Stefan Hoppe Vice President OPC Foundation - Member OPC Board [email protected]  Vision secure, reliable, multi-vendor, multi-platfor...

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Stefan Hoppe Vice President OPC Foundation - Member OPC Board [email protected]

Vision secure, reliable, multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi domain interoperability from sensor to enterprise

International ◦ Companies from Automation & IT ◦ International standard IEC62541 OPC China Beijing

OPC Korea 2017

OPC Europe Germany

OPC Japan

OPC Foundation

Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Scottsdale, Arizona

OPC India 2017

International board – democratic elections by members every year ◦ Companies from Automation & IT ◦ All over the world Japan

North America


Matt Vasey Director of IoT Business Development, Microsoft


The key markets for OPC technology include

• • • • •

Industrial Automation Building Automation Embedded Devices Energy Management (Smart Grid) Manufacturing Enterprise Management • M2M • Cloud-based Computing


IIoT connectivity is not enough! It does not provide Interoperability! Cloud A

No Interoperability!

Cloud B

Agent A

Agent B

PC Agent

Agent B


No Interoperability! Agent A

Agent Agent B

Agent A



Agent A Agent B


OPC UA is an information centric layered architecture  Secure Information Models:  Platform Independent - DA = Data Access Live Data  Scalable - AC = Alarm & Condition  Vendor Interoperability - HA= Historical Access  Object Oriented - Prog= Statemachines OPC UA is much more than a protocol Built-in Information Models Base, DA, AC, HA, Prog, DI

OPC UA Meta Model Basic rules for exposing information with OPC UA

OPC Foundation collaborations with organizations and domain experts  OPC UA defines HOW  Domain experts define WHAT Companion Information Models PLCopen, ADI, FDI, FDT, BACnet, MDIS, ISA95, AutomationML, MTConnect, AutoID, VDW, IEC 61850/61400, ODVA/Sercos and more coming

Built-in Information Models OPC UA Meta Model

OPC UA Client/Server Communication Model  Client friendly API to access information in the server Client/Server

Vendor Specific Extensions

Services Browse Read / Write Method Calls Subscriptions

Companion Information Models

Built-in Information Models Protocols UA Binary TCP HTTPS / UA Binary Webservices

OPC UA Meta Model

OPC-UA: New Generation OPC  Definition 2003 – 2006  Verification and Implementation 2006 – 2008  Final OPC Foundation Release 2009  IEC 62541 Release 2010 – 2011 

OPC UA = established OPC features + Platform independence + Standard internet and IP based protocols + Built in security features + Generic object model + Extensible type system + Scalability through profiles + Migration path from Classic OPC

Secure and Reliable

International ◦ Organization: 437 members worldwide – 216 in Europe ◦ Specification: OPC-UA is IEC62541

Scalable: From Sensor to Cloud Modelling data and interfaces plus access rights

Independent ◦ Vendor / OS platform / Language / Domain

Transport: Multiple options – extendable! ◦ TCP / HTTP / UDP / AMQP / ….MQTT / …. ? (TSN)

Specifications IEC62541 Public available

Code Stacks C# / Java / (AnsiC coming) open source now License: for Members: RCL / for non Members: GPLv2

Developer tools for members only Helpfully to speed up implementation and tests





OPC Foundation




OPC UA listed


Today 3 testbeds with integrated OPC UA -

OPC Foundation

OPC UA + TSN in Manufacturing OPC UA Sensor in Brownfield environment OPC UA and AutomationML for factory

German Industrie 4.0 recommends OPC UA http://www.zvei.org/Downloads/Automation/5305 Publikation GMA Status Report ZVEI Reference Architecture Model.pdf

OPC Foundation

Who: Federal Office for Information Security (German Government BSI) Why: Because of relevance of OPC UA for German Industry What: Security Evaluation of OPC-UA – finalized March 2016 - Analysis of specification / Analysis of Reference Implementation Result: Available on BSI web and OPC web

OPC Foundation


“An extensive analysis of the security functions in the specification of OPC UA confirmed that OPC UA was designed with a focus on security and does not contain systematic security vulnerabilities.”

TC124 has held first OPC UA GB certification working group meeting in October 2016

The first OPC UA related standard will be released: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

20090699-T-60 20090700-T-60 20090701-T-60 20090702-T-604

Part 1: Overview and Concepts Part 2: Security Model Part 3: Address Space Model Part 4: Services

OPC China will fully cooperate with TC124 and drive to release this standard before the end of 2016.

