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GARFIELD COUNTY ENERGY ADVISORY BOARD (EAB) MEETING MINUTES Thursday April 7, 2016 Location: Rifle Library, Rifle, Colorado

CALL TO ORDER/INTRODUCTION Chair Scott Stewart called the meeting to order at: 6:00 P.M. Secretary Jake Janicek conducted roll call and read the EAB mission statement. EAB members in attendance: Kirby Wynn Joe Elliott AJ Hobbs Art Riddile Marc Morton Don Mumma Leslie Robinson Robin Haney Bob Arrington Jeff Simonson Kurt Grimm Scott Brynildson Scott Stewart Hank Kracht Tom VonDette Jason Metcalf Rich Grubbs Jake Janicek Jason Eckman Lorne Prescott John Doose Dwayne Knudson Scott Ghan Patrick McCown Jeffrey Kirtland

Garfield County City of Rifle Town of Carbondale Town of New Castle Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Battlement Mesa Oil & Gas Committee Grand Valley Citizens Alliance Colorado Mountain College (Vice Chair) Citizen Rep Battlement Mesa/Battlement Creek Divide Creek Dry Hollow Mamm Creek/Hunter Mesa Roan Creek (Chair) Rulison/Holmes/Morrisania Mesa Taughenbaugh Mesa Una Bridge/Wallace Creek/Spring Creek Chevron Caerus Oil & Gas (Secretary) Encana Oil & Gas Laramie Energy, LLC Ursa Resources Ursa Resources Vanguard Natural Resources Williams Midstream WPX Energy

APPROVAL OF LAST MEETING MINUTES The board reviewed the minutes from the March 3, 2016 meeting. The motion to approve last meeting minutes was made by AJ Hobbs and 2nd by Leslie Robinson. Motion passed unanimously. NEW BUSINESS New EAB Member Application; Jason Metcalf for the Una Bridge/Wallace Creek/Spring Creek vacancy. Jason Metcalf introduced himself to the board, Jason works in the oil and gas industry and owns a business that serves the public as well. He and his family have a 585 acre cattle ranch in the Spring Creek, Wallace Creek area, and take care of roads in that area too. Jason stated communication is the key to working with those in industry. The Energy Advisory Board solicited motions to recommend Jason Metcalf to the BOCC to represent Una Bridge/Wallace Creek/Spring Creek, Jeffrey Kirkland

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motioned to recommend Mr. Metcalf and Robin Haney seconded the motion, the board voted unanimously to recommend Jason Metcalf to serve on the EAB. Action Item: Kirby will bring the application to BOCC prior to the May EAB meeting. OLD BUSINESS Educational topics: Kirby Wynn let everyone know he will be reviewing the list of educational topics previously compiled and will be hoeing through that again. Wynn will send more information to the board to see that we stay on topic. He reminded the board that the goal of the educational discussions was to inform the EAB and to help us be advisors to the County Commissioners. To recap we have covered transportation, and noise. Other board members would like some educational presentations on pipelines. Action Item: Kirby will look for speakers on pipelines topic. EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION Mike Leonard, Field Inspection Quality Assurance Supervisor, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission presents; Oil and Gas Noise Control Regulation and Enforcement. Noise from oil and gas activities can be a significant nuisance issue for residents living near oil and gas operations. Mike Leonard will discuss the state’s noise control regulations, how they are enforced and current efforts to strengthen regulations. Examples where nuisance noise level enforcement in response to citizen concerns was successful and situations that were especially challenging will be presented. PowerPoint and video of the presentation are available from EAB web page: Mr. Leonard’s presentation was followed by extensive Q & A. PUBLIC COMMENTS No public comments. COMMUNITY COUNTS (CC) UPDATE: Nita Smith, Community Counts. Community Counts Colorado is a broad-based non-profit organization established to facilitate open and direct dialogue between communities and the energy and extraction industries that encourages timely response and resolution to matters of mutual concern. Community Counts We currently have 84 members and operate in Garfield, Mesa and Rio Blanco Counties. Newest member is Master Petroleum. March – No Concerns Reported Directly to Community Counts Current Rig Count – 3 Garfield County 1. WPX Energy – 1 Garfield County 2. Caerus Oil & Gas – 1 Garfield County 3. Statewide – 17 Response Line: 866-442-9034 PRESS 1 ENCANA PRESS 2 WPX PRESS 3 URSA RESOURCES PRESS 4 VANGUARD PRESS 5 CHEVRON PRESS 6 CAERUS PRESS 7 LARAMIE ENERGY (FORMERLY – OXY) PRESS 8 LARAMIE ENERGY (FORMERLY – PICEANCE ENERGY) PRESS 9 GARFIELD COUNTY OIL & GAS LIAISON PRESS 0 COMMUNITY COUNTS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR PRESS # XTO ENERGY OR EXXONMOBIL IN RIO BLANCO COUNTY

