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w o 5 W gularly cut. Kingfwood covers about 230 acres; the timber is chiefly O a k , but it does not get to any large fize. T h e underwood is cut ...

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gularly cut. Kingfwood covers about 230 acres; the timber is chiefly O a k , but it does not get to any large fize. T h e underwood is cut for wreaths or faggots. T h e valleys are in general richly laden with E l m , which acquires a good fize in the hedge rows; but the method of lopping ofF the fide branches, to what is here called a befom head, cannot be too much execrated. O n the northern declivity of Mendip hills are fome good coppice W o o d s . On the fouthern declivity are alfo fome coppice Woods, but being expofed to the weftern breezes, thefe are not fo productive. In the eaftem part of the county there are fome large and productive W o o d s , which being near the coal-works are very valuable. Many beautiful plantations are alfo interfperfed, which are not only an ornament to the refpective feats to which they belong, but are in themfelves a fertile fource of annual profit. T h e ancient foreft of Selwood, on the verge of which Frome (lands, appears to have comprifed a woody vale of about 20,000 acres, i8>ooo of which are now converted into arable and pafture land; the remainder continues in a ftate of coppice W o o d . T h e timber is chiefly O a k and A m , which though not of large growth, are very good of their kinds, and fell well in the neighbourhood. T h e underwood is moftiy Hazel, A ill, Alder, Withy and Birch j fome of which fell as high as 161. an acre. This foreft was difafforefted about the feventh of Charles I. and divided into three portions, one whereof was allotted to the lords of manors, another to the commoners, and a third to the crown. T h e latter was fold to the adjoining landholders. N o great quantity of woodland has been grubbed within the laft forty years \ but much new ground has been planted, particularly on the hills belonging to the marquis of Bath, M r . Beckford, and Sir Richard Hoare. Thefe woodlands are in general in a ftate of coppice wood, with timber chiefly O a k ; but the foil, particularly in the valliesi being of a ftrong yellow clay, is fo cold and retentive, that the Oak trees, though fpringing up fpontaneoufly in great abundance, get mofly and deadtopped, and few of them come to a large fize: yet from the neighbourhood of good inland markets, the profit from woodland is nearly double that of the adjoining land in arable or pafture and the profit arifing from the new-planted hills, particularly the fandy parts, has- been, in many i n f l a t e s , near ten per cent on the original expenfe of planting and fencing .


are very extenfive, and of luxuriant growth. In thefe Oak has been particularly attended to, but there is alfd a variety of other timber trees extremely promifmg in growth. U p o n the pleafure grounds and eftates of lord D u d ley, at and near Himley, are large quantities of wellgrown timber, and very extenfive Woods and coppices of Oak. ~ T h e timber and plantations at Teddefley park, Sir Edward Littleton's, are very confiderable. Manftey W o o d is extenfive : befide which there are many other coppices, dingles and clumps of full grown O a k , Afri; and other timber. T h e fpring coppices and young plantations, cover at leaft 100 acres ; and in them O a k has been an object: of particular attention. Thefe plantations are generally upon poor cold land -, a gravelly marl or clay bottom, on which O a k fucceeds well, and being of no great value for corn or pafture, is very properly applied to the growth of timber and underwood. Wrottefley eftate, the property of Sir John W r o t tefly, Bart, contains fome confiderable Woods of wellgrown timber: alfo extenfive plantations of more modern growth. An Eiwille, lord Stamford's, the Woods and plantations are very extenfive, and well-ftocked with timber trees and underwood, among which Oak predominates. T h e Woods of U p p e r Areley are very large, and well ftocked with O a k of various ages. Hagley park, clofe to the borders of this county, contains great quantities of exceeding Hne timber, of a firft rate quality. T