PDF (1979-1980) - CaltechCampusPubs

PDF (1979-1980) - CaltechCampusPubs

1 1980 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1201 East California Boulevard a"aUClla. California 91125 795-681 Academic Calendar Directory Board of...

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CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1201 East California Boulevard a"aUClla. California 91125 795-681

Academic Calendar Directory

Board of Truslees Administrative Officers Administrative Committees Faculty Officers and Committees Staff Division of Biology Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division of Engineering and Applied Science Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholars Athletics and Physical Education Willis H. Booth Computing Center Environmental Quality Laboratory Hale Observatories Health Center Industrial Relations Center Jet Propulsion Laboratory Institute Libraries Musical Activities Officers and Faculty SECTION II GENERAL INFORMATION Introduction Historical Sketch Buildings and Facilities Libraries Industrial Relations Center The Willis H. Booth Computing Center Postdoctoral Appointments Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholars Program Study and Research Aeronautics Applied Mathematics Applied Mechanics Applied Astronomy Biology Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Computer Science

4 6

9 12


14 16 20


34 37 40

47 48 48 48 49 50 50 51

52 52

54 105 107 110 114 115 ll5

]]5 116

116 116 118 118 119 120

J22 123 124 25 126

127 128 129


133 135 135

Materials Science Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Physics Undergraduate Research Student Life Student Health Notices and Agreements

136 137 139 139 143 145


INFORMATION AND REGULATIONS FOR THE GUIDANCE OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Requirements for Admission to Undergraduate Standing Admission to the Freshman Class Admission to Upper Classes by Transfer Registration Regulations Scholastic Requirements: Grading Physical Education Undergraduate Expenses Financial Aid Undergraduate Options and Course Schedules




Expenses Financial Assistance Special Regulations of the Graduate Options SECTION

151 15l 155 158 160 165 165 167

217 220


Aeronautics . . . ... Ae Anthropology .......... . .... An Applied Mathematics. .. . ........ AMa Applied Mechanics ... ......... Applied Physics ................... APh . . ... Art Astronomy. ........... Bioinformation Systems

Chemical Engineering Chemistry


Environmental Engineering Science ........................ Env Geology .......................... Ge History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..... H Humanities and Social Sciences ...... HSS Hydraulics ... Independent Studies Program PropUlsion. Languages

. ell Mechanical Engineering

Psychology . Social

ACADEMIC CALENDAR 1979-80 1979 September 19 September 20-22 September 24 September 24 September 25 October 12 Octobcr 29November 2 November 2 November 5 November 12-16 November 22-25 November 22-23 November 30 December 8-14 December 15 December 16January 6 December 17 Decem ber 21-25 December 31

First Registration of entering freshmen - 1:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. New Student Orientation General Registration - 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee 9:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. Beginning of instruction Last day for adding courses and for removing conditions and incompletes Mid-Term week Last day for admission to candidacy for Master's and Engineer's degrees Mid-Term deficiency notices due - 9:00 a. m. Pre-registration for second term, 1979-80 Thanksgiving recess Thanksgiving holidays Last day for dropping courses, changing sections, and track changes Final examinations, first term, 1979-80 End of first term, 1979-80 Christmas recess Instructors' final grade reports due

9:00 a.m.

New Year's Day holiday

Second Term January I January 7 January 7 January 8 January 25 February 1-15 February 18 February 25-29 March 7

New Year's Day holiday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. General Registration Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee 9:00 a.m. Beginning of instruction 8:00 a.m. Last day for adding courses and for removing conditions and incompletes Mid-Term week 9:00 a.m. Mid-Term deficiency notices due Pre-registration third term, 1979-80 day for dropping courses, changing sections, and track changes cxamination, second term, 1979-80 Last day for obtaining admission to candidacy for the degree Philosophy of Doctor End 1979-80 9:00 a.m.


March 31 31 April April April 28-May 2 May 5 May 9-10 May 19-23 May 23 May 26 May 30 May31June 6 June 7-13 June 9 June II June II

June II 13 14 June 16 June 25 July 3-4 September 1

September 24 September 25-27 September 29 September 30

General Registration - 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee -9:00a.m. Beginning of instruction 8:00 a.m. Last day for adding courses and for removing conditions and incompletes Mid-Term week Mid-Term deficiency notices due 9:00 a.m. Examinations for admission to upper classes, September 1980 Pre-registration for first term, 1980-81, and registration for summer research (graduate and undergraduate) Last day for dropping courses, changing sections, and track changes Memorial Day holiday Last day for presenting theses for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and of Engineer Final examinations for senior and graduate students, third term, 1979-80 Final examinations for undergraduate students, third term, 1979-80 Instructors' final grade reports due for senior and graduate students -9:00 a.m. Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee -9:00a.m. Curriculum Committee meeting - 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Faculty meeting Commencement of third term, 1979-80 Instructors' final grade reports due for undergraduate students -9:00a.m. Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee -9:00 Independence Day holiday Labor Day holiday

Registralion of entering freshmen, 1:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. New Student Orientation General Registration- 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Beginning of ins true lion 8:00 a.m.


6,32.4() 91



5! 6 52 72, 80 78,80.81, 95


Big Bear Solar Observatory 44.



Club (Athenaeum) Geol. and Planet. Sciences Graduate Residences (ivmno
4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory Corona del Mar Owens Valley Radio Observatory Big Pine

21. 23. 25 86,87, 89 3 S

40, 77 40


Palomar Observatory Palomar Mountain San Diego County

84 49 6

5! (Public Events Office) Undergraduate Residences Y, Caltech



92 57. 58. 60,






86. House (Graduate Residence) 78, Keck Laboratories (Environmental Engineering and Materials Science) 77. Gallery 61, Athenaeum (Faculty Club) 38, Kellogg Radiation Laboratory 77. Baxter Lecture Hall 27, Kerckhoff Laboratory (Biological Sciences) 77. Baxter, Donald E., M,D" Ha .. (Humanities 48, Lauritsen Laboratory (High Energy Physics) and Social Sciences) 54, Lloyd House (Undergraduate Residence) 89, Marks House (Graduate Residence) 91. Beckman Auditorium 76, Beckman Laboratories (Behavioral Biology) 32, Millikan (Library and Administration) 87, Mosher-Jorgensen House (Graduate Residence) 60, Blacker House (Undergraduate Residence) 23, Mudd, North (Geology and Geochemistry) 51. Bookstore (Student Center) 21, Mudd, South (Geophysics and Planetary 79, Booth Computing Center Sciences) 88, Braun House (Graduate Residence) 75. Braun Laboratories (Cell Biology and 72, Noyes Laboratory (Chemical Physics) Chemistry) (Site of) 53. Page House (Undergraduate Residence) 4, 5, 82, 83, 84, Physical Plant 34. Bridge Annex 92, Public Events Office 33. Bridge Laboratory (Physics) 71, Public Relations and Publications I, Brown Gymnasium 77. Ramo Auditorium 74, Campbell Laboratory (Plant Research) 59, Ricketts House (Undergraduate Residence) 85. Central Engineering Services 24. Robinson Laboratory (Astrophysics) 5, Central Plant 55, Ruddock House (Undergraduate Residence) 52, Chandler Dining Hall 37, Sloan Laboratory (Mathematics and Physics) 43, Chemical Engineering Laboratory 6, Spalding Building (Business Services) 73, Chemistry Laboratory, Undergraduate 41, Spalding Laboratory (Chemical Engineering) 29, Church Laboratory (Chemical Biology) 94. Steele House (Residence, Master of Student 93, Coffeehouse, Student Houses) 4. Cooling Tower Buildings 81. Steele Laboratory (Applied Physics and 34, Cosmic Ray Laboratory Electrical Engineering) 30. Crellin Laboratory (Chemistry) 44. Thomas Laboratory (Civil and Mechanical 40, Dabney Hal! (Administration, EQL, and Engineering) Humanities) 92, Ticket Office 58. Dabney House (Undergraduate Residence) 82. Transportation and Grounds Operations 36, Development Offices 95, Watson Laboratories of Applied Physics 47, Downs Laboratory (Physics) (Sile of) 96, Environmental Quality Laboratory 51. Winnett Student Center 50, Firestone Laboratory (Flight Sciences and 51. Calteeh Y Applied Mathematics) 8. Young Health Center 57, Fleming House (Undergraduate Residence) 31, Gates Building IA. Gates Annex (Chemistry) 82. Grounds Operations Office 45, Guggenheim Laboratory (Aeronautics and Applied Physics) 56, Housing Office 90, Industrial Center 35. Isotope Handling Laboratory 80. Jorgensen Laboratory Science and BioinformatioD Systems) 7

OFFICERS R. Stanton Avery, Chairman Marvin L. Goldberger, President John G Braun, Vice Chairman Deane F Johnson, Vice Chairman William Keck, Jr., Vice Chairman Harry J. Volk, Vice Chairman Robert F Christy David W. Morrisroe Ray D. Owen Eugene R. Wilson Hardy C. Martel •


.. Vice President and Provost . Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer ... Vice President for Student Affairs Vice Presidentfor Institute Relations Secretary















Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Roswell, New Mexico San Francisco .... Atlanta, Georgia Pasadena Piedmont San Francisco Pasadena Greenwich, Connecticut San Francisco Rancho Santa Fe Pasadena ......... Barrington, lIIinois .......... Darien, ConncClicUi .... Pasadena Long Beach Palos Verdes Estates Los Angeles Rock Island, Illinois Pasadena ....... Wi/melle, Illinois ...... Los Angeles Los Angeles ......... Vancouver, British Columbia . La Quill/a La Jolla •






































































....... Piedmont Hills Rawn, (1974) York . ..... Armonk, New York James E. Robison (1970). . . .. . . . Mary Scranton (1974) .... , . . . . . . .. . . . ... Dalton, Pennsylvania Dennis C. Stanfill (l976) .... , ...... ".............. . ........... San Marino Charles H, Townes (1979) ., ... ,", ............................ , .. , ...... Berkeley Harry J. Volk (1950) .. , .. . ... , ..... ,................ . .......... , Los Angeles Richard R. Von Hagen (1955) ........................................ Los Angeles Lew R. Wasserman (1971) ..................... , ........ " .... , .. , .. Beverly Hills Thomas 1. Watson, Jf. (1961) ............................ Greenwich, Connecticut Harry H. Wetzel, Jr. (1979) .................................. Palos Verdes Estates William E. Zisch (1963) ............................................... La lalla

Life Trustees Chairmall Emeritus Arnold O. Beckman (1953, 1974)

.... Corona del Mar Presidellt Emeritus

Lee A. DuB ridge (1947,1969).

...... Laguna Hills HOllorary Life Trustee

Mrs. Norman Chandler (1974) ....................................... Los Angeles Life Trustees George W. Beadle (1969, 1975) . . . ............ . ....... Chicago, Illinois John S. Griffith (1962, 1973) .... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..................... Irvine Herbert L. Hahn (1955, 1970) ................. , ........ , .............. Pasadena Louis E. Nohl (1966, 1973) ....... , ........... , ..................... Los Angeles John O'Melveny (1940, 1968) ........................................ Los Angeles Howard G. Vesper (1954, 1974) ................................... " .. ,. Oakland Lawrence A. Williams (1954, 1975) ............... . .... Laguna Hills Year of Life Trustee or Emeritus election is shown following year of initial election.

Execllti1/i: Committee Stanton Avery, Chairman Ruben Harry Richard Lew William

Mettler Volk R. Von Hagen Wasserman E. Zisch


of the

of Trustees is secretary of all ('mnmitt,'l'S,

Benjamin Biaggini, Chairman Frederick G, Larkin, Jr" Chairman Vice Chairman Harry J, Vic/orK, R. Stanton Richard P. Cooley Marvin Goldberger

Consulting Members: Arnold 0, Beckman Louis E, Advisory Member,' Morrisroe

Budget and Capital Expenditures Com~l1itltee Ruben F. Mettler, Chairman William E. Zisch, Vice Chairman Robert Anderson R. Stanton Avery Gilbert Fitzhugh Marvin Goldberger

Philip M. Hawley Chauncey J. Medberry Stanley R. Rawn, Jr.

