Opioid Educational Summit Solutions and Resources

Opioid Educational Summit Solutions and Resources

Reach Your Peak Health Opioid Educational Summit Solutions and Resources Community Initiatives Reach Your Peak Health Opioid educational summit Se...

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Reach Your Peak Health

Opioid Educational Summit Solutions and Resources Community Initiatives

Reach Your Peak Health

Opioid educational summit September 13, 2016


Reach Your Peak Health

Tonight’s Schedule • 6:00PM – 6:15PM: Welcome and Introductions • 6:15PM – 7:30PM: Speaker’s Forum • 7:30PM – 8:00PM: Q&A • 8:00PM: Post event reception with light refreshments

Reach Your Peak Health

Speakers Forum • Dr. Dennis McCluskey, MD, Summit Psychological Associates • Dr. Doug Smith, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, ADM Board • Jan Kenepp,Territory Business Manager, Alkermes • Deborah Walsh, Ph.D., Summit Psychological Associates • Allyse Adams, PC, LICDC, Oriana House

Reach Your Peak Health

Dr. Douglas Smith Doug Smith, M.D., DFAPA Medical Director/CCO, Summit County ADM Board Associate Professor and Director of Public and Community Psychiatry, NEOMED

Reach Your Peak Health

The Opiate Task Force


Reach Your Peak Health

By the Numbers… The U.S. comprises 4.6% of the world population, yet we consume 80% of the world’s opiates and 99% of the world’s hydrocodone (Vicodin)

10% of patients presenting to primary care providers suffer from addiction

Opiates are involved in over 70% of admissions to ADM Crisis Center for detox and drop-in services Unintentional drug poisoning is now the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.


Epidemics of unintentional drug overdoses in Ohio, 1979-20121,2,3 Prescription Pain Medication (opioids)

Heroin & Rx opioids

1500 1000

Source: 1WONDER (NCHS Compressed Mortality File, 1979-1998 & 1999-2005) 22006-2011 ODH Office of Vital Statistics, 3Change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding in 1999 (caution in comparing before and after 1998 and 1999)




































Crack Cocaine




Reach Your Peak Health

Prescription drugs led to a larger overdose epidemic than illicit drugs 2000 ever have.

Reach Your Peak Health

In 2008, There were 14,800 Prescription Painkiller Deaths

Taken from http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/rxbrief/

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health


Reach Your Peak Health


Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Prescription Drugs • 67 narcotic pills for each Citizen of Ohio • Kids raid drug cabinet- “skittles” parties • ADHD meds, pain meds commonly abused • Oxycontin • Opana • Morphine

Contributing Factors Availability and Reach Your Peak Health

Marketing of New Extended Release Rx Opioids

Overall Growth in Rx Use: • New and better preventive drugs • HC insurance pressure

Direct-toConsumer Marketing of Rx

Increased Substance Abuse Epidemic

ODH Violence and Injury Prevention Program

• Internet • Pill Mills • Deception/Scams • Theft

Changing Rx Pain Management Guidelines

Increased Exposure Self-medicating habits of baby boomers

Widspread Diversion of Rx Drugs:

Pain as 5th Vital Sign

Perceived Legitimacy and Safety of Rx Drugs

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

John R. Kasich, Governor Orman Hall, Director

Reach Your Peak Health

Governor’s Ohio Cabinet Opiate Action Team

MISSION STATEMENT: The Opiate Action Team attacks the opiate epidemic on behalf of Ohioans to end opiate abuse by reforming prescribing practices for appropriate pain management, punishing those involved in illegal activity, and treating those who are addicted to enable them to return to productive lives.

Workgroups: • Enforcement • Treatment • Professional Education = prevention • Public Education = prevention • Recovery Supports

Reach Your Peak Health

Reach Your Peak Health

Summit County Response • Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (ADM) has launched pilots and initiatives – Opiate Task Force – County Jail Linkage • VIVITROL • Invega Sustenna

– Low dose suboxone with counseling

Opiate Task Force Committee

Reach Your Peak Health

Criminal Justice

Chair(s) Chief Vince Morber- BPD; Lisa Disabato-Moore- SCJC

Public Awareness & Darryl Brake- SCCP Youth/Families Bob Stokes –CHC;


Policy Advocacy

Gary Thrasher MD- Oriana House

Jerry Craig- ADM

Short Term Goal

Long Term Goal

Implement DAWN Kit Protocols for Law Enforcement

Enhance legal Consequences for Traffickers- Inclusive of prescribers

Opiate Summit/Conference:

Develop online OTF presence: Include website and social media



Increase OARRS utilization by prescribers Promote Emergency Room Rx Guidelines

Host Legislative breakfast

Increase Access to Medication Assisted Treatments (MATs) Establish local Platform/Agenda to inform legislative actions

Reach Your Peak Health

Treatment Options    

Detoxification Residential treatment Outpatient programs Medications assisted treatments  Methadone (Agonist)  Buprenorphine (Partial Agonist)*  Naltrexone (Antagonist)  Suboxone (partial agonist/antagonist)* * DATA 2000 named drugs

OD and Detox 2015 Reach Your Peak Health

• ADM Crisis Center – 1577 Detox admissions, 68% due to opiates • Over 4 per day !

