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ONLINE Near & Middle East Collection Unique historical reference materials now available as dynamic online editions Cambridge...

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Near & Middle East Collection Unique historical reference materials now available as dynamic online editions

Cambridge University Press and East View have partnered to digitize the entire Cambridge Archive Editions collections of key British archival documents from the 18th – 20th centuries. Our common aim is to make available to libraries and scholars historical reference materials which otherwise would remain unknown, difficult to access, or fragmentary. Now available online for the first time to institutions worldwide, we are proud to offer today’s researchers instant access to the trusted source material that they need, all in one searchable database. All of the original print volumes and accompanying maps are exponentially more discoverable and useful as online editions via the East View e-book platform. The full-image files have been loaded, along with metadata, to create one library resource holding hundreds of thousands of digitized pages of historically authentic facsimile documents, as well as numerous maps, on the national heritage and political development of many countries. The material is particularly rich for the study of boundary formation, claims and disputes, allowing users to easily find unique insight in maps, government documents, and more.



Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon coveraage of Kuwait Citty; Manama; Dohha; Abu Dhabi, Duubai, Sharjaah and Ras alKhaaimah; and Muscaat and Mattrah. TThe rangee of material in the volumes is exteensive: covering econoomic, municipal and social developpment; topographhy; waterr resources, electrrification and road building, althouugh the amou nt of detail survivving in the historical record naturaally variess from place to place. The work is edited and introdduced by thee scholar and author on Middle Eaast travel and topoggraphy, the late RRichard Trench.

Afghan nistan Stra ategic Inttelligence Record ds 1919–19 970 4 volumes, 4032 pages; ISBN 97881852078553

Afghanistan Strategic Intellige gence provides 4,0000 pages of primary research materials whhich reveal both the t strategic significance and the characteristics – political, military and tribal – of Affghanistan 1919– –1970. Many of thhese aspects will be seen to bee unchanging andd will provide an historical perspective likely to assist thee understanding of o recent events. The collectioon begins with maaterial describing the Third British–Afghan War of 1919, which led to the establishment of Afghan indeppendence, and ennds in 1970 with the country moving towaards the deposal of o King Zahir Shaah and the establishmennt of the republic in 1973.

The e Arab Lea ague 1943 3–1963: Brittish Documentary S Sources 10 voluumes, 6000 pages; ISBN 97818520761108

On 222 March 1945 thee Pact of the Arabb League States w was signedd in Cairo by Egyppt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan and Saudi Arabia. Its objecctives were closer unity between membbers, the safeguarrding of their sovvereignty and coord inated political action. Here now iin facsimile are thhe autheentic documents oof that time, and the following 20 years, follow wing the aims andd the progress of the main organ oof Arab unity tthis century. Detaails include: the oorigins of the Arab Leaguue; its creation annd inauguration; iissues such as thee boycoott of Jewish firmss and products; ppolicy on Palestinee; collecctive security; inteer-Arab, and foreiign, relations.

The Ara ab Bulletin 1916–19 919: Bulletin n of the Arab A Burea au in Cairo 4 volumes, 1900 pages; ISBN 97881852070250

“A remarkabble intelligence joournal so strictly secret s in its matter that only o some thirty copies c of each issue were struck off... Nor migght the journal bee quoted from, evven in secret communications.” – British Fooreign Office. The he Arab Bulletin was foundedd on the initiative of T. E. Lawrencee to provide “a secret magazzine of Middle Eaast politics”. Lawrrence edited the first number on 6 June 1916 and a thereafter sennt numerous reports to it, enabling readerss to follow, week by week, the Arab Revolt, which ended Otttoman domination in the Arabian Peninsula. All 114 journals arre here published for the first time,, with an introoduction by the laate Dr. Robin Bidw well.

Ara abian Bou undaries: P Primary Doccuments 1 1853–1960 0 30 voluumes, 15500 pagess, including 3 map bboxes; ISBN 97818 52071301

Editorrs: R. Schofield, G. Blake This ccollection makes aavailable copies oof the several thoousand docum ments which havee determined the territorial divisions of Arabiaa today. An appreeciation of Arabiaa´s territorial histoory is essenttial for an undersstanding of conteemporary politicall events in thee region. Boundarries were originally defined by Brittain to protecct her interests inn the area but it iss the relatively neew, indepeendent states of the Gulf and the peninsula who have to live w within this imposeed territorial framework. This has nnot alwayys been easy and boundary disputees remain a readyy sourcee of friction betw ween many neighbbouring states. Too compllicate the picture further certain boundaries in the southeern peninsula hadd not been agreeed at the time of publiccation (1988).

Arab Dissident D Movemen M ts 1905– 1955 4 volumes, 3000 pages; ISBN 97881852076801

These four voolumes contain a detailed study off activist movements and a personalities, researched from m the British records relating to early twenntieth century subbversive groups and individuals in the Middle East. The coverage includes major categoories such as Arabb nationalists andd pan-Arabists with aspirations to Arab unityy; specifically territorial activists; and anti-régime dissidents. Thhe many groups referred r to include: Society for Arab Revival (1906); Youngg Turks (1908); Lebanese Revival (1908); Al-FFatah(1909); Refoorm Society of Basra; Arab Revolutionary Society (1914); Paleestine Arab Party;; Todamun al--Akhawi; Druse reebels;Shakib Arslaan; the Liberationn Society; Iraq Independence Paarty; Arab Ba’ath Movement; Moslem Brottherhood; Omani Revolution Counncil.

Ara abian Bou undaries 1961–1965 5 10 voluumes, 6500 pages; ISBN 97818409723375

Editorr: Richard Schofiield Arabia ian Boundaries 19961–1965 possesses a broader geogrraphical scope thaan its forerunner,, Arabian Boundaaries: Primaary Documents. It seeks to present the key documenntation

Arab Gulf Cities

dealinng with annual teerritorial developm ments not just witthin the Arrabian Peninsula but other areas oof the Middle Easst covereed by existing Caambridge Archive Editions publicattions dealinng with border annd territorial dispuutes, namely Paleestine Bounddaries 1883-19477 and The Iran–Ira raq Border 1840–11958.

4 volumes, 2900 pages; ISBN 97881852075408

In four volum mes Arab Gulf Citties draws togetheer key documents reflecting the histoory and developm ment of the majorr cities of the Arab A Gulf up to the 1960s. There is i detailed

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Material withhin this new seriees will also serve to augment that included within the CAE collection on the territorial affairs of Arabia, Arabbian Boundary Dissputes.

a wideer range of internnational archival sources was usedd, and along with a wider geoographical coveraage and the inclusion of all perrtinent contempoorary materials, thhis differentiates Arabia ian Boundary Dispputes from the eaarlier series Arabia ian Bounddaries.

Arabian n Boundaries 1966– –1975 18 volumes, 11,000 pages, includding 2 map boxes; ISBN 9781840972405

Ara abian Trea aties 1600 0–1960

Editors: R. Schofield, S foundeer of the Masterss Programme in

4 volum mes, 3000 pages; ISSBN 97818520734004

Internationaal Boundary Studdies at Kings Colllege; Research Editor, Dr K.E. K. Evans

Advissor: P. Tuson, Cuurator, Oriental aand India Office

This 18-volum me collection proovides the most coomprehensive record publisshed anywhere off the negotiationss, discussions and detailed consideration givven over to territoorial questions inn the Gulf region in the critical 1966–1975 decade. Often more revealing thaan the actual agreeements themselvves are the policyy discussions and a debates that result in them. Here they are assembled foor the first time. The T documents chhronicle the mostt critical decadde witnessed to date d in the territorial evolution of the Arabian Peninsula and Guulf region, a whollly unique area in geopolitical terms. t Nowhere else e is there such a concentration of microstatees and these overrlie the world’s grreatest concentration of hydrocarbonn reserves, all withhin a semienclosed seaa. The illuminatingg Foreign and Commonwealth Office recordd included here coomprehensively charts the huge efforts madee by Britain to gett its territorial houuse in order by the time it leeft the region as protecting p power in December 1971, but alsso provides uniquue insights into thhe major settlements of o the era and theeir background:

This iss the most convennient and compreehensive collectioon availaable of treaties annd agreements relating to the Arabbian Gulf aand peninsula. Deetailed research hhas been undertakken to find nnew material incluuding regional, innter-state and locaal treatiees as well as exchhanges of letters with legal weight; internnational treaties; bboundary settlem ments; and trade aand develoopment agreements including those for oil and comm munications. Theree is a selection off important internnational treatiees followed by aggreements relating to: Bahrain, Iraaq, Kuwa it, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UA AE and Yemen.

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Collec ection

The e ARAMCO O Reportss on Al-Ha asa and d Oman 19 950–1955 Publisshed by consent of SAUDI ARAM MCO, William Muulligan and FF. S. Vidal 4 volum mes including map box; 1200 pages V Volumes 1 and 4 aree in both Arabicc and English; ISBN 9781852072254

[Prepaared for ARAMCO O’s Research Divission by William Mulliggan, F. S. Vidal annd George Rentz..] Duringg 1949 the Arabian American Oil Company resumeed and proseccuted with vigor the work begun ssome ten years eaarlier of expploring the easterrn reaches of the Province of al-Haasa. It was thhought desirable that informationn on the geographhy and inhab itants of the regioon should be accumulated and embo died in a compre hensive survey. SSince agreement hhad not then bbeen reached by tthe Governmentss of Saudi Arabia,, Qatar, and A Abu Dhabi regardiing their commonn boundaries, speecial attenttion was given too the territory of SSaudi Arabia abuttting on the Peeninsula of Qatarr as well as its terrritory abutting onn the hinterrland of Abu Dhabbi in the region oof the Trucial Coast.

Maritime boundaryy agreements betw ween Iran and itss western Arab neighhbours (1968–1975) – Thhe rescission of thhe Iranian claim to Bahrain (1969– 19971) Coonsideration of thhe Lower Gulf islaands dispute in thhe years leading up u to the Sharjah– –Iran Memorandum of Understanding U oveer Abu Musa (1971) and the respponse to that setttlement Thhe disposal of thee Buraimi questionn and Saudi Arrabia–United Arab Emirates (19744) Iraan–Iraq and the Shatt S al Arab (19775)

Arabian n Boundary Disputes: Historiccal, Political and Le egal Dossierr

Bah hrain Gov vernment Annual Rep ports 1924 4–1970 8 volum mes, 4000 pages, w with many illustratioons; ISBN 9781852070403

20 volumes, 18000 pages; ISBN 9781852074005 9

The reeports cover five ddecades of unpreecedented social, econoomic and adminisstrative change inn Bahrain. During the years of these reports tthe foundations oof an education aand welfa re system were laaid, together withh the administratiive infrasttructure of todayy’s state. All thesee changes were reeported on in detail by the Bahhrain Governmentt’s Advisor, Sir Chharles Belgraave, in the reportts up to 1956. Thee reports are heree collateed for the first tim me as a series froom the first reportt in 1924 up to Independennce in 1971. Eachh report includes a summ mary of revenue and expenditure foor the year underr

Editor: R. Scchofield Arabian Bouundary Disputes iss designed as an historical h and legal dossierr on the developm ment of the international boundaries within w the Arabian Peninsula, and includes material covering the Arabiann peninsula’s mosst critical territorial dissputes: Iran–Iraq, Iraq–Kuwait, Bahrain–Qatar and Saudi Arabiaa–Yemen. Each booundary is docum mented from its origins in intternational diplom macy up to 1992. In order to broaden the historical perspective and, particuularly, to bring the documenntary materials ass close to the pressent as possible,

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon review, together with budget estimates for thee following year, as well as seeparate narrative sections and stattistical summaries.

Dip plomacy in n the Near and Mid ddle Easst 1535–19 956 2 volum mes bound in 1, 7550 pages; ISBN 97811852070779

Editorr: Professor J.C. Hurewitz

British Extra-Terrritorial Jurisdicction in th he Gulf 19 913–1971

This reeproduction of Prrofessor Hurewitzz’s now classic woork is Near designned “to unfold Euuropean diplomaccy in and on the N and M Middle East in moodern times”. His collection of documents coverss more than 400 years, from the eearly (1535) Ottom man– Frenchh treaty, through Napoleon’s instrructions to the Freench missioon to Persia, and Treaties for supppressing Slave Traaffic and PPiracy, up to the m modern period inccluding the Sykes–Picot agree ment for the parttition of the Ottom man Empire, 1916 and a Soviiet–Iranian exchaange of notes in 11955. The work illustraates the history oof diplomacy in thhe Middle East while recordding the great eveents and cycles of Arab political develoopment.

