1 A TRUE REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD OF SPORT Combating fatigue has always been the goal sought after by generations of athletes. Trainers and sports me...

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A TRUE REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD OF SPORT Combating fatigue has always been the goal sought after by generations of athletes. Trainers and sports medicine consider lactate threshold an excellent indicator of an athlete’s potential resistance. The ability to exercise intensely without building up lactic acid is highly advantageous. Today, thanks to the agreement signed by SIXS and LVM Technologies, we are able to announce that the goal has finally been reached.


Results of medical tests which used the LVM technology testify to the efficiency of the system, consultancy activities by the Universities of Pisa, Pavia and Ferrara underline it’s unique features, tests undertaken in Italy’s most important athletic training and sports research centre confirm it, the textile experience of SIXS has given it form.

is born


THE PRINCIPLE: The application possibilities are endless, going from energy to new materials. One of the main applications is in the health and sport field. Although the beneficial effects of many active ingredients have been known for a while, a practical system, free from any collateral effects, is not always known which provides for the application of active ingredients in the right amount and at the right place in order to gain the best results. THE MICROENCAPSULATION OF THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ADMINISTERED VIA TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY, MAXIMISES BIOAVAILABILITY AND THEREFORE OPTIMISES THE INGREDIENT’S EFFICIENCY. For example, in the medical field, some skin conditions (diabetic foot infections, inflammation of amputated areas etc.) have been cured by use of LVM technology. In these cases, the suitable active ingredient was known, but the right system of


MICROTECHNOLOGY application had not yet been found. The use of LVM technology guarantees the possibility to deliver the active ingredient at a constant rate and at the right place, and in the right amount. LVM technology concerns the design of a molecular film and of the necessary process to transform various active ingredients into microcapsules. The LVM molecular film is integrated into a specifically designed textile structure and is characterised by the fact that it can be recharged with microcapsules containing the active ingredient to be used. The release of the active ingredient occurs over a longer period and at a constant rate, beginning only when the textile structure is put on, and activated by the change in temperature together with the microfriction with the skin.


The transfer of this technology from the medical to the sporting field opens up further interesting application possibilities. The first active ingredient considered in this field is CARNOSINE, a natural antagonist to lactic acid . The problem with Carnosine is that when it is taken orally

(the only system currently in use) and is only absorbed by the organism at a maximum of 8-10%. Via transdermal OSMOSIS (thus the need to “wrap” the ingredient in a molecular film containing microcapsules) it is absorbed by the deepest layers of the epidermis, in a markedly higher amount and already localised.

THE PRODUCT: Following the specifications of LVM, a range of different products have been conceived which are suitable for use in a variety of sporting situations such as cycling and motorcycling. The areas of release are the muscle groups which are most used in the various situations.

Therefore stockings have been created with a release area in the sole of the foot (the most receptive area of the body), pads of different dimensions with release areas on the calves and vastus medialis thighs, and shirts with release areas on the forearm and biceps.


USE: Items are delivered ready for use and charged with amicrocapsules containing Carnosine. In the packaging, as well as instructions, three recharging doses will be included. As well as single packs, recharging doses will be available in bottles of around 20 and 40 measures. The continued use of OSMOSIXS has a soothing effect and buffers muscular fatigue caused by the build-up of lactic acid during sporting performance. It also improves recovery after activity.

Release is activated from the moment the item is put on (item should be worn at least one hour before the beginning of the sporting performance) and it lasts around 36 hours. After every use it is necessary to recharge the OSMOSIXS item with the specific recharging measures of Carnosine molecular film, with a simple charge operation which can be done at home. Dissolve the right recharging dose in water and leave the item soak for around 20 minutes.


MICROSYSTEMS WITH ACTIVE INGREDIENT CONTROLLED RELEASE THROUGH THE FABRIC ITALIAN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LVM has years of experience in the study of microtechnology and innovative transdermal release systems. In collaboration with universities and international scientific authorities DIFOPREV has been created (PCT European patent): the first bio-technical application which has revolutionised the treatment of diabetic foot infections.



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A new possible therapy for skin issues at the stump of an amputation.






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