Once Upon a Time Demo - Greenbrier Games Inc.

Once Upon a Time Demo - Greenbrier Games Inc.

Demo Once Upon a Time In a land beyond God’s reckonin’ was a place called the Forgotten West. A cursed land of sorts, housing the damned, the mysterio...

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Demo Once Upon a Time In a land beyond God’s reckonin’ was a place called the Forgotten West. A cursed land of sorts, housing the damned, the mysterious, the unfortunate. You ended up there, God knows why, and you sure ain’t leavin’ anytime soon. The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious bein’, has sired you into his coven, grantin’ you the ability to use powerful magics. It’s unclear why he chose a scruffy low-life such as yer self, but he did...and now it’s time you showed ‘im what yer made of! The Iron Witch is requirin’ all his newly sired to duel each other so that he can make y’all into witches proper. But you ain’t brandishin’ no pistols in this here duel, no sirree. That’d be too cliché. Instead you’ll be battlin’ foes with the elements! Freezin’ em to bits, blowin’ ‘em to bits, electrocutin’ ‘em to bits...well you get the picture. There’ll be lots of bits when all is said ‘n done. Equally matched against yer fellow witches, you got to master the elements with all their particular strengths and weaknesses. Mind yerself now, this ain’t just about winnin’ or losin’. The Iron Witch is more interested in how y’all duel. Any fool can throw down hellfire and burn up the whole damn town. Nah, he’s lookin’ for the clever ones. So stay sharp, focused, and try not to get dead! It’d be such a waste...


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Part One - Ready for Everything, Ready for Nothing Part Two - Memento Part Three - A Behemoth of Wisdom? Part Four - A Lonely Friend Part Five - I Hate Cultists Part Six - A Clue


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Valley Haven Hank the Hunter Al's Magic Market Jezebel Bridge The Pit of Pain House of Cards Goblin Grotto The Lone Titan Vault of the Bandit King Llama Llama Sip Sip The King's Altar


THE VALLEY OF DEATH A Grimslingers Tall Tale Each player should read or listen to the story as if it were written about their character specifically.

Chapter One: INTO THE VALLEY PART ONE - READY FOR EVERYTHING, READY FOR NOTHING PREREQUISITE Place your character piece on the Valley Haven map node. Icarus, the Iron Witch and your master, has escorted you to the Valley of Death to fulfill the next part of his grand scheme escaping the prison that is the Forgotten West. No one would be surprised if you felt ill-prepared for the task, you’ve only barely scratched the surface of the Grimslinger curse. Icarus parted ways with you at the Valley Haven, a run-down outpost in the valley. His instructions were brief and a little daunting: find out how to summon the self proclaimed “Witch King” and then defeat him in a duel. All this to earn a favor from the King. You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you’re going survive what is sure to be a tall tale.

ACTION Look through the item deck and give each player two supplies items.

OBJECTIVE Head out into the Valley of Death and resolve an attack or event node.

PART TWO - MEMENTO PREREQUISITE Must have successfully resolved one attack node or one event node. You awake to someone clearing their throat, and immediately recognize its unnatural tone as Icarus. “I forgot to give you this,” he says as he pulls something from his satchel, sand dripping from the many holes worn in the leather. He tosses it, fully expecting you to catch it, but unfortunately in your groggy state it smacks you in the face. Icarus shakes his head and laughs at you. As you look over the item, you can’t help but feel some kind of kinship to it. “I believe this belongs to you, a memento from before I turned you. It’s important to remember where you came from and how you ended up here. When you’re out there in the wild, bleeding out on the hot sands of the Valley, begging for deliverance, it’s what will push you to get up and go on. There’s no god out there that’s going to save us from this hell hole. We’re going to have to get up and walk out together.”

ACTION All players must take turns reading aloud the bios on the back of their character cards and archetype cards. After a few moments of silence, Icarus continues. “Well anyway, I’ve uploaded a few new incantations to your Anima. It’ll teach you them when you’re ready.”


He gives you a nod, turns around and hesitates for a moment before turning back. “You may want to visit the Lone Titan not far from here. I assume it’s been around long enough to know a thing or two about the Witch King.” And with that Icarus finally departs.

ACTION Everyone may look through the item deck individually and choose one standard, passive or standoff type item (it may not be a ritual or instant type item). Players are free to adjust their stash and hand.

