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o~~r~:~~c~~~~~ ~~.a~r~~-~~ ~~ c~c

NEB J~~~Z.~E~ J~1~,p~~RTI~iF:~..~' C~I~ L,A ' ~:, ~`~..~k3l,lt~" ~ F~YIYY~ ~~~V4t J~~~S~Y L~~'VI~Tt~~ ~7~ CI~VI~., ~..ICrf~T~ ~C~C~,'.ET' N~..:~a~~~~~...

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NEB J~~~Z.~E~ J~1~,p~~RTI~iF:~..~' C~I~ L,A ' ~:, ~`~..~k3l,lt~" ~ F~YIYY~ ~~~V4t J~~~S~Y L~~'VI~Tt~~ ~7~ CI~VI~., ~..ICrf~T~ ~C~C~,'.ET' N~..:~a~~~~~~.~: I~~.02~J~3-b~~7~ ~R.4ZN~~~~i5~f,9

~~.~~~r~-~~c~a ~~o~~r~:~~c~~~~~ ~~.a~r~~-~~ ~ ~~ c~c~~r~~~W~~~~~

~~~ !~.., III. ,h.Icant~r~, C'r. ~is~~rt~~, ~o C~~r~ca, F, t~ar~r~ I.~r~ I.W~ Rc~s~y I~. Ciurman, ~~~ (~. Cjr~xna

t~c~m~~Iair~ants, C'+~3~'+IS~1V'~" QT~i.DE~t

~~. plexus ~'l.ii~~~~a Tnc. d/bia .A.1~xu~ ~'teal~.hoc~se ~~nd "i'~v~rn ~.nd Tahr~ Maliarc~, ~s €~n it~div~c~u~l,

~2~s~c~nc~ents. ~~r~st~ant try the ~uth~rity ~r~.r~t~d icy lI~~c Uir~;~tc~r ~~f ~e I~~r~v J rs~~ i.~i~isian on Civil Tights (the (tE~e "IJirector") ~y they :~e~ J rs~y Lew ~~~~ir~~t I~iscrir~~i~atibn, t~Iwi.S A. ~{}:~-1 Wit. ,s~,e . ~'. "L~~'1"}, ~~d ~v~t~-~ t}~~ ct~ns~~t cif ~c~m~alair~ant~ ?~. ~~,.., ~). Alc~~..r~, G. Cisz~~rr~s, C. Cu~~~~a, Corn ~e ~,~ .~.~sa, l`v~. C:~u~~~~ar1, a.n~ C~. ~.lrbxna ~"~c~r~~l~in~n~~°'}, w~ac~, betw~;c;n (~~tc~be~ I=~, 2015 a~c~ S~~pt€~mb~r 1 ~,~~1 ~i, eaclh ~1~d a ~J~rif~ed ~~m~laint ~be~~r~i.n~ ~~~~r~te ducked ntzr~b~rs ~~ li~~~c~ a~c~ve} allc~~iar ~t~~plcay~x~~x~t di~crirnin~ti~s~ ~~~in~t ~1le:xus ~li~fit~n, II1L`. cifbi~ ~,.l~xus Steaknus~ ~r~c~ '~`av~rn {"~l~xus St~akhaus~" nr "R~s~nnd~~~")~ntj ~pz~m~:r .Alex~~~ ~tea~Chouse mana~;~r Jahn

~~ ~~~ra ~s ~.n i.nr~ividual,' v~~ith the

~~ Jers~X f~i~isic~~ can Civil ~t~ghts (t.hc "I~ivi~ion"}, tl~~

m~tt~r an ~e [~i~~~tar h~.~ ~xee~ with the ~artir~s tp res~lve all issues in c~ntrc~~~~rsy in this

t~rtns set

set forth in each ~~ri~`ied fr~~t~ in this Cons~~~t C~r<~,~r. Vt~ithaut admii~i~~ ~r~y of the ail~.~ations Ct3rnplaint (ct~tl~ctivel~ the "~~ri#zed t"c~m~l~int~"), ar in the ~indir~~

t~fP~a~aabl~ G~~:~: cr~litin~,

~roba~l~ pause ~r~~ztin~ ih~ the ailegatz~ns o#' ~. ~lc~an~ar~ c~~ July '~, 201 ~, the ~ir,~in~ cif` ns