– 2,314 Drop-ins • Over 6 per day !

Initiatives Public Awareness and Education

Reach Your Peak Health

– A group of key individuals and organizations committed to reducing the tragic consequences of opiate abuse in Summit County through education, collaboration, and the wise use of available resources. Including the OTF speakers bureau  Numerous people in the community have connected with the Opiate Task Force for education and assistance, including:     

People in recovery Physicians Family members Clergy Judges

   

Police and Fire chiefs School representatives Elected officials Public health

 Treatment/prevention providers

 Prescribers - Recent legislation now require prescribers, MD’s, dentists, and pharmacists to consult the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System. OARRS to prevent overprescribing/abuse. Prescriber education.

Initiatives Reach Your Peak Health

Court Diversion Programs  Turning Point - Common Pleas Judge Thomas A. Teodosio. Treatment in lieu of conviction. Structure – Participants are court monitored for up to one year. Participants must remain compliant to court treatment recommendations and other court ordered mandates such as probation and community service.  Crossroads - Serves children with substance abuse/dependence problems and mental illness. Intensive probation lasting a minimum of one year with regular court appearances. The program also works with parents and children to strengthen and improve the family unit through counseling.  Drug Court – Akron Municipal Court Judge Joy Malek Oldfield and the Oriana House “Through Drug Court, less-serious, drug abuse offenders have the opportunity to have their charges dismissed once they successfully meet all the demands of the year-long program, including treatment, aftercare, sobriety, case management and drug free status.” https://courts.ci.akron.oh.us/programs/drug_court.htm


Reach Your Peak Health

 Treatment centers - Various treatment centers offer various services such as inpatient, outpatient, detox, medicated assisted treatment (MAT), and aftercare. For a complete listing of available services, call:  ADM Central Assessment - 330-996-7730  Edwin Shaw Rehab – 330-436-0950  Community Health Center - 330-434-4141

 Detox centers  Inpatient  ADM Crisis Center 330-996-7730  Ambulatory (outpatient)  Edwin Shaw Rehab 330-436-0950  Community Health Center 330-434-4141

 Recovery housing

Resources Reach Your Peak Health

 Project DAWN – A free community based drug overdose education & naloxone distribution program for the reversal of opiate overdoses, in conjunction with calling 911. Free DAWN kits for Summit County residents are available by attending a clinic at one of these facilities:  Edwin Shaw Rehab - 405 Tallmadge Road, Cuyahoga Falls 44221 every Thursday at 9am, 10am, 11am. 330-436-0950  Summit County Health Department -1867 W. Market St. Akron 44313 every Tuesday at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm. 330-812-3983 http://www.healthy.ohio.gov/vipp/drug/ProjectDAWN.aspx

 Medication Drop Boxes – D.U.M.P. (Dispose of Unused Medications Properly)  For a location near you visit http://scphoh.org/ENVIRONMENTAL/ENVDump.html

Reach Your Peak Health

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT – COPLEY/BATH POLICE EXHIBT “The departments constructed what appears to be the bedroom of the average teenager. But items that are taken for granted as nothing but the usual accessories may actually be signals that the teenager could be involved in risky and even illegal activity including substance abuse, underage drinking, eating disorders, sexual activity and more. Exploration and interaction with the exhibit is encouraged. Adults in attendance will be able to get an up-close look at the items in the room and be shown how they can be used. Participants will be enlightened, educated and astonished.”

For more information visit http://www.copley.oh.us/hidden-in-plain-site/hidden-inplain-sight/menu-id-555.html

Summit County SOLACE Family Support Resource

Reach Your Peak Health

“to educate, serve, and provide resources to teens and families affected by addiction.”