1 volume, 3000 pages; ISBN 97818852078409

Dr. Hussain M. Al Baharna; Former Minister of Legal Affairs,, Bahrain Dr Al A Baharna took his h doctorate in public international law at Cambridgge and is a membber of the bar at Lincoln’s Inn, London. He wass Minister for Leggal Affairs in m 1971 to 1995 annd then Legal Counsel for the Bahrain from State of Bahrain on Internatioonal Law. This stuudy presents an account of thhe exercise of exttra-territorial jurissdiction by Britainn in the Arab Gulf G States duringg the period beforre they gained full sovereignnty and independdence. This work provides p a valuable anaalysis of the working of the British Court System in the Arab conntext. The materiaal is based on thee author’s original research amoong the juridical records r of the British Court for Bahrain and on interviews with judges and law wyers of the period.

Docu umentary Stu udies in Arabian Geopoliticcs:

Iran n in the Persian Gu ulf 1820–1966 6 volum mes, 4800 pages; ISSBN 97818520781002; ISSN 1351-363X X

This s ubstantial collecttion focuses on poolitical relations iin the Persiaan Gulf region bettween Iran (Persia), Britain and thhe Arab statess of Kuwait, Bahraain, Qatar, the Unnited Arab Emirattes, Omann, Saudi Arabia annd Iraq, during thhe period when Britain, througgh her special treeaty provisions with the Arab statees, mainttained an active ppresence in the arrea. Regular repoorts of eventss follow the initiaation of diplomatic relations betweeen Britainn and Persia in thhe early nineteentth century, and thhe creatioon of treaties witth the Arab shaikkhs from 1820. Altthough territoorial claims predoominate in the maaterial, the selection coverss the important cconflicts and comm munications betw ween the sttates.

The Buraimi Disp pute 1950 0–1961: Contem mporary Document D ts 10 volumes, inncluding map box, 8000 8 pages; ISBN 9781852074203 9

This compannion work to The Buraimi B Memoriaals provides the evidence of the t original historrical and contempporary political files to set allongside the officcial government submissions of the memoriaals. With one voluume summarising the historical background from earlier recorrds, key documennts are assembledd providing a broad b perspectivee on events and conditions in the Buraimi Regiion in the post-war period. The chronological presentation of original recordds shows the cum mulative build-up in the late 19940s and early 19950s of local inciddents, tribal unrest, intriggue and political tension; t includingg details of Saudi and British manoeuvres m and diplomacy. d The seet is illustrated with a box of contemporary maps m including Ibn Saud’s map of Arabia.

Docu umentary Stu udies in Arabian Geopoliticcs:

The e Iraq–Kuw wait Dispute 1830–– 19994 7 volum mes including map box, 4000 pages; ISBN 9781852075859; ISSN 1351-3363X

For thhe first four volum mes the Editor’s aim has been to guide the reeader through all the relevant, pubblicly-available docum ments which havee shaped the evolution of the internnational boundaryy between Iraq annd Kuwait, from Ottom man times to the rrecent operationss of the United Naations. In vol umes 5 to 6 of thhe collection attenntion is paid to thhe emergging internationa l status of Kuwait, Britain’s role inn this processs and Ottoman aand Iraqi claims tto the sovereigntyy or suzeraainty of Kuwait. TThis publication pprovides primary ssource materrials relating to thhe history of the ttwo separate, andd seemiingly contradictorry, territorial claim ms that successive Iraqi goverrnments have maintained with respect to the state of Kuwa it and its territoryy. Volume 7 is a ssubstantial set of maps demo nstrating the bouundary at differennt periods.

The Buraimi Mem morials 19 955 5 volumes, inccluding map box, 21100 pages; ISBN 97781852070700

The Buraimii Dispute touches upon the historic sensitivities and national inteerest of the three adjoining domainns of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Omann, and combines an a ancient territorial disspute over a strattegic oasis on keyy cross-country caravan routtes, with the moddern concern to coontrol territory with oil-bearring possibilities. This publication provides p the complete argguments submitteed to arbitration by b the Government of Saudi Arabia and a by the Britishh Government. The text of thhe memorials conntains claims and counterclaims off tribal allegiance and the paym ment of tax as prooof of sovereignty.

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Goverrnment during theeir129-year stay iin Aden, selectiveely reprodduced in this colleection.

Documenttary Studies in i Arabian Ge eopolitics:

The Low wer Gulf Islands: I Abu A Musa and the e Tunbs Dispute D

Docu umentary Stu udies in Arabian Geopoliticcs:

The e UAE: Internal Bou undaries a and the e Boundarry with Om man

6 volumes, 4000 pages; ISBN 97881852074906; ISSN N 1351-363X

Disputes oveer the status of Abbu Musa and the Tunbs dominate the maritimee history of the soouthern Persian Gulf G as recorded for the last hundred h years in the t archives of the Foreign Office and the British government inn India. This series of volumes makes availaable for the first time the vital historical evidence pertaining too the status of thee islands. The issuues involve Iran, the UAE, Abuu Musa, the Tunbbs, the lower Perssian Gulf islands and the Straiit of Hormuz. Theese volumes preseent balanced historical eviidence on the longstanding dispute over island sovereignty, documenting succcessive Iranian claims c and also the positionss taken by the British government on behalf of the Qasimi shaikkhdoms before UA AE independence.

8 volum mes, including 2 m ap boxes, 4000 pagges; ISBN 97818 52075750;ISSN 13551-363X

Editorr: J.F. Walker, CM MG, MBE A defiinitive guide to thhe internal bounddaries of the seven Emiraates and the UAE––Oman boundaryy in a comprehenssive collecction of British doocuments coveringg the settlement oof virtuaally all the onshorre boundaries. The documentation from the 19949–1962 period is of particular im mportance because no bounddaries in the areaa had been settledd before 1949, whhile the majorrity of the onshoree boundaries, botth within the Truccial Statess and with Oman,, were delimited by 1962. Certain bounddaries are still beiing finalised [as aat publication], ass is shownn by the announccement of agreem ment over the Rass al Khaim mah–Umm al Qaw wa in boundary, aand by work donee by Sharjaah to physically ddemarcate its boundaries with neigghbour Emiraates. The Editor, J ulian Walker, carrries special authoority as a form mer ambassador w who has long beeen personally invoolved in the arrbitration and dellimitation of Emirrates territory. Contaained in the map boxes is a superbb collection of maaps, includding the series of 1957–1960 sketcch maps drawn bby Mr Walkeer and made publlic here for the firrst time.

Documenttary Studies in i Arabian Ge eopolitics:

The Red Sea Reg gion: Sove ereignty, Bounda aries and Conflict, 1839– 1967 6 volumes, 5500 pages; ISBN 97881840972306; ISSN N 1351-363X

This 5500 paage collection doccuments the political and territorial chaanges within andd between states bordering the Red Sea, or linked with it, including islands and European colonies. Although the dates chosen inevitablyy reflect the British proveenance of the recoords, corresponding as they do with Britain’s acquisition of Aden A in 1839 and departure from it in 1967, thhe collection is muuch more than thhis. It is a study off Ottoman inflluence; European encroachments and a the building of the Suez Canal; C erosion and collapse of Ottooman sovereignty; consolidation of European presence and rise of nationalism in Egypt and Arabbia; the Italo-Ethiiopian crisis and the Red Sea in the Second Woorld War; the Sueez Crisis; and the waning of Brritish influence in the region post-W World War II.

The e Expansio on of Wah hhabi Pow wer in A Arabia 179 98–1932: British Doccumentarry Recordss 8 volum mes, 5500 pages; ISSBN 9781840972700 2

The obbjective of this coollection is to usee contemporary docum ments to depict thhe gradual spreadd of Wahhabism w within the Arrabian Peninsula.. It covers the perriod when Wahhaabism and itts adherents, a prroportion of the aal-Saud of Najd, attem mpted to spread thheir power base aand impose Wahhhabism, while enduring numeroous defeats and sset-backs, but alsso wavess of success. Ultim mately it might bee argued that thee suppoort of the British ggovernment was crucial from 19255 to 1932 for Ibn Saud’s evventual and ultimaate defeat of the wan revolts, in whhich one type of W Wahhabism, that w which Akhw endorrsed constant andd forceful territoriial expansion, waas itself defeatted. However, this collection of doocuments is not presennted as a history of the rise to pow wer of the al-Saudd, and the foormation of the sttate of Saudi Arabbia but instead is an attem mpt to focus on W Wahhabism as the pivotal and driving force tto that expansionn.

Documenttary Studies in i Arabian Ge eopolitics:

South-W West Arab bia: the Saudi– Yemen Dispute 6 volumes, 4000 pages; ISBN 97881852074807; ISSN N 1351-363X

These six vollumes cover the period p from 1802 to 1966 and provide the reader r with a widde historical conteext in which to view the effoorts to finalise thee political map off the southwestern peninsula. Any settleement finally reacched between Saudi Arabiaa and Yemen, wheether by direct neegotiations, third-party mediattion or arbitrationn, will need to takke full account of a number of critical factors which w have shapedd the history of their borderlands: the nature, strength and releevance of historic claim ms; the allegiancee of tribes; and the degree to which effectiive occupancy has been extended to the territory claimed by each e state. Much useful informatioon on these questions is provided in the reecords maintained by the British

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5,500-page collection of facssimile original documents ooffering access too primary source material on this topic rarely aavailable outside the British archives.

Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon •

This iss the most importtant single sourcee of historical material on thee Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Loorimer’s Gazetteeer was compiiled with the origginal intention of providing British agents and p olicymakers in thhe Gulf, India andd London with “a conveenient and portabble handbook to tthe places and intterests with w which they are likkely to be concernned”. Better docum mentation was re garded as an essential prerequisitte to the sttrengthening of British influence inn the area during a periodd of increasing intternational tensioon. The original eedition was isssued as a secret document by thee British Governm ment in India in 1908and 19155. The range of thhe gazetteer is exttensive and coomplex, with desscriptive text suppported by a varietty of annexxes and appendicces, including histtorical analyses, texts of treatiees and special esssays on subjects oof interest.

Thhis collection shedds light on the hisstory of Wahhabism W and shhows how it has been b used in the paast as a powerful political tool Ann understanding of o Wahhabism, thhe dominant foorm of Islam in Saaudi Arabia, is keyy to an unnderstanding of modern m fundamenntalist beliefs.

Foreign n Office Annual A Rep ports from Arabia A 193 30–1960 4 volumes, 2400 pages; ISBN 97881852073459

This publicattion establishes thhe complete seriees of available Ambassadors’ Reports for thee Arabian peninsuula up to 1960.In 1930 the Brittish Legation in Jedda was the firsst diplomatic postt in Arabia to produce an Annuual Report on Hejaaz–Nejd. Thereafter, Annual A Reports were w sent from all British diplomatic reepresentatives in Arabia, includingg Ambassadors, Ministers and the Political Resident in the Perssian Gulf. Reportss are found for Iraq, Jordan, Kuuwait, Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Annual Repoorts cover all evennts of significance in each country, details d of trade and economic e relationss with other Arab states, Britain activity and external and other poowers.

The G GCC States: N National Deve elopment Reccords:

Civvil Aviation 1920–19 962 8 volum mes, 5500 pages; ISSBN 97818520747777

The doocuments tracingg the early days oof civil aviation in the Gulf rregion provide muuch new material on geographical, tribal, politiccal and diplomatic aspects of Arabb history. The com ming of air traansport to the rem mote Gulf and desert emirates hass been a facttor in the twentietth century transfoormation of an ollder way oof life. The record s reflect the relattive independencee and strenggth of Saudi Arabbia from the 19200s, when Ibn Saudd soughht training facilitiees for his Hijazi air force, through to Worldd War II and the SSaudi–US agreem ment over the Dhaahran air baase. The end of W World War II saw a rapid growth in internnational regulatorry bodies and the affirmation of sovereeign control by thhe Gulf States oveer their airspace.

Gazette eer of Ara abian Trib bes 18 volumes, 12000 pages; 6 tribaal maps; ISBN 9781852077006

This gazetteeer, after years of research, providees a magnificent collection of historical descripptions of Arabian tribes from British archivval sources in the nineteenth and twentieth t centuries. Soome 745 tribes aree included, repressenting most of the major claans and families in the Arabian peninsula. From Iraq and Syria the geographicc coverage includees Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to Oman, the Hadhramaut and Yemen. The records show terrritories and nomaadic routes, tribal relations andd allegiance, milittary strength, personalities and modern influuence. These 12,0000 pages, supported by 6 tribal maps, providde the broadest array ever assembled of English language hisstorical referencess concerning approximately 745 tribes, tribal confederations and clans in the Arabian A peninsula. Thhe editor has sought to provide suubstantial descriptive reeferences on the tribes. He has inccluded referencess to tribal movvements where significant and to the t irregular skirmishes beetween neighbouuring tribes wheree they reflect changes withhin the balance of relations betweeen those tribes. It is likely to remain the definitive research woork for tribal history. From m the eyewitness accounts of the Hijaz H tribes riding into battle inn 1917 to a social and political breeakdown of the Jaburi tribe of o Iraq, this gazettteer adds an impportant resource to the study of Arab history.