~ the alle~a~io alie~atic~ns c~~:v~. ~uzm~x~ can July 7,2~ 1 ~, car tl~~ T~iz~drn~ ~f~'rQbdbl~ ~aus~ ~r~~~.itin , a.nd for the pu~pos~ c~~` I~1; A. pan July X ~, ~~ 16 (cal.l~cti~r~ly~ t ie "k~inc~ix~~;s cif I'rc~b~bl~ ~a~ise'~)


n ~ntxy a~this Consent (:)rd~r, ~~~idit~~ liti~~ti~n, .~I~:xus 5t~kh~u~e ~onst~nts;t the farm end ..r ,.~~ ~~"


,~N~ ~~CR.C,~a~:


I~.c~~pc~ndcr~t ~~;re~s that all cmpl~ym~rit ~e~isiv~~s and pt~licies a~fecti~~ per~anS

n~takin~ ~zl~ptayc:c~ ire Nc~~~v Jer~~y shall cc~m~ly in t'u~~ with t ~ I,..F117 and that x.11 ~~~~~.~~,r~€:z~t d~~isic~n ~1ew ~avill be ~ondu~ted in a nontiiscrirnix~atary manner. F~rr~he:r, and a,~ ter all p~rs~n~ ern.~Io~~~d in Jer.sey, Pe~~c7nd~n# ~~r~~s nat ~o impl~mez~t any policy c~~r p~ttctic~ ~~~:ving ths~ ~~~fls~

car effect c~S`

civil discrimtnati~n can the b~is c~~'ra~~, creed, cvl~r, n tit~n~l vri~i:~~, ra~t~s~~~~ ale, m~rit~.1 sta~t~s, gender union ~t~.tu~, c~om~~tic partner~hi~ ~tat~~s, s~;~ua~ t~ricn~~t~~n, ~~netic i~formatzc~~, sex, id~n~ity car ~xprc~ssi~n, clr~~~ility, ~ty~ic~.l hc~•~iiitt~ry~ c~:l lul~.r ur bl~c~d gait,]i~bility fr~r ~~rvice in the ~1r~~e~1 ~~o~c:~:s of the tunited ~ta~es, n~iCianalit~y, yr ~r~~n~~cy.

a 1~.~s~oncl~nt John ~rf~~li~rc+ Eras not ~pg~;ar~c~ iri t~1is rr~at~er. ~'~ll ~~p~~.ri~~~ pdrti~s ~ein~ ~at~is~~~i ~a~~.i~ the res~~tut~on hex~in and ~i~in~ c~nsc;r~t tc~ it.s terms, the ~ire~tc~r h~reE~y c3isrr~i:~~~s each the ~+'~z~i~~c~ C~t~m~l~.int against John I~~a~li~rp ~.s ~n in~ividt~~l v~ithc~ut ~rejudi~:~, pt~rsu~nt t~ j.~. (~ l prc~visic~n~ ~f N.J,A:.G~_ . .. 13:4rd~.


within ~~teen(I5)c~~ys ~fthe date this C;Qnse~at C~r~ier is filly ~x~~u~e~, R+~spc~nc~~r~t

agrees to prQvicie written verificaticsn to the Divi~ian o.f ~ ~vcark~l~c~ anti-haras~rxa.en~/antiw c~iscrzrr~inatiorr ~li~y {the "Przlicy,'~ that includes: ~~) t~rr~~s ~ddre~ssing hara.~sment sin the basis


~~ace, s~;~, ~.c~ natis~n~~ ~~i~;ir~;(~) nc~~~~~~ri~r~~n~ti~n in all terms ~~ ern~Zoyn~ent;(c} the praced~e and c~r7~a~t p~rsc~i~(~} s~~ou~~~ ar~~ inc~ividu~~ ern~loyc~ti by ~t~spr~ndent chc~c~s~ tc~ mak.e an internal cc~r~plait~t Mlle ink a vit~latio~~ ~f tf~e Policy; ~nr~ tc~~ anfc~rmatian re ~~iin~; e~cl~ in~iivi~iu~~ em~~l~y~~'~ right to pursue ~ cc~n.~pla~nt a11~~;ing violation af' ~~:~t~ ter f~~.