Once upon a time Peter Tägtgren started his project Pain to use as a

Once upon a time Peter Tägtgren started his project Pain to use as a

Once upon a time Peter Tägtgren started his project Pain to use as a producing trial to hone his skills in production and also to release material tha...

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Once upon a time Peter Tägtgren started his project Pain to use as a producing trial to hone his skills in production and also to release material that did not suit his main band Hypocrisy. Now, some years later, Pain have released their seventh studio album You Only Live Twice and grown into something remarkably bigger than Peter had ever imagined when he started it.

Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

By: Daniel Källmalm Photo: Heile (above & the final photo) & Denis Goria (the other photos) Published: 16/6-2011 ”Music is everything to me. I’ve been through two divorces and a whole world of shit because of music but still it is the most important thing in the world to me. I’d rather have music than anything else” is how he is quoted on a raft of press info in regard to the release of the new album, Peter Tägtgren. I asked him the question what is pain for you and cannot say that the answer was that different. - It is everything to me, Peter replies to that question. It is I who does everything, writes everything and all of that, so it is very personal. That should really not be a surprise to anyone since Pain from the beginning was a pure solo Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

project where Peter was the sole member and he created the band to practice different parts of the production phase of music and also to get songs out that did not fit in his regular band Hypocrisy. Peter mean that Pain is more experimental since Hypocrisy has a musical framework to stay within. Which is something that allow pain to move in any direction and as Peter states it can be very catchy or very heavy depending on the mood. That is something that is noticeable on the new album You Only Live Twice which has no connection to Bond, as it is quite varied, especially in the styles of singing. Peter tells me that he has worked with many different styles of sining to find new expressions in both the voice and the music, which is something that is agreed upon by the people I read when I browse the web to see what people are saying about the new album.

The Album

Pain’s seventh and recently released album is as stated called You Only Live Twice and when I ask Peter if it is the same feeling to release this new album as it was when he released the first one he replies: - Yes, definitely, you sit and write several years and then you are in the studio for three months so you still feel, well, I still have butterflies. Because I sit alone in the studio and follow my own heart all the time, which is something I have done for fifteen years now. Despite the fact that Pain now is a band with several members, the additional members have nothing to do with the creative process, it is still Peter who alone write, produce and play all instruments and so on which is something that brings old greats Boston to mind. It is a band where

Tom Scholz stand for the most in the creative and the studio work but he does not sing so Peter is a hair better there. He also adds that the other members deals with the work that is around the album, outside the studio. - Alright, David was of course there and recorded the drums for this album and therefore the album is somewhat more organic than its predecessors due to David’s drumming, explains Peter. The other members are part of the live shows and then they are quite often out on the internet, chatting and the likes with the fans which is something Peter mean is at least as necessary as the stuff he does. Peter does not really know where he draws his inspiration for the music that for example is on this album, he explains that it was mostly industrial metal from the beginning but that he then

more have developed his own voice and now works through the inspiration to create better songs and to include more exciting things in the stage of the production. When asked about the favourite song Peter immediately state that Feed the Demons is his favourite. - Of course I think that every song is good but that one is probably my fave right now, he then clarifies. I quickly mention that I like the third track The Great Pretender and the title track to which Peter concludes that there are a couple of head turners on the album and with that I might as well agree. When it comes to the very Bondish title I can report that it was the idea of Peter’s management. - What the hell, I can’t have a record with that name, he says he thought when he heard the suggestion.

After taking a while thinking and eventually finding a meaning with it all, he wrote the lyrics and that is most definitely not James Bond says Peter for the one who still doubts it. The track in itself dwells on jealousy and unhappiness with how life has turned out and that if may have taken a turn in the wrong direction and it is about trying to get a second chance to turn the life in the direction desired from the beginning. The question of James Bond has not really popped up in too many interviews but I can point it out that the earlier reference to Bond was from Peter himself. - A little more organic, a little darker ann a little heavier; that is how Peter describes You Only Live Twice in comparison with earlier albums by Pain. He then adds that it is quite hard for him to really give a fair view on how the rest of the world looks at it Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

but probably the hardest album and the most guitar based and he seems quite sure of it.

The artwork & Tour

Any one having seen the album cover for You Only Live Twice have probably noticed it since it has a rather different cover in comparison with much else that is present in the genre. Peter tells Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

me that his role in the cover art was to get the designer to evolve their mascot the Pain head a little more, Peter wanted the Pain head to do more he explain. It was to be a bit Burtonesque, a little strange and the result is what he came up with and it felt like it was very different at least, he explain. I have not been able to find

the name of the artist behind the work but this artist had only gotten a few guidelines and the result is what you can see on the album cover now. Pain will tour rather a lot and they have many concerts booked for a coming tour, where they amongst others have ten dates in the homeland Sweden of which on is in what can be called my ho-

metown Östersund, but their are over thirty dates booked around Scandinavia and Europe. - A hell of a lot better today than three years ago, definitely , Peter replies to the question of how he would like to describe Pain as a liveband. According to Peter Pain is better than ever today, this because they are now more rehearsed

and know one another better. It is also since they will put on a big show when they are on the upcoming tour. This means that there will be exciting lightshows, LEDscreens and a lot of other exciting things if we are to believe Mr Tägtgren. So, for you who have thought of seeing the band now know that it is a big stage production

which is something that sound interesting to myself as well as he is actually coming to Östersund which otherwise is quite derived of such events. Peter agrees that there is not many bands that go north in Sweden and that he has tried earlier but it is hard to find any promotor in those areas he states. Now they have found a guy and he fixed three shows at Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

once, explains Peter. Moreover he explains that he with You Only Live Twice have tried to bring out more of a live feel to the album and also points out that Pain often tend to be slightly heavier live, something that many fans approach them to enlighten them about. That is something that is quite general for bands that has a lot of electronics and atmosphere on their albums, it always tend to be heaver when certain elements are being left out to be able to get the music out Live.

The Finish

Pain’s latest album You Only Live Twice is out now where albums are being sold and there are now two videos to see from the band’s latest album. Just recently a video for The Great Pretender surfaced and that one is viewable from our Pain bandsite or from the band’s own youtube site. And remember that Peter hopes to see you at one of the shows Pain are going to put up, so don’t you miss that. And with that we give our many thanks to Peter Tägrgren for his time and wish him the best of luck with the upcoming tour and future production duties and of course his work with his own two bands.

Pain är::

Brain - Peter Tägtgren Right arm - David Wallin Left leg - Michael Bohlin Balls - Johan Husgafvel


Cynic Paradise (2008) Psalms Of Extinction (2007) Live Is Overrated (2006) Dancing With The Dead (2005) Nothing Remains The Same (2002) Rebirth (2000) Pain (1997)

Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm

Hallowed PDF-article Design by Daniel Källmalm