Meetings are held at First United Methodist Church of Akron located at 263 East Mill St. Akron, OH 44308

Contact: [email protected] Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/solacesummitcounty

Reach Your Peak Health

Project DAWN Kit

Reach Your Peak Health

Opiate Task Force Data Dashboard: • The Opiate Task Force asked to establish key data indicators to be tracked over time. These data points will be used as a platform for measuring the opiate problem and any efforts to combat it. Initial indicators will include, • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) incidence rate • # Opiate Doses Dispensed- Summit County vs. Ohio • # Opiate Dosed per capita- Summit County vs. Ohio • # Overdose Responses by EMS • # Overdose reversals by EMS • # Overdose Deaths- Total, and Opiate involved • Pounds of unused medications turned in to drop boxes • Average Wait Time for residential treatment, by gender

Reach Your Peak Health

Opiate Task Force Recent Initiatives Update • ADOLESCENT DAYTIME DETOX TREATMENT PROGRAM (COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER) • The county’s only program for adolescents (12-18 yrs.) for safe, medically supervised detox from opiates began on October 1, 2015. Additionally, the program is now providing VIVITROL and Suboxone for adolescents. Contact: Tiffanie Ferguson (330-315-3789) • MOBILE RESPONDER (ORIANA HOUSE) • From January 2015 to May 2016, the On-Call Resource Advocate (OCRA) received a total of 77 calls with 49 of them being males and 28 of them being females. 43 clients accepted the referral to the ADM Crisis Center for either Central Assessment or Detox. 23 of which kept their referral appointment. Contact: Felicia Tibbs (330)-996-7730

Reach Your Peak Health


Reach Your Peak Health

Heroin Overdoses (Akron) by EMS responses Time Period

Heroin with Narcan

Heroin without Narcan

Other Overdoses


Naloxone reversals*



















2016 numbers refer to January to July 2016. The Average per day rate of 2.23 refers to the number of Heroin overdoses with narcan. The 4.74 average refers to the total overdoses per day.

Reach Your Peak Health

2015 Statistics Summit County 2015 Total overdose deaths: 350 (303 = opiates) 189 attributed to heroin or fentanyl (54%) 63 – heroin 126 - fentanyl 114 - other types of opioids Total overdose deaths: 144 101 attributed to heroin or fentanyl (70%)

Reach Your Peak Health

Comparison of Opiate Deaths from 2015 to 2016

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

2016 is preliminary data and is not official

January - June 2016 preliminary data

Reach Your Peak Health

D.U.M.P. Box Disposal Sites

DAWN Kits Dispensed

Reach Your Peak Health

Time Period 2015 2016 (as of 8/22/2016)

Received Overdose Education

524 510

Received DAWN Kit

354 265

SCPH Performance Target: In FY2016, 375 Project DAWN kits will be distributed to Summit County residents

• *Program Started 2/1/15 at SCPH • ~Includes community based Project DAWN clinics in addition to regularly scheduled clinics • ** Numbers include only SCPH DAWN Clinic as of 6/6/2016

Reach Your Peak Health

Deterra Project • 40,000 bags were donated to Summit County Community Partnership. – 15,000 smaller pouches (10-15) pills to pharmacies • ACME is the primary pharmacy – 25,000 larger pouches to three main populations: • Seniors • Family/Friends of addicts • Parents • If each of these pouches are used to capacity, there will be 1.3 million fewer pills available to fall into the wrong hands in Summit County

Reach Your Peak Health

Deterra Bags • Simple, safe disposal of medication

Reach Your Peak Health

How can Opiate Task Force Help? • Education, speakers bureau, resources and materials • Access to help and prevention resources – OTF website • Individuals in Recovery to share their stories – e.g. Recovery does happen • Project DAWN Clinics • Opportunities to get involved, e.g. join task force, become a speaker, etc. • Consultation and support

Reach Your Peak Health

For more information, go to the Opiate Task Force Online at:


or call the ADM Board at 330.762.3500

Reach Your Peak Health

Dr. Dennis McCluskey • Graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1976 and completed his residency at Good Samaritan Hospital. • Board certified in Family Medicine and is currently employed at Summit Psychological Associates. • Long-time advocate for accessible and qualitative public health, recently joined Summit Psychological to help expand the VIVITROL Treatment Program.

