our history in china - Sensata Technologies

our history in china - Sensata Technologies

WHAT EMPLOYEES SAY ABOUT SENSATA OPERATIONS MANAGER “Sensata provides me a job with challenge, passion and future. Here, you can easily live with your...

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WHAT EMPLOYEES SAY ABOUT SENSATA OPERATIONS MANAGER “Sensata provides me a job with challenge, passion and future. Here, you can easily live with your dreams. It‟s a place where your voice can be heard and all people are dedicated to make Sensata different.”

PROGRAM ENGINEER “I appreciate the „results driven‟ culture in Sensata. The team members have very clear objective and ownership definition in mind while starting a project. Smooth communication and good team work also make sure the final success. Sensata provides fair opportunities to each team member and promotes high working ethics throughout the whole organization.”

FINANCE MANAGER “People who we are working with are very nice. We have good opportunities to learn from the smart team members and great leaders here in Sensata. My work is valuable to the success of the organization and I feel really proud of being one member of Sensata.” PROCESS ENGINEERING MANAGER “A „winning‟ working environment makes Sensata different from other employers. Everyone can find out our value through contribution to the success of Sensata. Our work makes sense/adds value to both ourselves and the organization. People here respect each other and are willing to share.”

PROCESS ENGINEER “Sensata provides me career growth paths as well as training opportunities to help me being successful in the new roles. We enjoy a fair and caring working environment here.” DESIGN ENGINEER “Placeholder text for a sentence of two from the prospective of a design engineer, placeholder text for a sentence of two from the prospective of a design engineer. Placeholder text for a sentence of two from the prospective of a design engineer.”


MESSAGE FROM SENSATA LEADER, TOM WROE Sensata has a long and proud history of accomplishment in China. Our presence began as part of Texas Instruments in 1996. Four years ago, we became a stand-alone company known as Sensata Technologies. This year, our destiny shifted again as became an independent public company. Sensata is one of the world‟s leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions in a host of markets and applications ranging from automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, and data, telecommunications to recreational vehicle and marine applications. We reached this important milestone thanks to the many contributions of Sensata employees around the world who perform their own job with focus, attention and talent every day.

Tom Wroe

When we became a stand-alone company, we spent some time defining what set Sensata apart from other companies. These traits included impressive collaboration with customers, partners and each other; unwavering integrity; deep understanding of technology, markets and customers; and practical creativity focused on making our solutions more reliable, more efficient, and creating new ways to put our proven technology to work for customers. It described us then and it describes us today and it is what we need to do to deliver on our future potential. Our employees are the reason we have been successful in the past and the reason we will be successful in the future. Employees‟ skills, talents and work ethic have defined the business and will shape our collective future. Our Vision is to be: •A world leader and early innovator in mission-critical sensors and electrical protection •Satisfying the world‟s growing need for safety, energy efficiency and a clean environment •A partner, employer, and neighbor of choice. We hope this Vision resonates with you, as well. If it does, we invite you to learn more about us and the opportunities we have available. Best Regards, Tom Wroe CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE


MESSAGE FROM SENSATA LEADER, CALVIN CHIN Sensata China is well positioned with leading global customers and we are investing in the design capabilities necessary to serve the needs of both large multinationals and the growing market opportunity in China. We‟ve been in China since 1996 and know what it takes to thrive in the intensely competitive China marketplace. Our employees in China have played a key role in our success and will continue to play an important role as we continue to grow our business and market presence.

Calvin Chin

At Sensata, we face many new business opportunities in the appliance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, automotive, data and telecommunications markets. This is especially true in China where safety, energy conservation and a cleaner environment have never been more important. However, we also know that no matter how good our products are and how well positioned we are in the marketplace, talented people who are passionate about our mission to make the world a safer, more fuel efficient and a cleaner place is what will set us apart from our competition. That‟s why we remain committed to making Sensata a place where you can grow and make a real difference. Sincerely, Calvin Chin








AWARDS 2002 • AA Outstanding Supplier by Hangzhou Matsushida Motor (Baoying) 2005 • Good Faith Demonstration Unit of Social Security by Yangzhou Government (Baoying) • Tax Revenue Contribution Award by Yangzhou Government (Baoying) • Green Partner by Sony Corporation (Sensata Baoying)

OUR HISTORY IN CHINA 1996 Former Materials & Controls


business (M&C) of Texas Instruments (TI) (now Sensata) and Baoying Electric Appliance establish a JV called Jiangsu Texas Instruments Electrical Equipment Company in Baoying // M&C opens sales office in Shanghai