The G GCC States: N National Deve elopment Reccords:

Com mmunicattions and Transportt 18660–1960 9 volum mes including map box, 6300 pages; ISBN 9781852076207

This ccollection traces the development oof the modern neetwork of com mmunications whhich makes light oof the great distances involvved in traversing tthe Middle East. From the first schhemes to linkk India to Europe via a submarine cable through Muscat and BBushire in 1859, thhe documents deetail a slow bloom ming of infrasttructure in all asppects of communications: the develoopment of deep w water ports, shippping routes and navigaational data; the growth of telegraaph, cable, wireleess and finallyy telephone syste ms, the press andd broadcasting; thhe spectaacular success of the railways in Saudi Arabia and Kuwa it; the creation off a reliable postal service; the improovement of roads and the 20thcenttury expansion off motor transpport, all creating links between and within the Gulff states.

Gazette eer of the e Persian Gulf, G Oman and a Centrral Arabia a 6 volumes inclluding map box, 50000 pages, many phhotographs; ISBN 9781852070304

J. G. Lorimer

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon The GCC States: S Nation nal Developm ment Records:

Iran n Politicall Develop pments 19 941– 19446: Iran n Under A Allied Occu upation: Brittish Documentary S Source

Defencce in the Gulf G State es and Saudi Arabia A 192 20–1960 12 volumes, 8000 pages; ISBN 97781852075002

These volumes establish a colllection of primarry documents relating to thhe evolution of reegional and local defence resources in the six meember states of thhe Gulf Co-operattion Council: Bahrain, Kuw wait, Qatar, Omann, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Throughout the t period of the collection, from the t 1920s to the early 1960s, the records reflecct the independennt status of Saudi Arabia, its leesser degree of military dependencce on Britain and the extent off US influence.

13 voluumes, 10,000 pagees ISBN 97818409711958

Editorr: A.L.P. Burdett This ccollection forms thhe first part of a sseries tracing the politiccal development oof modern Iran thhrough contempoorary docum ments. This s election is presennted with the inteention of examining in detail the political deveelopments withinn Iran and the chaanges in Irannian policy that reesulted from movvements in the baalance of pow wer during the Seecond World Warr.

The documennts examine local security issues inn detail throughout the t period, including facilities and arrangements during Worldd War II. There is extensive information about the origins and development d of loocal levy forces inn Bahrain, Muscat and the Trucial Statess; and about the emergence e of independentt armed strength in Saudi Arabia, Oman O and Kuwait.

The peeriod 1941–19466 is a significant aand complex one.. These key doocuments draw toogether despatchhes, letters, telegrrams, reportts, minutes and reecords of meetinggs from many dissparate Britishh Government filees to give a full reecord of Iran during the periodd of World War II,, detailing Iran’s relations with Grreat Britainn, the Soviet Unioon, Turkey and thhe USA during this criticaal period.

Historicc Maps off Bahrain 1817– 1970

Iran n: Politica al Diaries 1881–196 65 14 voluumes, 12000 pagess; ISBN 97818520777105

69 maps with historical commenttary; ISBN 9781852076757

Advissor: Dr. R.M. Burrell; Editor: R.L. Jarman

Compiled byy R. L. Jarman, foormerly Advisor, Bahrain National Muuseum.

A key source work for modern Iranian hhistory, this comprrehensive series oof British political reports not onlyy providdes an insight intoo the complexitiees and conflicts off Persiaan politics, but alsso closely reflectss the changing naature of the reelations between Britain and Persiaa. In 1881, when the first oof the diplomatic rreports reproduceed in this work w was writteen, Persia was beiing ruled by its 4tth successive Qajar Shah, Nasir al-Din. He had come to the throne in 1848 aand his was too be the longest reign of that dynaasty, being brougght to an endd by an act of asssassination in Maay 1896. When thhis seriess of volumes endss in 1965, the second Pahlavi Shahh was still onn the throne, butt an important religious leader, Rouhalla Khom meini, was writingg his first lectures on the theory of Islamic goverrnment.

This collectioon comprises 69 surveys, s charts annd plans of Bahrain, manny in colour, incluuding the complette island and surrounding waters and islandds. The publicatioon makes valuable mapps available whicch were previouslyy unknown or inaccessible. It begins in 18177 with the first evver mention of Muharraq onn a map and finishes in 1970 with the last maps made beforee independence. Itt includes the firsst ever town plans of Mannama and Muharraq to be compileed by the Government of Bahrain, and the t first ever accuurate land survey of the Hawar islands. There iss also a detailed commentary c on each map.

History y of the In ndian Navy y 1613– 1863

The e Iran–Iraq q Border 1840–1958 11 voluumes, including 2 m map boxes, 5500 paages; ISBN 97818 52071608

2 volumes, 1160 pages; ISBN 97881852073367

C. R. Low

The Irran–Iraq boundarry can be viewed as unique within the Middlle East region, as it has long displaayed the classic characcteristics of a pollitical frontier zonne or a border maarch. This ccontrasts sharply w with the twentietth-century framew work impossed largely by Eurropean colonial ppowers elsewheree in the Middlle East. Imperial cconflict over the ZZagros mountainss and elsew where in the Mesoopotamian plain w was a regular phenoomenon in anciennt times. The period under review covers three principal phases of diplomatic acttivity which have shapeed the course of the Iran–Iraq boundary. Each has rresulted in thee signature of treaaties defining or m modifying the bouundary.

Low’s work has h never been suurpassed as a histtory of the maritime arm m of India’s foreiggn policy. First puublished in 1877, it was out off print for many years, but it has reemained the basis for studdies of campaigns and explorationn wherever the Bombay Marrine operated. Its primary value now is in reccording the historry of the British t Gulf – where the Bombay Marrine served as presence in the police force, mail carrier, expllorer, ethnographher, surveyor and (when necesssary) strike force over three centuries.

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon projecct cannot be comprehensive, it is hhoped that the w wide rangee of geographical references will provide many startting pointss for further enquuiry. Included in thhe documents aree diplom matic correspondeence, departmenttal minutes, letteers and reportts both internal aand to foreign govvernments, telegrrams, summ maries and briefinggs.

Iraq Ad dministrattion Repo orts 1914– – 1932 10 volumes, 5500 pages; ISBN 97781852073602

This title is a comprehensive series s of British administration reports for Mesopotamia M (Iraqq) from the outset of World War I up to the inddependence of Iraaq. It includes acccounts of the British campaign against the Turks in Iraq (including the siege of Kut) 19144–1918, the adminnistration of the vilayets v of Basra, Baghdad andd Mosul up to 19220; also the compplete series of administratioon reports under the British Mandaate over Iraq1920–19932, including thee final report subm mitted to the League of Naations. These repoorts provide vital historical background to recent and currrent events in Iraaq, especially concerning regional and tribaal affairs, agricultuural organisation and civil adm ministration.

Extract from Volume 2: Mem morandum by Captain N N. Bray, March 1917, ‘A note on the M Mohammedan questioon, its bearing on evennts in India and Arabiaa, the future oof the Great Islamic reevival now that Turkeyy ceases to be a powerr on which tthe hopes of the Mosleem world were placedd’:

“At thhe present momeent agitation is inttense in all Mohaammedan countriees…the reports oof agents and othhers confirrm…the extreme vitality of the moovement [PanIslamiism]. … It is … eessential that the country to whom m Mohaammedans look shhould not be Afghanistan. We shoould thereffore create a Statte more conveniennt for ourselves, tto whom m the attention off Islam should be turned. We havee an opporrtunity in Arabia.””

Iraq De efence Inttelligence 1920– 1973

Isla amic Move ements in n the Arab b Wo orld 1913––1966

6 volumes inclluding map box; 40000 pages; ISBN 97881840971002

The documennts and supportinng maps in this coollection explore the central roole of Iraq in bothh the politics of thhe Middle East and the form mation of governm ment policy in thee West from1920–1973. The volumess cover Iraq’s straategic and military histoory from the beginnning of the British Mandate in 1920,through independence in i 1932, the death of King Feisal and accessioon of King Ghazi, the Second Worldd War, the overthrow off the monarchy and the death of King K Feisal II and his Prime Minister Nuri Al-Said, the regimes off Qasim and then 1 which Aref, and thrrough to the “blooodless coup” of 1968 consolidatedd the Ba’ath Partyy in power. Saddaam Hussein, Vice President of the Revolutionaryy Command Counncil, appears in the final documents of this coollection.

4 volum mes, 2000 pages; ISSBN 97818520780003

This s et examines the pprogression of paan-Islamic organissations, movem ments and activissts extant in the A Arab states in thee early twenttieth century, partticularly in the Hijaz (Saudi Arabiaa), Egypt,t, Syria, Iraq, Yem men and most of tthe Maghreb statees, togethher with the involvement of Islamic institutions in regulaarising and intercceding in aspects of both religious and seculaar life. The contennts include: early fundamentalist (Wahhhabi) support for King Abdul Aziz from 1913; Caliphate, 1920s; the reperccussions following the end of the C Worldd Islamic Conferennce in Mecca, 19226, opened by King Abdull Aziz; plans for a Pan-Islamic Leaggue, 1919; pan-Isslamic activitty in Jerusalem; Isslamic propagandda missions to thee Maghhreb states; Saudi proposal for an IIslamic pact; recoords of nume rous Islamic confferences from thee 1930s to the 19660s.

Islam: Political P Im mpact 190 08–1972 (British h Documentary Sou urces)

Isla ands and M Maritime Boundariies of tthe Gulf 1 1798–1960 0

12 volumes, 8000 pages; ISBN 97781840970708; witth accompanying map

This collectioon begins, in 19088, with the revoluution of the Young Turks in Turkey and caarefully details thee effects which spread outward from this sem minal event. Theirr revolutionary idea of usingg Islam as a vehiccle for modernizattion began the greatest revival of the Islamicc faith since that faith f began despite the apparent a irony of the demise of thee Caliphate and the secularisation of Turkey inn the mid-1920s. The concurrent rise of King ibn Saud and the Wahabis in the Arabian A peninsula, crreated a powerful debate betweenn different views of modern Isslamic faiths, statees, and rulers. Preesenting a documentaryy survey of the im mpact of Islam in the t early- and mid- twentieeth century with particular p referencce to its political and international dimensions,, the intention is to make available to scholars a broad research base of primary materials forr the modern period reflecting Islamic affairs and expansion inn the Middle East,, Africa and Asia. While such a

20 voluumes, including 2 m map boxes, 13500 ppages; ISBN 97818 52072759

This w work is the single most important reference source for tracin g the origins of ccontemporary maritime disputes inn the Gulf – coverage includdes Warba, Bubiyaan, Hawar, Halul,, Tamb, Abu M Musa; in fact overr 290 islands are indexed. It recordds the develoopment of the coontinental shelf booundaries of the G Gulf, the im mportance of the islands in determ mining baselines aand oil conceession boundariess, evolving state ppractice and AnglloAmeriican negotiationss, and explores Annglo-Arab, AnglooPersiaan and Perso-Arabb relations. The ccollection contains facsim miles of letters, reeports, memorandda, sketches, charrts and maps from a wide rangge of sources houused in the Britishh Librarry (Oriental and Inndia Office Collecctions) and the Puublic Recorrd Office.

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon to its neighbours Egyptt and Syria. In theese volumes the were received by the despaatches, letters andd telegrams that w Foreiggn Office in Londoon originated from m many sources: the Emba ssy in Tel Aviv annd the Consulatess-General in Jerussalem and H Haifa provide the majority; but doccuments also originated from BBritish Embassiess in countries adjaacent to Israel (Leebanon, Jordann, Syria, and Egyppt) and other inteerested Middle Eaastern statess (such as Iraq, Saaudi Arabia, and Iran). The internaal paperrs of the Foreign O Office are useful ffor the tracing off the develoopment of future British policy, or for the expositioon of the cuurrent policy, andd where more detaailed informationn was requirred, this was provvided by the Foreign Office Researrch Deparrtment. The recom mmendations of tthe Joint Chiefs of Staff Comm mittee are reproduuced, in particulaar the report of Appril 1955 which discussed British military opptions in the evennt of Israelii aggression – thee necessity of abiiding by the UK/Joordan defen ce agreement being the reason foor this policy decission. Thesee discussions abouut possible military action against Israel are ecchoed in Treasuryy papers on possibble economic sannctions againsst Israel.

Israel: Boundary y Disputess with Arab Neighbours 1946–19 964 10 volumes, 7000 pages; ISBN 97781852076306

This documeentary study focusses on the borders of the Palestinee mandate andd the State of Israael. The documennts reflect two different typees of border: thosse coinciding withh the British mandate for Palestine, and thhe lines resulting from the war won divisionns of land followinng the 1949 ceasee-fire. The armistice linees followed the course of mandatee boundaries with Transjordan, Syria and Lebanon with smaall modifications. The border between b Israel and Jordan on the West W Bank was based exclussively on an armisstice line that hadd no geographical or historical foundations. How wever, as far as Issrael and Jordan were concernned, the differencces in alignment between b the mandate bouundary of 1921 and the 1949 armiistice line only became appaarent in the run-uup towards their boundary b settlement.

