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South Street Suburb (Continued on page 11) STREET PUBLISHER The nerve of Harry Belafonte calling George Bush a terrorist. And then there are organiz...

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South Street Suburb (Continued on page 11)


The nerve of Harry Belafonte calling George Bush a terrorist. And then there are organizers around the country calling for The Impeachment of President George Bush. This is definitely a controversial subject. But if Harry is correct, the Curtis Mayfield's hit "If its hell below we all are going to go," if the wrong is not corrected. (Continued on page 13)


Chamber Business in Bronzeville Bronzeville in part has been a reference to the past than to the p r e s e n t . But the " R e s t o r i n g Bronzeville." theme of 1994, is now leveraging a resurgence in the Bronzeville community that has also prompt the base for the Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce. But From 1928 to 1952, many African Americans made their livelihoods, and business developed in part because of segregation of the city. It became a city within a city. Bronzeville, was also known as the (Continued on page 21)

ou Journal Uproar in Bronzeville anuary 12-26, 2006

Salvation Army's $130m project rejected by Tillman Organizations question as well objecting the project

Not across seas, nor in Nazi Germany, but on the west side of Chicago, one of the most brutal acts of terrorism occurred December 4, 1968, (The year Dr. Martin Luther King was kilec one of the Ground Zeros -- 2337 W. Monroe. The U.S. government via the Chicago Police Department enacted one of it's most brutal attacks on the Black Power movement of the 60's. 21 year old courageous charismatic Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton and 22 year old Defense Captain Mark Clark, of the Black Panther Party, were assassinated. (Continued on page 12)


During December, people normally notice the Salvation Army with their hands out in front of department stores asking for donations. However for the residents of Bronzeville, the Salvation Army committed to contributing over $130 million to build a State of the Art Community Center on 48th and State Street that was rejected by Alderman Dorothy Tillman. The alderman's decision raised concerns in the community on her lack of community input and her preference for a shopping mall provoked pro and con responses within the Bronzeville community. Lt. Col. David Grindle informed SSJ that the project was supported by a $90 million grant by the Ray and Joan Kroc Foundation to benefit a low-income community. The 25-acre "Family Life Center" was in preparation since October 2004, after the McDonald's Corp. heiress Joan Kroc left the Salvation Army $1.5 billion in her will,

specifying that part of the gift be spent exclusively on building and running community centers in low-income neighborhoods. The Salvation Army reviewed all documents, reports and studies concerning the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the 3rd Ward, and evaluated recent development trends in the area. Grindle said the Salvation Army also met frequently with community and city leaders involved in the Center, which consisted of (Continued on page 5)

"The Thunder of Angels" the book on the Montgomery Bus Boycott sparked by Park's heroism was the birth of the modern civil rights movement, bringing Martin Luther King Jr. to prominence and promising the end of segregation in America. The basic facts of the Montgomery bus boycott are, of course, familiar, but the book From the cover of the book, "The Thunder of tells far more. Based on extensive interviews Angels", On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks conducted over decades and thousands of refused to give up her seat on bus #2857 to a exclusive documents, readers get a glimpse white man, The yearlong struggle to (Continued on page 18) integrated the Montgomery, Alabama, buses

The Movement that produced


The Race for



The Party that killed a Black Panther Chicago should never forget

www.South Street3ournai.net

Sylvester Baker who built a longer career in Cook County Corrections announced his candidacy for Cook County Sheriff,

2007 Mayor Search Committee: As many politicians are generally paying attention to the March 2006 election, many others are looking ahead preparing for the 2007 Mayoral Election. Approximately 350,000 plus people voted in the 2000 Mayor Election, contrarily, 700,000 registered

are not registered voters. Due to issues such as the Truck Program, lack of black contractors on government contracts, dope peddling in the Water Department, and concerns regarding the contracts for the Millennium Park, the 2007 Mayoral Search Committee is seeking a Reform Mayor for the City Chicago.

voters didn't participate, and possibly 600,00

(Continued on page 8)

is up against Tom Dart, former state rep and chief of Staff of Michael Sheen, who secured the backing of the democratic members for Dart.

No doubt there will be "a new sheriff in town" of Cook County and Chicago. Sheriff Michael Sheehan surprised many announcing he will not seek reelection and lobbied support for Mr. Tom Dart, his Chief of Staff of the Sheriff office, and former state representative over the 19th ward. Mark Allen, Founder and President of The ^ u | . Leadership was one of the first to immediately challc7rg§Central State Committeeman and Congressman Bobby Rush, and other Black elected officials to consider uniting around the candidacy of Sylvester Baker, a retired Cook County Corrections official, who announced his candidacy even before Sheehan made his announcement not to seek reelection after 16 years in office. Allens's charge that Rush and other African American leaders were disrespected by the Democratic Party of Cook County endorsed Dart to replace the Sheriff (Continued on page 7)

LOST HISTORIES NEW B'GININGS A History of PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH By Nathan Thompson With the history, the voice CIS, Pilgrim Baptist Church Pilgrim Baptist Church, 3301 S. Indiana Ave. began as the Union Grove Prayer Meeting Club organized in 1915, in the Bronzeville home of John & Juanita Finnic At the time, John was the Pastor of Ebenezer (Continued on page 16)

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January 12 - 25,2005

UnZip Don't pay Cellphone companies charge of $1.00 or more for 411 / information. Word is people do not have to; When you need to use the 411 / information option, simply dial 1 800 FREE 411 or 1 800 373 3411 without incurring a charge at all except for the minutes required to make the call. Wanda Lavinia Morris Armstrong & Morgan Douglas Carter exchange marriage vows on the 18th of December 2005 Political hopeful Ranoule Tatum Stated that: "The people in the 26th District finally have a choice. An Oakland-Kenwood resident and host of the CanTV television program "Talking Success, " Tatum submitted signatures to run against incumbent Lu Jones. But maybe Jones should getting the support of republican governor candidate, Judy Barr Topinka, As at the services ofJordi Palmer, Jones said Topinka was identified as the "WIrite Sister" by Ms. Palmer. There are a number of people from the Black community, including Wallace 'Gator' Bradley supporting Topinka race for Governor. Jones, Arlene, columnist,fromthe Austin Weekly News. Lead a group honoring Yahsai Ben Israel aha Charles "Chuck" Harris. Citing, ifHerb Kent is the "Mayor of Bronzeville" and Cliff Kelley is the "Governor of Talk Radio," Yahsai is Wallace 'Gator' Bradley their "Warrior of the West Side." However, the celebration was held on the south side, at the beautiful Prince Hall Masonic Temple 809 E. 42nd PL Aldermen are ask to SPREAD THE WORD about the new Illinois State Yahsai Ben Law, that turns Driving without insurance and on suspended licenses A FELONY. This use to be only a misdemeanor. This law was quietly passed and will unfortunately affect more of the Black and Latino wards than others. So the word should be educating the youth and others that they can quickly acquire a felony on their record. The word is also there are simply not enough ofBlacks going to prison to feed the growing new industry. And there are far too many still able to vote in the next election. This is a way to' remedy these issues. Why are the politicians spending "their"precious money on our children's education when the prison system doesn't require it? Organizers are demanding the repeal of this new law before we/ours become victims of it. 1 800 861-6541 for more information. The Chicago Defender indicating that Melvin Caldwell was a disrupted employee, Now he is no longer associated with SSJ. Rev. Leon Daniels who is concerned about the lack of African Americans working for Arab store owners should be aware that one store on 82nd and Halsted replied by saying, "Well do you see Arabs working for Blacks?" He continued to say its about who you trust to handle your business and who you know.

South Street Journal

Chicago Defender makes move From the historic site Since 1953 the Chicago Defender newspaper, (Sengstacke Enterprise) owned and was housed at the historic location of 2400 S. Michigan Ave. After the passing of its owner, Mr. John Sengstacke, the newspaper witness many changes internal and external. The one of the biggest is now moving its operations to 200 S. Michigan Ave in the Borg Warner building. The newspaper is now owned under the flagship publications of Real Times Inc. a media company that bought it which also includes the Michigan Chronicle , the Michigan Front Page, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and the Tri-State Defender. The new owners of the Defender sold the 40,000 square ft building that was last appraised at $4 million. However, sold it for $3 million to secure operating funds. The new owners of the building was indicted for allegedly producing fake passports and identifications for an undercover FBI operative as part of the money laundering scheme and drugs. The building is now up for lease or for sell. In addition the Chicago Defender Charities that organize the Bud Billinkin Parade and Picnic, has moved to the Inner city Studies at 700 East Oakwood. Reports are the Charities maybe opting to change the name of the parade as it continues as a separated operations from the newspaper. SSJ Photo

CTA's Fare Increase; ill-Advised Claims activist it will Hurt Workers, Discourage Transit Use

l a a M w

On January 6, Tiffany Chancellor of South Shore took three buses in the morning and in the evening to get her child, before January 1st she paid $4 a day. Now that Chicago Transportation Authority change their rate structure it cost her $12 days a day. In addition to a citywide coalition opposing the actions, a Class Action law suit has been file on behalf of Ms. Chancellor. The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group's Campaign for Better Transit opposes the cash fare increase and elimination of the cash transfer, calling for the City Council to realize that Chicago's working poor and immigrant population are being asked to balance CTA's budget on their backs: If a working person pays cash to get to her job and only transfers once, her daily commute to work will double in cost- from $2.00 each way, to $4.00 each way. Al Holfied attorney for Chancellor, file a class action law suit against CTA, claiming as with Ms. Chancellor, people who work in a largely cash economy generally live in areas of the city that are already under-served by CTA. Those same neighborhoods do not have equal access to sales outlets to purchase CTA fare cards in advance of people's daily commutes. A possible discrimination suit is also being looked into base on where the passes were placed for the public to buy them. They were in white areas more greater oppose to in



*eerpu«rf4c utility tc



* * « dittos of a puWicutlHty

affect communities. Citing that as CTA is a public utility is not making the fare fair to all. Allegations under the fraud act, requires CTA to advertise and not limit there are the stores were out, "CTA did not plan for the level of demand that they knew was needed. They (CTA) knew the demand was

there." said NCBG, Director of Community Outreach John Jones. He also stressed that the Campaign for Better Transit thank members of the City Council for addressing public transportation concerns in the City Council in which the CTA's recent decision to rescind a (Continued on page 5)

South Street Journal Volume 12 Number 2

is published by Jarr ellCommunicationsInc.,

Ron Carter, Editor and Publisher, Joseph Gilmore. Associate Ptibl isher Roosevelt Martin, Circulation: Writers: Beauty Turner, Victor Woods, Richard Blackmon Jr. Minister B. Henry Kenner, Michael H. Brownstein, LaShawn D. Williams, Nathan Thompson 812 West 94th Street, Chicago, Hi. 60620,773-238-3502 E-mail: [email protected] .com www. southstreetjournal. net We welcome your comments on the



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South Street Journal

Daley to appeal in court on police torture cases

Mayor Richard M. Daley may have to testify in a suit against former Cmdr. Jon Burge. According to the Chicago Tribune, In February, Daley must answer questions under oath regarding allegations that police used torture to obtain confessions in the 1980s (when Daley was States Attorney during torture claims). Unless city attorneys prevail in their bid for a protective order to explore the roles of top officials in response to internal reports of police misconduct. Burge was fired and left Chicago for Florida 10 years ago, he left turmoil in his wake. U.S. Magistrate

Judge Geraldine Soat Brown said she won't rule on the protective order until January. But she said Daley must sit for a deposition in February, in case the protective order is denied. Brown's ruling affects suits brought by four former Death Row inmates who were pardoned by former Gov. George Ryan on the basis of innocence in 2003, —Madison Hobley, Aaron Patterson, Stanley Howard and Leroy Orange—filed suit against the city, former Police Burge and other police officials. The plaintiffs cannot depose Daley merely as "a showpiece," Brown (Continued on page 7)

January 12 - 25, 2005

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Hughes' School on and off and on for a new school by Michael H. Brownstein "This was a viable neighborhood, but then the Board of Education purchased almost two blocks of land to build a new Langston Hughes Elementary School," David Shelton, a neighbor of the Langston Hughes School, said. "Everything changed." Langston Hughes Elementary School is located at 226 W. 104th Street in the Roseland community. He pointed to the large fenced in area where two blocks of homes were razed to make room for a new school and the two signs placed by the Chicago Board of Education Capital Development Office. "I figured they would build the school soon. Langston Hughes is in terrible shape. I don't think they can wait much longer." "The Board of Education bought two blocks of residences," Debra Stigler, the Local School Council Chairperson for Langston Hughes, said. "People who lived there twenty-five, thirty years were moved out of their homes, but nothing was done. The houses were left standing for over a year. The area became a hazard and an eyesore for both the children and the neighborhood." According to Stigler, drug addicts began to use the vacant properties to both use and sell drugs. Other illegal activities began to flourish behind open doors and broken windows. "I was very active in trying to get a new school built," Alderman Carrie Austin from the 34th Ward said, "but when they decided to tear down the houses to build a new Langston Hughes, they destroyed an entire neighborhood because nothing happened. "I worked with the City of

The conditions of Langston Hughes are deplorable," Earl Ware, Langston Hughes principal for the last six years, said. "We need a new school. SSJ Photo Don Carter

Chicago's Building Department and the Board of Education to get everything secured. The houses were vacant and this made for a dangerous situation. No one cared. Finally we took a busload of concerned people to a meeting at Farragut High School. Then the properties were torn down and the area secured." Shelton concurs. "A lot of us were angry because of the way the city ignored the neighborhood. It was like we were throw aways. At least now everything is secured. Nonetheless, there has not been a ground breaking for a new school.

All that has happened is they chopped down a lot of the trees and built a fence around the area. Oh, and they posted signs about the future of the project." "The conditions of Langston Hughes are deplorable," Earl Ware, Langston Hughes principal for the last six years, said. "We need a new school. There is water damage to a major portion of the building. The water has caused walls to bulge out. The building is falling apart around us." Langston Hughes was originally a (Continued on page 9)

fumes from Indiana cover South Streets of Chicago Ms. Beauty Turner All night on Wednesday November 30th, one call after the other, complaints were ravaging many city blocks, depraving people of a breath of fresh air to an odd odor. An illegal discharge from an Indiana BP Refinery stirred up some chaos and confusion in many south side communities' in Chicago. So if you smelled something that night it wasn't because of that large thanksgiving meal you had, and it wasn't because of the baby breaking wind it was because of a real to life issue of an alleged gas leak. "Uhura sister," Prisoner of Conscience Committee President Fred Hampton Jr. son of slain Black Panther Party Leaders Fred Hampton Sr. said i.s he reported from 60th in Englewood. "the whole Englewood community smells like gas Beauty," "My whole block is lit up like a Christmas tree with a gas like smell;" people over here don't know what is going on; it's that strong" Hampton was very concerned about his safety as well as the residents that reside on his block, as he spoke holding his nose. These types of incidents made would seem to be a good idea to invest in a gas mask after living in dangerous times such as (Post 911, terrorism act foreign as well as domestic, wars, etc.) More calls from other people on as far away as 114th south Indiana and 45th and Cottage saying that something is seriously wrong, the smell of a loud foul odor of gas in their community. People on 79th street called about a high level of alleged toxic gas smells traveling toward their homes.

The smell of a gas like substance invading and penetrating many airspaces in a lot of south side communities, reaching from 43rd street as far over to 114Ath and Indiana all the way across the city into the State of Indiana," The city 311 did confirm the calls as well, "Yes, we are also receiving a large volume of calls concerning this smell," replied a spokesperson on the other end. She continued "Right now the gas company is trying to pin point the problem," she added. "That is all I can say right now ma'am". The police station knew about the incident but that is a gas company issue. Did the information center of the City of Chicago pin point the source of the alleged gas leak from last night? "I know what you are talking about but, that was another sort of leak," Vanquez continue, "I'm going to connect you to the environmental services and they will explain it better then I can," Vanquez went on to say. Larry Merritt who is the spokesperson for Illinois Department of Environmental Services, reported that he would look into it and call me back with an answer later on. That day he called me back and said. "The fumes were traced back to a BP Refinery located in Whiting Indiana.". "The Indiana company reported it on Tuesday and at that time the winds were blowing to the West, but on Wednesday the wind shifted and that's why the people were (Continued on page 4)

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January 12 - 25,2005

South Street Journal

30 years delay, CTA to extend Red Line south Developing Communities Project (DCP), a community organizing group on Chicago's far South Side, is sponsoring the first of three public meetings to push for the extension of the CTA Red Line. The first meeting will be held Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, 1334 W. 115th Street. The Red Line terminal at 95th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway, the busiest and most profitable among the CTA train lines in the city, was built as a temporary stop over 30 years ago. The plan was to extend the train line to the southernmost city limits just as the Red Line extends to the city limits on the North Side. When DCP organized the community to place a referendum to extend the Red Line on the November 2004 election ballot, over 39,000 votes were cast making it the most successful referendum in the city. DCP has pushed the process over the last three years. That work has resulted in the Red Line Extension project's inclusion in the 2005 federal transportation bill. Since the passage of that bill this past summer, local state and regional transportation agencies have been busy lining up funding matches for major transit capital projects: The Circle Line, the Star Line, and the Block 37 mega-station, all of which are being fast-tracked with little or no public scrutiny and oversight said the committee in a statement. The Red Line Extension project is the only transportation project that fulfills the federal Transportation Equity Act's (TEA) c r i t e r i a to p r o v i d e " t r a n s p o r t a t i o n e q u i t y " to underserved, mixed-income communities of color. "The public must help to reverse this benign neglect of the Red Line Extension by joining in a public outcry for the city to hold public hearings on the feasibility plans for the project. Whether or not the plans are completed."