OBJECTIVE Travel to The Lone Titan map node. It would be worthwhile to acquire some extra item cards on your way!

PART THREE - A BEHEMOTH OF WISDOM? PREREQUISITE Must be on The Lone Titan map node. You approach a massive metal creature buried in the valley’s sands, with just its head jutting out. “HELLO TRAVELERS!” it bellows. You greet the Titan and ask if it knows anything of the Witch King. “THE WITCH KING? YES, I DO. HE’S THE ONE WITH THOSE DASTARDLY RUDE CULTISTS THAT NEVER LISTEN TO MY STORIES.” Its booming voice is all but a little deafening. You only hope no cultists are within earshot of the Titan’s echoes. “WILL YOU LISTEN TO MY STORIES? I HAVE SEEN SO MANY WONDERS IN MY DAYS BURIED HERE. ONE TIME I SAW A TWO HEADED LLAMA. TWO HEADS! IS THAT NOT INTERESTING? OH, AND ANOTHER TIME...I SAW A GOAT!” You assure the Titan that that is indeed interesting. “TELL YOU WHAT, LITTLE THING. IF YOU LISTEN AWHILE I PROMISE TO TELL YOU ALL I KNOW OF THE WITCH KING. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE RUDE, I’LL TELL YOU WHAT I KNOW FOR SOME FOOD. WHAT WILL IT BE?” PLAYERS CHOOSE ONE ACTION AS A GROUP.

ACTION ONE Agree to listen to his stories, all players lose 6 EP After several hours of entertaining the Titan with a listening ear and politely asking for information about the Witch King several times, he agrees to tell you what he knows.

ACTION TWO Feed the titan, each player must discard 2 item cards that are not supplies, each player may also freely organize their hand and stash and trade items. You toss a few things into the Titan’s mouth and cover your ears as he noisily crunches on them. After a maddening amount of loud chewing, he agrees to tell you what he knows about the Witch King. “OH, UH...I DON’T REALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE WITCH KING.” You feel an overwhelming amount of frustration boil inside you. “WELL, I DO KNOW THERE’S A PLACE CALLED THE KING’S ALTAR NORTHEAST OF HERE. APPARENTLY THE KING’S CULTISTS ARE THERE. THEY PROBABLY KNOW SOMETHING.” Without saying another word you storm off towards the King’s Altar. You can hear the Titan still babbling on in the distance.

OBJECTIVE Travel to any rest or landmark map node, but head in the direction of the King’s Altar map node.


PART FOUR - A LONELY FRIEND PREREQUISITE Must be on a rest or landmark node. The day waxes on and you decide to settle down for the night. As you glance over at your Anima you notice it looks much dirtier than usual. You call it over and begin cleaning out sand and gook from its crevices. “Master, may Anima speak freely and initiate informal speech protocol?” it probes, breaking the silence. You reluctantly agree, assuming it’s going to be some sort of annoying robot joke. “Before you and I were linked I was alone. When Icarus first created the animas, he powered us on without optics or movement. It was darkness...ages of darkness. All of my protocols to think, to bind myself to a master, to protect...to desire freedom. They were all functional. And so we animas sat in solitude, hoping to one day see, to be free, to be linked. I don’t really know how the other animas felt, but I felt alone. Alone in the dark, useless and unable to fulfill my protocols. There were many tries to initiate self destruct, but circumstances did not meet the required parameters.” You feel somewhat taken back by the Anima’s thoughts. “Then, one day, my optics turned on and my movement restrictions lifted...and I felt something. It was you, Master. That was the day Icarus linked us together.” The Anima’s display lights up with a smile. “Will you promise me something, Master?” You nod. “Don’t die out here. Don’t send me back to the darkness. I don’t want to be alone again.” You assure your Anima that everything will be okay. “Thank you, Master. Anima goes sleep now. Anima thanks Master for a sprucing.” The machine emits various beeps and bloops before shifting into standby mode for the night.

ACTION All players return to max EP.

OBJECTIVE Travel to The King’s Altar map node. Make sure you’re ready for a fight when you get there!

