Pam Johnson, Gene Melvin, Joe Tolleson, John - Town of Brooker

Pam Johnson, Gene Melvin, Joe Tolleson, John - Town of Brooker

1 TOWN OF BROOKER REGULAR MONTHLY COUNCIL MEETING FEBRUARY 9, 2016 Present: Pam Johnson, Gene Melvin, Joe Tolleson, John Maines, Charlene Thomas, To...

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Pam Johnson, Gene Melvin, Joe Tolleson, John Maines, Charlene Thomas, Tony Stalnaker. Absent: Doug Hayes Community: Curtis Clark Meeting called to order by Gene Melvin, Mayor. Pledge of Allegiance! A motion was made by Joe Tolleson to accept the January 12th minutes as presented. Seconded by Pam Johnson. Motion passed. Fire Department - Tony Stalnaker: 1. He mentioned that Bradford Auto Salvage would be picking up car that was used for training. They will give a donation, but the amount would be less than $100.00. Council agreed to have the donation check given to the Volunteer Fire Department. 2. The halogen tool they had on both trucks was lost or misplaced. He needs to replace them. The cost for one is $169.00. A motion was made by Joe Tolleson to allow Tony to purchase two halogen tools with cost not to exceed $350.00. Seconded by Pam Johnson. Motion passed. He was advised that these need to be added to inventory list and a property tag number needs to be put on them. He was asked to let clerk know the numbers. Town Clerk - Charlene Thomas: 1. Past due water report was passed out. Still out $703.49. 2. Representative Charles Van Zant would like to have another Town Hall meeting on April 25th 7:00p.m. 3. Community Center will be used on March 15th for Election. 4. Election of Mayor and Vice-Mayor will be held at next meeting. 5. Went over Revenue and Expenditures for January. Attorney - John Maines: 1. Copies of the charter pertaining to Town Council was given to each council member. There was some concerns at the last meeting on Forfeiture of Office. Mr. Maines mentioned that the council would have to declare a forfeiture of office. He suggested if we have a council member who does not attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings that we notify the person in writing and send them a copy of the Charter pertaining to this. The council can however excuse a council member upon request for a period of time. No action was taken on this by council. Water Department - Gene Melvin: 1. Charlene Thomas was contacted by Octo Burse at Mann’s trailer park letting her know about

2 a water line break behind his house. She asked Terry Thomas to look at it to see if it was something he could fix. He recommended she contact Quality Plumbing. Joe Tolleson agreed to work with Quality Plumbing and show them where cut off valve was. Gene Melvin mentioned to Joe Tolleson at Church that he received a call about a water line break at the Shady Oaks subdivision. Charlene Thomas called Quality Plumbing. Terry Thomas showed Joe where the cut off was for the Shady Oaks. Joe worked with Quality Plumbing on this. A big thank you to Joe for helping with this. Road/Streets - Joe Tolleson: 1. He mentioned that several signs needs to be replaced on Line Street, Pine Street, etc. He will get a price and report back. 2. Tony mentioned that the Street Light behind modular building is out. Joe said he would mark light. 3. Gene Melvin mentioned that the pole Clay Electric left standing at the corner of Charlotte Avenue/Bloxham Street needs to be removed. No one had a contact person to contact about this at Clay Electric. Clerk will look into this. Community Center - Gene Melvin: 1. Roof repair work was handled by James Trowell. So far no leaks. The cost was $400.00. Checks approved: 6133 - 6154, 4931 - 4938 A motion was made by Pam Johnson to approve this bills. Seconded by Joe Tolleson. Motion passed. Gene Melvin made a motion to adjourn. Time: 7:48p.m.

________________________________ Cecil E. (Gene) Melvin, Mayor

___________________________________ Charlene Thomas, Town Clerk