.

Deronda Rd 15,81-28,55,63, St Martin’s B1,P43. 81-82 (2) B3,P59. Dodbrooke Rd 6 B1,P43. Downsview Rd allotments C1,P67. C1,P68..D1,P84. Dickens Wood B1,P38. Dulwich Walkway C1,P71. Dunbar St 2-4 B1,P43. C3,P77. Effra development plan B1,P43. C3,P77. Egremont Rd B1,P43. Elder Rd A4,P19(TNS623,624,626), St Luke’s School 21 22-28 58, 89 B1,P43.B2,P47. B3,P59. Thatched Cottage C3,P81. BB2,P94. Elderwood B3,P59.C3,P78. D1,P83. Elmcourt Rd 15,17,19,16,25,31,35 B1,P43. B2,P52. Elmworth Grove (1-12 Eagle Ct) B1,P43. Ernest Ave 9/11, 9,35 B1,P43. Esam Way Hazel Ct B1,P44. Eversley Rd. 1-3,1 C1,P66.81 C2,P73. Missing numbers C3,P79. Eylewood Rd 42,51 B1,P44. Farquhar Rd B1,P40. 7 B1,P44. C1,P71. View of Fox Hill 1823 A1,P2(85). Fox Hill 1875 A2,P7(274). Fox Hill A1,P4(143,157,158),A2,P6(237),A2,P7(287-289),A2,P9(406). 47a B1,P39. 51 B1,P39. B1,P40. 44 C1,P66. C1,P70. 49 C1,P71. Gibsons Hill B1,P23, B1,P24. B1,P24(2), B1,P25. The Hollies B1,P39. B1,P40(7). 7,10,16,23,25,24,29,30,32,35,40,42/44,49,51,53/55,57,59,61,70,75,76,79,79a,81,81a,81b 83(2),85a,89,95, Gozeley Ct,127 B1,P44. The Hollies C1,P66. C2,P73. Gipsy Hill Terrace West Side A1,P3 (115 & 116). 78 Gipsy Hill French’s Dairy A1,P3(117),A2,P8(299).B2,P54. Conservation Area B3,P58. CA B3,P59. Christchurch B3,P59. 143 C1,P69. C2,P73. C2,P74. BF4,P91.

3 and 5 Gipsy Road A3,P14(320). 67 B1,P42. 7/9, 21,25,63,67,111,125,153161,195,203-205,207-209,222,228,232,239,241,237,244,247,249,251 B2,P45 Gladstone Terrace Bentons Lane B1,P41. Glennie Rd 33,47,87,87-89,98 B2,P45. Grange Hill A2,P11(483a. 17-21 C1,P66. Grange Rd C1,P70. Green Lane TH.40 C1,P70 Grove Terrace B1,P24. Hainthorpe Rd 38 B2,P45. Hale Path B2,P51. Hamilton Rd W Norwood B1,P23, St Saviours College B2,P45. Norwood Hse,23,71,147,160,161,169 B2,46.C3,P78. Alma Tce and Hamilton Arms D1,P83. 20 Hamlet Road A1,P7(251), 22 A2,P7(284),20/22 A2,P7(297). Hannen Rd Rd 1,4,6,7,12 B2,P46. B2,P47. Harold Rd A4,P17(RAN72).32, 72(2), 35,37,67 B1,P39. 9 C1,P66. C1,P70.C2,,P73. CA C2,P74. BB,P94. Harpenden Rd B2,P46. B2,P50. Hawke Rd (Corner)(2) B2,P46. Haynes Lane A1,P3(123). Haynes Lane, B1,P24. C2,P74. C2,P74. Hermitage Road A1, P1(28), A2,P9(362).31 C1,P66. Flats victory C3,P80. W Norwood High St A2,P9(445a). W Norwood High St A4,P16(551-552),A4,P17(640). 76 High St Sth Norwood B1,P37. Power Box, pavement,2a,11/13,23,24/28,38,41,4244,47,48,50,51-59(2), 52.54-56,55,58-70,61-79,74,68-74,80,86-91,95,96,95-130,98102,99,101,104-106,110,112,114,122,125,127,129-133,171 B2,P48. BB2,P94. Highfield Hill (2) C1,P70. C2,P73.D1,P84. Highland Rd 8 B2,P46 C3,P77. C3,P79.