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PRESS * NATURAL SODA IN RIO BLANCO COUNTY CCC 2016 -2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS SUSAN ALVILLAR – WPX ENERGY – President DON SIMPSON – URSA OPERATING COMPANY – Vice-President MONIQUE SPEAKMAN– CHERYL & CO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Secretary KIRK DAEHLING – NATURAL SODA - Treasurer BRIAN GARDNER – SUMMIT MIDSTREAM Contact information: Nita Smith, Executive Director, (970.712.7317 or 303-916-4009) or Susan Alvillar, Board President, [email protected] (970.263.5315) Additions have been made to the response line extensions. Some discussion took place about adding a prompt to allow callers to leave an email address for future notifications. EAB MEMBER UPDATES BLM: - Steve Ficklin Update for the fiscal year which began October 1st, White River Field office in Meeker approved 45 APD’s Colorado River Valley out of the Silt office approved 51 APD’s, continuing work on our 2 EIS’s. Municipalities: City of Rifle – Joe Elliott; Nothing to report. Town of New Castle – Art Riddle; Nothing to report. Town of Carbondale – AJ Hobbs; Carbondale just had an election, on the ballot was a Climate Tax Initiative more or less a Carbon Tax voted down by citizens 1,000 to 600. The majority support energy efficiency programs but do not see tax as the means to do this. Most want to see an increase in renewable energy but are not willing to pay an additional tax to do that. COGCC: COGCC – Marc Morton New rules from the Governor’s Task Force went into effect March 16th. Starting May 1st operators are required to register with local governments and municipalities were they do work. After registering, local jurisdictions can request 5 year plans and a map of proposed and existing drilling and permitted sites. New consultation and mediation process as part of the new rules when an operator plans to drill in large scale facility in an urban mitigation area, there’s a 90 days pre-application notification process that begins, this pertains more to front range urban areas but may come into play on the western slope. The Northwest Oil and Gas Forum was held today covered well inspection guidelines. School Districts: Colorado Mountain College – Robin Haney; Nothing to report Organizations: Battlement Mesa Oil & Gas Committee – Don Mumma; Nothing to report. Grand Valley Citizens Alliance – Leslie Robinson; The GVCA was very active in supporting House Bill 1355 which affirms the right of local governments to exercise their land use authority over oil and gas facilities, the bill did not make it out of the House of Representatives and we were disappointed in that

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outcome, but we are heartened about seeing this kind of discussion about local control at the legislative level. After years of feeling ignored, oil and gas bill’s this year give us hope that we are finally being heard and our concerns will be addressed in the future. Citizen Representatives: Rulison/Holmes/Morrisania Mesa – Hank Kracht; Nothing to Report Dry Hollow – Kurt Grimm; Had an incident on families property in Dry Hollow area in February, gave a chance to test system out, Community Counts, etc., We had a water truck that had tried to turn around and got really stuck in the dark in the morning, I called all Kirby, operators, Community Counts, etc. Everything we have in place works, all you need to do is call. Divide Creek – Jeff Simonson; Nothing to Report Parachute/Parachute Creek – Howard Orona; Nothing to Report Roan Creek – Scott Stewart; Black Hills had a small fire on the pad County Road 200, quickly extinguished, cause was due to sand that wore through the pipe, still doing some clean-up work. Taughenbaugh Mesa – Tom VonDette; Nothing to Report Battlement Mesa/Battlement Creek – Bob Arrington; We had a community meeting with Ursa, spirited discussion on drilling reaches, a comment was made questioning where complaints should go, there was some dissatisfaction with the current process of calling each and every agency since there is no guarantee that they will all receive the same information. We have also been working on comments for the BLM methane rules Mamm Creek/Hunter Mesa – Scott Brynildson; Things are pretty slow in our area and working good up there. Operators: Ursa Operating Co. – John Doose; Not a lot to report, hoping to pick our rig up in about 2 months, and start completions on the monument ridge B pad in about 2 months, we have a permit in with the county for the temp line since it’s in the PUD. Hoping that commodity prices come back put the rig back up and keep drilling. We have things in the works with the COGCC right now as everyone knows related to the B pad D Pad and associated pipeline. Laramie Energy (formerly Piceance Energy) – Lorne Prescott; We are not focused on any drilling right now but are focused on integrating the Oxy assets into the Laramie methodologies, focus is primarily ongoing reclamation efforts, appropriate level of water sampling and any other legacy incidents and clean-up. As gas prices evolve we will consider drilling again. Encana Oil & Gas – Jason Eckman; Continuing to operate our more than 3,000 wells, no plans to drill any wells this year. Williams Midstream – Patrick McCown; In early March Williams announced a staff reduction of 10% companywide, resulted in 620+ employees being impacted nationwide, in the local basin we had 8 employee’s impacted effective April 1st. Enterprise Products – Reported by Scott Stewart on behalf of Shawn Brennan; Normal operations moving 1 BCF a day currently.

