Organized by Original Roll Number - Rick Crandall

Organized by Original Roll Number - Rick Crandall

Organized by Original Roll Number by Rick Crandall 1 Tempo I Unknown Parade des vers Luisants Parade of the Worms a "missing" roll from any cata...

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Organized by Original Roll Number

by Rick Crandall

1 Tempo

I Unknown

Parade des vers Luisants Parade of the Worms

a "missing" roll from any catalog 2 Tempo

Aida Marche Triomphale Verdi, Giuseppe Aida Triumphant March

same as other Aida roll? 31,001 Tempo

31,002 Tempo 80

I 1913 Kinderszenen. Träumerei Op. 15 No. 7 in F Schumann, Robert Scenes from Childhood. Dreaming Op. 15 No. 7 in F I 1913 Canzonetta. Op. 6 in G Minor Ambrosio, Alfredo d'

1898 Romantic violin and piano 31,003 Tempo 80



Lieder ohne Worte. Op. 62 No. 6. Frühlingslied - Allegretto grazioso, in A Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Songs Without Words. Spring Song

from Book 5 (duet arrangements) of 8 books of piano pieces 31,004 Tempo

II 1913 Ave Maria. Meditation arr. by Charles Gounod Bach, Johann Seb.

Gounod wrote this meditation to accompany Bach's 130 year earlier Ave Maria 31,005 Tempo

I 1913 Ave Maria (Hymne an die Jungfrau) Schubert, Franz Hymn to the Virgin

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 31,006 Tempo 75

II 1913 Nocturne. Op 9 No. 2 arr. by Pablo Sarasate Chopin, Frederick

regarded as Chopin's most famous piece 31,007 Tempo

31,008 Tempo 70

I 1913 Chanson Triste. Op. 40 No. 2 Tschaikowsky, P. Sad Song II 1913 Romanze Op. 44 No. 1 Rubinstein, Anton Romance

known as Rubenstein's Romance, later sung by Frank Sinatra as "If You Are but a Dream" 31,009 Tempo

II 1913 Im Rosenduft. Schwedisches lied Gustav, Prinz v. Schweden The Scent of Roses. Swedish Song


31,010 Tempo 90

I 1913 Solveig's Lied; (Peer Gynt Suite II) Opus 55 No. 4 Grieg, Edvard Solveig's Song

Ludwig Hupfeld used this as a demo roll along with a mazurka 33033


I 1913 Abendfriede - Op. 6 Dameck, Hjalmar v. Evening Peace


II 1913



31,013 Tempo

31,014 Tempo

31,015 Tempo

31,016 Tempo

31,017 Tempo 75

Der Spielmann. Op. 15 No. 1. Lied für Sopranstimme. Klavierbegleitung mit Viol. Hildach, Eugen The Minstrel. Song for Soprano. piano accomp. with violin II 1913 Stances. Chant pour Mezzo-Soprano. accomp. de Piano avec Viol.obl Ange. Flegier Poem. Song for Mezzo Soprano. Piano accomp. with violin I 1913 Abendlied. Op. 85 No. 12 Schumann, Robert Evening Song I 1913 Solvejg's Wiegenlied Grieg, Edvard Solvejg's Cradle Song I 1913 Am Meer: Lied Schubert, Franz On the Sea. Song I 1917 Peer Gynt Suite I. Op 46 Morgenstimmung Grieg, Edvard Morning Mood

describing the beauty of a Morocco morning; composed for Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt 31,018 Tempo

I 1917 Peer Gynt Suite Op 46 No. 3. Anitras Tanz Grieg, Edvard Anitras Dance

Anitra was a Norwegian playwright's idea of what an Arabic name ought to sound like. 31,019 Tempo

31,020 Tempo

31,021 Tempo

III 1928 Studentenlieder - Potpourri No. I Kohlmann, M. Students Songs - Medley No. I III 1928 Studentenlieder - Potpourri No. 2 Kohlmann, M. Students Songs - Medley No. 2 I 1928 Jamaica. "In Jamaica lebt ein Affen Paar"" Cox, Percy Jamaica. "In Jamaica, Lives a Pair of Monkeys'"

shimmy fox


31,022 Tempo

I 1928 Tufuma-Fox Smigelski, Ernst

Foxtrot 31,023 Tempo

I 1928 Treffpunkt Dorado. Tahiti-Fox Nelson, Rudolph Reunion Dorado

Foxtrot 31,024 Tempo

I 1928 Cloclo. Kinder, es ist keine Sünde. Lehar, Franz Cloclo. Children, There is No Sin.

onestep 31,025 Tempo 90

I 1928 In Swinemünde träumt man im Sand Stolz, Robert Swinoujscie You Dream in the Sand

foxtrot 31,026 Tempo

I 1928 Wo steckt bloss mein Archibald? Bozi, Harold de

foxtrot 31,027 Tempo

I 1928 Einmal nur. Lindsay, J. ,Theimer

Only once.

Boston Romance 31,028 Tempo

I 1928 Wie ein Hauch Weintraub, Max Like a Breath

waltz boston 31,029 Tempo

I 1928 La femme à la rose Gabaroche, Gaston The Woman of the Rose

waltz 31,030 Tempo

I 1928 Wana Friend, Cliff

foxtrot 31,031 Tempo

I 1928 Salomo Bell, Harry

shimmy fox 31,032 Tempo

I 1928 Nein, du kannst mein Schatz nicht sein Helmburgh-Holmes No, You Can Not Be My Treasure

Java-Dance 31,033 Tempo

I 1928 Magdalenen-boston Smigelski, Ernst Magdalene

waltz slow


31,034 Tempo

I 1928 Walzer Op. 2 No. 6 Centola, Ernesto

waltz 31,035 Tempo

I 1928 Reve des Amoureux Cristofaro, Filomento de Dream of Love

waltz slow 31,037 Tempo

I 1928 Brno Fall, Richard

onestep 31,038 Tempo

I 1928 Honey Love Wenrich, Percy

foxtrot 31,040 Tempo

31,041 Tempo

I 1928 Blauäuglein. (Kriegers abschied) Soldaten Marsch Morse, Theodor F. Blue-eyes. (Warrior's farewell) soldiers march I 1928 Mein Vetter Nick Burns, Tom My Cousin Nick

onestep 31,043 Tempo

31,046 Tempo

II 1928

Leben in der Bude (Das musikalische haus) Grosses SchlagerPotpourri Morena, Camillo Life in the Booth (the musical home) Big Pop-Potpourri I 1928 Erst sagt man A. Muller, Johannes Only One Says A.

shimmy 31,047 Tempo

31,048 Tempo 75

I 1928 Melodie Dawes, Charles G.


III 1928 Die Fledermaus - Quadrille Fig 1 - 4 Strauss, Johann

ranks 16th most-performed operatic work; Chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 31,049 Tempo 70

III 1928 Fledermaus - Quadrille Fig 5 - 6 mit Schlusswalzer Strauss, Johann

traditionally danced at midnight of New Years 31,050 Tempo 75

I 1928 Angora Stafford, Frank



31,051 Tempo

I 1928 Pi-Pa-Po Bludau, Ewald

shimmy fox 31,052 Tempo

I 1928 Noch und Noch. Der erste Kuss Kollo, Walter Still and yet. The First Kiss

foxtrot 31,053 Tempo

I 1928 Noch und Noch. Spree Rangen Kollo, Walter Still and Yet

foxtrot 31,054 Tempo

31,055 Tempo

I 1928 Walzer. Op 69 No2 (posthumous) Chopin, Frederic I 1928 Zwei verlassene Italiener. Jehring, Julius Two Italians Abandoned.

waltz; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 31,056 Tempo

I 1928 Unberufen! Toi, toi, toi! Fall, Richard Unanswered Call Toi, toi, toi!

shimmy 31,057 Tempo 75

I 1928 Hurdy-Gurdy Blues Scott, Gene

foxtrot blues 31,058 Tempo 55

I 1928 Wiener Boheme-Shimmy. Schlager-Ragout Fall, Richard Vienna Boheme - Popular "stew"

shimmy 31,059 Tempo

I 1928 Hermosa Nina; Schönes Mädchen. Haussler, A. Beautiful Girl

Tango Milonga 31,060 Tempo

I 1928 A Kiss in the Dark Herbert, Victor

waltz 31,061 Tempo

I 1928 Bambalina Youmans, Vincent und Herbert Stothart

foxtrot 31,063 Tempo

I 1928 Bei mir, da musste neunzehn trudeln Preil, Paul For Me, When I Was 19



33,001 Tempo

II 1913 Liebestraum nach dem Ball Czibulka, Alphons Love's Dream After the Ball.

Intermezzo 33,002 Tempo

II 1913 Traum der Sennerin. Idylle. Op. 45 Labitzky, August Alp Maid's Dream

For 2 Violins 33,003 Tempo 70

I 1913 Excelsior-Ballet. Sulle Rive del Weser Marenco, Romualdo On the Banks of the Weser.

Mazurka; Ludwig Hupfeld used this as a demo roll along with 31010 33,004 Tempo

I 1913 Loin du Bal Gillet, Ernest

Far From the Ball

intermezzo 33,005 Tempo

I 1913 La Soixantaine. Morceau de Genre Wachs, Paul The Sixties. A Slice of Time

Characteristic Piece 33,006 Tempo 75

II 1913 Blumengeflüster Blon, Franz von Rustling Flowers

1909 characteristic piece 33,007 Tempo

I 1913 Mit dir. Walzerlied Riemann, Gustav With Thee

Waltz Song 33,008 Tempo 85

II 1913 Blumenlied. Op. 39 Lange,Gustav Flower Song

one of Lange's best-known pieces 33,009 Tempo

33,010 Tempo

I 1913 Unknown

Serenade Daisy Toby

II 1913 Salut d'Amour. Op 12 Elgar, Edward Love's Greeting

Elgar wrote this for his wife as an engagement present 33,011 Tempo 60

II 1913 Traumbild Blon, Franz von

Fairy Dream

characteristic piece 33,012 Tempo 75

II 1913 L'Extase. Entracte sur le Pantomime: de Mlle. Pygmalion Thome´, Francis The Ecstasy. Intermission from the Pantomine, Miss Pygmalion

a romance


33,013 Tempo 70

II 1913 Songe d'Automne. Joyce, Archibald Dream of Autumn

waltz; last tune played on the night the Titanic sank 33,014 Tempo

III 1913 In the Shadows Finck, Herman

Dance 33,015 Tempo

33,016 Tempo

II 1913 I hab amal a Räuscherl g'habt (Liebesrausch) Kapeller, Karl Love's Charm II 1913 Godin, F.

Valse Septembre September Waltz

Used in the film Titanic 33,017 Tempo

I 1913 Ballgeflüster. Op. 73 No. 2. Meyer, Helmund Whispering of Ball

Waltz Intermezzo 33,018 Tempo

II 1913 Erinnerung an die Alpen. Op. 11 Ritter, Herm. Reminiscence of the Alps

Fantasy 33,019 Tempo

33,020 Tempo 75

II 1913 An Dich! Valse Serenade Op. 390 Czibulka, Alphons To You! III 1913 Verschmähte Liebe. Lincke, Paul Spurned Love

waltz; inspired from losing his wife, Ellen Sousa, to her work on stage 33,021 Tempo 70

III 1913 Lustspiel-Ouvertüre Keler-Bela, Albert v. Comedy Overture

Bela's comedy overture was a centerpiiece of his 1875 concert tour 33,022 Tempo

I 1913 Kroup, F.

Sehnsucht nach der Heimat. Longing for Home.

Russian March 33,023 Tempo 65

I 1913 Die Holzschachtel Fabrikanten Prigoshy, J. The Wooden Box Makers

Russian popular song 33,024 Tempo

I 1913 Der letzte heutige Tag Michailow, D. The Last Day

Russian popular song


33,025 Tempo

33,026 Tempo

33,027 Tempo

33,028 Tempo

33,029 Tempo

33,030 Tempo

33,031 Tempo

33,032 Tempo

II 1913 Polonez Oginskiego Wronski, Adam Polonaise II 1913 Potpourri Polnischer Melodien Wronski, Adam Selection of Polish Melodies I 1913 Simple Aveu. Op. 25 Romance sans paroles Thome, Francis Simple Confession I 1913 Somewhere a Voice is Calling. Tate, Arthur F. II 1913 Sing Me to Sleep Greene, Edwin I 1913 The Broken Melody Biene, Auguste van I 1913 Liselotte. Air de Ballet Adam, Leon I 1917 Der Rosenkranz Nevin, Ethelbert The Rosary

second tune; 38005 is 1st; sold 2.6 mil copies by 1928, setting the record for sheet music sale 33,033 Tempo 75

II 1917 Elefant und Mucke Op. 520 Kling, Henri Elephant and the Fly

duo characteristic, this for 2 violins; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 33,035 Tempo 85

II 1917 Frühlings-Erwachen Bach, Emil L. Awakening of Spring

play criticizing the sexual oppression of 19th century and the erotic fantasies it breeds 33,036 Tempo

33,037 Tempo 50

I 1917 Gruss an Sorrent (sei gegrüsst, du mein schönes Sorrent) Waldmann, Ludoff Greetings to Sorrento (Greetings to You My Beautiful Sorrento) I 1917 Hochzeitsständchen Op 59 Klose, Oskar Wedding Serenade Op 59


33,038 Tempo

33,039 Tempo

II 1917 Grüsse an die Heimat Kromer, Carl Greetings to the Native Country II 1917 Serenade Titl, A.Emil


I 1917 Unter Blumen. Frühlings Serenade Mascheroni, Angelo Among Flowers. Spring Serenade


II 1917



33,042 Tempo

33,043 Tempo

33,044 Tempo

Slap mein Kind: paraphrase über Ein Wiegenlied aus dem Schützengraben Riemann, Gustav ; J. Schmidt Slap My Child: paraphrase of a Lullaby from the Trenches -Arthur) III 1917 Ungarische Lustspiel-Ouvertüre Kelar-Bela, Albert v. Hungarian Comedy Overture II 1917 Der letzte Gruss. Ein deutscher Sang Levi, Hermann The Last Greeting. A German song II 1923 My Curly-Headed Baby. Negerwiegenlied Clutsam, G. H. Plantation song

Negro lullaby 33,045 Tempo

33,046 Tempo

33,047 Tempo

I 1923 Der Hirtenknabe. Pfeiflied mit Chor der Sennerinnen Bernard, Charles The Shepherd Boy. Whistling Song with the Dairymaids Chorus III 1923 Bellmaniana arranged by B. Fexer Bellman, K. M. Swedish song to the memory of Bellman II 1923 Vid Froso kyrka (Bei der Frosokirche) Peterson, W. Berger

song swedish 33,048 Tempo

I 1923 Danslek ur Ran Peterson, W. Berger Dance from the Opera Ran

dance Swedish 33,049 Tempo

I 1923 Sommarsang Berger, W. Peterson

Summer song

song swedish 9

33,050 Tempo

I 1923 Sverige Stenhammar, Wilhelm


song swedish 33,051 Tempo

II 1923 Tonerna Sjoberg, C. L.

The Tones

song swedish 33,052 Tempo

33,053 Tempo

II 1923 Ringlekar och dansar Ekblad, John Potpourri of Swedish national dances II 1923 Aubade Printanière Op. 37 Lacombe, Paul Spring Serenade

1884 French romantic piece 33,054 Tempo

33,055 Tempo

II 1923 Madrigale Simonetti, Achille. II 1923 Iris. Marriot, B.

