Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This

Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This

***************************************************************************** Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This report was generated ...

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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This
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***************************************************************************** Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles This report was generated by the Council File Management System on 05/05/2018 ***************************************************************************** Council File Number 10-0003-S3 Title Adjourning Motions for October, November, and December 2010 Last Change Date 01/04/2011

Expiration Date 10/13/2012

Initiated by Council Action History for Council File 10-0003-S3 Date Activity 12/30/2010 Council action final. 12/17/2010 Council Action LaBonge for Bessie Backley and Blake Edwards; Wesson for Lee J. Johnson; Garcetti for Samson Escoto. 12/15/2010 Council Action Hahn for richard Gene Osorio; Huizar for Lucy Delgado; Wesson for Lee Mcclain. 12/14/2010 Council Action LaBonge for Marian Gibbons and Kent Carter; Hahn for Anthony Neil Dimaggio and Krekorian for Dr. J. Michael Hagopian. 12/10/2010 Council Action Huizar for Sri Day Mata; Koretz for Harold Katz; Garcetti for Peter Corpus and Shirley Roberts; Huizar for Mary Toni Lucas; LaBonge for James Tartan; Krekorian for Michael Portantino; Zine for Madeline Antonovich; Zine for Llyod Dee Paulsen; Perry for George Mintern Cox and Frank Emi. 12/07/2010 Council Action Cardenas for Ariadne Coku; Parks for Joanne M. Agoglia; Perry, Rosendahl and Zine for Jack Kyser; Zine for Gilbert Diaz; LaBonge for Virginia Knight, Leslie Nielsen and Don Meredith; Koretz for Shirley Roberts; Rosendahl for Maureen T. Bonin Bedard, Deborah Lynn Deming and Desmond MacDonald; Wesson for Gwendolyn Marie Thomas Hassan; LaBonge for Joe Carrell. 11/24/2010 Council actions Hahn for Dr. Nathaniel Jackson, John Arroyo; Huizar for Jose Rodriguez; Koretz for Ronni Chasen; LaBonge for Frances De Pietro, Manny (Maniso) Vongsavanh; Parks for Helen B. Breckenridge; Reyes for Fallen Soldiers of Korean Conflict; Garcetti for Howard Lester; Wesson for Virlee Wilkins; Cardenas for Aristides Campos. 11/19/2010 Council action Zine for Anna Koval, Kimiko Fujioki, Sylvia Berghoff, Matt Adam Rosenberg; Koretz for William "Bill" Satt; Wesson for Ernest Carl Smith; LaBonge for Kirk Jensen. 11/17/2010 Council action Zine for Sylvia Berghoff. 11/16/2010 Council action Zine for Officer Ryan Bonaminio, Raymond Gutierrez; Parks for John Theodore Stevens Sr., Pastor M. Andrew Robinson-Gaither; Krekorian for Lory Oberg; Cardenas for Eduardo Ornelas. 11/16/2010 Council action Zine for Joseph Puryer; Perry for Daniel Alvidrez. 11/10/2010 Council action Krekorian for Emely Aleman. 11/09/2010 Council action Hahn for George Becker, Ciro Ferrigno, Bert Tufele; Krekorian and Garcetti for Eleanor Dadigan; Wesson for Devaughn Lee. 11/05/2010 Council action LaBonge for George Sparky Anderson and Sara Ferraro. 11/03/2010 Council action Perry for Earlene Shelton; Hahn for Edwin Hughes. 11/02/2010 Council action Wesson for Benjamin Lee Veal; Koretz for Theodore C. Sorensen. Saturday, May 05, 2018

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10/22/2010 Council action: Hahn for Senator Jenny Oropeza. 10/20/2010 Council action: Alarcon for Dolores Gonzalez Calderon Estrada; Koretz for Conor Lynch; Reyes for Susan Christine "Heather" Dalmont; Zine for Joshua Cullins. 10/19/2010 Council action: Smith for Elma Beck and Mary Ellen Rennie; Garcetti and LaBonge for Raymond M. Taix; Hahn for Maria Asauo Romero; Reyes for Rose A. Olguin; Zine for Joshua Collins; LaBonge for Joe Picurro, Richard C. Miller, and Tom Bosley. 10/13/2010 Council action: Hahn for Inez Bell and Louvenia Dollie Woods. 10/08/2010 Council action: Smith for Janice Ruth Hinkston. 10/06/2010 Council action: Garcetti for Ruth Birnberg Bercutt; Hahn for Erna Holcomb and Erna Wilcom; La Bonge for Marion R. Deeb and Andy Stiers; Parks for Julie "Julia" Hemphill and Amanda Letty Fortier Smith. 10/05/2010 Council action: Rosendahl for Jonathan K. Persoff; LaBonge for Stephen J. Cannell, George Blanda, and Art Gilmore; Reyes for Jose Martinez and Samuel Martinez. 10/01/2010 Council action: Huizar for Tony Curtis.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

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