ANNUALREPORT PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER | 2013 For more than 50 years, Pacific Science Center has played a leading role in creating programs and exhibit...

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For more than 50 years, Pacific Science Center has played a leading role in creating programs and exhibits that inspire and inform people of all ages about science and technology. Our hope is that visitors will apply what they learn to their own lives, and make changes that range from starting an exercise program to reducing their contributions to carbon dioxide emissions. This year’s report will delve into seven issues that define our region as a leader in science and technology—sustainability, science education, wellbeing, economic vitality, young scientists, science literacy and STEM leadership. From the Wellbody Academy exhibit, which illustrates ways to make healthy lifestyle choices, to the Mercer Slough Environmental Science and Technology Practicum’s role in promoting careers in clean and green technologies available in the region, we’ll explore the myriad ways Pacific Science Center contributes innovative, yet practical solutions to the issues facing our communities. We’ll also underscore how the Science Center engages the broader public in these conversations, creating greater understanding of science and its impact on our lives.















As we look back on the past year at Pacific Science

exhibit, which included stops in Denver, Houston and

Center, we see fresh evidence of our unique position

Minneapolis. While providing a rare and treasured

in the community to inspire change and build

experience for guests, the exhibition also had a major

excitement around science. Some of these changes

impact on our local economy and tourism industry.

might seem small, like making better nutritional choices

In 2012–2013, funders helped ensure the future

at mealtime or using energy-saving light bulbs, yet small adjustments can multiply to create profound transformation. This is why our theme, “Inspiring Change,” seems the most appropriate way to share and summarize Pacific Science Center’s accomplishments, progress, and community impact during 2013.

development of high-caliber programming and exhibits in our historic facility, while furthering our goal of enhancing the scientific literacy of our community. We’re particularly grateful to have received support from the National Science Foundation’s Advancing Informal Science Learning program for Portal to the Public, and

We began the year more motivated than ever after

the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which

receiving the National Medal for Museum and Library

allows us to train staff on how to give presentations

Service in November 2012. It’s the nation’s highest honor

on our Science On a Sphere® exhibit, provided by the

conferred on museums and libraries and recognizes

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

exemplary and measurable impact in the community.

All told, Pacific Science Center served 1.3 million guests

Galvanized and excited, we renewed our commitment to the successful programs you’ll learn more about in this report, such as Discovery Corps, Science Cafés, and Science On Wheels. And, due to the ongoing success of our capital campaign, we added a new permanent exhibition, Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health &

in 2012–2013, with exhibits that inspired curiosity and promoted change. With continued support from the community, we’re looking forward to connecting even more people to the opportunities and excitement of science. We hope you’ll join us.

Wellness, which educates and entertains guests with wellness opportunities. We are most grateful to leaders in the health and healthcare communities who supported this project by sharing tools for making healthy choices in dynamic and exciting ways. Our special exhibition, Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs, demonstrated the reach and influence of a marquee exhibit. Pacific Science Center was fortunate to have hosted the largest number of attendees in the United States during the run of this

R. Bryce Seidl,

Tim Copes,

President & CEO

Board Chair





Every day, we learn more about how human activities impact the planet. As a science education organization, one of our goals is to help people recognize these impacts and understand how individual choices contribute to the health of our environment. Key to this work is inspiring people to start changing their behavior. One of the ways we do this is to lead by example. This past year, we modeled an ethos of sustainability by continuing our commitment to the principles of the Living Building Challenge™, which define some of the highest levels of environmental performance

A BILITY available for buildings. In collaboration

with the community and through leaders in sustainable building, we launched our sustainability initiative and implemented strategies to reduce our impact on the environment. In keeping with these efforts, we also took steps to demonstrate the power and potential of renewable energy. Sonic Bloom, our artist-designed installation developed in partnership with Seattle City Light, uses solar cells to power a dazzling display of light, highlighting how renewable energy can be harnessed to help us all adopt earth-friendly habits.



Pacific Science Center is doing our part to create a sustainable environment through changes to our programs, our installations, and our building, based on the tenets of the Living Building Challenge™. During 2012–2013, we encouraged guests to consider the applications of renewable energy and provided opportunities to learn about the connections among human behavior, environmental health, and climate change.

THINKING GREEN UPGRADING FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY Imagine the ultimate green building, efficient and earth-friendly beyond conventional limits. That’s the cornerstone of the Living Building Challenge™. In accepting this challenge, we initiated a multiyear plan to make our historic buildings, and the way we operate them, as environmentally friendly as possible. A committee of thought leaders with expertise in green building development and environmental upgrades for built environments 2012

helped Pacific Science Center develop the plan,


which lays out yearly improvements needed to reach our long-term goals. To reduce energy and water consumption, in 2012–2013, Pacific Science Center:


Insulated our special exhibition gallery Replaced existing lighting with LED lighting in our


special exhibition gallery, Wellbody Academy, the

PACCAR IMAX® Theater, the James A. Claypool

Memorial Garage, the Tropical Butterfly House,

and the iconic globes hanging within the Arches Installed a CO­­2 demand control ventilation system

to save heating and cooling energy Installed low flush toilets and urinals




$125,061 Annual utility and operational savings $294,758 Utility rebates from Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities $183,307 Carbon Reduction Incentive Funds from the 2030 District Community 2012


By systematically making adjustments and adding


energy-efficient improvements to our facilities, we


hope to be a model for other historic sites in our

To illustrate the impact of Seattle residents’

efforts to be green.

behavior with respect to transportation and associated carbon dioxide emissions, Pacific


Science Center continued our partnership with

Summer 2013 brought a fresh crop of inspiration:

the Space Needle and the National Oceanic and

Sonic Bloom, a solar powered work of art created by

Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to monitor

celebrated Seattle artist Dan Corson, in partnership

the level of CO2 in the local area and share this

with Seattle City Light. Standing three stories tall,

information with the public.

the fanciful work greets visitors with five futuristic flowers that have a total of 270 solar panels mounted on top. The solar cells power LED lights that change color at night, creating a fantastic light show accompanied by motion-activated musical notes. Through a feat of creative engineering, Sonic Bloom artfully demonstrates inspiring and artistic applications of renewable energy, engaging both sight and sound in a unique, interactive experience. This project was made possible through funding from Seattle City Light’s Green Up program.

New to the Carbon Monitoring Station is an easier to use interface display to the kiosk that complements the adjacent Science On a Sphere® exhibit from NOAA—an illuminated globe that features dynamic, moving images of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and other geographic features. The CO2 station enables visitors to see what’s happening in our local environment and connect its relevance to global scales, more clearly illustrating the implications of elevated CO2 levels. We hope that improved understanding of the consequences of individual and collective behavior on the environment will have a positive impact,

IMAX is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation ®

regionally and globally.



Xiphisternum Linea alba


Fig. 406. Ventral View of Muscles



Science learning can happen anywhere: in schools, at parks, on the beach and in the backyard. At Pacific Science Center, we take a comprehensive approach to science education by providing a full spectrum of opportunities, from family events, to exhibits on our campus and summer camps for kids. We even take science on the road—literally—through our Science On Wheels program. Our purpose is to complement and enhance classroom

EDUCATION study and promote scientific literacy as

part of a well-rounded life. Pacific Science Center hopes to inspire both children and adults with the understanding that scientific knowledge about the world in which we live—whether you’re a scientist or a poet—is a necessary component of an informed life. Ultimately, we strive to develop a curiosity and interest in science that leads to lifelong learning, exploration and discovery.



INFORMAL LEARNING: SCIENCE UNLEASHED Informal learning settings provide a venue to explore science topics in approachable, interactive, and direct ways. Pacific Science Center offers experiential opportunities for youth and adults that allow for selfdirected learning, as well as hands-on enrichment and exploration.

SCIENCE ON WHEELS Science On Wheels continues to enrich science learning across the region at locations throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. Whether exploring the universe through an inflatable planetarium or programming a robot, our Science On Wheels teachers packed vans brimming with engaging and interactive props and associated activities to inspire an interest in science in settings both remote and urban. Major donor support from Amgen, the State of Washington’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, an anonymous


funder and other generous supporters, made this


exciting and fun work possible.

MATH & SCIENCE MASHUP Math & Science Mashups are spirited evenings



involving skits and interactive activities that help children and their parents connect math and




science to success in both school and life. We developed the mashups in collaboration with our partner organization, Zeno, which works with schools and community centers to demonstrate the

significant impact that math can have on a person’s

Pacific Science Center camps are perfect introductions

life. Together, we transform cafeterias, gyms and

to science topics for kids of all ages. In addition to

community rooms across the Seattle area to make

the Science Center campus and the Mercer Slough

it fun and easy for children and parents to learn

Environmental Education Center in Bellevue,

about math and science. In 2012–2013, we offered

community partners included:

nine Math & Science Mashups in locations ranging from Central Seattle to Rainier Valley and West

St. Thomas School – Medina, WA

Seattle. 2013 was the third year of this program

Arbor Schools – Sammamish, WA

and participant feedback has been consistently

The Overlake School – Redmond, WA

positive, with the program earning high marks for the level of engagement as well as entertainment. This partnership between Pacific Science Center and Zeno was made possible by generous support

University of Washington Bothell – Bothell, WA Meeker School – Tacoma, WA Crestwood Elementary – Covington, WA

from Betty Bottler.

SUMMER CAMPS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH Have you ever wondered why slugs are so slimy? Or why fire is hot? In 2013, Pacific Science Center offered camps that covered topics from biology and nutrition to fitness and physics. Campers were able to dissect an owl pellet to see what owls eat, investigate the structure of a beaver dam, engineer a cigar box banjo and even record a musical performance in the VERA Project’s professional studio.

NASA NOW Our NASA Now partnership introduces visitors to the incredible work of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In the most recent planetarium program, NASA Now: Gravity and Black Holes, youth, adults and school groups were treated to NASA’s cutting-edge investigations into some of the unsolved mysteries involving gravity and black holes. It also showcased NASA’s recently launched NuSTAR mission, which gives astronomers

In 2013, we partnered with Seattle Children’s

unprecedented views of the highest energy objects

Theatre, EMP Museum, Center for Wooden Boats,

in the universe, from recently exploded stars to

the Museum of History and Industry, and the VERA

black holes. NASA Now programs showcase NASA’s

Project to create 25 new summer camps and expand

mission and data and highlight careers in physics,

our geographic reach to eight locations.

astronomy, aerospace, engineering and related fields—a primary objective of this multiyear grant.



From First Lady Michelle Obama’s focus on physical fitness to the appearance of salad bars in school cafeterias, health and wellbeing have catapulted onto the national stage. And there’s good reason for it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third of U.S. adults and approximately 17 percent of children are obese. And research shows that this generation of youth could be the first to

WELL live shorter lives than their parents.

For Pacific Science Center, several key

questions emerged: How do we help create

healthier communities? And how can we help empower individuals with the knowledge to make better choices about their health? Our solution was to develop programming and exhibits that help visitors gain greater awareness and understanding of their bodies, allowing them to make informed choices and improve their overall health.






Most of us know that we need to eat healthy food, exercise, and rest, but it’s not always convenient or easy to do. To address these challenges, Pacific Science Center sought to promote better health and provide practical suggestions for making permanent and healthy lifestyle changes through its exhibits, partnerships, and programs.

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY BODY PROFESSOR WELLBODY’S ACADEMY OF HEALTH & WELLNESS Launched in December 2012, Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness is Pacific Science Center’s first new permanent exhibition in more than 10 years. The exhibition takes an innovative approach to talking about health and healthcare by focusing on the decisions that can have a positive impact on people’s health. Unlike traditional programs that


can seem like a lecture (‘do this’ – ‘don’t do that’), Wellbody Academy offers visitors a fun, interactive, and individualized learning experience that enables them to reach their own conclusions about how best to make healthy choices.


The Wellbody Academy exhibition is based on the premise that personal choice will lead to more sustained outcomes in improving health. For example, although Type II diabetes is on the rise,


it is a disease that can often be prevented through


appropriate, individual behavior change. Wellbody


Academy aims to help visitors understand the key actions and activities that will help them achieve their goals and lead a healthy life.



Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness provides more than 7,000 square feet of hands-on activities and experiences

59,000 square feet of exhibit space

7,000 +


once a month to explain the implications of their work.

The Studio, which is housed in Wellbody Academy,

The Studio also features daily, hands-on activities led by

showcases current health-related research occurring in

Pacific Science Center staff on related topics. In 2012–

the Pacific Northwest. The Studio exposes visitors to the

2013, topics included global health—which examined

work conducted by health and wellness organizations

how scientists’ research in the region is impacting

in our area, and to careers available in these fields.

people around the world—genetics, and neuroscience.

Topics change every six months and guest lecturers visit

Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness
 was a community-wide effort. Pacific Science Center thanks the following supporters who made this explanation possible: Laureate Level Supporters Anonymous

Fellow Level Supporters

Honor Level Supporters

Scholar Level Supporters

In honor of Chow Chuan-Yuan & King Kuei-Ru

Bartell Drugs


Joshua Green Foundation M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Pacific Medical Centers Swedish Medical Center Virginia Mason Medical Center & Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia

Dr. Tina & Karl Neiders

The Boeing Company

Bastyr University

Jim Norris

Delta Dental of Washington 

Ben B. Cheney Foundation

Nysether Family Foundation

First Choice Health

Darigold Inc

Office Max

Public Health - Seattle & King County and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Rick and Terri Downey

Judy Pigott

Lynne Graybeal & Scott Harron

Erik G. Pihl

Harold & Mary Frances Hill

Puget Sound Physicians, PLLC

Seattle Children’s UW Medicine

The Koewler Family

RL Smith

D.V. & Ida McEachern Charitable Trust

Robert L. & Mary Ann Wiley



Pacific Science Center aims to inspire visitors by showcasing rare and uncommon experiences that might otherwise be unavailable in our region. Last year’s special exhibition, Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs, is a perfect example of the kind of programming that ignites people’s imaginations and opens doors to previously unknown worlds. These types of large attractions not only bring together our community to learn and explore, but also draw visitors from outside the region, adding to the vibrancy of our city and stimulating our economy.

ECONOMIC Almost 700,000 people attended the exhibition, with the majority of visitors coming from areas outside of King County. When viewed purely as an educational and cultural exhibition, Tutankhamun was extremely successful. But the exhibition also had an economic impact, and we’re proud to have played a role in supporting our region’s economy.






BOOSTING THE ECONOMY Pacific Science Center’s mission is to inspire a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative exhibits and programs. Contributing to the region’s economy is a positive byproduct of our work.

TELLING THE STORY THROUGH NUMBERS As a science education organization, we respect the integrity of numbers because they contribute to a scientific story. The numbers associated with Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs also tell a story—one about the exhibition’s impact on the regional economy.




THE TREASURE OF KING TUT: A WEALTH OF DISCOVERY Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs exhibition finished its seven-month run in early 2013. Seattle had the highest attendance of recent venues that hosted the exhibition, including those in major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Minneapolis, and Denver. We are gratified that the exhibition was so well received, and that hundreds of thousands of visitors took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the wonders of ancient Egypt. The exhibition was a success in other ways as well, drawing large, out-of-town crowds and injecting more than $78 million into the local economy.


Additional economic impacts included the creation


of 720 temporary jobs in King County, $64.8 million


in business activity, $23.7 million in labor income and $2.9 million in tax revenues.1


A SUCCESSFUL MIX: AWARD-WINNING LEADERSHIP AND VISION Visit Seattle, a nonprofit marketing organization


that works to enhance the employment opportunities and economic prosperity of the region, awarded Bryce Seidl, President and CEO of Pacific Science Center, the Certificate of Excellence for Leadership in Tourism at the 2013 Seattle Tourism Outlook Award Ceremony and Summit. Visit Seattle acknowledged Seidl for his leadership in bringing the seven-month run of Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs this past year. “Seattle’s cultural and tourism sectors have benefited greatly from Bryce’s leadership and commitment to partnering for mutual success.” —Tom Norwalk, president and CEO, Visit Seattle

Economic Impact Study, William B. Beyers, University of Washington Department of Geography, May 2013







An ongoing priority for Pacific Science Center is to excite young minds about the world around them and inspire pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Because experiential learning is an

SCIENTISTS important and effective method of gaining knowledge, Pacific Science Center develops enhanced experiences that intimately involve youth with many aspects of science. At Pacific Science Center-led environmental stewardship programs at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, younger children are able to explore wetland, pond, slough, and forest habitats in an informal setting, while older youth can participate in hands-on field and laboratory research. Through our Discovery Corps program, high school students are immersed in inquirybased science activities while gaining valuable job and leadership skills.



MAKING CONNECTIONS Through our youth education programs, Pacific Science Center creates the space for young minds to imagine what it might be like to be a scientist or engineer. To help youth understand some of the many fascinating applications involved in science, technology, engineering, and math, we create opportunities for them to meet and interact with professionals in the STEM fields. By forging interesting and educational connections between young people and scientists, we hope to inspire the next generation of science leaders.

MERCER SLOUGH ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONAL CENTER The Mercer Slough Environmental Educational Center is a collaboration between the City of Bellevue, which owns and maintains the buildings, and Pacific Science Center, which creates and runs the programs. In 2012– 2013, Pacific Science Center added two, eight-week Environmental Science and Technology Practicum programs to our year-round educational program on wetland ecology and environmental stewardship. Ten high school students participated in each session, representing public and private high schools from the greater Puget Sound area. The students explored environmental science, clean and green technologies, and learned first-hand from high-level professionals about potential careers in these fields. For many participants, it was an unprecedented opportunity for in-depth investigations in field and laboratory environmental research.



Speakers at the Environmental Science and Technology Practicum included leaders in clean technology and environmental fields from the Pacific Northwest, and represented many academic institutions, including several departments from the University of Washington, such as chemical oceanography, engineering and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as well as the Oregon Health and Sciences University Environmental Health Department. Speakers from the government and industry sectors also participated, including

they interact with guests on our exhibit floor. Science

Springwood Associates, Inc., 1 Energy Systems, Puget

learning takes place through field trips to other

Sound Partnership, Climate Solutions and McKinstry.

STEM institutions, visits from area researchers and indepth training into the content that Corps members


present and share with Pacific Science Center guests.

Discovery Corps is an innovative and effective youth development program that aims to inspire

While Discovery Corps is an opportunity for youth to

interest and literacy in STEM fields and introduce

gain a range of skills and knowledge that will help

high school students to exciting careers in these

them be successful in college and beyond, Corps

areas. Recruitment targets diverse populations

members also bring energy, enthusiasm, and passion

that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM

to their work, benefiting visitors and the Science

fields and exposes them to the many career

Center as a whole. As one Corps member said, “The

opportunities available.

really cool thing about the Discovery Corps program is that you share the same passion of science as

Program participants have the opportunity to

everyone else in the group.”

progress up the career ladder at Pacific Science Center, undergoing a three-day intensive training session to help them develop valuable job skills in customer service, education, and communication. After successfully completing approximately 100 hours of service as a volunteer working directly with the public on the exhibit floor, students may be promoted to a paid position with increased


responsibility and training opportunities. Through Discovery Corps, participants gain work, leadership and social skills; increased science literacy and awareness of STEM fields; increased STEM content knowledge; and improved presentation skills. To build job skills, Corps members work closely with mentors, attend workshops on a variety of professional topics, and apply what they learn as







One of the cornerstones of Pacific Science Center’s mission is to make science fun and accessible for people of all ages. Our exhibits and education programs take science out of the laboratory and bring it into the community. Our Portal to the Public programs, including Science Cafés, which take place at local pubs or other gathering spaces, Scientist Spotlights, and Research Weekends help people learn more about science and its applications.

LITERACY These nontraditional learning programs rely less on lectures and more on open dialogue about current issues in science and technology, helping people see the relevance of science to their daily lives. Portal to the Public programs do this particularly well, as participating scientists are trained to speak about their work with general audiences of all ages through our Science Communication Fellowship program.



DEMYSTIFYING SCIENCE We all benefit from a deeper understanding of the world around us, which is why Pacific Science Center is passionate about helping people become more scientifically literate. In 2012–2013, programs such as Science Cafés, Scientist Spotlights, Research Weekends, and the second annual Seattle Science Festival made science and technology topics accessible to those without science backgrounds.

PORTAL TO THE PUBLIC This past year, Portal to the Public programs provided opportunities for face-to-face interactions between guests and scientists, promoting an understanding of current scientific research and its applications. Pacific Science Center also continued to focus on expanding its Portal to the Public Network by training and supporting institutions around the nation to offer their own Portal programs.

SCIENCE CAFÉS Science Cafés increased in popularity during 2013, bringing together professional scientists and inquisitive science enthusiasts in the comfortable atmosphere of a neighborhood café or pub. Science Cafés begin with a brief presentation by a scientist, followed by an extended discussion between the scientist and audience. This past year, Science Café topics included climate science, evolution and religion, robotics, technology, and healthcare.



RESEARCH WEEKENDS Our special event Research Weekends bring together families, school groups, and others with working scientists who focus on polar science, life science or conduct research at the University of Washington. The eighth annual Polar Science Research Weekend gave guests a taste of what it’s like to work on the frontlines of the Arctic—one of the world’s most inhospitable places. Presented in collaboration with the Polar Science Center at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory, which received a generous grant from NASA, the event allowed visitors of all ages to build igloos, interact with some of the world’s foremost polar researchers, and learn about extreme arctic environments

each year, including Scientist Spotlights, Research Weekends, Science Cafés, and summer camps. In 2012–2013, we trained 48 new Fellows who led 75 Scientist Spotlight events and 36 Science Cafés.

and the impacts of a changing climate. More


than 130 scientists and volunteers representing

Pacific Science Center led the creation of the Portal

18 organizations participated in the event. Polar

to the Public Network, a nationwide network of

Science Research Weekend included experiments and

science centers and museums working to bring

interactive stations for the public to raise awareness

scientists and public audiences together in informal

of the diverse research being done in the polar

settings. 2013 saw the addition of seven science

regions of the earth.

centers trained in the techniques that support Portal programming, expanding the growing network to

SCIENTIST SPOTLIGHTS Scientist Spotlights feature local scientists who share

23 diverse institutions in 18 states.

their work with visitors through experiential activities


and conversation. Guests need no science background,

The region’s largest celebration of science took place

as scientists walk visitors through their work in fun,

during June 2013. The Second Annual Seattle Science

accessible, and informative ways. In 2013, topics

Festival was an 11-day celebration of science, math,

included the science of bacteria, brain genetics, solar

engineering, and technology with over 120 programs

power, and the impact of sleep on health.

from more than 100 organizations. It featured exhibits, shows, demonstrations and performances

SCIENCE COMMUNICATION FELLOWSHIP Science Communication Fellows are scientists and

held at venues region-wide and provided experiences that educated and engaged audiences of all ages.

researchers who undergo professional development

Opening night included an exciting presentation

provided by Pacific Science Center and participate

by renowned theoretical physicist and author

in Portal programs and events. Scientists refine key

Brian Greene, and the West Coast premiere of the

messages related to their areas of expertise and

multimedia work Icarus at the Edge of Time, with

practice simple techniques for how to talk about

an original score by the acclaimed contemporary

science with non-scientists. Fellows take part in a

composer Philip Glass and performed by Garfield

minimum of three Pacific Science Center programs

High Orchestra.






Pacific Science Center is dedicated to improving science education statewide. Through Washington State LASER (Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform), which we co-lead with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, we are sparking change in the classroom by providing resources that support innovation and improvement in the way science is taught. We do this primarily through teacher professional development and educational leadership development. Washington State LASER is a public-private partnership that played a

LEADERSHIP lead role in developing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) recently adopted by the state. LASER is also supporting school district efforts to align science instructional materials and practices with the NGSS. LASER is made possible by major support from State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, The Boeing Company, Battelle, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



Technological innovations and scientific discoveries underlie much of human advancement. Science education must teach students what they will need to know to succeed in school, work, and life. Teachers and administrators need to be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to deliver highly effective science education.