Consulting Members: Arnold 0. Beckman Howard G. Vesper Advisory Members: Robert F. Christy

, Chairman Stanton Benjamin Biaggini John G Braun Marvin L Goldberger Gould

Jorgensen Richard R. Von Hagen Consulting Member: Arnold 0. Beckman


Marvin L. Goldberger, President

Robert F. Christy, Vice President and Provost

Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer Vice President for Institute Relations Vice President for Student Affairs Vice Provost Assistant Provost

David W. Morrisroe Eugene R. Wilson .... Ray D. Owen . Cornelius Pings . Lea C. Sterrett


. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . ............. Norman H. Horowitz and Chemical Engineering ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Harry B. Gray Engineering Applied Science ................................... Roy W. Gould Geological and Planetary Sciences .................................. Barclay Kamb The Humanities and Social Sciences ..................... . ......... Roger G. Noll Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy .............................. Rochus E. Vogt '-f,won"rTV

Vice Pr,Pli"{',,·,, Affairs Dean of Student Relations Registrar Dean of Studies of Admissions and ,"ssm'laIP of Graduate Studies of of

.... Ray . Lyman G. Bonner Cornelius Stirling L. S. Buffington Wales David

. James




1979 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION -c. J. Pings, Chnirman; T. 1. Ahrens, S. H. Seinfeld, E. E. Zukoski. N. H. Horowitz, 1. M. Kousser,

Chan, L. Davis,

ATHLETIC FACIUTIES-R. P. Dilworth, Chnirman; L. G. Bonner, E. H. Davidson, W. G. Emery, R. E. Fort, F. B. Humphrey, J. Minges, T. Vreeland, Jr. BIOSAFETY -J. H. Strauss, Chairman: E. F. Blum, 1. F. Bonner, M. L. Brundige, E. Davidson, N. Davidson, N. H. Horowitz, E. Jones, T. P. Maniatis, W. Wegst, Jr. BOOKSTORE ADVISORY COMMITTEE-R. A. Rosenstone, Chnirman; L. G. Bonner, F. E. C. Culick, J. Mathews. COMPUTING FACILITIES ADVISORY COMMITTEE 1. Sutherland, Chnirman; W. Goddard, D. M. Grether, T. J. R. Hughes, H. B. Keller, A. Kuppermann, R. E. Marsh, A. T. Moffet, E. C. Stone, F. Strumwasser, F. B. Thompson, J. Todd, R. L. Walker, J. Westphal, B. A. Zimmerman. COMPUTING FACILITIES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -R. F. Christy, CIUlirman; R. W. Gould, H. B. Gray, W. B. Kamb, D. W. Morrisroe, R. G. Noll, M. S. Plesset, C. B. Ray, I. Sutherland, R. E. Vogt. INSTITUTE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL L. Goldberger, Chairman: R. F. Christy, D. Goodstein, R. W. Gould, H. B. Gray, N. H. Horowitz, W. B. Kamb, H. C. Martel, D. W. Morrisroe, B. C. Murray, R. G. Noll, R. D. Owen, C. J. Pings, M. Schmidt, R. E. Vogt. INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES-L. Davis Jr., ClU1irman; P. Click, F. H. Felberg, Goodstein, D. Grether, D. Morrisroe, Strong, W. RADIATION SAFETY-T. Tombrello, Jr., Chairman; F. H. Boehm, D. S. Burnett, E. B. Emery, G. P. Garmire, P. Lowy, J. J. Morgan, S. O. Samson, W. F. Wegst, Jr. RELATIONS WITH THE COMMUNITY -A. Kuppermann, Chnirman; M. E. Alper, 1. F. Benton, J. B. Black, L. G. Bonner, L. Brown, L. F. Browne, S. Epstein, A. JacobOliver, T. Silver, W. P. Strong. son, Kousser, L. Lees, V. L. Melikan, R. PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS -D. A. o 'Handley, Chnirman; E. S. Beckenbach, J. F. Bonner, G. Brighouse, K. R. Castleman, E. R. Evans, D. H. Fender, D. R. Fowler, A. J. Hudspeth, E. L. Lowell, T. E. Ogden, L. Richard, L. D. Serrano. RESEARCH INVOLVING WARM-BLOODED ANIMALS-J. W. Blackmore, Richards, Konishi, FACILITIES T. Vreeland, Jr., Chairman; cereau, W. Morrisroe, O. Samson, E.

Allman, Chairman; C. Van Essen.

Bonner, N. Keidel, J. J. A. Westphal.

Chairman; 1. F. Bonner, Whaling.


Wood, ClU1irman;




FACULTY BOARD - Ch., D. L Goodstein, Vice Ch., E. List, Sec., D. C. Elliot, R. E Chrisry*, L Goldberger*, Gould*, B. Gray*, Horowitz*, B. R. E. Vogt* Kamb*, R. G. NolI*, R. D. Owen*, C.

Term expires June 30, 1980 T. M. Apostol C. A. Barnes P. B. Dervan E. Dickerson D. J. Kevles H. W. Liepmann

Term expires June 30, 1981 M. Gell-Mann W. A. Goddard G. W. Housner G. A. Lorden J-P. Revel Whaling

Term expires June 30, 1982 C. R. Allen P. E. Dimotakis S. Epstein K. Knowles T. C. McGill R. F Scott

STEERING COMMITTEE -D. L. Goodstein, C. A. Barnes, son, D. C. Elliot, J. K. Knowles, E. J. List, G. A. Lorden

E Christy, R. E. Dicker-


Term expires June 30, 1980

Term expires June 30, 1981

Allen C. Anson N. Corn gold


Cohen 1. Morgan H. Shair

AND BYLAWS Leverett Davis, Jr., Goddard, W.

COMMITTEE G. A. Lorden, C. A. Barnes, R. E. Dickerson, W. A. Iwan, H. Liermann, J-P. Revel



P. C. Jennings, C. Buffington, Cohen, L. E Davis, Dilworth, G. C. Goddard, S. L. Huntley * , G. Knauss, R. V. Langmuir, D. L. Smith, P. G. Wannier, Whaling, G. Whitham

HEALTH F. C. Anson, L. G. Bonner*, W. B. Bridges, K. S. Thorne, D. C. Van Essen INDEPENDENT STUDIES


D. H. Fender.

INSTITUTE PROGRAMS - F. Marble, J. F. Benton, F. H. Boehm, Bonner, R. A. Dean, C. R. DePrima, H. N. Gilbert, D. E. Hudson, E. Hutchings, S. E. Koonin, P. A. J. Smith Lagerstrom, H. A. Lester, B. C. Murray, C. Newton, J. R. Pierce, LIBRARY - E. S. Munger, 1. P. Brockes, C. R. DePrima, 1. T. Kajiya, J. M. Kousser, R. N. Splitter, J. E. Tallman*, N. W. Tschoegl, W. Whaling, A. H. Zewail PATENTS

S. O. Samson, G. 1. Dick, W. J. Dreyer, D. H. Fender,

C. Martel

RELATIONS WITH INDUSTRY-R. H. Sabersky, G. J. Dick, G. P. Garmire, T. Kubota, M-A. Nicolet, C. H. Papas, C. R. Plott, S. O. Samson, T. Walters' RELATIONS WITH SECONDARY SCHOOLS T. Vreeland, L. F. Browne*, W. H. Corcoran, W. G. Emery, S. L. Huntley*, F. Raichlen SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID - W. A. Goddard, M. Hall, Jr., U. H. Hyman*, A. P. Ingersoll, J-B. Minster, F. D. Nelson, F. H. Shair*, D. S. Wood*, H. Zirin STUDENT HOUSING R. W. Kavanagh, W. L. Johnson, W. G. Knauss, J. H. Richards, P. G. Saffman, K. E. Sieh, D. C. Van Essen UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC STANDARDS AND HONORS - R. A. Dean, A. Acosta, L. G. Bonner, B. E. Cain, P. B. Dervan, H. E. Ellersieck, R. Gomez, C. R. Minter, F. J. Sciulli, T. Vreeland UPPERCLASS ADMISSIONS - F. H. Sfwir, C. R. DePrima, R. Gomez, S. L. Huntley*, R. B. Leighton, R. A. Marcus, J. O. McCaldin, D. O. Muhleman, R. Sabersky, F. Thompson, Y. L. Yung officio


STAFF OF Division of


Norman H. Horowitz, Chairman Charles J. Brokaw, Executive Officer Masakazu Konishi, Executive Officer Board of Trustees Professor of Biology Emeritlls Max Delbrlick, Ph.D., Sc.D., Nobel Laureate .............................. Biology

Professors Emeriti Henry Borsook, Ph.D., M.D. ......................... . ......... Biochemistry Sterling Emerson, Ph.D. ........................................... . . Genetics George E. MacGinitie, M.A. ....................... . .... Biology Anlonie Van Harreveld, Ph.D., M.D. .......... . ........ Physiology

Professors Giuseppe Attardi, M.D. . Biology Seymour Benzer, Ph.D., D.Sc. . ..... James G. Boswell Professor of Neuroscience Howard C. Berg, Ph.D. ......... . Biology James F. Bonner, Ph.D. .............. . Biology Charles J. Brokaw, Ph.D1 . Biology Eric H. Davidson, Ph.D. . Biology William J. Dreyer, Ph.D. ............................ . ................. Biology Derek H. Fender, Ph.D ................................ Biology and Applied Science Leroy E. Hood, M.D., Ph.D." .... . .................... Bowles Professor of Biology Norman H. Horowitz, Ph.D. .... . ....................................... Biology Masakazu Konishi, Ph.D. .......... . ....................... Biology Edward B. Lewis, Ph.D ................... Thomas Hunt Morgan Professor of Biology Thomas P. Maniatis, Ph.D ............................................... Biology Herschel K. Mitchell, Ph.D ............................................. Biology Ray D. Owen, Ph.D., Sc.D .............................................. Biology Jean-Paul Revel, Ph.D ................... Albert Billings Ruddock Professor of Biology Roger W. Sperry, Ph.D., Sc.D. . ............... Hixon Professor of Psychobiology Felix Slrumwasser, Ph.D. . .............................. Biology

Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholars . ...... Biologv .. Biology

William R. Levick, M.B.B.S. E Xavier Wilhelm, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate Roy J. Bri!!en, Ph.Da

............... Biology

Adviser appointment with Carnegie institution of Washington



and Research


Associate Professors

, , , , , , ,Biology " Biology , Biology ,,""" Biology , , , , , , , , , ,', ,Biology , Biology

John Allman, Ph,D, A. James Hudspeth, M,D" Ph,D,l Lester, Ph,D, Pettigrew, M, D, James H, Strauss, Ph,D, David C Van Essen, Ph,D, Research Associates

Charles R, Hamilton, Ph,D, Peter H, Lowy, Doctorandum Marianne E, aids, Ph,D,

" Biology , Biology ,,' Biology Gosney Visiting Associates

Douglas M, Fambrough, Ph,D,2 Nestor E. Gonzalez-Cadavid, Ph,D,2 Yoshiki Hotta, Ph,D,

" Biology , , , , , Biology , , , , , Biology Visiting Associates

Hermes Bravo, D,D,S, " Biology Raymond p, Briggs, Ph,D, , , , , , , , Biologv and Applied Science Enrique Cerda-Olmedo, Ph,D, 2 , , , , , Biology Arturo p, Eslava, Ph,D 2 , Biology Patrice L French, Ph,D, , Biology " Biology Rodney Hewick, Ph,D, Dennis J, Hocevar, Ph,D, , , Biology and Applied Science , , ' , , , Biology Toru Itakura, Ph,D, Stanley A, Klein, Ph,D, , , ' , , , , , , , , , , ' , , , , , , , , , , ' , , Biology and Applied Science Tamotsu Ootaki, Ph,D,2 , , , , , , ' , , Biology , , , , , , , ' , , , Biology Edward F Pate, Ph,D, " , , , , ' , , Biology Lajos Piko, D, V,M, "" Walter G, Rowekamp, Ph,D, , , , , , , ' , , Biology Danielle Thierry-Mieg, Ph,D, '" Biology , , , , ' , , Biology R, Bruce Wallace, Ph,D, " Marcelle Wilhelm, Ph,D, , , , , Biology , , , , Biology Ji-hou Xin, B,S, """""'" Assistant Professors

Jeremy P. Brockes, Ph,D, Ronald j, Konopka, Ph,D.'! Elias Lazarides, Ph,D, Elliot M, Meyerowitz, Ph,D,

" Biology , , Biology " Biologv '" Biology Gosney Senior Research Fellow

Nancy S, Petersen, Ph,D, 1 Pre-Medical Adviser 'In residence 1978,79


Undergraduate Student Adviser

'" "'" Biology

.. Biology ......... Biologv .. Biology .. Biology Biologv .. Biology .. Biology .. Biology . Biologv .. Biology .. Biology

Takuji Minnie McMillan, Ph.D. Ronald L. Meyer, Ph.D. Menasche Nass, Ph.D. Nicholas J. Proudfoot, Ph.D. Jane! M. Roman, Ph.D. Ellen G. Strauss, Ph.D. Terry L. Thomas, Ph.D. John C. Woolum, Ph.D.

Research Fellows David M. Anderson, Ph. D 1 James P. Ary, Ph.D.2 Marylouise Ary, Ph.D.' David 1. Asai, Ph.D. 2 Martha Bond, Ph.D. Eugene T. BUller, Ph.D. 2 Kathryn A. Calame, Ph.D.' Anne Chomyn, Ph.D. Mark C. Citron, Ph.D.' Loring G. Craymcr, Ph.D. Laura De Francesco, Ph.D. Ian W. Duncan, Ph.D.a Alberto Ferrus, Ph. D. James L. Fobes, Ph.D. Edward F Fritsch, Ph.D. 4 Paul A. Galland, Ph.D." John Grula, Ph.D.H Alfred M. Handler, Ph.D.2 Ross C. Hardison, Ph.D.' Henry Huang, Ph.D. (; Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D. 2 Lawrence M. Kauvar, Ph. D. 7 Laurence Lasky, Ph.D.' Richard Ph.D"

Leslie S. Leutwiler, Ph.D. Ze'ev Lev, Ph.D. H Pamela L. Mellon, Ph.D. H Christian G. Merkel. Ph.D. David 1. Meyer, Ph.D. Gordon P. Moore, Ph.D.2 Kevin W. Moore, Ph.D4 Monica Mottes, Ph.D." Joel Myerson, Ph.D. Jeanne Nerbonne, Ph.D.' Clare M. O'Connor, Ph.D. 10 Makoto OkuDo, Ph.D. Manfred K. Otto, Ph. D. :; David E. Presti, Ph.D. 8 Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Ph.D. John W. Roberts, Ph.D. Kathleen S. Rockland, Ph.D.' Che-Kun James Shen, Ph.D.2 Mark Tanouye, Ph.D.'o Murray F. TeiteJJ, Ph.D." Martin M. Weinstock, Ph.D.' John E. Wiktorowicz, Ph.D4 Kendrick N. Williams, Barbara Yancey, Ph.DJ

Public Health Service Fell"" Public Health Servicc Postdoctoral Trainee "Helen

Foundation Fellow

Winchell Cancer Fund Fellow Fello" Ii

American Cancer


Jane Coffin Child, Memorial Fund for "ieJical Research Fello" "'Chaim Research Fellow 7


European Molecular Biology Organization of America Fellow

lOMu~cular D)~rr{lphy A:.,~ocialion

Graduate Students 1979-80

Eileen John John Bixby Beverley Jean Bond Paul Ching };,rlene . C. Chiu David Paul Corey Franklin David Costantini Stephen Thomas Crews Alice M. Cronin Madeline Anne Crosby Thomas Edward Crowley Mark Morris Davis Philip Warren Early Ruth Anne Eatock Jay William Ellison Douglas Arthur Fisher John Gregory Frelinger Karl Joseph Fryxell David Lynn Gard Karen Elizabeth Gaston Robert Allen Gelfand David Alan Goldberg Richard Hans Gomer Herman John Gordon Bruce Leslie Granger Steven Haym Green Mark Gurney Tim Hunkapiller Kent Richard Jennings Larry E. Johnson Nelson Daniell Johnson Gary Stephen Jones Po ningKao Lawrence Charles Katz Marilyn Rose Kehry Stuart Kilsu Kim Michael William Klymkowsky Mitchell Kronenberg

Eugene Krouse Baruch Kuppermann Elizabeth Lacy Joyce Ellen Lauer Katherine Dai-Li Lee Greg Erwin Lemke David Eliot Levy Richard Sheridan Lewis Donna Lucy Livant Kenneth Lawrence Marton Jeffrey Nelson Masters John Henry Richard Maunsell Jeffrey Terrell Mayne James Stacy McCasland Katharine Stevens Mixter Jay Jasper Myers William Thomas Newsome Bruce John Nicholson Deanna Kae Ojala Dominic Ping-Vim Orr ling-hsiung James Ou Vann Phillips Parker Steven Elery Petersen James W. Posakony Antonio Arevalo Reyes Charles Moen Rice Arthur Henry Roach Thomas Dean Sargent Loveriza A. Sarmiento James Walter Schilling, Jf. Jeffrey Edward Segall Sandra Lee Shotwell Dave William Sivertsen Randall Forrest Smith Michael Paul Snyder Beverly Jean Taylor Betty Anne Vermeire Chung Wang Wilson Wu Joanne Mulligan

Staff of Instruction

Division of Harry B. Gray, Chairman Sunney L Chan, Erecutive Officer ji)r ChemistrY John H. Seinfeld, Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering

Professors Linus Pauling, Ph.D .. SeD .. L.H.D., V.J.D., Dr. h.c., D.F.A., LL.D., Kobel Laureate Bruce H. Sage, Ph.D., Eng. D. Ernest H. Swift, Ph.D., LL.D.