24 Highview Close B1,P39. Holderness Estate B2,P47. Hollybush Terrace B1,P37. Honeybrook Rd B2,P47. 16 Hook Hill B1,P39. Howden Rd 13 C1 P67, 1 C1,P70. Hubbard Rd B1,P40. Idmiston Rd B1,P42. 6,Gothic Lodge,25,47a,76 2,P46.Gothic Lodge B2,P47,C3,P78 D1,P86 Jasper Road A2,P8(303,325). Imperial Hse, Ranger Mansions, Jasper Wks B2,P46. Knights Hill Square A4,P16(538), A4,P16(553). B2,P46

Knights Hill A4,P17(563-25), Opp Bus Garage A4,P17(RAN 4 photos). Knights Hill A4,P19(TNS630). B1,P40(3). Methodist Church site B1,P43. 129/131,153,133,160,165 B2,P46. 166,179,187,210,236,239,262/264,264/266,276b,Portobello Hse,2,4,6,5/11,13,17,14,18,19/21,20,22,23a,24,25,26,33,35,37,45,48,84,94/96(2),119,121 ,130,132 B2,P47. Peabody Hill Estate B2,P50.Numberling B2,P53. B3,P57. C1,P71. C3,P78. 56 (Geddes) D1,P86. Knollys Rd B2,P46 Lakeview Rd B2,P46. Lancaster Ave B2,P46. B2,P56 38 Lancaster Rd B1,P39. C1,P70. D1,P83. Langmead St B2,P46. Lansdowne Hill B2,P46.B2,P55. Lansdowne Place C3,P78. Ledrington Road A1, P1(27).

Leigham Ct Rd A2,P10(462,466).Esam Way B1,P44. B2,P46. 88-89 B3,P58. C3,P78. Linton Grove, Knights Hill C3,P77. Loughborough Pk CA, Conservation Area B3,P58. Lovelace Rd B2,P46. Lunham Rd B2,P46. C3,P79. Lwr Norwood to W Norwood A3,P14 (372). Maberley Rd 2-24 (3) 33-34 C1,P67 C1,P70 Marston Road B1,P42. Martell Rd B2,P46 Mayley Ave B2,P46. Mountbatten Close B2,P46. B2,P52. Mount Villas B2,P46.C3,P77. Mowbray Ct C1,P66. C1,P70 28 Mowbray Rd B1,P39. Myton Rd B2,P46. Melbourne Yard B1,24. Nesbitt Sq B1,P39. Nettlefold Place B2,P48. 124-126 Norbury Hill B1,P38. Speed Bumps B1,P39. Bungalow C1,P67. Norwood Road nr Brockwell Park. A1, P1 (40), A4,P16(542). 313,319b,321,326,327329,330,334,336,341,343,345,348352,360,362,374,375,378,379,386,387,447,465(2),473,483,491,487,503,505,509513,537,545,547-549 B2,P49.380 (Geddes) D1,P86. Oaks Avenue 1,5,6,14,18,27,28 B2,P49.

Oakwood Drive 336 B2,P49. Ovett Rd C2,P74. Paddock Gdns C1,P67. Palace Grove A3,p14(368). Palace Grove (?) A1, P1(22). Palace Road 123 B2,P49. Palace Square A2,P6(231). Parade Mews 1-5 B2,P49 The Parade, Upper Norwood A1,P2(65). Park Hall Road B2,P49. 98,19,28-30,33,41,41-43(2), 47,49,59 B2,P50. Conservation Area (2) B3,P58. Paxton Place. 1-7,6-12,14-20,17-25,22-36B2,P50. Peabody Hill Estate B1,P50. Penrith Place. 1-10, 14 B2,P50. Pilgrim Hill 2 B2,P50. Portal Close 7,11,13 B2,P50. Pyrmont Grove. 3 B2,P50. Queen Mary Rd (St Margarets Hall) C1,P70. Railton Rd B2,P47. Robson Rd 53,68 B2,P50. Roman Rise 2 B2,P50. Rommaney Rd 195,217 B2,P50. Depot B2,P52. Rosendale Rd 17c,21,7,18-20,34,35(2),53,101,109a,126,128,131,136,156,163,167,170 B2,P50. Ross Road (St Cuthberts) B1,P37. 55, 57, 59 B1,P37. Ross Lodge B1,P39. C1,P70.17-21 C1,P70.

Rothschild St 36/48 B1,P43. 6-24,11-31,21,51-73,35-73 B2,P51. Roxburgh Road 33,40 B2,P51. B2,P53. Rycroft Rd C1,P68. Ryefield Rd B1,P37. Allotments B2,P55. C2,P73. D1,P84.