Gas on the South Side smelling that odd smell here in the Chicago communities," Larry added. Merritt did not confirm if the fumes were dangerous, "I don't think so but it would be best if you call Indiana Environmental Service Department and ask them, I really don't know," Merritt added. Tammy at the Hammond Indiana Environmental Service Department said, "I haven't heard anything about this issue, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. As soon as I hear something more about this I will call you back and give you more information." When a mistake of this type happens, I believe that the general public should be notified right away. That night there was a bad odor that was blowing in the windy city that you just couldn't cover up and hide. Along with letting the general public know what happened, the public is entitled to know what type of odors they are, if they're toxic, and what steps should be taken. "Situations such as this, as well as blackouts that happen in our communities should definitely cause a state of alarm," Hampton Jr. said.


( r ) Attorney General Lisa Madigan, state legislators and advocates watch as Gov. Blagojevich signs the Payday Loan Reform Act into law. "Regulation of this corrosive industry is long overdue," said ( I ) State Rep. Miller (D-Dolton), the bill's chief sponsor.

Governor directs state regulators to enforce new Payday Loan law New Payday Loan Reform law is in only applied to loans of 30 days or effect providing unprecedented less. Within days of the rules taking effect, the payday lending protection against predatory shortindustry responded by extending the term loans directed by Governor length of the loan to 31 days or Rod R. Blagojevich. The law longer to circumvent a law that had directed the state's tried to protect "Payday loans are supposed consumers. Department of to help working people cover Currently, there are Financial and unexpected costs and 995 payday or other Professional emergencies. They're not short-term lenders Regulations (IDFPR) supposed to break their bank in Illinois, a 23% accounts." to aggressively start increase from last Governor Rod R. enforcing the new year. According to Blagojevich. industry figures, the December of this 2006, with particular attention paid average annual percentage rate for to lenders who may try to get short-term loans is 595%, and the average amount of a short-term loan around the new restrictions. The is $380. According to the Illinois law provides new protection against Department of Financial and ploys used by lenders to lure Professional Regulation, last year borrowers into potentially lenders made 1.4 million payday loans, which generated $1.3 billion devastating predatory loans. "A short-term loan should never in receivables. Before the Payday Loan Reform lead to long-term financial ruin. Unfortunately, t h a t ' s been Act many consumers would have to happening too often to families all take out additional loans to pay the over Illinois. The good news is, fees on their original payday loan. strong new legal protections will go This extends the cycle of debt into effect that prevent people from further, with no resources for ending up in an endless cycle of recovery periods or optional debt they can't repay," said Gov. repayment plans. Points of the new law: Limits the Blagojevich. "It will make sure lenders who want to come up with interest that can be charged for each ways to circumvent the law can't do loan to $15.50 per $100; Sets a cap it. Payday loans are supposed to on total loan amounts to $1,000 or help working people cover 25% of a customer's monthly unexpected costs and emergencies. salary, whichever is less; Prevents They're not supposed to break their borrowers from having more than two payday loans at a time; bank accounts." The Payday Loan Reform Act Provides that payday borrowers allows the state to go beyond the cannot have payday loans for more new, 120-day time limit on short- than 45 days. Once they have term loans, in order to ban lenders reached the 45-day limit they must from creating 121-day loans or have at least a seven-day loan free period. other predatory instruments. It also creates a new 56-day In 2000, Governor Ryan signed a law designed to rein in the rapid repayment period with no additional increase in short term payday loans. interest charges for borrowers who At that time the average length of a have trouble repaying their loans; Protects borrowers from paying payday loan was 14 to 28 days (one or two pay periods). When the law attorneys fees and court costs. was implemented in 2001, the rules

What action has been taken since the Congressional Committee Hearings regarding the Response to Hurricane Katrina? The hearings were held last month and chaired by Republican Tom Davis of Virginia. He got an ear full of head bangin' information but the question now becomes what will he and the committee do with the info. "Not very much," says Harry Alford, President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Alford testified before the committee that he and the engineering firm F. E. Jordan and Associates want an independent third party investigation into what he calls an "unexplainable crater on the ocean floor below the levy breach section." "We'll even pay for the investigation ourselves, " he told the committee. What's important here is that there are reports citing "burn marks on chunks of cement broken from the levee wall," with "traces of boron enhanced flouronitram and PBXN-1U"—high level explosives. These samples are said to be undergoing tests at the Army's forensic lab in Gillem, GA. Charles Allen, Vice Mayor, Newport News, VA, also testified that "there was no audible alarm was sounded when the levee broke... " He also testified of people being murdered, and sounds of gunfire. What's interesting here is that there are reports of paramilitary groups operating in the district, five of' which were allegedly gunned down by unknowing New Orleans cops. That story was published on the AP Wire but disappeared. Attorney Ishmael Muhammad of the Grassroots Legal Network told the committee about explosions heard by many area residents, independent of each other, within earshot of the 17th Street Bridge where the levee broke. Keep in mind this was after the hurricane passed. The Committee's star, Republican Steve Buyer from Indiana, went on and on about the "scope of the committee's charter, " and seemed to belittle the witness delegation's claims. At one point he had the temerity to suggest that flooding waters can "sound like many things, even an explosion." When the delegation raised concerns that their testimonies would be fully represented in the commission's forthcoming report, Cynthia McKinney (the lone Democrat present) reassured the group that the report's integrity will be guaranteed by her offering, Buyer got pissed and snapped, "How dare you question my integrity, " and walked out. . W H I L E THE WORLD ANTICIPATES THE COMMITTEE'S REPORT, a June 2005 report that preceded Katrina offers a different perspective. The New Orleans District of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers was already scheduled for a drastic $71.2 million budget cut, the largest single-year funding loss ever for the New Orleans district. The cuts Uf would have directly effected the 9th Ward area. According to the USACE, "much of pre-Katrina documentation on the New Orleans levees and floodwalls was done before digital office equipment became available. IPET is scanning the documents as quickly as possible. " (Keep in mind the USACE had microwave ovens before the Jetsons.) The Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force Report is due out in June, followed by a report commissioned by Donald Rumsfeld through Frances J. Harvey (Secretary of the Army) by way of an independent panel of experts convened by John Paul Woodley Jr. (Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works) under the direction of the National Academies (headed by Ralph J. Cicerone). Their report is due in July. In the meantime, watch for the Congressional Commission Report due in February. Nathan Thompson is a freelance journalist and the Author of KINGS: The True Story of Chicago's Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers. He can be reached at [email protected]

South Street Journal* oe

South Street Journal

January 12 - 25, 2005

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State Street project uproar (Continued from page 1)

By rebuffing the Salvation Army's bid 10 anchor over twenty members. The members redevelopment of Bronzeviile's State Street corridor with a included, CPD, Illinois Institute of world-class community center. Third Ward Alderman Technology, Grand Boulevard Federation, Dorothy Tillman showed again how far removed she is from Firman Community Services, Dr. Russell, Pat Dowell, a the grassroots base from whence she came. Not only did she Inner City Youth Foundation, Center For spurn the goodwill of a world renown organization - whose Bronzeville New Horizons, Rev. and Herbert B. Martin, resident only failing was choosing our community as the best of People's Progressive Church. supporting the location for its state-of-the-art facility - she ;iiso. "punked" The Divisional commander said the third projected Mayor Daley by reneging on the deal to which he ward was identified as the best site. The submitted a committed his political sway; She repudiated the best efforts State of The Art Community Project was to letter to the of the city's Department of Planning and Development; media asking be built on the premises of the Chicago Never sought input from her own advisory committee; And, for a recall of Housing Authority land, where the Robert above ail else, disregarded the needs and best interests of the alderman. Taylor Homes stood. Shahshak Levi, Taylor the citizens she was elected to represent. Dowell is also Homes Local Advisory Council, Area Tillman's harsher critics accuse her of trying to cash in on slated to be an Jurisdictional President questioned who has aldermanic the $135 million project by putting the squeeze on the Christine Perkins a member of the GBF and of the Inner City Youth decision making powers regarding what candidate in Salvation Army. 1 wouldn't go quite that far. There is no happens on the land; indicating the alderman Foundation has headed up a petition drive in support of the Salvation the third ward evidence of that, and such cynicism reduces us to fighting does not have the sole authority to kick the Army Center to continue its' plans in Bronzeville. However, its ourselves rather than keeping sight of what's most Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel David E. Grindle, is not so sure if they will Salvation Army off of the State Street continue without the alderman's support. important. We should be focusing on not missing another opportunity to Corridor." Adding, "This is the build mixed income housing, attract commercial developments and corruption of "Madam Hat" Tillman, and preserve our historical landmarks. Also, we should keep this project her leadership of the third ward." Levi alive until the community's voice has been heard. However, the alderman does have to This project w ill provide valuable services for our entire finally ok in signing off permits and community. It will serve those who are just trying to make it as well government owned property in their as those who already have. Us presence will attract retail and wards. But Tillman is not the only one commercial development, not preclude it, objecting to the project. It was reported Tillman's Aldermanic performance on housing and economic that Centers For New Horizons and the development, landmark preservation and social service improvement Firman Community Services are reveals she's more focused on self-interest than re-developing concerned with the duplication of Bronzeville. She has a well-known habit of wielding her influence to services. the enrichment of cronies and family members, as is documented in Greg Washington head of the Grand contracts and employment records. While nepotism and cronyism are Boulevard Federation informed SSJ, that not necessarily illegal. Tillman's recurring pattern of self-serving the GBF has not made an official behavior results in haphazard urban planning and missed position and has invited Tillman to a opportunities. One cannot ignore the litany of complaints muttered community meeting to discuss the mixed | quiet!} by developers and business owners trying to launch projects concerns over the project. in the 3rd Ward, all meeting with similar rebuffs by the Alderman. Groups in the Bronzeville community | Tillman has established a clear pattern of bottlenecking economic have been meeting with expectations to | development projects and treating important landmark preservation save the Salvation Army's Kroc project. projects with obstinacy and arrogance. However, judging from the response and I It is not too laic for our community to sneak out. Many residents mood of the meetings, many attendees are interested in mobilizing on this issue to reverse the Alderman's are seeking answers; yet the alderman 1 edict. Conversely, some others are opposed to the projectforother remains publicly mum to date and did reasons. A thorough airing of divergent views in a true neighborhood not return SSJ phone calls on the forum is the appropriate and proper way to address community issue. Tillman did promise to meet concerns. The Salvation Army should be allowed to present its case, with the Bronzeville Chamber of J and residents should have the opportunity to listen, learn and voice Commerce as well as the GBF. their opinions. Clearly, what Bronzeville residents want is some Christine Perkins a member of the Alderman Dorothy Tillman as she has referred to herself as Land Lord over propert level of input on this issue, regardless of what Dorothy Tillman GBF and of the Inner City Youth in her 3rd Ward has a commanding direction on the fate of the Salvation Army's thinks. If you agree, add your voice by writing a Setter to Mayor Foundation has headed up a petition in $135 million project will be build on 48th and State Street. Picture on 47th and King Daley telling him that our community has not been heard on this support of the Center to continue its' unveiling the jazz statutes (seated right) the Mayor Daley has given aldermen plans Bronzeville. A meeting was called control of public property acquisitions, (left to the mayor) is East Lake developer supporter Elzie Higginbottom a supporter of both elected officials. on Monday, January 16th, at 4500 S. Pat Dowell Michigan Ave. at 1:00 PM and Joan Kroc Chicago Community Center." this center 773-536-3593 "All parties remain committed to the Community resident, Tony Burroughs said encompasses many of project". Said Lt. Col. Grindle "However, in he was outraged when he heard about the them. moving a project of this magnitude forward we stopping of the project. "This center would be Questioning Tillman's sincerity in protecting place in the ward; while residents have no jobs, do not want to get involved in political fights the second largest in the country, and is exactly the interest of the community, Levi said, "One and no representation from her office to back because of Tillman's objections. The Salvation what our community needs. I have been saying only has to look at the development projects them up" Army has until Feb. 17th to find a new site with for years that the young kids in our community, that has taken place recently and will recognize As the Salvation Army is observing other at least 20 acres in an underserved community". who have nothing to do, loiter on every corner that a majority of those who are working on locations in Chicago, Levi says he will take this "We are now working with the city and for lack of constructive activities. I thought them are, her daughters and crony's. They are issue up personally for the interest of the considering several potential sites for the Ray about several ideas to solve this problem, and involved in almost every project that takes people. "It is not over until the song bird sings" i s s u e .

discriminatory fare plan." Said Jones. Adding members of City Council were outraged that people with disabilities were being asked to (Continuedfrom page 2) should work with the public, the balance the CTA budget on their doubling of paratransit fares was Mayor, Cook County, and other backs." "Now, more than ever, we need influenced by the actions of the City public and private partners to tap Council's T r a n s p o r t a t i o n additional revenues to close its 2006 our elected officials to demonstrate budget gap." leadership in holding the CTA Committee. Jones outlined the following accountable. Just as CTA's The November 28th, 2005 public hearing that the Committee held, in actions should be taken: Support 26th paratransit fare proposal could not keeping with City Council's Ward Alderman Ocasio's Resolution stand up under your scrutiny, neither resolution to exercise more oversight calling for the CTA to rescind its can CTA's cash fare plan." over public transit matters, allowed plan to eliminate the cash transfer For more information on revenue aldermen to hear from the public, Card and raise cash fares. alternatives to the CTA cash fare and then weigh in on the CTA Call the Mayor's Office to stop increase and cash transfer Budget crisis. discriminatory fare plan by elimination, or for detailed analysis increasing the City's contribution to of how your constituents are Jones pointed out, CTA's Board Chair and President heard loud and CTA from the Chicago Skyway affected, For info: John Jones at 312 939clear that the City Council Fund revenues and Revenue from Transportation Committee objected the J. C. DeCaux Bus Shelter 7198, ext. 3868. Or, Mildred Wiley, to the proposed paratransit fare Contract to direct millions toward Bethel New Life (773-826-5540); Minister Cy Fields, Interfaith increase, as well as joining with the the CTA annual contribution fund. transit riding public in expecting In addition establish a Transit Organizing Project (773-722-7555); more and better services from CTA. Fund modeled on the proposed Brian Johnson, National Federation School Construction Fund, to share of the Blind-Illinois Chapter (773Jones continued to say, "Instead 506-8580); Kim Wasserman, Little of penalizing hard-working new city revenues from development Village Environmental Justice Chicagoans who pay cash to ride, with our mass transit system. and discouraging transit use by "CTA should not be allowed to Organization (773-762-6991). eliminating the cash transfer, CTA go through with a divisive and

CTA's Fare Increase











. • • , •






Nation-al/internationa ^Marketing Executive Sovis g Noni —17,000 Sea Silver—24,000

Street Journal

January 12 - 25, 2005

Page 6

© 2005 by Richard Blackmon Jr. have been invited to Simple's home for dinner. He asked that I excuse the mess, they are still unpacking from the move out of the projects, I mean housing development, Robert Taylor Homes. He purchased a two flat in Englewood near 51st street. I think I left the address at home, never mind there he is sitting on the porch. It looks awfully rough around here, I better turn on the alarm and put on my club. "What's up Sonny O, come on in. My inner wishing told me to come outside and wait for you, just in case you forgot the address," he said. "Don't you mean intuition", I rudely replied. To which he quickly responded: "That's what 1 said." After introducing me to his lovely family, their bird and dogs, he told me to have a seat in the living room and asked if I wanted something to drink. I requested some water and started to look around. The first thing to catch my eye was a beautiful picture of Simple and his wife, sitting together on a beach, with these words inscribed above them: "Now, let us walk along the Ocean's beach, nothing but wind and sunshine between my woman and me. Took me almost 20 years to see, I couldn't truly love her, until I first loved me," Signed, Jesse B. Semple, II, and dated October 22, 1988." "Who

wrote this," I asked Simple's wife. "My honey of course," she proudly replied. "He might be simple, but, he shole is sweet. He wrote this too," handing me a plaque titled: "Creed of the B.R.A.V.E." On it were the following words: We, Brothers Rejecting Acts of Violence and Exploitation ("The BRAVE"), faithfully vow to: 1.Never commit acts of violence, whether justified or unjustified random or premeditated, against another human being; 2. Live by the tenets of Nonviolence, employ the Law of Nonresistance and practice restraint in the face of seeming threats, insults, and abuses. 3. See violent acts against others as the thieves and liars they are, stealing and extinguishing the life force of countless young people the whole world over, while perpetuating the greatest lie ever told that; "We are separate and apart from each other." -^.Recognize violent acts as signs of our weakness, weakness of mind and body, and not as proof of our strength, which is based in Spirit, eternal-changeless-infiniteintelligent Spirit. 5 .Never commit acts of exploitation, whether justified or unjustified -

random or premeditated, against another human being; 6. Live by the tenets of abundance and prosperity, employ the Laws of Compensation and Sacrifice, and practice patience during times of seeming lack, limitation and scarcity. 7. See acts of exploitation for the lame excuses and falsehoods they are, using our power of persuasion and influence to exploit the vast, but unrecognized and underdeveloped, resources in others for our personal gain, while allowing our own untapped and underutilized divine resources to lay dormant, while perpetuating the greatest falsehood of all, that; "There is not enough of everything

There are 71,938 Lawyers in the State of Illinois and Cook County but there is only one

The Law firm of

E. Duke McNeil & Associates Area of Concentration Criminal Defense Divorce and Family Law Real Estate

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E. Duke McNeil Law Network Are located at


Lewis Myers. Jr. Richard Heaston Leslie J. Starks

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ever-present proof of universa abundance and plenty all aroum us. to We, The BRAVE, declare in i go single, triumphant voice that: Wi around will no longer allow ourselves to b< f o r used as weapons, tools, o everybody." instruments of destruction o deception, but, instead recognizi 8. See acts of our oneness, claim our divinity exploitation as signs of our lack of faith in an and exercise authority am O m n i p o t e n t ( a l l dominion over our thoughts am powerful), Omniscient feelings to the benefit of al humanity, henceforth and forevei (all knowing) and more. Omnipresent "He lives by those words, recite (everywhere them everyday," she immediately e v e n l y proclaimed. To which I responded present) Creator, and "Simply wonderful." ### not as evidence of our faith in that same Creator, which is based on the

I Got a Dream / got a dream to live my life as an opportunity to make some money and give to the unwealthy. I got a dream just like Martin Luther king had blacks and whites can come together in any type of weather. I got a dream that blacks can stop killing their own, we need to come together and be strong just like Martin Luther King was when he got hit by that rock he still got up and said non-violent, Non-violent I shall be non violent. I got a dream to get a record deal so I can be a legend just like 2pac was, Be a legend and just like Biggie was. I got a dream of being on the big scene, Everywhere I go people scream I got a dream I can be wherever I want to be, rather south or north, without a worry, about getting my bike stolen.

