Overview of Week in Advance Notes Other dates

Overview of Week in Advance Notes Other dates

Notes Week 26 Newsletter February 15- February 19 2016  Calendar to see what day your child will bring Overview of Week in Advance a healthy sna...

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Week 26 Newsletter February 15- February 19 2016

Calendar to see what day your child will bring

Overview of Week in Advance

a healthy snack. Thank you for all your support 

This week we will start Lesson 19. We will learn 

about the letter/sound of D,d and our Duck. We will blend phonemes and segment

sounds. Some CVC words that your child should

Please complete and turn in February Reading Log by February 28th.

be able to read and write are dip, rad, pad, tid, etc. We will also continue to practice how to

Other dates

read with expression. We will learn two new

       

words of the week (go and for). Please

encourage your child to practice saying and writing our words of the week at home. With Handwriting, students will review tracing and writing i and e. Please encourage your child to practice these letters at home and to always

In math we will continue Chapter 7 where we will compose and decompose numbers 1119. We will learn how to make and take apart numbers 11 – 19 in different ways. 

Special thanks to Cooper, Teagan, Danielle, Riley, and Bailey for bringing snacks last week.

alphafriend that we will meet this week is Dudley

start our letters at the top.

Don’t forget to look at the February Snack

February 26- Crazy Hair Spirit Day Mach 2 & 9- Professional Days, 2:00 Dismissal March 7- Casimir Pulaski Day, NO SCHOOL March 17- Green Spirit Day March 18- End of Third Quarter March 24- Report Cards Issued March 24- Early Dismissal Day, 2:00 Dismissal March 25 to April 1 – Spring Break, NO SCHOOL

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, anything! I would love to hear from you! Mrs. Smith 815-883-8932 [email protected]