Sainsbury Rd B2,P51. B2,P52. 14 C1,P70,35-6 B2,P51. St Aubyn’s Road A1,P3(113). D1,P84. St Clouds Rd 59 B2,P51. St Faith’s Rd 4,19 B2,P53. St Gothard Rd The Lodge B2,P53. St Julian’s Close 7 B2,P53. St Julian’s Farm Rd 2,6,22,26,27,80,83,96,105,111,126 B2,P53. St Louis Rd 17,142 B2,P53. St Oswald’s Road (42) BF8,P92. Selsdon Rd SE27 12, 14,25,,27,43,61 B2,P51. Signpost L.B. of Croydon Upper Norwood(15) A1, P1. A214 A1,P1(18) Soap Suds Square A4,P199(TNS625,627). Sth Croxted Rd B1,P40. 257, 297 B1,P43. 13,25,90,111,115 B2,P51. Sth Norwood Hill A1,P4(171),B1,P37). South Norwood Hill B1,P24 (2), B1,P37, B1,P38.189 B2,P55. 266 B3,P58. Spurgeons College C1,P67. 245 C1,P68. (2) C1,P69 243-263 C1,P69. C3,P78. The Siege C3,P79. Beggars Hill C3,P81. Pelican crossing Cypress Rd D1,P85 Sth Norwood Sewage Farm B1,P37. South Vale 10, 19 & 24/26 B1,P37. South View Court luxury flats A1,P4(172) Southview Ct A2,P10(464).

Southholme Close A4,P17 (RAN 10 Photos). 81 Spa Hill C1,P67. . Spring Grove A1,P4(144). Stambourne Way A4,P19(TNS620-622), Residents Assn B1,P22. Station Rise SE27 1a2a5,6-11 B2,P51. Stoney Lane (2) C2,P74. Streatham High Rd MUA(2) B3,P60. Streatham Hill B2,P53. 1-7 Sydenham Hill B1,P40. Sydenham Place 1 B2,P51. Sylvan Hill C1,P70. C2,P73. 1-3 Sylvan Hill (TPO) 9,13 B1,P38. 1 (2) D1,P84. Sylvan Rd B1,P37. 12-14(2) Corres C1,P70. Flats density C3,P80. Thornlaw Rd B2,P47. (2) 29,50,87,112,129 B2,P51. Thurlby Rd 81-82,21,35 B2,P51. C3,P80. Thurlestone Rd 14,53,75 B2,P51 Thurlow Hill 30 B2,P51. 74,3,4,5,9,17-21,43,Elmcourt Rd,5256,58,68,109,107A,116,122,124,125-7 B2,P52. Tredwell Rd B2,P51. Trinity Rise. 1,13,19/21,43,75 B2,P52. Tritton Rd 19,24,62, Truslove Rd 76 Tulse Hill 155,Berkeley Ct,Ethelworth Ct,166,186,188,190,194 B2,P52. Turkey Oak Close B2,P55. Uffington Rd B1,P41. 4/6,29,49 B2,P52.

Ullswater Rd 4,23 B2,P52. Ulverstone Rd 2,11 B2,P52. Upper Beulah Hill C1,P68. 2,4,6 C1,P70. Vale Rd B2,P52. Vassall (Knights Hill numbering) B2,P53. Victoria Cres B2,P46. B2,P52.Compton Ct,33/39,34,43,44,45,51B,62 B2,P53. Victory Place A1,P4(179).C2,P74. Wakefield Gardens A1, P1(17). Waldegrave Rd A2,P10(470), Warminster Rd (3) B1,P38. C1,P70. 1 Warminster Sq (2), 9-11 C1,P67. Waylett Place 1-2 B2,P53. Weaver Walk (Old Brewery) B2,P53 Westow Hill (Barclays Bank) A1, P1(25). Looking West. (2), A2,P10(477). A1, P1(29). North Side pre-1972 A1,P2(52), A2,P10(478). Towards the East A1,P2(53). Sth Side A1, P2(54). Westow Hill pre-1980 A1,P3(118). Barclays Bank Westow Hill A1,P3(122). Westow Hill towards Central Hill A1,P4(178) P5(186). ). Westow Hill towards roundabout A2,P6(203). Westow Hill looking South A1, P1(6), 50-52 B1,38. (2) B2 P53. 3,15-17,19-21,25-27,29-31,33,45-47,51,55,57b,69-71,73,61,75B2,P54. 66,24 B2,P55. 76-77 B3,P59.62, 70(2) C1,P67. Tesco 14 C1,P70. 70 C1,P71.57,73 C2,P73. Westow Hill/Gipsy Hill (2) C2,P73. C2,P74. (10) C2,P74. GIA D1,P85. Westow Lodge B1,P24. C3,P81. Crown Printing Works Westow Street A1, P2(42), 47-49, 67 B1,P38. Westow Street Car Park 1970 A1, P2(43). Westow Street North-East Side – Sorting Office A1, P2(56). 47-49 Westow St reet J D Luke Ltd A1,P4(174). A1,P4(178)P5(186). 39 Westow St A1,P5(185). Shopfront Westow St A2,P6(200). Westow St Carpark A2,P6(204). 17 Westow St James Jackson A2,P7(254). Olga’s Pattisserie Westow St A2,P7(290). 80-86 B1,P39.19 B2,P55. 17,23,30-34(4), 51-43 C1,P67.Welfare Centre 1965 C1,P69. Foresters’ Hall Courts C1,P71. Plan C2,P73. 69,25,27,33,35,40,65, Hollybush C2,P74. Restroom for the Elderly C3,P79. Public Hall in Car Park 1963 C3,P80. Old Cottage –