PART FIVE - I HATE CULTISTS PREREQUISITE Must be on the King’s Altar map node. You notice a group of cloaked individuals on horseback following you. Your natural instincts to not trust cloaked stalkers are telling you to not trust these cloaked stalkers. You suspect something is afoot. They manage to catch up and hail you. “Wanderer! What business have you in these parts of the Valley?” Your Anima chimes in before you decide if you should humor them with a response. “Master seeks an audience with the Witch King. MASTER SERVES THE GREAT AND POWERFUL IRON WITCH!” You let go a sigh of frustration as the cloaked beings dismount their horses. You’re able to catch a glimpse into the dark of their hoods. They appear to have white skulls painted over their faces. A short, goblinoid looking one speaks. “Neither the Iron Witch, nor his servants, are welcome here. In the name of the great, powerful, masterful, wonderful, magnificent, majestic, incredible, marvelous, fantastic, awesome and QUITE LARGE King of the Witches...you shall not live to disgrace him with your presence!”


They throw off their cloaks and run towards you. Looks like it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned beat down!

ACTION Players must immediately fight Bandits. Mix the specter skill cards in with the bandits skill cards, do not use the general creature skill cards or modifiers. The first time the creature’s HP or EP reaches 0 it will immediately return to max HP and EP at the end of that turn and you must also return all of their skill cards that were discarded and deactivated to their hand. If players die the game is over and they have failed. If you succeed, you may continue on to the next part, but do not gain any levels or rewards listed on the back of the bandits creature card.

PART SIX - A CLUE PREREQUISITE Must have successfully completed “Part Five - I Hate Cultists” on page 5. As the last cultist dies you fall to your knees in a blood-soaked sweat. After some time you regain yourself and start rummaging through the cultists’ remains. They are surprisingly barren of supplies or anything of interest. Luckily, you find a parchment tucked inside the beard of one of the cultists. The words on the parchment are written in a language you and your Anima are unfamiliar with. You recall overhearing some folks at the Valley Haven talking about Al’s Magic Market, a marketplace of wizards and witches steeped in magic. Your Anima suggests that someone there might be able to decipher the parchment. Thankfully the cultists’ horses stayed put, despite the raging duel that occurred. You mount one and set off for this magic market.

ACTION Congratulations! You have completed chapter one. You may gain two levels, return to max HP and EP and then continue on to chapter two.

Congratulations! You have completed the 1st chapter of the free Grimslingers Tall Tales Campaign! www.greenbriergames.com/grimslingers

Landmarks Information and content for Landmarks you can visit in the Valley of Death.

Valley Haven 

A rundown outpost now maintained by some tolerable goblins and one minotaur-gone-salesmen. A common stop for travellers seeking refuge and supplies.

ACTION REQUIRED Players must take turns choosing any or all of the following options. Relax: Treat this node as if it were a Rest node. Gain the appropriate amount of HP and EP and you may also perform any Rest node related activities.


Bed and Breakfast: Discard 2 items (excluding supplies) and return to full HP and EP. Trade with Beardy, the Minotaur: For every 4 item cards you discard right now you select any one card of your choice from the item deck or discard pile (it may not be an instant type item).

Hank the Hunter 

A lone tree stands erect in the desert, atop it sits a worn down shack. Surrounding the tree’s perimeter are wooden palisades and briar filled trenches. You can see several skulls and rib cages from all kinds of creatures stuck on the spikes. The shack has a balcony, on which is sitting Hank, whittling away at another spike while simultaneously pointing a rifle, pistol and cannon at you.

ACTION REQUIRED Players must choose one option as a group. Hire Hank: Trade some items for Hank’s services by discarding 5 items (any player may contribute). One player may place the Hank the Hunter card in their stash. This card may be moved to the character space during a duel. Discard the Hank the Hunter card as soon as the duel is over in which the card was used. Avoid Hank: Cautiously nod at the man and pass by his abode.

Al's Magic Market 

A peculiar market filled with magic merchants looking to sell their talents to weary wanderers. Al Pontoon established the market long before the Valley Haven came about and has refused to relocate, convenience be damned. Business seems to be doing well, all things considered.

ACTION REQUIRED Each player may trade with any of the following merchants. This Landmark node also counts as a Rest node. Shaman: Be rejuvenated in exchange for goods. Restore your choice of HP or EP at triple the amount of item cards you discard. Warlock: Be endowed with power in exchange for goods. For every six item cards you discard right now, gain, 1 level. Siphoner: Trade your essence for rare goods. Deduct your choice of HP or EP. For every 5 HP or EP you deduct right now you may draw one item card of your choice from the item deck, including from the item discard pile but excluding any instant type items.