Chemistry . ... Chemical Engineering . . Analnical ChemistrY

Professors Fred C. Anson, Ph.D. .. Chemistry John D. Baldeschwieler. Ph.D. . .. Chemistry Jesse L. Beauchamp, Ph.D. . Chemistr.>· John E. Bercaw. Ph.D. . Chemistry Sunney l. Chan, Ph.D. . ....... Chemical PhYsics and Biophysical Chemistry William H. Corcoran, Ph.D. . . Institute Professor of Chemical Engineering Norman Davidson, Ph.D. . Chemistry Richard E. Dickerson, Ph.D. . ................................. Physical Chemistry David A. Evans. Ph.D. . ............................................. Chemistry George R. Gavalas, Ph.D. . .. Chemical Engineering William A. Goddard Ill. Ph.D. . . Chemistn and Applied Physics Harry B. Gray, Ph.D. William R. Kenan. Jr. Prolessor and Proj('ssor olChemistn Robert H. Grubbs, Ph.D. . .. Chemistrv Robert E. Ireland, Ph.D. . . Organic ChemistrY Aron Kuppermann, Ph.D. . . Chemical Ph"sics L Gary Leal, Ph.D. . .. Chemical Engineering Rudolph A. Marcus, Ph.D. . . Arthur Amos Noyes Professor of Chemistry Vincent McKoy, Ph.D. . ..................................... Theoretical Chemistry Cornelius J. Pings, Ph.D. . .......... Chemical Engineering and Chemical Physics Michael A. Raftery, Ph.D., D.Sc. . Chemical Biology John H. Richards. Ph.D. . ... Organic Chemistry john D. Roberts, Ph.D., Dr. rer. nat. h.c., Sc.D. . ..... Institute Professor of Chemistry John H. Seinfeld, Ph.D. . .. Chemical Engineering Fredrick H. Shair. Ph.D. . Chemical Engineering Nicholas W. Tschoegl, Ph.D. . ............. Chemical Engineering W. Henry Weinberg, Ph.D. . ...... Chemical Engineering and Chemical PhYsics

Morton Denn, Ph.D.

Michl, Ph.D.

Edward W. Hughes. Ph.D. B. Koepili. D. Phil. Oliver Wulf. Ph.D.

.................. Chemical Engineering

.. Chemisln'

. Chell1islrr . . Physical Chcmi.\'/n·

Peter B. Ahmed

............. · ... · ... .........

Richard Marsh, Sten O. Samson, FiL Dr. William P Schaefer, Ph.D. Walter Schroeder, Ph.D.

Chemistry Chemistry Chemistrv Chemistry

Visiting Associates Vasilily L Avdeev, Ph.D. ... Chemical Engineering Henri Benoit, SeD. . . Chemical Engineering Richard J. Bing, M.D ..... . Chemical Engineering Chemistry Emilio Bordignon, Ph.D. George A. Carlson, Ph.D. · Chemistry Maurice Cohen, Ph.D. Chemistry . ....................... Chemistry Frank DeHaan, Ph.D. Riccardo Destro, Ph.D. · Chemistry Dennis Dietz, Ph.D. .......... Chemistry Henry Freiser, Ph.D. . ...... Chemistry M. Michael Glovsky, M.D. . ................................ Chemical Engineering .............. . Chemical Engineering Daniel Grosjean, Ph.D. . .......... Chemical Engineering Ear! C. Harrison, M.D. . .................. Chemistry Keiichi ltakura, Ph.D. . ...................... . · Chemistry Thomas Kistenmacher, Ph.D. · . Chemistry 10 Wong Lee, Ph.D. . Chemical Engineering Rachmiel Levine, M.D. . .. Chemistry Wing-Ki Liu, Ph.D. . .... Chemistry Joann S. Loehr, Ph.D. · ... Chemistry Thomas M. Loehr, Ph.D. . .... Chemical Engineering Rein Luus, Ph.D. . ........... Chemical Engineering Edward Macias, Ph.D. . ............ Chemical Engineering Marie-Jeanne Peitre, Ph.D. .......... . .. Chemistry Stanley H. Pine, Ph.D. Judith Poe, M.Sc. · Chemistry · . Chemistry C. K. Poon, Ph.D. · Chemistry Richard C. PowelL Ph.D. · . Chemistry Carl F Prenzlow, Ph.D. · Chemistry Gregorio Santillan. Ph.D. . ......... Chemical Engineering Raymond Schmidt, Ph.D. · Chemistry Ingeborg Schuster, Ph.D. . ..... ChemistrY Joseph R. Schwartz, · ... Chemistry B. D. Sharma, ..... Chemistry Shure, Ph.D. . .................................. Chemistrv Stephen Smallcombe. Ph.D. · ... Chemistry Thomas J. Smirh, ..................... Chemical Engineering Vladimar Tapilan, ............... Chemistry Richard Wing.


.. Chemistry

...... Chemical Engineering Research

H. Hollis Reamer, M.S.

...... Chemical Engineering

Research Illstructor Kenneth C. Janda. Ph.D ...

..... Chemistry

Research Fellows William S. Agnew, Ph.D. Robert C. Anderson, Ph.D. Vasil K. Babamov, Ph.D. Raphael Badoud, Ph.D. Bo lnge Berglund, Ph.D. John R. Brabson, Ph.D. John D. Buhr, Ph.D. Mark J. Burns. Ph.D. Peter M. Chandler. Ph.D. Maurice Cohen, Ph.D. Robin Sue Eichen Conn, Ph.D. Calvin Cunis. John H. Dawson, Ph.D. Eric J. de Boir, Ph.D. Chung-Tsan Chan Deng, Ph.D. Jerry S. Dodgson, Ph.D. M. Ph.D. Christina Dyllick-Brenzinger, Dr-naLsc. Ranier Dyllick-Brenzinger. Dr-nat. sc. Ealick, Ph.D. Steven Jay B. Edelman, Ph.D. David k Edmonson, Ph.D. Beal Ernst, Ph.D. Rolf Etter, Ph.D.

Fryzuk. Ph.D. Thomas Geiger, Ph.D. Wayne

Jay Hirsh, Ph.D. Friedrich M. Hoffman, Ph.D. Charles Hoyng, Ph.D. Richard P Junghans, Ph.D. David B. Kaback. Ph.D. Karen L Kindle, Ph.D. William A. Kleshich. Ph.D. Masalo Koda, Ph.D. Donna M. Kunert. Ph.D. Jean-Pierre Lemaistre, Ph. D. Sung Chang Lin, Ph.D. Vanessa Lum. Kent R. Mann, Ph.D. Shlomo Marge!, Ph.D. Glen J. McGarvey, Ph.D. Stephen Milder, Ph.D. Vincent Miskowski, Akira Miyashita, Ph.D. Anne C. Moore, Ph.D. James Mullins, Ph.D. Wendy NoaH, Ph.D. Noboru Oyama, Ph.D. Ronald 1. Pace, Ph.D. George R. Painter, Ph.D. Gregory A. Micha Ramakrishna Ramaswarmy, Georges Rancourt, Michael A. Reuhen, Ph.D. James D. Satterlee. Michael Schimerlik, Joseph R. Schuh. Ph.D.

Thomas Smith. Ph.D. Squillacote.


Wayne Thompson, Ph.D. John Turner. Ph.D. David R. Tyler, Ph.D.

Wilzemann, Joseph Wong, Ph.D. Piotr K. Wrona. Ph.D. Robert Zhaler, Ph.D.

Graduate Students 1919-80 Applied Physics John Joseph Barton John Samuel Batchelder William Matthew Bowser

Stuart Thomas Hopkins Kevin Eugene Jones

Chemical Engineering David Thomas Allen Alan Brad Anton Samir I1yas Barudi Mark Elliott Bassett Barry Jerome Bentley Clarke Berdan II Russell Leslie Bone Willie Ann Douglas Glenn Carson Paul Chun-Ho Chan Karl Kho-Chung Chang Bo Kyung Chi Ying-chce Chung Douglas Snyder Clark James Gleason Crump Brian Henry Davison Michael Thomas Duncan Paul Nathan Dunlap Kenneth Eagle Howard Edwin Evans Silvia Fernandez Kurt Dale Fiekie Lynn Forester Gerald Gendall Fuller Anthony Sigmund Geller Cigdem Gurer Daniel Dale Hanle Philip Alan Hookham Stephen Ju-ming Hsia Dale Edward Ibbotson Nicholas Alexandrou William Samson Kalema Rohit Khanna John Edwin

James Gregory Kralik Constantine Kravaris Ronald Robert Lagnado Seong Hee Lee Joseph Anthony Leone Oded Levy Edward Douglas Lynch Kevin Moonan William Lee Olbrich! Byron Lance O'Steen Nutan Kumari Pande Andrew John Pesthy Charunya Phichitkul Puvin Pichaichanarong Danny David Reible Donald F. Rogers Gregory Ryskin Kai-Yiu San lohn Robert Schlup Karl Allen Seibert Mark Alan Siddoway Aguiles Carlos Sobrero Arthur Wesley Stelson David Michael Strand David Walter Suobank Michael Karpovich Templeton Granl Fred Tiefenbruck Nick Vasilakos Jimmy Wang Dale S. Warren Alber! Theodore Eugene Whatley Thomas Stephen Wittrig

24 Chemistry George Adler David Andrew Agard Janet Noel William George Antypas, Peler Bruce Arme!1lrout Pamela Rae Auburn Jay Douglas Audet! Roger Bennet! Baar Raymond Alan Bair VIpal Banerjee Paul Theron Barger Javier Francisco Bartroli Michael McClellan Becker Nancy Newton Becker Tadhg Pulcarius Begley D. Wayne Berman Donald Harry Berry Scott Adams Biller Steven Gerard Blanchard John James Boland David Scott Bomse Mark John Bowick Robert Clark Bowman, Jr. David Edward Brinza William Joseph Brittain Duncan William Brown Frank Ripley Brown, Jr. Katherine Ann Brown-Wensley Gary Wayne Brudvig Daniel Alan Buttry Gary Wayne Campbell Michael Paul Casassa Carla lutta Casewit Robert John Cave Francis Gabriel Celii Richard Eugene Cherpeck Jocelyn Terese Chupka Steven Alan Cohen Benjamin Norman Conner William Robert Croasmun John Powell Daub Robert Anthony dePaola John Austin Dodge Nancy Marie William Clinton Dow Kenneth Martin Doxsee Horace Rainsford Daniel Charles

Peter Mark Felker Brian Joseph Fitzsimmons Dorothy Jean Jane Elizabeth Frommer James Francis Garvey Jeff Daniel Gelles Patricia Margaret George Gary Eugene Gilmartin James William Gleeson Jorge Solo Gonzalez Marvin Mark Goodgame Paula Jean Grunthaner David Owen Hall Linda Fay Halle Neal Bruce Handly Maureen Alice Hanratty Richard Randolph Hardy Lawrence Michael Henling Brian Garnet Herndier Mark William Hersey Robert Philip Hertzberg Albert John Highe William Dinan Hinsberg Ellen Yuan-Chu Ho Diane Marie Hood Thomas Robert Howard John Mitchell Huggins Richard Alan Ikeda Carl R. Illig David Michael Ingle Melvin Owen Jones Robert James Kaiser, Jr. Santosh Pandurang Kamath Keiko Kanamori Robert McNamara Kanne Jack Alan Kaye Peter Martin Koelsch Charles Frederick Koerting Eric Martin Krauss Robert Paul Kreh Chia-Lam Kuo Martin William Roger Lambert JohnBosco Chi-Bun Lee George Clark Lockhart Thomas John James Low Robert Ross Lucchese David Neil