Ballards Farm C3,P81. Memorial D1,P84. Community Centre BF15,P92, Phoenix Centre BB,P94. 293 Whitehorse Lane B1,P38. Woodfield Close B1,P38. Whiteley Rd 2,9,39,41,46B2,P54. White Lion Lane C1,P66. Windsor Grove B2,P54 Wolfington Rd 35,62-62a,65,88, Woodfield Close (The Yews) C1,P68. Woodland Hill A2,P6(202) 8,10,18,26-28,30,38,42,48 B2,P54. Woodland Rd B2,P53. 12,14,19,28,30,38,39,50(2),99B2,P54. C2,P74. The Woodlands B1,P38(3). Woodside Ave (Cottage) C1,P69. Woodvale Estate B2,P47. C3,P77 York Hill Beaufoy Hse,(2) 41 B2,P55. C3,P78

Crystal Palace Poster Anerley Hill – funfair. A1, P1(9). Caravan site A1, P1(10). Sports Centre A1, P1(27). Before the fire 1936. A1, P1(33). Fire by John Betjeman. A1, P1(35). The Italian Court (36), The Egyptian Court Hall of Pillars A1, P1(38). Photograph 1900 from Parade/Anerley Hill(39). Farman biplane A1, P1(37). GLC Top Site A1, P2(47). Concert Bowl A1,P2(57). Sports Centre A1,P2(58). Crystal Palace A1,P2(60). Parade and Palace across High Level Railway A1,P2(63). German Emperor A1P2(64). Water Pageant – Sea Fight A1,P2(67). Crowning of Rose Queen A1,P2(68). Great Unionist Fete A1,P2(69). The Monsters A1,P2(70). Boating A1,P2(71). Iguanodon Dinner A1,P2(72). Royal Visit A1,P2(73). Interior A1,P2(74),A3,P13(400). Great Handel Organ A1,P2(75),A3,P14(220). Model reconstruction A1,P2(76). Penge Place A1,P3(98). Recreation Centre A1, P3(100),A1,P4(168-3). Interior – fountain A1,P3(101). Pits of the Race Track deserted A1,P3(102). The Terraces today A1,P3(103). Aerial View A1,P3(104). Naves A1,P4(168-2). New Crystal Palace A2,P6(209). Top Terrace A2,P7(273). Fountains and fun 1900 A2,P7(276). Motor Racing Poster A2,P7(277). 1st Aeronautical Exhibition 1868 A2,P7(278). Small Airship A2,P8(301). Press cuttings