I got a dream .He got a dream. She got a dream. Man we all got a dream that we want to fore fill. Then write a will to some body special. Everybody got a dream that they want to fore fill but they got some thing in their way that make them stay in a dream. They want get rich so they ask how they want to get that dough, so they can rap their flow. I got a dream just like that, I got a dream, he got a dream, she got a dream, they got a dream we all got a dream Except / want to rap for the soul fun when I rap its soul and I can care less for the gold. I got a dream. if you think we're good please give us a record deal Thank you for reading our rap By J2 aka Jarrell Carter, and partener Tdilla aka Tariq Sutherland Elementary, CPS

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South Street Journal

The Race for Sheriff

numbers of Black inmates. Rush addressed Dart's record in the Sheahan. Rush teamed with Aid. Dorothy Legislature and qualifications to become sheriff. Tillman in making procedural motions to delay Saying Dart had "one of the more abysmal the endorsement of Dart, but Dart won the records of any legislator on black issues", the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Dart and Rush support of 53 of the party's 60 committeemen. "Reforms in the slate making process are have long feuded, as Rush endorsed Republican needed across this state," states John Paul Jones, Judy Baar Topinka over Dart for state treasurer Chairman with the Greater Englewood in 2002 ~ a race Dart lost - and Dart helped Community and Family Task Force, a Mayor Daley fend off Rush's mayoral challenge community based social and economic justice in 1999. Rush called Dart "a throwback to the advocacy organization. "These decisions should kind of elected official who will say one thing in not happen behind closed doors; the public one community" and "when the cameras are off expects disclosures and some degree of and others are not looking, you do something exchange of ideas on public policy reforms. In else." all they did was frustrate their party recent years, elected and public officials have colleagues. wrestled with how best to include the public in As Baker looks for a base of African these decisions." American support some Democrats Blacks "Mr. Baker has much more experience in the elected officials are supporting Dart, such as County Corrections Department than Mr. Dart." county Board President John Stroger, and U.S. said Allen, "win or lose, it's seems important Senator Barack Obama. that the Black officials who were disrespected "I'm not surprised at the endorsement of show they have the guts to fight back." Senator Obama of Dart over Baker." Said Allen. "People like regular Black Dems who evidently Black elected officials showed support officially in December at Captain Hard Time's find it easy to endorse a Dart over Baker with no fear of any backlash. Obama just gave restaurant on 79th Street, not being a whole number of other Black taken for granted by the fall behind Mr. leaders to make an excuse for Dart Dart. without any real justification." Senator James Meeks, Chair of the "The Obama endorsement made no Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, was mention whatsoever of what part of the body that put support behind meaningful things that Dart has done Baker. But Meeks, an independent for the Black community that earned announced that he would meet with the him a Black Leader endorsement, Republican candidate for Cook County other than the statement that they sat Sheriff about possible support from together in Springfield." Black legislators. Meeks' office would not confirm the political move. Accountability is "Sat together in Springfield and did The elected officials did put forth being raised over what??? Created more black jobs ~ registered more Black voters —saved U.S. Senator names of potential candidates to replace Sheehan before publicly putting support Barack Obama not black family homes". supporting rhe But supporting Baker, State Rep. Lou behind Baker. Other candidates included ex-county jail director Richard Black candidate Jones laid out the case for why Dart has been no good on Black Remus, County Officer Bob Maxwell and ex-Board of Review Commissioner Robert empowerment legislation to counter the empty Shaw. The task now if they are going to put endorsement from Senator Obama. their political muscles and base of support "Obama leads the way for Black people to behind Baker, each having votes for Baker. step on and over Baker when Baker deserves "The concern now is discussing how to better, but he and his camp gotta act it and show strengthen the candidacy of Mr. Baker and to it." Said Allen. prevent other candidates from undermining his In addressing political direction of Black candidacy." Said Allen. elected officials, Rahim Chesed Aton, (Sax "The Cook County Jail, is a system that Preacher) said, "I believe that the black impacts the Black community for the large community should be sick and tired of being


(Continuedfrom page 1)

Daley and torture cases (Continued from page 3)

said in court. But she said busy public officials can be forced to testify in civil lawsuits "even if the person is the president of the United Statesthe (U.S.) Supreme Court has told us that." On the final day of Kwanzaa at Afriware in Oak Park Atty. Stan Willis was keynote speaker, he advised the body to contact the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights and asked for president Clare K. Roberts to come to Chicago and investigate torture. . "Maybe then we can get the message out and eventually see Jon Burge behind bars where he belongs. Over 120 persons have been reported for being tortured. Ten were identified as the "Death Row

10", and were brought together to make claims because of being tortured and abused by Burge or his fellow detectives at Area 2 & 3 Police Station on the Southside of Chicago. Allegations were made that Burge began his "house of torture" in 1973 and did not stop until he was 'fired' in Feb. 1993. "We have urged the Commission to conduct an on-site investigation of torture in Chicago. We are, therefore, asking people in the Chicago area to write, fax or call Mr. Roberts, and urge him to come to Chicago for an on site investigation." Said Atty. Willis. More: http://www.ccadp.org/deathrowlO.htm

Introducing to the Bronze Wile* - South Shore Area A full Service Beauty Salon

Exclusively For Children Appointments Only Contact: III/, flaree Scillu


January 12 - 25, 2005

•* Each supportive Black elected official to provide an immediate contribution of $500$1,000 •* Provide a few experienced workers to help circulate Baker petitions to prevent challenge •* Development of a Campaign website for contributions and volunteers •* Local cable show hosts to schedule candidate for interview (much free publicity) •* Throughout county where supportive letters to editor can be submitted •*Use a theme like "Help Put Corrections Back in the Department of Corrections, by electing the Correct County Sheriff Candidate." •Ask each supportive Alderman to schedule a Ward Rally for Candidate. •LONG BEFORE Stroger starts to create events for Dart, schedule events from key areas where the Black elected official are supporting Baker. •*Ask Rev. Meeks to coordinate supportive broadcast ministers to have Baker EARLY on their broadcasts, churches, and having ongoing announcement in church bulletin on how to support the Campaign. •*Schedule candidate for immediate appearance on Rainbow/PUSH broadcast to help generate broad based visibility. •*Check with Maureen Forte on air time prices for WCFJ Radio, where we may be able to have "The Baker Report" that will give updates from the candidate on a station that covers all the South Suburban areas of Cook County. sick and tired and form an independent 3rd party because the other two parties have fooled us and failed us". "The problem was that our black politicians and other top black political power brokers were already bought and paid for. They made all kinds of excuses for why they were supporting their candidate. So blacks couldn't support their own, even if they wanted to.

Obadeli home robbed Ms. Beauty Turner As 2005 closed there is one guy was happy it did. On December 1, Bamani Obadeli found himself tied up but not by accusation from federal agents but by robbers at his south side home after they burglarized and ran shacked his brand new home. Obadeli describe the bandits as three hooded ski masks wearing gun men, just like something out of a James Bond movie. "One had a automatic black steel pistol" Obadeli said. Adding, "I was confronted inside my house after shoveling snow from my back yard. "I left my door open only long enough to shovel snow out of my yard," Obadeli home is located on 48th King Dr. where he was forced by gun point to turn around while one of the three men tied his hands behind his back. "They didn't cover my mouth with duck tape, my mouth was free and the only thing that I asked them was did they know who I was? " Obadeli added they didn't hurt him but just a bit shaken and upset" The robbers took money, a lab top, and DVD's. In a quizive way they burned his baseball memorabilia collections. Obadeli added after they left he wiggle his way to the back door pushed it open and a next door neighbor called the police and untied him. Obadeli 33, long time friendship with the Governor Rod Blagojevich landed him a high position with Department of Family Children Services. He found himself a target of an investigation for misappropriated federal funds into his own businesses as well as his own bank account playing to the tune of over $200,000. Many people say that accusation as well as litigations may keep him tied up for many years if founded to be true in a federal prison. But so far he have not been charged with any wrong doing.


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South Street Journal

January 12 - 25,2005

Historic Bac k g r O U n d !

Search for 2007 Mayor (Continuedfrompage 1)


The search committee convened by Cliff Kelly is holding a Reform Mayor Candidates Forum on Thursday, January 19th 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. It will be sponsored by the African American Students Association at Olive Harvey City College, located at 10001 South Woodlawn. The potential canditates who will be attending include: Carol Moseley-Braun Dorothy Brown Jesse Jackson, Jr. Terry Peterson and Bill Dock Walls. As the forum seeks public participation and input in search of a likely candidate to succeed Richard M. Daley, it's been reported that potential candidates and research companies have been conducting their own public opinion polls. Since Daleys' election as Mayor in 1989 his political organization has expanded. In contrast, the voting participation for mayoral elections' appears to have decreased. Many contribute the decline to lack of voter concern, and just the fact that some do not comprehend the relevance of voting. There are many politicians in Chicago that can qualify to run for mayor, such as the eight

Black candidates that lost their bid for Mayor after the passing of Harold Washington in 1989. Potential candidates for the mayoral election include: Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court. Dorothy Brown and her supporters have developed a website to organize a "Draft Dorothy for Mayor" Campaign. Brown told SSJ that she is honored to be mentioned in the survey. However, her focus is on her position as Clerk of the Circuit Court. Dorothy expressed interests regarding the other candidates who will be included in the S.S.J. Survey. Brown said, "You never know what's going to happen." Included as a sought after candidate and a prominent member in the community is State Sen. Rev. James Meeks. Meeks was submitted after his run-in with the law over a traffic stop, consequently, members of the clergy raised accountability. This incident sparked Meeks notoriety to the public. A member of Rev. Meeks church and a strong political ally, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr., has become the most vocal elected official. Jackson is a potential challenger

Before Harold Washington became a mayoral candidate there is no question that he became so because of a | crusade that swept him in. The late Mr. Lou Palmer's most significant legacy was his roie in the 1983 election of Washington as mayor. Before Mr. Palmer's effort there was the work of his wife.


highlighted by the mainstream media for the 2007 election. Sources say Jacksons' running for mayor is not likely, due to his seniority in Congress, and his position to become the first Black Speaker of the House. This would take precedence over his becoming mayor of




The South Street Journal Advisory Board Associates (SSJABA) are taking part in the endeavor to include the public in a public opinion survey for a likely Mayor for 2007. The purpose of the survey is to expedite the 2007 Form Search Committee for as much public input and open participation as possible. Wherein, below are potential Mayoral Candidates listed in alphabetical order for you to rank. The list may change depending on prospected candidates interest or confirmed non interest to seek the office. The more people are familiar with the survey the greater participation in the discussions. However, only Original copies of SSJ will be accepted and counted. Winners are determined by their own efforts, or the readers' efforts in returning the survey. Please rank 1 - 10 (10 high score) who you would favor to serve the city of Chicago better and their chances of winning. Dorothy Brown, Cook County's Clerk of the Circuit Court - says she's being courted to consider a mayor run in 2007, and is honored and not oppose to her name on the survey.

Carol Mosley-Bruan, has been sought as a candidate due to her national profile and sought after many times to be a candidate. Again she is listed as a potential contender.


Rank: Mayor Richard M. Daley office informed SSJ it is to early to discuss the mayors intentions to seek reelection. However most political observers say discussion will rest with the federal investigation of City Hall though it's not yet clear whether Daley will seek re-election.

> i

State Sen. Rev. James Meeks who was submitted after his run-in with the law over a traffic stop where members of the clergy that raised accountability of the police department and sparked Meeks notoriety to the public. Rank:

Rank: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-lll.) is mapping strategy toward a bid for mayor of Chicago and forms a Hispanic political organization designed to influence the outcome of the mayoral election.


Terry Peterson, CHA chief, has responded to SSJ as to other media, his agenda is to build housing with no political interest for mayor, but his political salve suggest he could have the funds and organization to run Rank:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-lll.) has entertained the media with a non-committal mayoral run as the most outspoken elected official critic of Daley in the wake of the Hired Truck and other scandals.


Survey drop off locations at deadline includes: South Bronzeville: CBUC 330 East 37th Street South Shore: BOP 7915 S. Exchange Englewood: Temple of Mercy 7855 S. Halsted 2nd floor For other locations call BOP office at 773 375-0100




m 1980, the

Women's Auxiliary of the Lu Palmer Foundation headed by Ms. \^ < S£MM Palmer started conducting a scientific survey on whether Blacks wanted to see a black as Mayor of Chicago, and, if so, which men I it'll .-^W^^fJT^Hr and women would they recommend as the best possible candidates. The survey was conducted by telephone with over 5,000 interviews; and by a mailing of questionnaires. For decades, she and her husband Lu (Palmer) served as the June 16, 1930pulse of the community-together they opened doors of December 29, 2005 opportunity and tore down walls of injustice. "Ms. Palmer along with her husband left a lasting footprint in the community that will forever be felt and remembered." Stateme nt from Governor Rod R. Blagojevich On the passing of Jorga English Palmer in her r
William "Dock" Walls, former aid to Harold Washington, he has positioned himself as a for sure mayoral candidate more than any other possible candidate over the past two years. Building the Committee For A Better Chicago his agenda is has been on the city issues rather than a Daley-bashing critic.

Chicago. The media for the most part have ignored the only person who has clearly stated his intentions to become a candidate, Bill "Dock" Walls, Chairman of The Committee For A Better Chicago, and a former aide to the late Mayor Harold Washington. He only received a few mentions with other candidates such as Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Jackson. As many see CHA Director Terry Peterson as one and former U.S. Senator Carol Mosley Braun. As many focus on a race against Mayor Daley, his press representative says it is too early to address the mayor's intentions to run for re-election. But Walls doesn't exclude Daley as a candidate. "He's no dummy. I wouldn't count him out at all." Said Walls. "A good example is when he maneuvered the Chicago elections from a party election to a non-partisan one. Surly he can see the blue print of Chicago's political landscape with a plan to benefit himself." Many are impressed with Daley's political organization still intact, carrying on his father's political legacy. Even more as one source agrees that Daleys' contribution to their community and the stability to the city is solid. Time Magazine identified him as the best Mayor in the U.S. However, if Daley didn't run he would have a major influence in the election. A significant number of people are depending on the Search Committee to be successful with concerns regarding the process of the search because ultimately supporters from various camps are going to be asked to solidify their support behind one candidate. On the contrary the question is will other supporters give their support to another candidate under circumstance that somehow the process does not treat their participator fairly. Walls said his organization is laying the groundwork for whomever the community decides. SSJ Survey It was suggested that as South Street Journal is a progressive orientated newspaper it would host the survey where persons can fill it out and return it to selected locations in Chicago. Its purpose of taking part in the surveys are to expedite the search committees campaign, and to give the public a chance to be a part of the process. The more people are familiar with the proposed campaign the easier it will be for greater participation in the discussions, and to follow the action of the Committee business. Persons on the survey have expressed or have not ruled out the suggestion of being a candidate, or are spoken of as a candidate. Mayor Daley was included in SSJ's survey as well; because of his ability to secure many votes in the African American community. Write-ins will be accepted. Survey participation is opened to registered voters and non-voters throughout the City of Chicago. Participates from organizations, prospective candidates and elected officials are welcome to show a greater interest. As this is not a scientific opinion poll, the survey ascertains the will of the majority collected preserving the public input to be forwarded to the search committee and that the resolution can be reported with confidence. For additional information on the forum contact: Professor Armstead Allen at: 773.291.6280.

South Street Journal

Hughes' School Catholic school, according to Stigler. She believes it may be over a hundred years old. "We've been cited for code violations. There's only one exit from the lunchroom which is located in a sub basement. We only have two bathrooms for four hundred fifty children. There are loose bricks on the outside of the building. Teachers do not have a teacher lounge. They have no place to go for quiet time.

