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Once Upon A Time Upon A Time - Sacramento Public Library

SACRAMENTO PUBLIC LIBRARY www.saclibraryfoundation.org Service. FOUNDATION News The Sacramento Public Library Foundation’s mission is “to enhanc...

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The Sacramento Public Library Foundation’s mission is “to enhance the Library’s ability to serve the community by raising private funds.” Service is a founding principle of many nonprofit organizations, and the Library Foundation is no exception. The public library is one of the most valuable ‘service’ organizations in every community that has one – it serves every citizen. As libraries have evolved over the last 2,500 years, they have become more valuable to more people. They have become of greater service.

ser·vice 1. an act of helpful activity; help; aid

The Library Foundation provides professional fundraising services so that community members can direct donations to the Library that have meaningful impact, and can be confident their wishes are being upheld. We make sure that our fundraising efforts align with our mission and our vision to improve children’s literacy. We strive to make our events fun, interesting, and relevant to the donors who attend them. The Friends of the Library provide volunteer services that are enormously helpful to the library staff and to the community through their resale of used books. The Sacramento Library community is well served by the time and talents of three organizations, and your commitment makes a positive impact.


Authors2015 FOUNDATION

on the Move!

Save the Date: Authors on the Move 2015, March 14th, 2015 5pm – 9pm. Keynote, Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket). Ticket and table sales begin January 1, 2015. Sponsorship opportunities are now open. Please contact our office for further information at [email protected] or call 916-264-2711.

October - November 2014

Mission: To enhance the

Library’s ability to serve the community by raising private funds.

Vision: The Foundation will

increase endowments and total revenues to fund programs that promote children’s literacy.

Our Goals: Increase total

annual revenues with an emphasis on funding children’s literacy programs without sacrificing traditional program funding. Develop approaches to increase funding for Foundation operations independent of funds raised for the library. Enhance the capacities of leadership particularly in the area of fundraising. Foundation Board of Directors President, Mary Ellen Shay Treasurer, Patty Fairbanks Secretary, Nancy Stockman Katy Boase Clark Carter Vince Jacobs Nancy Lawrence Kristan Otto Jeanne Peterson Beth Southorn Wendy Wood

Library Leadership

Library Director, Rivkah Sass Deputy Director, Denise Davis

Foundation Staff

Executive Director, April L. Butcher Fundraising Manager, Yolanda Torrecillas Database Coordinator, Dejan Zbur Newsletter Design: Sheila Grant

S a c r a m e n t o P u b l i c L i b r a r y F o u n d a t i o n • P. O . B o x 1 1 6 8 • S a c r a m e n t o , C A 9 5 8 1 2 • ( 9 1 6 ) 2 6 4 - 2 9 9 0

Summer Reading Program Continues to Grow The results for Summer Reading 2014 are in and once again the library has done a fantastic job of increasing the total number of children 0-17 who signed up (27,022), the total number of children 0-17 who finished the program (12,639), and the total number of books read (194,977)! How does that compare to last year? For children it meant a 10% increase in sign-ups, a 44% increase in finishers and a 50% increase in books read! Christie Hamm, Manager of Youth and Community Services and the Library’s Summer Reading Program, along with front-line branch staff deserve our applause. Of particular importance is the number of children between 0-12 reached. Because reading at grade-level by the 3rd grade is key, reaching kids early and establishing positive summer reading habits is critical. A study conducted by the Dominican University Because of your support, the and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services stated, “Parents of children enrolled in the public library summer Foundation was able to give the reading program reported that they would enroll their children in a library $110,000 and we have summer reading program at the library again, made more visits to the public library with their children, and read more books to/with committed to a continued increase their children over the summer. “ How does this impact the summer slide? Each of these kids erased in funding... a year of the summer slide in their education and is starting this school year where they left off last June. It is clear that our Library is a significant tool in helping all children reach grade-level reading. With philanthropic support, we are making a significant and positive difference. Because of your support, the Foundation was able to give the library $110,000 and we have committed to a continued increase in funding as the library continues to increase summer reading participation for children 0 to 17 years old. Watch for Summer Reading success stories throughout the 28 branch library system in future editions of Foundation News and support Summer Reading 2015 when you have a chance. Cost of the Summer Slide Summer days may have drifted away, but the impact of the summer slide is landing with a thud in classrooms all over America. And according to Fairchild & Boulay in their article entitled What if Summer Learning Loss Were an Education Policy Priority, written in 2002, that thud comes with a high price tag. Research shows that the cost of re-teaching forgotten material to students upon their return to school totals more than $1,500 per student, per year. Over the course of a student’s K–12 education, the cumulative cost totals more than $18,000. In contrast, each participant who completes the summer reading program costs an average of $40 per year. That means the Summer Reading Program returns 38 times the initial investment.