S&C becomes Sensata


1998 TI buys out the Baoying

Sensata acquires Airpax Electronics Company in Shanghai // Sensata‟s Electrical Protection (EP) business establishes its first design engineering lab in China

Electric‟s share of the JV and establishes a wholly owned subsidiary

2008 EP has first order for product

1999 M&C opens sales office in Shenzhen // 2003 Sensors & Controls (S&C), formerly M&C, builds a second building in Baoying

2004 S&C acquires Jiangsu Changheng Company and opens TI Changzhou Company

2005 Production begins in Changzhou // Baoying adds third building

designed in China // Sensata‟s Sensors business establishes its first technical center and engineering lab // Baoying breaks ground on Building 4

2010 Changzhou celebrates its 5th anniversary // Sensata Supplier Industrial Park is established in Baoying

2011Changzhou Sensata completed purchase of Honeywell's Automotive on Board sensors business, including Honeywell‟s Automobile Sensors Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.

2006 • Green Partner by Sony Corporation (Sensata Baoying) • Excellent Supplier Award presented by Emerson Climate Technologies Suzhou Company 2007 • Green Partner by Sony Corporation (Sensata Baoying) • Excellent Supplier Award presented by Emerson Climate Technologies Suzhou • Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise by China Foreign Investment Association (Baoying) 2008 • Excellent Supplier Award presented by Emerson Climate Technologies Suzhou 2009 • Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Company, “Outstanding Vendor” • Rechi-DongGuan Outstanding Supplier Award • Midea Group Excellent Quality Supplier Award • Grade A status from Appliances Components Companies (Changzhou) • Quality Excellent Supplier by Media Compressor Division (Baoying) • Most Value Supplier by Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor (Baoying) • Auspicious Wisdom Excellent Supplier (Baoying) 2010 • Foreign Trade Excellent Unit by Baoying Government • Auspicious Wisdom Excellent Supplier (Baoying) • Top-10 Exporting Enterprises Award (Changzhou) • Sensata’s GDI MSG product is nominated for the Innovation Award for Technology Progress on Auto Parts Low-Carbon Economy and Harmonious Society • DaYang Outstanding Vendor Award



At Sensata, we offer two career paths – one for managers and one for technical talent. This gives our technical experts the opportunity to have a rewarding career that is equivalent in terms of recognition and rewards to our more traditional managerial ranks. Both share common competencies in terms of defining strategy, effective project execution, innovation, influencing customers and knowledge sharing and working collaboratively across the organization. In addition, those who succeed in the managerial ranks, also have planning, budgeting, and organizational and people development skills, while our technical leaders excel at breakthrough innovation, automation and mechanization, defect reduction, test engineering and software development.



We offer student programs designed to give you the opportunity to learn about Sensata while being paid to do business and/or technical work.

• Changzhou: Mechanical & Electrical Design Engineer, Process Engineer, Product Engineer, Quality Engineer • Shanghai: Product Engineer, Applications Engineer, Finance positions, Field Sales Engineer, Marketing positions • Baoying: Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Engineering Technician

Key elements include: •Real-life experience combined with real money and real benefits •Exposure to world-class manufacturing and business processes •Participation on global teams •Chance to work on products and technology that is helping the world become a greener and safer place Upon graduation, if successful, you will have the opportunity to join the Sensata team in our mission to make products that help the world become a greener and safer place.


MAJOR CUSTOMERS Sensata has nearly 95 years of providing mission critical “must work” products in tough applications that matter.

AUTOMOTIVE Honda GM Ford PSA Toyota BMW Delphi Chrysler Borg Warner Continental Denso Daimler Siemens Hyundai Volkswagen Nissan Hitachi TRW

MOBILE WORK & RECREATION Winnebago Comcast Altec Motor Coach Industries Safelite AutoGlass

HEAVY VEHICLE & INDUSTRIAL Caterpillar John Deere Cummins International Philips Emerson Magnetek AO Smith Square D Siemens WEG LG FIME Samsung Plaset Merloni Mabuchi Mitsuba Bosch Valeo Kohler Ingersall Rand GE Komatsu Case New Holland

HVAC & REFRIGERATION Carrier Danfoss Trane Hitachi Lennox Sanyo Copeland Daewoo York Daikin Matsushita Panasonic ThermoKing Rheem Goodman

RESIDENTIAL APPLIANCE Frigidaire Arcelik Whirlpool Haier ACC GE Panasonic Sanyo LG Tecumseh Conair Honeywell Samsung Maytag Matsushita

AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Boeing Airbus NASA Sunstrand Raytheon Cessna United Technologies General Dynamics Honeywell

DATA & TELECOM HP Dell IBM Delta Ericsson Emerson Network Power Eltek-Valere American Power Conversion