"I know they say you can learn anywhere, and our teachers are proof of this. We have excellent teachers who offer our children excellent instruction, but our children and our teachers should not have to come to a school in such a substandard condition." Ware states that the school and community have been trying to get help for the last twenty years. "Twice the Board appropriated funds and then thev took them away because thev

2005: Chicago African-Amer' Students grew behind The Racial Academic Achievement Gap is growing in many cities and states with no signs of progress or movement. In the state of Illinois between 2002 and 2005 there is no significant closure of the racial academic achievement gap between White and Black students. The second racial academic achievement gap developing between improving Hispanic students and stagnating Black students. The failing Black children of today are the government dependent, unemployed and A graphic from the Chicago Urban League reported that incarcerated Black adults of the Chicago Public Schools in cited Chicago education tomorrow says Phillip Jackson system as being Separate, and Unequal The Black Star Project . The forum convenes parents, teachers, school students in the country on the SAT and the top administrators, faith-based leaders, elected students in Illinois on the ACT. The gap officials, community leaders and concerned between Asian and White students versus citizens monthly on the issues that affect the Black students on the SAT and ACT is positive development of Black youth. widening. With the Latest Round of Statewide and Jackson noted the government and the National Testing, Jackson reported what the Black community are not working together to Black Star know about the Racial Academic fix this problem. However he added there are Achievement Gap: many examples of persons are providing In math in Illinois, Black 11 th-grade solutions and actions to address the problem pointing to a high-poverty school in Chicago, students have dropped more than 10 points in performance from 28.7% meeting or exceeding Hellen Bolton DeBerry raised reading scores standards in 2002 to only 18.6% meeting or 41 points from 36% of students reading at exceeding standards in 2005, while Hispanic national norm to 77%. In math, she raised 11 th-grade students have improved in math by scores 36 points in that year from 53% of 11 points from 19.2% in 2002 to 30.7% in students performing at national norm to 89%. Additionally, she helped increase enrollment of 2005. low-income students at the school from 100 to Nationally, the average 12th-grade Black student has the reading and math scores of the 300. Mrs. DeBerry shared her philosophy, ideas, strategies and tactics that helped her average 8th-grade White student. White students in America would have accomplish this incredible feat at The Black Star Project's Barbara Ann Sizemore Forum ranked number one in the world on the test and Black students in America would have ranked for Educational Excellence. For additional information call 312/842-3527. number 25. Asian American students are the top

January 12 - 25,2005

said they needed them for operations." Mike Vaughn, a spokesperson from the Chicago Board of Education's Office of Communication, stated: "Twenty million dollars were allocated for a new Langston Hughes School, but because we have not received any money from the state for the last two years after receiving about a hundred million dollars annually, the project has been placed on hold until we can find an alternate source of funding." Another spokesperson from the Office of Communications, Malon Edwards, explained that money for a new Langston Hughes depended on the funding stream. "In mis case," he said, "the funding stream is the state and capital development" "The state claims funds were allocated, but the Board denies this," Ware said. "The Board purchased property behind our school in 2001. I believe they also appropriated money to build a new school." The Office of Communications could not confirm where the money came from to purchase the homes and tear them down. Nor could they explain why the buildings were allowed to remain vacant for so long. Recently Alderman Austin met with the Chicago Board of Education President Michael Scott in the hallway on the way to a meeting at City Hall. "According to Mr. Scott," she said, "they have found funds to build a new school.

The Crowd

Racial Academic Achievement Gap Fact Sheet - 10/28/05




8 11 Math 3

72.8 59.5

82.2 67.9

59.7 40.2

53.7 35.0







74.9 69.2












He told me they have the money." Chicago Board of Education President Michael Scott denied this. "I told her we were going to do the school, but I did not tell her when. Langston Hughes is in definite need. It will be rebuilt. We will make an announcement about this later. Langston Hughes will be included in a larger grouping of schools. We have worked very hard on this and it is unfair to the staff for someone to make that statement prematurely. "I told the alderman my statement in the highest of confidentiality and 1 do intend to honor my commitment." The Office of Communications could not confirm Mr. Scott's statements. "I have no information on this," Edwards stated. "I cannot confirm anything at this time." "After 2003, they kept telling us they didn't have the money," Stigler said, "but other schools were being built. Other schools were put ahead of us." "Who is telling the truth?" Shelton asked. "Is there money or not?" "Where did the Board get the money to build these other schools?" Stigler asked. "I believe this is racially motivated. I feel the Board is thinking why should we help this neighborhood. But the biggest question of all still remains: What happened to the twenty million dollars allocated for a new Langston Hughes?"

StOfldlFrom In today's competitive business climate, communicating ideas effectively is the toy to:

Percentage of Illinois Students Meeting or Exceeding Standards (on the 2005 Illinois Standards Achievement Test, grades 3-8 and the 2005 Prairie State Achievement Exam, Grade 11) Reading Grade Overall White Hispanic Black 3 66.6% 78.2% 55.6 41.2


•Corporate identification •Brand awareness •Generating interest •Attracting new prospects

Source: Illinois State Board of Education Illinois ranked 48th lowest of 50 states in its graduation gap between White college students (63.3%) and Black college students (32.5%) earning degrees in 2000. Source: Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (quoting data from NCAA) 2005 National Student SAT Scores Show Widening Gaps Nationally, the Average 12th-grade Black student had the reading and math scores of the average 8th-grade White student in 2002. Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress

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The Lowest High School Graduation Rates for Black Males in 15 School Districts in The United States with Black Male Enrollments of 10,000 or More During 2001-2002 Are as Follows:

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Black Male Graduation Enrollment Percentage Chicago, IL 112,040 30% From: Holzman, M., (2004) Public Education and Black Male Students: A State Report Card. Schott Education Inequity Index, Cambridge, MA; The Schott Foundation for Public Education blackstari [email protected] net

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South Btree* Journal

Through Sunday, February highlighting Black History Month CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY HOSTS PHOTO EXHIBIT DEPICTING LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA, POST-APARTHEID Concordia University opens the special exhibit "Heart of South Africa,"a photo display by artist Rose Blouin, with an artist's reception, from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, January 15 and a special artist's talk at 1 p.m. Monday, January 16 at the University's Ferguson Art Gallery. The gallery is on campus, at 7400 Augusta Street, River Forest. These events run in conjunction with Concordia University's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration, will run 5 at the gallery. Blouin, a self-taught photographer and Columbia College faculty member, visited Nelson Mandela University, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2004 along with other faculty colleagues, where she developed the works in this exhibit.

Reymar Clinic 6021 S. Haisted

Scott's Poppirt 3469 King D r

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Sunday, January 15, American Family Insurance, MLK Peace Weekend 2006 "Peace JanY'featuring Jazz/ Gospel Saxophonist "Kirk Whalum" at 7:00pm at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, 4701 S. King Drive. The concert will also feature a special performance by WGCI 2005 Chicago Idol Winner, Stephanie Parker! Tickets $40-$45 in advance ($50 at the door). (773-373-1900), all TicketMaster outlets (312-559-1212) or online at www. Ticketmaster.com. Monday, January 16 The HistoryMakers celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday! 2nd Annual Open House and Celebration for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. This will involve tours of offices, hands-on sessions teaching oral history for adults and kids program entitled The State of the Nation Since the

January 17 The Living Room Cafe Grand Opening Celebration Tuesday, 6:00 - 8:00 PM, 806 E. 64th Street, Event sponsors: LaSalle Bank and the University of Chicago, Office of Community Affairs. RSVP (773) 643-6018 Thursday, January 19, Greater Englewood Community and Family Task Force monthly meeting 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. 953 W. 63rd St. (Gifts From God Ministries Church) Subject: Kennedy King College Update (enrollment and formation of a community panel) Transportation (CTA Fares/Lawsuit 63rd and Racine Organizing and Corridor Plan - State's Billion $ Plan) Health Care Strategy and Dr. Mason's new post as City Health Commissioner.

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TRUTH for Literacy Hip Hop Hoops Game @ Washington Park 5500 South King Drive Doors open 6 pm - Tip off 7pm Celebrating the start of a new year and bragging rights for '06 as Chicago's hottest personalities compete to see who got the juice and who cares about the kids. Benefiting TRUTH for Literacy after school mentor program and Harriet Harris Park (62nd @ Drexel). Brought to you by: Nike, The TRUTH magazine, Dominick's, Harriet Harris Advisory Council, and Coca Cola (Refreshments served) A MIDWEST GAP Enterprise Event

Death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is The Civil Rights Era Dead. Panelists, James Montgomery, Judge George Leighton and Timuel Black will be guided through a discussion by WVON host moderator Cliff Kelley. The program will start with commentaries by Roland Martin, Executive Editor of The Chicago Defender and Hermene Hartman, Publisher of N'Digo. The program will begin and end with selections from the Whitney Young Gospel Choir. Second Presbyterian Church, 1936 S. Michigan Ave. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Tours start at 9 am Program: 10:00 a.m.-12 noon For more RSVP contact Jocelyn Delk at (312) 674-1900 or [email protected] com.


The American Lung Association received $2 mWion tfoHar grant to address asthma in Englewood. The announcement held at St. Bernard Hospital , The American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago, with Merck Childhood Asthma Network reported Englewood is a community that struggles with issues of poverty, high crime rates, high prevalence of pediatric asthma, and poor access to quality healthcare. Asthma in particular, is a serous health issue for Englewood: Asthma-related hospitalizations in Englewood and West Englewood are among the highest in Chicago.

Scholarship FlindS: African American Students are Though there are a number of companies and organizations that have donated moneys for -scholarship use to African Americans, a great deal of the

money is being returned because of a lack of interest. Charles Thomas reported the problem is countless and that Even if one do not have a college-aged child at home to shared the of scholarship funds to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. Of over 150 of companies offering scholarship funds listed are an example: Bell Labs Fellowships for Under Represented Minorities http://www.bell-labs.com/ Student Inventors Scholarships http://www. invent.org/ Student Video Scholarships http://www.christophers.org Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships http://www.cocacolascholars.org/programs. Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships http://holocaust. hklaw.com Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships http://www.aynrand. Brand Essay Competition h t t p : / / w w w . instituteforbrandleadership.org. Gates


Scholarships (major) http:// www.gmsp.org/ Xerox Scholarships for Students http://www2.xerox.

com Sports Scholarships and Internships http://www.ncaa. org/about/scholarships.html National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ) http://www.nabj.org/ html/studentsvcs.html: For more information and a tist contact Mr. Charles Thomas at [email protected]

Grant writing Not for Profit Workshops #2 The Monroe Foundation is holding registration for 2006 Not for Profit Development and Grantwriting Programs focuses on preparing proposals for submittal to several Chicago area foundations, including the Chicago Community Trust, US Bank Foundation. The Monroe Foundation has assisted over 25 organizations obtain over $ 1 million in grants and resources for their community projects. If interested in registering for any upcoming projects, register inperson at Marquette Bank, 6316 South Western Ave., or at omonroedaHhemonroefoundation. orq, or visit the foundation website at www.themonroefoundation.org, Contact_Beverly, (773) 3159720

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A glace a South Suburb profile New residents moving to the Southland area are attracted by its diversity in housing. Whatever the type, style, size, or price of the home being sought, Chicago Southland communities offer the best home values to be found in the entire Chicago metropolitan area. The region has it all! Grandly styled and meticulously restored turn-of-the-century homes can be found in older communities such as Blue Island, Frankfort, and Homewood. Many of these fine old homes were designed by the most famed architects of their day. For a contemporary brand of elegance, turn to the lavish e x e c u t i v e - s t y l e homes in communities such as woodsy

Flossmoor and sport-oriented Olympia Fields. Mokena, the fastest-growing community in Chicago Southland and secondfastest growing in the Chicago metropolitan area, has fine new executive homes, as does quiet Palos Park. Lansing, Matteson, and Orland Hills attract young families with comfortable, affordable homes, as do the "Parks": Park Forest, Richton Park, and University Park. Those who desire a secure, rural atmosphere look to Beecher, Lynwood, or Peotone. The halfacre-plus lots and quiet neighborhoods of Palos Heights also have wide appeal.

January 12 - 25, 2005

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South Street Suburb Dolton, the base for Healthcare Consortium of Illinois CEO of Healthcare Consortium of Illinois, visits Capitol Hill to promote health. Salim Al Nurridin (center) met with U-S Senators Barack Obama (left) and Dick Durbin (right) during a recent trip to Washington, D-C. The Healthcare Consortium of Illinois based in Dolton is a community-based integrated health and human service organization with mission to improve and enhance the quality of life in Illinois by increasing access to quality, integrated and comprehensive health and human services. Kimberly Parker Director of Communications Healthcare Consortium of Illinois (708) 8419515, ext. 2311.

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Gary, IN Claim For Third Major Airport as Peotone is still in the works Aero-News Network - For years, Chicago officials have debated the need for a third airport to handle overflow and relieve congestion at O'Hare and Midway airports. With recent issues at Midway — and the lack of other relievers such as, say, Meigs Field — that debate will likely focus on Gary. Indiana officials announced the U S D e p a r t m e n t of Transportation is expected to approve $57.8 million in funds to expand and improve Gary/Chicago International Airport ~ meaning Gary, IN may soon host the third major airport in the Chicagoland region. "This is a day of celebration there because after a decade of trying, we will be announcing that the federal government has chosen Gary for the new Gary-Chicago airport for tens of m i l l i o n s of d o l l a r s , " said Indianapolis governor Mitch Daniels in a Monday press conference, reported in the Chicago Tribune. That comes as good news to state

and city officials, who have sought for years to improve Gary's impact and image relative to its much larger neighbor. Those in Peotone, IL may not be as pleased, however ~ as they are also being considered to host the airport. "[Gary] will be a reality on the ground, capable of serving people's needs, and not just a cornfield someplace," Indiana Senator Evan Bayh said, referring to Peotone's bid for the airport. The Daily Southtown reported a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Transportation said the federal commitment for Gary will have no effect on plans to build an airport consisting of one runway and roughly six gates near Peotone. Illinois State Sen. Debbie Halvorson, D-Crete, said she will move forward with a bill to create a governing authority to oversee the airport. The legislation will be introduced this month. Halvorson said south suburban travelers never will embrace the

Gary airport because of congestion on the Kingery and Borman expressways, one of the most congested stretches in the country. Paesel argues Gary is not a viable alternative to a south suburban airport because it conflicts with the air space reserved for Midway

Airport. Gary, he said, also must deal with c o s t l y environmental contamination before expanding the airport. To help support Gary operations, Chicago has sent more than $16.5 million in ticket surcharges generated at Midway and O'Hare

International airports since 1995. The airport, though, has struggled to attract airlines. Hooters Air, the only passenger carrier at Gary, suspended service for the winter. Ed Paesel of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association said, "There is room for

A Community Celebrates

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"The Vision - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow" Monday, January 16,2006


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January 12 - 25,2005

South Street Journal

i~M that killed a Black Chicago should never forget (Continued from page I)


aying lifeless, in pools of blood; and seven survivors with trumped up charges, including Chairman Fred's 8 1/2 month pregnant wife/comrade Akua Njeri fha Deborah Johnson. Taking time to commemorate Chairman Hampton and Captain Clark on Sunday, December 4,2005 the National Revolutionary Day held its official vigil was at the site standing on the same soil in which has become known as the Massacre on Monroe. "The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded in October, 1966, in Oakland, California by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The name was shortened to the Black Panther Party (BPP) and_ it began spreading eastward through the Black urban ghetto colonies across country. As in the movie "Panther 19 " the FBI developed a plan to rid the Panthers. Drugs were the secret weapon, the drug king made a deal with the FBI, if they are allow to sell their drugs, they will not only kill the Black Panthers, but any other movement that would attempt to come about for years to come. A crime that was committed with the intentions of sending a message throughout ever)' colonized community. COINTEL-PRO started its file on Fred Hampton, chairman of the BPP's Illinois state chapter, in 1967. It would grow to total more than 4,000 pages. At the same time as the file's creation, the FBI planted an

informant near Hampton, and by 1968 had his mother's home wiretapped. By 1969, he could be killed by Chicago police. Hampton was a high school student and a promising leader when he joined the Black Panther Party at the age of 19. His status as a leader grew very quickly. By the age of 20 he became the leader for tiie Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party. He maintained regular speaking engagements and organized weekly rallies at the Chicago federal building on behalf of the BPP. He worked with a free People's Clinic, taught political education classes and launched a community control of police project. Hampton was instrumental in the BPP's Free Breakfast Program. He had the charisma to excite crowds during rallies, he was suppose to be appointed to the Party's Central Committee. His position would have been Chief of Staff if he did not have an untimely death on the evening of December 4,1969. Events Leading up to The Death of Fred Hampton The social climate of the late 1960s t was definitely not on Hampton's side. The government was not supportive of any radical political organization, and in fact turned out to be downright suspicious at any attempt to challenge or change the status-quo. Discriminating against the black community was the norm. When word of a "Days of Rage" rally came to the government's attention, it was known that some members of the BPP supported this "attack on the pig power structure." Allegedly, Fred Hampton and the majority of the Chicago Panthers did not support this rally, but to the FBI they were guilty by \ association. This information, combined f with the general suspicion the government had of the BPP, a threat to society that needed to be eliminated. The FBI conspired with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and William O'Neal to spy on