OPC Foundation

Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) : Transport Security Access rights

OEM Models




OS + Real time


Standardized Models

Customer Models

 Device / machine provides  Services requires Information-Modeling Type and Data consistency

 Discovery of Services Monitoring

 Standardized Access Generic Clients can interact Support  Interoperability  IT-Security: Rolls of access per user

New Automation Technology


Gateway Solution

ML Stream Analytics C-Labs Factory-Relay

Protocols like




Motion -


PC based controllers allows Integration of IoT solution into controller -

OPC-UA IEC61400-25 Modbus TCP

One device: Highly integrated Directly: PLC code can initiate push of data on demand Save extra hardware costs Minimize components to be configured


Gateways allows multiple protocol extensions

- Multiple protocols out of one box - Easy „IoT enabler“ for existing environments - Connect one or multiple devices to cloudT - Independend from machine status: Not influencing process BUT: No „end to end security“


Direct connection between machines and higher level systems (i.e., ERP, MES, SCADA or SAP), with the integrated OPC UA server

Variety of supported PLCs: Siemens SIMATIC S7 and S5, Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers with Modbus TCP and RTU (Wago, Beckhoff, Phoenix, Schneider, etc.), Mitsubishi (Melsec-Q), etc.

Network separation by physically independent ports

Easy configuration: Symbol import for Siemens and Rockwell PLC, without PLC engineering, online-diagnostic for PLC trouble-shooting

Emerson Process Management ◦ Machinery Health™ Protection System (CSI 6500 ATG) native OPC UA Support integrated

11 Siemens products with integrated OPC UA -


SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC Family https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/434 SIMATIC S7-400 with OPC UA CP (CP 443-1 OPC UA) https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/444 RFID Reader SIMATIC RF600 https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/449 SINUMERIK CNC control systems https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/450 SIMOTION IT https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/199 SINEMA Server https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/446 SIMATIC NET OPC Server https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/202 SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/436 SIMATIC B.Data https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/437 SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/432 SIMOCODE pro Motor Management System https://opcfoundation.org/products/view/247

Rockwell Automation Show Nov 2016 ◦ Compact Logix 5480 with integrated OPC UA Server

…always overcrowded…

Demo at Hannover trade show: Microsoft Azure showing their openness…. Being connected to lot’s of devices: - Independent from vendor - Independent from vertical market - Independent from operating system - With integrated security (also proven by German BSI) - Without any change in the device

3 5

Download flyer here https://opcfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Microsoft-OPC-UA-5-Clicks-To-Digital-Factory.pdf

Azure IoT Gateway with integrated OPC UA RELEASED ! (OPC Classic on road)

…drumming for OPC UA https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/microsoft-azure-germany-now-available-viafirst-of-its-kind-cloud-for-europe/

Demo: OPC UA on .Net Standard

Where’s the stuff?

• OPC UA UWP Stack: https://github.com/OPCFoundation/UA-.UWP-Universal-Windows-Platform • UWP OPC Publisher: https://github.com/OPCFoundation/UA-.UWP-Universal-WindowsPlatform/tree/master/SampleApplications/Samples/Publisher • .Net OPC Publisher: https://github.com/OPCFoundation/UA.NET/tree/master/SampleApplications/Samples/Publisher • Azure IoT GW SDK plugin for OPC Publisher: https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-gatewaysdk/tree/opc_amqp/modules/amqpserver/src • OPC telemetry website: https://github.com/OPCFoundation/UA-.UWP-Universal-WindowsPlatform/tree/master/OpcUaWebTelemetry • Java OPC Publisher: Coming this week! • OPC UA command and control solution: Coming soon! • ANSI-C OPC Publisher: TODO!

OPC UA on the Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary slide deck:

“Connected – Windows 10 IoT takes a standards based approach. Interoperability is key in IoT solutions. Windows 10 IoT has ubiquitous connectivity, and we have Alljoyn/OCF integration for consumer IoT and OPC UA for Industrial”

Mitglied der OPC Foundation Leuze electronic member of the OPC Foundation since September 2016 Why?  I4.0: Exchange of data across different levels and in different directions  Leuze electronic sensors provide data for I4.0

 Standardized model of communication is required  OPC UA Key Enabler for I4.0

 OPC Foundation driving at a standardized communication (I4.0 context)  Participation in Companion Standards

Pressekonferenz OPC Foundation

Seite 47

Several autonomous Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are vertically integrated and connected to a Smart Factory Cloud

SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 OPC Press Conference 22.11.2016

4 8

 

IDF 2016: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich with Demo with Exor & TTTech (at 38min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psd2JKu0PSw

SAP HANA Cloudsystem SAP MES HANA PCo (Plant Connectivity)

Cache XTS Transport System Beckhoff

Robot Stäubli

Vision Camera Asentics

Laser Printer CAB



Event occurs on Unit X

Unit Y is triggered by SAP Plant Connectivity

SAP Plant Connectivity

3 2



Upper Shell for customer order 4711 is printed (Laser Printer ready)


Carrier with subshell ordered to assembly station


As soon as carrier arrives Robot is triggered to start assembly process

Benefits: Simplified System Landscape Flexibility / no hard coded steps

Laser Printer / 3D Printer

Transportation System



Markets -

Automation Building Automation Energy Engineering


Measurement Oil & Gas Transportation

Demo on Hanover show 2015 Release on Hanover show 2016

Within just one year: - Specification + - Release Candidate + - Prototyp implementation Youtube: - Wolf R. Hansen, AIM-D https://youtu.be/8JL7ECkMkko

- Markus Weinländer, Siemens https://youtu.be/O_rppDljWz4 - Olaf Wilmsmeier, HARTING https://youtu.be/yktzBFKoy6A 64