~ral laws prohibiting ~iis~rirnin~.tic~n and harassment without first n~alcin~ an ~ntexn~l ct~mpl~int try ~.~,~pondent. The P41ic~ v~rill be err tten in bat. English and S~aan~sh. ~ copy ~t the Policy mil be delivered t~ Deputy Att.c~rney ~icner~l 1~~~~~n ~-Iarris, dew Jersey I)~:p~rtzn~nt of'T:~a~v & P~b1.ic Suety,I24 I~alsey Stm t, .5th Flc~~r, ~Icwa.rk, ~RIJ 071 ~ 1. l~.~spanci~nt will canspicuaus~y pest both the English and ~~~u~ish ~~~rsions c~f~he ~'olic~ at Ch:~ d.ini~n~ ar~~f c~teri~~; ~a~iiity lv~ted ~t 9S5 V~.11~y Road, Cli~tc~.~, Ne~v .~~rsey ~7C~ 1 ~ ~ .~'~. cc~~y ofthe ~;n~lis~► and ~~~r~ish v~~~ic~ns of'the ~'olic~ wiil also b~ avai~a~Ie upon r~c~u~~t by any ~znpl~ayer~. 'I"~I~II~~+~ ~.

W'it~~in thirty {30} days ofth~ date this C"~nsez~t C~rd~r is fully ~;xe~cuted, ~,es~r~n~ent

a~rces to ~rrr~n~~ fir alI ena:~tc~yte~, incl~~dir~~ all matt~g~rs ~ r~ ~dministxati~ve per,~anrie~, v~r fl work in or have; ~-e~spar~sibility far the ~perati~z~s of`Alexu~ ~"teakhc~us~, to ~tt~nd training nn the LAS and tk~~ ~rc~v~sa~ns o~~the Pc~li~y, At minimum, tr~~nin~; an thc: ~'~li~y wi11 address ~~~ harassment ~n the basis cif race, six, end n~tianal c~ri~an3 (~) nUndiscriminat an in ail terms ~t` emplc~yznent; (c} the procedure and canta~ct p~:rsr~n~s) s~~uld any in~~~v~d~al em~Ic~y~ri by ~~s ndent~~oo~e to male an int~rn~l cc~m~laint all~gin~ ~ vi.c~I~tion afthe Policy, and (d) information regarding each individual 3

~rnpic~y~~'s right t~ pursue ~ complaint ~.11e~ing vic~tatic~n ofstag r~r ~~c~i~r~I lar~vs ~r~hibiti~~g ciiscriminati~n ~nc~ harassment r~vithout fiat n~akittg an ir~tez~.al ct~rnpl~int ~~ l~.espc~nci~nt. Each ~r~pn in ~.t~~nci~ncc: at t:he tr~.inin~; ~wvill receive ~ copy cifthe ~'r~licy and ~i~n ~ firm acknc~vvl~;dgirig ~t~e~d~.nc~ at the trainY~~ sc:~sx~n ~rtd r~~eipt c~:f'thc ~c~liiy. A copy of the ~~gn~c~ ~.ck.~~wl~ ~ rn~nt 1'orrn will b~ placed ire each att~n~.ee's persr~nn~l ~il~. 4.

Noti~~ off' the training session (c~z each ~~s~ic~n if more ~

ane is n~~e~s~r~)