Intermezzo waltz 33,056 Tempo

II 1923 Mimi d'amour Vercolier, J. Mimi Love

waltz 33,057 Tempo

33,058 Tempo

II 1923 Prinzessin - Gavotte Waldmann, Cuno Princess - Gavotte I 1923 Pierrot (Histoire d'un Pierrot) Costa, P. Mario (French pantomime character)

Interlude 33,059 Tempo

I 1923 Serenade d'amour Waldau, Harry Serenade of Love

with 33010 33,060 Tempo 80

33,061 Tempo

II 1923 Ständchen Op 21 Heykens, Jonny Serenade Op 21 I 1923 Valse bluette Op 53 No. 2 Schutt, Eduard


33,062 Tempo

I 1923 Spanischer Tanz Op. 12. No 3 in A Moszkowski, Moritz Spanish dance


I 1923 Liebesfeier. Op 16 No 2 Weingartner, Felix Love Celebration


III 1917


Tempo 75

35,002 Tempo

Opernmelodien; a) Zar und Zimmermann b) Wilhelm Tell; c) Der Liebestrank Lortzing, A.; Rossini, G.; Opera melodies: Czar and Carpenter; William Tell; The Donizetti, G. Elixer of Love III 1917

Opernmelodien; a) Die Regimentstochter; b) Lucia di Lammermoor; c) Der freischütze Donizetti, G.; Donizetti, G.; Opera melodies:The Regiment's Daughter; Lucia di Weber, C. M. v. Lammermoor; The Marksman

selection from comic and romantic operas 35,003 Tempo 80

III 1917

Polnische Wirtschaft: a) Lunapark-Marsch; b)wer kann dafür? Walzer c) Parade der Zinnsoldaten; d) Juanita. Mazurka Gilbert, Jean; Gilbert, Jean; Lunapark March; Polish Economy; Parade of the Wooden Jessel, Leon; Morena, C. Soldiers; Mazurka

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 35,004 Tempo 85

III 1917

a) Marche Lorraine; b) Frühlingsstimmen Walzer; c) Silverheels; d) La Czarine Mazurka Genne, Louis; Joh. Strauss; Voices of Spring waltz; Silverheels Indian intermezzo; Russian N. Moret; L. Ganne dance tune

1st tune missing from roll we recut 35,005 Tempo

III 1917

a) Erzherzog Albrecht; b) Donauwellen Waltzer; c) Georgia Camp Meeting; d) Frauenherz Komzak, C.; J. Ivanovici; K. Albrecht March; Waves of the Danube Waltz; Georgia Camp Mills; J. Strauss Meeting; Woman's Heart

automatic; march, waltz; tune; polka 35,006

II 1917



drei russische Lieder; a) Zweifel; b) Wanjka chodisch; c) Allein in die Augen bin ich verliebt 3 Russian Songs: Doubt; ...; But in the eyes I"m in Love

automatic 35,007 Tempo

III 1917

drei russische tanz: a) Little Russian Dance; b) Ball Lesghinka; c) Ball -Tschardasch Op 4 Jakowiew, N.; A. Zarmann; Three Russian dances A Zarmann



35,008 Tempo

III 1928 a) Kinderlieder; b) Mello Cello; c) June Night, Robrecht, C. ; Neil Moret; Abel Baer

automatic; foxtrot; waltz; foxtrot 36,001 Tempo 80

I 1913 Hoffmann's Erzählungen Offenbach, Jacques Tales of Hoffman. Barcarolle

for 2 Violins; Offenbach died before the premiere hence many versions exist 36,002 Tempo 70

I 1913 Zigeunerliebe. Nur die Liebe macht uns jung. Lehar, Franz Gypsy Love; Only Love Makes Us Young

waltz song chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,003 Tempo

36,004 Tempo 75

36,005 Tempo 65

III 1913 Ein Walzertraum Straus, Oscar Waltz Dream II 1913 Das Baby. Dolly Molly Heuberger, Richard Dancing Duet III 1913 Carmen Bizet, Georges

fantasy from one of the most frequently-performed operas 36,007 Tempo

36,008 Tempo

36,009 Tempo

36,010 Tempo

36,012 Tempo 65

I 1913 Lohengrin. Elsas Traum Wagner, Richard Elsa's Dream I 1913 Lohengrin. Elsas Brautzug zum Münster Wagner, Richard Elsa's Bridal March to the Cathedral I 1913 Lohengrin. Brautlied Wagner, Richard Lohengrin. Bridal Song I 1913 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Walthers Preislied Wagner, Richard The Mastersingers of Nuremberg. Walther's Prize Song II 1913 Der Graf von Luxemburg. Lehar, Franz The Count of Luxemburg

waltz; a Viennese take on bohemian life in Paris 36,013 Tempo 90

I 1913 Cavalleria Rusticana. Intermezzo sinfonico Mascagni, Pietro Rustic Chivalry

intermezzo for two violins; considered one of the classic "realism" operas


36,014 Tempo

I 1913 Fall, Leo

Brüderlein fein. Ein Tänzer auf Sechse Fraternal Strife. A Dancer at Six Men

Dancing roll; Waltz song 36,015 Tempo

III 1913 Fall, Leo

Die geschiedene Frau. Kind, du kannst tanzen. Wie meine frau The Girl in the Train. Child You Can Dance. Just Like My Wife

Waltz 36,016 Tempo 75

II 1913 Der Prophet. Krönungsmarsch Meyerbeer, Giacomo The Prophet. Coronation March

1831 military march 36,017 Tempo

II 1913 Das Fürstenkind. Lehar, Franz The Prince's Child.

Waltz 36,018 Tempo

III 1913 Didi Straus, Oscar

Dancing Roll; Waltz 36,019 Tempo 80

II 1913 Tannhäuser. Lied an den Abendstern Wagner, Richard Tannhauser. Song to the Evening Star

centers on the struggle between sacred and profane love 36,020 Tempo

36,021 Tempo

I 1913 Die Tanzhusaren. Husarenmarsch Szirmai, Albert The Dancing Hussars. hussars march I 1913 Fall, Leo

Die geschiedene Frau. Mann steigt nach. The Divorced Woman. Man to Rise.

Dancing Song 36,022 Tempo 80

II 1913 Hallo! Die grosse Revue. Am Bosporus Lincke, Paul Hello! The Great Revue. On the Bosphorus

Turkish intermezzo dance roll 36,023 Tempo

1917 Hupf mein Maderl Flynn, John M. Yip-I-addy-I-ay

waltz song 36,024 Tempo

II 1913 Stabat Mater. Op. 134 trans. by J. Singelee Rossini, Gioacchino

13th Century Catholic hymn to Mary; a medieval poem 36,025 Tempo

I 1913 der Waffenschmied. Auch ich war ein Jüngling. Lortzing, Albert the Gunsmith; When I Was a Young Man.


36,026 Tempo

36,027 Tempo

II 1913 Mignon. Kennst du das Land? Thomas, Ambroise Knoweth Thou the Land I 1913 Polnische Wirtschaft. Die Dorfmusik Gilbert, Jean Polish Economy. The Music Village

Waltz Song 36,028 Tempo 75

II 1913 Der Zigeunerbaron. Wer hat Euch denn getraut. Strauss, Johann The Gypsy Baron, Who Gave You to be Married?

song chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,029 Tempo 75

III 1913 Dichter und Bauer Ouvertüre Suppe, Franz v. Poet and Peasant Overture

used in many film and ad soundtracks; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,030 Tempo 85

36,031 Tempo

III 1913 Die Fledermaus Ouvertüre Strauss, Johann "The Bat" Overture III 1913 Orpheus in der Unterwelt Offenbach, Jacques Orpheus in the Underworld

1858: first classical full-length operetta; potpourri 36,032 Tempo 75

36,033 Tempo 75

III 1913 Faust Fantasie, Op 106 trans. by Singelee Gounod, C. III 1913 Der Zigeunerbaron Ouvertüre Strauss, Johann The Gypsy Baron Overture

operetta that enjoyed great success, 2nd only to Die Fledermaus 36,034 Tempo

III 1913 Lohengrin. Wagner, Richard

Potpourri 36,035 Tempo 75

III 1913 Tannhäuser Wagner, Richard

potpourri 36,036 Tempo 75

III 1913 Tosca; Capriccio-fantasie Puccini, Giacomo

potpourri 36,037 Tempo 70

I 1913 Meditation from Thais Massenet, Jules

one of the great encore pieces by a world-class violin soloist


36,038 Tempo 75

III 1913 La Gioconda Ponchielli, Amilcare

the Mona Lisa

potpourri; a famous example of the Italian genre of Grande opera, 36,039 Tempo

36,040 Tempo 75

36,041 Tempo

I 1913 Vielliebchen. Sauerkraut und Lilie. Englander, Ludwig Philippine Song. Sauerkraut and Lily. II 1913 Der Bajazzo: Lied der Bajazzo Leoncavallo, Ruggiero Pagliacci: Song from I Pagliacci opera II 1913 Die Sprudelfee Reinhardt, Heinrich The Spring Maid

Potpourri 36,042 Tempo

36,043 Tempo

III 1913 Halloh! Die grosse revue. im Walter Rausch. Lincke, Paul The Fantastic Waltz I 1913 Die keusche Susanne. Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne. Gilbert, Jean The Girl in the Taxi: the Chaste Susanne.

March 36,044 Tempo

II 1913 Grigri. Kukokama-Estapo Lincke, Paul

African Intermezzo 36,045 Tempo

36,046 Tempo

II 1913 Vielliebchen. Millionenmarsch Englander, Ludwig Philopena - Million March III 1913 Die keusche Susanne. Wenn die Füsschen sie haben. Gilbert, Jean The Innocent Susanne. The Girl in the Taxi

Accompaniment of a 1926 silent movie; Waltz selection 36,047 Tempo

I 1913 Vielliebchen. Das muss der Juni sein. Englander, Ludwig That Must be June

Philippine March Song 36,048 Tempo

36,049 Tempo

I 1913 Die Brautlotterie. Zwischenakt des III Aktes Messager, Andre The Bride Lottery I 1913 Die Zauberflöte. In diesen heil'gen Hallen. Mozart, Wolfgang A. The Magic Flute in These Hollowed Halls


36,050 Tempo 65

II 1913 Madame Sherry. Liebestanz. Rheinlander. Hoshna, K. L. The Love Dance

dance roll 36,051 Tempo 85

36,052 Tempo

36,053 Tempo 80

II 1913 Eva Waltz. Pariser Pflaster Lehar, Franz Eva Waltz II 1913 König Jerome. Verliebt. Romanze Ziehrer, C. M. King Jerome. In Love. Romance I 1913 Eva March. Pariser Pflaster. Lehar, Franz Eva. Streets of Paris

march dancing roll 36,054 Tempo

I 1913 Die Nacht von Berlin. Willi und Cilli Hollaender, Victor The Night of Berlin

Dancing roll 36,055 Tempo 80

II 1913 Autoliebchen. Das haben die Mädchen so gerne. Gilbert, Jean Car Sweetheart. Thats What the Girls Love

march song dance roll chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,056 Tempo

II 1913 Autoliebchen. Versuchs doch mal. Gilbert, Jean Car Sweetheart. Try it Once.

Waltz dancing roll 36,057 Tempo 75

III 1913 Martha Ouvertüre Flotow, Friedrich v.

among Flotow's most appreciated works; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,058 Tempo 75

36,059 Tempo

III 1913 Die Grosse Kanone. Lincke, Paul The Large Cannon; Medley of Modern Hits II 1913 Grosse Rosinen. Pauline geht tanzen. Kollo, Walter Large Raisins. Pauline Goes Dancing.

Waltz duet; combined with roll 37255 36,060 Tempo

I 1913 Grosse Rosinen. Mit de Finger, mit de Beene. Kollo, Walter Large Raisins. With the Finger, With de Beene

Marche daincing roll 36,061 Tempo

III 1913 Fall, Leo

Der liebe Augustin. Anna, was ist denn mit Dir? Princess Caprice Anna, What's Wrong with You

waltz dance roll


36,062 Tempo 70

III 1913 Die Zigeunerin Ouvertüre Balfe, M. W. The Bohemian Girl Overture

plot is loosely based on a Cervantes tale, La Gitanilla. 36,063 Tempo

III 1913 Der Bajazzo- Part I Leoncavallo, R. Pagliacci (The Clown) Part I

potpourri,of Part I; the only Leoncavallo opera still widely staged 36,064 Tempo 75

III 1913 Der Bajazzo - Part II Leoncavallo, R. Pagliacci Part II

selection II - potpourri 36,065 Tempo 75

III 1913 Alessandro Stradella Ouvertüre Flotow, Friedrich v.

romantic opera based on Stradella's life; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,066 Tempo 70

36,067 Tempo 75

I 1913 I Pagliacci (Der Bajazzo) - Intermezzo Leoncavallo, R. Pagliacci Intermezzo (The Clown) III 1913 Pique Dame - La Dame de Pique Ouvertüre Suppe, Franz v.

varied and vivid melodies based on Pushkin's Queen of Spades 36,068 Tempo 70

III 1913 Cavalleria Rusticana - Potpourri Mascagni, Pietro

includes Ouvertüre; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,069 Tempo

I 1913 Der Frauenfresser. Kommen Sie, kommen Sie Eysler, Edmund The Woman Eater. Come Come

Dance polka 36,070 Tempo

III 1913 Banditenstreiche Ouvertüre Suppe, Franz v. The Jolly Robbers

varied from soft to fanfare to march to dramatic to "trotting" rhythm 36,071 Tempo

I 1913 Puppchen, Puppchen, du bist mein Augenstern. Gilbert, Jean Darling, Darling You Are in My Eye

March dancing roll 36,072 Tempo

I 1913 Filmzauber. Untern Linden. Kollo, Walter Movie magic. Enterprises on Linden.

March 36,073 Tempo 80

III 1913 Mignon Ouvertüre Thomas, Ambroise

Thomas's best-known and first-acclaimed opera; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert


36,074 Tempo

I 1913 Schwindel Meier & Co. Wahrheit Marsch. Nelson, Rudolph Charlatan & Co. March of the Truth

March daincing roll 36,075 Tempo 75

36,076 Tempo

III 1913 Wilhelm Tell Ouvertüre Rossini, Gioacchino William Tell Overture III 1913 Berlin Wackelt. Op. 123 Morena, Camillo Berlin Wobbles

With Unter'n Linden, Fliederlied and 6 more tunes; Potpourri 36,077 Tempo 75

III 1913 Die Försterchristl Jarno, Georg Christel Waltz

waltz daince roll chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,078 Tempo

I 1913 Filmzauber. Machen Wir zusammen eine Firma auf. Rheinländer. Kollo, Walter Movie Magic. We do Together on a Company. Rhinelander.

Dancing roll 36,079 Tempo

36,080 Tempo 65

I 1913 Filmzauber. Kind, ich schlafe so schlecht. Kollo, Walter Movie Magic. Child I Sleep so Badly III 1913 Semiramis Ouvertüre Rossini, Gioacchino

based on Voltaire's tragedy Semiramis 36,081 Tempo 75

I 1913 Die Reise um die Erde in 40 Tagen. Warum nimmst du denn den Hut? Gilbert, Jean Around the World in 40 Days. What Do You Take for the Hat

march dance roll 36,082 Tempo

I 1913 Die Reise um die Erde in 40 Tagen. Liebe macht uns dumm. Gilbert, Jean Around the World in 40 days. Love Makes Us Stupid.

Waltz dancing roll 36,083 Tempo 75

II 1913 Tango-Prinzessin. Ja wenn das der Petrus wusste. Gilbert, Jean Tango Princess. Yes, If That's the Peter You Knew.

march dance roll chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,084 Tempo

I 1913 Die Reise um die Erde in 40 Tagen. Mädchen sind wie die Engelein. Gilbert, Jean Around the World in 40 days. Girls are Like the Angels.

Dancing roll, song 36,085 Tempo

I 1913 Wie einst im Mai. Die Männer sind alle Verbrecher. Kollo, Walter As Once in May. The Men are all Criminals.

March dancing roll


36,086 Tempo

I 1913 Wie einst im Mai. Das war in Schöneberg. Kollo, Walter Once in May in Schoneberg

March song dancing roll 36,087 Tempo

I 1913 Das Farmer Mädchen. Der schöne Fredi. Rheinländer Jarno, Georg The Farmer Girl. The Beautiful Fredi. Rhinelander

Dancing roll 36,088 Tempo

I 1913 Hoheit - der Franz! Wenn die Hühner schlafen gehn. Winterberg, Robert Sovereignty; When the Chickens Go to Sleep

March song dancing roll 36,089 Tempo

36,090 Tempo

I 1913 Tiefland (Terra Baixa) Intermezzo d'Albert, Eugen Lowlands intermezzo I 1913 Die Kinokönigin. Liebliche kleine Dingerchen Gilbert, Jean The Queen of the Movies - Lovely Small Little Things

March dance roll 36,091 Tempo

I 1913 Die Kino-Königin. In der Nacht. Gilbert, Jean The Queen of the Movies: At Night

Song dance roll 36,092 Tempo

I 1913 Puppchen. Gehn wir mal zu Hagenbeck. Gilbert, Jean Dearie Let's Go to Hagenbeck.

March dance roll 36,093 Tempo

III 1913 Die Kinokönigin. Man lacht, man lebt, man liebt Gilbert, Jean The Queen of the Movies. We Laugh, We Live, to Love

With introduction and Coda; Waltz dance roll 36,094 Tempo

I 1913 Der lachende Ehemann. Juppla, Juppla, heisassa Eysler, Edmund The Laughing Husband

Song dance roll 36,095 Tempo

I 1913 Der Zigeunerprimas.Ich tanz mit dir ins Himmelreich. Kalman, Emmerich Dancing With You Into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Waltz song dance roll 36,096 Tempo

36,097 Tempo 75

II 1913 Hoheit tanzt Walzer. Ascher, Leo Sovereignty Waltz. III 1913 Der Fliegende Holländer Ouvertüre Wagner, Richard The Flying Dutchman Overture

Wagner was inspired following a stormy sea crossing in 1839


36,098 Tempo

III 1913 Halka Moniuszko, J.B.