SHAPING K–12 CURRICULA WASHINGTON STATE LASER LASER provides teachers and school districts with the support necessary to improve science education for all students throughout Washington. The program provides professional development and technical assistance to individual classroom educators and administrators, as well as to schools, school districts, and collaborative groups of participating school districts, called LASER alliances. In June 2012, Pacific Science Center participated in


and helped moderate Washington State LASER’s


created professional development programs


for leadership teams in science, technology,


STEM Education Leadership Institute, which

engineering, and mathematics. The event was designed to prepare schools, districts and regional leadership teams to develop a common vision of STEM education within a variety of contexts, including local, state and national settings, as well as current education strategies that can inform the development of highly effective STEM education programs.



The 82 participants who attended the Leadership Institute comprised 15 teams of elementary, middle, and high school classroom teachers, school and district administrators, and higher education and community partners.

NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS Responding to the critical need for an increased

60 Reviews

level of science proficiency among Washington students, Pacific Science Center, through Washington State LASER and in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, co-led the effort to review early drafts of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for K–12 students. With funding from Battelle and The Boeing Company, LASER convened statewide meetings that engaged teachers, administrators, community college


faculty, university faculty, and scientists. Through the process, LASER collected and moderated the contributions of many educational experts to focus efforts on raising the level of science understanding.



FINANCIAL SUMMARY 2013 REVENUE Admissions Services Government Support General Support Program Fees Ancillary Activities Investment Income Total Revenue

ASSETS $ 21,160,915 1,832,890 9,543,239 2,356,428 2,315,339 109,681

Cash and Investments Receivables, Deposits and Other Long Term Receivables Property, Plant and Equipment, Net Beneficial Interest in Trust Total Assets

$ 1,421,467 3,465,821 2,860,098 38,654,641 7,514,263 $ 53,916,290

$ 37,318,492


Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities

Program and Operating Expenses: Science, Education and Exhibits Guest Services and Public Programing Fundraising and Development Administrative Total Program and Operating Expenses Depreciation and Financing Costs Depreciation Financing Costs Total Depreciation and Financing Costs Change in Unrestricted Net Assets



$ 18,774,640 9,600,720 3,911,046 2,359,982

Total Liabilities

$ 34,646,388


1,953,006 432,466 $ 2,385,472 $ 286,632

Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted

$ 10,084,210 3,407,019 $ 13,491,229

$ 28,479,206 9,787,075 2,158,780

Total Net Assets

$ 40,425,061

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 53,916,290



7% 5%

57% 22%


SOURCES OF REVENUE Admission Services 57% General and Membership Support 22% 5% Government Support 7% Program Fees 7% Ancillary Activities 2% Investment Income

2% 2%

28% 60%

USE OF PROGRAMMING FUNDS 60% Exhibits 28% Current Science 8% Science Education 2% Youth Programing 2% Science Films


10% EXPENSE ALLOCATION Program Services 77% Fundraising 10% General and Admin 13%




DISCOVERY CIRCLE Thank you to our Discovery Circle members whose leadership level contributions provided important support for the institution and our programs.

NEWTON LEVEL $50,000 & ABOVE Phil Barrett Betty Bottler Michael & Mary Kay Hallman Martha & Colin Moseley CURIE LEVEL $25,000 UP TO $49,999 Jim & Diana Judson TESLA LEVEL $15,000 UP TO $24,999 Anonymous (2) Allan & Inger Osberg Jeff and Alicia Carnevali MENTEN LEVEL $10,000 UP TO $14,999 Anonymous Lawrence & Astrid Hammett Bruce & Jolene McCaw Jo Ann McManus Matlick & Mike Matlick Doug & Ty Scheumann John & Marilyn Warner Mary Ann & Robert L. Wiley



SAGAN LEVEL $5,000 UP TO $9,999 Anonymous Gretchen & Ted Andrews Tom Alberg & Judi Beck Jim & Catherine Allchin Eve & Chap Alvord Nancy Alvord Steve & Connie Ballmer Douglas Beighle & Kathleen Pierce Stephen Bishop & Julie Diehl Bishop Dr. Patricia D. Galloway & Dr. Kris R. Nielsen Lily Garfield Wayne & Anne Gittinger Linda & Ted Johnson Lou & Christine Mancini Dr. Sanford Melzer & Ellen Evans Jim Norris Charles & Pamela Phillips Brian & Laurel Smith David & Elaine Wong Timothy Wood & Susan Maughlin Wood

BYRON LEVEL $2,500 UP TO $4,999 Adam & Lynn Ahringer Michal Anderson & Charlie Allaire Beardsley Family Foundation Carl & Renee Behnke Stephen Capistran & Judith Parker Richard & Lucia Chung Jeff & Kathleen Coffler Carl & Lorene Davidson Trudymarie Devilla & Gary Lawrenson Marlene & John Durbin George Hartung Jerry & Linda Henry Dr. Richard & Marilyn Herzberg Harold and Mary Frances Hill The Holloway Family Warren & Sally Jewell B.J. Last & Julia Buck Richard Leeds & Anne Kroeker Lex Lindsey & Lynn Manley Bruce McTavish Jean E. McTavish Mark & Vickie Nysether Arleen Paulino & Brent Willems Jennifer & Robert Peyree Mary Pigott Stephen M. Ratzlaff & Kristin Nordstrom Ratzlaff Carrie Rhodes

Dr. Robert L. Smith Lisa & M.E. Sweatt Jeff & Liesl Wilke Ann P. Wyckoff Rebecca A. Zerngast, DD

LINNAEUS LEVEL $1,200 UP TO $2,499 Anonymous (2) Chris & Diana Ackerley Barbara & George Akers Richard & Constance Albrecht Hugh Allen & Julie Gralow Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Lindsay Anderson & Janet Piehl Lucius & Phoebe Andrew Scott & Sarah Armstrong Ash & Souzy Awad Mona & Peter Bailey Peter Balise Michelle Barnes Bob & Nancy Baynham Sally S. Behnke April Bellerud & Bryan Funston Howard Berman Luke & Michelle Bienfang Ralph & Ginger Bietz Joshua Binder & A.P. Hurd Rebecca & Donald Birch Dr. Charles & Yvonne Bishop

Alan & Sarah Black

Geri & Ted Frantz

Aaron & Mary Lieberman

Carl & Carole Scandella

Curtis Blake & Kelli Curtis

Ed & Kathy Fries

Alex & Steve Lytle

Dennis Schatz & Leila Wilke

Laura Bogusch

Bob Gilb & Michele Tiesse

Dr. Peter & Jackie Mansfield

Amy Scott & Stephen Alley

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Braun, Jr.

Steven & Anne Gillis

Jack Matsui

Bryce & Chris Seidl

Bre & Tim Brennan

Stephanie Stone & Robert Gruhl

Peter & Susan McClung

Leslie Servidio & Andrew Parker

Jon & Bobbe Bridge

Chuck & Marilyn Hanna-Myrick

Dan & Jane McConnell

Balan & Lalitha Sethu Raman

Adriane & Darryl Brown

Richard & Marilyn Hanson

Karen Meagher & Maureen Lewison

Dottie Simpson

Troy & Kristin Buckley

Tonya Henry & Robert Little

Richard Meyer & Dana Sprinkel

Andy Buckman

Dr. Mary Alice & Eugene Heuschel

Nate & Leslie Miles

Douglas Smith & Stephanie EllisSmith

Diane & Jim Carlson

John & Ellen Hill

Ed Millet

Sherri Smith

William & Megan Casperson

Scott & Julianna Hinckley

Drs. Donald & Pamela Mitchell

Laura Spies

Dr. Vinaya Chepuri & Melanie Field

Hanson Hosein & Heather Hughes

Dr. Bruce & Joanne Montgomery

Ken & Marie Stark

Mona Ching

David & Martha Hsiao

Don & Melissa Nielsen

Courtney & Brent Stiefel

Alise & Tom Christensen

Norman Hubbard

George & Penny Nikfard

Christopher Strachan

Jim & Wanda Cowles

Gretchen Hull

Richard Noffsinger

Gerald & Bridget Swanson

Marc & Angela Cummings

Peter Husted

Charles & Eleanor Nolan

Michael & Sherry Turner

Dr. Jenny & Jaime Delcampo

Charlotte Hutton

Dr. Gilbert Omenn & Martha Darling

Lindsay & Matthew van Winkle

Richard Derham

Greg Jones & Theresa Dowell-Jones

David C. Palm

Arlene Vaskevitch

Dee Dickinson

Gretchen & Neil Jones

John Parchem & Barbara Lycett

John & Margaret Vert

Jill & Jeff Dixon

Bruce & Joanne Jones

Nicholas S. Peyton

Galen Wahlmeier

Diane L. Due

Jason S. Keen

Morningside Foundation

Dr. Daniel Weise & Laura Yedwab

Drew & Rebecca Ellison

Ken Kido & Alison Whitmire

Erik G. Pihl

Dr. Sheree Wen

Gail & Edmond Eng

Dr. Richard & Betsy Kirby

Simon & Remy Poon

Michael Westover & Sara Vallerie

Francisca Erickson

Adam & Michele Kohorn

Arnie & Debra Prentice

William & Lynn Whitford

Matthew & Heide Felton

Jim & Gail Kranick

Leigh & Louise Rabel

Heather & David Wilkinson

Richard & Maude Ferry

Jody & David Kris

Brooks & Suzanne Ragen

Chris & Kathy Witherspoon

Catherine & Ken Fisher

Jack Kropp & Robyn Barfoot

Chad & Allison Remmers

Dr. James & Nancy Woods

Rod Fleck & Sarah Daniels

Bruce Cross & Karen Kruse

Michael & Carol Rootvik

David & Sally Wright

A. Fleming

Eric Larsen

Moneika & Justin Rupert

Jim & Shirley Wright

Brian & Laurie Flynn

Kevin Larson

Rosemary Sanchez

Martha Wyckoff & Jerry Tone

Cay Fortune & John Shimer

Patty & Jonathan Lazarus

David & LuAnn Santillanes

Glen Youell



50 FOR 50TH: FUTURE READY CAMPAIGN Thank you to the generous supporters of our 50 for 50th: Future Ready campaign. This campaign is having a very positive impact on Pacific Science Center, enabling us to refresh the institution and focus on content and delivery of our core mission.