A2,P8(304,309,310). Farman Biplane A2,P9(401. By Night A2,P9(402, Sports Centre A2,P9(403,404,405,423,430). Interior Nave A2,P9(407). Terrace A2,P9(408,426,428), Sports Centre model A2,P9(409). Main staircase A2,P9(411,422,431,435,436). Paxton’s Head A2,:P9(412). Fisherman’s Lake A2,P9(418,433,447a). Terrace & BBC Tower A2,P9(421,425,429,438). Adventure Playground A2,P9(424,427). Bird Show 1931 A2,P9(441). Entrance Today A2,P9(444). Statue A2,P9(445). Egyptian Head A2,P9(446), A2,P10(472). Subway A2,P9(447), A4,P16(568), A4,P19(TNS632-638) Fire A2,P10(449,451,452). Paxton’s original rough design A2,P10(450). Living with the Palace A2,P10(457). Collossus of Abu Simbel A2,P10(471),A3,P14(223). Handel Festival A2,P10(473). Crystal Palace 1854 A2,P10(474). Penge Place A2,P10(476). GLC Rockhills Notice A2,P10(483). Fire A2,P10(484),A3,P13(426a),A3,P13(423a), A3,P13(421a), A3,P13(420a, 419a,416,415,413). Events Poster 1974 A2,P11(496). Upper Terrace A2,P12(489a)(1).Leona Dare Balloon Ascents A3,P13. Emperor of France visit A3,P13(430a). Opening A3,P13(429a). Cat Show 1883 A3,P13(428a). Fireworks Queen Victoria’s Birthday A3,P13(426b). View from low level station A3P13(425a). Aerial View A3,P13(424a).Hyde Park A3,P13(422). Garibaldi A3,P13(418a). Snow after fire 1867 A3,P13(417a). Rebuild 3,P13(399,398,397,396,395,304,392,390),A3,P14(210). Evolution curiosities A3,P13(393). Shah visit A3,P13(391), Subway walls 3,P14(367),A3,P14(212),A4,P16(559-560), B1,P40. 1936 article The Star A3,P14(226), A4,P16(574-582), A4,P16(623-638). Ruins surveyed A3,P14(225). New Sydenham Palace A3,P14(224). Extinct animals model room A3,P14(222). Reception Duke of Edinburgh A3,P14(221). Isler Fountain A3,P14(219). Brocks fireworks 1909 A3,P14(218). Egyptian Avenue A3,P14(217). Living with the Palace A3,P14(213). Paxton plans before Prince Albert A3,P14(207. Crystal Palace mint rock A4,P16(569). Event A4,P17(641). Education for Colonial Life A4,P17(643). Photos preservation B1,P24). Ski Slope 196t B1,P24. Exhibition 1962 B1,,P37. Crystal Capers B1,P40. Viewing Tower (Sunday Times) B3,P57. A Palace Revolution 1973, Concert Bowl, Norwood’s changing, plan of Crystal Palace, Sports Centre schemes B4,P64. Master Plan 1989. Recreation Centre 1964 C1,P68. GLC about the site C1,P68. Future of site 1967 C1,P69. NS draft on Crystal Palace C1,P69. Zoo C2,P73. Festival (2) C2,P73. C P Parade Lake C2,P73. Vandalism at Zoo C2,P73. Caravan Site C2,P73. Restoration C2,P73. New concept C2,P74. Queen’s Hotel Festival C2,P74. Sightseeing Tower C2,P74. New CP C3,P77. The Crystal Palace Story, Living with the Palace C3,P77, BF9 P92. BF12,P92. Breaking Records, Concert Bowl, Fire theory, historic tunnel, Fire Brigade by train, become a park C3,P78. New Palace C3,P78. Nude statues sold C3,P78. CP melted C3,P78. Shrine to Grand Old Lady C3,P78. Central Transept has caved in C3,P78. Proposed Hotel C3,P78. Ideal CP scheme 1966 C3,P79.Demolition of North Tower C3,P79. A night to remember, new TV towers, new sports centre C3,P79. Neglected site C3,P81. CP ideas C3,P81. CP Park meeting C4,P82. Programme 1927, Stewards photo D1,P83. C P Park of 1854 D1,P83. View booklet postcards D1,P83. Forum (2) Fireshow 1976 D1,P85,D3,P89. Temporary Ice Rink, viewing platform, display of statues D1,P85. Sports Centre Events D1,P85. Plans Sir G Barry D2,P88. CP Advertiser and News 1972-74, 1956 D2 P88, 1974, 1975, 1952 D4,P90. Forum maps D3,P89. Fire Souvenir Poster 50th Anniversary BB,P93. Ceremonial re-opening 1920 BB,P94. The Star – Fire Report and pictures BB,P94. Daily Herald Fire Report BB,P94. Map Crystal Palace area, Opening Crystal Palace BB,P94. Aerial view BB,P94. Photo

South Tower BLB,P94. Viewing Platform BLB,P94. Hyde Park BLB,P94. Interior Transept Hyde Pk, By Moonlight BRB,P95 CP v West Ham CB,P96. CP Park Tour CB,P96. In 1855 CB,P96. Nature Trail CB,P97. *A1-D4 Cabinet and drawer numbers. P Page numbers. BF Box File + numbers 1-19. BB Black Bag BB2 2 Black Bags. DBB Double Black Bag BRB Brown Bag BS Black Sack. CB Cardboard Box. MCT. Miscellaneous Cardboard Tubes EEE Exhibition Equipment Etc. PC Price List. In italics not available at Upper Norwood Library. Copyright Eric Kings 2010.