For those in fail, was in Jail and know someone in jail Dear Editor; For years now I have heard the word "Wait!" It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This "Wait" has almost always meant 'Never." We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that "justice too long delayed is justice denied." -Dr. Martin Luther King, 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail. It is often the refrain of some well intended people, as well as others who are not so well intended, to say that this issue of "restoring people with convictions back to useful citizenship" has merely to do with some procedural mechanisms that, need to be changed in this massive governmental and non-governmental system we call society. Many of you have looked in the face of those who are seeking to be normal, to be a citizen, to work and care for their families; while they earnestly seek to remove the mark of condemnation adversely titled "Ex-Offender." Yet, you have told them that it is not an issue of Human/Civil Rights, but merely a bonding issue, an expungement issue, job training or perhaps a need for a model support service program. As if you know more than they the indignity of living according to the law, only to find that the law has no protections for you. The hypocrisy of a judicial system that issues a definite sentence as a punishment for a crime, only to have this sentence imposed perpetually in every aspect of your life- with no relief in sight The questions is, do we allow people who submit to reformative justice the right to live as Citizens once they have absolved their debt to society? If so, then do we protect Citizens from blanket and injurious discrimination which leads to social, economic and mental oppression? This very question is the hallmark of House Bill 4188

Hampton to give them information about his daily itinerary in order to have O'Neal's felony charges dropped. His job was to serve as a bodyguard of Fred and director of the Chapter's security. He was suppose to notify the FBI of the Panther's apartment floor plan and how many residents lived in the apartment. A raid was authorized by the state attorney Hanrahan. FBI special agents sent a memo to J. Edgar Hoover stating that "a positive course of action (was) being effected under the counterintelligence program." That Unforgettable Morning That evening Hampton and several Party members including William O'Neal came home to the BPP Headquarters after a political education class. O'Neal volunteered to make the group dinner. He slipped a large dose of secobarbital in Fred's kool-aid and left the apartment around 1:30 am, a little while later, Fred fell asleep. Around 4:30 am on December 4, 1969 the heavily armed Chicago Police attacked the Panthers' apartment. They entered the apartment by kicking the front door down and then shooting Mark Clark pointblank in the chest. Clark was sleeping in the living room with a shotgun in his hand. His reflexes responded by firing one shot at the police before he died. That bullet was then discovered to be the only shot fired at the police by the Panthers. Their automatic gunfire entered through the walls of Hampton room, as he was shot in the shoulder. Then two officers entered the bedroom and shot him at pointblank in his head to make sure that he was dead. It has been said that one officer stated, "he's good and dead now." The officers then dragged his body out of his bedroom and again open fired on the members in the apartment. The Panthers were then beaten and

dragged across the street where th< on charges of attempted murder o aggravated assault. The incident a other Panther members. For more at COINTELPRO and Governmei the BPP. The Big Conspiracy Immediately after the incident F attorney Hanrahan started their co showed false re-enactments on TV photographic evidence, and went < fake investigation. Hanrahan said wholeheartedly commend the poli bravery, their remarkable restraint the face of this vicious Black Pant expect every decent citizen of our likewise." The members of the Black Panl take this incident lightly. They imi up the apartment to the public to si of the police. A later investigation more than four bullets left the Pan turn Onfcr*: VWtfcM-'W


BPP national leadership, (clock wi founder, Min. of Defense, Bobbii Chairman, David Hiiliard, Chie Cleaver, Min. of Infoi

When has a man done enough to be called "rehabilitated?" What must one do to be actually free from past wrongs? When is a man truly forgiven? Hundreds of people was jammed in the Church with even more people outside trying to get in. Yet the Church and the whole block itself (Western Ave) was at peace. It was beautiful. But as beautiful as it was, the Church was still teeming with suspicion as to why | a completely rehabilitated man could not be offered at least life in prison? How was Tookie (the co-founder of the famous street gang "the Crips") who spent 24 years in prison, wrote nine anti-violence, anti-gang, anti-drug children's books, received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from St. Moses the Black Theological Seminary, was nominated six times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and received the Presidential Call to Service Award from President George W. Bush for his volunteer efforts to help steer youth away from gang life—not rehabilitated? There's even an award winning movie starring Jamie Foxx entitled; "Redemption: the Dear Editor; Jackson Stan Tookie Williams Story" that teaches "They killed the teacher!" Said Snoop Dogg at the funeral serthe path of rehabilitation and forgiveness. vices for Stanley Tookie Williams. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bruce All of this, in addition to his website and phone mentoring of Gordon, Minister Tony Muhammad, Stan Muhammad, Rev. Dr. people from prison. Lewis E. Logan n, Minister Lewis Farrakhan and Tony Robbins all At the Bethel A.M.E. Church it was so packed that many p listened as Snoop Dogg brought the packed Church to its feet with a were in another room watching the proceedings on a huge fla poem dedicated to Tookie entitled; "Till We Meet Again". One line screen television. that caught my attention was when Snoop said, "food for thought is Tookie on the screen saying,".. .If a man must fight, let it 1 better than a meal". This it reminded me of ".. .man may not live by the death against the beast within himself. Win that battle? N» bread alone, but by every word that proceeded from the mouth of no woman, no racial hatred, no system, no vindictiveness, an< the lord" and coming from Snoop showed a level of maturity that I Machiavellianism can ever defeat you!" wish his "Girls Gon Wild", "pimps up And then he said on behalf of the cl hoes down", "gansta nigga" audiences — United States Post Office stamp, "teach them how to avoid our destrt would adopt. foot steps. Teach them to strive for introduced by State Representative Constance ^ r l o w a r d on November 3, 2005. * T o all Citizens with past records, this is your iclarion call- rise up and face your awakening. ||To the families, friends and supporters, be not - stagnate or withdrawn with your beliefs, instead continue to work in aiding your loves jones to become a FULL CITIZEN. \ Join the Coalition to Stop Discrimination Against Citizen with a Criminal Record. May peace and blessings be upon those who seeks righteousness and justice for all. Respectfully: Chris Moore, Deputy Director of Programs Exodus Renewal Society, Inc. 773-892-2640 or 773-892-2647 fax

Farwell to Stanley Tookie Williams

South Street Journal e arrested )lice and •unded four ation look ression of

D, and state They ;ated s making a

i ;ers scipline in ick, and we unity to do irty did not ely opened e brutality that no ipartment

while approximately two hundred entered the apartment. As explained by this resource, there are many inconsistencies in the accounts of what really happened when Hampton and Clark were killed. The civil trial was the longest civil lawsuit in the history of the United States of America according to the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUM). Despite a long trial, not one officer spent a day in jail. Hampton's murder has never been vindicated, other than through speaking engagements, accusations of government wrongdoing on the web, and literature published on the subject.

ey Newton, co co-founder, iff, Elverge

Page 13

Americans including the actor Danny Glover and the Princeton University scholar Cornel West who met the Venezuelan president for more than six hours. "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the s entertainment world, George W. Bush, activist Harry Belafonte we're here to tell you," called President George Belafonte said during a Bush "the greatest terrorist in the Ron Carter broadcast. Belafonte is not world" Just what does that mean: Publisher & alone. Terrorism: The act of terrorizing. A According to a recent Editor system of government that seeks to Zogby poll, a solid majority rule by intimidations. Unlawful acts of Americans- 53% to 44% - believe George of violence committed in an Bush should be impeached if he "did not tell organized attempt to overthrow a the truth about his reasons for going to war government. with Iraq." Before the U.S. launched the Under Bush, the people have lost the Casualties in Afghanistan & Iraq invasion in 2003, Bush and Dick sacred right to due process, the right to AT LEAST 67,453 KILLED, Cheney insisted that Iraq had huge 171,682 SERIOUSLY INJURED As of July 19, 2005. All num- be confronted by evidence in open stockpiles of WMD's and close court, the right to legal counsel, the bers are actual counts or lowest credible estimates (which ties to Al Qaeda. right to make phone calls and send means actual deaths and injuries are almost certainly substantially higher than the numbers listed). emails or participate in political protest Now the world know those without becoming the focus of claims were a lie. In contrast, Bill - IN AFGHANISTAN - IN IRAQgovernment wiretaps and routinely Clinton was up for impeachment 8,587 AFGHAN TROOPS 30,000 IRAQI TROOPS KILLED spying on a large but still unknown because he lied about sex. Should KILLED and 25,761 SERIOUSLY and 90,000 SERIOUSLY INnumber of Americans. lying about war be on the congress INJURED July 2004 JURED Aug. 2003 Even though most of the founding floor as well and as much as an 3,485 AFGHAN CIVILIANS 22,850 IRAQI CIVILIANS KILLED and 6,273 SERIOUSLY KILLED and 41,130 SERIOUSLY fathers were slave owners, we owe it to impeachable offense? INJURED July 2004 INJURED June 2005 the ideas of freedom - to our children With over 2,100 Americans 215 U.S. TROOPS KILLED and 1,769 U.S. TROOPS KILLED and to ourselves. having been killed, and over 645 SERIOUSLY INJURED and 6,534 SERIOUSLY IN16,000 badly wounded. At least limpeachment is not a radical idea; in July 2005 JURED June 2005 30,000 innocent Iraqis - perhaps fact, it is the only Constitutional 101 OTHER COALITION 194 OTHER COALITION over 100,000 - have been killed, TROOPS KILLED and 303 SERI- TROOPS KILLED and 582 SERI- procedure for holding a President or OUSLY INJURED July 2005 OUSLY INJURED July 2005 and countless more wounded. Vice President accountable for 91 U.S. CIVILIANS KILLED Who hit whom first? Well the Iraq __ ? U.S. CIVILIANS KILLED "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and _ ? SERIOUSLY INand 164 SERIOUSLY INJURED and Misdemeanors" (U.S. Constitution, people did not ask the American JURED July 2005 people to overthrow their Article 2, Section 4) _ ? OTHER COALITION CI161 OTHER COALITION CIVILgovernment and force them to The third anniversary of the criminal VILIANS KILLED and _ ? SERI- IANS KILLED and 290 SERIhave an election and a new war in Iraq is on March 18lh-20Ih, and in OUSLY INJURED OUSLY INJURED July 2005 constitution. April and May The ImpeachBush/. The war has tripled so-called terrorism VoteToImpeach.org movement is organizing groups included the Gay Liberation around the world and made America less anti-war activities in cities and towns Network, Chicagoans Against War and safe. This has cost our children and us over throughout the United States. There it will Injustice, Peace Pledge Chicago, World $220 billion - with no end in sight. Britain be a huge impeachment presence in the Can't Wait, Hyde Parkers for Peace and could have done better with enlisting a few streets of this country. Justice, the 8th Day Center for Justice, the 007s at a percentage of the cost. Bob Fertik, President, Democrats.com Northshore Antiwar Coalition, the Northwest A host of organizations rallied and said, "As Americans, we cannot afford three Indiana Coalition Against the Iraq War, picketed Bush on January 6 around issues more years of catastrophic lies by Bush and Chicago NOW and the Justice Coalition of that range from opposition to the Iraq war to Cheney. We must demand that Congress do Greater Chicago. the Bush administration's assaults on civil its job and hold them accountable through SSJ took the stand on August 2004 as liberties, as he addressed the Economic Club the impeachment process." Belafonte did calling Bush a terrorist. On at the Hilton Hotel here in Chicago. The Join and support them. a national level he led a delegation of

Bush is a terrorist?

And should be impeached?

From raised fists of the Black Panther Party, history will be the ultimate judge of the BPP's place in the Black Liberation Movement (BLM). But in these troubled times Afrikan people in the U.S. need to investigate both the positive and negative aspects of the BPP's history in order to learn from those hard lessons already paid for in blood. In particular learn the reasons for the BPP's rapid rise to prominence, the reason for its ability to move so many Afrikans and other nationalities, and the reason for its demise during its brief sojourn across the American scene. Mass Organizing Techniques: Another fundamental thing that attracted members and mass support to the BPP was its policy of "serving the people", the policy of going to the masses, living among them, sharing their burdens, and organizing the masses to implement their own solutions to the day to day problems that were of great concern to them. Not only did the BPP programs teach selfreliance, but years later the government established similar programs such as free school lunch, expanded medicare and day care facilities, and liberalized court procedures for tenant takeovers of poorly maintained housing, partly if not primarily in order to snuff out the memory of previous similar BPP programs and the principle of self-reliance. The BPP made significant contributions to the art of Propaganda Techniques: It was very adept at spreading its message and ideas through its newspaper The Black Panther, mass rallies, speaking tours, slogans, posters, leaflets, cartoons, buttons, symbols (i.e., the clenched fist), graffiti, political trials, and even funerals. The BPP also spread its ideas through very skillful use of the establishment's TV., radio, and print media.

Failure to Organize Foundations in Community:

January 12 - 25,2005


The BPP preached socialist politics. They were anti-capitalist and this skewered building economic (Continued on page 16)

higher education. Teach them o promote peace. And teach hem to focus on rebuilding e neighborhoods that you, thers and 1 helped to detroy". Tookie one of the ost significant "outlaw" gures in modern American istory went from criminal inded to spiritual minded ves all of us (especially ose on the frontlines of inistry work, counseling, entoring and rehabilitation ork) hope in the transformaion of the human heart. That ur work is not done in vain. Tookie is dead", said Rev. Jesse Jackson.".. .We must till the idea of killing to stop cilling". Rev. Jackson quoted fookie saying; "I admit I was Fa predator upon my people. I We were programmed to attack Black people. Whites were safe around us;... I will inoop Dogg Schwarzenegger not be killed for what I did do, but for what I didn't do. I'd rather die than lie to get clemency". And the whole Church erupted in applause and cheering! It was like they were used to this process of having to lie along with the police and the District Attorney in hopes of achieving lighter sentences or no jail time at all. As Rev. Jesse Jackson brought to mind the fact that Charles Manson who is responsible for killing pregnant Sharon Tate and seven others is still alive in California on death row and that President John F. Kennedy's assassin is also still alive. Did Stan Tookie Williams really have to die? Son, husband, father of two, grandfather of three, minister, changed man. Was there no other way to pay that debt back to society other than the execution of a transformed man who held on to his claim of


"innocence" all the way to the end? The idea of an Austrian born White man using the American legal system to murder a Louisiana born Black man just doesn't sit well, does Governor Schwarzenegger really know enough about American history, even African American history to have made a just decision on Stanley Tookie Williams' life? Does Governor Schwarzeneggar care anything about the message he is sending throughout the African American community; especially to African American youths? Stanley Tookie Williams' murder by the State also proves the powerlessness of the African American community and its leadership. But I Won't get into that here. Governor Schwarzeneggar could have set a new precedent for our time as Americans by turning away from violence and granting Stanley Tookie Williams clemency. But that's all over now. Violence wins again! Or did it? Before Tookie execution he talked a lot about being "redeemed" meaning to recover ownership of something by paying a specified sum for it. In a spiritual sense; meaning to restore to wholeness, to be saved from a sinful state of being, to return to honor and self-worth, to be free from guilt. In his last moments on earth Tookie wrote; "Here and now, I bear witness that God's bequest of redemption has replenished me with a mission and revealed that the impossible is possible." This is a strong affirmation for us today. Stan Tookie Williams was murdered by the State of California on December 13th, 2005. We will miss you, teacher. KRSONE http://www.templeofhiphop.org/

A year in review from Woody Dear After much procrastination I've finally decided that nows the time for us to write a year's end open letter to all of the Drug Dealers; young and old, black and white and the wannabe's to beware, the bottom is getting close to falling out! of course one need not take my word for it!