Israel Poliitical and Eco onomic Reports 1948– 1953:

Kin ng Abdul A Aziz: Diplo omacy And Sta atecraft 19 902–1953

Israel under u the Premiersship of David Ben B Gurio on 1948–19 953

4 volum mes, 2000 pages; ISSBN 97818520788550

7 volumes, 4,0000 pages; ISBN 9781840973105

Thesee papers necessarrily reflect British diplomatic intereests, but also pprovide the most ccontinuous sourcce available of repports and coommentary on loocal events withinn the territory of tthe presennt Saudi Arabia. TThey reflect the m methods, policies and diplom macy employed bby Abdul Aziz in eextending and theen consoolidating the Sauddi state. The recorrds trace his relattions with A Arab rulers as weell as with Britain,, other European powe rs and the Unitedd States. This worrk illustrates partiicularly well t he rise to power of Abdul Aziz andd his concern to bbuild his ow wn prestige and eestablish a unifiedd kingdom.

This set is the first in a series of collections of British political and economic reports on Israeel. The 4400 pagees are the collected Brittish government political and econnomic reports on the state of Israel I from its creeation in May 19448 to the end of the first prem miership of David Ben Gurion. Ben Gurion, regarded as the ‘Father of Israael’, held the posst of Defence w as Prime Minnister during the first f 5 years of Minister as well the Israeli staate, throughout the t War of Indepeendence, the first wave of imm migration, the impplementation of mass m settlement, developmentt projects and thee signing of a reparations agreement with w Germany. This was one of thee most important periods in the history of the Middle M East and thhe Jewish people in particular.. The documents are written by British civil servants worrking in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem and show the difficulties faaced by the new administration a in its relations withh its Arab neigghbours, the US and UK governments and international bodies like the United U Nations.\

Kin ng Abdul A Aziz: Polittical Corrresponde ence 1904 4–1953 4 volum mes, 2000 pages; ISSBN 97818520770551

Contaains Arabic and Ennglish text. This ppublication presennts, for the firrst time, an extennsive collection off personal corresspondence, letterrs to neighbouringg Arab States andd to foreiggn governments, ffrom and to the SSaudi leader over half a centurry. The first itemss date from the yeears after his fablled recaptture of Riyadh in 1902, when Abddul Aziz emerged as Amir oof Nejd. The last letters are from tthe year of King A Abdul Aziz’ss death, 1953.Thee correspondence reflects the evoluution over 550 years of the status, authority, style and statesmaanship of Kinng Abdul Aziz. Thee documents are in the original Arrabic, somettimes with contem mporary English ttranslations; a miinority are in English in the orriginal.

Israel Poliitical and Eco onomic Reports 1954– 1955:

Israel under u the Premiersship of Moshe Sharett 1954–1955 1 5 6 volumes, 4100 pages; ISBN 97881840973303

This project is i the second in a series of collections of British political and economic reports on Israel. It examines the M of Israel premiership of Moshe Sharettt, second Prime Minister (1954-55) in this crucial periood as Nasser comees to power in t behind Egypt, and thhe US and UK govvernments work together the scenes on the “Alpha” prroject, to try and bring b peace to Palestine, whhile within Israel the tensions increease with regard

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Kuwaitt Political Agency: Arabic A Documents 1899 9–1949

Memoirs of B Baghdad, Kurdistan and Arabia 18 d Turkish A 857

13 volumes, 8000 pages; ISBN 97781852074401

Editor: M. Asser. A Contains Arabic A and Englissh text The Arabic teexts preserved in these files form a rich and interesting soource for readingg and research. Thhe volume and range of matterial is extensivee, including corresspondence between Gullf States Rulers annd their respectivve political agentss and much material on affairs of state as well as a legal, commercial and a domestic matters. There is freequent correspondence with Ibn Saudd, throwing light on relations withh the Nejd andd the emerging Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A The collection constitutes a valuabble research resource for Kuwaiti, Saudi and Arrab Gulf history, reflecting r the devvelopment of the region, relatiions with rulers, and a local and tribbal information. This work maakes available thee mass of materiaal in the Arabic language froom the files of thee British Political Agency, A Kuwait preserved wiithin the India Offfice Records in Loondon.

[Recoords of the Bombbay Government,, No. XLIII]; Cmddr J.F. Joness; Preface by Dr RR.M. Burrell 1 volum me, 500 pages incl uding 30 maps andd plates; ISBN 97818 52070991

Memooirs of Baghdad iss a nineteenth-ceentury original with a new ppreface by the latte Dr R.M. Burrell,, School of Orienttal and Africaan Studies, Univerrsity of London. TThe volume includdes six imporrtant historical, arrchaeological andd geographical esssays coveriing Baghdad, thee Nahrwan canal and large parts oof Kurdisstan, the topograaphy of Nineveh aand the old coursee of the River Tigris. Also includded are some 30 maps and plates,, many in coloour, most notablyy the large ground-plan of Baghdaad. The authoor and surveyor, C Commander J.F. Joones, was in the Bombbay Marine for nearly 25 years, waas Political Agent in Bushirre from 1855 to 11862 and had an important role too play in thee British invasion of southern Persia in 1856.

Near & Middle M East Collections C

La Natiion Arabe e 1930–193 38

The e Middle E East Intellligence Han ndbooks 1 1943–1946 6

4 volumes, 2430 pages; text in Frrench; ISBN 97818552071004

A virtually coomplete set of thiis rare journal hass been assembled frrom surviving origginals. This most influential journal of Arrab political opinion was created, inspired i and sustained byy the famous Arabb activist, Amir Shhakib Arslan. Published in French from Genneva, it was banneed from French North Africa in the1930s, but widely read in Arab and European capitals. La Nation Arabe is a remarkable and important doocument in the history of Arab–Islaamic politics.

5 volum mes, 3180 pages, aapprox. 1260 photoographs and 335 maaps; ISBN 99781852070601

The fuunction of the inteelligence handboooks, which were compiiled by the Britishh Foreign Office, w was to inform Briitish officiaals engaged on diiplomatic duties iin foreign countries aboutt every aspect of tthe country in whhich they were ressident. They pprovide a full, spllendidly illustrateed, geographic encyc lopaedia of the cculture and civilisaation of each couuntry, includding over 1,200phhotographs.Each volume describess the history ry, administrationn and public life oof the country conceerned: Iraq and thhe Persian Gulf; W Western Arabia annd the Red S ea; Palestine andd Transjordan; Syrria; Persia. Economic geogrraphy, agriculturee, trade and comm munications are ddealt with i n detail. In volum mes also designedd for naval and m military intelliggence, particular attention is accoorded to the coastts and topoggraphy, but there are also street plans and photograaphs of every significant town as well as of the archaeological sites.

Land Le egislation n in Mandate Palestine 9 volumes, 5500 pages, includingg 1 map box; ISBN 9781840972603 9

A great many books have beeen written on the subject of Jewish land-settlement and thhe Arabs, or the land question in Palestine, buut rarely does onee have the opporttunity to access the primary documents d involvved. This new colllection of original documents from Cambridge Archive A Editions allows a scholars too form their ow wn opinions on thhis most controveersial, and critical, seriees of events. The set s consists of thee texts of the major piecess of legislation thaat governed the rural r land regime in Palestine between b the yearrs 1918 and 19488, as well as the key reports and a memoranda produced p by Britissh officials during that period. p These repoorts show governnmental attempts to understannd and control thee rights that goveerned access and management, in some cases details d of which exist e only in government archives, and a number n of which are a less well known than they ought to be. Political questioons concerned with the dynamics of Jewish land acquisition are a also clearly highlighted in relevant laws and a memos but ovverall, the collection proovides a broader perspective on laand rights, and pays particullar attention to coontinuities with the Ottoman past and some coomparison with otther colonial conttexts.

Military Han ndbooks o of Arabia 19113–1917 10 voluumes, 5140 pages including map box,, numerous photogrraphs; ISBN97781852070809

Thesee handbooks are tthe documents off a lost continent – the Arabiaa of the old triball way of life: scatttered settlementss, remotte oases and unceertain tracks acrooss the desert, an Arabia irrevoocably altered by W World War I and the oil revolutionn. Intelli gence handbookss were compiled for the use of British office rs for military purrposes. The handbooks were comppiled partlyy on the basis of eexisting authoritiees such as Lorimeer’s Gazettteer, earlier traveel records and reccent military intelliggence, and partlyy from what was called “native

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon information” ”. They provide deetailed descriptions of the regions, settlements, routes and a inhabitants off the Arabian Peninsula annd Gulf. Originallyy all these documents were classified seccret. They are now w made availablee to historians and researchhers as richly detaailed surveys of a land and a culture.

Jews ffound greater toleration under Muuslim than under Christtian rule. Howeveer, the situation changed abruptly in 1948w with anti-Jewish ffeeling increasingg after the founding of the Isrraeli state, and suucceeding years ssaw dramatic reductions in Jew wish communitiess in the Arab worlld as emigration tto Israel and elsewhere pproceeded apace.

Minoritiess in the Middle East:

Mino orities in the Middle East:

Christia an Minorities 1838– –1967

Kurrdish Com mmunities 1918–197 74

10 volumes, 6500 pages, ISBN 97781840971859

4 volum mes, 2000 pages; ISSBN 97818409716006

These ten voolumes consist of original political despatches, correspondence and reports covering: c Christiann communities inn the Levant 1838 to 1955, in overview, o and thee affairs of the Assyrian com mmunities 1880 too 1951, the Greekk Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Jacobite, Chaldean and Syriann Catholic communitiess, and Protestant communities in the Levant and Iraq, in particular, with furtheer detail about thee Maronite communitiess in the Levant 18841 to 1958, and Coptic Christian communitiess in the Levant annd Egypt 1917 to 1967. These volumes alsoo cover the Jeddah murders of 18558 and 1895, and the treatmennt of Armenians inn Turkey and the Levant, including thee Armenian massaacres during the First World War.

Since the end of the First World War thee former Ottomann Kurdisstan has been ad ministered by fivee sovereign states: Turkeyy, Iran, Iraq, Syriaa, and the formerr Soviet Union. Thhese originnal despatches, coorrespondence annd reports chart thhe mode rn history of the Kurds in the Midddle East, starting from the peeriod just after thhe First World War. In 1918 Kurdish hopess for an independdent Kurdistan proovided for by the Treaty of Sèvvres (1920) were quashed by the cconstitution of moodern Turkeyy, founded by Muustafa Kemal(Ataaturk), and by the divisioon of Kurdistan bbetween Turkey, SSyria and Iraq by tthe Frenchh and British, form malised in the Treeaty of Lausanne in 1923. The result has beeen almost a century of rebellion bby, and represssion of, the Kurddish communities.

Minoritiess in the Middle East: Mino orities in the Middle East:

Druze Communit C ties 1840– –1974

Mu uslim Mino orities in A Arab Cou untries 18 843–1973

4 volumes, 2000 pages; ISBN 97881840971651

These four voolumes consist off original politicall despatches, correspondence and reports, which w describe evvents affecting the Druzes of Syria and Lebannon from the timee of Ottoman rulee under Bashirr II, through the Turkish T rule of Lebbanon under the double kaimakamship, the 18860 massacre of the t Christians and the tensions in the afterm math that persisteed through to the o Lebanon by thee French and British during World occupation of War I. The doocuments also record the period of o the French Mandate, annd events leading up to the Druze Rebellion of 1925. The finnal volume trackss the history of the Druzes in the mid-twentietth century from thhe perspective of Anglo-French relations up to and during thee Second World War, W noting the power strugggles of the leading Druze families, and going on to describe the situation in the Jebel Druze, the Druze D position with regard to t Palestine and Israel, I and finally the position of the Druze coommunities withinn Israel.

4 volum mes, 2400 pages; ISSBN 97818409718004

Thesee four volumes, cooncerning Muslim m minority commuunities from 11843 to 1973, consist of contempoorary political despaatches, corresponddence and reportts composed by B British diplom mats, some of whhom were residennt in the country uunder debatte. The papers aree written very cleaarly from a Britishh perspeective but this auuthoritative voice of government aallows us an insight into high politics at a timee when the Britishh were inextrricably involved inn the governmentt of the Middle Eaast. What is also evident, iss the extent to which the position and treatm ment of minority ccultures is a centrral consideration in achievving peace and good governance. Perhaps inevitabbly the materrial concerning minorities is partial and unsatisfactoory in some ways; but taken together these voolumes provide a continnuity of evidence for how little hass changed from historrical to modern tim mes.

