Once upon a time - Pinguin foods

Once upon a time - Pinguin foods

The princess and the pea by Hans Christian Andersen Once upon a time... Once upon a time, there was a prince who was looking to marry a real princes...

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The princess and the pea by Hans Christian Andersen

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a prince who was looking to marry a real princess. He had reached the age to get married, but he was very picky. “I am a real prince myself”, he said, “so I want to marry a real princess.” Every now and then he met a nice princess, at a party or elsewhere. Unfortunately, most of the time these princesses turned out to be just ordinary girls with a knack for pretending. Or half princesses. However, he remained determined to find a 100% real princess. So he decided to travel the world, looking everywhere: from Australia to Africa, even all the way up North in Alaska. Still it seemed totally impossible to find a real princess, who returned the prince’s feelings. Disappointed, the prince returned home.

One night, it was raining cats and dogs, with thunder and lightning encapsulating the castle. The prince, who was playing a game of chess with the king, said: “Look at that weather! You wouldn’t even send a dog outside!” At that very moment, someone knocked at the gate. “Who may that be at this late hour?” the king wondered. At the gate, a girl was standing all dirty and dishevelled, since she must have walked the muddy roads for hours in that pouring rain. Her hair was soaking wet, her dress was torn. She said: “Oh prince, I have heard that you are looking for a real princess. Well, I am a real princess and that is why I’m here to visit you. I could have picked a better day though, considering the weather!” On hearing these words, the queen rose from her chair. She didn’t believe one word of the story and even less that this mess of a girl was a real princess. The girl looked awful. “Come here girl, why don’t you have a nice warm bath. In the meantime, I will prepare you a delicious meal and have the guest bed all made for you. You can sleep here tonight.” Once a chambermaid had escorted the girl, the queen said mysteriously: “Well, we’ll soon find out if she is a real princess”. Silently, she headed for the guest room. The prince was left wondering what his mother was up to, as did his father, who was just as surprised. “I’m as curious as you. What would your mother’s plan be?” The queen indeed had a plan. She hid an extra fine frozen pea under the mattress on the guest bed. On top of the mattress, she placed another twenty soft mattresses and then another twenty blankets. She put a small ladder in front of the bed. There, the bed for the princess was ready. The next morning, at breakfast, the queen asked the princess: “Did you sleep well last night?” “To be completely honest, not really, no”, the princess answered. “There was something hard under my mattress and I lied all night tossing and turning. I haven’t been able to sleep at all.” “You are a real princess indeed!” said the queen with a sense of relief. “Only a real princess can feel an extra fine pea, even through twenty mattresses and twenty feather blankets”. It didn’t take long before the prince and the princess got married. It was a real pea party! No less than 10,000 peas were eaten, freshly frozen peas fell as confetti from the sky and the children got to play in a pea ball pool. The pea on which the princess had slept was laid down on a small velvet cushion in a glass box, so every wedding guest could see that it was an extra fine pea that the princess had felt. And that is quite something! They lived really happily ever after…