With OPC UA Without OPC UA Companion Spec


With OPC UA With OPC UA AutoID Companion Spec


 every device provides own modelling  extra effort for engineering


 each device provides same modelling  reduce efforts for engineering

OPC UA – Vendor A

IT Systems

IT Systems

OPC UA – Vendor B

RFID Vendor A

OPC UA for AutoID

RFID Vendor B

Vendor A

Vendor B

Working Group since 2012 MCS – DSC Interface Standard Working Group consists of •

All major Oil companies (operators)

All major DCS vendors

All major Subsea vendors

OPC UA for communication between Subsea Production and DCS Systems


4 Fachverbände erarbeiten OPC UA Companion Spezifikationen Spritzgussmaschinen  Release Candidate vorgestellt auf der K-Messe Druckgussmaschinen Werkzeugmaschinen Industrielle Bildverarbeitung

2 Fachverbände sind in Planung Robotic in Planung Antriebs- und Fluidtechnik

Weitere 32 Fachverbände vorhanden…

VDMA-Informationstag 2017 in Frankfurt geplant OPC UA Basics verschiedene Informationsmodelle

- OPC UA & AutomationML: released - PLCopen OPC UA Client for IEC61131-3: released - OPC UA for AutoID: released -

MDIS (Oil&Gas): First interoperability workshop for companion spec PackML: Release candidate (VDMA) Injection molding machine: Release candidate (VDMA) Machine Vision: started (VDMA) Robotic: under preparation

- VDMA: Preparing an „VDMA Leitfaden OPC UA“ for Hanover Messe 2017

OPC-UA at Chip Level enables Internet of Things One of the smallest OPC-UA server that makes software integration easy for the simplest devices in the Internet of things. Ported into very resource limited devices such as a sensor integrated with a communication interface, and communicate directly for vertical integration. Platform specification: TPS-1 Chip, [email protected] Available memory < 64 Kb

Smart meter

240kB flash and 35kB RAM

2016: Commercial product OPC UA in chip

OPC Foundation in the transition… From

“Interoperability Standard for Industrial Automation”


“The Industrial Interoperability Standard” … on the way to additional markets

OPC UA specific selection of events or life data to be included in messages

Messaging protocol specific encoding and transport Different protocols can be supported e.g. AMQP, MQTT

OPC Unified Architecture is much more than just a protocol Data Modeling


Generic object oriented modeling Objects with variables, methods and events Extensible type system History for data and events State machines, programs, alarms & condition Complex data

Integrated security mechanisms High speed UA TCP protocol Web services for internet Platform independent Built in robustness and fault tolerance Redundancy


New Applications and use cases

UA is IEC standard UA is base for other information models EDDL and FDT MIMOSA OMAC PLCopen

Profiles for different use cases Scalability Integration in embedded systems MES and ERP systems Specialized versions for different industries

People keep asking: What is the difference of OPC UA to protocols like AMQP, MQTT, HTTP/SOAP?

Well – first of all - OPC UA is not a protocol. It is rather a framework for the representation and exchange of object-oriented information including an extensible type system that enables describing arbitrarily complex systems.

To exchange the object-based information, OPC UA provides two mechanisms ◦ A Client-Server model where the Client accesses the information of a Server using well-defined Services, and ◦ A Publish-Subscribe model, where the Server publishes configured sets of data to any number of Subscribers.

Both exchange mechanisms are defined abstract. To achieve interoperability between OPC UA applications, however, these abstract definitions are mapped to specific protocols, namely ◦ TCP and HTTPS for the Client-Server Services, ◦ UDP and AMQP + MQTT for the Publish-Subscribe model.

Nothing of the OPC UA framework depends on these protocols. They may eventually be replaced or complemented by additional protocol-mappings.

So in summary, OPC UA is a framework to connect systems by allowing the exchange of information and their semantics. OPC UA makes use of established protocols like HTTP or MQTT and can easily make use of others if required by technological advances.

Brochure “Interoperability for Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things”

2016: English and German Version updated  Rework Industrie4.0 chapter / German BSI Security Update (Results)  Siemens Success Story  General editorial updates (like logos etc)

https://opcfoundation.org/resources/brochures/ English




Commercial printers - Different vendors - Standardized connectors USB / Ethernet Support profiles “I am a printer”

Industrial devices / machines - Different vendors - Standardized connector: OPC UA Support profiles “I am an RFID reader” - Build in security

- Differentiate by functionality - All-in-once scan/fax/print? - Double side printing? - Color? Combined or separate? - Print speed - Print costs - Easy to handle and interact - ….

- Differentiate by functionality - Reduce engineering costs - Support standards - Easy network integration - Costs - Throughput of machine - ….

OPC Day Europe 2017 “IT meets Automation” - OPC Day Europe 2017 in UK on May 30/31 at MTC Birmingham

Learn about: - IIoT and Industrie4.0 - Security - Industrial Interoperability from Sensor to Cloud

Stefan Hoppe Global Vice President OPC Foundation Member OPC Board [email protected]