Minoritiess in the Middle East:

Jewish Communities in Arrab Countries1841–1 1974

Mino orities in the Middle East:

Religious Co ommunitie es in Jeru usalem18 843–1974

6 volumes, 3870 pages, ISBN 97881840971200

This group of six volumes covvers the arrangem ments and conditions foor Jewish communnities living under Islam throughout the t Arab world froom 1841–1974. The T first two volumes studdy the position off Jews during the Ottoman Empire in Syria, Lebaanon and Palestinne. Later volumess consider conditions inn Iraq, Kuwait, Yeemen, Egypt and the t Maghreb states: Moroocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Thhe documents reflect the accknowledged histtorical generalizattion that the

4 volum mes, 2090 pages; ISSBN 97818409712555

The doocuments exploree the treatment aand position of thhe diversse religious minorrities within Jerussalem and more generrally in Israel afterr 1948. Historicallly, relations betw ween Muslim ms and non-Muslims have varied according to poliitical eventss. Within the connfines of Jerusalem m and its environs the many different claims oof the main faithss to Islam, Judaissm and

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Officee, the Ministry of Fuel and Power, Prime Minister’s Office and thhe Treasury. Britissh records are naaturally dominatedd and inform med by the relatioons with the majoor domestic oil compaanies, BP and Sheell, through which many of the reccords tracin g OPEC’s activitiees were obtainedd.

Christianity to t parts of the city have exacerbatted the effects of the political climate. Furtherm more, struggles foor rights to minority worrship with in the State S have been diverted d as rivalries betw ween churches, paarticularly within the Christian church, havee divided congregations. This selecction of documents gives g an overview w of the interplay within and between the different faiths.

Palestine and Transjordan Adm ministratiion Reporrts 1918–1 1948

Neglected Arabiia / Arabia a Calling 1892–1962

16 voluumes, 11500 pagess; ISBN 97818520755576

Close reading of the m material collected here reveals thatt the Britishh Government co nsidered the adm ministration of Pallestine in greeat detail but ‘thee whole period waas be devilled by the incom mpatibility of the aaspirations of thee Jewish settlers aand the rightss of the Arab inhaabitants’. This is the essential reseaarch sourcee for information on British adminnistration in Palesstine and T ransjordan; on thhe continuous tennsions of the periood betweeen the Arab and Jewish populatioons; on civil disorrders and thhe eventual unwoorkability of the M Mandate. It consttitutes a colleection of British aadministrative repports and associaated docum ments, including eextensive materiaal hitherto unknow wn and unpubblished, such as the Mandate Repoorts for 1940 andd 1941. Otherr seminal documeents reproduced hhere are the seriess of pre-M Mandate reports oof1918–1923, thee Mandate and Deparrtmental Annual RReports from 19223 to 1947/8, the extenssive Survey of Palestine 1946/47and the final papeers coveriing the terminatioon of the Mandatte in1948. This collecction is the only reesearch source avvailable as an inteegral seriess.

8 volumes, 4600 pages, with phootographs and an inndex to all volumes;; ISBN 97818522071103

The completee run of the journnal of the Arabiann Mission of the Reformed Chhurch in America. The journals of the t Arabian Mission are much m more than the chronicle of Christian C missionary activity: over a 70--year period this publication is thee mirror of soccial, medical and educational e deveelopment in the Gulf States. Neglected Arabiaa (later called Araabia Calling) is an indispensable source for medical history in parrticular, with extensive infformation on the incidence of disease and methodss of treatmentt. An historical aspect of particularr interest is the developmentt of the relationshhip between the missionary m stations and the local commuunities, including direct d contacts with the rulinng Shaikhs, who behaved with greeat courtesy and tolerance.

Oil Con ncessions in Five Arrab States 1911–195 53 12 volumes, 7000 pages; ISBN 97781852072100

Palestine Bo oundaries 1833–194 47

Today the modern economiess and socio-politiccal structures of the Arab Gullf states are so doominated by the petro-chemical p industry thatt it is difficult to conceive c of a timee before oil. Oil Concessionss in Five Arab Stattes presents a doccumentary recordd of the negotiations between Arab A Gulf Rulers, the oil companies and the British govvernment, including the texts of the first landd based oil concesssion agreementss for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qattar, UAE and Omaan. It provides detailed evidence of the secret processes of neggotiation, the rivaalries, the personalitiess, the commercial and diplomatic considerations, c and the econnomic and politicaal transformationn of the Gulf states.

4 volum mes, including mapp box, 2500 pages; ISBN 97818520717752

With a preface by Proofessor J. Hurewiitz, Columbia Univeersity, New York The aiim of the presentt work is to providde, in a single souurce of refereence, copies of thoose historical doccuments that cumullatively defined thhe geographical aand political limitts of Palesttine up to the endd of the British M Mandate in 1947. TThe work is intended to esttablish an objectiive historical basee, taken from the recordss, for understandiing the evolution of the territoorial idea of Palesstine before the m modern era. The collecction is also intendded to demonstraate the extent and limits of res ponsibility, particcularly British andd French, for territtorial decisi ons, and the exteent of solid internnational agreement on the deelimitation of Paleestine boundariess in the past. Thee collecction is supportedd by a fourth volume containing fiffteen maps,, including the maap showing the bboundaries of Paleestine in thee French proposals of March and Juune 1920, the Sykkes– Picot line and the Meinnertzhagen line; aand the map show wing the booundary betweenn Syria and Palesttine, signed by Lt..-Col. Paulett for the French G Government in 19922and later remooved from tthe report on the boundary.

OPEC: Origins O an nd Strateg gy 1947– 1973 6 volumes, 4400 pages; ISBN 97881840970906

This collectioon of documents is a selection of official o British government records pertaininng to the creation of OPEC in 1960, and thhe activities of preecursor and relateed bodies and events from 1947. The volumes cover OPEC’s major m meetings from1960–1973, the reactions and evolving poolicy decisions onn the part of British officials, dipplomats and politticians at every level, as well as British interaction, co-operatioon and differences with w the United Sttates and the European Community, through the recoords of the Cabineet, the Foreign

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon the Guulf, in sections coovering each statee: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar,r, the Trucial Statees and Oman. Thee following policyy directtives of the Foreiggn Office to the Political Resident iin 1953 reflectted the changing British role – perrhaps more accurrately than w was realised: harm monise with US ppolicy; maintain ggood relatioons with Saudi Arrabia; resolve terrritorial disputes; encouurage co-operatioon among the Gullf States.

Persian n Gulf Adm ministration Reportts 1873–19 957 11 volumes, 7700 pages; ISBN 97781852070106

The bland offficial title “adminnistration reports” conceals the true value off the series, whichh is a mine of infoormation on the developmentt of the modern Gulf. G British officiaals appointed to the area in thhe nineteenth cenntury were often scholars of high repute and many m of their appended monograpphs have since become a vittal source for histtorians of the region. They range from S. B. Miles’ biographical sketches of the rulers r of Muscat and E. C. Rosss’ “Memoir on Nejd” N to notes onn the pearl industry, datte cultivation and fisheries which contain c information still sought after by regional plannners. As British involvement in the Arab Gulf states increased so did the range of material inncluded in the repports. Oil exploration is chronicledd from the early years of the tw wentieth century as a are the s and econom mic changes brouught about by its subsequent social discovery. Edducation, particularly in Bahrain, iss regularly reported on as well as develoopments in health and medical care.

The e Persian G Gulf Histo orical Sum mmaries 1 1907–1953 3 4 volum mes, including mapp box, 920 pages; ISSBN 97818520710559

The suummaries were pprepared in 1907, 1928 and 1953 aas Britishh government doccuments to provide a continuationn of Lorim er’s Gazetteer off the Persian Gulf, f, Oman & Central al Arabia ia up to the mid-tw wentieth centuryy. The summaries give both aan historical accoount and a politicaal assessment of events and p ersonalities in thee Gulf during andd after the two W World Wars. The object of thee compilations was to provide thee backgground to current problems in the Gulf States, and preceddents which, it w was hoped, might be of use in dealing with ffuture problems. TThe reports were once the indispeensable compaanions of British Foreign Office annd diplomatic stafff.

Persian n Gulf and d Red Sea Naval Reportts 1820–19 960

The e Persian G Gulf Pilott 1864–193 32

15 volumes, 11000 pages; ISBN 9781852074500 9

8 volum mes, 2600 pages; ISSBN 97818520718006

This publicattion establishes foor the first time a virtually complete serries of reports of British naval activvity in the waterss around the Arabian A peninsulaa during some 140 years. Extensive and painstaking ressearch was requirred to locate and organise thiss mass of informaation, much of it scarcely s known hitherto, on maritime and coaastal aspects of Arab A history. The naval reportss form a superb and a henceforth indispensable source work for research on difficult d subjects such s as piracy and the slavee trade. The Navaal Reports cover the t activities bothh of the Royal Navy and of the Indian Navy untill its dissolution inn 1863. The thhree original functtions of British maritime policy in Arabian waters are made mannifest in the Repoorts: while avoiding com mmitments on lannd among disputing tribal factions, the Navy sought thee suppression of maritime m aggression, the t expansion of peaceful trading and the exclusion of competition. Thee Reports make clear both the benevolent and a the harsher aspects of British naval n intervention in past times. Duuring the two Worrld Wars detailed operations reeports are submittted. In the 1950ss the changing circumstancees of the modern period are reflectted in successive assessments, including the re-organisation of the t Arabian Peninsula Coommand in 1960.

This s eries of guides too navigation was issued by the Admirralty, London, forr a range of marittime areas includiing the Red S ea, the Mediterraanean, and the Peersian Gulf. The PPersian Gulf PPilot provides a prrogressive surveyy of the Gulf coast vieweed from the seabooard side. Particular attention is paaid to navigaational hazards, iincluding weatheer, water depths aand islandds; the regular shiipping channels aare described andd in the later eeditions illustratioons of coastal proofiles and views oof particcular locations aree included. The doocumentary interrest of the Pi lots lies in their ddetailed descriptioons of coastlines and comm munities of 50 andd 100years ago, m most of which havve altereed beyond recognition. The Pilots ggo into great circum mstantial detail abbout local conditions of life as well as the geeography of the ccoastline and shippping features.

The e Persian G Gulf Préciis 1903–19 908 8 volum mes, 3200 pages; ISSBN 97818520700007

J.A. SSaldanha Alonggside Lorimer’s Ga Gazetteer, Saldanhha’s Persian Gulf Précis seriess stands as a sepaarate and unique,, but complementtary, sourcee of reference, inddispensable for aany serious study of the area. Over the period 11600 to 1853 eacch geographic areea is dealt with separately, ffrom Oman throuugh the Emirates, Bahraain, Qatar, Kuwaitt, parts of Saudi A Arabia, Iraq and aalong the Peersian coast to soouthern Iran. General subjects, including the arrms trade, slave ttrade, commerce and communications, naval affairs and internnational rivalry, aare included in suppleementary volumees.

The Perrsian Gulff Gazette and Supplements 1953–1972 6 volumes, 3900 pages; ISBN 97881852070908

The Persian Gulf G Gazette wass instituted as thee administration of British inteerests in the Gulff entered a new, and a final, phase of direct invoolvement in government. It provides a detailed research source for the study of commercial annd political life in

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Polittical Diaries o of the Arab W World:

The Perrsian Gulff Trade Re eports 1905–1940

Palestine and Jordan 1920–196 65 10 voluumes, 7860 pages; ISBN 97818520773358

8 volumes, 3250 pages; ISBN 97881852070502

The vaarious different tyypes of report gatthered together in this collecction capture in grreat detail the coonvulsions wroughht withinn the old land areea of Palestine byy the developmennts at the ennd of World War I, in particular thee Balfour Declaraation of 2 Novvember 1917; thee Anglo-French Deeclaration of 7 Novem mber1918 and thhe recommendatioons of the King–C Crane Comm mission of 28 Auggust 1919. Once fformulated, the iddea of a nationnal home for the Jewish people, crreated without prrejudice to thee civil and religiouus rights of non-Jewish communitiies, was im mpossible to conttain. The difficultty inherent in the realisaation of such an iidea is the subjecct of the forty-fivee years of histtory captured herre. After the creattion of Israel the volume of Brittish records diminnishes as the new w Government of David Ben G Gurion takes over the task of recorrding its own develoopment. Howeve r, the British annual reports for this later periodd remain invaluabble as a continuous historical comm mentary.

In the early years y of the centuury most of these annual trade reports weree edited and madee available to thee general public in the form of o parliamentary papers. p Certain isssues, however, were classifieed as confidential and were not made m available to the public evven in summary foorm, for example the pre-World War I Kuwaitt reports. Compleete sets such as thhis are, therefore,, extremely rare and form an esssential research tool for the study of the economic and social developmentt of the Gulf in the twentiethh century. There are a two volumes each for: Bahrain, Kuw wait, Muscat, andd Bushire.