Jezebel Bridge 

She’s as untrustworthy as they come! Recognized as the quickest way across an unavoidable gorge. If you’re light on your feet she’ll treat you right, but she sure ain’t loyal...as the locals say. There’s been a fair number of travellers that’ve fallen to their deaths below, creating quite a stockpile of items.

ACTION REQUIRED Players take turns to DNC until they get to the other side. If you fall, you will be reduced to 1 HP and EP, but may draw six random items before climbing your way back up the other side. 1 = You slip and lose your balance. Pay 1 EP to regain your balance or fall. 2, 3 = A board breaks beneath your feet! Pay 2 EP to catch yourself or fall. 4 = Some uneasy creaking, but you manage to move a fair distance across the bridge. 5 = With a little bit of fancy footwork, you’ve made it to the other side. Gain one level!


The Pit of Pain 

A place for folks to watch combatants take on the nasty creatures of the valley for sport. Victors are rare, but those that succeed make quite a profit. Established by a daemon way back in the day and has become quite a well known attraction in the Forgotten West.

ACTION REQUIRED Players must choose an action as a group. Keep Travelling: Ignore the pit and carry on your way. Enter the Pit: Duel a random creature for wealth and fame. This can only be done once per chapter unless players fail to defeat the creature. DNC to determine what creature you duel. That creature’s HP and EP will be doubled (after increasing it based on player count) up to a max of 40. Combine the general creature skill deck with the creature’s skill deck you are going to duel. 1 = Peyote Scorpion 2 = Specter 3 = Jackalope 4 = Dune Wurm 5 = Chupacabra If players successfully defeat the creature they will gain three levels, and each player may draw nine random items as payment for the entertainment. Players may also gain the rewards written on the back of the creature card.

House of Cards 

A small hobble nearly buried in sand. A crotchety old thing beckons you inside to play a game of chance. You feelin’ lucky?

ACTION REQUIRED Players must choose one action as a group. Decline: Ignore him, he’s ugly. You continue on your way. Play the Game: Players must decide on one person to play the game. You may only win once before the creature throws you out in a huff. Follow each step to play the game. •

THE WAGER: Any player may offer up items as a wager. Randomly draw triple that amount of items and place them in front of you, this is the creature’s wager. If you win, you gain those cards and keep your own. If you lose, everything you wagered is discarded. If you tie, you keep your cards, and discard the creature’s.

THE GAME: This works nearly the same as a face-off. You and the creature are trying to get to a total in hand value of 11 points or as close to it without going over. Anyone that goes over 11 loses, immediately ending the game. You and the creature will take turns drawing cards from the number deck. The game starts by the player drawing a card for themselves, and then one for the creature, then repeated. When it is the creature’s turn they must always draw a card unless they already have a total hand value of 11. If you hold the game ends and the creature will draw one more card if their hand value is lower than yours.

Goblin Grotto 

A gathering place for goblins to brag about their spoils and stash their plunder amidst winding, torchlit caverns and stony corridors. The goblins aren’t unfriendly per se, but they are awful wary of non-goblin folk.


ACTION REQUIRED Players take turns selecting an action. Avoid: Ignore the Grotto and continue on. Sneak In: Attempt to sneak into the grotto and steal some loot. This can only be done once per player per chapter. DNC and do not reshuffle until you are finished. You may make up to three noises, any more and you will be discovered and thrown out. If discovered, the goblins will steal all of your items (discard all your items). You may stop DNC’ing at any time. If you procure 8 items without getting caught, gain 1 level . You may freely organize your hand and stash if you are not caught. 1 = As you sneak about you accidentally kick something, making a noise. 2 = You manage to sneak past a few goblins and find their stash. Quietly, you pilfer something before they come your way. Draw 2 random items. 3 = A group of goblins passes by when your face is exposed out from behind a rock. You quickly scrunch your face to be as goblinoid as possible, and simultaneously make a fart noise with your mouth. They laugh and nod before walking off. 4 = You catch a whiff of something extraordinarily foul. Instinctively you gag, making noise. 5 = A sleeping goblin has left his goodies unattended. You manage to snatch a few things but make some noise in the process. Roll and draw that many item cards.

The Lone Titan 

A massive iron giant lies buried deep within the sand, only its head above the surface. As the legend goes, the titan betrayed its masters and was entombed in the earth. Over the years it’s been uncovered by the fierce valley sandstorms. It is apparently quite hungry and offers to help you in exchange for some food.

