Once Upon a Mattress Cast

Once Upon a Mattress Cast

Once Upon a Mattress Cast You all did a super awesome job at auditions! Please initial next to your name to accept your part. The first rehearsal is J...

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Once Upon a Mattress Cast You all did a super awesome job at auditions! Please initial next to your name to accept your part. The first rehearsal is January 4 at 4:30pm. Everyone needs to be there! Liam O'Shields

Sir Harry

Orion Rainer


Sheldon Harris

Mr. Pauper

Zane Schichtel

2nd Knight

Ashton Burson


Orion Garcia

Sir Harold the Dancer

Gavin Taylor


Ryan Murray

1st Knight

David Hoffman

Sir Russell

Tyler McConville

3rd Knight

Cael McHenry

Sir Luce

Dakota Kantner

Prince Dauntless

Landin Taylor

Sir Michael

Davian Robinson

Sir Studley

Madi Echols

Mrs. Pauper

Sierra Mosher

Queen Aggravain

Kelli Cook


Michelle Hoy


Madelyn Smith

3rd Lady in Waiting - Lucille

Avery Nielson


Liv Story

1st Lady in Waiting - Rowena

Shaylin Smith

Lady Larkin

Allyce Griffith

2nd Lady in Waiting - Merrill

Nicole Shock

Princess #12

Christian Bennett

Lady Mabelle the French Flirt

Amanda Sturman

4th Lady in Waiting - Helena

Morgan Grimes

Kate the Kitchen Wench

Sydney Bostrom

Emily the Chambermaid

Rachael Burson

Lady Beatrice the Dancer

Shaylena Clark-Godfrey

Sylvia the Soothsayer

Maya LaMunyan

Myrtle the Milkmaid

Elizabeth Maes

Victoria the Vagrant

Megan Butler

Belinda the Blacksmith

Emilie McConville

Alberta the Apothecary

Once Upon a Mattress Crew Kenny Stepp

Stage Manager / Lights Crew Head

Sawyer Dietrich

Assistant Stage Manager

Cassidy Livengood

Assistant Stage Manager

Sarai Cruzan


Grace Higley

Costume Crew Head

Tatianna Mahan-Higgins

Costume Crew Head

Keelyn Chandler

Costume Crew

Racheal Cox

Costume Crew

Kira Maez

Hair / Makeup

Adriana Tullis

Hair / Makeup

Myra Gray

House Crew Head

Danielle LeBlanc

House Crew

Ashlyn Hallman

House Crew

Naomi Binia

Lights Crew

Armando Martinez

Props Crew Head / Stage Crew

Jacob Bostrom

Props Crew / Stage Crew

Arianna Mahan

Props Crew / Stage Crew

Alyvia Matimba

Props Crew / Stage Crew

Kyle Kuhn

Props Crew / Stage Crew

Nicole Gray

Props Crew / Stage Crew

Courtney Kocourek

Sound Crew Head

Stormy Martin

Sound Crew

Sierra Rotsaert

Scenic Painting

Latrell Jacket

Scenic Painting