Polish Opera; potpourri - .one of his greatest - called "The Polish national opera" 36,099 Tempo

III 1913 Rienzi. Ouvertüre Wagner, Richard

Wagner's first success; based on the life of Cola di Rienze; medieval Italian populist 36,100 Tempo

II 1913 Der Zigeunerprimas. Stradivari Kalman, Emmerich The Gypsy Primates. Stradivarius

Air tzigane 36,101 Tempo 70

III 1913 Madam Butterfly Puccini, Giacomo

potpourri; ranks 7th of the most-performed operas worldwide 36,102 Tempo

I 1913 Der lachende Ehemann. Eysler, Edmund The Laughing Husband wine song

song from operetta 36,103 Tempo

36,104 Tempo

II 1913 Eine Szene im Palais de danse Nelson, Rudolph A Scene at the Palace of Dance I 1913 Chauffeur, ins Metropol, da gehen die Mädchen hin. Nelson; Rudolph Driver, the Metropolitan, as the Girls go Through.

Dance duet dancing roll 36,105 Tempo

36,106 Tempo 75

I 1913 Die Walküre. Siegmunds Liebeslied Wagner, Richard The Valkyrie.. Siegmund's Love Song III 1913 Der Bajazzo - Prolog Leoncavallo, Ruggiero I. Pagliacci Paillasse - Prolog

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,107 Tempo 75

II 1913 Die Zauberflöte Ouvertüre Mozart, Wolfgang A. The Magic Flute Overture

Albert Einstein said this was Mozart's bequest to mankind 36,108 Tempo

36,109 Tempo

I 1913 Princess Gretl. Lindenwirt mach' die Türen auf. Reinhardt, Heinrich I 1913 Polenblut. Helena. Nedbal, Oskar Polish Blood


36,110 Tempo

III 1913 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Vorspiel Wagner, Richard The Master Singers of Nuremberg. Prelude

prelude to one of the longest operas - the only Wagner comedy 36,111 Tempo

III 1913 Ein Sommernachtstraum. Ouvertüre Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Midsummer Night's Dream. Overture

Mendelsssohn was 17 when he wrote this 36,112 Tempo

III 1917 Parsifal. Wagner, Richard

Fantasy 36,113 Tempo

I 1917 Die Millionen Harlekins Drigo, Richard The Millions of Harlequin

Waltz Boston 36,114 Tempo

I 1917 Wenn der Frühling kommt Gilbert, Jean When Spring Comes

March intermezzo 36,115 Tempo 85

I 1917 Les Millions d'Arlequin. Reconciliation Polka Drigo, Richard The Harlequin's Millions.

polka chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,116 Tempo

III 1917 Rheingold L'Or du Rhin. Wagner, Richard The Rhinegold- the Gold of the Rhine

Fantasy 36,117 Tempo 75

III 1917 La Traviata Fantasie Verdi, Giuseppe

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,118 Tempo

II 1917 Der Juxbaron. Wenn ein Mädel einen Herrn hat. Kollo, Walter The Juxbaron. If a Girl Has a Lord.

Dance roll march duet 36,119 Tempo 80

I 1917 Das dumme Herz. Die Freundin und der Freund. Ziehrer, C. M. The Foolish Heart. The Girlfriend and Boyfriend.

dance roll polka 36,120 Tempo 70

36,121 Tempo

II 1917 Carmen: Cavatine Bizet, Georges II 1917 Liebling komm auf Sommerwohnung; Wie einst im Mai. Kollo, Walter Come on Favorite Summer Residence; As Once in May

waltz song


36,122 Tempo

I 1917 Die schöne Kubanerin. Was das lockende leben bringt. Gabriel, Max The Beautiful Cuban Woman What Life Brings Enticing.

waltz intermezzo 36,123 Tempo 75

III 1917 Il Trovatore Verdi, Giuseppe

The Troubadour

fantasy 36,124 Tempo

III 1917 Tristan und Isolde Wagner, Richard

Fantasy 36,125 Tempo

I 1917 Extrablatter. Die graue Felduniform Kollo, Walter Extra Leaves. The Gray Field Uniform

soldier song 36,126 Tempo 70

III 1917 Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor. Ouvertüre Nicolai, Otto The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture

based on the play The Merry Wives of Windsor by Shakespeare; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel 36,127 Tempo 75

III 1917 Die Schöne Galathée - Ouvertüre Suppe, Franz von The Beautiful Galatea. Overture

von Suppe's first critical success, sculptor Pygmalion falls in love with his statue Galathee 36,128 Tempo 75

III 1917 Raymond Ouvertüre Thomas, Charles Ambroise

popular overture from a rare French opera, 1851 36,129 Tempo 75

II 1917 Sylvia-Ballet. Delibes, Leo

pizzicati and slow waltz 36,130 Tempo

36,131 Tempo

III 1917 Lohengrin. festspiel und Brautchor Wagner, Richard Introduction to the 3rd Act and Bridal Chorus II 1917 Die ideale Gattin. Tausend rote Rosen Lehar, Franz The Ideal Wife: One Thousand Red Roses

waltz song 36,132 Tempo

II 1917 Prisca! Prisca! from Die Najaden. Rupprecht, Theodor

Italian serenade 36,133 Tempo

I 1917 Immer feste druff.Der Soldate. Kollo, Walter

march duet


36,134 Tempo

36,135 Tempo 75

I 1917 Immer feste druff. Vergissmeinnicht Kollo, Walter Forget Me Not from operette III 1923 Fall, Leo

Die Rose von Stambul The Rose of Istanbul

one of Fall's most popular operettas - this is a selection 36,136 Tempo

II 1923 Schwarzwaldmädel Jessel, Leon Maid of the Black Forest

Melodies of the heart 36,137 Tempo

I 1923 Das Fräulein vom Amt. Marie, o Marie Gilbert, Jean The Lady from the Office. Marie o Marie

two step 36,138 Tempo

I 1923 Schwarzwaldmädel Jessel, Leon Maid of the Black Forest

waltz 36,139 Tempo

I 1923 Drei alte Schachteln. Was nützt denn dem Mädchen die Liebe Kollo, Walter Three Old Boxes. What Use is the Girl's Love

two step 36,140 Tempo

I 1923 Die Csardasfürstin. Ganz Ohne Weiber Kalman, Emmerich The Gypsy Princess. Without All Women

considered the peak of Kalman's creations; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,141 Tempo

I 1923 Die Csardasfürstin. Tanzen möcht ich. Kalman, Emmerich The Gypsy Princess. I Want to Dance.

waltz 36,142 Tempo

36,143 Tempo

II 1923 Der Zigeunerprimas. Dorfkinder-Walzer Kalman, Emmerich The Gypsy Primates. Village Children's Waltz I 1923 Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume Sieczynski, Rudolf Vienna, City of My Dreams

Sieczynski's fame rests almost exclusively on this nostalgic Viennese song 36,144 Tempo

I 1923 Das Dreimäderlhaus Berte, Heinrich House of the Three Maidens

waltz 36,145 Tempo

I 1923 Die Peruanerin Nelson, Rudolph The Peruvian

two step


36,146 Tempo 75

II 1923 Die Faschingsfee Kalman, Emmerich The Carnival Fairy

waltz 36,147 Tempo 75

II 1923 Samson und Dalilah. Cantabile. "Sieh mein Herz erschliesset sich" Saint-Saëns, Camille

based on biblical Samson & Delilah, the only opera by Saint-Saëns still regularly performed 36,148 Tempo

II 1923 La Boheme Puccini, Giacomo

The bohemian

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert; fantasy 36,149 Tempo

II 1923 Das Hollandweibchen Kalman; Emmerich The Dutch Woman

waltz 36,150 Tempo 80

III 1923 Der Zigeunerbaron. Part I Strauss, Johann The Gypsy Baron, Part I

potpourri 36,151 Tempo

III 1923 Der Zigeunerbaron. Part II Strauss, Joh. The Gypsy Baron, Part II

Potpourri 36,152 Tempo

I 1923 Der ersten Liebe gold'ne Zeit. Es kommt ein Tag im schönen Mai Gilbert, Jean First Love GoldenTime. It Comes in a Day in May

march 36,153 Tempo

III 1923 Die blaue Mazur Lehar, Franz

potpourri 36,154 Tempo

III 1923 Das Hollandweibchen Kalman, Emmerich The Dutch Woman

potpourri 36,155 Tempo 75

III 1923 Oberon Ouvertüre Weber, Carl M. v. the Elf King's Oath from German poem Oberon

Weber destroyed his health working on this and died in the process. 36,156 Tempo 90

36,157 Tempo



Die Scheidungsreise. Wer wird denn weinen, wenn man auseinandergeht. Hirsch, Hugo The Divorce Journey. Who Will Cry Because When You Come Apart. II 1923 Die Tanzgräfin. Mädchen von montmartre. Stolz, Robert The Countess dance. Girls of Montmartre.

waltz slow


36,158 Tempo

II 1923 Harmony Baynes, Sidney

waltz boston 36,159 Tempo

I 1923 Maskottchen. Dazu sind die Mädels da. Bromme, Walter Mascots. These Are the Girls There.

two step 36,160 Tempo 55

III 1923 36160a Rigoletto (E. Tavan) Part I Verdi, Giuseppe

9th most-performed opera worldwide; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,160 Tempo 75

III 1923 36160 b. Rigoletto. (E. Tavan) Part II Verdi, Giuseppe

9th most-performed opera worldwide; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 36,161 Tempo 80

III 1923 Si j'etais roi Ouvertüre Adam, Adolphe If I Were King

regarded as Adam's finest work 36,162 Tempo

I 1923 Der Geiger von Lugano. Die frauen aus dem Westen. Gilbert, Jean The Violinist of Lugano. The Women from the West

two step 36,163 Tempo

I 1923 Maskottchen. Es gibt im leben manches Mal Momente Bromme, Walter Mascots. There Are Moments in Life Sometimes

fox trot 36,164 Tempo

36,165 Tempo

36,166 Tempo

36,167 Tempo

36,168 Tempo

II 1923 Les deux Pierrots amoureux. No. I Andante Drigo, Richard I 1923 Le deux Pierrots amoureux. No.II Variations des Pierrots Drigo, Richard I 1923 Les deux Pierrots amoureux. No. III Variation de la Fee Drigo, Richard I 1923 Les deux Pierrots Amoureux. No.IV. Finale Drigo, Richard III 1923 Der Bettelstudent Millocker, Carl. The Beggar Student



36,169 Tempo

36,170 Tempo

36,171 Tempo

II 1923 Valse quasi orientale Drigo, Richard I 1923 Lotos. Ballett suite. Bajadere. Waterman, Ad. I 1923 Die blaue mazure. Eine kleine freundin hat doch jeder Mann. Lehar, Franz

Fox trot 36,172 Tempo 75

III 1928 Nebukadnezar, Ouvertüre Verdi, Giuseppe plight of Jews exiled by Babylonian King Nabucco

Verdi commented "this is the opera with which my artistic career really begins" 36,173 Tempo

I 1923 Cafe Rouge. Vals Romans Winter, Fred Red Cafe

Waltz Roman 36,174 Tempo

I 1923 Schäm dich Lotte. Mensch sei helle, bleib Junggeselle Bromme, Walter Shame On You Lotte. Man is Bright, Stay a Bachelor

fox trot or march song 36,175 Tempo

I 1923 S. M. el Dollar. aus der gleichnamigen Operette Abradors, F. J. S. M. El Dollars. from the same operetta

foxtrot 36,176 Tempo

I 1923 El Pajaro azul. Duetto comico de Pilar y Anton Millan, Rafael The Blue Bird

waltz 36,177 Tempo

I 1923 Lady Chic. Lass die Frau zu Hause Kollo, Walter Lady Chic. Let the Woman at Home

Scotch spanish 36,178 Tempo

36,179 Tempo 70

36,180 Tempo

III 1923 Aida Fantasie, Part I Verdi, Giuseppe III 1923 Aida Fantasie Part II; (E. Tavan) Verdi, Giuseppe I 1923 El Pajaro Azul. Pasa-Calle Millan, Rafael The Blue Bird


36,181 Tempo

36,182 Tempo

36,183 Tempo

II 1923 La Dogaresa. Escena y Balada de Micone. Millan, Rafael II 1923 La Dogaresa. Duo de Micone y Zabulon Millan, Rafael I 1923 Die Bajadere. Fräulein bitte wollen Sie Shimmy tanzen? Kalman, Emmerich Miss, Please will You Dance Shimmy?

Shimmy 36,184 Tempo 75

36,185 Tempo

III 1928 Der Geist des Wojwoden. Czardas. Grossmann, Louis The Ghost of the Warrior. Czardas. I 1923 Die kleine Sünderin. In Berlin an der Ecke von de Kaiser-Allee Gilbert, Jean The Little Sinner. In Berlin, at the Corner of Avenue de Kaiser

Two step 36,186 Tempo

I 1923 Die erste Nacht. Wenn du einmal eine Braut hast. Hirsch, Hugo The First Night. Once You're a Bride.

shimmy fox 36,187 Tempo

I 1923 Die tolle Lola. Ich bleib dir treu. Hugo, Hirsch The Great Lola. I'll Stay True.

shimmy fox 36,188 Tempo

36,189 Tempo

36,190 Tempo

I 1923 Europa spricht davon. Helgoland. Steffan, Ernest Europe Talks About It. Heligoland. I 1923 Frasquita. Hab' ein blaues Himmelbett Lehar, Franz Frasquita. Have a Blue Canopy Bed I 1923 Die törichte Jungfrau. Muss es denn gleich die grosse Liebe sein? Straus, Oscar The Foolish Virgin. Must It Be the Love of the Same?

march song 36,191 Tempo

I 1923 Katja, die Tänzerin. Komm Liebchen, wander mit deinem Leander. Gilbert, Jean Katja, the Dancer. Come on Darling, Walking with Your Leander.

Shimmy 36,192 Tempo

I 1923 Fridericus Rex. Daraus Parademarsch der 'Langen Kerls' Roland, Marc Fridericus Rex. The parade of 'Tall Guys'


36,193 Tempo

I 1923 Der Fürst von Pappenheim. Du brauchst mir ja nicht treu zu sein. Hirsch, Hugo The Fürst von Pappenheim. You Need Not Me to Be Faithful.

shimmy Fox 36,194 Tempo



The Fürst von Pappenheim. Und zum Schluss - schuf der liebe gott den kuss Hirsch, Hugo The Fürst von Pappenheim. And Finally - the Love God Has Created the Kiss

shimmy 36,195 Tempo

I 1923 Süsse susi. Was war die Welt ohne Frauen. Grzyb, Siegfried Sweet Susi. What Was the World Without Women.

fox trot 36,196 Tempo

I 1923 Die Bacchantin. Wenn wir beide Hochzeit machen. Corzilius & Cuypers The Bacchae. If We Wed.

shimmy 36,197 Tempo

I 1923 Süsse Susi. Schöne Lippen darf man küssen Grzyb, Siegfried Sweet Susie. Beautiful Lips to Kiss You

two step 36,198 Tempo

I 1923 Die Schönste der Frauen. du bist die Schönste der Frauen Bromme, Walter The Most Beautiful Women. You Are the Most Beautiful of Women

waltz song 36,199 Tempo

I 1923 Die Tugend Prinzessin. Ich lasse meine Frau zu Haus Zorlig, Kurt The Virtue Princess. I Leave My Wife at Home.

One step 36,200 Tempo

I 1923 Der Gauklerkönig. Gute nacht, liebes Mägdelein. Gilbert, Jean The Juggler King. Good Night, Dear Maid.

fox trot 36,201 Tempo

I 1923 Drunter und Drüber. Ich hab' ein Stechen im fünften Stock Kollo, Walter Below and Above. I've Got a Jump on the Fifth Floor

fox trot 36,202 Tempo

I 1923 Charlie. Loreley, dire fehlt ein Bräutigam Goetze, Walt. W.

fox trot 36,203 Tempo

1928 Die toten Augen d'Albert, Eugen The Dead Eyes

fantasy 36,204 Tempo

I 1923 Ta Bouche. Machinalement. Yvain, Maurice Your Mouth. Mechanically.