It has been researched, written about, discussed in public forums and, although He's still getting flak, threats and accusations of being a Bourgeois Bill Cosby, amidst all of that, remained stead-fast in his past and present conviction's among others, has intimated "Black" people do not read ! In retrospection, during the late sixties while in the company of a buddy of mine, the late Bill Nails and Harold Washington, before he became Chicago's Mayor; conversations would run the gaumut from social; ills, educational funding and at times politics. Harold had a habit of interjecting a thirteen lettered word in the conversation prompting Nails to ask "Where'd you get that from Harold? The answer would always be, "It's in the book!" A few years ago "Tony Brown's Journal the television program featured a dynamic young white Author who'd written a book on the State of the Economy" and the paper money we Americans use for currency. His dissertation was shocking to say the least when he pointed out that our "paper money" in reality, doesn't have any value whatsoever and could be declared at any time by the powers that be as worthless! I believe he stated further that it could be utilized as toilet tissue! Today, a news media announced that the price of "Gold" has gone up and is still rising! Greenspan, the Jewish guy who;s frequently seen in the media relating to the rise and fall of the economy said, it has an unnecessary position and does not represent the U.S. government. His Federal Reserve tiltle is a duplicity misleading the public. Greenspan represents huge private Financial Institutions in this country and abroad! Russia, while going through many new changes, decided to initiate new currency. The Government ( I believe), gave the Russian People thirty days to turn in their old currency in order to receive full value. After that deadline the paper currency would be worthless. If a person showed up with a large bundle and couldn't prove lawful ownership such as, for instance, a Street Sweeper with millions, the government would have the bundle confiscated with zero returns! One will not need a Degree in Chemical Engineering to understand the Russian strategy when it's initiated in this country, the United States. New money is being printed daily at the Fort Knox Mint. John E. Woodson (retired) Bronzeville

South Street Journal

January 12 - 25, 2005

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A glace a South Suburb profiles (Continuedfrompage 11)

New, mid-priced homes are found in many Chicago Southland communities experiencing rapid growth, among them are Chicago Heights, Manhattan, Matteson, Orland Park, and Tinley Park. Chicago Southland has a home suited to

every lifestyle. There are complexes of rental apartments wrapped around recreational amenities; for those who enjoy home ownership without maintenance responsibilities, there are smartly styled condominiums and townhomes. South Holland and other communities offer

Curtis Monda tout Insurance fri&nd from the Beginning to the


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S 11 am to i 2 nc»n

r e t i r e m e n t v i l l a g e s , reserved exclusively for seniors. Without question, Chicago Southland is becoming the place for comfortable living. CALUMET CITY Population 1990 37,840 Median Family Income $35,427 Median Home Value $63,500 Median Age 34.6 Total Employed 17,664 Percentage Unemployed 7.7% Municipal Revenues $10,499,028 Percent from Taxes 77.0% CALUMET PARK Population 1990 8,418 Median Family Income $35,502 Median Home Value $62,500 Median Age 32.0 Total Employed 3,980 Percentage Unemployed 9.6% Municipal Revenues $2,329,264 Percent from Taxes 78.0% CHICAGO HEIGHTS Population 1990 33,072 Median Family Income $31,534 Median Home Value $61,600 Median Age 30.7 Total Employed 13,612 Percentage Unemployed 9.8% Municipal Revenues $10,039,046 Percent from Taxes 69.0%

w. mm Crest II P: 708^220300

mtXTst January ©2005 Cisco's Music World. All rig*



1. Chris Brown - Chris Brown 2. Mariah Carey - The Emancipation of Mimi 3. Destiny's Child - #l's 4. Alicia Keys - Unplugged 5. Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 6. Kanye West - Late Registration 7. Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is 8. The Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business 9. Trina - Glamorest Life 10. Lil Kim - Lighters Up

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Mary Mai Kirk Franklin - Hero Yolanda Adams - Day by Day Irael & New Breed - Alive in South Africa Hezikiah Walker - 20/85 The Experience WOW Gospel 2005 - Various Artists Donnie McClurkin - Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual J Moss - The J. Moss Project Fred Hammond - Somethin Bout Love Tye Tribbett Featuring G.A. - Life

Steppin* l.Paul Taylor - Nightlife 2.Euge Groove - Just Feels Right J.Walter Beasley - For Her 4. Rick Braun - Yours Truly 5.Mindi Abair - Come As You Are6. Herbie Hancock - Possibilities 7. Richard Elliot - Metro Blue S.Blake Aaron - Shine 9.Third Force - Driving Force 10. Def Jazz featuring Gerald Albright - DefJazz

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Una - Smot Maroon 5 - Secret Kindred Family Soul - Question Brian Henley - Compassion Trey Sonyz - Gotta Go Will Downing - Put Me On DJ Markey - The Man Marzette Griffith - Rhythm Of Time Ben Jackson - Do You Wanna Go Steppin' Kindred Family Soul - As Of Yet

CHICAGO RIDGE f| Population 1990 13,643 Median Family Income $38,862 Median Home Value $88,800 Median Age 29.8 Total Employed 7,512 Percentage Unemployed 5.3% Municipal Revenues $4,487,303 Percent from Taxes 83.0% COUNTRY CLUB HILLS Population 1990 15,431 Median Family Income $48,759 Median Home Value $72,700 Median Age 30.5 Total Employed 8,117 Percentage Unemployed 6.4% Municipal Revenues $2,465,005 Percent from Taxes 79.0% DIXMOOR Population 1990 3,647 Median Family Income $28,686 Median Home Value $44,700 Median Age 32.3 Total Employed 1,540 Percentage Unemployed 11.7% Municipal Revenues $622,908 Percent from Taxes 78.5% DOLTON Population 1990 23,930 Median Family Income 39,916 Median Home Value 64,600 Median Age 34.4 Total Employed 11,580 Percentage Unemployed 6.8% Municipal Revenues $4,313,329 Percent from Taxes 84.0% EAST HAZEL CREST Population 1990 1,570 Median Family Income $37,727 Median Home Value $64,600 Median Age 32.6 Total Employed 787 Percentage Unemployed 5.1% Municipal Revenues $420,557 Percent from Taxes 65.5% HARVEY Population 1990 29,771 Median Family Income $26,531 Median Home Value $50,300 Median Age 27.5 Total Employed 11,187 Percentage Unemployed 17.4% Municipal Revenues $9,411,662 Percent from Taxes 87.0% HAZEL CREST Population 1990 13,334 Median Family Income $43,500 Median Home Value $67,600 Median Age 32.5 Total Employed 6,543 Percentage Unemployed 9.8% Municipal Revenues $2,401,076 Percent from Taxes 61.0% HOMETOWN Population 1990 4,769 Median Family Income $37,773 Median Home Value $67,000 Median Age 35.7 Total Employed 2,144 Percentage Unemployed 4.8% Municipal Revenues 517,631 Percent from Taxes 66.0% HOMEWOOD Population 1990 19,278 Median Family Income $53,605 Median Home Value $98,800 Median Age 38.1 Total Employed 9,796 Percentage Unemployed 3.6% Municipal Revenues 4,881,896 Percent from Taxes 85.0% Employed NA Percentage Unemployed NA Municipal Revenues NA Percent from Taxes NA MARKHAM Population 1990 13,136 Median Family Income $32,315 Median Home Value $51,800 Median Age 30.5 Total Employed 5,401 Percentage Unemployed 13.5% Municipal Revenues $2,084,743 Percent from Taxes 51.0% OLYMPIA FIELDS Population 1990 4,248 Median Family Income $86,511 Median Home Value $179,300 Median Age 41.5 Total Employed 2,047 Percentage Unemployed 4.1% Municipal Revenues $968,780 Percent from Taxes 67.0% PHOENIX (Continued on page 15)

8oeth Street Jou ru« i

Suburban murders escalating The murder tally across Chicago's suburbs rose by more than 10 percent in 2005 prompting police to emulate tough tactics credited with reducing bloodshed in the city .As reported in the Chicago Tribune there was an increase since 2001 runs counter to Chicago's downward trend The increase in towns with more than 30,000 residents has been fueled by gang activity, the flight of criminals from Chicago and creeping poverty, according to law e n f o r c e m e n t o f f i c i a l s and criminologists.

The jump has been particularly evident in Cook County's south suburbs, where authorities have noticed an alarming spike in gang activity. Calumet City, for example, had 22 murders in the four-year period ending in 2005, double the number for the previous four years. Towns as far-flung as Elgin and Cicero also saw recent increases in murder rates after earlier declines. The number of murders in the 47 largest towns in northeastern Illinois-with a total population of about 2.6 million—has increased each year

all of us," Perhaps most importantly, Gary has geography on its side — as the city is 15 miles closer to downtown Chicago than Peotone. While GYY does not currently meet federal runway safety guidelines, the funds would help bring Gary up to those standards, as well as allowing improvements to GYY's terminal and other facilities to attract commercial airlines. GYY has been without scheduled commercial airline service since Hooters Air temporarily halted its flights to the airport last year. City officials say that illustrious carrier is expected to resume service from Gary in March ~ and they hope that's just a beginning. In all, city officials have requested as much as $90 million over the next 10 years to make

improvements needed to handle an expected threefold increase in passenger loads by 2012, according to the Tribune. Expansion plans are also expected to bring as many as 300 jobs to Gary, at a time when the industrial city is combating unemployment rates as high as 16 percent.

Seniors Jazz This Affair Is Come As You Are Every Other Thursday, I Present: Jazzy Seniors Thursdays Here At The Store, Which Comprises Of Live Entertainment Free Food For All And Raffle Give Always, All For Free And You Don't Have To Live In This Area, It's Just My Way Of Giving Back To The Senior Community. The Next One Is On January 19th 2006 At 3312 West 183rd Street, Cisco's Music World. And It Starts At 10:00 AM and Ends At 12:30 PM,. Thank You Sir. Cisco


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people underscores the problems in the south suburbs. A combination of factors, including an exodus of criminals from the city because of greater law enforcement pressure against drug dealing, appears to have driven the recent upsurge in the south suburbs and elsewhere, law enforcement officials and experts say. Though the tie between anti-crime pressures in the city and the increase in murders elsewhere is based in part on anecdotal evidence, police and criminologists say Chicago's success likely led to the violent spillover in some suburbs. Other gang members have fled the city because of the increasing cost of living there, experts say.

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Southland burbs Population 1990 2,217 Median Family Income $25,551 Median Home Value $45,500 Median Age 33.4 Total Employed 760 Percentage Unemployed 15.6% Municipal Revenues NA Percent from Taxes NA ROBBINS Population 1990 7,498 Median Family Income $25,141 Median Home Value $39,600 Median Age 28.3 Total Employed 2,060 Percentage Unemployed 20.3% Municipal Revenues NA Percent from Taxes NA THORNTON Population 1990 2,778 Median Family Income $44,464 Median Home Value $72,000 Median Age 35.8 Total Employed 1,441 Percentage Unemployed 5.4% Municipal Revenues $1,053,522 Percent from Taxes 71.0%

Chicago's murder rate per 100,000 decreased more than 32 percent, to about 15.5 from about 22.9. Nationally, the murder rate has held nearly constant at about 5.5 per 100,000 since 1999. "The suburbs aren't what they used to be—they're not a haven away from gangs and violence," said Arthur Lurigio, a criminologist at Loyola University Chicago. The number of killings has grown fastest in southern Cook County, where the 35 towns under the jurisdiction of the Markham branch court saw 40 percent more murders the three year period ending in 2004 compared to the previous three years. A sharp increase in the number of criminal cases involving young

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Gary - Peotone airports (Continuedfrom page 11)

since 2002, going up to 90 in 2005 from 64 in 2001, according to a Tribune analysis of crime statistics and survey of local police departments. The jump reversed declines seen in the late 1990s. The suburban increase comes even as Chicago has decreased its murder tally to a 40-year low for the second year in a row. The murder rate in the towns surveyed by the Tribune has risen to nearly 3.5 per 100,000 population in 2005 from about 2.6 in 2001—an increase of almost 35 percent. During the same period,

January 12 - 25,2005

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January 12 - 25,2005


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Baptist. A year later, the club outgrew the Finnie's living room and moved their meeting place to 4910 S. Wentworth. Three months later, in that location, the Finnie's sizable prayer club grew into a church organization. Juanita came up with the name Pilgrim Baptist and the group imported Reverend Jesse Luck from Harlem to man the pulpit. Under the banner of Pilgrim Baptist Church, the group relocated to Wright's Hall at

44* & State Street. A year later, Rev. Luck left for the Army. The church, still growing in popularity, moved around the corner to 20 East 45th Street. Reverend J.E. Jones replaced Luck, and a year later in 1920, Reverend S. E. J. Watson replaced Jones. In that year, Pilgrim Baptist Church moved into the twenty-year old Synagogue building at 33rd & Indiana where they would remain for the next eight and a half decades. The church's Built as Kehilath


South Street Journal Anshe Ma' ariv synagogue, the building has housed the Pilgrim Baptist Church since 1922. The decorative and planning skills of architect Louis H. Sullivan, along with the engineering abilities of Dankmar Adler, are embodied in the strong masonry forms of this building, which is embellished with terra-cotta panels of intricate foliage designs. The dramatic interior of the church contains similar ornament. Most noted clergyman was arguably Reverend Junius C. Austin, a stellar businessman imported from Pittsburgh in 1926. Under Austin's direction, Pilgrim Baptist Church became known as "The Businessman's Clearing House." They held "Race cooperation meetings," bringing together Bronzeville and the Black West Side's leading businessmen and women. Together they organized one of the biggest support movements in Chicago for the victims of the Great Flood of 1926. They also sent cash and supplies to African nations as a matter of course. At it's height in the first half of last century, the Finnie's Union Grove Prayer Meeting Club-turnedPilgrim Baptist Church had grown to more than 7000 regular members. As a center of African American culture, during the 1930s, this congregation and its longtime music director, Thomas A. Dorsey, were instrumental in the development of gospel music.


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Among those who sang here were: Mahalia Jackson, Sallie Martin, James Cleveland, and the Edwin Hawkins Singers. Pilgrim rallied against the Chicago Mob's takeover of the Policy Rackets, and were a vital link in civil rights movements everywhere. The New Pilgrim Baptist Church will rise from today's ashes like an old angzine of another kind, and will no doubt be among the nation's

biggest, built purposefully, thereby making it the very best yet. Somebody say it! Nathan Thompson is the Author of the acclaimed book, KINGS: The True Story of Chicago's Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers (Bronzeville Press). He can be reached at [email protected] © 2006 Nathan Thompson / The Bronzeville Press &

A Chicago Black Panther (Continuedfrom page 12) without a warrant on May 11, 1992 foundations in the community. They and charged with aggravated arson often gave the impression that to in a firebombing incident that he had engage in any business enterprise nothing to do with. At the time, Fred was to engage in capitalism and Hampton Jr. was the Chicago they too frequently looked president of t h e with disdain upon the small International People's business people in the Democratic Uhuru community. Movement where he had As a result the BPP built been organizing already, few businesses which made a name for himself generated income other than as a powerful leader in the Panther newspaper. his own right, carrying on the legacy of his father. The 60's were times of He was targeted in the great flux. BPP made same way that the U.S. serious errors, it also government attacked the gained a considerable leadership of the Black measure of success and Power Movement of the made several significant '60s and carried out the new contributions to the assassination of BLM. Hampton Sr. The A significant segment of LnPDUM took on a the U.S. population campaign to free Fred engaged in mass struggle. Hampton Jr. Movements were all occurring more or less In prison, Fred Hampton simultaneously during this Jr. continued to organize era; The Black Liberation, was subjected to Native American, countless attacks and Puerto Rican, Asian, "You can Kill a held in solitary Chicano, Anti-War, revolutionary but you confinement, labeled White Revolutionary, a gang leader, can't kill the and W o m a n ' s revolution" was a cry constantly shipped Liberation. made famous by Fred from prison to and denied Although the final Hampton Sr. Now 34 prison, visitation rights. The judgment of history years after his International may very well show the assassination, his Campaign to Free BPP added the final ingredient to the Black son, Fred Hampton Fred Hampton Jr. Agenda which Jr. has stepped up. and the International ultimately set the Black Fred Jr. spend a little People's Democratic Liberation Movement under nine years in Uhuru Movement put on the final road to prison on trumped tremendous pressure victory." charges of arson. on the state of through The U . S . After being released Illinois c o u n t l e s s government defeated the Black Power in 2001 he as been at demonstrations, callthe base of ins and letter-writing Movement of the '60s organizing on social campaigns exposing through the the political frame-up justice issue. COINTELPRO of Fred Jr. and how program, under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover. The he was penalized and targeted. prime years of Hampton and many The p o p u l a r movement other political prisoners was stolen demanding Fred's release made it from them, their family and impossible for the State to harm Fred community in what amounted to an in ways that they were constantly assault on the leadership of the threatening him with. The response, African working class. "Revolutionaries don't die, they Fred Hampton Jr. whose birth multiply!" was premature three weeks after his Contributed By Sundiata Acoli fathers death was falsely arrested

South Street Journal



t had to have happened to you, just like it happens to us alt at one time or another. You know what 1 mean? Okay, here's the scene. You and your family are riding causally along when all of a sudden someone in the car makes the observation, "Man, there are a lot of churches on this block!" This is soon followed by another observation, observation number two; "There's a lot of liquor stores too!" (Observation number two, we'll deal with at a later date.) Back to observation number one. Have you ever wondered why there are so many churches in some areas? Notice, I said some areas. The some areas idea, to be clarified by the end of this article. The "so many churches" aspect to be dealt with now. Time to expose one of our little secrets. Now, mind you, I'm giving you the Baptist perspective since I've been a practicing Baptist for over half my life.

iSunday School. With Minister B. Henry Kenner

Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) host many religionist affirmations, where many upstart ministers and churches rent space in the building in getting started. Unlike the Methodists, African Methodist, Episcopal or the Church of God in Christ,

(Perpetually Ignorant Moronic Person!