$5,000,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous Gaye & Jim Pigott $1,000,000 UP TO $4,999,999 Anonymous (2) The Ginger & Barry Ackerley Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation National Institutes of Health’s Science Education Partnership Award PACCAR Inc $500,000 UP TO $999,999 Group Health Cooperative Institute of Museum & Library Services National Leadership Grant Joshua Green Foundation Moccasin Lake Foundation The Norcliffe Foundation Prairie Foundation Raikes Foundation Spark Charitable Foundation $250,000 UP TO $499,999 Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos Bonnie Chow-in honor of her parents Chow Chuan Yuan & King Kuei Ru Phil & Geda Condit M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Pacific Medical Centers Swedish Medical Center Virginia Mason Medical Center and Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason 38


$100,000 UP TO $249,999 Anonymous Bartell Drug Company The Boeing Company Betty Bottler Gene J. Colin Tim Copes & Amy Lee Delta Dental of Washington First Choice Health Jim & Diana Judson Dr. Frederic Moll Arleen Paulino & Brent Willems Public Health-Seattle & King County and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Gary & Vicki Reed Seattle Children’s UW Medicine Washington Trust Bank $50,000 UP TO $99,999 4Culture Amgen Claire Angel The Bishop Family Stephen & Julie Bishop Jim & Dee Claypool Ed & Kathi Fries Sally & Warren Jewell D. V. & Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust McKinstry Company Charitable Foundation Nordstrom

Kathleen Pierce-in memory of Douglas P. Beighle

Arnie & Debra Prentice

Christine & James Warjone

Bryce & Chris Seidl

Jonathan & Elizabeth Roberts Edward & Carmen Thomas

$10,000 UP TO $49,999 Anonymous Tom Alberg and Judi Beck Gretchen and Ted Andrews Scott and Sarah Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Auld Ash and Souzy Awad Mona and Peter Bailey Bastyr University Curtis Blake and Kelli Curtis Warren and Cate Buck Jeff and Alicia Carnevali Ben B. Cheney Foundation Jeff & Kathi Coffler Darigold Inc. Del Rio Family Foundation Marlene and John Durbin Dick and Athena Eitel Dorothy and David Fluke Lynne Graybeal & Scott Harron Harold & Mary Frances Hill Norman Hubbard Barbara & Doug Hulit Elizabeth & William Ketcham Mary A. & Philip G. Knell Pendleton & Elisabeth Miller Charitable Foundation Nysether Family Foundation Mike & Chantelle Phillips Erik G. Pihl Port Blakely Companies

Maggie & Doug Walker John & Marilyn Warner Mary Ann & Robert L. Wiley Chris & Kathy Witherspoon Bob & Carolyn Wolfe Grace & David Yuan

$5,000 UP TO $9,999 Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation Doug Barker & Elizabeth Sicktich Adriane & Darryl Brown Colleen & Guy Brown Ivar & Joanne Chhina The Collins Group Stephan Coonrod & Cheryl Clark Bruce Cross & Karen Kruse Marta & Lucio Dalla Gasperina Wassef & Racha Haroun Carol & Chris Kessler Blake & Molly Nordstrom Judy Pigott Douglas & Sarah Reed Peter Seligmann & Lee Rhodes Dr. Robert L. Smith Kate Janeway & Howard S. Wright III

UP TO $5,000 Anonymous (24) Chris & Kari Aggerholm Ruby Amegah Richard Amick & Susan Cook Michal Anderson & Charlie Allaire Ronelle Armstrong Susan & Chuck Armstrong Wai-kit Au The Austin Family Angela & Steve Ayres Dan Bair Susan Bebee Dennis & Maureen Bekemeyer Luke & Michelle Bienfang Roger Bigney Allison Bilas John Bjorkman William & Mary Black Greg Brennan Herb Bridge & Edie Hilliard Jon & Bobbe Bridge Steve Brugger & Dr. Clea Finkle The Bungie Foundation Diane & Jim Carlson Chris & Maria Carney Doris & James Cassan Donald & Jean Chaney The Commerce Bank of Washington Dr. Carol Dahl & Scott Cairns Deupree Family Foundation Chris DeVoney Dee Dickinson Fred H. & Mary S. Dore Charitable Foundation Rick & Terri Downey David, Juli & Lyla Drake Driskell Family Diane Due Christi Durden Ellen Egbers

Nancy & Dan Evans

Randy & Sharon Leifson

Jay Rockey

Gail & Edmond Eng

Judith Long & Alexis Burdick

Kate Roosevelt & Caroline Maillard

Woods & Izumi Fairbanks

Steven & Jeanne Lunde

Richard Roy

Jim & Gretchen Faulstich

Madrona Venture Group LLC

Jennifer & David Sadinsky

Jon & Daniel Fewster & Victoria Carter

Dr. Jeff & Caroline Mason

Dr. Drew & Catherine Schembre

Jack Matsui

James Schone & Michiko Kono

Darrell Fry

Dan & Jane McConnell

Andrew Seidl

Bill Fulton

Dr. Lillian McDermott

Bill & Lynne Shepherd

Dr. Patricia D. Galloway & Dr. Kris R. Nielsen

T. J. & Sarah McDonald

Ava Shockley & Patrick Mackinnon

Lily Garfield

Bruce McTavish

Arthur & Alice Siegal

Michael Melton & Suzanne Holt

Sigmon Family

Dr. Sanford Melzer & Ellen Evans

Bernard & Susan Silbernagel

Ed Millet

Charles & Benita Staadecker

Col. Norman D. Miller

John Staiger

Glen & Alison Milliman

John & LaVon Stiles

Catherine Pepper Milo & Yori Milo

Kit & Chanya Swartz

Helene Montroy & Phyllis Cairns

Kris & Steve Taylor

Diane & Bill Moreland

Edward & Carmen Thomas

Harold & Susan Mozer

Rhea & Wendy Thompson

Dr. Tina & Karl Neiders

Tiger Waddell

Randall Newell

Herbert & Debra Weisbaum

James Nida & Annelliott Willis

Dr. Sheree Wen

George & Penny Nikfard

Elizabeth Whalen

Jim Norris

David & Elaine Wong

Darla & Jim Norris Trust

Scott & Andrew Yeoman

OfficeMax Inc.

Maria Yep

Dennis & Judith Opacki

Mike Zimmerman & Kari Ware

Randolph Parker

Thomas Zimmermann

Peter & Hope Garrett C’Ardiss & Josh Gleser Barbara Bye Goesling William Graak Steve Grappo & Kimberly Grappo-Sangray John & Clara Griffin Christine Grontkowski Henry & Diana Halladay Brad & Krista Harris Chris & Denise Haugen Adriane Hartness Leah Hausman Dr. Mary Alice & Eugene Heuschel Elizabeth Holohan & Joe Slagel Hanson Hosein & Heather Hughes Martha & Robert Huber Tom & Jessica Hughes Ted & Barbara Husted Jiyamapa & Associates Diana Johns Linda & Ted Johnson Penney Joule & Barbara Strecker Tyler Keen The Koewler Family Warren & Jeff Kosman Michael Kuhnsman Ken & Janie Lanier Scott & Mary Lasley B.J. Last & Julia Buck Vernon & Marilyn Leck

Janet Pelz James Peppan & Pamela Creitz-Peppan Molly Pengra Nicholas S. Peyton Dana Pigott Mark & Cindy Pigott Simon & Remy Poon Randy Porter-Hawkins Rodney & Constance Proctor Puget Sound Physicians PLLC Philip M. Quartararo Alison & Paul Querro Allen & Christine Rickert



CORPORATE SUPPORT Thank you to our many corporate partners who have invested in Pacific Science Center’s events, programs, and operations.


$20,000 UP TO $49,999 Chevron Corporation Coca-Cola Food Services EMC Corporation Intellectual Ventures PEMCO Insurance Company $10,000 UP TO $19,999 Anonymous Aerojet Airgas Nor Pac Alaska Airlines Inc Caffe Vita First Tech Credit Union Google Corporation Group Health Cooperative Intellectual Ventures Kibble & Prentice Inc $5,000 UP TO $9,999 Bank of America The Collins Group Facebook Inc Ferguson Construction Inc Fisher Communications Inc Fluke Corporation Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center



Green Diamond Resource Company

CRH Retail Properties LLC

McDonald’s of the Rainier Valley

Deloitte & Touche LLP

McKinstry Company

Dick’s Drive In Restaurants

Pegasus Global Holdings Inc

DLR Group

Perkins Coie


Port Blakely Companies

Esterline Technologies

QBE Sea-Bird Scientific

Expeditors International of Washington Inc

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Space Needle Corporation

Glass Distillery

System to ASIC Inc

Honeywell Inc

Thinkwell Workplace Enrichment Coaching

Jiyamapa & Associates Madrona Venture Group LLC Morton’s The Steakhouse

$1,000 UP TO $4,999 Anonymous Agilent Technologies ASKO Processing Inc Ben Bridge Jeweler Inc BNY Mellon Wealth Management The Boston Consulting Group CH2M Hill Northwest Inc Charlie’s Produce CIGNA Healthcare Clark Nuber PS Coat Check Complete The Commerce Bank of Washington Copiers Northwest Inc

NBBJ Group Northland Communications Corporation Northern Trust Pacific Denkmann Company Pomegranate Bistro RAFN Company TalentWise Inc Washington Trust Bank Wild Ginger Wright Runstad & Company YayLabs! ZymoGenetics

MATCHING GIFTS Adobe Systems Inc

Chubb & Son Inc

Aetna Foundation

Coinstar Inc

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd

Alaska Airlines Inc

Cornerstone Advisors Inc


American Express Foundation

Davidson Companies

Nintendo of America

Amgen Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation


Bank of America Foundation


Simpson Investment Company

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

IBM Corporation


BNSF Railway Foundation

ING Financial Services

Texas Instruments Foundation

The Boeing Company

Los Arboles Management LLC

BP America

Macy’s Foundation


Event Network Inc

Morton’s The Steakhouse

Airgas Nor Pac

Fluke Corporation

Terry Pagos

Alaska Airlines Inc

Foundation for the Future

Pomegranate Bistro

Dr. Norman Becker

Glass Distillery

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Google Corporation

Thinkwell Workplace Enrichment Coaching

Caffe Vita

Carrie and Ben Kim

Washington Dental Service

Coat Check Complete

McKinstry Company

Wild Ginger



FOUNDATION SUPPORT $100,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center Science On Wheels $10,000 UP TO $19,999 The Ellis Foundation Science On Wheels General Operating Support The Foster Foundation Ron McNair Camp-In Snoqualmie Tribe Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

$5,000 UP TO $9,999 James and Marie Borgman Science On Wheels

$1,000 UP TO $4,999 Anonymous General Operating Support

Campion Foundation General Operating Support

The Ginger & Barry Ackerley Foundation General Operating Support

Grousemont Foundation General Operating Support Hubbard Family Foundation Science On Wheels

The Baker Foundation Science On Wheels

The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound: Irving A Lassen Fund Science On Wheels

Johnston-Hanson Foundation Science On Wheels

Bishop-Fleet Foundation General Operating Support

Lily Pointe Family Foundation General Operating Support

The Skagit Community Foundation Science On Wheels

The Bungie Foundation General Operating Support

The Seattle Foundation General Operating Support

GPMCH Foundation General Operating Support

Wyman Youth Trust General Operating Support

Horizons Foundation Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund General Operating Support

PUBLIC SUPPORT FEDERAL National Science Foundation

$2,020,241 2007–2013 Portal to the Public $1,214,091 2012–2015 Portal to the Public: Expanding the National Network $77,513 2011–2013 Portal to Current Research: Increasing Public Awareness of Current CENTC Research Institute of Museum and Library Sciences

$147,474 2009–2013 Science Conversations for Ongoing Public Engagement (SCOPE) $576,445 2010–2014 Research Focus Gallery/The Studio



$375,508 2011–2014 Portal to the Public National Network $5,000 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Service National Aeronautics and Space Administration

$1,138,540 2010–2015 NASA Now $257,221 2010–2014 Polar Science Weekend $21,002 2013 Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium $31,936 2012–2014 Portal to Current Research: Bringing Current NASA-Themed Space Research to the Public

National Institutes of Health $1,203,391 2011–2016 Out of the Lab and Into the Spotlight Environmental Protection Agency

$45,200 2011–2013 Implementing Key Strategies of the Washington State Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan

STATE $356,000 2013 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: Washington State LASER Onsite and Offsite Education Programs $31,500 2013 University of Washington: Paws on Science: Husky Weekend KING COUNTY $50,000 2013 4Culture

MEMBERSHIP Thank you to the more than 26,000 members who have provided over $1.4 million in support for our programs and operations, and a special thank you to our Titanium level ($500) members.