Foxtrot shimmy 28

36,205 Tempo

I 1923 Ta Bouche Valse Yvain, Maurice Waltz from Ta Bouche Operette

waltz boston 36,206 Tempo

I 1923 Ta Bouche. Ca c'est une Chose qu'on ne peut pas oublier Yvain, Maurice Your Mouth. That's the Thing

foxtrot shimmy 36,207 Tempo

I 1928 Dolly, O Mägdelein, du bist mir sehr verdächtig Hirsch, Hugo Dolly, O maiden, You Are to Me Very Suspicious

shimmy 36,208 Tempo

I 1928 Good Morning Dearie. Ka-Lu-A Kern, Jerome

foxtrot 36,209 Tempo

I 1928 Senora. War die erste Frau 'ne Pleite Hirsch, Hugo Senora. Was the First Woman a Bankruptcy

two step 36,210 Tempo

I 1928 Das Radiomädel. Du mein kleines Radiomädel-chen Weiner, Paul The Radiomadel. You Are My Little Radiomadel-chen

shimmy fox 36,211 Tempo

36,212 Tempo

36,213 Tempo

II 1928 Flotte Bursche. Ouvertüre(Arrang. Carl Millöcker) Suppe, Franz v. Fleet Boy III 1928 der Freischutz. Ouvertüre Weber, C. M. v. Protection of Freedom I 1928 Marietta. Frühling straume. Kollo, Walter Spring Dreams

foxtrot 36,214 Tempo

I 1928 Opera Marietta. Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen Kollo, Walter Opera Marietta. Wait, Wait Just a Little While

shimmy 36,215 Tempo

36,216 Tempo

I 1928 Kunihild. Vorspiel zum 3. Akt Kistler, Cyrill Kunihild. Prelude to the 3rd act II 1928 Indische Suite. Op 90 Part I; a) Elegie; b) Orientalische Tanze Luling, Bruno Indian suite, Part I; Elegie; Oriental dance





Zwei deutsche Vaterlandslieder; a) Die Wacht am Rhein: Es braust ein Ruf wie Donnerhall; b) Kaiserlied Wilhelm, Carl ; Harris Two German popular songs







II 1913 Der verklungene Ton Sullivan, Arthur The Lost Chord



Zwei deutsche Vaterlandslieder; Preußenlied: a) Ich bin ein Preusse; b) Der gute Kamerad: Ich hatt'einen Kameraden Two German Popular Songs

English song 37,004 Tempo

I 1913 Das Mockschansky-Regiment auf den Hohen der Mandschurei Schatrow, J.A. The Mockschansky Regiment on the High Manchuria

Waltz 37,005 Tempo

37,006 Tempo 75

37,007 Tempo 75

II 1913 Weibi, Weibi! Haupt, Karl II 1913 La Serenata. Der Engel Lied Braga, Gaetano Angel's Serenade I 1913 Haida Troika! (Im Dreigespann) Steinberg, M. Russian Gypsy Romance


II 1913 Love Me and the World is Mine Ball, Ernst R.


II 1913




3 Weihnachtslieder; Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht; O du Fröhliche; O Tannenbaum: je zwei verse Silent NIght, Holy Night; Oh Happy; Oh Christmas Tree: two verses

Three German Christmas Songs 37,010 Tempo 80

37,011 Tempo 90

I 1913 Bei deinen bezaubernden Liebkosungen. Subow, N. Russian Gypsy Romance - With Your Lovely Caresses. II 1913 Grossmütterchen Langer, Gustav Grandmother

for 2 violins; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert


37,012 Tempo

37,013 Tempo 75

II 1913 Mohnblumen. Moret, Neil Poppy Flowers; Japanese Romance I 1913 Herbst. Op. 12 Moret, Neil Autumn

novelette 37,014 Tempo

37,015 Tempo

I 1913 Ich sehne mich nach einem Wiedersehn. Subow, N. Russian Gypsy Waltz - I Long for a Reunion. I 1913 Dearie Kummer, Clare

The World's Growing Older

English song 37,016 Tempo

I 1913 Good Bye! Tosti, F. Paolo

English song 37,017 Tempo

I 1913 37,017a Old Folks at Home Foster, Stephen

American Popular Song 37,017 Tempo

37,018 Tempo 95

I 1913 37,917 b, Dixie's Land Haines, Chauncey I 1913 Wenn die Schwalben heimwärts ziehen. Abt, Franz When the Swallows Fly Home

Composite 37095 (1 ) + 37018 (2; song) 37,019 Tempo 70

I 1913 Der Rattenfänger Neuendorff, Ad. The Pied Piper of Hamelin or The Rat Catcher

song, The Rat Catcher depicts rats & weasels infesting 13th century towns


2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Wer hat dich, du schöner Wald; b) Nun ade, du mein lieb heimatland Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Two German folksongs:



Tempo 75



II 1913


2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Freut euch des Lebens; b) du, du liegst mir im Herzen Two German folksongs: a) Be Glad of Life, b) You, you are in My Heart

a) from Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer Night; b) originated in Northern Germany ca.1820



II 1913




II 1913


37,024 Tempo

2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Ännchen von Tharau; b) Ach wie ist's moglich dann Two German folksongs

2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) O Täler weit, o Höhen; b) In einem kuhlen Grunde Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F.; Two German folksongs unknown I


2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Der Lindenbaum: Am Brunnen vor dem Tore; b) Leise zieht durch mein Gemut Schubert, Fr. ; Mendelssohn- Two German Folksongs Bartholdy, F.


II 1913




I 1913 Ich wollt', meine Liebe ergösse sich. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. I Wish that My Love is Ergösse.


37,027 Tempo

37,028 Tempo

2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Loreley: Ich weiss nicht, was soll es bedeuten; b) Das Wandern ist des Mullers Lust Two German folksongs

I 1913 Schäfers Sonntagslied:Das ist der Tag des Herrn Kreutzer, Konradin Shepherds' Sunday Song: This is the Day of the Lord I 1913 Der Freischütz. Leise, leise, fromme Weise Weber, C. M. v. The Marksman


II 1913 unknown

a) Von meinen Bergen muss i scheiden , b) Des Sommers Letzte Rose Swiss Folksong; Last Rose of Summer Irish folksong

Tempo 65

I 1913 Unknown

a) Spinn, spinn, spinn Tochter Mein; b) Santa Lucia Esthonian Folksong; Neopolitan Folksong





2 Deutsche Volkslieder; a) Madle ruck, ruck, ruck; b) Kommt ein Vogerl geflogen Two German Folksongs


I 1913 Unknown

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles German hymn - Germany, Germany Above All

37,029 Tempo





37,033 Tempo

37,034 Tempo

37,035 Tempo

37,036 Tempo

II 1913

a) Wenn ich den Wandrer frage; b) Ritters Abschied: Weh, dass wir scheiden müssen Tschirch, R. ; Johanna Kinkel When I ask the Wanderer; Soldier's Farewell I 1913 Aus der Jugendzeit Redecke, Robert From the Days of Yore II 1913 An der Weser Pressel, Gustav On the Water I 1913 Verlassen bin i. Kärntnerlied Koschat, Thomas Carinthian Song

for two violins 37,037 Tempo

I 1913 Parade der Zinnsoldaten Jessel, Leon Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (also 'Tin Soldiers"

Jessel's best-known piece; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,038 Tempo

II 1913 Tu ne sauras jamais! Rico, Joseph You'll Never Know!

Waltz song 37,039 Tempo

II 1913 Malgre Toi! Rico, Joseph

Despite Thee!

Waltz 37,040 Tempo

37,041 Tempo

37,042 Tempo

I 1913 Marcia Reale Italiana Gabetti, G. Italian Royal March I 1913 Inno di Garibaldi. All Armi! All armi! Olivieri, Alessio II 1913 Stolzenfels am Rhein Meissler, Joseph Ehren on the Rhine

Rhenish song 37,043 Tempo

II 1913 Oublions le Passe. Dickson, Henri

Waltz Boston 37,044 Tempo

I 1913 Unknown

Oi-ra! Oi-ra! Russian Comic Polka


37,045 Tempo 55

37,046 Tempo

I 1913 Rainbow Wenrich, Percy

Indian Intermezzo

I 1913 Waldmärchen Becker, W. Woodland Fairy Tales

waltz 37,048 Tempo 75

I 1913 Lachende Liebe Polka Christine, H. Laughing Love Polka or L'Amour Souriant

called a "European Rag" 37,049 Tempo

37,050 Tempo

I 1913 Ich sende diese Blumen dir. Wagner, Friedrich I Send You These Flowers. II 1913 Lilac Blossoms Wenrich, Percy

two step 37,051 Tempo

37,052 Tempo

37,053 Tempo 80

37,054 Tempo

II 1913 Cunning Cupid. Serenade amoureuse Aletter, W. I 1913 Fliederlied. Op. 83 Zerkovitz, Bela Lilac Song I 1913 Mariette. Polka Sterny-Courquin I 1913 Nemo




II 1913 Sozialisten-Marsch Gramm, Carl Socialists March


II 1913



Die verhexte Wienerstadt. Komm' mein Schatz, komm in den Stadtpark Darewsky, J.E. The Bewitched Vienna. Come on Darling, Come to the City Park

dance roll waltz song 37,057 Tempo

II 1913 Oh, that Navajo Rag! Alstyne, Egbert v.

dance roll ragtime


37,058 Tempo

II 1913 The Students' Glide (Turkey Wing) Bowers, R.H.

dance roll ragtime 37,059 Tempo

II 1913 The Only Pal I Ever Had Came from Frisco Town Daniels, Charles. N.

dance roll ragtime 37,060 Tempo

I 1913 The Oceana Roll Denni, Lucien

dance roll ragtime 37,062 Tempo

I 1913 My Jula Jula Love Wenrich, Percy My Hula Hula Love

dance roll ragtime 37,063 Tempo 70

II 1913 Lady Angeline Christie, George

dance roll ragtime 37,064 Tempo

37,065 Tempo

37,066 Tempo

III 1913

The Charity Gril; a) Yum Yum Time; b) Come Come! or The Cradle of Our Hearts Hollaender, V. ; Br. The Rosemaid; a) Moon, Lovely Moon; b) Roses Bloom for Granichstaedten Lovers III 1913

A Modern Eve; a) Every Day is Chrismas When You're Married; b) Hello Sweetheart Hollander, Victor c) Is Girl You Married still the Girl You Love d) Rita My Marguerita I 1913 Spirit of Independence Holzmann, Abe

dance roll march 37,067 Tempo

37,068 Tempo

III 1913

Amerikanische melodien; a) Dolores; b) Where Edelweiss is Blooming; c) Rose of Pyramid Land Kendis & Paley; B. Sloane; B. Sloane II 1913

American Medley; a) Everybody's Doing it Now; b) Take a Little Tip from Father Berlin, I. ; Berlin & Snyder



American Medley; a) You'll want me Back; b) You'll Never Know the Goodfellow I've been Greenhut, N. ; J. Googan


II 1913


Tempo 90

37,071 Tempo

II 1913

American Medley; a) The Ragtime Jockey-Man; b) Lead Me to that Beautiful Band Berlin, I. ; Goetz & Berlin II 1913 American Medley; a) I've Got the Finest Man; b) Fiddle, Dee, Dee Creamer & Europe; Goetz & Berlin


II 1913 American Medley; a) Beautiful Dixie Rose; b) Rag Time Soldier Man Gutmann, H. ; I. Berlin


II 1913



37,074 Tempo

American Melodies; a) There's a Girl in Havana; b) Going up, going up, going up Goetz & Sloane; I. Berlin II 1913 American Melodies; a) The Gaby Glide; b) The Funny Funny Hug Hirsch, L. A. ; R. Walker


II 1913 Kreolenblut; a) Nachtlied; b) Prasidenten-lied Berte, Heinrich The Rose of Panama; a) Make a Night of it; b) President's Song


II 1913



Kreolenblut - The Rose of Panama. How Enthralling the Music's Soulful Greeting Berte, Heinrich Creole Blood


III 1913


37,078 Tempo 75

37,079 Tempo 90

American Medley a) Love's Lament; b) Oh, You Dear Sweet Wonderful Boy Gaston, Billy III 1913 Standard American Airs. A Medley Overture Rosey, George III 1913 Oh! You Circus Day Rossiter, W.

raggy potpourri


37,080 Tempo

II 1913 Parisienne Glide Tilzer, A. v.

dance roll - the Glide; rag; also called the wedding glide

Tempo 90

III 1913 Unknown


III 1913





37,085 Tempo 70

American Medley of Modern Hits

American Medley; a) Good Bye Rose; b) Way Down South; c) My Sumurun Girl Ingraham, H. ; Geo Fairman; L. A. Hirsch III 1913

American Medley; a) I want to be in Dixie; b)Take Me Back to Garden of Love; c) When Was There Ever a Night Like This? d) The Wedding Glide Berlin & Snyder; Nat Osborne; LA Hirsch I 1913 La Kraquette. New Dance Clerice, Justin

new dance in 1906 "Le Grand Succes Parisien" 37,086 Tempo

I 1913 Red Wing. Mills, Kerry

Indian Intermezzo 37,087 Tempo 90

I 1913 Toboggan. schottisch Fremaux, Louis

characteristic schottisch - a bohemian country dance 37,088 Tempo

II 1913 Prairie-Lilie. Indian intermezzo Mills, Kerry

Indian genre tune of the type popular in 1910; two-step dance roll 37,089 Tempo

II 1913 Im Lande der Liebe Holzmann, Abe Loveland

waltz 37,090 Tempo

37,091 Tempo

I 1913 Die Internationale Geyter, de the International II 1913 Valse brune Krier, Georges


37,092 Tempo

I 1913 Mysterious Rag Berlin & Snyder

dance roll two-step 37,093 Tempo

III 1913 Kinobilder Fink, Heinrich

Picture of the Cinema



I 1913 Star Spangled Banner Smith, John Stafford American National Song




Tempo 95


Vogerl fliagst in d'Welt hinaus; 37018 Wenn die Schwalben heimwärts ziehen. Hornig, Alex. & Abt, Franz Fly Little Bird Out into the World

Viennese song; Composite 37095 (1) + 37018 (2) 37,096 Tempo 75

II 1913 Aisha Lindsay, John

Indian Intermezzo 37,097 Tempo

37,098 Tempo

37,099 Tempo

37,100 Tempo

37,101 Tempo

II 1913 Das Grab auf der Heide Heiser, Wilhelm The Tomb in the Heath II 1913 Festmarsch zur Einweihung des Völkerschlachtdenkmals Eulambio, Michel Festival March for the Dedication of Battle Monument I 1923 Gut Heil. Deutscher turner-Marsch Hallbauer, Curt Good Fortune. German Gymnasts March I 1913 Des Seemanns Los Petrie, H und Martell, a. The Sailors' Fate I 1913 Indian Summer Moret, Neil

dance roll two step 37,102 Tempo

I 1913 Alexander's Ragtime Band Berlin, Irving

dance roll two step 37,103 Tempo

III 1913 Es wird weiter getanzt Morena, Camillo Selection of modern hits


37,104 Tempo 70

I 1913 El Choclo. Tango Argentino Villoldo, A. G. The Corn. Argentinian tango

tango dance roll 37,105 Tempo

II 1913 In der Heimat Lindermann, Wilhelm In the Home

Dance roll march 37,106 Tempo

II 1913 Armenonville. Tango brillante Maglio, Juan

dance roll tango 37,107 Tempo

I 1913 Argañaraz. Tango Criollo Firpo, Rob. Argañaraz. tango Creole

dance roll tango 37,108 Tempo 75

II 1913 Y... Como le va? Tango Argentino Valverde, J. How Does it Go?

Tango dance roll 37,109 Tempo

I 1913 El Argentino. tango Villoldo, A. G.

dance roll tango 37,110 Tempo

I 1913 Asi soy yo! Tango Uruguayo Calderon de la Barca, E. G. So Am I!

dance roll tango 37,111 Tempo

I 1913 Truthahn-Tanz Op. 32 Moret, Neil Turkey Trot

dance roll 37,112 Tempo

I 1917 Himnul National. Op 68 Hubsch, Ed A. Roumanian National Hymn


I 1917 Desteptate Romane. Cantec patirotic Hubsch, Ed. A. Roumanian Popular Song






II 1917 Unter den Brücken von Paris Scotto, V. Under the Bridges of Paris


Tempo 75


Geburtstagstusch. 1. Ich grüsse dich. 2. Hoch soll er leben. 3. Ein Prosit Birthday fanfare; I Trust You; Long He Shall Live; A toast

1914 pop waltz later recorded by Eartha Kitt and Dean Martin


37,116 Tempo

I 1917 Prinz Eugen der edle Ritter. Scotto, V. Prinz Eugen, the Noble Knight.

Soldiers song 37,117 Tempo

II 1917 Unsere Marine (Deutsches Flaggenlied) Thiele, Richard Our Navy (German flag song)

march 37,118 Tempo

I 1917 Unknown

O Deutschland hoch in Ehren! O Germany in High Esteem!