Staff aflnstruction and Research

Steven Alan Schichman Peter George Schultz Robert Allen Scott Thomas L Shih Paul David Siders Penny Slusser Duane Donald Smith Maile Elizabeth Smith Terrance Patrick Smith Clifford Lawrence Spiro Michael Louis Steigerwald Amy Elizabeth Stevens Tom Hall Stevens Catherine Boxley Strader David John Strader Daniel Albert Straus Barry Allen Swartz Alan Paul Sylwester Terry Ray Taber James Michael Takacs Suvit Thaisrivongs Patricia Ann Thiel Richard Scott Threlkel Florence Lucy Trentacosti Thomas Hallworth Upton Michael Wayne Van Dyke Arthur Ford Voter Hsin Wang Mary Ann White Charles Albert Wight Brian Christopher Willett Ellen D. Williams Jay Richmond Winkler laroslaw Walery Winniczek Peter Thomas Wolczanski Kathryn Mary Yocom Jennifer Joanne Zinck

H. Lisa McElwee Dennis Emmett McGee Lawrence R. McGee Daniel Keith Mcintyre David Philip Millar James Arthur Miller Charles Mitch Mark Allen Mitchel! David Jerry Moll Eric Jan Moore Hsiao-ping Hsu Moore Randall Heywood Morse David Randall Moser Jan Stanley Najdzionek Michael Wei-Kuo Nee Paul Vincent Neilson James Joseph Neitzel John Victor Nelson Daniel George Nocera Carol Ann Oken Thomas Howard O'Neill Kevin Curtis Ott Mark Thomas Paffett Laurence Timothy Pearson Thomas Gardner Perkins Joseph Walter Perry Anthony Kay Rappe Jeffrey Allan Reimer Ronald Rianda Steven Frederick Rice Randy Richard Robinson Dean Michael Roddick Clifford Eugene Sacks Napapon Sailasuta Irving Daniel Sand Don Sabatino Santilli Richard Henry Scheller

Division of n,nll.!:Uleerm and rIlL'U','''''' Science Roy W. Gould, Chairman William B. Bridges. Executive Officer for Electrical Engineering Paul Jennings, Executive Officer for Civil Engineering and Applied Meclwnics Hans W. Liepmann, Director of the Graduate Aeronautical LaboTarories and Executive Officer for Aeronautics James J. Morgan, Executive G.fficer for Environmental Engineering Science Gerald B. Whitham, Executive Officer for Applied Mathematics Professors Frederick J. Converse, Pol E. Duwez, D.Sc. Klein, Arthur

... Soil Mechanics . . , . Applied PhYsics and Materials Science Aeronautics •



Allan Acosta, Ph.D. Charles Babcock, Jr., Ph.D. William B. Bridges, Ph.D. Norman H. Brooks, Ph.D. Garry L Brown, D.PhiL Thomas K. Caughey, Ph.D. Francis H. Clauser, Ph.D. Donald S. Cohen, Ph.D. Donald E. Coles, Ph.D. Noel R. Corngold, Ph.D. Fred E. C. Culick, Ph.D. Derek H. Fender, Ph.D. Joel N. Franklin, Ph.D. Roy W. Gould, Ph.D. George W. Housner, Ph.D.' Donald E. Hudson, Ph.D. Floyd B. Humphrey, Ph.D. Wilfred D. Ph.D. Paul C. Jennings, Ph.D. .. Herbert B. Keller, Ph.D. 2 Wolfgang G. Knauss, Ph.D. James K. Knowles, Ph.D. Heinz-Otto Kreiss, Dr. Tech. Toshi Kubota, Ph.D. Paco A. Lagerstrom, Ph.D. Robert V. Langmuir, Ph.D. Lester Lees, M.S. Hans W. Liepmann, Ph.D. E. John List, Ph.D .... Frank E. Marble, Ph.D. James Mayer, Ph.D. James O. McCaldin. Ph.D. Gilbert D. McCann, Ph.D. Thomas C. McGill. Ph.D. Jack E. McKee, SeD., D.Eng. Carver A. Mead, Ph.D. Robert D. Middlebrook, Ph.D. Julius Miklowirz, Ph.D. JamesJ. Morgan, Ph.D. Ph.D.

I Half lime 'On leave of absence

. Mechanical Engineering . . .. . ...... Aeronautics ... Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics · . James irvine Professor ofErwironmental and Civil Engineering; Director, Erwironmental Quality Laboratory ......... . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ....... Aeronautics ......... . . . .. .. . ... Applied Mechanics · Clark Blanchard Millikan Professor ofEngineering ................ . .. Applied Mathematics . ................... Aeronautics ............ . ... Applied Physics · ............. Applied Physics and Jet Propulsion . ......... Biology and Applied Science . ... Applied ,A4athematics . . Applied Physics · .......... Carl F Braun Professor of Engineering ........ Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics . Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics . Applied Mechanics . . Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics ................... Applied Mathematics . .................................... Aeronautics ....... Applied Mechanics . ............ Applied Mathematics ............... Aeronautics . ........... Applied Mathematics . ......... Electrical Engineering . .. . ... Erwironmental Engineering and Aeronautics ............ . .... Charles Lee Powell Professor of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics ..... Erwironmental Engineering Science . . Jet Propulsion and Mechanical Engineering ... Electrical Engineering . ... Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering . . Applied Science . ..... Applied Physics . . Environmental Engineering . Computer Science and Electrical Engineering . ...... Electrical Engineering . Applied Mechanics . . Environmental Engineering Science . ... Electrical Engineering . ..... Environmental Science

........ Mechanical Engineering . Applied Mathematics ....... Civil Engineering Eli Sternberg, . . . . . . .. . Mechanics Homer 1. Stewart, Ph.D. ........................ . ................ Aeronautics Bradford Sturtevant, Ph.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. Aeronautics Ivan E. Sutherland, Ph.D .................. Fletcher Jones Professor ofComputer Science Frederick B. Thompson, Ph.D ................. Applied Philosophy and Computer Science Thad Vreeland, Jr., Ph.D. . ...................................... Materials Science Gerald B. Whitham, ............................... Applied Mathematics Charles H. Wilts, Ph.D. . ........... Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics David S. Wood, Ph.D. . ................................... MaterialsScience Theodore Y. Wu, Ph.D. ........... . ........ Engineering Science Amnon Yariv, Ph.D. .. . ........... Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics Edward E. Zukoski, Ph.D. . Jet Propulsion and Mechanical Engineering

Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholars Julian D. Cole, Ph.D. Horst Hoffmann, Habil. Fritz John, Ph.D.

........... Aeronautics and Applied Mathematics ................ . . Solid State Physics . .............................. Applied Mathematics ....................................... Geophysics

..... Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering K. Friedlander, C. Posner, Ph.D. .................................... Electrical Engineering Lawrence L. Ph.D. .......... . .. Electrical Engineering . . . . . . . .. . .......................... Aeronautics Westmann, Ph.D.

. ..... Mechanical Engineering ............... Materials Science ............. Structural Mechanics ... Electrical Engineering ..... Engineering Design

.. Computer Science

.. Computer Science


Staff of Instruction

.......... Environmental Engineering Science · ........ CompurerScience

Robert C. Y. Koh, Ph.D. Charles L Seitz, Ph.D.

Jack L Alford, Ph.D. Mircea A. Barglazan, Dipt' Malcolm L C. Bloor, Ph.D.! Maria l. Bochenek, M.S.' William T Burke, B.S.E.E. Anthony T W. Cheung, Ph.D. Ellen R. Domb, Ph.D .............. . Sverre T Eng, Dr. Tech. . ...... . James M. Galligan, Ph.D.' ......... . Edward M. Gates, Ph.D. Avraham Gover, Ph.D.' ..... . Estelle Gregory, Ph.D. . .......... . Michael S. Longuet-Higgins, Ph.D. . ........... . Seid Hossein Izadpanah, Ph.D.' Deane B. Jacques, M.D. Aurora M. Landel, Ph.D.! ... Shlomo Margalit, D.Sc.' Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Ph.D.' Samuel A. Marshall, Ph.D.' Akio Masuyama, Dr. Eng.l James D. Murray, Ph.D., D.Se.! Frank Obermeier, Ph.D. Thomas E. Ogden, M.D., Ph.D. Hiroichi Ohira, D.Eng. Daniel M. Oldenziel, Ph.D. Gary Parker, Ph.D.' Ruggero L Pierantoni, Ph.D. Simon Ramo, Ph.D. Subramanian Ranganathan, Ph.D.! nan Samid, Ph.D.! ..... . C. Hunter Shelden, M.D. Ryo Suzuki, Ph.D. Martin Evon AHmen, Ph.D . . . Howard Winet, Ph.D ......... . Dean E. Wooldridge, Ph.D. Moshe Yust, M.Sc.

Paul Bellan, Ph.D. Glen R. Cass, Ph.D. Siobodan M. Cuk, Ph.D. Paul E. Dimotakis, Ph.D. Richard C. Flagan, Ph.D. Bengl Fornberg. Ph.D. William Johnson. Ph.D. T Kajiya, Ph.D. Charles R. Minter. Darryl L Smith, Ph.D.

. . Civil Engineering · ... Mechanical Engineering . Applied Mathematics .... Aeronautics · .... Computer Science · .. Engineering Science · ......... Applied Physics . .. . ..... Electrical Engineering . ...... Materials Science . ....... Mechanical Engineering · .......... Applied Physics . ...... Biomedical Engineering · ..... Applied Mathematics · .......... Applied Physics · ... Biomedical Engineering · ... Biomedical Engineering . Applied Physics · Bioinjormation Systems · ...... Engineering Science · .... Electrical Engineering · ..... Applied Mathematics · ..... Applied Mathematics · .. Biomedical Engineering · ............ Aeronautics · Mechanical Engineering · ........... Hydraulics · Biomedical Engineering · .... Engineering · ...... Applied Physics . .. Applied Physics · .. Biomedical Engineering · ....... Applied Physics · . Applied Physics · ... Engineering Science . ...... Engineering · . Applied Physics

. ........ Applied Physics ................... Environmental Engineering · ... Electrical Engineering . .............. Aeronautics and Applied Physics ,







Errv'ironrnenla/ Engineering Science

· .... Applied Mathematics · ....... Materials Science · ....... Computer Science · ....... Computer Science . ... Applied Physics

Staff of Instruction and Research


Senior Research Fellows C. Gupta, Ph.D. Vernal H. Kenner, Ph.D. Silvanus S. Lau, Ph.D.! GeorgeT Yates, Ph.D.

Aeronautics .......... Aeronautics .... Applied Physics Engineering Science

Instructors . Electrical Engineering .... Computer Science

James C. Long, Ph.D. Philip M. Neches, M.S! Lecturers

Stanley H. Bacon ........... . ......................... Electrical Engineering Gerald J. Bierman, Ph.D ..................................... Systems Engineering John Choma, Jr., Ph.D ..................................... Electrical Engineering Richard R. Green, Ph.D. 2 . . . . . . . • • . • • . . . . • • • • • • . . . Electrical Engineering James R. Lesh, Ph.D.2 ........ . ......... Electrical Engineering Thomas R. McDonough, Ph.D. . ....... Engineering Amr M. Mohsen, Ph.D. . ...... Electrical Engineering Marc H. Raibert, Ph.D. . .... Computer Science CharlesB. Ray, M.S. ................ . .......... Computer Science Marvin K. Simon, Ph.D. ........ . . .. Electrical Engineering David Sonnabend, M.S. .............. . ........ Systems Engineering Research Fellows Michael J. Barcelona, Ph.D. ... . . Environmental Engineering Science Nadav Bar-Chaim, Ph.D. .......... . ................... Applied Physics Robert E. Breidenthal, Jr., Ph.D. . ..................... Aeronautics Richard H. Buckholz, Jr., Ph.D! ............ . ............ Engineering Science Pandipati R. K. Chetty, Ph.D. . .......... Electrical Engineering Thomas Erneux, Ph.D. ............. . .. Applied Mathematics Athanassios S. Fokas, Ph.D. .......... . ............. Applied Mathematics Gregory Gartrell, Jr., Ph.D. 3 . . . . . Environmental Engineering Science Valrie Ann Gerard, Ph.D. . ........................ Environmental Engineering Science nan Golecki, Ph.D. . ........................................ Applied Physics Lambertus Hesselink, Ph.D4 ...................................... Fluid Mechanics S. John Hogan, Ph.D. . .... Applied Mathematics Antoine Kahn, Ph.D.2 ........ AppiiedPhysics . .... Aeronautics Kyung-Suk Kim, Ph.D. ...... BioinJormation Systems John P. Kroeker, Ph.D. . Applied Physics Mark J. Kushner, Ph.D'" . ... Earthquake Engineering David M. Lee, Ph.D. . Environmental Engineering Science Stephen H. Lieberman, Ph.D. Bruce E. Mac:"leal, Ph.D. . ..... Applied Physics . Applied Physics Manti O. T. Maenpaa, Lie. Tech. Environmental Engineering Science Steven L. Manley, Ph.D. . ... Applied Physics Samuel Matteson, Ph.D. Lecturer in Materiab Science 1978-79 :) Chaim Wcizmann Research Fel1O\v 'Also pan-time Lecturer in Applied Physics

· Applied Mathematics I In residence 1978-79 2lBM Research Fellow

Member of

Professional Staff

William H. Bettes, Manager GALe/T

Graduate Students 1979-80 Aeronautics Kim Maynard Aaron Kenneth W. Barker Thomas Patrick Bauer Luis Paulino Bernal Christopher Jeyaparan Catherasoo Herzl Chai Samuel Kwang-Yeh Chang John Michael Cimbala Phuc The Doan Igor Joze Emri Frank K. Morteza Gharib Ari Glezer Jean-Francois Luc Haas lames Carl Hermanson Luc Jozef Heymans David Matthew Kuzo Sielios Kyriakides Kenneth MacDougall Liechti