Robert & Susan Evans

Zachary Kotlarek & Shanda Melcher

Hitesh & Anita Shah

Sean & Susan Adelman

Woods & Izumi Fairbanks

Raquel Lackey & Karissa Marker

Dorothy Stimpson & Doris McGuire

Leo & Eileen Altenhofer

Ken Fodero

Mark & Vicky Latz

Elias & Karyl Alvord

Amanda Franz

Manuel & Carol Lopez

Patrick Tousignant & Kim Stockbridge

Tim Baker

Christy & Travis Gagnier

David Matthews & Ashley Harper

Linda Tucker & Christine Siska

Aaron & Leimomi Barer

E. Peter & Hope Garrett

April Mattin & Amie Recker

Dr. James & Emily van Zee

Dr. Carl Basamania

Louise & Edward Gervais

Matt & Susan Maury

Lissa & Jeff Wax

Ralph & Ginger Bietz

John Hall & Jeremy Armijo

Sherrie Moore

Tim & Tiffany Wissner

Glen & Susan Beebe

Pamela Harer

Soozie & Dave Nichol

Brenda & Tim Berg

Jim & Jane Hawkanson

Janette Oca

Steven & Theresa Biscarret

Admiral Tom & Peggy Hayward

Edward & Patricia Pepin

Aaron & Nuria Coe

Spencer & Tamara Hong

Ryan & Terumi Pong

Mark & Gloria Crowell

Heather & Gene Hsu

Jaclyn Roberts & Jeffrey Goldstein

James Degel & Jeanne Berwick

Ross & Jane Johnson

David & Holly Rohrbacher

Dr. Mark Del Beccaro & Dawn Cotter

Michael & Marybeth Johnston

Phil & Linda Rosengren

John & Jessyl Delacruz

Gordon & Lorna Keyes

Robin Sanders & Brendan Burns

Eric Donohue & Trinh Mai

Jacqui & Dave Kramer

Cheryl & John Schmit



ANNUAL FUND Thank you to our Annual Fund contributors for your generosity and support, and a special thank you to these donors of $250 or more.


Darren Alger & Jamie McCune

Scott & Penny Daly

Jennifer Gessler

Irene & Caleb Jones

Jeff & Mary Anderson

Michael & Myrna Darland

Edward Gilbert & Felicia Porter

Lucinda Jones

Alison Andrews

Alan & Karin Dashen

David & Jennifer Glick

Rich & Aimee Jones

Joseph Anthuvan & Terrence Cyril

Sean & Heather Davis

Bob Gref & Pam Young

Jeff Kalmanek & Ann Marshall

Crystal Bagby & Chris Flack

Warren & Elizabeth Davis

Fred & Margaret Grimm

I-Feng Kao & Renee Wu

Apurva Bahukhandi & Sumit Malhotra

Bill & Karel Deibel

Brian & Edith Hall

Thomas & Cari King

Crystal & Louie Baylon

Carrie & Nilo Dela Cruz

Julia Hansen & Thomas Niccoli

Laura & Lisa Kingston

Glen & Susan Beebe

Anne & Victor Delucchi

Erik Harada

Yukiyo & Charles Kistler

Drs. Barry Bernfeld & Wendy Eider

Eric & NiKeisha Dennis

Diana Harris & Eric Gubens

The William Krippaehne Family

Yahn Bernier & Elizabeth McCaw

Brian & Maria Donohue

Patricia Hastings

Henry & Ellen Laguatan

Ryan & Sara Bickel

Robert DuBose & Kyoko Maruyama

Dwight & Helen Hawley

Thomas & Katharine Lamperti

Deirdre & Fraser Black

Dan & Linda Duffus

Rose Hawley & Todd Perry

Jason & Jessica Larsen

William & Mary Black

David Dungey & Erin Waugh

Admiral Tom & Peggy Hayward

David Lawton & Vitore Selca

Jay & Kimberly Bohreer

David Edds & Jennifer Emmons

Ed Heimann & Maria Tally

Dr. Marty & Christina Lazoritz

Manuel Perez Bolivar & Yuly Prada Vera

Nick & Julie Eitel

Mark & Joni Herwick

Greg & Mary Leach

Dr. Albert & Nancy Erisman

Tim & Margot Hill

Gary & Amy Lee

Erin & Jess Bombacie

Anna & Peter Evans, Jr.

Hans & Barbara Hodges

Matthew & Barbara LePage

Hugh & Jean Boothby

Patrick & Virginia Fain

Franklin Hua

Dr. Donald & Alice Jean Lewis

Christopher & Amelia Bowers

Douglas & Sandra Flowers

Rebecca Hubbard

Drs. Steven Lewis & Kathleen Leppig

Betty & Douglas Brownlee

Alex & Janice Flude

Michael Huber & Danielle LaVilla

Jim Loder & Todd Green

Janet Caler

Adam & Heather Forbes

Kevin Hughes

Andrew Lovitt

April & Matt Cameron

Amanda Franz

James Icerman

Ken & Darlene Lowe

The Honorable Emilio Cantu & Jo Cantu

Eric & Loretta Franz

Dmitry Ilinykh & Natalia Kitaeva

James & Linda Lyon

Wisanu Charoenkul & Stephanie Su

Joseph Freeman & Sarah Trickey

Adan Jaramillo & Sheilah Capon

Dallas & Elizabeth Mahrt

Eric & Linda Chauvin

Alison & Matthew Freeman-Gleason

Cale & Cheryl Johnson

Maines-Argetsinger Family

Kurt Cohrs & Lisa Wilson

Johnny & Grace Fu

Eldon Johnson & Anita Sena-Johnson

Anne & Stuart Marshall

Stephen & Wendy Cook

Cheryl Gagne

Erin & Todd Johnson

Brady & Marisa Corless

Raymond & Nicolette Gagner

Lyle & Heather Johnson

Harry Martyrossian & Yelena Aslanyan


Jon McClintock & Melissa Medler

Carolyn & Mark Quimby

Jennifer & Gordon Sun

Clay McClure & Elizabeth Asp

Danny & Sunna Rebolledo

Liann & Stephen Sundquist

Candice McCoy & Peter Tarczy-Hornoch

Larry & Vicky Richardson

Paul & Virginia Swanson

Joel & Angela Robinson

Connie Sze & Raymond Hsu

Erin Meade & Johnna Craig

Alice Rolph & Richard Walsh

Joseph Szeto & Sue Li

Charlotte Mehegan & Robert Anderson

Bridget Rose

Suzanna Tanus & Theam Ong

Suzy Merz & Matt Penny

Jerry & Elizabeth Rosenthal

Donna & Joshua Taylor

Richard Saada & Jodi Macko

Rhea & Wendy Thompson

John & Susie Saalwaechter

Susan Thurston

Saundra & Michael Schaeffer

David & Chris Towne

Coriene Schultz & Eric Schroder

Carrie Traner & Amy Fairchild

John & Anne Searing

Monson & Dana Tseng

Loay Shbeilat & Nada Hasbini

Richard & Cynthia Turrubiate

Kurt & Kylee Shintaffer

Thomas & Carrie Umporowicz

James & Andra Smith

Chris & Wynn Vance

Jesse & Kristi Nelson

Nina Smith-Gardiner & Gordon Gardiner

Rocio Vela Fuentes & Gabriel Zaldivar

Bill Nye

Richard & Cynthia Sonstelie

Kristen, Jeanne & Walter Wright

Jose Oglesby & Lauren Feaux

Bryn & Fox Spears

Crystal & Mark Wargo

Mike O’Leary & Libby Cunningham

Elise St. John & Jozi Silviera

Sean & Inge Watson

Mari Ostendorf & Scott Dunham

Christopher & Amanda Starr

Kyle & Arlyce Welsh

Robert & Angie Pellegrini

John Stavros & Cheri Leil

Emily Wheeler & Chris Patterson

Paula & Ron Pessner

Shawn & Lara Steele

John White

Gena & Jason Peth

Judy Sterry & Julie Clinton

John Wimpress

Judy Pigott

Rick & Kady Stevens

Curtis Wong & Anne Rudden

Robin Pratt & Tony Kennemur

Dorothy Stimpson & Doris McGuire

Wayne & Shizue Prochaska

Jason & Chi-Na Stoane

Cheryl Provost & Sean Pelletier

Richard & Beth Stucky

Col. Norman Miller Teresa Moore & Erik Tuomi Steve & Patty Morrissey Sasha Muir & Phil Downer Dr. Earll & Rena Murman Joey Naputi & Joseph Palomo Ana Negrete & Jose Castro Caroline Nelson & Dina Campion



FESTIVAL OF THE FOUNTAINS During our 50th Anniversary celebration, we held the Festival of the Fountains: Golden Gala on July 27, 2012. Chaired by the Ackerley Family, Ginger, Kim, Chris, and Ted, our signature annual event provides important support for the Science Center’s education programs. Thank you to our generous sponsors, patrons, and chairs who made the 2012 Festival a memorable and successful event.







PLATINUM TABLES Ginger Ackerley Betty Bottler Phil & Geda Condit GOLD TABLES Fisher Communications Inc Dorothy & David Fluke Intellectual Ventures Perkins Coie Jim & Gaye Pigott Prairie Foundation Seattle Children’s Hospital Bill & Sue Vititoe Wells Fargo

SILVER TABLES Gretchen & Ted Andrews Battelle Douglas Beighle & Kathleen Pierce BNY Mellon Wealth Management Herb Bridge & Edie Hilliard Steve Brugger & Clea Finkle The Commerce Bank of Washington CRH Retail Properties LLC Marlene & John Durbin Stephen Dwoskin & Janet Donelson Fluke Corporation K&L Gates McKinstry Company Northern Trust Opanga Networks Inc Pyramid Communications RAFN Company / NBBJ Tom Skerritt & Julie Tokashiki John & Marilyn Warner Washington Trust Bank

$1,000 UP TO $5,000 Mona & Peter Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Robert Braun, Jr. Caffe Vita Jeffrey & Alicia Carnevali Copiers Northwest Inc Dr. Shannon Corbin & Jonathan Tingstad Diane L. Due Jason & Alice Enevoldsen Patricia & David Keighley Aaron & Stephanie Kornblum Elizabeth A. Lee LMN Architects Dr. Fred Moll & Allison Speer Mae & Larry Numata Kristin Nordstrom Ratzlaff & Stephen Ratzlaff US Bank Virginia Wright

UP TO $999 Aerospace Machinists Union Barbara & George Akers Jody & Mark Anacker Michal Anderson & Charlie Allaire William & Nancy Bain Barath Acoustics Dr. Kimberly Bell Stephen Capistran & Judith Parker Chihuly Inc Crystal Clarity & Joel MacDougall Jolene Cook Linda Cowan & Sterling Kuhlman Fredrica Elliot Isaac Emery Jim & Gretchen Faulstich Matthew & Heide Felton Dr. Judy Fenyk-Melody & David Melody Lily Garfield Peter & Hope Garrett David & Jill Heerensperger

Steve Hilbert Joe & Amy Huber

Meena Selvakumar & John Mignone

Dan & Susan Japhet

Jayne & Warren Spector

James & Cheryl Jiambalvo

Sarah Stewart & Ben Ross

Diana Johns

Andrew Telesca

Ronald Jones

Dr. Michael Theisen

Aaron Koontz-Dalton

Jim & Paula Thomas


Derek Threinen

Michael Megalli & Enrica Basilico Nate & Leslie Miles Dr. Bruce & Joanne Montgomery Lauren & Alex Moore Jim Norris Overlake Hospital Medical Center Tom & Sally Peyree Allen & Christine Rickert Kate Roosevelt & Caroline Maillard Jeremy Sadler Robin Sanders & Brendan Burns See’s Candies Bryce & Chris Seidl



FOUNDATIONS OF SCIENCE BREAKFAST On May 16, 2013, Pacific Science Center held its 10th Annual Foundations of Science Breakfast. With the highest attendance in the event’s history, the Breakfast raised more than $130,000 to support the Science Center’s education programs. Chaired by Pacific Science Center Board Member Barbara Hulit, we were honored to have Eric Liu, Founder of Guiding Lights Network and Citizen University, as the keynote speaker of the annual event. Pacific Science Center extends our sincere thanks to the generous sponsors, table hosts, donors, and attendees who made the 2013 Breakfast a success!