Fatherland song 37,119 Tempo

37,120 Tempo

I 1917 Brasilianische Volkshymne Beyer, Ferdinand Brazilian national anthem I 1928 Des Jahres letzte Stunde. Silvesterlied Schulz, A.P. Of the Year's Last Hour. New Year's Eve song

Recommended Christmas and New Year Music 37,121 Tempo

37,122 Tempo

37,123 Tempo

III 1917 Unknown

Weltkrieg 1914. Hupfeld Original Tongernalde mit erklärendem Text Hupfeld Original tone painting with explanatory text

1917 Elsner

Hindenburg - marsch

I 1917 Hoch soll die Fahne schweden. Winterfeld, M. High is the Flag of Sweden.

German song 37,125 Tempo

III 1917 Unknown

Nord und Sud. North and South.

Potpourri American 37,126 Tempo

37,127 Tempo

I 1917 Nibelungen - Marsch Sonntag, G. Nibelung March I 1917 Wenn die Landwehr kommt Wagner, Arthur If the Militia Is

march 37,128

II 1917


Franz, A.

Douzy-Marsch. Präsentiermarsch des 1. Kgl. Sächs. Ulanen Regt. Nr 17 "Kaiser franz Joseph von Osterreich. Konig von Ungarn"


37,129 Tempo

37,130 Tempo

I 1917 Mackensen Marsch Zomart, W. I 1917 Der olle tapfere hindenburg. Jehring, Julius Is it an Old Brave Hindenburg.

Dance roll waltz song 37,131 Tempo

I 1917 Wenn die Liebe nicht wahr'. Bromme, Walter When Love is Not True.

Dance roll waltz 37,132 Tempo

37,133 Tempo

37,134 Tempo

37,135 Tempo

I 1917 Schumi Maritza - Belgischer Marsch mit Nationalhymne Marecek-Sebek Bulgarian March with National Anthem II 1917 Drum Mädchen Weine nicht - Deutscher landsturm marsch. 1915 Michael, Fr. Drum Girls do Not Cry - German storm-country march. 1915 I 1917 Im Siegeszeichen. Neues Marschlied Schungeler, Heinz In a Sign of Victory. New marching song I 1923 Ein Wiener Walzer. "Ich weiss auf der Wieden" Benatzky, Ralph A Viennese Waltz

Waltz song 37,136 Tempo 75

I 1923 Indianola. Henry & Onivas

foxtrot 37,137 Tempo

I 1923 Fesche mädel Bernard, Charles Smart Girls

waltz 37,138 Tempo

37,139 Tempo

III 1923

Weihnachtsfantasie; incl. Come Ye LIttle Children, Silent Night, Ring, Bells Ring, O Tannenbaum Riemann, Gustav Christmas Fantasy, 10 tunes, II 1923 Was Blumen träumen. Translateur, S. What Dreaming Flowers.

waltz intermezzo 37,140 Tempo

I 1923 Salem Aleikum Haberl, K. F.

two step; means "peace be upon you"


37,141 Tempo

I 1923 Destiny Waltz Baynes, Sidney

Baynes' most famous work, sold over 1 million copies; others were Ecstasy, Frivolry, etc. 37,142 Tempo 75

I 1923 Salome: Orientalischer Stolz, Robert Dance of Seven Veils

Oriental foxtrot chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,143 Tempo

I 1923 Halloh! Du süsse Klingelfee! Stolz, Robert Hallo! You Klingelfee Sweet!

one step 37,144 Tempo 80

I 1923 Shimmy Vamp (Tausend und eine Nacht) Gay, Byron Shimmy Vamp (Arabian Nights)

Oriental foxtrot 37,145 Tempo

37,146 Tempo

I 1923 Unknown

Svenska Kungssangen Swedish national anthem

I 1923 Unknown

Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga. Nord You Ancient, You Free, You Mountainous. North

Swedish Folksong 37,147 Tempo

37,148 Tempo

I 1923 Star Spangled Banner Smith, John Stafford American national hymn I 1923 Tatjana Hendel, W.

waltz boston 37,149 Tempo

I 1923 Chartreuse Marc, Jacques

waltz boston 37,150 Tempo

II 1923 Flattery. Baynes, Sidney

waltz boston 37,151 Tempo 65

II 1923 Czardas Nicklass, S. und Kempner

Composite 38050 (1) + 37151 (2) 37,152 Tempo

I 1923 Nur eine Nacht sollst du mir gehören. Geiger, Oskar Only One Night You Shall Belong to Me.


37,153 Tempo

37,154 Tempo

I 1923 Ein rheinisches Mädchen beim rehinischen Wein. Hoppe, P. A Rhenish Girl in Rhenish Wine II 1923 Der erste Brief Reggov, W. The First Letter

Waltz 37,155 Tempo

II 1923 Der letzte Brief Reggov, W. The Last Letter

waltz 37,156 Tempo

II 1923 Rosenstunde Lindsay-Theimer, J.

Rose Hours

romance 37,157 Tempo

37,158 Tempo 70

I 1923 Herrgott am blühenden Neckarstrand May, Hans Lord on Blooming Neckar Beach II 1923 Lelia. Hirsch, Hugo

waltz boston 37,159 Tempo

I 1923 Desiree Heidelberg, Alb.

waltz boston 37,160 Tempo

III 1923 Frühlingskinder (Les Violettes) Waldteufel, Emile Children of the Spring

the waltz that spread Waldteufel's reputation; popular in America 37,161 Tempo

I 1923 Noch einmal fahr mit mir hinaus. May, Hans Once Again, Moving Out With Me.

German song 37,162 Tempo

II 1923 Sonja. Partos, Eugen

ballad russian 37,163 Tempo

I 1923 Warum ist es am Rhein so schön Schaaf, Jodocus Why it is So Beautiful on the Rhine

Folksong, german 37,164 Tempo

II 1923 Romantische Liebesnacht Op 169 Kopping, Otto Romantic Night of Love Op 169

waltz boston


37,165 Tempo

37,166 Tempo

37,167 Tempo

I 1928 Home, Sweet Home Bishop, Henry R. I 1928 Reichsbanner-Marsch "Schwarz- rot - Gold" Hainsberg, Willy Reichsbanner March "Black and Red - Gold" I 1928 Das hat die welt noch nicht gesehn Hirsch, Hugo The World Has Not Seen Yet

march 37,168 Tempo

I 1928 O Katharina Fall, Richard

a comedic song - twostep 37,169 Tempo

I 1928 Noch und noch. Der Klapperstorch Kollo, Walter Again and again. The Stork

foxtrot 37,171 Tempo

I 1928 Pasadena Warren, Harry

foxtrot 37,172 Tempo

I 1928 Passione Ranzato, Virgilio

waltz; used in the silent movie era to depict dramatic and romantic moments 37,173 Tempo

I 1928 There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes Santly, Joh. H.

foxtrot 37,174 Tempo

I 1928 Das Spielzeug (Schatz, hast du mir was mitgebracht?) Stafford, Frank The Toy (Honey, Did You Bring Me Something?)

shimmy 37,175 Tempo

I 1928 Anneliese von Dessau. Muss man den schlafen gehn? Winterberg, Robert Anneliese von Dessau. Do I Have to Go to Sleep?

shimmy fox 37,176 Tempo

I 1928 Revue: "Achtung!! Welle 505!!" Nur keine Angst, mein Schatz Kollo, Walter Review: "Attention Shaft 505!" Do Not Worry, My Darling

foxtrot 37,177 Tempo 70

I 1928 Revue: Du machst mir schlaflose Nächte Kollo, Walter Review: You Make Me Sleepless Nights.

waltz boston from Achtung! Welle 505


37,178 Tempo

I 1928 Was machst du mit dem Knie, lieber Hans? Fall, Richard What Are You Doing With My Knee, Dear Jack?

paso doble 37,179 Tempo

I 1928 Die schöne Adrienne, hat eine Hochantenne Leopoldi, Hermann

foxtrot 37,180 Tempo

I 1928 Yearning (Ja, der Sonnenschein) Burke, Joe Yearning (Yes, the Sunshine)

foxtrot 37,182 Tempo

37,183 Tempo 75

III 1928 Alles da. Schlager-Stimmungs-Potpourri Morena, Camillo Everything is There. Pop-mood-Potpourri I 1928 Valencia Padilla, Jose

onestep 37,184 Tempo

I 1928 Für dich. Benatzky, Ralph

For you

shimmy 37,185 Tempo 75

I 1928 Paganini. Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküsst Lehar, Franz Paganini. Gladly Have I Kissed the Fraulein

Paganini's love afair with Bonaparte's sister, chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,186 Tempo

I 1928 Susie (If You Knew Susie) de Sylva, Buddy

foxtrot; Eddie Cantor's best-known success of the 1920's 37,187 Tempo 75

I 1928 Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren Raymond, Fredy I've Lost My Heart in Heidelberg

currently is the theme song of Heidelberg; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,188 Tempo

I 1928 Seminola (An Indian Love Song) Warren, Harry und R. King

foxtrot shimmy 37,189 Tempo

I 1928 Schwarz ist dein Auge Katscher, Robert Black is Your Eye

blues 37,190 Tempo 65

I 1928 Barcelona Evans, Tolchard



37,191 Tempo

I 1928 Valentine Christine, H.

onestep 37,192 Tempo 70

III 1928

Sonate nach der Serenade in G-dur. (eine Kleine Nachtmusik) Allegro: Romanze (Andante) Mozart, Wolfgang A. Sonata after the Serenade in G major. (a Little Serenade)

most popular of all Mozart's works; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,193 Tempo 55



Sonate nach der Serenade in G-dur; 38037 Deutscher tanz; transl. by Willy Burmester Mozart, Wolfgang A. for both

Composite 37193 (1) + 38037 (2) 37,194 Tempo

37,195 Tempo

37,196 Tempo 75

II 1928 Serenade Widor, Ch. M. I 1928 Fliederbusch (Alter Walzer) Hubay, Jeno Lilac Bush I 1928 La Gitana Kreisler, Fritz

La Gitana.

Arabo-Spanish gypsy song from the 18th century 37,197 Tempo 80

37,198 Tempo

I 1928 Caprice Viennois Kreisler, Fritz Viennese Caprice I 1928 Tambourin Chinois Kreisler, Fritz

the idea came to Kreisler after a visit to the Chinese Theater in San Francisco 37,199 Tempo

II 1928 Rheinischer Sang. Hannemann, Fritz Rhine song.

Potpourri 37,200 Tempo

I 1928 Lucky Hours (Glückliche Stunden) Platen, H. v. Lucky Hours (Happy Hour)

shimmy 37,201 Tempo 75

37,202 Tempo

III 1928 Mignon Fantasie Part I (transl. by Emil Tavan) Thomas, Ambroise III 1928 Mignon. Fantasie Part 2 (transl. by Emil Tavan) Thomas, Ambroise

fantasy; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert


37,203 Tempo

37,204 Tempo 60

I 1928 Karlsruher Schützenmarsch Lorenz, Christian Karlsruhe Protect march I 1928 Wolgalied "Stenka Rasin und die Fürstin" Wottitz, Theodor Volga Song "Stenka Razin and the Princess"

waltz song about a Cossack rebel from the 17th century. Sad then jolly. 37,205 Tempo 75

I 1928 Picador. Spanische Nicholls, Horatio

onestep 37,206 Tempo

I 1928 Dear One Robrecht, Carl

onestep 37,207 Tempo

I 1928 Wo sind deine Haare, August? Fall, Richard Where is Your Hair, August?

foxtrot 37,208 Tempo

I 1928 Burlaki. Ei uchnjem. Lied der Barkenschlepper an der Wolga Burke, Joe Song of the Tugboat on the Volga

popular Russian piece sung by barge haulers on the Volga River 37,209 Tempo

I 1928 Schlaf, Puppchen, schlaf Calson, Charles Sleep Darling Sleep

foxtrot 37,210 Tempo

I 1928 Regimentskameraden Blankenburg, H.L. Regimental Comrades

march 37,211 Tempo

III 1928 Tiefland d'Albert, Eugen

The Lowlands

fantasy from best known opera by dAlbert; mixes Spanish peasant music with European urbanity 37,212 Tempo

I 1928 I Miss My Swiss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me.) Baer, Abel

foxtrot 37,213 Tempo

I 1928 Die schöne Josephine in der Badekabine. Stafford-Amberg The Beautiful Josephine in the Bathing Room.

foxtrot 37,214 Tempo

I 1928 Parlez-vous francais? Wottitz, Theordor Do You Speak French?



37,215 Tempo

I 1928 Baby, wovon ist dein Mündchen so rot? Allan, Edgar Baby, What's your Little Mouth So Red?

foxtrot 37,216 Tempo

I 1928 Das Lied vom Angeln Kollo, Walter The Song of Fishing

foxtrot 37,217 Tempo

I 1928 Paraguay Nelson, Rudolph

onestep 37,218 Tempo

I 1928 Montevideo Marwell, Ted

song and tango 37,219 Tempo

I 1928 Alle Vöglein sind schön wieder da Calson, Charles Song of Spring

foxtrot 37,220 Tempo

37,221 Tempo

37,222 Tempo 75

I 1928 Ich denk' dabei an dich. Stransky, Otto I 1928 Ben-Hur-Marsch Armandola, Jose I 1928 Sonya (Yup alay Yup) Fisher, Fred & Schafer, Bob

foxtrot 37,223 Tempo

I 1928 Eilala (Du grausame Frau). (Ay-Ay-Ay) Freire, Perez - Fred Ralph Eilala (You cruel Woman) Ay Ay Ay

tango 37,224 Tempo

I 1928 Mon Paris Boyer, J. und V. Scotto

onestep 37,225 Tempo 70

III 1928 Hochzeit der Winde Hall, John T. Wedding of the Winds

waltz used in "Trapeze" with Burt Lancaster; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert; 37,226 Tempo

III 1928 Margarethe (Faust). Grosse Ballettmusik. Part I Gounod, Charles Fr. Marguerite (Faust). Famous ballet music. Part I


37,227 Tempo 60

III 1928 Margarethe (Faust). Grosse Ballettmusik Part II Gounod, Charles Fr. Marguerite (Faust). Famous ballet music. Part II

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,228 Tempo

37,229 Tempo

I 1928 Am Rüdesheimer Schloss steht eine Linde Ziegler, Erich On Rudesheimer castle stands a linden tree I 1928 I Never See Maggie Alone Lynton, Everett

funny lyrics; has become popular as a folk song, even sung by Ray Charles 37,230 Tempo 65

I 1928 Frühlingsrauschen Op 32 No 3 Sinding, Christian Rustle of Spring

one of the most famous pieces by Sinding, a Norwegian composer 37,231 Tempo

I 1928 Egen, A.

Die Loreley. Ich hab' heut' nacht vom Rhein geträumt. The Lorelei. I Have Tonight Dreaming of the Rhine.

march song 37,232 Tempo 75

I 1928 Frohsinn auf den Bergen. Oberlandler Fetras, Oscar Cheerfulness in the Mountains. Upper Lowlands

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,233 Tempo

37,234 Tempo 75

I 1928 unknown

Bayrische Ländler No. 1 Bavarian Folksong No. I

I 1928 Rolle

Bayrischer Ländler No. 2 Bavarian Folksong No. 2

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 37,235 Tempo

I 1928 Turandot. Stolz, Robert

song and blues 37,236 Tempo

I 1928 Der Zarewitsch. Heute abend komm' ich zu Dir. Lehar, Franz The Tsarevich. This Evening I Come to Thee

onestep 37,237 Tempo

I 1928 Black Bottom Henderson, Ray

Black Bottom replaced the Charleston as the most popular dance of late 1920's 37,238 Tempo

I 1928 Die Zirkusprinzessin: Zwei Märchenaugen. Musikalische Szene Kalman, Emmerich The Circus Princess: Two Tales Eyes. musical scene


37,239 Tempo

I 1928 Mein Fritz macht winke winke Strassmann, Franz My Fritz makes bye bye

foxtrot 37,240 Tempo

I 1928 Paris (Ca c'est paris) Padilla, Jose

song and two step 37,241 Tempo

III 1928

a) Drum Bruder, wir trinken noch eins! b) Heut' ist die Kate etepetete; c) Adieu Mimi lindemann, W. ; Anton Profes; R. Benatzky

automatic roll; Drinking song; foxtrot; shimmy 37,242 Tempo

I 1928 Drum Bruder, wir trinken nocheins! Lindemann, Wilh. Drum Brother, We'll Have One!

march drinking song 37,243 Tempo

I 1928 Heut' ist die Käthe etepetete Profes, Anton Today is the Hoity-toity Kate

foxtrot 37,244 Tempo

I 1928 Adieu Mimi Benatzky, Ralph

shimmy 37,245 Tempo

III 1928 Die diebische elster,Ouvertüre Rossini, Gioacchino The Thieving Magpie, Overture

written quickly by Rossini in 1817 locked in a room by his producer 37,246 Tempo

I 1928 Elle a mis son smoking Langlois, Th.

onestep 37,247 Tempo

I 1928 Zwei rote Rosen, ein zarter Kuss Kollo, Walter Two Red Roses, A Soft Kiss

song and foxtrot 37,248 Tempo 75

II 1928 Florentiner Marsch Fucik, Julius

one of Fucik's most popular marches, he was known as the Bohemian Sousa 37,249 Tempo

I 1928 Amalie geht mit'm Gummikavalier Ehrlich, Siegwart

onestep 37,250 Tempo

I 1928 Do the Black Bottom with Me Meyer, Geo W.