California Capital Book Festival to Debut October 25-26, 2014 More than 100 authors and thousands of book lovers of all ages will converge on California’s capital city this fall for the first California Capital Book Festival, scheduled for October 25 and 26, 2014, at the Sacramento Convention Center. The two-day festival, produced by Sacramento-based Capital Event Works in partnership with the Library Foundation, will feature author panels and presentations, storytelling, demonstrations, art, food, kids stage, a sports stage, a culinary stage, an all things pets stage, a poets stage hosted by former Sacramento Poet Laureate Robert Stanley and the Sacramento Poetry Center, biographies, a California history section hosted by Wells Fargo, non-fiction, mysteries, young adults literature, health and wellness, outdoor adventure and an interactive School of Comics led by comic book writer E.B. Burgoon and local youth literacy program 916 Ink. For program, exhibitor and sponsor information, to volunteer at the festival, or to become a Friend of the Book Festival, visit www.ccbookfestival.com or call 916-307-1713. Become our Friend on Facebook -Sacramento Public Library Foundation

Walk 4 Literacy Update The Walk4Literacy On October 25, 2014 bring all the has been graced by several organizations kids to this 4-mile walk that begins that have jumped on McClatchy Park and ends board early to support this collaboration and at the California Capital bring awareness to Book Festival held at the the literacy crisis we have in our community. Sacramento Convention A big thank you to Golden 1 Credit Union Center. for becoming the Event Sponsor and to the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, Visions in Education, Thank you to these Sponsors! LifeSTEPS and 3 Fold Communication for contributing significant sponsorships in this inaugural year. The Walk4Literacy, being held on October 25, 2014, will start at McClatchy Park and end at the Convention Center where the California Capital Book Festival will be held. With more than 300 individual registrations and another 700 group and sponsored walkers, we have reached our initial goal of 1000 participants on the ground. There is plenty of time to join in and make this first year even IN V ESTING IN CO M M U NITIES bigger and more visible. Bring your friends, colleagues and family and let Sacramento know we have a literacy crisis that must be solved! Register today at www.walk4literacy.org.


Meet Our Board of Directors Katy Boase was born in San Diego. A graduate of San Diego Being a part of helping... State University, Katy and her husband moved to Los Angeles young students develop in 1979 where she worked as an administrative assistant to the Chairman and CEO of the Pacific Stock Exchange, lifelong reading and and later in the same capacity for the Director of the UCLA Medical Center in California. The family relocated to Texas comprehension skills in 1999, where Katy and her husband raised their two boys. and sparking their While in Dallas, Katy volunteered as a liaison between the Department of Child Protective Services and the local elementary school. Katy was also active in enthusiasm for reading the PTA, organizing book fairs and helping out at school carnivals. Katy was has been an exciting and an active member of the Dallas League of Women Voters. She also organized a women’s investment club in the Park Cities serving as president for two years. rewarding experience. In 1999 Katy and her family returned to California, making their home in Granite Bay where Katy volunteered as a band mom and fundraiser for Granite Bay’s award-winning marching band. Currently, she volunteers with the PALS program of the Placer County Literacy Support Council helping non-native English speakers master the challenges of learning English. For the past three years Katy has been a reading tutor through the Reading Partners program at F.C. Joyce Elementary School. Being a part of helping these young students develop lifelong reading and comprehension skills and sparking their enthusiasm for reading has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Katy enjoys theater and regularly attends the Lake Tahoe and Oregon Shakespeare festivals. Gardening is also a passion, as well as traveling with her husband.

Thank You! Directors Circle ($1,000 - $4,900) Ernest L. & Olene C. Chard Peter Dolgenos Jeff Raimundo & Rebecca LaVally Sacramento Region Community Foundation Laureates ($500 to $999) Barbara J. Arnold, MD Jose Cueto & Anita Prietto Elly R. Davis Gary R. Hunter Indru & Pramila Kriplani Trust Virginia Lauchner Dr. Richard G. Lockmiller E. Dennis & Barbara Luther Jess J. & Theresa J. Morehouse, Jr. Steven & Deborah Thacker-Rose Schwab Charitable Fund Bibliophiles ($250 to $499) Elena Gelfand & David Rosenheimer Randy & Patricia Getz Morrison L. & Diane M. Graf Donna R. & David L. Harris Gary & Cary Hart Donald & Leah Humpal Gregory Lucas Cindy A. Magness Marilyn McCloskey Kenji & Elizabeth Ota David Rial Stephen R. & Marilyn Skinner, MD Thomas & Marianne Stuart Literati ($100 to $249) Jean M. Alford Alvan & Patricia A. Arthur Matt Baskin Elliot & Arlene Brandwein George Braun Mariah J. & Martin Dean Brown Virginia & Al Castro Claire M. Chase Janette Chinnow Collin Clark Charles R. & Mary Anne Cooper Victoria Dalkey Sara Drake & Tom Barnard Deborah Dunn & John Liddle William & Misty Judith Dunn Scarlet La Rue Edber Jacqueline Ervin Kathleen Foley & Katina Rapton Kinnie R. Foote Richard & Ann E. Puscheck Friedman Joanne Garcia Michele Louise Giguiere Carolee C. Goude Joyce C. Green Nathan H. Hamilton Gary M. & Susan A. Harbison Charlotte Harvey June J. Hayashi Martin Helmke & Joan Frye Williams Harold E. & E. Elizabeth Hill Sally Hitomi & Alan Duran Gabrielle & Mark Holmes Philip & Lindalee Huston Toni Hutchinson-Haddad Greg & Bonnie Hutson John L. Hyde