FOUNDING SPONSOR Kibble & Prentice SUPPORTING SPONSORS Intellectual Ventures Prairie Foundation QBE Sea-Bird Scientific System to ASIC Inc CORPORATE SPONSOR Fluke Corporation Pegasus Global Holdings Inc



TABLE SPONSORS Christopher Ackerley Stephen Bishop & Julie Diehl Bishop The Boeing Company The Boston Consulting Group DNA Four Seasons Hotel Seattle TalentWise Inc Seattle Children’s Hospital John and Marilyn Warner

TABLE HOSTS Amgen Gretchen Hund Andrews Mona Bailey Curt Blake Group Health Microsoft Nate Miles & Grace Yuan Wells Fargo Bank EVENT DONORS $10,000 AND ABOVE Betty Bottler

$1,000 UP TO $9,999 Anonymous Dr. Dana Riley-Black & Benjamin Black Curtis Blake & Kelli Curtis Sylvia Feliciano Herb Bridge & Edie Hilliard Barbara & Douglas Hulit Jim & Diana Judson Mary Knell Elizabeth A. Lee Drs. Ellen Lettvin & Peter Grant Maureen & Jim Lico Stan & Kathy McNaughton Nate & Leslie Miles Todd Owens Jim & Gaye Pigott Arnie and Debra Prentice Laura Spies Mark & Debbie Szalwinski Robert D. Welch Dennis Schatz & Leila Wilke Chris & Kathy Witherspoon Reza Yasseri

$250–$1,000 Anonymous Jay Allen Ruby Amegah Sherilyn Anderson & David Tan Gretchen & Ted Andrews Scott & Sarah Armstrong Mona & Peter Bailey Jim Barnyak Hallock & Susan Beals Rebecca & Donald Birch Scott Bishop Ross Case Bonnie Chow Dr. Daniel & Lorinda Church Eric Conley Jolene Cook & John Miller Stephanie & Christopher DaleyWatson Gregory Dalzell JD & Cecile Delafield

Dee Dickinson

Adrian & Nikole Newell

Matt & Liz Dyor

Craig & Deanna Norsen

Charles Eriksen

Gwen & Larry O’Keefe

Pete Finlon

Erik G. Pihl

Ed & Kathy Fries Christine & David Gedye

Kristin Nordstrom Ratzlaff & Stephen M. Ratzlaff

Dan Gross

Kate Roosevelt & Caroline Maillard

Leah Hausman

Brad Root

Haley Hill

Greg & Kjerstin Root

Becky Hutton

Bryce & Chris Seidl

Joel & Anne Janda

Leslie Servidio & Andrew Parker

Deborah Jensen & Steve Malloch

Rodney Tullet & Teresa Wiant

Diana Johns

Richard & Jennifer Welnick

Cynthia & Jim Johnson

John and Alexis Wenstrup

David Leland

Betsy Weyer

James & Janet Linardos Lex Lindsey & Lynn Manley Dr. Sanford Melzer & Ellen Evans Sam Miller Thomas Mitchell & Amanda Uhry Paul Neir



ENDOWMENT A healthy endowment is essential to sustain Pacific Science Center and its programs. Gifts to the endowment ensure the Science Center will remain a vital and effective institution for years to come. We are most grateful to the visionary donors who have made contributions to Pacific Science Center’s endowment since its inception on October 18, 1991.

$100,000 & ABOVE Bank of America Foundation Betty Bottler Kreielsheimer Foundation Microsoft Corporation Dr. Frederic H. Moll Martha & Colin Moseley Safeco Insurance William Randolph Hearst Foundation $50,000 – $99,999 Paulyne H. Batchelor Ed Goodrich PACCAR Foundation Port Blakely Companies Seattle Rotary Service Foundation US Bank US WEST Foundation $25,000 – $49,999 John & Ruth Davis Jim & Diana Judson Penford Corporation Judy Pigott The Seattle Foundation The Estate of Lois A. Stevens In memory of Todd Johnston In memory of Darla Norris In memory of David Taylor



$10,000 UP TO $24,999 Amgen Doug Beighle Bre & Tim Brennan in memory of Kieran Brennan Sharon Butler Jeff & Alicia Carnevali Charles Comfort Jim & Wanda Cowles Diane & Jim Curtis DHL David & Dorothy Fluke Bill Fritsch Max E. Gellert David & Martha Hsiao Jack Matsui JoAnn McManus Jim Norris Mrs. William G. Reed

UP TO $10,000 Anonymous (2) Christopher & Diana Ackerley Douglas Allen Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Anderson Keith F. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Peter A.M. Anderson Gretchen & Ted Andrews Scott & Sarah Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Baker Richard & Dawn Bangert Sally S. Behnke Janel Bendetti The Bishop Family Randee & Robert Blackstone Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Blair Mr. & Mrs. Rob Blyther J. Bradford Borland Mr. & Mrs. Wallace E. Bowers Leah Bricker Shirley & Herb Bridge Stephen J. Brugger Diane & Jim Carlson Mildred Carmack CH2M Hill Northwest Inc

Bonnie Chow David & Mari Clack Dorothy (Debbie) Clegg Mike & Gail Coie Phil & Geda Condit Joseph Curtis Sallianne & Robert J. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Denham Richard Derham Bob & Marilyn Dickey Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Drumhiller Lynn G. Dunne Marlene & John Durbin David & Diane Ellison Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Fisken Tom Fleege Dr. Harold & Betty Forsen Susan Gasbar Mr. & Mrs. Herbert H. Getchell Jack & Vickie Seznick Karen Goodheart Dawn Gray Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gray Jay & Pam Green Carole J. Grisham

Mr. & Mrs. Jay W. Hamilton

Margaret Masar & Geoffrey Nichols

Richard & Sharlene Wilcox

Gene McManus

Mayor Norm Rice & Dr. Constance Rice

Joyce Hamilton George & Jan Hancock

Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. McManus

John & Sarah Rindlaub

Mr. & Mrs. Dean W. Handy

Jane C. Williams

Stan & Kathy McNaughton

Don & Karin Rootin

Holly & Jim Witte

Todd Happer

Patricia S. Milburn

Sage Seekers

Eric & Christine Yamada

George & Lois Hartung

Hon. & Mrs. John Miller

Julie Moss Scandora

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Y.P. Yao

Richard Hartung

Ellen Monrad

Dennis Schatz & Leila Wilke

Adele Hartzell

Tomio Moriguchi

Bryce & Chris Seidl

William (Bill) Helsell

George & Fran Moynihan

Leila Shakkour & Mike Thorne

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Herbaugh

Harold & Susan Mozer

Sonia S. Siegel-Vexler

Ann E. Hetherington

Mary Ellen Mullen & Bo Woronowicz

Sill Family Foundation

David Hughbanks

Darla & Jim Norris

June Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Johnson

Dr. Gilbert Omenn & Martha Darling

Donald Simpson

Lane & Gail Johnston

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Allen Skotheim

Margaret Johnston

Pacific Science Center Store Employees

Rich & Aimee Jones

The Pacific Lumber Company

Thomas Stephens

Mary Lu & Mark Kirchner

Terry Pagos

Stimson Bullitt Foundation


William & Beverly Parker

Pam Stucky

Midge & Don Kraft

Gaye & Jim Pigott

Roland & Rose Trafton

Arthur Larson

Posternak Blankenstein & Lund LLP

William & Diane Vetter

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew W.S. Larson

James & Christine Potochny

Elsie B. Walker

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis

Leigh & Louise Rabel

James & Christine Warjone

Douglas & Marilee Lewis

Marilyn & Jack Rafn

John & Marilyn Warner

Howard & Grace Lincoln

John & Kathleen Rasmussen

Washington Mutual Foundation

Carl & Jan Lindein

Holly M. Redell

George & Susan Weller

Curtis P. Lindley

Mr. & Mrs. B.E. Reuwsaat

Robin Wilcox

Mary Ann & Robert Wiley

Mrs. Andy Smith



VOLUNTEERS Pacific Science Center gratefully acknowledges the following volunteers who dedicated hours of support to advance our mission and reach.