Black Bottom replaced the Charleston as the most popular dance of late 1920's


37,251 Tempo

I 1928 Ilona. Meisel, Will

Tango 37,252 Tempo

I 1928 Die Zirkusprinzessin. Die kleinen Mäderln im Trikot Kalman, Emmerich The Circus Princess. The Small Maderln in Jersey

song and foxtrot 37,253 Tempo

I 1928 Ich tanz' Charleston. Charleston aus: "Darüber lässt sich reden" Hollaender, Fr. I Dance in Charleston. Of Charleston: "In a Matter of Argument"

Foxtrot 37,254 Tempo

37,255 Tempo

II 1928 Donauwellen- Walzer Ivanovici, I. The Waves of the Danube I 1928 Wann und wo kann ich Dich wiedersehen? Kollo, Walter When and Where Can I See You Again?

March from the same Revue; Playrite ombined with roll 36059 37,256 Tempo

37,257 Tempo

III 1928 Hören Sie zu! Schlager-Potpourri Borchert, Walter Listen to You! Pop-Potpourri I 1928 Eine Frau von Format. Du bist mein stiller Compagnon Krausz, Michael A Woman of Stature. You Are My Silent Companion

fox slow 37,258 Tempo

I 1928 Ninon, du süsse Frau de Sylva, Buddy, L. Brown, Ninon, You Sweet Woman R. Henderson

song and boston 37,259 Tempo

III 1928

a) Wann und wo werden wir uns wiedersehen? b) Du bist mein stiller Compagnon; c) Ninon, du susse frau Kollo, W. ; Michael Krausz; G. de Silva

automatic roll; march; slow fox; song & boston 37,260 Tempo

I 1928 Trink, trink, Bruderlein trink Bendix, Paul Drink, Drink, Bruderlein Drink

waltz song 37,261 Tempo

I 1928 Heut' war ich bei der Frida Cowler, Jim



37,262 Tempo 75

I 1928 Hallelujah Youmans, Vincent

foxtrot 37,263 Tempo

I 1928 Es gibt nur einen deutschen Rhein Ostermann, Willi There is Only One German Rhine

German song 37,264 Tempo

II 1928 Heinzelmännchens Hochzeit Kopping, Otto

characteristic piece 37,265 Tempo

37,266 Tempo

37,267 Tempo

I 1928 Deta. Ein deutscher Tanz von Walter Carlos Bransen, Walther Deta. A German Dance by Walter Carlos I 1928 In Dingsda, gleich links da, im blauen Pavillon Harras, Fred In Gizmo, Just Left There, in the Blue House I 1928 Hoch Rheinland Anzer, Hans

march 37,268 Tempo

III 1928

a) Heut' war ich bei der Frida; b) Trink, trink, Bruderlein trink; c) Hallelujah Cowler, Jim ; Paul Bendix; Vincent Youmans

automatic roll; Foxtrot; Waltz song; foxtrot 37,269 Tempo 65

I 1928 Eine hat mich geküsst Berlin, Irving Blue Skies - One Has Kissed Me

foxtrot from Rodgers and Hart musical, Betsy. It got 24 encores opening night 37,270 Tempo

I 1928 The Doll Dance (Puppentanz) Brown, Nacio H.

foxtrot 37,271 Tempo 60

37,274 Tempo

III 1928 Walzer-Potpourri (Alte und neue walzer) Robrecht, Carl I 1928 Lass mich Dein Herz in Rosen winden (El sacristan) Oteo, A. E. Let Me in Your Heart Wind Roses

song and tango 37,275 Tempo

I 1928 Amazulu Christoph, Charles



37,276 Tempo

I 1928 Sag' noch einmal "Sie" Nicholls, Hotatio Shepherd of the Hills: Tell Me Again, "You"

foxtrot 37,277 Tempo

I 1928 New York Padilla, Jose

song and onestep 37,278 Tempo

I 1928 Charmaine Rappee, Erno und Lew Pollack

waltz 37,279 Tempo 70

III 1928 Zampa Ouvertüre Herold, L. J. F.

one of Herold's most famous works; about Count of Monza becoming a pirate called Zampa 37,280 Tempo

III 1928

a) Lass' mich Dein Herz in Rosen wenden (El Sacristan); b) Eine hat mich gekusst; c) Sag' noch einmal "Sie" Oteo, A. E. ; Irving Berlin; d) Blue Skies H. Nicholls

automatic roll; song & tango; foxtrot; foxtrot 37,281 Tempo

I 1928 Abschied der Gladiatoren Blankenburg, H.L. Farewell of the Gladiators

military march 37,282 Tempo

I 1928 Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume. Stolz, Robert In Prater, the Trees Bloom Again.

German song 37,283 Tempo

I 1928 Einzug der Gladiatoren Fucik, Julius Entry of the Gladiators

march triumph 37,284 Tempo

I 1928 Lasset uns das leben geniessen Simon, A. Let Us Enjoy the Life

march 37,287 Tempo

I 1928 Heut' geh'n wir morgen erst ins Bett! Heut' tanzt Mariett! Nelson, Rudolph Today We Go to Bed Until Tomorrow! Today is Dancing 'Mariett!

song and foxtrot 37,288 Tempo

I 1928 Man schenkt sich Rosen, wenn man verliebt ist Egen, Austin und Doelle, Man Gives Himself Roses When You're in Love Franz

song and slow fox


37,289 Tempo

I 1928 Echo vom Bürgenstock Gerig, Hermann Echo from Burgenstock

dance polka 37,291 Tempo

I 1928 Marischka-revue Was sagt mein mädel dazu" Blues Benatzky, Ralph Marishka-revue What Does My Girl to "Blues

blues 37,292 Tempo

I 1928 Jetzt geht's der Dolly gut Kollo, Willi

foxtrot 37,293 Tempo

I 1928 Eine kleine Liebelei Ralton, Harry A Little Flirtation

song and waltz boston 37,294 Tempo

I 1928 Spiel' mir den Blues aus einer Frühlingsnacht Stolz, Robert Play Me the Blues from that Spring Night

blues song and yale-blues 37,295 Tempo

I 1928 Eine schöne weisse Chrysantheme Rosen, Willy A Beautiful White Chrysanthemum

blues song and yale-blues 37,296 Tempo

I 1928 Ja, ja die Frau'n sind meine schwache Seite! Egen, Austin Yes, Yes, the Girls are My Weak Point!

blues song and yale-blues 37,297 Tempo

I 1928 Rosen aus Schiras. Sündig und süss Stafford, Frank Roses of Shiraz. Sinful and Sweet.

dance Tango 37,298 Tempo

III 1928

a) Eine kleine Liebelei; b) Marischka-Revue "Alles aus Liebe" Was sagt mein mädel dazu? c) Jetzt geht's der Dolly gut Ralton, Harry ; Ralph Benatsky; Willi Kollo

automatic roll; waltz boston;blues; foxtrot 37,299 Tempo

III 1928

a) Eine schöne, weisse Chrysantheme; b) Rosen aus Schiras; c) Ja, ja die Frau'n sind meine schwache Seite Rosen, Willy ; Frank Stafford; Austin Egen

automatic roll; Yale; Tango; song and Yale 37,300 Tempo

I 1928 Pilot Mittelholzer Heusser, Hans



37,301 Tempo

37,302 Tempo

I 1928 Marsch über Motive aus Bizets Oper: "Carmen" Beck, Paul March on themes from Bizet's opera "Carmen" II 1928 Die schöne Wirtin vom goldenen Stern Krome, Hermann The Beautiful Hostess of the Golden Star

foxtrot 37,303 Tempo

I 1928 Rheinlandmädel Ostermann, Willi Rhine Country Girl

march song 37,304 Tempo

I 1928 Eis! Eis! Eis! (Ach Brigitte, bestell' Dir doch bitte Eis!) Johnson, H. , B. Moll und R. Ice! Ice! Ice! (Oh Brigitte, Ordering Please You but Ice Kind Cream!)

foxtrot 37,305 Tempo 75

I 1928 Wenn die Glocken leise erklingen. Heaguey, Billy Bells of Hawaii: When the Bells Ring Out Softly.

slow waltz song 37,306 Tempo

I 1928 Barbara Silver, Abner

foxtrot 37,307 Tempo

I 1928 Ich Küsse Ihre Hand, Madame Erwin, Ralph I Kiss Your Hand, Madame

song and tango 37,308 Tempo

I 1928 Ja, das ist schön Henning, Joachim Yes, That's Nice

waltz and atmospheric song


III 1928 Wir flüstern. schlager Potpourri Dostal, Nico We Whisper. hit medley


III 1928



a) Eis! Eis! Eis! (Ach Brigitte, bestell' Dir doch bitte Eis); b) Ich Küsse Ihre Hand, Madame; c) Barbara Johnson, H., Moll, B., R. Kind; Erwin, Ralph; Silve

automatic roll; Foxtrot; Tango; Foxtrot 37,311 Tempo

III 1928

a) Die schöne Wirtin vom gold'nen Stern; b) Wenn die Glocken leise erklingen; c) Ja, das ist schön Krome, Hermann ; Billy Heagney; Joachim Henning

automatic roll; foxtrot; slow waltz; waltz


37,312 Tempo

I 1928 Ramona Mabel, Wayne

waltz song 37,313 Tempo

I 1928 Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht Doelle, Franz If the White Lilac Blooms Again

slow fox 37,314 Tempo

I 1928 Leila. Dauber, Dol

song and tango 37,315 Tempo

III 1928 a) Ramona; b) Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht. c) Leila Doelle, Mabel Wayne; Franz Doelle; Dol Dauber

automatic roll; Waltz; slow fox; tango 37,316 Tempo 75

III 1928 Der Vogelhändler Zeller, Karl The Bird Seller

potpourri 37,317 Tempo 70

I 1928 Constantinople Carlton, Harry

a spelling song; onestep 37,318 Tempo

I 1928 Vier Worte möcht' ich Dir jetzt sagen. Erwin, Ralph Four Words I'd Like to Say to You Now.

foxtrot and song 37,319 Tempo

I 1928 Rose Marie. Durch das Tor der Träume Frind, Rudolf Rose Marie. Through the Door of Her Dreams

waltz boston 37,320 Tempo

I 1928 Rose Marie. Tanzt mein Grosspapa (Totem Tom Tom) Friml, Rudolf Rose Marie. Dancing My Big Daddy

Indian Love Call, a 1920's Broadway musical was adapted from Rose Marie 37,321 Tempo

III 1928

a) constantinople; b) Vier Worte möcht' ich Dire jetzt sagen. c) Rose Marie. Durch das Tor der Träume Carlton, Harry ; Ralph Erwin;Rudolf Frind

automatic roll; onestep; foxtrot; waltz boston 37,322 Tempo

I 1928 Fräulein, Pardon! (Ich glaub' wir kennen uns schön) Meisel, Will Miss, Pardon! (I Believe We Already Know.)

tango 37,323 Tempo

I 1928 O Mädchen, mein Mädchen. song from Singspiel: "Friederike" Lehar, Franz Oh Girl, My Girl. song from musical comedy, "Friederike"


37,324 Tempo

I 1928 Ich hol' dir vom Himmel das Blau Lehar, Franz I"ll Get you the Blue from the Sky

song and slow fox 37,325 Tempo



Halloh, Margot! (Du lieber Herrgott, schick mir doch ein kleines mädel) David, Fred Hello, Margot! (You Dear God, Send Me a Small but Madel)

song and slow fox 37,326 Tempo

II 1928 Münchner Kindl-Walzer Komzak, Karl

waltz 37,327 Tempo 65

II 1928 Marche Miniature Viennoise Kreisler, Fritz

march originally played with Hugo Kreisler on cello and Fritz Kreisler on violin 37,328 Tempo

I 1928 Syncopation Kreisler, Fritz


I 1928 unknown

Marsch der Finnländischen Reiterei March of the Finnish Cavalry


III 1928

a) Fräulein, Pardon! b) O Mädchen, mein Mädchen; c) Halloh. Margot!


David, Fred


automatic roll; tango; song; slow fox 37,331



Bendix, Paul


I 1928 Kannst Du mir gut sein? Jolson, Al, de Sylva, Brown, Sonny Boy - Can You Tell Me to Be Good? Henderson



Annekin, Annekin druck' doch mal aufs Knopkin. Kneip-Walzerlied für frohliche Kreise

foxtrot 37,333 Tempo

I 1928 Aber heut' sind wir fidel! Otten, Hans But Today "We Are Merry!

onestep 37,334 Tempo

III 1928

a) Kannst Du mir gut sein? b) Annekin, Annekin druck doch mal aufs Knopkin Kneip; c) Aber heut' sind wir fidel! Jolson, Al, de Sylva, Brown, a) Sonny-boy Bendix, Otten

automatic roll; foxtrot; onestep


37,335 Tempo

I 1928 Scheinbar liebst Du mich! Green, B. and S. H. Stept Apparently You Love Me!

foxtrot 37,336 Tempo

I 1928 In einer kleinen Konditorei Raymond, Fredy In a Small Pastry Shop

song and tango 37,337 Tempo

37,338 Tempo

I 1928 Zwei Rheinlieder: a) Das Herz am Rhein; b) Im Rolandsbogen Hill, Wilhelm ; Paul Mania a) The Heart on the Rhine; b) In Rolandsbogen I 1928 Blutrote Rosen Hunemeyer, H. Blood Red Roses

Fox slow 37,339 Tempo

I 1929 Der treue Husar Frantzen, Heinrich The Faithful Hussar

march 37,340 Tempo

I 1929 Das ist die Broadway Melodie Brown, N.H. Broadway Melodie

first all-talking musical 1929; foxtrot 37,341 Tempo

I 1929 Komm, lass uns träumen Klupsch, Siegfried Come, Let Us Dream

tango 37,342 Tempo

I 1928 Nanu, schönes Fräulein, so allein? Sarony, Leslie Well, Well, Pretty Lady, So Alone?

song and foxtro 37,343 Tempo 60

III 1928

Achtung! Achtung! Wir senden Tanzmusik! Neuesten SchlagerPotpourri Dostal, Nico Attention! Attention! We Are Sending Dance Music! Latest pop-potpourri

potpourrii 37,344 Tempo

I 1928 Wenn du einmal dein Herz verschenkst, dann schenk' es mir Rosen,Willy Once You Give Away Your Heart, Then Gift it to Me

song and tango 37,346 Tempo

I 1928 Einmal sagt man sich "Adieu" (Stunden, die nicht wiederkehren...) Gentner, W. Schmidt Once You Tell Yourself, "Adieu" (Hours, Not to Return...)