Reach Your Peak Health



Reach Your Peak Health

What is Naltrexone • Opioid antagonist that is approved for the treatment of both opioid dependence and alcohol dependence • Non-opioid medication • Opioid receptor antagonist that binds to the opioid receptors but instead of activating the receptor it effectively blocks them • Prevents opioid receptors from being activated by agonist compounds such as heroin and prescription pain killers

Reach Your Peak Health

What is Naltrexone, Cont. • Reduces cravings and prevents relapse • Can be prescribed by any individual who is licensed to prescribe medication • Both daily oral form and monthly injectable form approved by the FDA for treatment of opioid dependence • Oral naltrexone was approved for use in treating opiate addiction in 1984 • VIVITROL approved by the FDA in 2010 for opiate addiciton

Reach Your Peak Health

What is VIVITROL • • • •

Injectable form of Naltrexone Opioid blocker Once monthly medication (injection) When combined with counseling, it can help treat alcohol dependence and/or relapse to opioid use • VIVITROL is NOT: a narcotic, addicting, or pleasure-producing

Reach Your Peak Health

VIVITROL Treatment Program • Covered by Medicaid, Medicare and Private Insurance • Fifty-six (56) active clients are currently involved in the VIVITROL treatment program • Treatment length - Typical up to 1 ½ years on VIVITROL – can be up to three years • Clients can continue to access supportive programming after stops injections

Reach Your Peak Health

Medication Assisted Treatment VIVITROL/Naltrexone • VIVITROL is a once monthly injectable form of Naltrexone – Naltrexone is also available as a daily oral medication – Naltrexone is not addictive – Naltrexone blocks the effect of all opioids – Naltrexone can be prescribed by a general physician – Naltrexone lessens and can even remove cravings for opioid drugs.

Reach Your Peak Health

Summit Psychological Associates and Oriana House


Reach Your Peak Health

When is Outpatient Treatment used • Outpatient program can be a follow up to a residential stay, time in detox or after a jail stay • Outpatient programming can be a stop gap while a client is waiting for residential services to be available • Participating in outpatient programming is an option for reducing or eliminating a legal charge or jail time • Some clients find success in an outpatient program that uses Medication Assisted Treatment

Reach Your Peak Health

What is Medication Assisted Treatment? • Evidence-based treatment that addresses both physical and mental aspects of drug addiction

Reach Your Peak Health

Important Components of Medication Assisted Treatment? • Medication is used to treat withdrawal, dependence and cravings • Mental health therapies are used to treat emotional, and trauma concerns that may have existed prior to drug use and/or developed along side drug use

Reach Your Peak Health

Important Components of Medication Assisted Treatment? • Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment to build new behaviors and coping skills • Addressing basic needs through case management and recovery support services

Best Practices Reach Your Peak Health

• Treatment that focuses on: • Health – manage the disease, live in healthy way, mental health • Home – establish a stable and safe place to live • Purpose – meaningful daily activities – work, school, care of family, volunteering • Community - relationships and social networks, sober supports

Reach Your Peak Health

Treating Opioid Addiction



Reach Your Peak Health

A Coordinated Effort Summit Psychological Associates • Mental Health and Addiction Agency • Thirty (30), plus year history • Medication Assisted Treatment – VIVITROL Treatment Program • Outpatient treatment program • Manages behavioral health services within Summit County Jail

Oriana House – Rigel Recovery Services

• Quality chemical dependency treatment programs – Early Assessment – Relapse Prevention – Aftercare

• Ambulatory Detox • Rigel Recovery Services – outpatient treatment services

Reach Your Peak Health

VIVITROL Treatment Program • Collaborative effort between Summit Psychological Associates and Oriana House – Rigel Recovery Services. Summit Psychological Associates

Oriana House - Rigel

Evaluation for treatment

Treatment readiness

Monthly Injections

Intensive Outpatient

Mental health evaluations

After care

Mental health treatment

Support Groups

Reach Your Peak Health

Oriana House – Rigel Recovery Services • At Rigel Recovery Services, we believe alcoholism and substance abuse are diseases that require an individual’s continuous commitment to recovery over the course of his or her life. Our treatment starts individuals on a multi-step journey to rehabilitation through their own admission of a problem, abstinence, avoidance of relapse, and a daily dedication to recovery. • We are proud to be a part of this process and to assist individuals in regaining control of their lives.

Reach Your Peak Health

Target Population • Any individual with a opioid diagnosis. • Referrals come from: – – – – – – –

Community agencies ADM (Central Assessment & Detox) Probation and Parole Physicians Attorneys Self * No one will be turned away for treatment services.