Patrick Jacques Mattei Manoochehr Mohseni-Koochesfahani Mark Godfrey Mungal

Daniel Mark Nosenchuck Tor Endre Ostbo Dimitris A. Papantoniou Judith Elaine Peach Paul Michael Rapacz Krishnaswamy Ravi Chandar Fredrick Allan Roberts Thomas Roesgen Paul David Ronney Olivier Roy Todd Edward Kenneth Ruth Alejandro Sergio Salamonovitz William Stapf Sargent Kevin John Sene Choon-foo Shih Lorenz Willard Sigurdson David John Steigmann Ming Han Tang Vicente Tortoriello Bernd Otto Trebitz Timothy Neal Turner Luigi Vigevano Steven Ray

Applied Pierre Asselin Thomas Clyde Banwell Randall Keith Bartman David Verge Baxter Thomas Michael Bemis Martha Ann Berding Henry Abram Blauvelt Michael Anthony Blessinger Elliott Rowe Brown Pei Chuang Chen Woontong Nathan Cheung Arthur Er-terg Chiou Liew-Chuang Chiu Bruce Montgomery Clemens Reuben T. Collins Kenneth Robert Elliott Randall Meindert Feenstra Eric Fredrickson James R. Fruchterman Andrew Keith Gabriel Timothy Joseph Gallagher Patrick William Goalwin Glenn Joel Greene Mark Allen Hedemann Anne Marie Hofmeister Ralph Boyd James Prakash Kasiraj David Clark Keezer Isabella Brygida Kierkowska Thomas Lawson Koeh Evelyn Ann Kramer Civil EnRineerillR Jean-Pierre Bardet Jean-Lue Bilhou-Nabera Dirceu Luiz Rodrigues Botelho Alexander Brooks William Robert ling-Chang Chen Glen John John Eric Christenson Martin Francis Bernard Andre Cuny Lee Don Dobbs Reda Abdu \inhamed Ali EI-Damak

David Alan Krider Thomas Francis Kuech Daniel Bernard Lang Martin D. Lerner Christian Mailhio! Gordon Stuart Mitchard Douglas Marion Moody, Jf. Richard Harrison Moyer Michael Steven Muha Dean Paul Neikirk David Mort Pepper Dale Austen Prouty Mark Alan Richards Kenneth V. Rousseau Robert Schulz David Martin Scott Joseph Emmett Shepherd Chun-Ching Virgil Simon Speriosu Lawrence Henry Sverdrup, Jf. Michael Alan Tenhover John R. Torczynski Jeffrey Eugene Ungar Israel Ury Jeffrey Owen White Arthur Ray Williams Daniel Paul Wilt Paul Kit-Lai Yu Jan Jacek Zebrowski Amikam Zur

Marius Gerber Medhat Ahmed El-Sayed Haroun Randall Lee Harrill Mohammed Fawzy Helwa Moh-jiann Huang Behnam Hushmand Dominic John Izzo Sudhir Kumar Jain Garrett Duane Jeong Lepelletier Albert 'iiu Lin Anne



and Research

Wing Kam Liu Jaime Jose Olaechea Louis Alexander Ortiz Ronald Yu Sang Pak Panayiotis NikoJas Papanicolaou loannis John Psycharis

Ahmed Atef Rashed Michael Vincent Russo John George Sherstobi!off James Eric Skjelbreia Costas Emmanuel Synolakis Catharine L. van Ingen

Computer Science Anthony Francis Barton Eric Edward Barton Sally Anne Browning Christopher Ralph Carroll Marina Chien-Mei Chen Young-II Choo Erik Penn DeBenedictis Stefan Gabriel Demetrescu Gregory H. Efland Moshe Gray Gideon Hess Sai Yuen Billy Ho Tai-Ping Ho David Lawrence Johannsen Charles Richard Lang, Jf. Herman Sui Ning Li

Pey-yun Li Bartholomew N. Locanthi HI Barry Bruce Megdal Philip Malcolm Neches Alexandros Christ os Papachristidis James Allely Rowson Richard Lawrence Segal Larry Dean Seiler Gary Mario Tarolli Alastair James Thompson Stephen Mathias Trimberger Michael Karl Ullncr Lawrence Allan White Telle Elizabeth Whitney Kwang-I Yu

Electrical Engineering Mustafa Abushagur Gyth Abushagur Abdul-Rehman Abdul-Mohsen AI-Bassam Denis William Aull Nancy Walden Barcus Meir Bartur Farhad Barzegar Robert Jacques Bensoussan Bruno Bernard Berlizot Philippe Rene Bertrand Alex M. Bolea Richard Carl Bozzulo, 1r. Arthur Raymond Brown Giles Chaumeny Bo Hyung Cho Joseph James Connery, Jr. Henry Marie Defalque Alain Delsupexhe Mark Barry Dolson Steven Glen Eaton James Richard Ellison Nader Engheta Robert Warren Erickson. Jf. Sai-Wai Fu Celestino John Gaeta Dhrumil Jayantilal Gandhi Douglas Gene Hager Christopher Harder Jerry Michael Harris Kuo Ting

Kwok Kee Ho Kuan-Hsiung Hsieh Shi-Ping Hsu Joseph Katz Michael Joseph Kavaya Conor Francis Kehoe David Louis Keller Vijaya Narayan Korwar Albert Yau Vee Lam Billy Ying Bui Lau Kam-Yin Lau Bosco Hok-Chung Leung Bruce Stephen Levine Shawn Michael Logan Paul Henry Milenkovic Patrick Bartholomew Moran Phyllis Roberta Nelson Khai D. T. Ngo Elliot Martin Pines William Michael Polivka Arati Prabhakar Keith Gerard Regan Loman Rensink Wayne Harvey Richardson William Allen Salter Martine Marie Francoise Savalle Pierre Schoocller Edgard Roger Schweig Linda Ann Seltzer

Staff of Instruction and Research

Ralph Eric Strong John Edward Tanner Allen Eric Tracht Bor-Yeu Paul William Tuinega

Vatche Vorperian Kadri Vural Thierry Lucien Watteyne Barton Zwiebach

Engineering Science Rob Bonney Michael Jiu-Wei Chen Jean-Luc Cornet Peter Kent Edberg K. Jeffrey Eriksen Carol Leslie Frand Nam Quan Huyn Michael Yih-Hwa Jin

Alan Stewart Katz Boris Kharag Larry Douglas Koffman Daniel Margoliash Ronald Benjamin Melton Gerard Nihous Helene R. Schember

Environmental Engineering Science Lisa Anderson Martha Harriet Conklin Deanna Sherry Dean Jesus Moria De La Garza Rodriguez Bruce Charles Faust Tomas Michael Fitzpatrick Harry Andrew Gray James Evan Houseworth James Robert Hunt Steven Wayne Johnston Tony Siu Pong Kong James Shigeru Kuwabara Howard Michael Liljestrand Gregory John McRae

James Richard Ouimette Jean Michel Rogues Stanley Paul Sander Connie Lynn Senior Wayne Waldrip Simmons Tracy Marie Stigers Alan Thomas Stone Windsor Sung Marco Giorgio Tellini Eddy Hubert Paula Van Bouwel Jed Michael Waldman Leighton Gee Mung James Robert Young

Materials Science Paul Baxter Harwood Mechanical Engineering Paul Mihran Agbabian MD Khairul Alam Jean-Luc Raphael Aschard Richard Bartlett Ashman Elias Awad Katherine Hamilton Barhydt Robert Bernier Roland Louis Bouchard David Miner Braisted Charles Soutter Campbell Antonio Carreon Carpio Baki Mehmet Cetegen Dimitri S. Chamieh Alben

Martine Paule GaJand Jean Gondoin

William A. Greene Burnett Deloney Gunter Shawn Anthony Hall Daniel Connell Haworth Jean-Marc Claude Henry Gregory Scott Hoffman Douglas Kerry Ikemi Belgacem Jcry Ann Renee Karagozian Joseph Katz William Gerard Kerschen

James Scott Patton Perez Alexis Porras James Potechin Resplandy Julio A. Rodriguez Polanco Armistead Goode Russell Makolo Saloh


Christian Jacques Vilmer Frank Michael Weyer Chung-Ming Steve Wong

and Phme,tal'V Sciences

Barclay Kamb, Chairman Donald S. Burnett, Academic Officer Don L Anderson, Director, Seismological Laboratory

Professors Emeriti C Hewitt Dix, Ph.D. Charles F Richter, Ph.D. Robert P Sharp, Ph.D.

................. Geophysics . ... Seismology . ............... Geology

Professors Thomas J. Ahrens, Ph.D. . ............................ Geophvsics Arden L Albee, Ph.D. ................. . ................... Geology Clarence R. Allen, Ph.D. . ................................ Geology and Geophysics Don L Anderson, Ph.D ............................................ Geophysics Donald S. Burnett, Ph.D. .... . ..... Nuclear Geochemistry Samuel Epstein, Ph.D. ............ . ....... Geochemistry Peter Goldreich, Ph.D. . .............. Planetary Science and Astronomy David G. Harkrider, Ph.D. . .......................................... Geophysics Andrew P Ingersoll, Ph.D. ....................... . ............ Planetary Science Barclay Kamb, Ph.D. ............................. . Geology and Geophysics Hiroo Kanamori, Ph.D ............................................... Geophysics Heinz Lowenstam, Ph.D. . .......... Paleoecology Duane O. Muhleman, Ph.D. ......... . .......... Planetary Science Bruce C Murray, Ph.D. . ............ Planetary Science Eugene Shoemaker, Ph.D., Sc.D. . ........... Geologv Leon T. Silver, . Geologv P . Geology Gerald 1. Wasserburg, Ph.D. . ...... Geology and Geophysics James A. Westphal, ........ Planetary Science

... Geology ......... Planelan' Science Geochemisln . Geophvsics

Senior Research Associate Clair C. Patterson Ph.D.

Associate Professors Donald V. Heimberger, Ph.D. George R. Rossman, Ph.D. Jason Saleeby, Ph.D.

. ... Geology

Research Associates .. Planetary Science . . Geochemistry · ......... Geochemistry

Richard M. Goldstein, Ph.D. John C. Huneke, M.S. Dimitri A. Papanastassiou, Ph.D.

Visiting Associates . .. Mineralogy . ........... Geochemistry · Planetary Science · ........... Geophvsics ......... Geophysics Geophysics . . Geophysics . ....... Geochemistry . .. GeochemistrY · .... Geochemistr\' · Planetary Science . . Geophysics · ...... Geophysics · .... Geochemistry

Georg Amthauer, Ph.D. Donald E. Brownlee, Ph.D. Giuseppe Colombo, Ph.D. Edward S. Gaffney, Ph.D. David M. Hadley, Ph.D. Thomas H. Heaton, Ph.D. Traey Johnson, Ph.D. Sergei F Karpenko, Ph.D. Osamu Matsubaya, Ph.D. Susumu Nohda. Ph.D. John D. O'Keefe, Ph.D. Christine A. Powell, Ph.D. James F Scheimer, Ph.D. Dorothy S. Woolum, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors · . . . . . . . . .. Geophysics . .. Geology . ...... Geology . .. Planetary Science

Jean-Bernard H. Minster, Ph.D. Kerry E. Sieh, Ph.D. Edward M. Stolper, Ph.D. . ......... . Yuk L. Yung, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor .. Geolugy

Timothy L Grove, Ph.D.

Senior Research Richard H. Becker, Ph.D. Hermann F Engelhardt, Ph.D. Karen C. McNally, Ph.D. John T Trauger, Ph.D.

David T Burhans. Ph.D.

. . Geochemistn .................... Geophvsics . .. Geophysics · Planelan Science

. .... Speech Communication

and Research

Research .... Planetary · ... Geophysics ......... Planetary Science · . Geochemistry . .. Geophysics · . Geochemistry · ... Geophysics · ... Geophysics · . Geochemistry . ..... Geology . .... Geophysics . .......... Geochemistry . ..... Geophysics . .. Geochemistry · ... Geophysics · ... Geophysics · ... Geophysics . Geology

Michel Cara, Shuji Deguchi, Ph.D. loel Everson, Ph.D. Kazuya Fujita, Ph.D. Marian Ph.D. Stephen H. Hartzell, Ph.D. Tai-Un Hong, Ph.D. Thomas Kaiser, Ph.D. Louise Levien, Ph.D ... Barry R. Lienert, Ph.D. Kon-Kee Uu, Ph.D. George Mellman, Ph.D. Franz Niederer, Ph.D. Arthur Raefsky, Ph.D. . ..... . Malcolm R. Somerville, Ph.D. Ute R. Vetter, Ph.D. Ian S. Williams, Ph.D.

Members of the Professional Staff Arthur A. Chodos, M.S., Senior Research Spectroscopist Glenn L. Berge, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Graduate Students, 1979-80 Applied Physics Mark Bruce Boslough

Gregory Allen Lyzenga

Geochemistry Timothy Miller Benjamin Robert Everett Criss

John Hume Jones Crayton Jeffery Yapp

Geology Roger Deane Aines David Wayne Beaty Lawrence Richard Bernstein Melinda Mary Brugman Duane Edwin Champion josephine Beatrice Cimino James Conca Rosemarie Cubba Charles Brown Keith Alan Echelmeyer

Randall Gladstone Robert Theodore Hearn

Stein Bjornar Jacobsen Raymond Francois Jeanloz Gary Michael Kolbasuk Manfred Adolf Lange Peter Brennan Larson Thorne Lay Ronan Le Bras Richard Edwin Lewis, Jr. Stephanie Margaret Mattson Malcolm Thomas McCulloch Amy Chihang Ng Donald Wallace Northfelt Quinn R. Passey Donald John Piepgras Rober! Edward Powell James Edward Quick Francois Michel Robert Karen Irene Robinson

Staff aflnstruction and Research


Marios Simon Vassiliou Joana Marija Vizgirda Marianne Carol Walck Terry Charles Wallace, JL Ray James Weldon II

David Bruce Sams Christopher O'Neill Sanders Gregory Brian Scott Henry Francis Shaw George Cleve Solomon Elizabeth Anne Thomas Geophysics Eric Paul Chael John Joseph Cipar Stephen Norfleet Cohn David Martin Cole Edward J. Corbett Christopher Thomas Creaven John Edward Ebel Holly K. Eissler Anthony Lee Endres Jeffrey Wayne Given

Stephen Pierre Grand Bruce Martin Jakosky Richard Paul Keller Hsui-Lin Liu Kristian Erik Meisling James Christopher Pechmann Larry John Ruff Patricia Frances Scott Gordon Selbie Stewart Daniel Wenker!

