Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This

Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This

***************************************************************************** Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This report was generated ...

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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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***************************************************************************** Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This report was generated by the Council File Management System on 04/12/2018 ***************************************************************************** Council File Number 09-2500 Title Adjourning Motions for October, November and December 2009 Last Change Date 01/05/2010

Expiration Date 10/07/2011

Initiated by Council Action History for Council File 09-2500 Date Activity 12/16/2009 Council action Zine for Fred Chapa; Hahn for Griselia Puente; Perry for Frances Clarke Brown Doggett; LaBonge for for Roy E. Disney. 12/15/2009 Council action Perry for Avery Clayton; Rosendahl for Joyce Daisy Crane; Smith for David Enzer; LaBonge for Bob Keane, Admiral David M. Stone, Kerry Stickney, and Consul General Vytautas Cekanauskas. 12/11/2009 Council action Perry for Constance Simmons. 12/08/2009 Council action Wesson for rodolfo Angeles Pulido; Smith for Mary Edwards; Perry for Elizabeth "Liz" McCellan; Parks for Beatrice Elizabeth Tryon and Garrett Wheeler; Zine for Sergeant Leonard W. Valentine; LaBonge for Lucy V. Jovanelly. 12/04/2009 Council action Alarcon for Marie Harris and Betty Moore; Cardenas for Roberto Piantanida and Robert Sedillo; Hahn for Jim Perry and Placido Caraballo; LaBonge for Phil Canto; Reyes for Kenny Aragon . 12/02/2009 Council action LaBonge for Frank Charles Garzo; Zine for Robert Lee Woolley, Jr., Scott Spellman . 12/01/2009 Council action Alarcon for Bob Keane; Zine for Lakewood Police Officers in Washington State: Mark Reninnger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold and Greg Richards, Pamela Joy Stephens; Wesson for Marie Gaines, Avery Clayton, Eleanora Yancey. 11/25/2009 Council action Cardenas for Naomi Johnson; Hahn for Carolyn Copeland Brownell; LaBonge for Thomas P. O'Malley, William Fuqua, Hoyt S. Pardee, Dennis Cole; Huizar for Jerry A. Miller; Smith for JV "Chuy" Bustamante. 11/20/2009 Council action Wesson for Robyn Mitchell; Smith for Willie Ross, Henry L. Muro; Alarcon for Gertrude Ann Donlin; Koretz for Howard Jacobs, Babette Lang, Ray Reynolds; Garcetti for Ann Marie Staas . 11/18/2009 Council action Wesson for Alma Louis Hatcher, Yongwon Lee; Zine for Albert Ferraro, Robert James McGill; Rosendahl for Lee Lipkis; Hahn for Palma Matesich, George Gonzales, Tommy Jacquette; Garcetti for Douglas R. Ring. 11/06/2009 Council action Cardenas for Lawrence Raymond Fleischer; Parks for Donna Nishimura, Jewel Randolph; Hahn for Dr. Max Negri, Bogdan Lucev, John McTaggart. 11/04/2009 Council action Wesson, Jr. for Ann Johnson, Alvan Robert Burton; Huizar for Manual Pops Palacio. 11/03/2009 Council action Rosendahl for James Gallagher Patell, Devin Leigh Petelski; Huizar for Leigh Sakoda. 10/30/2009 Council action Perry for Michael Edward Weston; Garcetti for Edward O. "Pete" Lee. 10/28/2009 Council action Wesson for Elizabeth Cooper Profit; Alarcon for Pastor Reginald O. Robinson; Hahn for Alicia Markulis and Ramona Ganteume. Thursday, April 12, 2018

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10/20/2009 10/16/2009 10/14/2009 10/13/2009 10/09/2009

Council action Wesson for Charles "Chuck" Bookhammer; Hahn for Lucy Villa. Council action Hahn for Bob Beverly; Zine for Mr. Garcetti for Jamen Amato. Council action LaBonge for Irving Jeffrey Karpe; Cardenas for Sandra De Dios. Council action Rosendahl and LaBonge for Margaret Mary "Peg" Dolan, R.S.H.M. Council action Hahn and Alarcon for Woodrow "Woody" Fleming; Wesson, Parks, and Perry for Marybell Bakewell; Garcetti for Toribio Marin. 10/07/2009 Council actions Rosendahl for Ruth Morales; Hahn for Steven Brown; Zine for Norman Rolfe. 10/06/2009 Council actions Parks for Laura Mae Gross; Smith for Michael E. Lewis; Rosendahl for Roy Hefner and Nancy M. Daly. 10/02/2009 Council action Hahn for Rosamaria Rees.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

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