Reach Your Peak Health

What do we offer? • Substance use assessments • Opiate Enhanced Treatment – Intensive outpatient treatment – Aftercare – Individual counseling

• Drug Testing • VIVITROL Treatment Program (VTP) – Collaborated with SPA • Family Programming and Involvement

Reach Your Peak Health

Substance use Assessments • A substance use assessment helps the client and the counselor determine the severity of the problem. – The client’s substance use of alcohol and/or drugs is evaluated in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan and goals. – Assessments are accepted from Central Assessment and Detox

Reach Your Peak Health

Opiate Enhanced Treatment • Opiate Enhanced Treatment allows individuals with an opioid diagnosis to attend Intensive Outpatient Treatment that is specific to the use of opioids. • Rigel counselors introduce participants to additional supportive resources including detoxification, twelve step groups, family sessions, and peer support services. **The goal is to provide a level of care specific to opioid use that assists with and increases the ability to cope with cravings, reduces relapse to opioid use, and facilitates lifestyle changes that support abstinence. **

Reach Your Peak Health

VIVITROL Treatment Program (VTP) • Collaboration between Summit Psychological Associates (SPA) and Oriana House, Inc. • Program includes: • Opiate Enhanced Treatment services • Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment • Individual Mental Health Counseling • Monthly VIVITROL injection or oral Naltrexone • Case Management Services • Drug testing

Reach Your Peak Health

VIVITROL Treatment Program (VTP) • Case Management is offered to assist individuals in addressing life stressors outside of therapeutic needs. • Will coordinate care with referring agencies and other providers (i.e. CSB, probation, physician) • Will assist client in managing appointments and medication • Will act as liaison between Rigel counselor, SPA mental health therapist and the SPA psychiatrist prescribing the VIVITROL.

Reach Your Peak Health

Benefits of MAT with VIVITROL • Clients report reduction to elimination of cravings therefore significantly reduces the risk of relapse • Blocks the effects of opiates • VIVITROL ensures medication compliance • VIVITROL eliminates impulsive use • Non addictive • Has no mood or mind altering effects • Minimal side effects

Reach Your Peak Health

Challenges of MAT with VIVITROL • Clients struggle to acquire the 7 days necessary without any opiates in order to begin medication • Cost • Detoxification resources • Insurance/pharmacy issues

Reach Your Peak Health

Family Involvement • Conjoint sessions • These sessions are held throughout the course of treatment in which the client has the opportunity to bring their positive support person to meet with the counselor. The counselor, client and their support person will explore the treatment and recovery process as well as ways to maintain healthy support. **The goal of is to educate family and friends of the treatment process while providing an environment for family and friends to show support in a way that promotes an honest and positive interaction**

Family Involvement Reach Your Peak Health

• Family Matters – Throughout treatment and self-help meetings clients will learn that healthy support is a key component to recovery. We do our best to support this by inviting the clients loved ones to engage in the treatment process and receive support themselves. Family members receive skills and tools to assist them with healthy living and setting boundaries with their loved ones.

Reach Your Peak Health

Summit Psychological Associates, Inc. – Medical Services in VTP • Dr. McClusky completes a medical evaluation to determine readiness and appropriateness for VIVITROL Treatment • Dr. McClusky and our medical assistant, Heather Moss provide the monthly injections. • Clients have access to psychotropic medications if needed

Reach Your Peak Health

SPA – Mental Health Treatment in VTP • Licensed clinicians who are trained in cooccurring disorders • Use of Motivational Interviewing and Trauma Informed Care to assist clients in reaching their goals of sobriety and healthy functioning • Seen on a weekly basis – can continue with MH treatment once end VIVITROL injections

Reach Your Peak Health

SPA –Case Management in VTP • Assists clients in being successful through out their participation in the VIVITROL Treatment Program – setting up appointments, identifying barriers to attendance, helping to reduce barriers • Assists with Medicaid application if needed • Assists client with any basic needs – housing, transportation, access to sober recreational activities, financial

Cravings and Health Effects

Outcomes 70

Reach Your Peak Health

According to our latest data, clients report : •

Nearly 60% of clients come into the program with opioid cravings at least weekly


53 52 50 40

By the 3rd injection, the percentage of clients reporting opioid cravings, at least daily, drops to 35% By the 9th injection, 83% report zero opioid cravings, with 13% reporting cravings on a weekly basis. Cravings multiple times a week, or daily, drops to 0% Decrease in anxiety/depression symptoms and decrease in physical pain


35 30

30 20

26 17

24 17

10 0 Opioid Cravings Anxiety/Depression Physical Pain Entrance

3rd Injection

9th Injection

Reach Your Peak Health

Contact Information • • • • • • • • • •

Allyse Adams – Clinical Administrator 330.996.2222 ext. 2915 Amanda Frye– Clinical Coordinator 330.535.8181 ext. 411 Emily Nugent – Case Manager 330.535.8181 ext. 401 Deborah Walsh, Ph.D. – Clinical Director 330-535.8181 Lisa French– Program Assistant (scheduling) 330.535.8181 ext. 408

Reach Your Peak Health