37,347 Tempo

III 1928

a) Wenn Du einmal Dein Herz ...; b) Das ist die Broadway Melodie c) Der treue Husar Rosen, Willy ; N. H. Brown; Frantzen

automatic roll; tango; foxtrot; march 37,348 Tempo

III 1928

a) Komm, lass uns träumen; b) Einmal sagt man sich "Adieu" c) Das ist die Broadway Melodie Klupsch; Schmidt - Gentner; Brown

automatic roll; tango; waltz; foxtrot 37,350 Tempo

III 1929

a) Drei Musketiere; b) Ich hab' kein Auto, ich hab' kein Rittergut; c) schönes Gigolo Riesenfeld-Benatzky; Hans a) 3 Musketeers, b) I Have No Car, I have No Manor; c) May; Casucci Handsome Gigolo

march song; slow fox; tango 37,351 Tempo

II 1929 Hochzeit der Holzpuppen Brown, N.H. The Wedding of the Painted Doll

fox slow 37,352 Tempo

I 1929 It Goes Like This Friend, Cliff

foxtrot 37,353 Tempo 80

37,354 Tempo

III 1929 Halloh! 1930! Schlager-Potpourri Borchert, Walter I 1929 Leutnant warst Du einst bei den Husaren Stolz, Robert You Were Once Lieutenant in the Hussars

song and march 37,355 Tempo

I 1930 Oh Donna Clara! Petersburski, J.

song and tango 37,356 Tempo


Auch du wirst mich einmal betrügen! aus dem Tonfilm: " Zwei Herzen im dreiviertel Takt" Stolz, Robert Also, You'll Cheat Me Again! from the sound film, "Two Hearts Beat in Three Quarters"

song and slow fox 37,357 Tempo

I 1930 Sanders

Zwei rote Lippen und ein roter Tarragona Two Red Lips and a Red Tarragona (adios muchachos)



37,358 Tempo

I 1930 Darf ich um den nächsten Tango bitten? Rosen, Willy May I Have the Next Tango?

song and tango; Neue populare schlager fur ihr Phonoliszt-Violina instrument 37,359 Tempo

I 1930 Zwei Herzen im dreiviertel Takt: aus dem gleichnamigen tonfilm Stolz, Robert Two Hearts in three quarters time, the sound film of the same name

Waltz song 37,360 Tempo

I 1930 Wenn die Elisabeth nicht so schöne... aus "Die Wunder Bar" Katscher, Robert When Elizabeth ... from "The Wonder Bar"

song and foxtrot aus "Die Wunder Bar" 37,361 Tempo

I 1930 Warum hast Du so traurige Augen? Kollo, Willi Why Do You Have Such Sad Eyes?

tango 37,362 Tempo



Rot ist dein Mund, der mich verlacht ...! aus dem Tonfilm "Das lockende Ziel" Tauber, Richard Red is thy Mouth that Mocks Me ...! from the sound film "The Tempting Target"

song and tango 37,363 Tempo

I 1930 Waldeslust Hannemann, Fritz

Forest of Joy

German folk song 37,364 Tempo 100

37,365 Tempo

III 1930 Sie hören jetzt ...! Ein Schlager-Potpourri Dostal, Nico You Will Hear ...! A pop-Potpourri 1930 Micky-Maus: Original Schlager zu den MIcky - tonfilm Lustspielen Carlton, Harry Mickey Mouse: Original Hits the Micky - sound film comedies

signature Mickey Mouse song; Walt Disney created the character in 1928! 37,366 Tempo

I 1930 Es sprach der weise Marabu Egen, Austin and Fritz German

tango 37,367 Tempo

I 1930 La petit femme de paris (Stein-Song) Fenstad, E. A. The LIttle Parisien Girl

march 37,368 Tempo

I 1930 Wochenend und Sonnenschein Ager, Milton Happy Days are Here Again



37,369 Tempo

I 1931 Oh, Fräulein Grete Llossas, Juan Oh, Miss Greta

song and tango 37,370 Tempo

I 1931 Das Mädchen am Bodensee Mueller, P. The Girl at the Lake

waltz song 37,371 Tempo



Ein Freund, ein guter Freund. Freundschaftsmarsche aus der Tonfilm: die Drei von der Tankstelle Heymann, W. R. A Friend, a Good Friend of the talkies, the Three Good Friends

Friendship march 37,372 Tempo

I 1931 Liebste, glaub' an mich. aus der Operette: "Schön ist die Welt" Lehar, Franz Dearest, Believe Me. from the Operetta: "Fair is the World "

tango song 37,373 Tempo

I 1931 Wenn Du 'mal in Hawaii bist Rosen, Willy If You Are a Once in Hawaii

tango 37,374 Tempo 80

I 1931 Kuckucks Jonasson, Emanuel

Cuckoo waltz

Jonasson composed this in 1909, he was a Swedish military musician 37,375 Tempo

I 1931 Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier aus dem Tonfilm: das lied ist aus Stolz, Robert Adieu, My Little Guardsman of the talkies, the song is from

march song and foxtrot 37,376 Tempo

I 1931 Alles für Euch, schöne Fräulein! Grothe, Franz Everything for You, Fair Lady!

song and boston 37,377 Tempo

37,378 Tempo

III 1930

Grosses Potpourri aus der romantischen Operette "Das Land des lächelns" Lehar, Franz Large medley of romantic operetta "The Land of Smiles" I 1930 Schön ist die Welt aus der gleichnamigen Operette Lehar, Franz Already the World from the Same Operetta

waltz english 37,379 Tempo



Lass mich einmal Deine Carmen sein! aus dem Ufa tonFilm "Einbrecher" Hollaender, Friedrich Let Me Be Your Only Carmen! from the Ufa talky "burglar"

paso doble


37,380 Tempo

I 1930 Du hast mir heimlich die Liebe ins Haus gebracht Heymann, W. Rich. You Secretly Love Brought Me into the House

slow fox 37,381 Tempo

I 1930 Ein spanischer Tango und ein Mädel wie Du? Rotter, Fr. and W Jurmann A Spanish Tango and a Girl Like You?

song and tango 37,382 Tempo



Was kann der Sigismund dafür, dass er so schön ist? aus Charells "Im weissen Rossi" Gilbert, Robert What is the Sigismund that He is so Beautiful? Charell from "In the White Rossi"

song and foxtrot 37,383 Tempo



Weine nicht Mütterlein aus dem Tonfilm "Tänzerinnen für Südamerika gesucht" Meisel, Will Do Not Cry Mother Dear from the sound film "South America Looking for Dancers "

song and english waltz 37,384 Tempo

I 1931 Tirili! Tirila! Meine Braut ist wieder da! Giilbert, Jean Tirili! Tirila! My Bride is Here Again! "

song and foxtrot 37,385 Tempo

I 1931 Traum des Spielzeughandlers Golden, Ernie The Toymakers Dream

foxtrot 37,386 Tempo



Das ist die Liebe der Matrosen aus dem Tonfilm: "Bomben auf Monte Carlo" Heymann, W. R. This is the Love of the Sailors of the talkies: "Bombs on Monte Carlo"

march and foxtrot 37,387 Tempo



Es muss was Wunderbares sein, von dir geliebt zu werden? aus Charells: "Im weissen Rossl" Benatsky, Ralph There Must be Something Wonderful, to be Loved by You from Charells: "In the White Rossl"

song and tango 37,388 Tempo

I 1931 Ich hab' Dich lieb, braune Madonna Lopez, Santiago I'm in Love With You, Brown Madonna

rumba foxtrot 37,389 Tempo

I 1931 Ich hab' Dich einmal geküsst Hajos, Joe I've Kissed You Once



37,390 Tempo



Das muss ein Stück vom Himmel sein Waltz song aus dem tonfilm "Der Kongress tanzt" Heymann, Werner R. This Must Be a Piece of Heaven Waltz song from the sound film, "The Congress Dances"

song Heurigen 37,391 Tempo

I 1932 Bianca (Fiesta) Samuels, W.G. and Whitrup, L.

rumba 37,392 Tempo 75

I 1932 Das alte Spinnrad Hill, B.; arr. Frank Skinner The Spinning Wheel

fox trot 38,001 Tempo 80

II 1913 Berceuse de Jocelyn Godard, Benjamin Cradle Song (Angels Guard Thee)

the enduring lullaby from Godard's opera Jocelyn 38,002 Tempo

I 1913 Serenade Badine Marie, Jean GabrielChildren's Serenade

One of Marie's two big hits in late 19th century 38,003 Tempo 70

38,004 Tempo

I 1913 Spanischer Tanz Op. 12 No. 2. g moll Moszkowski, M. Spanish Dance II 1913 Violin Sonate. Op. 45. in C minor, Allegretto espressivo alla Romanza Grieg, Edvard

Greig's favorite, he premiered with Grieg himself at the piano 38,005 Tempo

I 1913 Narcissus Op. 13 No. 4; 33032 Der Rosenkranz both by Nevin, Ethelbert Water Scenes

.often demoed on player machines at Music Museum, London 38,006 Tempo 60

I 1913 Obertass. Mazurka Op. 19 No. 1 Wieniawski, Henri

Composite 38076 (1) + 38006 (2) 38,007 Tempo 70

I 1913 Larghetto aus dem Doppelquartett Op. 65 Spohr, Ludwig Larghetto from Double Quartet

for 2 violins 38,008 Tempo

38,009 Tempo

III 1913 Violin Concerto Op. 64. e moll Andante Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. I 1913 Valse lente, translated by Willy Burmester Merikanto, O. Slow Waltz


38,010 Tempo 80

I 1913 Humoreske Op. 101 No 7 edited by Fritz Kreisler Dvorak, Anton

one of the most famous piano works ever written 38,011 Tempo

38,012 Tempo

I 1913 Spanischer Tanz Op 12 No. 1 C dur Moszkowski, M. Spanish Dance II 1913 Serenade Gounod, Charles

popular lullaby 38,013 Tempo 80

38,014 Tempo

38,015 Tempo

38,016 Tempo

38,017 Tempo

38,018 Tempo

38,019 Tempo 80

38,020 Tempo

III 1913 Fantasie Caprice Op. 11 Vieuxtemps, Henri II 1913 Romance san paroles. Op. 26 Svendsen, J.S. Romance Without Words II 1913 Serenata Op. 6 Toselli, Enrico I 1913 Serenade Op. 15 Squire, W. H. I 1913 Serenade. (Suite Op. 3) Andante grazioso Herbert, Victor I 1913 Serenata. Op 15 No. 1 Moszkowski, M. II 1913 Sitt, Hans

Scherzo. Op 95 No. 8

II 1913 Légende. Op 17 Wieniawski, Henry

the showpiece by this Polish violin virtuoso that got him permission to marry his wife 38,021 Tempo

I 1913 Mazur Mlynarski, Emile


38,022 Tempo

38,023 Tempo

38,024 Tempo 75

38,025 Tempo

I 1913 Polnischer Nationaltanz. Op. 3 No. 1 Scharwenka, Xaver Polish National Dance I 1913 Mazurka Jenkinson, Ezra I 1913 Albumblatt arr. by August Wilhelm Wagner, Richard Album Leaf I 1913 Sielanka Op 12 No 1 Wieniawski, Henri

For 2 Violins 38,026 Tempo

I 1913 Kujawiak Wieniawski, Henri

a Polish folk dance from the Kujawy region in central Poland 38,027 Tempo 70

38,028 Tempo

38,029 Tempo

I 1913 Ungarischer Tanz No. 5 Brahms, Johannes Hungarian Dance No. 5 I 1913 Ungarischer Tanz No. 6 Brahms, Johannes Hungarian Dance No. 6 II 1913 Feu-follet. (Irrlicht) Papini, Guido Will o' the Wisp

Caprice Characteristic 38,030 Tempo 90

II 1913 Souvenir de Haydn Op 2, Part 1 Leonard, Hubert Remembrance of Haydn Op 2, Part 1

fantasie chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 38,031 Tempo

III 1913 Souvenir de Haydn. Op 2 Part II Leonard, Hubert Remembrance of Haydn Op 2 Part II

Fantasy 38,032 Tempo

II 1913 Elegie Op. 10 Ernst, Heinrich W.

best known piece of Ernst, a major Paganini disciple and rival 38,033 Tempo 50



Kübelik-Serenade No 1 A dur; 38079 Souvenir; 38049 Polichinelle. Op. 41 Drdla, Franz for all three

composite 38033 (1) + 38079 (2) + 38049 (3)


38,034 Tempo

38,035 Tempo

38,036 Tempo 75

38,037 Tempo 55

II 1913 Mazurka. Op. 26 Zarzycki, Alexander I 1913 Sonate No. 2, B Flat minor Tempo di Bourree Bach, Joh. Seb. II 1913 Sitt, Hans


I 1913 Deutscher tanz; transl. by Willy Burmester Mozart, Wolfgang A. German Dance

Composite 37193 (1) + 38037 (2) 38,038 Tempo 70

38,039 Tempo

38,040 Tempo 75

38,041 Tempo 80

I 1913 Melodie. Op 3 No.1 f-dur Rubinstein, Anton II 1913 Air aus dem Violin - Konzert Op. 28 Goldmark, Karl Air from the Violin - Concerto Op. 28 II 1913 Romance. Op. 40 G dur Beethoven, Ludvig v. III 1913 Romanze. Op. 50 F dur Beethoven, Ludvig v.

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 38,042 Tempo

38,043 Tempo

38,044 Tempo 75

I 1913 Polonaise. Op. 86 Seybold, Arthur I 1913 Serenade. Op. 7 Pierne, Gabriel II 1913 Moto Perpetuo (Concert Allegro). Op. 11 Paganini, Niccolo Perpetual Motion

explores elusive perpetual motion theory with underlying "heartbeat" of notes of equal length 38,045 Tempo

III 1913 Reverie. Op. 22 No. 3 Vieuxtemps, Henri


38,046 Tempo

II 1913 Violin Konzert - Op. 35 Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Concert for Violin

one of the best known violin concertos, and is considered one of the most technically difficult 38,047 Tempo 75

38,048 Tempo

38,049 Tempo 50

II 1913 Largo Handel, G. F. I 1913 Caro mio ben. Aria di Tommaso Giordani Papini, Guido I 1913 Polichinelle. Op. 41 Drdla, Franz

Composite 38033 (1) + 38079 (2) + 38049 (3) 38,050 Tempo 65

I 1913 Ungarische Rhapsodie. Op. 32; 37151 Czardas Buhrdorff, H.; Nicklass, S. Hungarian Rhapsody und Kempner

composite 38050 (1) + 37151 (2) 38,051 Tempo

38,052 Tempo

38,053 Tempo

38,054 Tempo

38,055 Tempo

38,057 Tempo 75

38,059 Tempo 75

III 1913 Ungarische Rhapsodie. Op. 43 Hauser, Misca Hungarian Rhapsody I 1913 Polonaise. Op. 97 Seybold, Arthur I 1913 Bagatelle. Op. 25 No. 3 Sinigaglia, Leone I 1913 L'Abeille Schubert, F. (aus Dresden)

The Bee

I 1913 Melodia Frontini, F. Paul III 1913 Ave Maria Stella Liszt, Franz Hail Star of the Sea I 1913 Elfentanz Jenkinson, Ezra

Dance of the Elves

Jenkinson's best-known work, makes extensive use of spiccato


38,060 Tempo

38,061 Tempo

38,062 Tempo

I 1913 Pierrot-Serenade. Op. 33 No. 1 Randegger jr., Alb. II 1913 Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen - No. 1. Liebesfreud Kreisler, Fritz Viennese Dancing Airs No. 1; Love-Pleasures II 1913 Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen. No. 2. Liebeslied Kreisler, Fritz Viennese Dancing Airs. No.2 Love's Sorrow

Kreisler was one of the most famous violin masters - some say of all time 38,063 Tempo 60

38,064 Tempo

II 1913 Le Cygne. Extrait du Carnaval des Animaux Saint-Saëns, Camille The Swan from the Carnival of the Animals II 1913 Serenata. Op. 173 Nölck, August

pretty, happy serenade influenced by Lsgo Maggiore, the "Eden of Italy" 38,065 Tempo

38,066 Tempo

38,067 Tempo

38,068 Tempo

38,069 Tempo 75

38,070 Tempo

38,071 Tempo 75

II 1913 Chant d'amour. Op. 31 Drdla, Franz Love Song I 1913 Berceuse slave d'apres un chant polonais. Op. 11 Neruda, Franz Slavian Cradle Song after a Polish Song II 1913 Souvenir de Posen. op. 3 Mazurka Wieniawski, Henri Remebrance of Posen III 1913 Berceuse Tendre (Il fait si bon pres de toi) Daniderff, Leo Tender Lullaby (It's So Good Near You) I 1913 Poem for Violine edited by Jan Kubelik Fibich, Zdenko II 1913 Moje Marzenia. Mazurka. Op. 85 Wronski, Adam III 1913 Passacaille Tombelle, F. de la

musical form which is a strummed interlude, originating in 17th century Spain


38,072 Tempo 75

I 1917 Wiegenlied - Berceuse Brahms, Joh. Cradle Song

music of peace and calm 38,073 Tempo

38,074 Tempo

38,075 Tempo

38,076 Tempo 60

I 1917 Wiegenlied - Op 34a Schmalstich, Clemens Cradle Song Op 34a III 1917 Kol Nidrei. Op 47. Adagio nach hebraischen Melodien Bruch, Max Adagio after Hebrew Melodies II 1917 Traum Wagner, Richard


I 1923 Slavische Tanze Op 46 No 8; 38006 Obertass. Mazurka Op. 19 No. 1 Dvorak, Anton & Slavonic Dances Op 46 No 8 Wieniawski, Henri

composite 38076 (1) + 38006 (2) 38,077 Tempo 70

II 1923 Sonate (Pathetique) Op 13 c minor adagio Beethoven, L. v. Pathetique

written in 1798 when Beethoven was 27 hears old 38,078 Tempo

II 1923 Ein Albumblatt. (in das album der Fürstin M. 1861) Wagner, Richard An Album Page (In the Album of Princess M. 1861)

done for Princess Metternich as a thanks for her support and a bid for more 38,079 Tempo 50

I 1923 Souvenir Drdla, Franz

Composite 38033 (1) + 38079 (2) + 38049 (3) 38,080 Tempo

38,081 Tempo

38,082 Tempo

I 1923 Klavierstücke nach eigenen Liedern. Op 41 No 3 Ich liebe dich Grieg, Edvard Piano pieces after his own songs. Op 41 No. 3 I love you II 1923 Lyrische stücke Op 43 No 5 Erotik Grieg, Edvard Lyric Pieces op 43 No. 5 adult I 1923 Credo. Bauer, Emil

song religious 38,083 Tempo

I 1923 La Wally. Preludio. Act III Catalani, Alfredo


38,084 Tempo

38,085 Tempo 60

III 1923 Loreley. Danza delle Ondine Catalani, Alfredo III 1923 La Ronde des Lutins. Scherzo fantastique e moll. Bazzini, A. The Dance of the Goblins

virtuoso violinists distinquish themselves by playing this "fiendishly difficult" piece 38,086 Tempo 75

38,087 Tempo

II 1923 Quintett in A (Koch.-Verz. 581) Il larghetto Mozart, Wolfgang A. II 1923 Slavische Tanze Op 72 No. 16 (arrange in G du von Fritz Kreisler) Dvorak, Anton

among Dvorak's most memorable pieces, inspired by Brahm's Hungarian Dances 38,088 Tempo 75

III 1923 Egmont. Ouvertüre Beethoven, L. v.