Linda Kikue Iwasa Mrs. Barbara Johnson Peter Keat Peter Klein John & Mary Kriege Helen B. Kuns Betty & Tim La Franchi Joseph La Tona Kathleen Les & Harold Thomas Joel Levine & Monica J. Klepic Melanie W.S. Loo Susan L. Lorimer Frank & Maryln Lortie Ronald & Elizabeth Madsen Martha & Foster E. Maxwell Louis E. & Mary Josephine Mayer James & Carolyn Mc Manigal Marilyn McCloskey David & Constance McKie Virginia D. McNeely Michael T. Messenger Jona Milo & Don Jarrell Ann & Art Mower Karl F. Munz Martha H. Oehler Mary Ann O’Kane Pearl Osecheck Janet M. Otterman Marion Pace & Willam Lewallyn Ms. Melody Kho John C. & Dawn R. Palma Don Pasquini David & Linda Peters Billie L. Pettet Pete & Joanne Pierson Kristine N. Raatz David J. Rater Joyce Rietz Patrick S. Romano & Allyson C. Sage Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Ryan Barbara Schell David O. & Susan Schlueter Leonard & Naomi Schmidt Col. J.C. Shahbaz Richard Shallenberger & Sheila Mone Barbara Showler Judith Smith Richard R. Stein & Teresa Stephenson Mildred & J.W. Bill Stone Thomas & Marianne Stuart Bill Thomas & Pat Thaler Carole Watson Warren & Ruth Ann Weber Noni Y. Weir Eunice J. Wesp Diane H. Wolfe Kathy Wong Wendy Wood Judy Yee Daniel G. & Nancy Zuckerman In Honor Patricia Norman In Memory Raymond Brown Peggy Burr Marian Bachman Congdon James F. Davis Audine Eversden Barry Figueira Carl S. Harvey Peter Hill Phyllis Keilson Marion A. Lasell

Your Legacy Gift Will Serve Our Entire Community Leaving a legacy with the library is easy. Shaping your gift to achieve your goals can also be simple. You can invest your support into an endowment held by the Foundation and, by doing so, your legacy will continue forever. You can also leave your support to a specific branch for a specific purpose. When thinking about leaving a legacy gift, remember to make it specific enough to avoid having your gift used for something undesirable and to define it broadly enough to stay relevant through the library’s changing landscape. In your documents make sure to include the Library Foundation’s Tax ID 68-0029756. Your support will serve this community well beyond your lifetime when you endow the Library’s future. If you would like more information about ways to leave a legacy or the policies governing our endowments, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 916-264-2990. Legacy League Members Taiwo Akande Frances H. Algeo John & Marie E. Babich William Bronston, MD David & Maxine Clark Ralph & Mae Clinton Alice C. Corley Hal & Anne Eisenberg Steven H. & Sandra L. Felderstein Ruthe Finegold Phyllis Foster Erika B. Franzon Joan & Richard Gann Claire Gliddon Eloise L. Grewe Della M. Harder Betty L. Herold Florence Louise Hess Owen Johnson Margo Kaufman Mrs. Frances Kennedy Philip Klamm & Eric Geiger Phyllis G. Krause Arline Lewis Alan Lewis Mrs. Alvia Lohoff Melanie W.S. Loo Florence Marie Luna Daniel S. Ma Jessica Leigh Morehead Moira Neuterman Mary Norris Frank Quadro Beth Shelburne Helen Shulock Mervin Slater Patricia Spitze Dorothy Steinheimer Everett Swaney Victoria J. Trumbly

Cindy A. Magness Michelle Nelson James Moorehead George W. O’Brien & Marcia Raphael Saul Parness Frances J. Pendleton Betty Jane Powell Linda Rebman Lois Ann Rosenberg Mrs. Marialuz Seipel Mary Ellen Shay Jack & Lillian Sioukas Judith Smith L. Miles & Sharon Snyder Laura Springer Margaret M. Stahelek Luella M. Steil George J. & Olga Suffal Charlotte Ulrich John P. & Bella M. Wagner Wilma M. Wagner Parmys Weinberg Ruth Werner Lisa B. Woodard-Mink Carol York Robert & Nytee Young Tair Zimmerman Named Endowments Boxer Family Friends of the Sacramento Public Library Indru & Pramila Kriplani Trust Alex Law Memorial Fund Lois Ann Rosenberg Jack & Lillian Sioukas Endowment for the Sacramento Room George J. & Olga Suffal Contributions received June 23, 2014 through September 12, 2014