P.I.M.P. of the year By: LaShawn D. Williams If a list was compiled of those who represent the best black America has to offer, many folks would immediately come to mind. People like Oprah Winfrey, U.S. Senator Barack Obama and former NBA star-turnedentrepreneur Magic Johnson, make me proud when I think of their accomplishments as African-Americans. But for every example of the best in black people, there are those who represent the absolute worst. For me, the holder of the worst title is the infamous ex-pimp, now is minister, Bishop Don magical Juan. Don Juan, aka The Bishop, has experienced a sort of resurgence thanks to the hip-hop community. Lately, he's everywhere, as he has become a staple of black awards shows and is frequently mentioned in rap songs. For reasons I cannot understand, people are in awe of him. Whenever he is on television reciting idiotic pimp slang while decked out in ridiculous pimp garb, I grimace at the screen. Last year, his idiocy was prominently showcased in a sketch on BET's comedy awards show. The piece, entitled The Apimptice, starred Don Juan in a take on Donald Trump's reality show, The Apprentice. Just like Trump's show, Don Juan's skit included a boardroom complete with contestant evaluation, in particular, one named Omahoesas. The flippant Omahoesa was fired because well let's just say she was too mouthy, and he explained to her exactly what her mouth should be used for. The audience found the skit a hilarious, knee-slapping good time. I guess blatant disrespect towards black women is what makes good comedy these days. Then again, this is BET we're talking about. Black America has enough social ills; the last thing we need is this buffoon and what he represents shown on television. It's bad enough that kids today are mired in misogynistic

January 12 - 25,2005

rappers and their lyrics; must there also be a played out pimp, desperately clinging to fame, sharing airtime, too? Actually, Snoop Dogg is really the only rapper who seems to be especially infatuated with Don Juan. You rarely see Snoop these days without Don Juan glued to his hip. Together, they pose for pictures holding their diamond-studded pimp cups, looking like the black version of Dumb and Dumber's What's worse is Snoop, who toggles between music and movies, claims to want to be taken seriously as an actor. I'm no casting agent, but associating with Don Juan surely won't have anyone clamoring to give him any Oscarworthy roles. Okay, so Don Juan isn't solely to blame for all that is wrong in the black community; however, the image he personifies is a definite contributor. Between his clownish antics, annual pimp parade Players' Ball) and his general disregard for women, enough is enough. Instead of positive black figures being displayed for our youth, a pimp is being revered. And just by listening to some teenagers conversations, it is obvious they are paying lots of attention to him. He is an utter embarrassment, and what is especially disheartening is that it looks like he'll continue to be around for a while longer, despite his waning fame. As long as there is still a market that glorifies him, Don Juan will continue to prosper (and profit) from this pimp/ player lifestyle. I would be remiss if I didn't give him kudos for putting his pimping skills to good use by successfully managing to maintain his celebrity status. His mastery of the game is evident, especially by the way he pimps Snoop Dogg and Hollywood to stay in the limelight. Gee, I guess old habits really do die hard. Now why were folks so upset over Bill Cosby's remarks again?

churches which are organized and operated by "Bishops", each Baptist church is self governed and operated by each individual body and their respective, "Pastors" with spiritual direction coming from God. I believe also that these other denominations get their direction from God, if they believe in Christ as mediator, savior and son of God. However, in the Baptist community this forms a unique correlation between God and man. Since we believe that God is moving on Pastors to provide spiritual direction, if a preacher believes God is moving on him to establish a church, we don't question that action. If he says it, at that point he is given the freedom to do just that. However, when you consider that there are in some areas, as many as four or five Baptist churches in one block you must question the validity of the "God led me to" aspect of those establishments. Let's be real, we're talking about God here! A God that captivated the entire believing world with only seven churches worldwide! So what else could be leading to the establishment of so many churches? Remember, we believe that God provides direction and insight to the minister, but, at the same time we believe that we as ministers are


just as fallible when it comes to the attacks of Satan. This means that we get just as jealous, envious, and covetous as anyone else. Holy God, did I just say that? No, that's right, I said it. We're just fallible as anyone else! What do Here's another scenario. A pastor gets a brother, possibly younger and more energetic than himself that comes to him and says, "God has called me into the ministry." He's given time to study and hone his talents before preaching his "trial sermon" (This is where the one professing to his call is given the opportunity to give evidence to the church of his call, by preaching his first sermon at that particular church). Now this brother not only gives evidence of his call, but at the same time demonstrates talents and gifts that may be absent in the Pastor. This is when the flesh may step into the driver's seat. Let me explain this; we Baptists believe also that the church is the Bride of Christ, in other words a woman. The Pastor sees this young spry preacher encroaching in on his territory and exciting his "woman". The Pastor is then promptly "directed by God" to "sit this brother down" for reasons that have nothing to do with a directive from God. Now understand this, if you have truly been called you want to preach, but now you have been effectively silenced by your pastor. Not being able to preach and not wanting to take the chance of being silenced by another Pastor you are now led to establish a church. Starting to get the picture? With a limited amount of capital and a sparse number of followers you seek out a storefront in the low rent district and set up shop, hence more than one church to a block in the—"some areas", that I spoke about earlier. 1 wish my editor would give me license to get a little long winded here! I'll tell you what; just stay tuned for part II. To get in touch with Minister B. Henry Kenner please contact him via the internet at [email protected]

Unity Church of God In Christ Pastor Elder Leon Daniels 821 W. 69th Street Order of Service Tues. 7 pm Bible Study Fri. 7 pm Bible Teaching Sunday 9:30 pm: Sunday 11 am Morning Service

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January 12-25,2005

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Books on the Movement The Thunder of Angels"


the book on the Montgomery Bus Boycott of what happened behind the scenes: •The history of violence and abuse on the city buses •What other parties were instrumental in brining about and organizing the bus boycott •The stories of civil rights pioneers like E.D. Nixon and Jon Ann Robinson •What went on at Martin Luther Kings. Jr. trial •How black and white lawyers worked j the together to overturn segregation in the tt:An courtroom black! •And even firsthand accounts from the segregationists who bombed the homes of some of Montgomery's most progressive ministers. Published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks's heroic stand, the book at last is the full, untold story of the boycott- and the beginning of a new era in race relations. "The Thunder of Angels" is a very interestingly written piece of history said Don Samuelson, "This is a good book, The authors, Wayne Greenshaw and Donnie Williams are a very accomplished writers are from Birmingham, who wanted to tell the fully story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Samuelson added, "I got connected to this effort because Lionel Nixon who is the grandson of E.D Nixon, themes of the book, and the story. The book is published whose full contributions to this effort are one of major by the independent publishers Group in Chicago Mug shots form "The Thunder of Angels: In the Summer of 2004, while cleaning out a storage area in the basement of the old Montgomery County Courthouse, E.D. Nixon Rosa Parks Chief Deputy Sheriff Derek Cunningham discovered a box of old photos of people who'd been arrested nearly fifty years earlier. Searching through the box, Cunningham soon realized that the bulk of these black and white pictures were actually mug shots taken in February 1956, when nearly one hundred leaders of the

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.


King s Final Years By Jonathan Alter, Newsweek -

An tmlan t&mp'&m

Jo Ann Robinson

black community were arrested and charged with ducting an illegal boycott of the buses. Also in the box were several legal -sized pads, on with the names and arrest numbers of those who had been arrested were handwritten.

3rd Volume of King biography

As the shadows fell, King looked north. It was the beginning of the end.

Fred D. Gray

Jan. 9, 2006 issue -excerpt: ...Branch's book, to be shows us King not as a plaster saint but an intuitive, conflicted and harried human being—running late to

everything, refereeing among squabbling lieutenants, straying from his wife to the end, even slipping out to catch what one of his traveling aides said was his favorite movie, "The Sound of Music." But we also see that even after he became world-famous, King had reason to call his movement a civilrights struggle. Branch conveys in powerful detail the dramatic, chaotic, inspiring and incendiary era, from the triumphant Selma-toMontgomery march to the passage in 1965 of the landmark Voting Rights Act and little-noticed end to discrimination against the Third World in immigration (which reshaped the face of America); from the pathos of Lyndon Johnson— caught between his breathtaking commitment to fighting injustice and the worsening Vietnam War— to the backlash against liberalism represented by Ronald Reagan's election as governor of California, and finally to King's eerie "I might not get there with you" premonition at the Mason Temple in Memphis on the night before his assassination. For me, though, the central story of the last act of King's life takes place in Chicago. He lived there on and off for much of 1966, trying to take his movement of nonviolent civil disobedience to the next level. He failed. "It is in Chicago that the grapes of wrath are stored," King said as he launched what he called the "action phase" of his agenda. But the wrath at loose in American society derailed the civil-rights movement and left a generation politically adrift. Branch's research suggests that 1966 was the year the liberal dream began to disintegrate.

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January 12-25,2005

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Chicago Hip Hop Organizing Group Presents First Hip Hop Film Festival

SET TO COINCIDE WITH DR. KING'S BIRTHDAY OBSERVATION ' The Thank GOD for Hip Hop Film Festival and ACTION Conference will feature screenings of critically acclaimed films and documentaries such as "Krush Groove," "Toots and Blows," "White Boys Can't Rap," "The Spook Who Sat by the Door," and "Dr. King and the Chicago Freedom Movement." Following each screening will be panel discussions with noted filmmakers and Hip Hop (Continued on page 20)

Jazz Unites leads off Black History Month Return of THE MARIAN ANDERSON & MAHALIA JACKSON TRIBUTE CONCERT Lena McLin To Receive Legacy Award At Concert

of spirituals. Some of her most famous are Gwendolyn Brooks: A Musical Portrait, Free At Last, Psalm 117 and The Little Baby, On Sunday, January 29, 2006, Of all Chicago's treasures, none is Jazz Unites Inc. will recognize Lena more priceless than the Rev. Dr. McLin as part of its 21st Annual Lena J. McLin. If you love music of Historical/Musical Tribute to Marian any kind she has probably touched Anderson & Mahalia Jackson at the you in some way. Considered one of Harris Theater in Millennium Park, the leading writers and arrangers in starting at 3:00 p.m. This event was music today, Quincy Jones calls her created by Jazz Unites Founder and "an astounding educator and President Geraldine de Haas and musician." Dr. McLin is recognized as one of t f I •* i •• . t ? 1 ••"' America's premier composers, with more than 400 works to her credit— symphonies, operas, cantatas, anthems, liturgical settings for Roman Catholic and Anglican masses, art songs, electronic music, "rock" and "soul" songs—as well as solo, choral and piano arrangements

narrated by WGN-TV personality Merri Dee. This is a return performance for the tribute concert, which honors the legacies of two outstanding black women artists. Dr. McLin will be the first recipient of the Jazz Unites Legacy Award for her contributions to both opera and gospel music. In the 1950s, she created accessible opportunities for African American musicians during the 15Continue on page 20 4


f t ! " '




The iiepperr Club

Lets Go Back To The 80s Thursdays, Vince Bass, Kenny "KJ" Johnson (Not of the Richmond Group), and Maze Jackson kickoff the premiere weekly grown folks after work event in Chicago." @ CLUB REUNION 811 W. Lake Street Doors open @ 6p Complimentary Malibu Rum Cocktails hosted by B*Cole & friends @ 8pm Dance Party Featuring all of the music from the 80's until the "Lights come on..."Remember Channel 66? Friday Night Videos? Remember New Edition, Duran Duran, Prince, Boy George, Run DMC, Thompson Twins and Hall & Oates? Do you remember when The Cosby Show, A Different World, and Family Ties came on Thursday Nights? Do you remember when the party ended with a slow dance? If you answered yes to these questions, then you do not want to miss our 80's Throwback Thursdays. Admission to this event is FREE Kick It, Bring Friends, and Reminisce. Free buffet and drink specials courtesy of Malibu Rum.



ANHfc >

m ^^

uOS FRIDAY N • ' I 1111

^ Presents

Pa§k to the Track ~


on f/ie \!-Jti

-212 N. C A N A L S i

Hawthorne Race Track


GOLD C U P ROOM : :::i::;:



3501 South Laranjie (corner of 35th &' Larmnie)


«i; "W :y*"%

5:30 -10PM


SUNMX, Jan. 29th, 2006 Earl, E«J, Keith and Vincent Svyi-j-:r H E A R T ;

Candy & Bremit

From 6:00pm until 12;00am AOVANO: TICKETS $7.00 * $10.00 m DOOR

Mrsic BY V I M FAT RANDAU Birthdm Cekbratims fm** Norman, Tangie, Lerniada, Ardena and ATTIRE SHARP » $3,130 P A R M V , R K


*fo C-Alh VINCENT 708-791-0082 (pager) Al: EARL 773477-6782 • ED 773-?59-350: 5-707.7879 • VINCENT 708-791 0082



— —






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January 12-25,2005

South Street Journal and incorporate into a growing trend and make it as harmonious as possible. She is part of ALB Productions, Inc a music production company focusing on artist development. In her CD, Emajina has the soul reflected with the musical influences of Phyllis Hyman, Sade, Diana Ross, Chaka Kahn, Erika Badu and with the soul of Luther Vandross from the female perspective. A writer of her own songs, Emajina, has stayed fast in her musical direction as a commercial truck drive, and bartender, and a legal assistant. Songs on her CD is innovative in singing and making the listeners groove to concepts and topics like the steppin music of "Glide, "Liar/Cheater, up tempo, love song of "Don't be Afraid", and "Master Plan". Advell Bates (Vman) says Emajina is an example of the talent coming from Chicago and ALB productions altering the myth by striving as a reputable production company, Emajina is a prime example.

Emajina is breaking the myth with CD Coming out with her first CD "Emajina" is carrying on the style, flair and grace of the great performers before her. The main myth told to people interested in pursuing a career in the music industry is it is to hard or impossible to be a success in Chicago, you can only be successful in New York, California, or Atlanta. But with the likes of many from Lou Rawls, Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler, to R. Kelly and Kanye West, there are a lot of talented people here in Chicago and many of them have alter that myth by striving to be recognized in the industry as a reputable talent. Emajina new CD evolve and evaluate styles

Jazz Unites TRIBUTE CONCERT have achieved notoriety far beyond their mentor in a variety of genres. year run of her McLin Opera In opera: Nicole Heaston, Susan Company and continues to do so Korhonen, Jonita Lattimore, Mark through her McLin Ensemble. More Rucker and Millicent Sylvester; than 30 of her protegees—some musical theater and screen: Aisha de performing in the tribute program— Haas, Alicia Gyse, Jo Ann Hawkins, (Continued from page 19)

Open 365 days A year, 7 da week, I

s § £*

' f" ~W'4^\ T T A B


jp* I J O ! I I JR ,1


Food & Liquoi

5500 S. State . j 773-684-2990 Friday and Saturday 7:00 am - 12:00 am J|f Sunday 11 am—-7 pm

Pappy's Liquor 4700 S. Cottage Friday and Saturday 7:00 am - 12:00 am Sunday 11 am—7 pit?

Mil. JACKS Friday and Saturday 7i$O am - 12:00 am Sunday f1 am—7 pm

Shop for Service, . Selectionm^d Savings Evmn% Parti & Wedding Catering Available

Alonzo Webb and Tony Award winner Mandy Patinkin; jazz performance/composition: Maggie Brown, Charlene Hines, Steven LaFlore, Matthew Rose; and popular music: Chaka Khan, Robert "R" Kelly, and Donna McAfee. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, one of Dr. McLin's playmates was Martin Luther King Jr. She spent many of her early years in Chicago, however, with her famous uncle Thomas A. Dorsey, considered the "Father of Gospel." She frequently played piano for his famed Pilgrim Baptist Church choir. As a child she often watched Mahalia Jackson and Dorsey record at his South Side studio. As a child she also saw Marian Anderson perform in Atlanta. "At that time we didn't have too many role models. Most of the role models that were forced upon us were of African American women in subservient, uneducated roles and did not reflect our contributions as great Americans who helped build this country," explains Dr. McLin. A renowned educator, Dr. McLin taught in the Chicago public high schools for 36 years, consulted on music and humanities curricula and advised faculties at more than 40 major colleges and universities. She published Pulse: A History of Music for youth and was featured in the PBS-TV series, "This Far By Faith." Dubbed one of the best music teachers in the country, the South Shore resident says it is an honor to be chosen by Jazz Unites to receive its Legacy Award and to be in such great company. "What is great never dies. They were great; so what they contributed will never die," she says. Tickets to the concert and McLin reception are available through the Harris Box Office, 312-334-7777 or www.harristheaterchicago.org.

Steppin1 and Politics Mark Allen and The Black Leadership Development Institute's Wednesday Night Political Education Social beginning at 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM at Ruby's Jewel Box Lounge, located at 9042 South Ashland. This social affair in its 2nd year gives average neighborhood citizens the opportunity to meet various officials they otherwise would not have the opportunity to interact with in person. This week's special guest is Phillip Jackson, a candidate for Congress for the 1st Congressional District. Jackson is head of The Black Star Project; former Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley; former Assistant for former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas; and former Executive with the Chicago Housing Authority. The Social Affair begins at 6:00 PM with Mark Allen and other guest DJ's playing dusties and steppers music and free stepping lessons and opportunity to network and s o c i a l i z e . Candidate presentation is at 8:00 PM. Guest DJ is Derrick Woods, nephew of the late Same Cooke. Free Admission, Free Food, and Free Parking. Come meet and greet candidates, plus meet, greet and network with others interested in political and community empowerment. O t h e r C a n d i d a t e s and Campaigns interested in being guests at future forums or more more information call Mark Allen at The Black Leadership Development Institute at 773-7768353

African American Actors Needed Executive Producer Shywanee L. Manson, writer of the novel Apology From One Sista To Another, and Director Lawrence Lee Wallace, creator of the film Urban Scenze are looking for A f r i c a n American men and women between the ages of 21 and 40. Also looking for poets of any ethnic background, ages 18 and up (poets will not be paid). Auditions will be held at V-Dots clothing store, 1021 W. Lake Street (Lake & Carpenter) on Saturday, January 14th from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Sunday, January 15th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please bring headshot, resume and be prepared for a cold reading and to sing a song of your choice. Actors and actresses will be paid. For more information go to shyfoxbooks. com. NOTE: Please note that chicago.about.com has no connection to any of these companies and we do not know how legitimate these companies are. We only put up their ads because Chicago is trying very hard to bring movie business to our city.

Chicago Hip Hop activists; special events; and showcase of the five elements of Hip. There also will be special appearances by notables such as Hip Hop pioneer, Lord Cashus D of Zulu Nation, and Sam Greenlee amongst others. January 11-15, 2006 at Kennedy King College, 6800 S. Wentworth Avenue. The event is hosted by the Chicago Host Committee for the 2006 Hip Hop Political Convention. The Chicago Host Committee for the 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention aims to explore and encourage the use of the arts to express, empower and educate the community at large. The Film Festival will be a catalyst in preserving and promoting Hip Hop Culture as a means to instill and reinforce community values, principles and behavior. As part or the organizing efforts around the 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention, the Chicago Host Committee will actively work to plan, coordinate and manage the 2006 National Hip Hop Political Convention. This will involve ftmdraising, promotions and the hosting of special events leading up to the July Convention. The Conference is the third in a series of events designed to garner local awareness and support from the public and private sector, as well as elected officials for the convention. There is a requested donation of $3/students and $5/general admission. Contact La'Keisha Gray-Sewell at 773.577.4600 or [email protected] This event is supported by Aqua Moon, Kennedy King College, and the National Hip Hop Political Convention.