r~~sc~ib+~d above ~:nd ~ ropy af`~r~ty train~n,~ m~C~rial~ t.~ ib~ ~~5c~i ~h~.11 b s~6mitted ~t least ten {1 Q) dE~y~ In ~xdv~nce refthe sessic~~a ~~ D~~~.aty ~.ttors~~~ Cren~ral ~i~gan ~-I~i~,I~ w .T~rsey ~~p~.rt~~~ t ~f I.,aw ~ ~'u~iic S~f~ty, 12~ ~-~~1~~~ Str~~t, ~~" Fi~or, ~~~~v~.rk, I~,~ ~~ 1 U l . YA'~'l~'~~+.~~"1Y ~►~~ ~USI'~NI)E~~ PL~`~'AIJT"Y ~.

R.~sp~tld~~xt ~gr~es tc~ day ~c~mplaina~ts thc; t~t~.l an~v

t of ~i~hty~-tl~ous~nd dollars

{$~0,{~D~.00} in r~soluti~n a~th~ ~lle~~tic~ns ~#'cmployment di~~rirru~ati~n set ~'c~rth in each verified ~~.~m~I~int. "The ~c~~e~ule cif payments is ~~t ~'ar~h in the attached GCSchedul~ A." Nt~ later than. ~c~tc~~er 16, 20I 7, Res~c~n~~nt will dcliv~r the ~r~t payment a~'t~n-thc~u~~.nd dollars {$1~,~~~,~0)> c~ivi~ed into se~l~n, s~parat~ chicks ~ set f~~t~~ in Sch~~ule ~. ~.esp~nd~nt will com~rlete all p~ym~nts, re~~Iectin~ ~ total sur~n of $RQ,~O()~ Ott, nn Iate.r than .duly 1, ~C}?~. N~ manY.hlY p~ym~n~ set forth in schedule A wz~l be decr~a~sed pr d~lay€:c~ withcau~. the consent of X11 parties try this Gansenf Order. kjailure to make ~ sc~edulcc~ payment its ~u13. ara.d ~n tirz~e, withc~ufi having abtain~d the consent of all parties, will c~n:stitui~ a zr~atc~ri~l c~ef~~ilt ran this ~.~~eexne~t. ~.

t.lnl~ss notice ~s liven i~ writ~in~; t~ l~espc~nc~~nt ot~t~n~ise, all ~ayrn~nts aa~d checks

r3~scrib~;d ~~~ve will b~; delivcr~:d to counsel fc~r• the N~r~r Jersey l~i~~isic~n ~n civil Rights (the "Divxsiony'} ~.7eputy A.ttvrney Uener~l .I~e~~.n I-~~~•ris, Ne~v ~er~ey De~axtznent ~f L,aw c~C public 4

~Ivt~c~ ~a~'t~ty`, 1 ~~4 ~a~~~y ~tr~~t, nth ~'lavr, Nev~J~~k, ?~J ~~71 Ol s f;UT ~t~I"~Vc~~~1i1.~ ~~:} CC~[I1~,?I3.1X]FilltS. giVcr~ ~~ar~~:~

t to ~hi;~ ~~ra.graph, which will b~e lirnit~rl fic~ ~~i~ ~rc~p~r x cipi~~t ~n.d deli.v~ry addr~;~s

fay p~~~n~~nts, zx~dy he s~~~t t~ cr~un~~l far Ct~;~~nndex~t and fir ctly tc~ ~~sp~~~d~:r~t at 75~ ~~ai~~y Road, Clif~c~xa, ?`1~~~.~~ J~ r~e~% ~°~4~~ ~ ~r t~~ lit k.~c~wn ~ddr~~;~ c~~' and af' R.~~~ot7d~nt's ~rin~ipal~, 7.

If ~.~sp~n~ent rrt~~~ri~lly ~ef'~ults on ar violates ar~y prevision oCthis ~;an~~z~t ~rci~r

addr~~siY~~ ti.~ P~ii~y ~r its cc~~rr~i~ment io tra~nin~; can the I,~~7 and t~~.~olicvr ~r ifwithir7 tree ~3} years from thc~ c~~ate t~~~ Cc~n~~nt tJrd~r end ~`in~.l Ju~~ ment is ~'ully~ execut~~f, ~.~s

nd~nt re~~i~ves ate