Planetary Science Robert Todd S. Clancy David Clifford Jewitt Michael Alan Kroupa William Beall McKinnon David Abbey Paige, Jr.

Judith Ann Pechmann Carolyn C. Porco Maritza Irene Stapanian Michael Earl Summers

Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences Roger G. Noll, Chairman David M. Grether, Executive Officer Daniel J. Kevles, Executive Officer

Professors Emeriti ....... Modern Languages . Business Economics · English Philosoph.\' . ...... Economics . .. Economics

Paul Bowerman, A.M. Horace N. Gilbert, M.B.A., D.B.A. Hallett D. Smith, Ph.D., L.H.D. Alfred Stern, Ph.D. Alan R. Sweezy, Ph.D. Ray E. Untereiner, Ph.D., J.D.

LectureI' Emeritus ...... English

Charles Newton, Ph.B.

Professors Robert H. Bates, Ph.D. John F. Benton, Ph.D. J. Kent Clark, Ph.D. Lance E. Davis. Ph.D. David Elliot, Ph.D. Peter Ph.D. John A. Ferejohn, Ph.D.

..... Political Science · History · English .. Economics . . History Histon ... Political Science


. Economics

Kevles. Burton H. Klein. Ph.D. J. Kousser. Ph.D. Michael E. Levine, J.D. Oscar Mandel, Ph.D. George P. Mayhew, Ph.D.' Richard D. McKelvey, Ph.D. Edwin S. Munger, Ph.D. Roger G. NolL Ph.D. Robert W. Oliver, Ph.D. Rodman W. PauL Ph.D. Charles R. Plott. Ph.D. James P. Quirk, Ph.D.' Robert A. Rosenstone, Ph.D. Thayer Scudder, Ph.D. Eleanor M. Searle, Ph.D. Frederick B. Thompson, Ph.D.

.. Histon" . .... Economics . . History . ........ Luce Professor of Law and Social Change .. English . ..... English ... Political Science . ... Geography Economics . .... Economics . ....... Edward S. Harkness Professor of Histon' Economics ........ Economics . ...... History .. Anrhropology . .. History . ........ Applied Philosophy and Computer Science

Shermall Fairchild Distillguished Scholars Theodore W. Anderson. Ph.D. G. S. Maddala. Ph.D.

Saul Bellow, B.A. Steven A. Lippman, Ph.D. Alan Schwartz, LL.B.

. .. Economics and Statistics . .... Economics

. ... Dreyfuss Professor of Humanities . .... Business Economics . .. Law and Social Science

Associate Professors Louis Breger, Ph.D. Heinz E. Ellersieck, Ph.D. Stuart A. Eode, Ph.D. Jenijoy La Belle, Ph.D. David R. Smith. Ph.D. Louis L. Wilde. Ph.D.

... Psychology .. History . ..... English .. English . ...... English . ... Economics

James S. Jordan. Jr. Ph.D.

. ... Economics

Thompson. of ?Part time

. ... Ecollomics . ... Linguistics

Visiting ASSQl:ialtes

nanS-3mn Kruse, Dr. Packel, Ph.D.

'" Economics Political Science Assistant Professors

Kim Border, Ph.D. . . Economics Bruce E. Cain, Ph.D. ..... . .... Political Science Robert Forsythe, Ph.D. . ........ Economics David W. Galenson, Ph.D.! .. Social Science and History D. Roderick Kiewiet, Ph.D. " " " " " " " " ' " .. , , , . , . ,Political Science Forrest D. Nelson, Ph,D, ... , , . .. ".""., Economics George W. Pigman III, Ph,D, ".", .. ,., .... " ......... ,. . .. , ..... , ... English Jennifer E Reinganum, Ph.D........ , .... , .. ' ...... ,. ,.,., .... , ..... , Economics Randolph Splitter, Ph.D. . .. , , ... , .. , , . , ......... , . . . .. English Visiting Assistant Professor David DeLeon, Ph.D,

..... , . , History

Mellon Postdoctoral Instmdors Gordon Appleby, Ph.D, ... , .... , ... ," .. Terrence J, McDonald, Ph.D.

. , ..... , , ......... , . , Anthropology , . , , History

Instructors David W. Burchmore, Ph.D. Nicholas B. Dirks, Ph,D.

. ... English . ..... Histor"

Lecturers Andreas Aebi, Ph.D ....... ,.". , . . . . . . . . .. . ........ , .. , .. German Irving S. Bengelsdorf, Ph.D.! .. Science Communication David ], Britton, D,M,A. , .... Music Lee E Browne, M.S,! ,.,. . .. , ..... , ...... Education Klara Carmely, Ph.D, ... . , ..... ,. . .. , .. " .. ,." .... German Clayton Eshleman, M,A.T. . Dre}juss Poet in Residence and Lecturer in Creative Writing Barbara Fass, Ph.D.! , ...... , .. , ...... , .... ",.,', ... " ..... ,., ... ," Psychology Brady Lee Garrison, M.A. ... , , , .... , , , ..... , . , . , ....... , , .. Debate Sonia Ghattas, Ph.D, """'" ........ " ... ,"', ..... ,' .. , ... ,., ..... ,. French Stirling L Huntley, Ph,D. ..... . , ....... , ., ..... , .. . . ... ,Drama Edward Hutchings, Jr., B.A. .. Journalism Sigrid R. McPherson, Ph.D.! . Psychology David W. Morrisroe, M.B.A.' ...... Business Economics Jon R. Pariser, ... Russian ... Art History Aimee Brown Price, Ph.D, Harihar Rao ,. .. Music Anne C. Rose, M.A. . History Elma Schonbach, B,M. Music , French Annette Smith, Ph.D. . Business Economics and Industrial Relations Victor V. Veysey, Robert R. Ph.D.' Zaydman,



Im;tnlcnonand Research

Research Fellow .... Economics

George Fox, Ph.D.

Graduate Students 1979-80

Social Science Joel Abe Balbien Michael Stanley Becker Donna Hope Berry Isabelle Roux-Buisson Randall Lee Calvert Cynthia Rae Carlson Gary Walter Cox James Michael Gerard Robert William Hahn Steven Wayne Hashimoto James Takfay Hong Robert Mark Isaac Jeffrey Bowman Johnson Julie Marie Laherty Carll. Lydick

Mathew Daniel McCubbins Kenneth Frank McCue Thomas Rossman Palfrey III Asha Bhalachandra Paranjape William Paul Rogerson Venkatraman Sadanand John Patrick Schmitz Stephen Richard Selinger Charles Seymour Slater Lee Ira Sparling Shin-Ichi Takekuma Howard Alan Tarre Paul Arthur Thomas 10hn Marshall Williamson

Division of .... """e'''..' Math.ematics and Rochus E. Vogt, Chairman Robert L. Walker, Executive Officer for Physics W. A. J. Luxemburg, Execurive Officer for Mathematics W. L. W. Sargent, Executive Officer for Astronomv

BOllrd of Trustees Professor Emeritus Carl D. Anderson, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Nobel Laureate

Professors Emeriti Robert F. Bacher, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D ............. . H. F. Bohnenblust, Ph.D. Victor Neher, Ph.D., Sc.D. William R. Smythe, Ph.D. Olga Taussky Todd, Ph.D.

...... Physics

............ Physics · .... Mathematics Physics . .. , .... Physics . . Mathematics

Professors .... Mathematics · .... Mathematics . Physics ... Theoretical Astrophysics .. Physics ........ Theoretical Physics ...... Applied Mathemarics Radio Astronomy .. Phvsics · .... Mathematics

Staff of Instruction and Research

Charles R. De Prima, Ph.D. Robert P. Dilworth, Ph.D. Ronald P. Drever, Ph.D. Richard P. Feynman, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate

. Mathematics . .... Mathematics . .... Physics . Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics .. Institute Professor of Physics William A. Fowler, Ph.D., D.Se. . .... Theoretical Physics Steven C. Frautsehi, Ph.D. . .. Mathematics F. Brock Fuller, Ph.D. . .............. Physics Gordon P. Garmire, Ph.D. ....... Robert Andrews Millikan Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D., Sc.D., Nobel Laureate l Professor of Theoretical Physics Marvin L. Goldberger, Ph.D. . ........... Theoretical Physics Peter Goldreich, Ph.D. . ... Planelary Science and Astronomy Ricardo Gomez, Ph.D. .. . ........................................... Physics David L. Goodstein, Ph.D. . ................. Physics and Applied Physics Jesse L. Greenstein, Ph.D. . ............ Lee A. DuBridge Professor of Astrophysics James E. Gunn, Ph.D. . .......................... Astronomy Marshall Hall, Jr., Ph.D. . . . . . . .. . . IBM Professor of Mathematics Ralph W. Kavanagh, Ph.D. ................. . ........... Physics Herbert B. Keller, Ph.D.l .... Applied Mathematics Heinz-Otto Kreiss, Docent .... Applied Mathematics Robert B. Leighton, Ph.D. . .............. Physics Gary Lorden, Ph.D. . . Mathematics W. A. J. Luxemburg, Ph.D. . .......... Mathematics Jon Mathews, Ph.D.l ..... Theorelical Physics James E. Mereereau, Ph.D., D.Se. . ............ Physics and Applied Physics Alan T. Moffet, Ph.D. . .. Radio Astronomy Gerry Neugebauer, Ph.D. . ...... Physics Beverley Oke, ................. . ... Astronomy Charles W. Peck, Ph.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Physics Jerome Pine, Ph.D. . ......... , . Physics David Politzer, Ph.D. . . , ................. Theoretical Physics Herbert 1. Ryser, Ph.D. ..... . .......... Mathematics Wallace W. Sargent, Ph.D. . ... Astronomy Maarten Schmidt, Ph.D., Sc.D. ............ . ............. Astronomy Frank Sciulli, Ph.D. . ................. Physics Edward Stone, Jr., . .. . . .. . . .. . . .......................... Physics Kip S. Thorne, Ph.D. . ....................................... Theoretical Physics John Todd, B.Sc ............................... ,"', ............... Mathematics Tombrello, Jr.,

.... Astrophysics

...... Mathematics

Visiting Distinguished Scholar Zumino, Ph,D.

.... Theoretical Physics

VISiting Professors Benno Fuchssteiner, Ph.D. ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Mathematics ............................. ....... . ..... Mathematics James G. Wendel, Ph.D. . .................................... Mathematics

N. G. de Bruijn, Ph.D.

Associate Professors Judith G. Cohen, Ph.D. . ............................................. Astronomy Geoffrey Fox, Ph.D. ......... ....... .... .... . .... Theoretical Physics David Hitlin, Ph.D. ............................ . ........... Physics Alexander S. Kechris, Ph.D. . ............. Mathematics Steven E. Koonin, Ph.D. .................. " Physics Peter G. Wannier, Ph.D. . ................. Radio Astronomy Visiting Associate Professor Michael 1. Collins, Ph.D.

........ Mathematics

Research Associates Richard D. Field, Ph.D.' ................................. Theoretical Physics Richard 1. Powers, Ph.D. . .............................................. Physics Pierre Ramond, Ph.D. . ................................................. Physics Anthony C. S. Readhead, Ph.D. . ................................ Radio Astronomy John H. Schwarz, Ph.D. ...................... . .............. Theoretical Physics George A. Seielstad, Ph.D. .............................. . ..... Radio Astronomy Pelr Vogel, Ph.D. .................................... . ........ Physics Visiting Associates ....... Physics . ....................... Physics . ......... Mathematics · Physics . Theoretical Physics .. Physics Physics . .. Physics · Physics . Mathematics Physics · Phvsics . ....... Radio Astronomy .. Mathematics

Daniel Birx, Ph.D ....... . Ronald 1. Crowley, Ph.D. Ebbel de Jonge, Ph.D. David Garelick, Ph.D. Sylvester 1. Gates, Ph.D. Leonid Grishchuk, Ph.D. Albert J. Howard, Ph.D. Sir Fred Hoyle, D.Se. Ardon Hyland, Ph.D. Denis Johnson, Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D.


Richard Chace Tolman



Staff of Instruction

Assistant Professors ..... Mathematics PhYsics .. Astronomy

Jack Conn, Ph.D. Eric J. Siskind. Ph.D. Peter Young, Ph.D. Senior Research Fellows G. John Dick, Ph.D. Alan M. Dressler, Ph.D. Richard Ellis, Ph.D. Thomas R. Geballe, Ph.D. Terrance 1. Goldman. Ph.D. Gillian Knapp, Ph.D. Kwok-Yung La, Ph.D. Kenneth Marsh, Ph.D. Richard A. Mewaldt, Ph.D. Ronald L. Moore, Ph.D. Douglas Ross, Ph.D. I-Juliana Sackmann, Ph.D. Michael Shaevitz, Ph.D. B. Thomas Soifer, Ph.D.

· Applied Physics . ... Astronomy . .. Theoretical Physics . .......... Astronomy ..... Theoretical Physics . Radio Astronomv · ....... Radio Astronomy . .. Astrophysics · ............... Physics · ... Astrophysics . Theoretical Physics . ............... Physics . .... Physics · ............... PhYsics

Michael J. Hoffman, Ph.D.1 A. J. Janssen, Ph.D. I .. Richard P. Morton, Ph.D.1 ............................ . Robert Roth. Ph.D.' Anton R. Schep, Ph.D . . William A. Squires, Ph.D.' Neculai S. Teleman, Ph.D ....... .