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John Blair & Black Metropolis and the Black Belt, referring to skin color as "bronze," As indicated in 'Kings' by Nathan Thompson, Bronzeville lost the economy engine of the Policy numbers racket from 1930 to 1950 (now the Illinois State Lottery) . And from 2000 to 2005, it also lost 40,000 residents. Now the community is responding to a new generation residence as those who choose to live in there, and those who were forced to leave. But as with any community, even with New Orleans, its run by business, jobs or taxes, or nothing. John Blair founder and president of the Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce is at the test of his mettle whose emerging vision for business development is to capture the tax base with business growth for the long waited Bronzeville. He was a Chicago Policeman in Bronzeville for 10 years at Wabash, Wentworth and Prairie Ave. District, before leaving the department to open an Insurance Agency, where he spent 25 years before retiring. During this period, he was President of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, President of The Professional Insurance agents and Brokers Assn., Board Member of Step School, Chicago Youth Center and a Rotary South, Founding Member. A native of Evansville Indiana, the site of the recent Tornado, where Blair attended school and subsequently joined his family in Chicago's Bronzeville Community, in the late fifties." Mr. Blair doesn't raise his voice or slap backs with his mild demeanor. He prizes data and preparations, and encourage constructive disagreement in addressing the sensitive Bronzeville business concerns. Q Chamber of Commerce Vs Business Organization. What is the difference? Blair: By definition, Chambers represent the business community and as such, operate as a voice or cheerleader for the business community in the entirety. This voice also link business organizations with the Chamber, but generally you will find Chambers cover a community in the entirety, as opposed to a specific area. Q What inspired you to form the Chamber. Blair: The Need! I was certainly not in the Chamber founding consciousness, but while interacting with a local group in the community, this interest was high on the list. Additionally, the observation of a growing community, having served in this capacity, some years ago, I felt the urge to set the table. Today, ! although the demand is enervating, you can feel the wind shift and the energy percolate in folks who wish to move, shop and work their business in this great community! Q What are the boundaries for the Bronzeville Chamber? Blair: The Chamber covers the neighborhood of North Kenwood, Douglas, Oakland, Grand Boulevard, Near South and Washington Park although the smallest section is near South from, Cermak/22nd to 26th St. Our Boundaries are: Lake Michigan, 60th on the South and West to Dan Ryan. Early data indicates that a sliver of land up to 12th St. north and on the south to 63rd St. was designated as areas without housing restrictions in the through WWII., I understand. Q What do you feel about this neighborhood and/or the people Blair: A legion of thoughts touch me. While employed as a Chicago Policeman during the Sixties. In that capacity I was able to see every nook and cranny of the community. During a period of social and racial unrest, including the civil rights area and the King Marches. Bronzeville reflects in it's history the sweat and tears of many folks, who yesterday, had limited social and financial opportunity to engage in the options for life, we experience today.

January 12 - 25,2005

South Street Business Bronzeville is there one as well to prepare Black groups to develop projects in the Bronzeville as well? Blair: Allow me to introduce our Board Member, Tracey Taylor, who was recently V :• appointed to chair the Real Estate/ Commercial Development Committee for the Chamber, running his Own Firm, TL Taylor Realty and mentoring Children is standard fare for Tracey, who is one of Chicago's Most Successful Realtors. He one of the incredibly active new businesses in the community with the Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR), as a director and also is a mentor for the Black Star Project.

Those who lived in kitchenettes and small living quarters to satisfy an unjust and restrictive housing covenant, must certainly rejoice today. On the other side, the beauty of the red and gray stones in the area were not then not quite seen as jewels, until the passing of time. Today, a 3 level graystone may just be occupied by a family of 2-4 folks, but yesterday, during the days of deep societal prejudice, as many as 30 plus folks may have shared the bed, baths and pain! Q. What is one of your most humble moments there? Blair: I remember the riots and the post riot days during the heavy civil rights struggle and sadly holding a dying officer in my arms as he gently closed his eyes; after being shot by a street thug. I recall I seeing the officers picture on the wall of the station at 51 st and tearfully relived the moment. Bronzeville originated within the community during the mid-3 0's and 40s, when the annual Mayor of Bronzeville election was celebrated which honored people who contributed to the community, drawing on the African tradition, a vibrant community of jazz clubs, restaurants, cafes, churches and activity. Yes, I remember the major corridors, " and many bars in the area and a buzzing community, and of course the Regal Theater where many celebrity guests were engaged. I recall Aretha Franklin, where I was happy to visit back stage under the pretext of keeping order and there was Jackie Wilson! I loved Bronzeville then , as it was at the end of good old days, but the hand writing was on the wall. Q What is the difference of the BlackChamber, Bronzeville Business Association and McCormick Chamber. All serving the Bronzeville Community? Blair: For the Record, I addressed this issue in a eNewsletter. Bronzeville has had no Chamber, so if we have more than one now, maybe we are making up for the days gone past, when we had none. Again, Chambers, unlike a business organization, deals comprehensively with issues and events across a community, whereas a business organization, would deal with an area specific, usually a series of blocks or a small defined area. Q. As there is an aggressive process to

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Q Is Bronzeville seen as community operating at full strength, such as Hyde park or even Chatham? Again, each community has an aura of its own, and as such, strength is noted by the distance one must travel to make their leap. Bronzeville with a near century of guarded movement, has the opportunity to go forward today and become the essence of beauty. Our growth during this hour deals with space to grow more of the spirit that has fueled this resurgence. We thank the pioneers, who walked before us. Q Just Bronzeville is witnessing upscale market value property owners is that the same for Upscale market value of Businesses Blair Small businesses of varying levels will always dominate the numbers scene in most communities. Bronzeville enjoys that same math, however, as we proceed to expand the housing

market, we will see businesses of various levels entering the community and responding to the market niche that meets their criterion. Business establishments generally measure their market share before jumping in and we will likely see a representative number of superior quality sites enter Bronzeville market that takes the community's money elsewhere. Even at this point, surveys are being taken by businesses who must measure leasing or purchase costs, but at some period pedestrian traffic blended with an influx of outside visitors an tourists will make the day. Q What are the Chambers Features and benefits to a community? Blair: Our focus is effectively performing as an advocate for growth, becoming the unified voice for their growth. As a Cheerleader for Business, a chamber body consists of a board of directors, and committees whose duties are designed to support areas of concentration that strengthen a community and the chamber body. Common to this focus, we find Information seminars, Workshops, Forums and Alliance building programs. In the main, a chamber takes on the makeup of a community, as relates to programs and needs. A historical community like Bronzeville for instance, rides the sunset of a historic past and as such, beams in the heart of many. Q. Where do you see Bronzeville of tomorrow? Blair: Historical Bronzeville is on the rise again, however this time, the occupants not only have unbridled physical movement beyond the adverse boundaries of greater opportunity to not only own a business in the area, but own the property as well. The businesses in Bronzeville "Own This Moment" and as alliances and agreements are employed to support area businesses, a new history book will be written! Thank you Mr. Blair.

y 12 - 25,2005

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Turn the Ghetto into Gold, 20/40 Plan

Chicago Economic forecast for Black Say Yes To Listings!

THE BUYING African American spending POWER OF BLACK Appliances.................. . . . . . . . .2,5 billion AMERICA is a Beverages (Alcoholic) . . . . .25 billion reflection of Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5 billion Chicago's as well.Books 326 million Target Market News' Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles 32.6 billion" annual report on Computers and Related Equipment . 1.9 billion African-American Consumer Electronics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.5 billion consumers in 2003 a ... .12.3 billion $656 billion in earned Contributions Education .... 6.2 billion income. Entertainment and Leisure 2.7 billion Revins Fellows Food 56.5 billion organizer of the Black Gifts 7.9 billion Business Networking Health Care 18.0 billion Meeting says it is Household Furnishings and noteworthy that as Equipment .11.9 billion African Americans Housewares . . . 973 million purchasing power is Webb Evans, of Housing and related charges 145.2 growin, the the United . American Northeastern Planning Insurance Progress Commission for Media Association is still Chicago 2 0 / 4 0 Personal Care Products and Services focusing on the continued growth in all Sports and Recreational Equipment spending habits of areas except among Telephone Services Blacks to gear Black businesses, it Tobacco Products and Smoking Supplies . . . their business to Toys, Games and Pets.. continued to lag black businesses. revenue at companies Transportation, Travel and Lodging owned by whites. Source: 2004 Target M The first Black v x Black America - 20 Business Networking \ automotive rel Meeting held in Bronzeville in December 2005 was Networking Meeting illustrating the growing economic with black business is January 12, in impact of minority entrepreneurs. owners, investors, South Shore at the Earl Graves, founder of Black a r c h i t e c t s , BOP Chamber of Enterprise magazine says students contractors / Commerce offices, who once would have worked for developers in /- 7915 S Exchange 6 pm corporations right out of college are attendance as speaker after instead starting businesses. "The to 9 pm. Free of charge. speaker laid the foundation for Speakers to include nature of direction is to become black economic wealth and political representative from City of entrepreneurial," says Harry Alford, power. Speakers include Greg Chicago's 2020 and 2040 plan. CEO of the National Black Chamber Brown, Southside Federal Credit Roland Davis BOP Chamber of of Commerce. Union- James Parker, Black Card C o m m e r c e , Arness Dancy, However, the 2002 Census figures (goblackbiz.com), Walter Brooks, Englewood Black Chamber and show that among minorities, Eat N Run Restaurant-Roland Davis- Illinois Black Chamber of African-Americans businesses BOP Chamber of Commerce -(BOP Commerce and others: soared 45%, to 1.2 million, yet Initiative) and the one and only In presenting the 20/40 plan, 2006 ranking them No. 2 in minorityWebb Evans, United American "If you don't know of the plan for business ownership. That's a switch Progress Association. 1 9 9 7 , when Asian Chicago, you can't be at the table." from The evening keynote address was Fellows said. "It shows where jobs entrepreneurs for the first time pushed past blacks. Hispanics delivered by Larry Ivory, Pres/CEO - are coming from." Illinois Black Chamber of "M many of our small businesses continued to own the most Commerce^ will potentially grow to become companies: 1.6 million, a 31% A focus of the meeting was much bigger, increasing their increase from 1997. practicing DTF - Dollar Turnover appetites with a clear vision of the Fellows said the gap illustrates the Factor). "Redistributing our dollars future, if they know of the plan." importance of African American amongst our people in order to says Fellows. "You want to get in businesses getting better access to generate wealth and investment there early on." their own sources of capital to opportunities." report Arness Dancy, As the number of minority-owned expand more. head of the Englewood Black businesses soared 31% to more than February meeting will be hosted Chamber of Commerce. 4 million from 1997 to 2002, the by the Englewood Black Chamber of The next Black Business Census Bureau said in a new survey Commerce.

State -Strategic Energy Workshop to help manufacturers reduce energy bills. U t i 1i v at e Technologies, LLC ( U t i1ivat e ) announced that a second Strategic Energy Planning Workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 31, at the State of Illinois Building, rm. 160 N. LaSalle, 9 am - 3 pm following the success of its November workshop. Utilivate is working in partnership with the Illinois Department of C o m m e r c e and E c o n o m i c Opportunity (DCEO) to provide Illinois manufacturers energy cost o p t i m i z a t i o n p l a n n i n g and implementation services. Marlon McClinton, President & CEO of Utilivate Technologies, stated, "We are extremely pleased to identify, prioritize, target, and implement high-impact energy conservation

opportunities. The workshop will allow additional companies to reap the many benefits of this unique state of Illinois sponsored program." Contact Utilivate Technologies, LLC 773.667.7263,

Hour :Neuikboriu



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<- v - w

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increase profits, the Fashion Institute of Technology Located in Chicago Idea Exchange seminar e University Center, 525 South State Street. For inquires, www.SmallBusinessCamp. com contact Maisha Pearson e-mail [email protected]

Small Businesses looking to expand, inventory or secure working capital. on January 13, The event will take place at SBA's Chicago District Office, 500 West Madison, St. 1250. This workshop begins at 9:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. There is no charge for attending this workshop. Applicants wishing to apply for the The Idea Exchange loan (loan amounts are $5,000, Business Seminar $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 and is a scaled down spin-off event of $25,000) will need to bring a Andrew Morrison's its founder and preprinted business check (if it is a coach successful Small Business temporary check you must have a Camp series, an intensive 2-day letter from the bank indicating that it business training and marketing boot is a business checking account), camp service for entrepreneurs. The picture identification, profit and loss program primarily targets new and statement for last 2 quarters and established minority entrepreneurs FEIN number. No business plan or looking to jumpstart their business tax returns are required for this loan or established business owners who product. To register: contact Ms. want to refine their skills and R o g e r s at 3 12/3 5 3 - 4 3 8 5 .




South Street Journal Internship Name: JPMorgan Chase/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program Scholarship Value: Up to $10,000

Director of Employment Services. We are searching for a Director of Employment S e r v i c e s at Breakthrough and thought you might know of some interested candidates. If so, please ask them to forward their r e s u m e to [email protected] The candidate should have experience in employment training, be familiar with fulfilling the requirements of government contracts, and have a college degree. Experience in running a small business would also be helpful. Breakthrough is a Christian organization. Our mission is to demonstrate the compassion of Christ by providing neighborhoodbased holistic services that empower individuals, families and urban communities to overcome poverty, addiction and isolation. Arloa Suffer,

Breakthrough Urban Ministries, 773.722.1144 ext. 239, 773.350.7939 (cell) www.breakthroughministries.

FREE ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING If you know of any young Black men or women (18-25) interested in environmental training. Refer them to call Montgomery Proffit (312) 5283521. OAI, Inc. a 12 week program and provide free transportation and other benefits. This is a good opportunity for young folk who want to earn a good salary. CLYDE PERRY ENVIRONNET RESOURCES GROUP, INC. PHONE# 773 405-5917 FAX# 773 6 8 4 - 6 0 3 3 , w w w . EnvironNetResources.com AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM TO AFRICA-CUBABRAZIL-2006 For the 25th year, the African American Studies Program (AASP) is proud to offer our EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL programs. In 2006 we will visit Africa, Brazil and Cuba. We are leaders in establishing new and innovative programs for those who want to learn about the history, culture, and political developments in different parts of the world. We have listed 12 program experiences for 2006. Programs are from one to three weeks depending on the purpose of each program, and the cost is from $1,500 to $5,000. The cost include round-trip air fare from the departing U.S. city, first class hotels, fees, program, guides, most meals, and all in-country transportation. Our cost is based on a minimum of 15 people with a maximum of 20. A $150.00 refundable deposit is required. For information on all the trips and application contact PROF. HAROLD ROGERS at AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM P.O.B 497327 CHICAGO IL. 60649 PHONE: 773667-1285 FAX: 773-684-6967 EMAIL: [email protected]

WANTED!!!! SALES REPRESENTATIVES (Sales Experience Required) • Excellent Earning Potential • Fundraising Opportunities • Flexible Hours • Part Time, Full Time • Commission & Bonuses PLEASE E-MAIL YOUR RESUME DETAILING YOUR SALES EXPERIENCE TO: [email protected] Or For Appointment Call Today! 10am - 5pm, Tues - Fri.


Eligible Requirements: Undergraduate Sophomore (Classification) - 3.0 GPA Majors: Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Computer Science/MIS, Software Engineering, Marketing, Operations Management UNCF Member Colleges and Universities, Selected HBCUs and majority institutions (participating schools) Internship Locations: New York & Chicago Application Deadline: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 Internship Details: The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and JPMorgan Chase have partnered to provide rising juniors enrolled in baccalaureate degree programs valuable work experiences with JPMC as well as financial support during the following academic year. Successful completion of the 8-10 week summer internship makes one eligible to receive a need based scholarship up to $10,000. Sites may be in JPMC locations in New York & Chicago. In addition to completing the online application, students must provide an official transcript, resume and faculty recommendation. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT January 31, 2006. JPMorgan Chase/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program online application web link: http://www.uncf.org/scholarships/scholardetail. For details about the different programs check out the JPMorgan Chase Careers website: https:// careers.jpmorganchase.com/cm/cs.


tax, mortgage and financial services

Janet Davis Tax Associate

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January 12 - 25,2005 THE 5th ANNUAL CHICAGO POLICE RECRUITMENT 1300 WEST JACKSON BOULEVARD C H I C A G O , IL 60607 The Chicago Police Department announces that the next written exam for the position of police officer will be held Saturday, February 18, and Sunday, February 1 9 t h , 2006. Registration for this exam continues the Chicago Police Department's Education and Training Division, fill out and return your application and fee and secure your spot for the upcoming written examination. Contact the Chicago Police Department's Recruitment Team for details .Recruitment Team/ Ambassador Program Office (312) 7455960 Fax (312)745-6714, TTY: (312) 7 4 4 - 2 5 6 3 , E - m a i l : [email protected] . WWW. C1TYOFCHICAGO.ORG/POLICE

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Beverly Pla*a 9611 S. Western Ave., Suite T-4 Chicago, I I 60643 Tel 773 233 4472 l pul I* iirii 1 <3Q & m District Office Year Round Service Scottsdaie Shopping Center Chicago, IL 6O6S2 Tef 773 582 3444 Fax 773 582 6728 hrWock.com

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South Street Journal

January 12 - 25,2005

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