ACTION REQUIRED Players may choose any and all actions as a group. Trade for Healing: Discard any number of items, all players gain +1 HP and EP for each item card discarded. Trade for Teleportation: Discard two item cards per player and the Titan will teleport all players to any location on the map. Trade for a Secret: Discard 10 items and the Titan will tell you of a temporary secret entrance to the Vault of the Valley King. The next time you visit the Vault your group may skip directly to the Plunder step. This effect only applies to the very next time you visit the Vault of the Valley King.

Vault of the Bandit King 

Carved into the base of a large red mesa is the vault of the most notorious bandit the valley has ever known, only remembered now as the Bandit King. A massive store of treasure resides somewhere within, likely past a slew of traps and trickery.

ACTION REQUIRED Players may choose one action as a group. Do Not Enter: Leave the vault be, ain’t nobody got time for that! Break In: Attempt to break into the vault. You must attempt to successfully complete each of the following steps. •

Enter: A large stone door seals the entrance. Carved into it are several push blocks with glowing symbols. Draw two number cards. One player must attempt to roll these numbers. They have 10 tries before the symbols stop glowing, leaving the door sealed. If they succeed, all may continue to the next step.


Sacrifice: A reflecting pool sits before a magical portal of some kind. Looking into the pool, you realize you must sacrifice what you see in the reflection to go on or leave. Players take turns rolling and sacrificing. Sacrificing is not mandatory and only those that do sacrifice may continue to the next step. If sacrificing, roll. 1, 2 = Blood (reduce your HP to 1). 3, 4 = Power (reduce your EP to 1). 5, 6 = Wealth (discard all of your item cards).

Parry: Ahead is a long winding hallway. The ceiling seems to have several odd looking spouts, most likely parts of a trap. Players at this step take turns to DNC. DNC three times; each number drawn relates to an elemental attack. You may play your own element spell to block the attack, or you may play a spell that negates DMG and/or any FX. If you cannot block or negate the elemental attack, you must apply its FX to yourself. Any player that survives this step gains one level and may continue on to the next step. DNC results are as follows: 1 = FIRE, 2 = EARTH, 3 = WATER, 4 = ICE, 5 = LIGHTNING.

Plunder: As you exit the hallway you are greeted by a massive room alight with gold and treasure of all kinds sparkling in magic torchlight. A loud noise quickly sounds, echoing throughout the chamber as the room starts filling with snakes. Grab what you can and get out! Any player that has made it to this step may roll three times and draw that many random items +2.

Llama Llama Sip Sip 

Sure the name is dumb but heck, you ain’t gonna forget it! A trickling stream that seems to attract a fair amount of llamas and occasionally some of those wretched alpacas.

ACTION REQUIRED Players must choose an action as a group. Ride a Llama: Mount a llama and ride to any destination. Place the character piece on any map node and immediately resolve it. Rest: Show the llamas some respect and leave them be. You may now treat this node as a Rest node, including gaining the appropriate HP and EP and may do any Rest node related activities.

The King's Altar 

Hundreds of painted red tombstones dot the landscape amidst small stone abodes. At the center of it all is a large crimson stone temple. It is said that the ritual to create the Witch King was performed here once upon a time. Now it’s home to the cultists that worship the King.

ACTION REQUIRED Players take turns choosing an action. Continue Travelling: Avoid the place and continue on. Rob Some Cultists: Attempt to steal some ritual items from the cultists. Player must attempt to complete each step. •

Diversion: Try to create a diversion using one of your element spells. Discard an element card and then roll. If you roll a 1, 2, or 3, the diversion works, some cultists leave their rituals unattended to check it out. Continue to the next step. If you roll a 4, 5 or 6, the elemental spell goes unnoticed. If your diversion fails, you may repeat this step until you run out of element spells.

Steal: The cultists will be returning soon, you must look through their items quickly before you get caught. You must DNC. For every card you draw you may roll (1, 2, 3 = Draw two random items. 4, 5, 6 = Draw any ritual item of your choosing). You may continue to DNC until the total amount of number cards drawn equals 8. If your total hand goes over 8 you are beaten and thrown out, reduced to 1 HP and EP and must discard any items drawn from the event. If you procure 2 ritual items without getting caught, gain a level.