Political Diaries D of the Arab World:

Aden 1899–1967 7 16 volumes, 13200 pages; ISBN 9781852077402 9

This 13,000 page p collection brings together for the first time the detailed reports on what was w happening inn the British controlled teerritories of Aden and its hinterlandd from the beginning off the twentieth ceentury to the end of British rule in November19967. It provides a unique guide to events as they happened onn a monthly, weekly, or even a daiily basis. The reports weree based on first-haand observations by British officials on the spot or on infoormation suppliedd by informers and travellerrs from the interioor. They covered not n only Aden and the Protectorate but the Imamate of the Yemen, Y the Tihama, and the Asir (now in Saudi Arabia). Thhis information was then siftted and analysed before being passsed on to the British authoorities in India or London and was the basis on which Britishh Policy in the Gulf was made.

Polittical Diaries o of the Arab W World:

Perrsian Gulf 1904–196 65 24 voluumes, 13000 pagess; ISBN 97818520777266

The poolitical diaries offfer a superb primary resource to historrians. These volum mes comprise thee periodical politiccal reportts and intelligencce summaries preppared by British ppolitical office rs stationed in Kuuwait, Bahrain, Q Qatar, Trucial States and Muscaat, as well as in BBushire, Bandar A Abbas and elsewhhere on the Peersian (Iranian) side of the Gulf. Thhe great value of the Diariees lies in their freqquency and their detail, creating a cumullative, consistentt and reliable historical record. Thee Diariees pass through a number of differrent formats and series over tthe years, but thee backbone of thee collection is the sequeence of Residencyy Diaries running tthrough most of the periodd. The local agentts’ reports have bbeen included whherever they hhave survived, forr example from K Kuwait, Bahrain, Q Qatar, Truciaal States and Musscat. The earlier reports contain exxtensive inform mation concerningg the Persian sidee. From around 19925 the growi ng importance off the Arabian sidee was reflected inn the separaate series of Arabb States Newslettters included heree.

Political Diaries D of the Arab World:

Iraq 19 920–1965 8 volumes, 5000 pages; ISBN 97881852078652

During the yeears covered by these diaries, the history of Iraq can be split into i three distinctt phases – firstly, until 1932, when it was under the mandaate administrationn of the United Kingdom; secondly, from indeependence in 19332 until the revolution inn July1958, when it was a monarchhy; and lastly, from July 1958 until1965, when there was a reepublican form off government..

Polittical Diaries o of the Arab W World:

Sau udi Arabia a: 1919–19 965

The beginninng of this collectioon in November 1920 1 is dictated by events – that t is, when the recently-arrived British High Commissioneer, Sir Percy Cox, began a series off Fortnightly Intelligence Reports R that was to continue uninterrupted until the end of 19932. The ending of o this collection in 1965 is an artificial one and is dictated by b the public acceessibility of British Goverrnment official doocuments. This puublication creates, for the t benefit of scholars, an orderly series of political reports for Irraq in a single 8-vvolume set.

6 volum mes, 2800 pages; ISSBN 97818520773003

This w work absorbs andd adds to a title prreviously publisheed by Archivve Editions – Thee Jedda Diaries 19919–1940. The tw wo additi onal volumes (5 and 6) bring the Diaries from 19199, when reports began, too 1965. The Diariies provide an on-thespot aaccount of local eevents in the detaailed and disciplinned formaat demanded by the British Foreignn Office, and coveer politiccal events in Sauddi Arabia, diplomatic analysis and interppretation, foreign relations, home aaffairs, civil adminnistration and devvelopment, tribal affairs, economicc affairss and local personnalities. The value of the Diaries lies also

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon in their frequuency and their deetail, creating a cumulative, c consistent annd reliable historical record.

1820––1906, detailed ddescriptions of Duubai from the nineeteenth centurry, tribal historiess going back to 1761, inter-Arab relatioons and relations with the USA annd with Iran, oil exploiitation and comm mercial activities, and civic and adminnistrative developpment up to 19600.

Record ds of Bahra ain 1820– –1960 8 volumes, inccluding map box, 52250 pages; ISBN 97781852073503

Reccords of the Emirattes 1820– 19660

Record ds of Bahra ain 1961– –1965 5 volumes, 3750 pages; ISBN 97881852077907

12 voluumes, including maaps, 8250 pages; ISBN 9781852072308

Record ds of Bahra ain 1966– –1971

Reccords of the Emirattes 1961– 19665

6 volumes, 4876 pages; ISBN 97881840971705

In this collection the documenntary evidence of history is selected and arranged from im mportant archival sources to provide a comprehensive introoduction to the origins o and developmentt of the State of Bahrain. B It includees documentation on boundary and a sovereignty issues including relations with Persia and Perssian claims, relations with Qatar, with particular reference to Zubarah and Hawaar, and relations with Saudi Arabia. A It also covers: important coontributions to the publishedd historical recordds on tribal moveements, regional rivalries, relaations with the Brritish, economic growth, g political developmentt, Al-Khalifah rulee and succession. The British records are of o particular intereest because the British B were in the unique position p of being at a the heart of goovernment in the Gulf states. They T administeredd Bahrain’s foreiggn and defence affairs througgh treaty relationns from as early as 1820 and despite a connvention acknowledging the indeppendence of Bahrain agreeed in 1913.For thhe years 1961 to 1971 the intention waas to compile all the pages relatingg to the history and development of Bahrain for f this period, thherefore the key events are coovered in greater detail than in thee earlier collection. Thhe events of 19611 to 1965 includee the death of Shaikh Salmaan bin Hamad, annd the successionn of Shaikh Isa bin Salman al a Khalifah. The yeears 1966-71 are of particular interest to reesearchers becausse of the intense political and diplomatic activity engendereed by the announccement of the British, in 19968, of their intenntion to withdraw w from the Gulf States by 19771.The three secttions of the Recorrds of Bahrain series combine to create a larrge collection whiich offers historical eviidence for the pollitical, economic and a social evolution of Bahrain. Such evvidence improves our understandinng of the modern political positionn of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. G

5 volum mes, 3000 pages; ISSBN 97818520776555

Reccords of the Emirattes 1966– 19771 6 volum mes, 4000 pages; ISSBN 97818520789004

This ppublication providdes facsimile copies of the key docum ments reflecting tthe development of the United Araab Emiraates from1820 to modern times. Thhe collection offers historrical evidence for the political, economic and social evoluttion of the seven Emirates. The filees include numerrous transl ations and Arabicc originals of corrrespondence withh the Sultanns. These sourcess are augmented bby the reports of semidiplom matic missions, m maps and narrativve descriptions of the Indiann Navy’s qualifiedd surveyors, who began charting the Gulf waterrs in 1820 and whhose work provided a vast body off new inform mation on the Gulf in the mid-19thh century. After 1947 archivval material on thhe Emirates is drawn largely from tthe Publicc Record Office inn London, in particular from its Em mbassy and CConsular files and its Foreign Officee records. These docum ments continue thhe economic storyy through oil conccession negottiations, prospecting rights and surveys up to the first oil strike in Abu Dhabi in 1958. They includde internal and exxternal frontieer negotiations and questions of island sovereigntyy; constiitutional and military developments; the Trucial Staates Counccil and the Trucial Oman Levies; m municipal development; bankinng; medicine; andd air travel. Thesee volumes establiish a compllete historical bacckground to the eevolution of the Emiraates from desert sshaikhdoms to thee modern federal union in197 1.

Reccords of the Hajj: th he Pilg grimage tto Mecca

Record ds of Duba ai 1761–19 960 8 volumes, witth map pocket 50000 pages; ISBN 9781852078454

10 voluumes with maps annd pilgrimage certifficates, 6000 pages;; ISBN97781852074302

The Dubai Municipality, M consccious of the special status of Dubai as an international com mmercial and finaancial centre requested Arrchive Editions to research and publish this originall project. Heree are eight volumes of primary doccuments relating to the origins, rise and develoopment of the cityy and emirate of Dubai, now one o of the leadingg commercial cenntres of the Arab world. Originnal papers from thhe British Governnment archives provide detailed accounts of affairs a of state annd events within the ruling fam mily, treaties appplicable to the Ruller of Dubai

The coontents of this puublication have, aalmost without excepption, been selecteed from primary ssources, such as tthe corresspondence of ruleers, diplomats andd leading authorities on Islamiic history and phiilosophy. On the oone hand there are extraccts from Varthema, Burckhardt, Richard Burton andd other travel lers; on the otherr, huge quantitiess of highly interessting despaatches and memooranda prepared bby diplomats and agents

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon sent to the area a to monitor evvents and promotte their Government’s interests. Of ouutstanding value are the lengthy comprehensiive Pilgrimage Reeports that were, until the 1950s, prepared annnually by British political p staff assisted by Muslims sent speciallyy to Mecca as observers. These haave been reproduced in their entirety. As A for the last thirrty years – the period in which such records are withheld from m view – the Editor has made careful selections from recentt publications and combineed them with meddia coverage incluuding the text of important brroadcasts from Riyadh and Tehran.

Reccords of Irraq 1914––1966 15 voluumes, 13700 pagess; ISBN 97818520788201

Recorrds of Iraq 1914–11966 makes available an extensive collecction of primary documents for thee study of the form mation and d evelopment of thhe modern state oof Iraq. The purpoose of this p ublication is to prrovide scholars, ddiplomatic personnnel and p olitical analysts w with a comprehennsive vision of Iraaqi history ry, based on the eevidence of autheentic papers from British Goverrnment archives. There is a huge aamount of material extantt and these 13,7000 pages represennt an expert selecction. A scheddule of documentss is given in each volume. Contem mporary reportts, comment and analysis are usedd to describe the princippal events of the period, includingg: the establishmeent of the m monarchy and the Iraqi constitutionn in the1920s; thee activitties and successioon of Kings Faisal I, Ghazi and Faisal II; the acctivities of the Reegent, ´Abd al-Illah; the numerous seizurres of control of the government aand successive cabbinets; the evvents leading to tthe 1958 overthroow of the royal faamily; the risse of the Ba´ath pparty. In addition there is much maaterial on thee influence of reggional factors, succh as the Arab-Isrrael conflicct, the Baghdad PPact of 1955 and the Suez Canal ddebacle of 19556. The volumes rreflect the progreess of internal develoopment, includingg civil administraation, transport, econoomics and petroleeum affairs. In particular there is inform mation on the treaatment of minoritties, including thee Assyriians, the Yezidis, Jews and, runninng throughout thee collecction, on the Kurddish question.

Record ds of the Hashimite H Dynastties 15 volumes, 10000 pages; ISBN 9781852075903 9

The story of the Hashimites dates back over foourteen hundred years to the lifetime of Hashim m, great-grandfatther of the A and grandfaather of Abbas, Prophet Muhhammad (d. 632 A.D.) the forerunner of the Abbasidd Caliphs. Most Muslims M accept this lineage and a it is this traditional consensuss that legitimized the ascendanncy of the Hashim mites in the Holy Land L for over six centuries, unntil their expulsionn by Ibn Saud in 1925. 1 This work is an encycloopaedia of authenntic historical documents, tracing in detail throough fifteen volum mes the destiny of o this most ancient and distinguished fam mily in the Middlee East. Records off the Hashimitte Dynasties conccentrates on the modern m period and providess the reader with a detailed study of the convergencee of Hashimite andd British interestss that led to the Arab Revolt during World Waar I and the establlishment of Hashimite ruule in Iraq, Jordann and, briefly, in Syria S following the defeat off Turkey. Many huundreds of docum ments are collected andd made public in this extensive woork, many of them previouusly hidden or scaattered in obscuree archives, some of great polittical importance and a all of historicc interest.

Reccords of Je erusalem 1917–197 71 9 volum mes, c. 6000 pagess, including map boox; ISBN 97818409770050

Takingg the history of Jeerusalem from poost-Ottoman conttrol this study provides a detailled account of thee most interestingg and anciennt of cities over thhe course of the ttwentieth centuryy and duringg, arguably, its m most turbulent perriod. Although it iis imposssible to disentanngle such material entirely, an atteempt has beeen made to provvide research resoources specific to Jerusaalem and excludee material relatingg to Palestine in generral. After 1917 argguments over thee administration oof the city annd the Holy Placees involve not only the Jewish, Chrristian and Isslamic faiths per sse, but there is allso frequent internal dissennt, and the historical record providdes evidence of isssues betweeen Latin, Greek, Ethiopian, Armennian and Russian Orthoodox; of concern ffrom the Vatican about their religious orderss and the electionn of patriarchs; annd of mutual oppposition betweeen Islamic and Jeewish religious practices. In response to the arrguments the doccuments describe various attemptss to ensuree the protection oof Jerusalem, succh as through its “interrnationalisation” or the creation oof a trusteeship. FFrom these despatches the hhistoric picture off life in the city caan be reconsstructed, with its political and religious tensions, and its social problems of povverty, health and w water supply.