........ Mathematics · .. Mathematics Mathematics . Mathematics · .. Mathematics · .. Mathematics · .......... Mathematics

Research Fellows Thomas B. Ake ilL Ph.D. Yoram Alhassid, Ph.D. Charles Beichman, Ph.D. William Bieber. Ph.D. Eric Bovet, Ph.D. Carlton M. Caves. Ph.D. Brian Combddge, Ph.D. France A. Cordova, Ph.D. Peter Cottrell, Ph.D. Joseph Cugnon, Ph.D. William DeCampli, Ph.D." R. Sandhya Devi, Ph.D. Bateman Re:-.earch Instructor :0

Chaim Weizmann Research FcllO\v

. ............ Astronomy PhYSics . PhYsics .. Phvsics . ....... PhYsics · ....... Physics Phrsics . . PhYsics .. Aslrol1omv Physics AstrophYSics .... PhYSics <








Jean O. Dickey, Ph.D. Joseph E. Griffith, Ph.D. Frank P. Israel, Ph.D. Rosemary G. Kennett, Ph.D. Edward W. Kolb, Ph.D. Bahram Mashhoon, Ph.D. Colin R. Masson, Ph.D. David L. Meier, Ph.D. Robert L. Messner, Ph.D. Stefan Mochnacki, Ph.D. John A. Nousek, Ph.D. Bruce M. Paine, Ph.D. David G. Payne, Ph.D. Timothy J. Pearson, Ph.D. Frank C. Porter, Ph.D.' Thomas A. Prince, Ph.D. David G. Sandler, Ph.D. Anneila Sargent, Ph.D. Jean Thierry-Mieg, Ph.D. David L. Tubbs, Ph.D. Stephen Unwin, Ph.D. R. Craig Walker, Ph.D. Keh-Chung Wang, Ph.D. Stephen V. Weber, Ph.D. j Alwyn Wooten, Ph.D. Alice Wu, Ph.D. Cosmas Zachos, Ph.D. John L. Zyskind, Ph.D.

Radio Astronomy Physics . PhYsics . ..... Radio Astronomy · ... Physics · ... Physics . ............. Astronomy · . Physics . ......... Phrsics · . Theoretical Astrophysics . ... Radio Astronomy ............ . Physics · . Physics .. Physics · Astronomy . Theoretical PhYsics · . Physics . Radio Astronomv . . Radio Astronomy . ......... Physics . Astrophysics . Radio Astronomy · ............... Physics · ..... Theoretical Phi-sics · ............... Physics

Members of the Professional Staff Martin S. Ewing, Senior Research Engineer Herbert E. Henrikson, Senior Design Engineer Keith Matthews, Scientist Richard B. Read, Senior Engineer Donald Skelton, Engineer Barbara A. Zimmerman, Computing Analyst

Graduate Students 1979-80 Applied Mathematics David Leslie Brown Elizabeth Ann Crooks Bernard Joseph Deppmeicr John Alan Fawcett Thomas M. Hagstrom Uli Manfred Huener Joseph Majda John Weidman :vIcLean




David Joseph Perozzi Michael D. Prendergast Douglas Alan Reinel! Luis Guillermo Maria Reyna Leonid Rudin Saleh Ahmed Tanveer Daniel Herbert Turnbull Daniel Ian Zwillinger

Matthew Arnold Malkan

Russell Ormond Redman Saha Donald Patrick Schneider William Lawrence Sebok Richard Stanley Simon Richard Alan Wade Howard K wong Chew Yee

Horne Stephen Matthew Kent Stephen Lichten Roger Paul Linfield Thomas Glenn Lockhart Mathematics Richard Paul Anstee Gary Ray Becker Stuart Lynch Blackburn Arthur Robert Calderbank Leslie Joseph Deutsch Jeffrey Lee Fordon Philip James Hanlon Dean Robert Hart Ralph Elwood Howard Michael David Huffman Physics Timothy James Alleman Hideaki Aoyama Gregory John Ball Alan Voltz Barnes Howard Berg Robert Eugene Blair Anthony Michael Bloch Norman Bobroff Hugh Herbert Breneman Richard Laurence Brenner Eugene David Brooks Kay Wyatt Brown Nestor Felipe Caticha-Alfonso Ariel Caticha Yia-chung Chang Yam Ki Chu

Brian Ronald Davis


Richard Alan Flammang Bradley

Reiner Josef Kallenborn mas George Kastanas Hong-Chuan Lin Bruce Michael Ian Rands Geoffrey Raymond Robinson Subhash Sharma Gregory Paul Tollisen Igor Mikolic-Torreira Frans Gerhardus Johannes Wiid John Charles Wolfskill

Michael David Foote Patrick Michael Frantz George Michael Fuller Cornelius Adolf Gehrels James Lawrence Gimlet! Mark Golomb Jeffrey Mark Greif Rajan Gupta Yekta Gursel Craig Warren Gustafson Jeffrey John Hamilton Michael David Hamrick Jeffrey Alan Harvey Robert Lee Hatch Jay Hauser Lowell Eugene Hazelton William Donald Hazelton Hereld Andrew Thompson Hunter Kenneth Alan Jensen Sarbmeet Singh Kanwal Rosemary Gillian Kennett Jaisam Kim George Koller Arieh Konigl Dale Edward Koop Krombel


Koon Hang Lau Lee Pui-Tang Leung Mark Allen Ludwig Douglas Alan MacDonald David Brian MacFarlane Narayan Krishna Mahale Neil Marcus John Keven Markey Max Marshall Olivier Christian Martin Michael Charles McNab Charles Kenneth Meins, If. Marcus Holden Mendenhall Geoffrey Blount Mills Richard Gerard Milner Donald Paul Mitchell John Anthony Murphy Daniel Nadeau Frank Joseph Nagy Joseph Michael Nilsen John Joseph Nugent Peter Oliver Orland John Lawrence Osborne Steve William Otto Richard Allan Partridge Robert Charles Pike Milind Vasant Purohit Ian H. Redmoun! David Benjamin Reiss Jeffrey David Richman Leonid Zinovy Rivkin James William Rohlf

Larry James judith Rosenthal Augusto Sagnotti Raghvendra Sahai Balachandran Sathiapalan Bonny Laura Schumaker Lucy Elizaheth Seiberling Kristen Sellgren Michael P. Shatz Byron Bong Siu Robert Thomas Skelton John David Spalding Srinivas Sridhar Stuart Reh Stampke Gayle Arden Sugiyama Eugene Szedenits, Jr. Peter Taborek Anthony Emerson Terrano Stephen Trentalange Tsun-yan Tse Michael Patrick Tuite John Reinhold Valainis Mark Alan Voelker Michael Ben Weimer Roy David Williams Brian David Wilson Harold Stevenson Wilson Jack Leach Wisdom Stephen Wolfram Hitoshi Yamamoto Kar Woo Yung Mark Edward Zimmermann James Frederick Zumberge

Owens Valley Radio Observatory Staff Members Alan T. Moffet, Director Glenn L. Berge, Marshall H. Cohen, Ph.D. S. Ewing, Ph.D. Gillian R. Knapp, Ph.D. Robert B. Leighton, Alan Moffet, Ph.D.

Duane O. Muhleman, Ph.D. Thomas G. Phillips, Ph.D. Richard B. Read, Ph.D. Wallace L. W. Sargent, Ph.D. George A. Seielstad, Ph.D. Peter Wannier, Ph.D.

Singer, Ph.D. Professor of Biology,


Theodore Anderson, Ph.D. Professor of Statistics and Economics, Stanford University Alexandra Bellow. Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, Northwestern University Julian D. Cole, Ph.D. Professor of Engineering and Mathematics, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of California, Los Angeles William Hayes, Sc.D. Professor of Genetics, The Australian National University Horst Hoffmann, Habil. Head of the PhYsics Department, University of Regensburg Fritz John, Ph.D. Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. New York University Irving Kaplansky, Ph.D. George Herbert Mead Distinguished Service Pr()fessor, Department of Mathematics, The University of Chicago Robert P. Kraft. Ph.D. Professor and Astronomer, Lick Observatory, University of California, Santa Cruz; Chairman, Board of Studies in Astronomy and Astrophysics William R. Levick, M.Sc. Professorial Fellow in Physi%g); The John Curtin School of Medical Research, the Australian National University G. S. Maddala, Ph.D. Graduate Research Prc


Atl!lIeltics and

Phv",',.",,1 =",u,,-auvn

, Director of Athletics and Phvsical Educarion


Full-Time Staff Edward Preisler, B.A. Spencer, B.S.

Bob Davies, M.S. E. Leroy Neal, M.A.

Part-Time Staff lohn Lamb Elizabeth Oberstein, M.A. Tsutomu Ohshima, B.A. Hudson L. Scott, M.S.

David Beck, B.A. Dean G. Bond, B.A. Donald R. Cameron, B.Sc. Harold G. Cassriel, B.S. George Clovis

Athletic Council The intercollegiate athletic program is under the supervision of the Athletic Council, which consists of representatives of the faculty, the Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology (ASCIT), and the alumni of the Institute.

Willis H. Booth ComJ:mtlin2 Center Charles B. Ray, Director Kiku Matsumoto, Deputy Director

James V. Bys Albert Fuwu Chang Lucie E. Cofield Joseph H. Dailey James P. Elliott Edith P. Huang Michael D. Lackman

Robert S. Logan Dallas W. Oller, Jr. William C. Peterson Donald D. Rintala Hector R. Valdez Kimo Yap Dimitrios Zorbas

Environmental Norman H.



Hale Ohservalories

Research Director; james Irvine Professor of Environmental and Civil Engineering Professor of Environmental Engineering Professor of Political Science Flagan, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Science Assistant Professor of Economics George Morton S. Isaacson, Research Engineer Robert C. Y. Koh, Research Associate in Environmental Engineering Science Lester Lees, Professor of Environmental Engineering Science and Aeronautics E. John List, Professor of Environmental Engineering Science Gregory J. McRae, Senior Research Engineer James J. Morgan, Professor and Executive Officer of Environmental Engineering Science Roger G. NolL Professor of Economics; Chairman, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences R. Talbot Page, Research Associate in Economics James P. Quirk, Professor of Economics Christian Seigneur, Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering John H. Seinfeld, Professor and Executive Officer of Chemical Engineering Frederick H. Shair, Professor of Chemical Engineering Brent D. Taylor, Senior Research Engineer, Member of the Professional Staff James W. Tilden, Senior Research Engineer Wade Wells, Hydrologist (on assignment to EQL by U.S. Forest Service) Louis L Wilde, Assistant Professor of Economics

Consultant James

Krier, Professor of Law. Stanford University

Gradllate Stlldents 1978-79 William Brownlie (Engineering) Robert Hahn (Social Science) Steven Hashimoto (Social Science) Mark Isaac (Social Science)

Gregory McRae (Engineering) Thomas Palfrey (Social Science) Charles Slater (Social Science)

Hale Observatories Operated jointlY bv the California Institute of Techn%g;; and the Carnegie Instimtion of Washington

Maarten Schmidt. Director


James E Gunn, Ph,D, Robert E Ph.D. Ph.D, LeJgmOn, Ph.D. Gerry Neugebauer, Ph.D. j, Beverley Oke, Ph.D. S. Eric Persson, Ph.D. George W. Ph.D. Allan R. Sandage, Ph,D., Se.D., D.Sc., LLD.

Staff Associates Robert J. Brucato, Ph.D. Charles T. Kowal, B.S. Jean J. Lorre, M.S. Keith W. Matthews, M.S.

B. Thomas Soifer, Ph,D, John T. Trauger, Ph.D. Michael W, Werner, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellows Alan M. Dressler, Ph.D. Thomas R. Geballe, Ph.D.

Ronald Moore, Ph.D. Robert ], Zinn, Ph.D.

Research Fellows Thomas B. Ake III, Ph.D. Peter L Cottrell, Ph.D. Gary S. Du Costa, Ph.D. Debra M. Elmegreen, Ph.D. Howard French, Ph.D. Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr., Ph.D.

Barry J. LaBonte, Ph.D, Stefan Mochnacki, Ph,D. Jeremy R, Mould, Ph.D. Anneila I. Sargent, Ph.D. Horace A, Smith, Ph.D.

Health Center Gregory Ketabgian, M.D. Marlene Coleman, M.D. Barbara Fass, Ph.D. Judson James, M.D. Warren Jones, M.D. Jack Lindheimer, M.D. Haig Manjikian, Sigrid McPherson, Robert Drezner, Ph.D.

. ...... Director of Health Services . ......... Attending Physician ...... , ....... Institute Psychologist . Attending Physician . .. , Consulting Psychiatrist . Consulting Psychiatrist . ... Attending Physician .... Senior Institute Psw'h%gisl .. Institute P,n'ch%gisi

Veysey, . DireclOr, induslria/ Relarions Celller: Lecturer in Business Economics and 111dl1s1rial Relations

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Caltech for the National ileronautics and Space Administration

Bruce C. Murray, Director C. H. Terhune, Jr., Deputy Director Advisory COllncil Dr. Philip H. Abelson Editor, Science Dr. Arden Albee Professor of Geology, Caltech; Chief Scientist, JPL Mr. Norton Belknap Senior Vice President Exxon International Company Mr. Walter Burke Cal tech Trustee, and President of Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc. Dr. Lee A. DuBridge President Emeritus. Caltech, and Life Trustee of Cal tech Dr. Eugene G. Fubini E. G. Fubini Consultants, Ltd. Mr. John Gardner Chairman, President's Commission on White House Fellowships, and Founding Chairman, Common Cause Hon. Shirley Hufstedler Caltech Trustee, and Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals Dr. Barclay Kamb Professor of Geology and Geophysics; Chairman of the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech

Dr. James J. Morgan Professor of Environmental Engineering Science and Executive Officer, Environmental Engineering Science; Chairman of the Faculty, Caltech Dr. Roger Noll Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Caltech Dr. Bernard M. Oliver Vice President, Research and Development, Hewlett-Packard Company Dr. Allen Peterson Professor of Electrical Engineering and Co-Director, Stanford Center for Radar Astronomy, Stanford University Dr. John R. Pierce Professor of Engineering, Caltech Mr. Stanley R. Rawn, Jr. Caltech Trustee, and President of Marline Resources Company, Inc. Dr. Eberhardt Rechtin President, Aerospace Corporation Mrs. Mary L. Scranton Caltech Trustee Dr. John M. Teem (Council Chairman) President, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.