ac~d~ti~~nal, adverse investig~tiv~ finding t'rom the ~:~ivision as t~~ result a~'at~ ~~l~ged violation c~f2}ie I..~I~, ~.~~pand~x~t will Y~~ liable e~ the I:)ivisia~~ for a ~~n~lty o~thirty-thc~u~~~d dollars(~~0,0~}Q.~4~ in this ~aCtion, pursuant ~o ~t~Z~ ~enalti~s autl~ori ~i ~~t T~.J~~.A.. 1t~:5-14.1rt, which amount will be in addition t~ ~h~ payment off'$$U,4t~~.Ot~ to Gc~m~iainan~s as set forth above, and ~vi11 not effect the i.~ivi~ic~n";~ right tea ~ursu~ r~m~d~~ ~:~ ~ r~~u1t af`the ~u~s~ quint inv~~t~~atir~c~ finciin~. Upon nt~ti~e t~ l~~s~or~€~ent from tY~~ ~ivisiar~, the p~:n~.ity will b~ cc~ile~ti~~~ as a prevision c~f`thi~ a~;r~~rn~r~t, If ~i`ter ~xpir~.~ioF~ oC'a three-year ~eric~d,.t~~spc~ndc~it ~hG~s cnmpli~cd tivit~ all terms afthi~ C~n~~ni Under ~ic~c~z~~~sin~ t~~~ ~'c~li~:y c~~• its c~~r~~r~liti~~~a~t tc.~ t~•~~it~in~ «.~~ the l..,t~l~ ~~~c~ the }~c~li.cy, and h~►s nqt received ~ su~~~~u~x~t, a~d~rer~e a.nv~~ti,~ative finding fro~r1 the Di vision a.~ ~e r~su~t ~f~~ ~lle:g~d violat.ic~n of t~c~ I.~~I~, the su~p~nc~~d ~~n~lty ~~rill b~ v~c~~:t~ci bpi c~per~t~~n ~~'thi~ pr~vi:~i~n, t~E~~I~A~~ ~'I~C~VI~U~~ ~.

C,:Tpan. e~ecr~tion b~ ~~1 ~~r~ie~, phis Cc~ns~nt Oder 5h .11 c~~~rate

a ioznj~l~te ~d

f ~~~ riispa~ition cif the alle~atians a~~anst ~:lex~as ~t~t~.k~iQu~e ~o~nt~inet~ in Che seven (7) Verified ~,'~r~pl~ai~ts r~:~erenr,~c~ ~~~ve, s~bj~ct only t~ #.fie fulfil

cr~t of ~lI prc~~wi~;ion~ c,~"t.~is Consen~t~?rd~,

LTpc~n fu~~llment c~i`tho~~ ~rc?visic}n~, X11 al[~~ation~ ~~~inst ~l~~u.s ~te~khc~use are dismiss~c~ wrath 5

~rcj~lc~ic~~. t.x~-~~~t~ f~~ifillrnc~nt c~f~al~ prc.~visii~~n;~ ~i'lhifi ~:'~~n;~er~t(~rd~r, ~l~xr~s St~:al~7ouse c~vvt~~rK.ita~ Kirz~ i~ r•~.1~~~~~i frarr~ ~1~ ci~~~~~ rel~~tc;c~ t~~.~ tl~~ ~I Ic~;~ti~~:~ cift~~ ~L'er~fi~d. C~rr~~g~laint~ and T~indxngs ~t !'rz~h~.~sl~ t~ u~~ that rn~yf hc~ hrc~u~}~t ~y the ~ rt~~~ t4~ this ~:'c~r~s~nt ~}rd~r. ~~;:~z:~nc~ ~~t ~.~;rc~~<; ~c~ r~fY•~ ~a f~rc~~~t~ ~.kir~~ ar~t~I~~~c} ~c;t~t~~ a. ~ ~~t ~z~y et~m~~~ain t gar


c~th~r ~~~~t~t~ r~h~~, ~r~ any ~a~~, }~a.~-licip~tc~~i ~r~ t~~~ ir~v~s~ti ~~i~n ~r late ~tic~n of this rnait~r~ ~~c~uld ~.~~~a~nc~~n~ fail ~~ tirn~ly r~~~~c; the ~ ~m~ t ~~t ~c~rth ~~ this ~"c~n~~~t ~.3rder,.

~ ~.