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Caerus Oil & Gas – Jake Janicek; We just got approval to move our rig south the pad is already built but we have to expand it a little bit so there will be some construction going on. Within the next month we will be completing 16 wells at the P2, then we will move completions to the 8A. We are going to keep drilling, we have another 17 wells to drill. Chevron – Rich Grubbs; Nothing new report, business as usual, no safety issues to report. We will be doing some worker over activity in early May and in the summer. WPX Energy – Jeffery Kirtland; A month ago we reported that the company agreed to sell to Terra Energy Partners, we are on track to finalize. We do have one rig still drilling on Flat Iron Mesa, as well as operating 4,700 gas wells in Garfield and Rio Blanco Counties. Vanguard Natural Resources – Scott Ghan; Ongoing production activity involving our 950 wells south of Silt. We have received approval for 20 Federal APD’s since October and are doing some state APD’s this year. County: Garfield County – Kirby Wynn Wynn introduced himself as the Garfield County Oil & Gas Liaison. PowerPoint of this update is available on the EAB website at: We conducted extensive advertising to get the word out for EAB and tonight’s educational presentation with Mike Leonard from the COGCC concluding our series on Noise Issues. There is an email sign up list available if any new attendees would like to be added to the mailing list for EAB and other notifications, or you can contact [email protected] or call 970-625-5915. (Provided as a PowerPoint presentation available online at: ) Resident calls to the office for March 2016 are; 1 spill/clean-up question, 2 traffic/haul route, 27 information requests. There are 2 rigs currently drilling in Garfield County, you can visit Community Counts website to see where the rigs are located and who is operating each rig along with contact information if needed.

BLM Planning 2.0, this initiative aims to increase to increase public involvement and incorporate the most current data and technology into our land use planning. By implementing these improvements, the BLM endeavors to enhance the way that it involves the public in its planning efforts, including measures to provide earlier, easier, and more meaningful participation. Webinar April 13, 2016 from 1:00-3:00 pm MDT.  Register at  Comment period ends on April 25th.  Garfield County is actively evaluating draft rule and likely to provide extensive comments Again, to report a health concern to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, please fill out the web-based form http: // or call the HELP Line at 303-3891687.

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Kirby encourages citizens who are having issues or questions regarding oil and gas to contact him to get the matter resolved quickly. If folks have questions about oil and gas topics or would like to report an issue please contact Kirby Wynn, Garfield County Oil & Gas Liaison, office 970/625-5905 or cell 970/9872557 or email at [email protected] General Information: Mamm Creek/Hunter Mesa – Scott Brynildson: As president of the Rifle Rendezvous, I would like to remind everyone that May 13, 14 15th is our 20th year and any donations would be appreciated. ADJOURN There being no further business, Scott Stewart adjourned the meeting. Next meeting is here in the Rifle Library on May 5, 2016. MOTIONS PASSED AT THIS MEETING A motion was passed approving the March 2016 meeting minutes. A motion was passed to recommend Jason Metcalf to the BOCC as a new member of the EAB. NEW ACTION ITEMS: None at this time.

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