Dutchman heroism during Napoleanic wars; became the anthem of the 1956 Hungarian revolution 38,089 Tempo

38,090 Tempo 60

I 1923 Suite aus dem Ballett: "Dornroschen" IV Panorama Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Suite from the Ballet: "Dornroschen" II 1923 Impromptu Op 90 No. 3 G dur Schubert, Franz

best-known Schubert melody 38,091 Tempo

38,092 Tempo 75

II 1923 Adagio aus dem Konzert No 18 Kreutzer, Rudolf I 1923 Menuett. G dur. (Arrange W. Burmester) Beethoven, L. v.

really Beethoven?? 38,093 Tempo

38,094 Tempo

I 1923 Traum durch die Dammerung Op 29 No 1 Strauss, Richard Dream Through the Dusk Op 29 No. 1 III 1923 Naila-Ballett Le Pas de Fleurs. transcribed by Emile Sauret Delibes, Leo Naila-Ballet: The Absence of Flowers.

waltz 38,095 Tempo

I 1923 Lieder ohne Worte. Op 30 No. 6 Allegretto tranquillo, F sharp major Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Songs without Words.


39,001 Tempo

II 1913 Soldiers in the Park. Monckton, Lionel

Dance roll. March 39,002 Tempo

I 1913 Unter der Admiralsflagge. Op. 82 Fucik, Julius Under the Admiral's Flag

Dance roll. March 39,003 Tempo

39,004 Tempo

I 1913 Weinwalzer - Le Vin. Gross, Sam Wine waltz I 1913 Regimentskinder. Op. 169 Fucik, Julius Boys of the Regiment

Dance roll. March 39,005 Tempo

I 1913 Deutschmeister-Regimentsmarsch. Jurek, W.A. German Champions Regiment March.

Dance roll. March 39,006 Tempo

III 1913 Mondnacht auf der Alster. Op. 60 Fetras, Oscar Moonlit Night on the Alster.

Dance roll waltz 39,007 Tempo

I 1913 Unter dem Siegesbanner. Marsch. Blon, Franz v. Under the Banner of Victory

dance roll march 39,008 Tempo

II 1913 Le Pere la Victoire. Marche francaise Ganne, Louis Father of Victory, French March

dance roll march 39,009 Tempo

III 1913 Weaner Mad'ln. Op. 388 Ziehrer, C. M.

includes a whistling sequence, a novelty created by Ziehrer. Waltz 39,010 Tempo

I 1913 Schatz, mach' Kasse. Rheinländer. Behling, Adolf Treasurer, Make Cash

dance roll 39,011 Tempo

I 1913 Immer froh. Goering, Fredy

Always joyful

March 39,012 Tempo

I 1913 Hoch-und Deutschmeister Erti, Dominik High-and German Masters

dance roll march


39,013 Tempo 80

II 1913 Alte Kameraden Teike, Carl Old Comerades

1889 march dance roll chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 39,014 Tempo

39,015 Tempo

I 1913 Unknown

La Marseillaise. French National Song

III 1913 Wiener Blut. Op. 354 Strauss, Johann Vienna Blood

waltz 39,016 Tempo 75

III 1913 Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald. Op 325 Strauss, Johann Tales from Vienna Woods

waltz 39,017 Tempo 60

III 1913 Tausend und eine Nacht. op. 346 Strauss, Johann Thousand and One Nights

waltz dance roll drawn from Strauss' first ever operetta "Indigo and the Forty Thieves" 39,018 Tempo 60

II 1913 An der schönen blauen Donau. Op. 314 Strauss, Johann On The Beautiful Blue Danube

most famous of all orchestral waltzes; unofficial anthem of Austria; Chosen for Eisenbahn Hotel 39,019 Tempo

III 1913 Sirenenzauber. Op. 154. Waldteufel, Emil The Sirens Waltz

Chosen for Hotel Concert; dance roll waltz 39,020 Tempo

III 1913 Rosen aus dem Süden. Op. 388 Strauss, Johann Roses from the South

waltz 39,021 Tempo

II 1913 Freiweg Latann, Carl

dance roll march 39,022 Tempo

II 1913 Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch Henrion, Richard

dance roll march 39,023 Tempo

II 1913 Kreuzritter-Fanfare (Ehemaligen 77er Feld. Artill. Regiments March) Henrion, Richard The Crusaders Fanfare

dance roll march 39,024 Tempo

II 1913 Hie guet Brandenburg allwege. Fanfarenmarsch Henrion, Richard

dance roll march


39,026 Tempo

I 1913 Frohsinn-Marsch. 107er Regiments Marsch Hauschild, Carl Happy March

dance roll march 39,027 Tempo

II 1913 Danse du Paraguay Valverde, J.

dance roll 39,028 Tempo 95

II 1913 Klänge aus der Heimat. Oberlandler. Op. 31 Gungl, Josef Sounds from Home. Upper Lowlands. Op. 31

chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 39,029 Tempo 75

II 1913 Marche Italienne Rousseau, L. Julien

dance roll 39,030 Tempo

39,031 Tempo

II 1917 La Furlana (Danza antica del Friuli) Moleti, Nicola The Furlana (Ancient Dance of Friuli) II 1917 Sefira. Intermezzo Op 47 Siede, Ludwig

dance roll 39,032 Tempo

39,033 Tempo

I 1917 Offizieller Festmarsch zur Schweizer Landesausstellung Aeschbacher, Karl Official hard march to the Swiss National Exhibition I 1917 Nee, so was Gemütliches! Bendix, Paul No, Something Cozy!

dance roll waltz 39,034 Tempo

I 1917 O du mein Österreich. Lied von Franz von Suppe Op 93 Preis, Ferdinand Oh my Austria. Song by Franz von Suppe, Op 93

March 39,035 Tempo

39,036 Tempo

39,037 Tempo

I 1917 Radetzky-Marsch Op 228 Strauss, J. Sr. I 1917 Kaiser-Friedrich-Marsch Friedemann, C. I 1917 Hoch Habsburg Karl, J. N.



39,038 Tempo

I 1917 Unknown

Zapfenstreich und Gebet Taps and Prayer

. 39,039 Tempo

39,040 Tempo

1917 Victoria Marsch Blon, Franz von I 1917 Hohenzollern Unrath, C.

march 39,041 Tempo

II 1923 Daisy Moretti, R.

foxtrot 39,042 Tempo

I 1923 Leuchtka¨ferchens Stelldichein: Ein nächtlichSerenade Siede, Ludwig Leuchtka¨ferchens Rendezvous: A nocturnal serenade

twostep 39,048 Tempo

I 1923 Lotusblumen. Ohlsen, Emil Lotus Flowers.

waltz 39,049 Tempo

I 1923 Tanz mit mir Bernard, Charles

Dance With Me

II 1923 Blitzmadel Bernard, Charles

Confounded Girl

waltz 39,050 Tempo

two step 39,051 Tempo

II 1923 Smiles Salabert, Franc.

foxtrot 39,052 Tempo

I 1923 Heut' muss ich mein Maderl haben. Otvos, Adorjan Today I Must Have My Maderl.

onestep 39,053 Tempo

I 1923 Komm' wir gehn dem Schein des Mondes nach Stolz, Robert Come Let Us Go to the Light of the Moon

waltz song 39,054 Tempo

I 1923 Konigl. Sven Lifgardes Marsch Korner, Theo. A.


39,055 Tempo

39,056 Tempo

39,057 Tempo

39,058 Tempo 75

39,059 Tempo

39,060 Tempo

I 1923 Schubert

Kongl. Gota Lifgardes Marsch

I 1923 Kongl. Sodermanlands Regementes marsch Lundvall, C. A. I 1923 Admiral Stosch marsch (Kronobergs Regementes march) Latann, Carl I 1923 Zikoff, T.

Souvenir marsch

I 1923 Rune

Smalands Art. Reg. Marsch

I 1923 In Treue fest. Teike, Carl With faith.

march 39,061 Tempo

I 1923 Auf nach Valencia Eisengraber On to Valencia

march 39,062 Tempo

39,063 Tempo

I 1923 Holtz

Vest gota. Regementes marsch

I 1923 Mister Fox. Bernard, Charles

foxtrot twostep 39,064 Tempo 75

I 1923 Benatzky

Bayerischer Landler Bavarian Lowlands

very popular; played on many instrument types; chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 39,065 Tempo

II 1923 Die Schlittschuhläufer op 183 Waldteufel, Emil Skater

waltz 39,066 Tempo

I 1923 Clapson

The Pelican



39,067 Tempo

I 1923 Harem Yvain, Maurice

foxtrot 39,068 Tempo

I 1923 La Segadora Armandola, Jose

The Reaper

Scotch spanish 39,069 Tempo

I 1923 Gestern Nacht hab ich marie nach Haus gebracht Pallos, Paul Last Night I Brought Home by Marie

march song one step 39,070 Tempo

I 1923 Bummel-Petrus Kersten, Max-Werner

a very amusing song from the 1920's about St. Peter creeping from heaven with a 'heavenly' youn 39,071 Tempo

I 1923 Forget Me Not Richards, Henry

foxtrot 39,072 Tempo

39,073 Tempo

I 1923 The Continental Hobby George, A. I 1923 Hoch Heidecksburg Herzer, Rud.

march 39,074 Tempo 75

I 1923 My Electric Girl Helmburgh-Holmes

shimmy fox; Europe's great sensation, chosen for Eisenbahn Sursee Hotel Concert 39,075 Tempo

I 1923 Sunflower Eysoldt, Leo

foxtrot intermezzo 39,076 Tempo

I 1923 Das Shimmy-mädel Gabriel, F.A.

shimmy fox 39,077 Tempo

I 1923 Im Hotel zur Nachtigall Weiss, Stephan In the Hotel to the Nightingale

onestep 39,078 Tempo

I 1923 Venetian Moon Goldberg, Phil und Magini, Frank

Recorded by Plantation Jazz Orchestra in 1920; foxtrot


39,079 Tempo

I 1923 Troblante Volupte Cuvillier, Charles

waltz slow 39,080 Tempo

I 1923 Mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern Blon, Franz von With Oak Leaves and Swords

march 39,081 Tempo

I 1923 Mit Standarten Blon, Franz von With standards

march 39,082 Tempo

I 1923 Zwei elsässische Bauerntänze Op 12 No. 1 und 2 Merkling, G. Two Alsatian Peasant Dances, Op 12 No.. 1 and 2

combined with roll 37037 39,083 Tempo

I 1923 Wir versaufen uns'rer Oma ihr klein Häuschen Steidl, Robert We Drown our Grandma Her Little Hut

twostep 39,084 Tempo

I 1923 Der Vetter aus Dingsda Eduard Kunneke The Cousin from Nowhere

foxtrot Batavia 39,085 Tempo

I 1923 Pijama Dance Moleti, Nicola

foxtrot 39,086 Tempo

I 1923 Im Hotel zur grünen Wiese Brink, Edvard The Greenfield Site

foxtrot 39,087 Tempo

I 1923 Le Sheik Snyder, Ted

The Sheik of Araby

foxtrot shimmy 39,088 Tempo

I 1923 Bluff Moleti, Nicola

one step 39,089 Tempo

I 1923 Malabar Moleti, Nicola

shimmy esotico 39,090 Tempo

I 1923 Kim Moleti, Nicola

shimmy foxtrot


39,091 Tempo 75

I 1923 El Rosal Rossi, Orfeo

paso doble spanish 39,092 Tempo

39,093 Tempo



Fridericus Rex. Grenadier Marsch (Ehemal. Preuss Armeemarsch No. 198) Radeck, Ferd. Fridericus Rex. Grenadiermarsch (Preuss Ehemal. Army March No. 198) I 1923 Liliput. Hollaender, Friedrich

shimmy fox 39,094 Tempo

I 1923 Eldgaffeln (Feuerzauber) Landen, Einar Eldgaffeln (fire magic)

foxtrot 39,095 Tempo

I 1923 la Leggenda del Piave Mario, E. A. Legend of the Piave

march italian 39,096 Tempo

I 1923 Blanc, G.

Il Canto degli Arditi The Song of the Arditi

march italian 39,097 Tempo

I 1923 La Java Yvain, Maurice

dance Java 39,098 Tempo

I 1923 Foxtrot della nostalgia Vitaliani, V. Nostaligic Foxtrot

foxtrot 39,099 Tempo

I 1923 Eleonore Chantrier, Albert

foxtrot shimmy 39,100 Tempo

I 1923 Nuits de Chine Benech, F. L. China Nights

foxtrot shimmy 39,101 Tempo

I 1928 Druid's Prayer Davson, Gordon

waltz 39,102 Tempo

I 1928 Morphium Spoliansky, Mischa

waltz boston


39,103 Tempo

I 1928 My Isle of Golden Dreams Blaufuss, Walter

waltz boston 39,104 Tempo

I 1928 L' etrange Valse Yvain, Maurice The Strange Waltz

waltz boston 39,105 Tempo

I 1928 Zaza Buxeuile, Rene,de

shimmy 39,106 Tempo

I 1928 Avalon. Ich kenne eine kleine Bar. Jolson, Al und Vincent Rose Avalon. I Know a Small Bar

shimmy fox 39,107 Tempo

I 1928 Die Mädels von Java Richards, Henry The Girls of Java

dance Java 39,108 Tempo

I 1928 Tu verras Montmartre! Borel-Clerc, Ch. You'll See Montmartre!

twostep 39,109 Tempo 70

I 1928 La Violetera Padilla, Jose

Spanish popular song with the beat of Cuban habanera 39,110 Tempo 85

I 1928 Georgette Henderson, Ray

foxtrot 39,111 Tempo

I 1928 Dancing Honeymoon Braham, Philip

foxtrot 39,112 Tempo

I 1928 Lalalola Silesu, Lao

shimmy 39,113 Tempo

I 1928 Der Knalleffekt. "Wenn du nicht kannst, lass' mich mal !" Korner, Theo A. The Blast Effect. "If You Can Not, Let Me Again!"

shimmy 39,114 Tempo

I 1928 Wenn ich dich seh', da muss ich weinen. Werau, Arthur W. When I See You, Because I Have to Cry.



39,115 Tempo

I 1928 Das ist Moritz. Lindhardt, D. O. That's Moritz.

dance java 39,116 Tempo

I 1928 When Buddha smiles Brown, Nacio H.

shimmy fox 39,117 Tempo

I 1928 Bubi, ich habe eine Radiostation Strassmann, Franz Bubi, I Have a Radio Station

twostep 39,118 Tempo

I 1928 Afghanistan Richards, Henry

twostep 39,119 Tempo 70

I 1928 Fate (Schicksal). "Du hast das Glück mir geraubt" Gay, Byron Fate (Destiny). "You Have Stolen My Luck"

shimmy fox 39,120 Tempo 90

I 1928 Mangia, Mangia Papirusa Bassi, Arturo de

dance tango 39,121 Tempo

I 1928 I Love You Mercier, Rene

foxtrot 40,001


Unknown Poem

Tempo 80


Hungarian Melody (unknown original name)