ONE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The following is a real life example where the finance directors words were “this is a no brainer” ! Arla Foods Plc Settle Cr...

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ONE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The following is a real life example where the finance directors words were “this is a no brainer” !

Arla Foods Plc Settle Creamery Sowarth Field Industrial Estate Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9AE Due to the age and condition of the existing 3 x 55kW air compressors Arla was in a position where loss of milk production was high. One of the compressors had completely failed and the others were in need of major overhauls. Ingersoll Rand carried out an Intellisurvey supply side audit on compressors that were operating and found £13,234 of savings. On top of the energy savings was the cost avoidance due to major repairs and overhauls. This added a further £36,000 of savings. When Arla were presented these costs along with the savings this was compared against the cost of the Ingersoll Rand’s solution. Arla quickly concluded that the savings per month exceeded the monthly finance payments buy a significant amount. Savings were so significant that they covered the cost of “Total Care” maintenance for 5-years. Therefore Arla Foods would Pay as they Save! Arla Foods requested that we guaranteed the energy savings. Following the installation of an Ingersoll Rand R110n Nirvana (110kW VSD) rotary screw compressor we carried out a validation audit. The savings achieved were £16,384 which surpassed our original estimation. Milk production during the period of measurement was even higher compared to when the system was originally assessed.

Energy Savings:-

£16,384 per annum / £1365 per month / £315 per week

Cost avoidance:-


First 12 months savings:-


Finance costs:-

£1,098 per month / £253 per week based on a 4 year agreement

Flexible payment plans from Ingersoll Rand What sounds less £5000 or £24.52 per week?

With the government mandate to reduce the national deficit this will pose tough challenges for businesses in the months and possibly the years to come. In order to help you through these turbulent times we are able to provide flexible finance solutions. Financing your new air system gives you the following benefits: 1. Provides a much faster way for you to reduce your energy consumption / carbon foot print. Removes budget constraints. 2. Often the energy savings from your new equipment covers the cost of the monthly finance. So you can effectively get your new equipment for free. 3. 100% tax efficient, no depreciation 4. You can choose part CAP EX and Part Finance or 100% finance in order to fit your budget. There are a number of terms and profiles. 5. Opens up another line of credit allowing you to possibly fund other projects from your existing credit lines 6. Fixed rentals. You can either purchase at the end of the term or go into a new agreement for new equipment. This could avoid overhaul costs.