h e parilh of Barbourne is well wooded. T h e Bifhop's Woods, near Ecclefhall, are faid to contain 1,300 acres : a certain portion of them is cut down every year, Madely Woods, near Newcaftle, are well ftocked with Oaks 5 they were formerly a park. T h e plantations at Fifherwick, lord Donegal's, are of little more than twenty years growth, (in 1796) but very promifmg. Sandweli park ancl eftate, the earl of Dartmouth's, is well ftocked with all kinds of timber, particularly Oak. T h e Pattefhall eftate, Sir Robert Figot's, ftill contains large quantities of mature timber, although confiderable quantities have been cut lately. Broughton pleafure-grounds, Sir Thomas Broughton's, abounds with plantations, clumps, and fhady fpreading trees, particularly fycamores. There is a promifmg coppice of Oak on the other fide of the road. Hilton park, belonging to M r . Vernon, contains STAFFORDSHIRE. plenty of flourifhing Oaks. In the pleafure grounds This county ftill continues well ftocked with timber, are fome very fine well-grown Oaks and a great variety notwithfeanding the immenfe quantity that has been of other timber trees. T h e rides and plantations are lately cut down. T h e beft-timbered eftate is that of very extenfive, and bear evidence of the planter's Lord Bagot near Abbot's-Bromley. T h e Woods exvigilant attention. Many Larches and Firs of his own tend over many hundred acres, and almoft wholly conplanting contain twenty feet or more of timber. fift of Oak, a very large quantity of which is now quite Burnt wood, near Afhley common, belonging to M r . mature, and fome even decaying. Many carry timber Meynell, is very extenfive, and well ftocked with younpto the length of fixty or feventy feet: and in the park Oak. are many hundreds of very extraordinary bulk, conT h e eftates of M r . Gough, at Perry Bar, Oldfallings, taining from 200 to 400 feet of timber each. Several near Bufhbury, and Walton Grange, near Gnofhall are might be picked out worth 60 guineas a piece, and all well timbered. Perry park and neighbourhood has fome even more. Some of thefe trees are mentioned much ripe timber, and confiderable young plantations by Dr. Plott as full-grown timber in 1686. It is faid of every ftage of growth. Oldfallings eftate and that one hundred thoufand pounds have been offered neighbourhood is plentifully ftocked with well-grown for thefe Woods. T h e fuccefiion Woods and young Oak and other timber, and Walton Grange has an e x plantations are very confiderable and ftill continuing. cellent O a k coppice, of confiderable extent. Bentley Thefe are made fometimes by fowing acorns with wheat eftate, M r . Anion's, near Walfall, is extremely full of after fummer fallow: fometimes by fetting out young O a k , both in coppices and hedge-rows. A t Great plants, in which cafe, at the end of one or two years, Sugnall, near Stafford, M r . Turton's, are fome fmall they are cut off at the furface, the fecond fhoot thriving neat plantations, among which Oak has not been formuch better than the firft, which was checked by transgotten. Confiderable Woods and plantations grow planting. After a W o o d has been cut down, fometimes on the Shutborough eftate, M r . Anfon's, as well as on it is replanted by ftriking in with a pick-axe acorns and that of Sir William Wolfeley -, and aliò upon M r . other feeds of foreft trees or underwood. All thefe Curzon's, near Rudgeiey. T h e eftate of Mr. Fowler, methods have been attended with fuccefs. at Pendeford, is well wooded, in hedge-rows, young plantations, fingle trees, and clumps of very fine weliT h e fecond-timbered eftate is Chillington, the progrown Oak j it has alfo a very promifmg coppice of perty of Thomas Giffard, Efq. Timber to the amount Oak. Other fmaller eftates are well ftocked with timber, of 30,000k has been fold within twenty years, and particularly that of M r . Fleeming, at the Wergs, near that remaining is thought to be worth at leaft an equal Tettenhall, where are fome Oaks worth thirty guineas fum. T h e fucceffion Woods and young plantations each. U p o n the whole, the county is well timbered* and has now in it fuccefiion growths fufficient for the p County Report, 8vo. 1798. fupply of a great length of time. 3 , Plantations p