~~~s~~~~~er~t ~h,~l~ p~~> iz~ ~c~c~i~ic~~ tc~ in~er~::~t are i~Y~: ;~w~~•c~, ail r~ ~n~bl~ ec~~t~ a.~c~ ~x ~~se~ i~cu~°~~d in any ~' rther ~iC}~ ~:an~ ~~ra~c~c~~ by CI

~C~li1~~ (?l` S'Lt~~?~ T1t~4"CS~c"lTj~

CC}I.I.T~t C~1~~c~m~~f~r~t

t~ cc~ll~ct car c~r~farc~ the re~~p~~tiv~ ~~rec ~~ nt~ ~~erein


1 l.

~'c~v Jc~r~ey l.,~v~ shill ~;c~vc~rn tl~~ ~rif~~rcerr~E~nt cif i~~is ~+~r~s~~at C.~rd~r.

1 2,

~Jc~~~~in~ ire ~.~~~s ~~~~~ rat C~~~icr ~h~ll i~~ ~~ny m~nn~~ ~~ ~a~ast~ued tc~ limit ~r ~ffr~~t the

sights a1` ~n~ ~er~c~ns, ~th~r thin the ~aa~tic~;; t~ this a~r~~n~~ni ~c~ orc~~r, ~~a rn~y hive ~ clair~~ ~"~ ,, a~ain~~~1~ s~on:,~. :~t r~~• a~~~ i~7c~i~ric~~x~~l ~r ~r~t.ity in~~~i~rc~~ icy this t~~~ttc~. 3' {j, y; ... ..

~ire~;tr~r, i~r~w 3~~~s~y 1'~i~risio~~ c~r~ Cir~l~l Rights

~~.~s471, V.,lFi~.✓~ ' .r 1. ~i' 1

~~~aL\~~~ ~✓V~~.3~1V r~`#3 r~Yl~ ;~Yl..~~: ~+~~

.lYl~ ~~+`~.lt Y v~~✓l ~ I~,y ~1`t lJl ~../lY~~~ ~t

E.l.I1,.A.~ ~~[ir..

.~ _.......



..~ r.,,

~'3I'1Y'l~ T1~3.~'Y't(''


r_.......~__......~...._.._..,......_ ~,


~ .....~.~~.._..,..w__.....M..._~_~,,, ..~..........~.~....,... .._~.~..._._. dg .....~ _ .~...._... _..,~~........,.._..._~~.._.......

~~~~j ~i.)

,~., t.~`C~~PL~.1~I;~~"~'.~ ~-~tF.R}=~~~ C;f~}N~~I~ T'(7 `1~'1I~~ ~~1~.IvI, +C(~N7'~,NT, ANA EIUT~."S~" ~~' "I~'~IIS ~I~. ~~~ ~ , ~, ....~....~..~...~. ...~., .....~w.~. ......~.. ~~ .


'.; , ~`


~~ ~~.. ~,. ~;~ ~`.' Si~natur~:


~ ~~~ .....~...... .:..._~_..,.._.....~..:...._..._...~...~..__.._

C'I~~k.~~.~5 i t~tur~:



~~. ~rt~I~l~.11'4 ~l:r ~~ Pt.t.✓J~

~. C'~.1~;Tv~;A~



dated: ~ v~~~j ...~ `

~ "