Record ds of the Hijaz H 1798–1925 8 volumes, 5000 pages; ISBN 97881852076559

This important regional studyy provides historiccal research materials on the Hijaz provincce before its incorrporation into the modern Saudi S Kingdom. This T work is thereefore an essential complement to companion works on Saudi andd Hashimite history. Recoords of the Hijaz addresses a aspectss of Ottoman rule, Turkish– –Arab relations, administration a unnder Egyptian occupation, and a power strugggles within the Haashimite family. Political, com mmercial, regionaal and tribal affairrs are all covered and there is extensive materiaal on the main citties of Jeddah, Yenbo, Meccca and Medina. The work uses hithherto littleknown recorrds from the ninetteenth century, inncluding recently released inteelligence reports on o the activities of o the Sharif of Mecca in thee 1880s. Records of the Hijaz estabblishes a firm research base for a turbulent and uncertain peeriod of Hijazi history.

Reccords of Jo ordan 191 19–1965 14 voluumes, 10000 pagess; ISBN 97818520766450

This s ignificant document collection desscribes in detail the creatioon and developm ment of today’s Haashimite Kingdom m of

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Jordan. The earliest e documents relate to the British Mandate too administer what w was termed Transjordan, and the problems of establishing the boundaries of o Transjordan, in particular the tensions betw ween Ibn Saud annd King Abdullah over Ibn Saud’s claims to Aqaba and Ma’an. Detailed D records are a included on the effect of the refugee popuulation on politicaal stability and on the impacct that Jordan’s reelatively moderatte position visàvis Israel haad on her relationns both within her own populationn and with pow werful neighbour states. The accesssion of King Hussein and key events such as the creation off the United Arabb Republic andd the fall of the monarchy m in Iraq inn 1958 are crucial to thee understanding of o the political poosition in which Jordan standds today and give this publication topical t relevance to the continnuing Middle Eastt peace process.

insighhts into all aspectts of Kuwaiti life including oil negottiations, Islamic aaffairs, labour movements and bouundary questiions. The collectioon includes previously unpublished letterss in Arabic, with ttranslations, from m former rulers off Kuwa it. Since the origiinal set of Recordds of Kuwait, ten more years of documentation have become ppublicly available and additi onal volumes havve been compiledd to 1971. These include docum ments describing the foundation oof the National Asssembly and thhe new processess of government; the role of the Prrime Ministter and the changging role of the A Amir; the emergennce of a radicaal ‘opposition’ to the government; and Kuwait’s pioneeering work through the Arab Fundd for Economic Devel opment.

Reccords of O Oman 1867 7–1960

Record ds of the Kurds: K Terrritory, Revolt and Natio onalism, 1831– 1 1979

2 volum mes, including mapp box, 7500 pages; ISBN 97818520712202

Editorr: R. Bailey, CMG G

Reccords of O Oman 1961 1–1965

13 volumes, 9000 pages including map box; ISBN 97781840973259

5 volum mes, 3500 pages; ISSBN 97818520776000

These nine thhousand pages off facsimile docum ments trace early insurgencies directed by the Kurdish K people aggainst regional and metropoolitan powers, andd their interrelatioons with neighbouringg tribes and otherr ethnic groups att historical flash points, from the origins of nattionalist sentimennts through a series of dispparate revolts in the t nineteenth century, and then on to a largeer, more cohesive and discernible nationalist n movement laaunched in the afftermath of Worldd War I. They concomitantly depict the exteent of territories pertaining p to the Kurdish ‘hom meland’, the use of o the term ‘Kurdiistan’ generally refers to an agreed a geographical area, not to a legal or political entity. Kurdish populated territory evoolved over the nineteenth and a twentieth cennturies, with somee regions becoming enntrenched, others subject to constaant flux. The mapp box providess illustrations of the changing territory, or those sections subjject to alterationss and contestation.

Reccords of O Oman 1966 6–1971 6 volum mes, 4200 pages; ISSBN 97818409704001

This iss the definitive doocument collectioon on the history of the Sultannate. Until the miid-twentieth centtury, the Sultanatee of Omann was largely unkknown to the outsside world. Only tthe town of Muscat had reegular links with oother countries and it was ooften cut off from its own hinterlannd by internal unrrest. The B ritish Consul wass the link betweenn the reigning Sultan and thhe British authorities, and they meet frequently and exchaanged letters on aall manner of subjjects. For these particcular historical reaasons, the records of the British poolitical office rs remain virtually the sole sourcee of continuous inform mation on the moodern developmennt of the Sultanatte. Thesee letters are in Araabic until the reiggn of Saiyid Said bbin Taimuur (1932–1970). A All the Arabic texxts are accompaniied by contem mporary English ttranslations. The years 1961–19655 saw a politiccal struggle take over from the arm med conflict of thhe 1950ss, and the Imamaate took their claim ms of oppressive goverrnment and allegeed public hostilityy to Sultan Said bbin Taimuur to the United N Nations. By 1965 a UN resolution w was formeed which recommended “the elimiination of British dominnation in any form m”. The period 19966–1971 is of particcular interest becaause of the coup d’état that saw the depossition of Sultan Saaid bin Taimur annd the accession oof his son Suultan Qabus bin SSaid. This collection of documents quite clearlyy reveals that eveen in his first twoo years of governm ment, Shaikhh Qabus was deteermined to createe a modern Arab state in placce of what he had regarded as an insular and reacttionary régim e.

Record ds of Kuwa ait 1899–1 1961 8 volumes inclluding map box, 50000 pages; ISBN 97881852072001

Record ds of Kuwa ait 1961–1 1965 6 volumes, 3200 pages; ISBN 97881852077754

Record ds of Kuwa ait 1966–1 1971 6 volumes, 4200 pages; ISBN 97881840970159

Installed in an a imposing Agenncy overlooking Kuwait K harbour, Britain’s Political Agents, earlier this century, were w conspicuouss figures – ostensible friends off the shaikhs and notables, but strangers and ‘infidels’ to most Kuwaitis. Theirr correspondence and reports form f an impressivve memorial and perform a new function, in the t absence or unnavailability of relevant Arab records, in helping to understtand Kuwait’s nattional developmentt and internationaal relations. Taken together these documents– reports, letters, memorabilia, m perssonality profiles, reports and diplomatic d correspondence – offerr invaluable

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon Record ds of the Persian P Gu ulf Pearl Fisherie es 1857–1962

Reccords of S Saudi Arab bia 1902– 19660

4 volumes, inccluding map box, 20000 pages; ISBN 97781852076054

10 voluumes, including maaps, 5200 pages; ISBN 9781852073251

The pearling fleets centered around a Bahrain, Kuwait, K Muscat and the Truccial States were thhe great traditional industry in thee Persian Gulf.. Their rise and faall over the nineteeenth and twentieth centuries is exploreed in one of the most m interesting h This colleection focuses on historical collections on Gulf history. the hundred years between thhe mid-nineteenthh and midtwentieth centuries, when thee traditional pearling industry reached its peak p and began itts abrupt decline. The documents show clearly the impact of thee twentieth centuury on pearling: the more luccrative arms traffic, the introductioon of cultured pearls, the thhreat of mechanissed diving, a Govvernment of India ban on pearl imports in 1947– –1948, and, from m the late 1940s, alternative work w in the oil inddustry.

Reccords of S Saudi Arab bia 1961– 19665 6 volum mes, 3500 pages; ISSBN 97818520777009

Reccords of S Saudi Arab bia 1966– 19771 6 volum mes, 5000 pages; ISSBN 97818409708552

The o rigins of Saudi poower are illustrateed by selections ffrom early EEuropean accounnts of the Wahhabbi religious reform m movem ment in the eightteenth century, doocuments on the politiccal development oof the Saudi dynaasty and official B British summ maries of events inn Najd and Al Hassa in the nineteennth centurry. The volumes ttrace the evolutioon and developmeent of the Saaudi state from thhe momentous reeconquest of Riyadh in 1902 by Abd al-Aziz, A Amir of Najd, throough the strugglee for suprem macy in Najdand Al Hasa in the eaarly years of the centurry, to the conqueest of the Hijaz in the 1920s and thhe formaal proclamation off the Kingdom off Saudi Arabia in 11932. Regioonal relations withh Kuwait and the Gulf States, withh the mand ated territories of Iraq and Transjoordan and with thhe southeern neighbouringg states of Yemenn and Asir are alsoo includded. The period 19961 to 1965 incluudes details of the illnesss of King Saud, hiis power strugglee with Prince Faisaal and the evventual accessionn of King Faisal; thhe death of Yusuf Yasin; bounddary disputes inclluding those at Buraimi, Khor al-O Odaid and thhe boundary withh Yemen, sometim mes exacerbated by the dema nds of the oil inddustry; the interveention of the Unitted Nationns in the Buraimi dispute; Saudi–JJordan defence annd econoomic agreements;; UAR aggression against Saudi Arrabia, particcularly the poor reelations between Cairo and Riyadhh. The eventss of the period 19966 to 1971 reveal a tumultuous pperiod in thee history of Saudi Arabia: the exile of King Saud; thee war with YYemen over Asir aand other disputeed territories; the conceerns for security e ngendered simulttaneously by agggression from tthe United Arab RRepublic in suppoort of Yemeni insuurgents and frrom the Arab–Israaeli War of 1967;; unresolved territtorial contessts with other Guulf states; and inccreasingly compleex negottiations over petrooleum rights throough OPEC.

Record ds of Qatar 1820–19 960 8 volumes, inccluding map box, 45500 pages; ISBN 97781852073008

Record ds of Qatar 1961–19 965 5 volumes, 3170 pages; ISBN 97881852077808

Record ds of Qatar 1966–19 971 4 volumes, 3400 pages; ISBN 97881840971750

This collectioon makes available the most important documents and maps for the history of Qatar from 1820 too modern times. The documennts are selected from British politiccal archives and are facsimilees of the contempporary reports, letters and memoranda written by Britishh political represeentatives in the Gulf. The filees include numeroous translations and a Arabic originals of letters from the Shaikhs. The recorrds show how thee turbulence of the nineteenth century, with Qattar at the mercy of tribal migrations and invassion and occupation by the Wahhabis annd the Turks, is reeplaced in the earrly twentieth century by inncreasing stabilityy and territorial inntegrity, permitting thhe administrative development of the modern state. Includeed in the collectioon for 1820–19600 are historic maps. Some important themees run through thee collection for1961-1965 including the disagreement overr the succession; mounting finnancial difficultiess; internal pressurre for reform of the administration; issues aroound the creation of an Advisory Council undeer the chairmanshhip of the Ruler; territorial t disagreemennts and problems of internal securiity. The collectionn covering 19666–1971 saw the end of Qatar’s1550 years as a British Protecctorate and its em mergence as an inndependent sovereign staate. It also detailss the coup d’étatt of1972 in which Sheikh Khaliffah bin Hamad all-Thani deposed his h cousin Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali A al-Thani; negotiations with Abuu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain B centering on land and sea boundary disputes; devvelopments in thee petroleum indusstry and the associated development of a more modern urbban infrastructuree.

Reccords of S Syria 1918 8–1973 15 voluumes, 12000 pagess; ISBN 97818409711408

With a Preface by Dr Patrick Seale Recorrds of Syria is a coollection of docum ments researchedd from the Brritish National Arrchives, covering tthe modern periood. It includdes documents regarding: issues arising from the propoosed Sykes–Picot Agreement, 19166; the seizure of Damaascus from the Turks in 1918; Arabb government andd King Feisal ; French occupatiion, the French M Mandate and the strugggle for self-governnment; Druze rebbellion 1925/26; the propoosed Franco-Syrian Treaty, 1936, aand the failure of the

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon French to rattify it; the Free Freench and General de Gaulle; the French imprisonment of the Syrian S Governmennt, 1943; the bombardmennt of Damascus and the final break with the French; Independence in 19466 and the ensuingg political instability; Michel M Aflaq, Salah al-Din Bitar andd the creation of the Ba’th party; Antun Sa’adaa, executed in19449, and the Parti Populaire Syyrien; reactions to the war with Israael, 1948, including thee coup bringing Colonel C Husni Zaim m to power; the rise of the Baa’th Party and union with Egypt inn1958; Communism and relations with Russia; the Araab–Israeli War, 1967; the strruggle for power between the Ba’tth and the progressives 1968–1971; the final coup d’étatt which brought Hafiz al-Asadd to power.

Gulf SStates, Jordan andd Saudi Arabia. TThe volumes preseent a cohereent background ddetailing treaties,, correspondence and agree ments explainingg the origins, com mposition and the nature of thee régimes currentlly in power. The ffamous names coovered in thee volumes includee the House of Sauud, the Hashimitee royal famili es of Jordan and Iraq, the Al-Sabaah of Kuwait, the AlKhaliffah of Bahrain, thhe Al Bu Said of O Oman and the Al-TThani of Qattar. In the UAE thhe Al-Nihayyan, the Al-Maktum, thhe AlQasim mi, and the dynasttic affairs of the sshaikhdoms of Ajjman, Fujairaah and Umm al-Q Qawain are exam mined. Included arre key docum ments illustrating the role of Kuwaait´s ruling family,, AlSabahh, and the backgrround to the Iraq invasion of Kuwaait in 1990. There is extensivve coverage of the Hashimite Royaal Housee of Jordan and hhistorical aspects of the Palestine probleem. Much of the documentation iss made up of memooranda on ruling ffamily affairs; genealogical tables; confiddential profiles annd biographical data on emirs, shaaikhs, kings and sultans; andd Arabic originals of letters since thhe eighteeenth century butt there are also reeports on the poliicies of the ruuling families regaarding dissident Islamic groups annd popul ar demands for ppolitical reform.