Rebecca Achterman

Jacquelyn Braggin

Stuart Davidson

Gina Fridley

Liz Harris

Kathryn Jones

Bridget Adam

Emily Brandon

Benjamin Davis

Keita Fukumoto

George Hartung

Julia Joo

Katie Adamson

Robyn Brandon

Brandie Deal

Bill Fulton

Istahil Hassan

Peggy Jurcisin

Sara Adelson

Greg Brennan

Monica Dennis

Susan Fung

Tiffany Haty

Kathleen Karstetter

Sonya Ahuja

Kim Bringmann

Jane Desilet

Lin Gable

David Helm

Jobie Mae Aldefolla

Erin Brooks

Brad Dickerson

Vera Lynn Gadomski

Charles Helms

Sivakanthan Kasinathan

Matthew Alkire

Kerry Browder

Sophie Ding

Dennis Garrett

Jennifer Hempelmann

Angela Katsuyama

Elena Amador

Karin Bumbaco

Serena Dodd

Marissa Gaston

Ashley Hennessey

Wade Keech

Maria Anakotta

Sam Calvin

Emily Donnel

Philia Gau

Hilary Kemp

Orr Asheberg

Regina Carns

Caitlin Doxsie

Terri Gilbert

Kim-Dung Hoang Nguyen

Richard Gillisee

Kimberly Hofmeyer

Valerie Kennedy Lahmi Kim

David Ashlin

Raychelle Duazo

Wai-Kit Au

Christina Cash

John DuBois

Rachel Gittelman

Francesca Holme

John Aurelius

Dolly Chan

Samrita Dungel

Colette Glenn

Carly Holstein

Angela Kinderis

Lara Backman

Jason Chan

Laura Dunn

Shelby Goff

Shayla Hopkins

Peter Kirchgessner

Carlos Gonzalez

Rachel Horak

Kristina Knesting Emily Krogstad

Mary Bahnson

Grace Chapman

Danielle Durbin

Amy Baker

Yoko Chaumont

Colleen Durkin

Adam Gordon

Victoria Horton

Darren Baker

Jennifer Chen

Michelle Dvorak

Joan Graham

Stephanie Huck

Eric Kunze

Anna Greenwood

Coty Huffman

Sanskruti Kuravalli Lisa Ann Lai

Eric Baker

Julia Childress

Jennifer Dybing

Pamela Baker

James Choi

Sydney Dybing

Lara Grevstad

Nancy Huizar

Josh Bandfield

Crystal Chon

Mohy Eid

Jeanne Griffin

Aiva Ievins

Ellen LaJoie

Chris Barber

Alison Chou

Adrian Eng

Brian Griffith

Stefanie Iverson Cabral

Janna Landis

Cathy Grindle

Reid Jackson

Rachel Lange Kevin Larson

Brenda Barkey

Joseph Christensen

Kelebet Engida

Allison Beckwith

Corey Clemons

Victor Erickson

Jamie Grossman

Hannah Jacobs

Rianne BeCraft

Christopher Click

Matthew Erter

Vianka Guerrero

Catherine Jang

Nicole LaRue

Ruth Hall Sedlak

Sophie Jensen

Rob Lawrence Zoe Lawrence

Karlyn Beer

Laura Cooney

Theresa Eugenio

Kristin Beima-Sofie

Isobel Cooper

Marcela Ewert

Samantha Halstead

Kevin Jeong

Howard Berman

Rebecca Corcoran

Misha Excell-Rehm

Bradford Halter

Kari Jessett

Samantha Leduc

Carole Biasotti

Allison Cordrey

Tyanne Faulkes

Nathan Han

Emily Jiang

Jin Lee

Julie Hanash

Jill Johnsen

Rowena Lee Samuel Lee

Chloe Birnel

Hannah Cox

Sean Fear

Martha Blankley

Dona Culver

Rose Fisher

Chuck Hanna-Myrick

Anna Johnson

Erin Bond

Jessica Cunningham

Tom Fleege

Leslie Hargus

Carrie Johnson

Chelsea Leingang

Erika Harnett

Jennifer Johnston

Anna Leske

Dennis Harris

De’Jaya Jones

Chaja Levy

Jordan Boulanger Sharon Boyce


Christina Carter

Elizabeth Kennedy

Kaija D’aigle Raina D’Aleo


Alison Fohner Keian Freshwater

Wendy Li

Pauline Mogilevsky

Eric Phelps

Jadon Schiller

Maple Tan

Danielle Winget

Bonnie Light

Alex Moore

Amy Pinon

Laura Schlenke

Harmony Tang

Cossette Woo

Soyeon Lippman

Christopher Morgan

Carrie Plank

Cody Schlenker

Kirstin Tanner

Robyn Wrey

Alden Littlefield

Kelsey Munsell

Elena Plenefisch

Susan Schmidt

Colleen Tee

Elisabeth Wurtmann

Steven Long

Cillian Murphy

Hilary Poore

Alicia Schwartz

Justine Thayer

Yunqi Yan

Charity Lovitt

Peter Murphy

Simina Popa

Alexandra Seaman

Simone Thomson

Karen Yao

Elizabeth Lowry

Sharada Narayanan

Dina Popovkina

Elizabeth Seilie

Stacy Thurston

Emily Yee

Diana Lozano Calderon

Samantha Ng

Denise Price

Omar Shah

Chuck Todd

Stephanie Yu

Paul Lynskey

Jacqueline Nguyen

Alethea Putnam

Nafisa Shazia

Sarah Trop

Suzannah Yu

Lingyan Ma

Phuong-Cac Nguyen

Alice Ward Racca

Maya Shenoy

Nicholas Tsang

Thomas Zapletal

Anthony Machut

Christine Nhan

Libanos Redda

Avery Shinneman

Katie Unruh

Laetitia Zhang

Julie Malakie

Connor Nolan

Maria Redkozubova

Sonia Singhal

Akarsh Vaidyanathan

Kathryn Malchow

Niki Ohlandt

Susan Regimbal

Larissa Singletary

Nichole Valdez

Samira Maljanovic

Kiva Oken

Molly Reid

Shreenu Sivakumar

Zachary Valdry

Sarah Malmquist

Anja Ollodart

Kaija Reinelt

Aleksandra Slatala

Isabel Van Dyke

Sahar Manavi

Caitlin Olmsted

Ceridwen Riley

Ashlyn Sloane

Jake VanderPlas

Kai Martin

Natalie Oppliger

Marcus Riley

Sasha Smerekanych

Gautham Velchuru

Taylor Martin

Ivonne Ortiz

David Roach

Corey Snelson

Danielle Vicek

Torge Martin

Sasha Ortiz

Aleksandr Robbins

Mark So

Jens von der Linden

Laura Martinez

Sergey Ovchinnikov

Rachel Robbins

Delmar Somers

Srishti Mathur

Terry Pagos

Christopher Robert

James Spiegel

Phoebe (Yen Phuong) Vuong

Jack Matsui

Jenny Parker

Tyler Robinson

Akshay Srivatsan

Carol Walker

Guillaume Mauger

Stephanie Parrott

Lucero Robles

Megan Stachura

Dilys Walker

Alexander Mayr

Biswajit Paul

Gloria Rodriguez

Bethany Stackhouse

Xuya Wang

Meaghan McCollow

Thomas Paulson

Lily Rola

Tammy Stawicki

Sarah Wardlaw

Amanda McDougal

Christopher Pawlick

Rachelle Rozsonits

Shari Steece

Maurice Warner

Denise McKelvey

Rachel Pearson

Nia Rudolph

Alex Steinbach

Brian Wasko

James Meabon

Chen Pekker

Judy Ryan

Joshua Stevens

Nicholas Weber

Traci Mikasa

Cecilia Peralta Ferriz

Karna Rymarz

Karen Stevenson

Allison Wells

York Millet

Roberto Perez

Kathleen Santarelli

Rachel Steward

Lee West

Jerry Milstein

Eliana Pesola

Jeremy Santos

Alexandra Sturtevant

Jillian Whitney

Madison Minsk

Kaylan Petrie

Luis Saraiva

Brandi Sulligan

Carl Wigren

Rachel Mitchell

Kurt Pfeifer

Jack Sather

Vasudha Sundaravaradan

Katherine Williams



EMPLOYEES Pacific Science Center gratefully acknowledges the hard work and commitment of our professional staff. Their dedication enables the institution to serve the community and region at the highest level.

DEVELOPMENT & MEMBERSHIP Erik G. Pihl VP for Development Kimberly Abrahamson Amanda Adams Cody Armaly Lindsay Bailey Ruth Blinderman David Nicholas Bowen Mary Jill Braxtan Michael Breeden Christina Cadenhead Matthew Carlson Paige Catanese Christos M Droukas Nikolaos Droukas Dana Fialdini Lindsey E Francis Cristina C Friday Jessica Hanna Leah Hausman Melody R Hirsch Lindsey Hoernig Karen L Hoffman Daniel Holmberg Mackensie S. Hotz Rebekah A Hutton Jason Keen Jannine Koewler Jordan Lane Ashley Loller Laura Mazzocchi Lauren Miller Vanessa M Mills Callie Moore


Genet Muhe Amylla Murray Kristin Noblin Jesse Northrup Angelina M Ong Ian Peterson Nicholas Peyton Kristi Pogatchnik Kelly Posewitz Alexander Reeder Melanie Rutledge Chelsea Sadler Shannon Schumacher Winona R Sigo Sara V Sloyer Joseph A Smith Sherri L. Smith Sarah C. K. Stewart Ariel V Thompson Karen Victoria Thostesen Tracy Tindle Kelly Wakefield Twila Whidby Devin J Williams Katherine Zappala

EXECUTIVE OFFICE R. Bryce Seidl President & CEO Amy T. Collins


EXHIBITS & LIFE SCIENCES Diana Johns VP for Exhibits & Life Sciences Lauren B. Bloomenthal Gregory Gallacci Ashley Hollender Maida Ingalls Greg Kono Felicia M Maffia Lisa Marchisio Craig K. Matsuda Sarah Moore Kenneth A Parke Jennifer Purnell Rowe Redick Christopher Russell Daniel L. Warner Ronald Wuethrich

Elisa Dawson

Chelsea Rodriguez

Emma Bishop

Sandee Ditt

Julian Salgado

Derrick Boon

Rebecca Ellis

Jose Sanchez-Cano

John Borcherding

Andria Ellis

Ian Schooley

Amanda Brock

Kimberly Gawlik

Erin Soper

Acacia R Cadorette

Tewoldeberhan B Gebreyesus

Laura Spies

Elizabeth A Calhoun

Harmony Tang

Manuel Carrillo

Renee Gervais

Thomas N. Wahl

Kasey Carroll

Cristian Fabio Guajardo

Sean Walters

Jorge Castillo

Nicola Guisinger

Amy Chase

Douglas E. Hall

Wubshet A. Wendimhunegn

Daniel Hannafious

Darlene M Wheeler

Grace Chung

Chris Haugen

Steven D White

Caitlin Collins

Christine Heymann

Philip Cosand

Eric J Hobb

Jacqueline Michelle White Wilson

Stephanie Huck

Kimberly Wong Katherine Woolsey

Alexandra Criado

Melliane James Marcus James

Robin Zamacona

Jillian Johnson

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Michal Anderson Chief Financial & Operating Officer Efrem Abunu Asha F. Aden Jeffrey Alejandria Calvin Allan Jamal P Barksdale Mary Barstad Mollie Behn Michael A Belay Kelly Berger Chloe Birnel Kimberly Bringmann Akida M Dawson

Tracy L King

GUEST SERVICES & THEATER PROGRAMS Diane Carlson VP for Guest Services & Theaters Temesgen Abraha Adam Adkins Stephanie Adrales Annette Aguirre Omar Aguirre David Altug Franklyn Anderson Tiara Atkins James Bach Edwin R Bailey Jackielyn Bannister Mark Bello Jennifer Bentz

Sarah Kabel Michael Kostis Rachel LaPierre Karen Lennon Christina Macias Taylor Martin Michael J. Mathers Scott McConnell Amanda R Mintz Kristen Priday Moss Siri Nelson Leilani K Nussman Natalie Oppliger Katelen Phelan Hillary Poore Melanie Preston

Jazmine Chilo

Barbara J. Cottrell Annaliese E Davis Kevin de los Santos Dekker Deen Nicolas A Dejneka Hannah Diamond Kevin Douglass David Dukart Kristie Dyer Emily Early-Griffith Kaci K Eberhart Katief Edwards James M Erwin Jeffrey Fang Anna R Ferrario Andrew J Fisher Kathleen Flannigan Erin E Fox Laura Glasgow Samantha Grim Ronnica Hamm

Tabitha Harris

Kate Manalo

Taylor Robinson

Alexandra Chalk

David Hasler

Brian Markle

Ryan Rutledge

Rhymi A. G. Chavid

Frankie Haugen

Brittany Martin

Judi Sampson

Jenny Cornish

David Helm

Victor Matlock

Nancy E Sanchez

Clayton DeFrate

Kyle Helton

Kimberly Matsudaira

Cameron Sanelli

Katelyn DelBuco

Felie R Hempfling

Jun Matsunosako

Mitchel R. Schmidt

Kirsten Evers

Rachel Henderson

Blake Matthews

Spencer Shores

Stephanie Giralmo

Darron Hernandez

Michele May

Marissa Smit

Alex S. Hinkle

Nicholas Herrington

Jordan L McClellan

Taylor Smith

Alexis Humphreys

Susan L. Holland

Rakaiah McClelland

Danielle Smith

Clayton Improta

Iain Horton

Almida Meyer

Kaysi Smith

Carol L. Johnson

Adam Hulse

Caley E Moehring

Jenae Spader

Lauren Koontz

Everette Hungerford

Chandra Mohl

Tova J Steele

Valerie Kravis

Jamaal Jackson

William Mufich

Robyn J Stevens

Jonathan Lee

Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Emily Muller

Jessica Streets

Ardis M Lilleness

Tevin W Jenkins

Danielle M Myers

Martijn Swart

Lindsae Long

Ashley Johnson

Kevin Michael Nally

Coran Thompson

Lerin M Mizar

Liza Rose Jolley

David Nelson

Samuel E Timidaiski

Emma Nadolny

Jonathan Jolley

Merrick S Neville

Andrea Travis

Megan Nelson

Ramona Jones

Hieu C Nguyen

Jennifer Tucker

Nicole Ohlandt

Arthur Keenan

Thy Nguyen

Kimberly A. Vacchiery

Stanley Orchard

Jade Kelly

Janel Nonhoff

Elizabeth Varner

Jesse L Patterson

Gale S. Kennedy

Jason Ochoa

Malakia R Vester

Kelly Phillips

Heather Kenney

Mae Oreiro

Kelly Waks

Seth Pillers

Sadie M Kent

Erika Peluso

Stewart C Wentworth

Fletcher Rosenbalm

Young Ho Kim

Kevin Peskuric Daniel R Pies

Kimi Kogachi

Andrew Piro

Seth Kramer

Jason Pitman

Duane Krueger

Christopher Prairie

Kendra Lee

Kaila Randall

Jennifer Leggett

John David Reyes

Ashley D Lewis

Tara Reynolds

David Likins

Gavin Richmond

Alexander Lyman

Zachary M. Rickert

Paul Lynskey

Michael Riester

MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS Crystal Clarity VP for Marketing & Communication Samantha L Bannon Stuart D Beckman Lucinda K. Berkey Paula Bock Karen G Bryce

Lenisa Ruddick

Kalen Knowles

Alaina Schulner Stefan Sele John Spitzer Sara Stanford Elin Waldman

SCIENCE & EDUCATION Ellen Lettvin VP for Science & Education Daniel Acierto Jordan Adams Christiane Adcock Katharine Agriel Mary Clarissa Allen George Alvarez Kristen Anderson Anna E Anderson Katherine Anderson Hattie Andres Christina Arens Keith S Asfour Tamzin Atkins Eion Atkins Carolyn Atkinson Shivani Bahl Bianca Barnes Bijoya Basu Jennifer Beatte Arthur Bednar Sharette Bello Suazo Rohan Bhatt Lydia Biddle Anna C Bitners Nancy Blanco Michael L Bowers Chelsea Brassfield Christina Buce Allison Burnette Ryann Burton Jill Burton