Record ds of Yeme en 1798–1 1960 16 volumes including map box, 12000 pages, prints and photographs; ISBN 97818522073701

Editors: D. Inngrams; L. Ingrams Five years off research, including privileged acccess to ancient and fragile archives a now closeed to public view w, make it likely that this pubblication will remaain unrivalled as the t definitive source work for the history off Yemen. The worrk provides scholars, adm ministrators and diplomats d with ann extensive reference collection of primarry documents on political p and social develoopment. Early volumes reveal the legendary fascination of o ‘Arabia Felix’, the t later volumes show the political instaability after Worldd War II that wass to lead to the departure of the British in 19667.For much of thhe modern periodd ment of the the volumes provide evidencee for the developm t north, the Aden Colony and Prrotectorate in the Imamate in the south, the im mpact of the Britissh and Ottoman empires, e and the complex poliitical relations between Sana‘a and Aden. The documents trace the ferment of conflict and shhifting allegiances between b the tribees. Negotiations, treaties t on boundary afffairs and Saudi–Y Yemeni flashpointts of the twentieth century are examined in detail.

Sau udi Arabia a: Secret IIntelligence Reccords 1926 6–1939 8 volum mes, 6300 pages; ISSBN 97818409702558

This eeight volume set iis taken from a reecord class of Foreeign Officee counter-intelligeence files more reecently released bby the Britishh Government. It gives superb insiight into the day--to-day runninng of the modernn Saudi state undeer its founder King Abdull Aziz ibn Saud inn his most excitingg period of rule. TThe docum ments themselvess are a combinatioon of British secret memooranda and Britishh military intercepts of internal Saaudi Arabiaan telegraphic coommunications suuch as those betw ween King A Abdul Aziz and hiis commanders inn the field. Such ddirect corresspondence from KKing Abdul Aziz too his most trustedd personnnel has previoussly rarely been seeen.

Ruling Families of o Arabia: Documentary Re ecords of the Dynastties of Sau udi Arabia a, Jordan, Kuwaitt, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE U and Oman

The e Saudi Grreen Book k 1934; Relations be etween Sa audi Arabiia and d the Yem men 1 volum me, 500 pages; ISBBN 9781852073237. Contains Arabic aand Englishh text.

12 volumes, inncluding box of fam mily trees, 7500 pages; ISBN 9781852073107

This eedition makes avaailable the originaal Arabic text of tthe famouus so-called Sauddi Green Book issuued by the Saudi Goverrnment in April 19934, regarding reelations and confllict betweeen Saudi Arabia and Yemen, folloowed by the English transl ation prepared att the British Legaation at Jeddah in the19930s. This is a keyy document for historical study of relatioons between Ibn Saud and the Imaam Yahya, and off tribal and teerritorial claims inn the Tihama andd Najran regions.

Editor: A. Ruush Despite curreent political intriggue and unrest, thhe Arab ruling families conttinue to dominatee the financial and social régimes in the Gulf States and Arabia.. By retaining de facto f control over the oil revenues r of their respective states, they exert a pivotal force int he politics of international trade and the workings of the world’s moneey markets. This publication p contains tweelve volumes of previously unpublished despatches,, diplomatic coorrespondence annd political reportts concerning thee origins, evoluution and legitimacy of the dynastties ruling in the

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon The Sla ave Trade into Arab bia 1820– 1973

Surrvey of We estern Pa alestine 18 882– 18888

9 volumes, 7000 pages; ISBN 97881840971309

10 voluumes, 3760 pages w with colour plates, and 3 map boxes inncluding 50archhaeological plates aand 26 maps; ISBN 9781852078355

Historical analysis of slavery and a the slave tradde is extensive for the trafficc from the west coast c of Africa to North, Central and South America, and recenntly some publicaations have addressed ‘Isslamic slavery,’ esspecially its social history, as well as aspects off the trade as it affected the Ottom man Empire. However, theese monographs do not analyse inn any detail the sea trade tow wards the Arabiann littoral. One reaason for lack of analysis of thhe Arabian trade may be because there is no singlee large commuunity of slave descendants in the foormer Ottoman Middle East, as there is in thee United States annd the Caribbean. In tracing thee massive effort made m to stop the sea trade, it is hoped that this collection of documents d will allso convey the scale of the diaspora d out of east Africa. These nine volumes contain the original o political despatches, d correspondence and systematic naval reports whicch relate meetings with Sultans and chieftainns, interviews witth captured slave dealers, informants and a freed slaves; correspondence c between b British officials, andd with their Ottom man, Egyptian, Freench, Italian and Arab counterrparts; firmans froom the Sublime Porte; P bilateral and multinattional conventionns and treaties, which little by little began to t lay down an aggreed international framework aimed initially at modifying, then t gradually containing, and eventually, only o after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, E aiming att total suppresssion of the slave trade.

In asssociation with thhe Palestine Expl ploration Fund One oof the great standdard works of refeerence for Middlee East studiees this comprehennsive work was thhe first detailed ssurvey of thee area that used tto be known as W Western Palestine:: the wholee country west of the Jordan from Tyre in the north to Beershheba in the southh was submitted tto the surveyors’ scrutinny – every town, village, saint’s toomb, sacred tree, and heap oof stones was meeticulously recordded. The area survveyed in thee 1870s includes m modern day Israel, the southernmoost part of Lebbanon and Jordann as far as the Rivver Jordan. The Islamic archaeeology of Jerusalem and the countryside is also meticuulously surveyed.. Ruined cities, buuildings, tombs, aand intereesting sites were aall excavated, draawn, or photographed: place names, geologicaal and natural hisstory specimens, as well were as anttiquities, were coollected, and castss of inscriptions w made . The 50 black annd white printed pplates created to record these finds are includeed in this collectioon. The survey covvered 6000 square miles andd included a set of 26highly detaileed maps of great historicaal significance – indeed, in the areeas unaffeected by modern development theey are still valid. TThis editio n encompasses the original maps and plates, and tthe nine ttext volumes. Thee Survey was intended to include aat a later ddate Eastern, Souuthern and Northeern Palestine. In ffact only oone volume on Eaastern Palestine w was published, annd has been included here.

Survey y of the Sh hores and Islands of the Persian P Gulf 1820–1829

Tre eaties and d Engagem ments Relating to A Arabia and the Persian Gullf

1 text volume and 4 map boxes; ISBN 97818520719905

Advisor: Dr A. Cook Edited by A. S. Cook, Map Arcchivist at The Brittish Library: Oriental & Inndia Office Collecttions, this work reproduces the first complette survey of the Gulf G coast, carried out by the Bombay Marrine in the 1820s.. The survey compprises contemporarry textual descripttions, maritime charts, harbour maps and haand painted water-colour coastal views. v The text and the harbbour plans providee the first British portrayal of coastal settleements including Muscat, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiw wain, Dubai, AbuDhabi, Doha, Bahhrain, Kuwait, etc. The colleection includes 200paintings in wattercolour of the Coast of Oman and the Truciaal States painted by Lt. Houghton from on board ship during thee survey. Previouss surveys were incomplete, omitting much off the Arabian coast; later surveys were partial revisions. The texxt volume includees a contemporarry account of the survey; a plan for conducting the survey; sailinng directions for the t Gulf,1836; and other contemporarry descriptions of navigation, the islands and the coastal settleements. The four map boxes contaain54 charts and views. The chharts have been reprinted r as faithffully as possible to their original size and colours.

1 volum me, 350 pages; ISBBN 9781852070762

Comppiled by C. U. Aittchison Treatities and Engageme ments, or ‘Aitchison XI’, must be counted along side Lorimer’s Gaazetteer and the PPersian Gulf Histo torical Summ maries, among thee small number oof standard reference workss on the history of the Persian Gulff .The attractionss and value of Aitchison’s woork are several. TThe original docum ments cited ggo beyond the foormal treaties draw wn up by the Brittish Goverrnment, and incluude numerous undertakings made by local RRulers, many beinng translated from m the Arabic. Aitcchison prefacces each section w with an historicall essay on events,, causees and inter-relatioonships which the subsequent treaaties and u ndertakings refleect.

Turrkey and h her Arab Neiighbours1 1953–1958 8 1 volum me, 250 pages; ISBBN 97818520784166

Dr A. Sanjian Unlikee most of Cambridge Archive Editiions’ collections tthis work is an academic m monograph and iss the only major

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Cambridgge Archive Edditions: Nearr & Middle East E Collectioon published stuudy in English of Turkish–Arab dipplomatic and political relattions following World W War II. This study traces Turkey’s relaations with her Arrab neighbours, Syria and Iraq, and to a lessser extent with Leebanon, Jordan annd Egypt, during the period off the formulation and eventual collapse of the Baghdad Pacct. The study show ws that Turkey reepeatedly attempted too improve her relaations with the Arab world after 1945, in the search for securitty against the perrceived Soviet threat, and as a such reveals thhe correlation betw ween the Cold War concerns of the Great Poowers and the nattional policies of the Middle East E states.

resourrces of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, thee Trucial States aand Omann. Material has alsso been included on the Jeddah w water schem me in Saudi Arabiaa. A great bulk off the material relaates to the in tense period of pprospecting for waater in the 1950ss, particcularly in the Truccial States, but alsso in Doha and M Muscat, and too the political issuues of the 1950s of Kuwait derivinng waterr from the Shatt aal-‘Arab and the qquestion of her depenndence on Iraq.

US Pressidential Papers P co oncerning Saudi Arabia A 194 41–1962

10 voluumes, 8000 pages; ISBN 97818409705500

The e Zionist M Movement and the Fou undation o of Israel 1 1839–1972 2 Thesee ten volumes draaw together docum ments found in thhe Britishh National Archivves to trace the orrigins and development of thee Zionist movemeent in the nineteennth and twentiethh centurries, with specificc reference to thee idea, and eventuually the gooal, of establishinng a Jewish homeeland. Material is relativvely sparse in thee nineteenth centuury and volume 1 is ratherr an historical vollume covering thee rise of Zionism, includding the work of TTheodor Herzl and the first Zionistt Congrress at Basle, endding in 1916 with the fall of the Otttoman Empirre. The bulk of thee material, volum mes 2 to 8, relatess to the years 1916-1948 whenn the Zionist debaate raged, the movem ment became facctionalised, split, and eventually, ppartly becauuse of events surrrounding World W War II, achieved itts goal of thee creation of Israeel. Volume 10, likee volume 1 rangees over a greaater number of yeears in less detail,, covering the perriod after tthe creation of Isrrael in 1948 to thhe most recent releases by thee British governm ment from 1972, w when the main quuestion for Zioonism, perhaps, w was whether it still had a role to pplay beyonnd the inception oof the State.

1 volume, 4000 pages; ISBN 97818852076658

This collectioon contains US State Department papers p on Saudi Arabia from the 1940s, 1950ss and 1960s draw wn from the National Seccurity files and thee private presidenntial office files of Presidentss Roosevelt, Trum man, Eisenhower and a Kennedy. These docum ments are particularly interesting as they represent direct corresppondence betweeen heads of state and although some are heaavily censored it is i possible to disccern different styles of leaddership beneath the t layers of protoocol.

US Records on Saudi Affa airs 1945– 1959 8 volumes, 6000 pages; ISBN 97881852076702

These volumes are prepared from f confidential US State Department central files, from m records of the Jooint Chiefs of Staff and from other US Goveernment archives in Washington DC, and in soome places remaiin censored. The period of coverage traces defence deveelopment post-Woorld War II and the close straategic relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US in the lighht of American innterests in the Midddle East up to1959. This period covers thee Suez crisis and the creation of A Republic, detteriorating US relaations with Iraq the United Arab and Egypt esspecially over Israael and sees somee of the most exciting diploomatic activity off the last century.US records are off particular im mportance in the liight of the renew wed instability in the Middle East E and the speciial relationship thhat Saudi Arabia has traditionnally had with thee USA. This publiccation provides an importantt historical recordd seen from the American A diplomatic viewpoint and represents a useful counterbalance c to material drawing d on Britishh views of strateggic issues in the Middle East.

Water Resourcess in the Arabian Peninsu ula 1921–1960 2 volumes, 1000 pages; ISBN 97881852077952

The discoverry and developmeent of local water resources is an important theme in the historry of Arab states. These volumes draw togetheer the surviving historical h records on the water

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