Teri Butorac-Lee Meredith K Cambre Katharine Canning Emily Carraux Hailey G Castonguay Sara Celms Adrian Cerrato Samuel Chamberlain Melissa Chance Nicole Chapdelaine Nathaniel J Chapman Rosemarie Chartier Raquel M Chase Tiffany C Chiang Oorja Chowdhary Brie Chun Dorothy Cicero Jacob Clark Blickenstaff Neemah Cobell Tara Coffin Emily Coleman Dafarus Coleman Kalei L Combs Jessica Aronson Cook Teryl Y Cooper Christopher S Cosby Christopher R Costa Alexandra Cross Holly S. Csiga Kevin Cuevas Sarah Culp Louise S Currie Shaheerah Davis Derrick D Deherrera Curtis Delgardo




Joanna C Stodden

Ann Wong

Alden Littlefield

Rachael M Pletenik

Zeta A. Strickland

Robyn Wrey

Sara Lloyd

Emily A Pothast

Kevin Strong

Alex S Yang

Joseph Daniel Helms

Chaja Levy

Aileen Dinh

Erica Herinckx

Jesse Domingo

Andrew Hermann

Victoria Duffek

Stephen G Hitchcock

Sydney Dybing

Davonte J Holmes

Kari Lombard

Eugenia Price

Eryn Strong

Steven Yasukawa

Katherine G. Eads

Karalyn Holten

Elijah Nathan Longoria

Carolyn A Pucko

Christopher P Sullivan

Matthew Eaton

Rose Hoonan

Edward S Lou

Azaria L.D. Radcliffe

Jacob Allan Swan

Heather Young Harrison

Alice A. Enevoldsen

Dylan Hooper

Gail Lovelady

Alyson Rae

Maureen Takaoka

Chloe T Yugawa

Davis Luanava

Monica Rasmussen

Ryan Tam

Thomas Zapletal

Mikhail Tatrin

Maya A Zisette

STRATEGIC PROGRAMS Meena Selvakumar Acting VP for Strategic Programs Stephanie M Fitzwater Arduini Beth Gibson Wendy R Hansen Mary Olson Jennifer Pritchard Rachel Ramey Dana Vukajlovich Elizabeth Wesche Tamara J Yurkanin Dennis L. Schatz Senior VP On special assignment to National Science Foundation, Washington D.C.

Kelebet Engida


Clinton Stellfox

Alisa Lew

Amanda Mitchell Plemmons

Joyce Delyria

Shayla Hopkins

William Essilfie

Megan Hughes

Natalie Mace

Kaija Reinelt

Nichole Farrow

Sarah Huschle

Morgan B Mackaay

Mellissa Richmond

Sean Taylor Jamie Thornton

Hannah Fast

Joseph M Hutchings

Kathryn Malmberg

Portia Riedel

Daniel E Fleming

Philip S Hutchinson

Victoria Maratas

Andrew L Ritsema

Kelly Thornton

Michael Fletcher

Daniel Inouye

James Mategko

Tyler Rivera

Brianna Todd

Cassidy Follins

Arielle Isaacs

Amanda Mattocks

Aleksandr M Robbins

Kristie Tom Caitlin Tuttle

Elianna Frank

Reid Jackson

Katherine R McCown

Morgan Roberts

Jordyn Frost

Mikeya Jackson-Harper

Emma McKay

Ondrea Robinson

Julianne E Ubigau

Vera Lynn Gadomski

Chelise Jacobson

Caitlin McLoughlin

Jedell Umipig-Frigillana

Kirsten Garcia

Leoma M James

James McNamara

Lucero Natalie Leon Robles

Alexander Glassford

Adrienne Janacek

Jeffery McNulty

Andrea Rockwood

Akarsh Vaidyanathan

Claire Gordon

Hannah Jeong

Alec McQuinn

Caitlin Gould

Kevin Jeong

Lisa Miller

Luke Grange

Nia Jessie

Emily Moberg

Riley A Green Miller

Nathan E Johnson

Sarah Morgan

Shelly Greene

Jonquil Jonathan

Eliana Mozer

Quatre Grey

Bryson Jones

Nicolette Neumann

Dustin J Grimes

De'Jaya Jones

Carey Nguyen

Rachel Guim

Lei-Lan A Jones

Andrea Nichols

Shannon Hall

Ruth Kane

Meghan Noonavath

Bradford Halter

Jacqueline Keating

Vishal Noonavath

Kristen Hambrick

Joshua D Kemper

Katherine Leann Norton

Izumi Hansen

Jennifer C Kent

Kathryn Nuttman

Brian S. Harmon

Rebecca Kim

Selena Nuutinen

Raven Harrell

Jeffrey King

Nicholas B Ohlweiler

Rodney J Harris

Eve Klein

Casey V O'Keefe

Kristen Harris

Sylvia Kowalski

Michelle N Onwualu

Matthew D Harrow

Anthony Lam

Elizabeth Ozimek

Istahil Hassan

Delancey Lane

Brennan Payne

James D Hayes

Heidi L Larabee

Ari Perlmutter

Miranda Hayes

Josephine Le

Kaylan B Petrie

Emily Helgeson

Ellen Lettvin

Andy DU Pham


Camaria Rodriguez Rachelle Rozsonits Roxanne Russell Megan Salisbury Rodel Degracia Santos Mary Sargent Jasmine Sayboutdy Kelly Schmidt Heather Scott Makeda Semeneh Molly Seyler Omar A Shah Sonia Siegel Vexler Jasmine Sim

Virginia Vacchiery Jane Warner Heather A Watson Brianna Wattier Jill G. Weaver Shaundriqua Webber April A. Wedman Renee C Weertman Courtney Wenneborg Scott Wenzinger Harold Wershow Jillian Whitney Kenyon Williams Neishaun Williams

Shreenu Sivakumar

Montavion Oshawn Williams Maris

Lauren W Slettedahl

Erika Wilson

Brigid Slinger Bowers

Lin Wilson

Isaac So

Davis F Winslow

Robin P Solash

Robert L. Wise

Michelle Song

Emily Wojcik

Adam J Stambor

Nolan G Wolf


John Davis

Ken Kido

John & Gloria Osberg

Ginger Ackerley

Craig Day

Mary Knell

Arleen Paulino

George Akers

Nelson Del Rio

Craig Korthase

James & Gaye Pigott

Tom Alberg

Richard Derham

Donald Kraft

John Pohl

Richard Albrecht

Marlene Durbin

Gordon Kuenster

Rodney Proctor

Alison Andrews

David Ellison

Chris Larson

Phil Quartararo

Gretchen Andrews

David Fluke

Elizabeth Lee

Leigh Rabel

Scott Armstrong

Ed Fries

David Lewis

Jeff Renner

Ash Awad

Bill Fritsch

Howard Lincoln

Hon. Norman Rice

Mona Bailey

Dr. Patricia Galloway

Laura MacNeil

Jay Rockey

Steven Ballmer

Doris Gaudette

Lou Mancini

Bill Ruckelshaus

Richard Bangert

Bob Gilb

Bob Marum

Jon Runstad

Doug Barker

Steve Gillis

Jo Ann McManus Matlick

Mike Schwenk

Sally S. Behnke*

Jay Green

Mary Ellen Matthews

Dottie Simpson

Stephen Bishop

Joanne Harrell

Dan McConnell

Jim Sinegal

Betty Bottler

Dr. Jim Hendricks

The Honorable Jim McDermott

Nina Smith-Gardiner

Herb Bridge

Drs. Ernest Henley

Lamont McDonald

Dennis Forsyth

Adriane Brown

Jerry Henry

Stan McNaughton

John Stanton

Colleen Brown

Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel

Dr. Sanford Melzer

Peter Stanton

Dr. Warren Buck

Harold & Mary Frances Hill

Nate Miles

Robert Steiner

Phil Bussey

Dr. Craig Hogan

Ed Millet

Edward Thomas

Dan Byrne

Kenneth Holtby*

Dr. Fred Moll

Mark Torrance

Phyllis Campbell

Hanson Hosein

Dr. Bruce Montgomery

Seshadri Velamoor

Ivar Chhina

David Hsiao

Tomio Moriguchi

Jim Warjone

Bonnie Chow

Norman Hubbard

Donald Morrisey

John Warner

David Clack

C. David Hughbanks

Colin Moseley

Mary Ann* & Robert L. Wiley

Jim & Dee Claypool

Barbara Hulit

Harold Mozer

Jane Williams

Gus Cleveland

John Jenkins

Dr. George “Pinky” Nelson

Chris Witherspoon

Phil Condit

Sally Jewell

Dr. Charles Nolan

Dr. James Woods

Jeffrey Cook

Rich Jones

Bill Nye

Grace Yuan

Tim Copes

Jim Judson

Dr. Roger Olstad

Jim Cowles

Carol Kessler

Dr. Gilbert Omenn

Dr. Carol Dahl

Deborah Kessle

Allan & Inger Osberg

* denotes deceased



BOARD OF DIRECTORS HONORARY CHAIR Scott Armstrong, President & CEO, Group Health Cooperative

BOARD MEMBERS Christopher H. Ackerley, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Ackerley Partners, LLC

PAST CHAIR Philip M. Condit, Redmond, WA

Ash Awad, Vice President, McKinstry

CHAIR Tim Copes, Vice President, Fleet Services, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Mona H. Bailey, Independent Education Consultant, Seattle, WA

TREASURER Edward D. Thomas, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP SECRETARY Gretchen Hund Andrews, Senior Staff Scientist, Global Security & Technology Policy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory DIRECTORS EMERITUS Ginger Ackerley, Ackerley Partners, LLC Doug P. Bieghle* Madrona Investment Group, LLC Elisabeth Bottler, Seattle, WA

Douglas J. Barker, Senior Attorney, Microsoft Corporation Stephen C. Bishop, Partner, Perkins Coie, LLP Curt Blake, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Spaceflight, Inc. Adriane M. Brown, President & Chief Operating Officer, Intellectual Ventures Colleen B. Brown, President, CEO & Director, Fisher Communications, Inc.

John M. Davis, Founding Partner & Of Counsel, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

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Mary Ann Wiley

Rowena Lee

Pacific Science Center lost a great friend and

Rowena Lee, one of our long-serving and most

passionate advocate with the passing of Mary

cherished volunteers, passed away on November

Ann Wiley. Mary Ann was one of the Science

20, 2013. For 29 years, Rowena’s radiant attitude

Center’s earliest volunteers, serving for nearly

and contagious smile brought our exhibits to

50 years, including time as a Board Member

life through dynamic interpretation. As a Senior

from 1977–1982 and co-chairing Festival of the

Science Interpreter and true champion of Pacific

Fountains with her husband, Bob Wiley, in 1969

Science Center, Rowena acted as a mentor for

and 1970. Through many selfless acts, Mary

fellow volunteers and employees through many

Ann continually revealed her passion for science

key exhibits, beginning with the 1984 exhibit,

education and strong commitment to Pacific

China: 7,000 Years of Discovery. Rowena brought

Science Center: Mary Ann and Bob graciously

an ease with guests that all of our volunteers

hosted guests visiting the Science Center in their

strive to emulate. Among staff, Rowena was

home for extended stays and for special evenings;

known for her unending patience and how

Mary Ann led travel tours for the Science Center

she took interest in the lives of all of her peers,

to China, Japan, Peru, and Mexico, including the

no matter how small the detail. Rowena was

Yucatan; she spent many “Science Circus” holiday

so integrated with the Science Center that the

periods promoting membership to families; as a

photo pictured above was used in our 2001

founding member of the 2012 leadership giving

exhibit, Genetics!. Rowena carried with her a

program that became Discovery Circle, Mary Ann

legacy of genuine curiosity for all things science

and Bob generously supported the work of Pacific

and Pacific Science Center is most grateful for

Science Center and introduced many others to

Rowena’s friendly spirit of service that she shared

the Science Center helping the institution grow

with guests and staff for so many years.

to what it is today. Mary Ann was a special friend to everyone who met her and Pacific Science Center was enriched by her many volunteer contributions. She is greatly missed. Photo Credit: Shelly Oberman Photography

Located under the arches, near the Space Needle