Ex Officio:

Dr. Robert Christy Vice President and Provost. Caltech

Past Members: Mr. Benjamin Biaggini Dr. Harry Gray Mr. Robert Gilmore Ray Owen



Mr. David Morrisroe Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer, Caltech

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Simon Ramo Robert Sharp Robert W. Vaughan 1 Rochus Vogt

Engineering Librarian Donald McNamee, Catalog Librarian Edward R. Moser, Serials Librarian Dana L. Roth, Sciences Librarian, MPS

Representatives for the Departmental Libraries Clarence R. Allen, Ph.D. Tom M. Apostol, Ph.D. John F. Benton. Ph.D. Felix H. Boehm, Ph.D. Charles J. Brokaw, Ph.D. Norman H. Brooks, Ph.D. Francis S. Buffington, Ph.D. Marshall Cohen, Ph.D. Donald E. Coles. Ph.D.

George R. Gavalas, Ph.D. Paco A. Lagerstrom, Ph.D. Gilbert D. McCann, Ph.D. Charles H. Papas, Ph.D. Rolf H. Sabersky, Ph.D. Walter A. Schroeder, Ph.D. Leonard Searle, Ph.D. Victor V. Veysey, M.B.A.

Musical Activities Olaf Frodsham Monica Roegler William Bing Kim Kowalke James R(itter James Boyk

.. Director of Choral A1usic .. Assistant Director of Choral Music ..... Jazz Band Director . Symphony Orchestra Direc/or ... Wind Ensemble Director ......... Interpretive Music Class

OFFICERS AND FACULTY Marvin Leonard Goldberger, Ph.D., President; Professor of Physics B.S., Institute,

Institute of Technology, 1943; Ph.D., The University

Chicago, 1948. California

Allan James Acosta, Ph.D., Professor of Meclumical Engineering California institute, 1958-66; Professor,

M.S., 1949; Ph.D., 1952. Assistant Professor, 1954-58; Associate

Andreas Aebi, Ph.D., Lecturer in German of Southern California, 1970; Ph.D., 1974. Lecturer in French, California Institute, German, 1978-.

William Scot! Agnew, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry A.B., University of California (Los Angeles), 1968; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1976-.

Thomas J. Ahrens, Ph.D., Professor of Geophysics B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Polytechnic Institute, 1962. Associate

1957; M.S" California Institute, 1958; Ph.D., Rensselaer California Institute, 1967-76; Professor, 1976-.

Thomas Bellis Ake III, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Astronomy B.S., Case Western Reserve University, 1971; M,S., 1974; Ph.D" 1977, California Institute, 1978-.

Arden Leroy Albee, Ph.D., Professor of Geology; Chief Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory A.B., Harvard College, 1950; A,M., Harvard University, 1951; Ph,D., 1957, Visiting Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1959-60; Associate Professor, 1960-66; Professor, 1966-; Academic Officer, Geological and Planetary Sciences, 1971-79; ChiefSciemist, 1979-,

Igor Tigranovich Alexanian, Cando Sci" Visiting Associate in Electrical Engineering Bacc., Moscow State University, 1958; Cand, 1964, Microelectronic Reliability, Institute of Electronic Te,chrlol(wv 1979,

Yoram Alhassid, Ph.D" Weizmann Research Fellow in Physics B.Sc" The Hebrew University, 1974; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1979-80,

Clarence Roderic Allen, Ph.D., Professor of Geology and Geophysics Reed 1949; M.S" California Institute, 1951; Ph,D., 1954, Assistant 59; 1959-64; Professor, 1964-. Interim Director of Seismological 1965-67; Acting Chairman, Division of GeOlogy, 1967-68,

Mark Andrew Allen, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Planetary Science B,A" Columbia University, 1971; Ph,D., California Institute, 1976. Research Fellow, 1978-79.

John Morgan Allman, Ph,D., Associate Professor of Biology B.A., University of Virginia, 1965; Professor, California Institute, 1974-77;

1968; Ph,D" 1971 Assistant Professor, 1977-.

George Amthauer, DL rer. nat. , Visiting Associate in Mineralogy of Bonn, 1974-.

1974. Researeh Associate

Carl David Anderson, Ph,D" SeD., LL.D., Nobel Laureate, Board of Trustees Professor of Physics, Emeritus B,S., California Associate Professor. Astronomy, 1962-70; Board

David Maurice Anderson, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Biology California State University (Fresno), 1970; Institute, 1977-,

1972; Ph.D"

Purdue University, 1977.

Lynn Anderson, Ph,D" Professor of Geophysics; Director, Seismological Laboratory B.s" Rensselaer 1962-63; Supported

the Koeplli Fund

Ph.D" 1962. 1968-: Direc(LOA) Leave of Absence




Institule, 1978,79.

Anderson, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar University,

Ph.D., 1945.


Fred Colvig Anson, Ph,D., Professor of Chemistry B.S., California Institute, 1954; Assistant 1958,62; Chemistry,

University, 1957. Instructor, California Institute, Professor, 1962,68; 1968-:

Tom M, Apostol, Ph,D" Professor of Mathematics B.S..

M,S., 1946; Ph,D., Associate Professor,

Gordon Appleby, Ph,D" Mellon Postdoctoral Instructor in Anthropology Middlebury College, 1967; M.A., Stanford University, 1969; Ph,D., 1978. California Institute,

Halton Christian Arp, Ph.D" Staff Member, Hale Observatories A.B., Harvard College, 1949; Ph.D., California Institute, 1953. Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1957,.

James Patrick Ary, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., S1. Mary's College of California, 1969; Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1976. California Institute, 1976,.

Marylouise Ary, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.A., Immaculate Heart College, 1969; Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1977. Califor, nia Institute, 1977,.

Michael Aschbacher, Ph.D., Professor ofMathematics B.S., California Institute, 1966; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1969. Bateman Research Instructor. California Institute, 1970,72; Assistant Professor, 1972,74; Associa!e Professor, 1974,76; Professor, 1976,

Giuseppe Attardi, M.D., Professor of Biology M.D., University of Padua, 1947. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1959,60; Assistant Professor, 1963; Associate Professor, 1963,67; Professor, 1967,.

Vasilily L Avdeev, Cand" Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering Cand., The Voronezh State University. 1958. California Institute, 1978,79.

Vasil K. Babamov, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., University of Skopje (Yugoslavia), 1965; Ph.D., University of Illinois (Urbana), 1977. California Institute, 1978,79.

Charles Dwight Babcock, Jr., Ph,D., Professor of Aeronautics B.S., Purdue University, 1957; 1962,63; Assistant Professor, 1963,68;

California Institute, 1958; Ph.D., 1962. Research Fellow, Professor, 1968,74; Professor, 1974,.

Horace Welcome Babcock, Ph,D" Sc.D" Staff Member, Hale Observatories California Institute, 1934; Ph.D., 1946,; Assistant Director, 1956,63;

of California, 1938. Staff Member, Hale Obser, Director, 1963-64; Director, 1964,78.

Robert Fox Bacher, Ph.D" Sc.D., LL.D., Professor of Physics, Emeritus B.S .. The 1949,76;

1926; of 1949,62; Provost,

Stanley H. Bacon, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering


California Institute, 1977,.

Raphael Badoud, Ph, D., Research Fellow in Chemistry DipL, University of Fribourg, 1973; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

John Dickson Baldeschwieler, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry B

Professor. California Engineering. 1973,78.

56 Officers and Faculty

Michael Joseph Barcelona, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Environmental Engineering Science B,A., SI. Rico, 1976.

1971; M.s., Northeastern University, 1974; Ph,D" University 1976·.


Nadav Bar-Chaim, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics Hebrew University, 1967; M,Sc., Tel-Aviv University, 1973; Ph,D., 1978, California Institute,

Mircea A. Barglazan, DipL, Visiting Associate in Mechanical Engineering Dip!., Politechnica11ostilUte (Romania), 1961 Academician, 1961-. California Institute, 1979,

Barry Clark Barish, Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.A., University of California, 1957; Ph.D., 1962. Research Fellow, California Institute. 1963-66; Assistant Professor, 1966-69; Associate Professor, 1969-72; Professor. 1972-.

Charles Andrew Barnes, Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.A., McMaster University, 1943; M./\., University of Toronto, 1944; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1950. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1953-54; Senior Research Fellow, 1954-55; 1956-58; Associate Professor, 1958·62; Professor, ]962-.

Robert Hinrichs Bates, Ph.D., Professor ofPolitical Science B.A., Haverford College, J964; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969. Assistant Professor, California lnstirute, 1969·75; Associate Professor, 1975-79; Professor, ] 979-.

Jesse Lee Beauchamp, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry B.S., California Institute, 1964; Ph,D., Harvard University. 1967. Noyes Research lnstructor. Califor· nia Institute. 1967-69; Assistant Professor, 1969-71; Associate Professor, 1971-74; Professor, 1974·.

Richard H. Becker, Ph,D., Senior Research Fellow in Geochemistry B,S., Brooklyn College, 1965; Ph.D .. The University of Chicago. 1971. California Institute, 1978-.

Charles Beichman, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics A.B., Harvard College, 1973; M.s., University of Hawaii, 1975; Ph.D., 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

Paul B. Bell. Jr., Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biology A.B., tute.


University. 1968; Ph.D., Yale University, 1974. Research Fellow. California Insti· Associate. 1979·80.

Paul Murray Bellan, Ph,D., Assistant Professor of Applied Physics University of Manitoba, 1970; M.A., Princeton University, 1972; Ph.D., 1975. California lnsti-

Alexandra Bellow, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar sity.

of Bucharest, 1957; Ph.D., Yale University, 1959. Professor, Northwestern Univer1980.

Saul Bellow, B.A., Visiting Dreyfuss Professor of Humanities 1937.

and Martha

Gruner Distinguished Service

Ph.D., Lecturer in Science Communication 1943;




Strasbourg. 1950.


Officers and Faculty


Howard C. Berg, Ph.D., Professor of Biology B.S., California Institute, 1956; M.A., Harvard University, 1960; Ph.D., 1964. Professor, California Institute, 1979-.

Glenn L. Berge, Ph.D., Staff Member, Owens Valley Radio Observatory B.A., Luther 1960; M.S., California Institute, 1962; Ph.D., 1965. Research Fellow in Radio 1970-72; Senior Research Fellow in Planetary Science Astronomy, Research and Radio Astronomy, 1972-77; Staff 1978-.

Bo Inge Berglund, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering M.Sc., University ofUppsala (Sweden), 1971; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

John William Bieber, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S., Kutztown State Cnllege, 1972; M.S., University of Maryland, 1974; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1978-79.

Gerald J. Bierman, Ph.D., Lecturer in Systems Engineering


B.S., Brooklyn College, 1960; M.S., M.E.E., New York University, 1963;Ph.D., Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1967. Tracking and Orhit Determination Section, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1971-. California institute, 1978-79.

Richard John Bing, M.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering M.D., University of Munich, 1934; M.D., University of Bern, 1935. Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California; Director. Cardiology and Intramural Medicine, Huntington Memorial Hospital, 1969-. Research Associate in Engineering Science, California Institute, 1970-72; Visiting Associate in Biomedical Engineering, 1972-78; Visiting Associate in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 1978-.

Dorwin L. Birt, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.S., Purdue University, 1968; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1973. Research Fellow. California Institute, 1974-77; Senior Research Fellow, 1977-.

Daniel Lloyd Birx, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics Ph.D .. University of California (Santa Barbara), 1977. Research Associate, 1977-. California Institute, 1978-79.

Karen J. Blair, Ph.D., Instructor in U.S. History B.A., Mount Holyoke College, 1971; M.A., State University of New York (Buffalo), 1974; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1978-79.

Roger D. Blandford, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics B.A., Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, 1970; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1974. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1976-79; Professor, 1979-.

Maria L Bochenek, M.S., Visiting Associate in Aeronautics M.S .. University of Krakow. Lecturer in Physics (Retired), Warsaw Polytechnic School. California Institute, 1979.

Felix Hans Boehm, Ph.D., Professor of Physics Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Senior Research Fellow, 1955-58; 1961-.

Ph.D., 1951. Research Professor, 1958-59;

Henri Frederic Bohnenblust, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus A.B., Federal Institute of Te(;nnolc'gy. California Institute. 1946-74; Dean 1964-66; Professor Emeritus, 1974-.

Princeton University, 1931. Professor, Executive Officer t"r Mathematics,


Bond, , Research Fellow ill Biology The University of Rochester, 1969: Ph.D .. University of Pennsylvania, 1979. California Institute, 1978-79. (PT) institute, 1934. Research Assistant. 1935-36; In1938-42: Associate Professor, 1942-46; Professor, 1946-.

Director of Student Relalions: 1935. Director of Foundation Relations. Director. 1969-:

Emilio Bordignon, Ph.D.,

/is.''''·IU''' in Chemistry 1963. Professor, University of Venice, 1971-. California Institute, 1974;

Ph.D., 1975; 1976;

Henry Borsook, Ph.D" M,D" Professor of Biochemistry, Emeritus University of Professor,


1940. Assistant Professor, California Institute,

Anastassios C. Bountis, Ph,D., Bateman Research Instructor in Applied Mathematics B.A., Dartmouth College, 1972; M.A., The University of Rochester, 1974; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978,79.

Eric Bovet, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics Ph.D" University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), 1978. California Institute, 1978,79.

Paul Bowerman, A.M., Professor of Modern Languages, Emeritus A.B., Dartmouth College, 1920; lUte, 1942,45; Assistant Professor,

The University of Michigan, 1936. Instructor, California lnsti, Associate Professor, 1947,69; Professor Emeritus, 1969,.

Hermes Bravo, D.D.S., Visiting Associate in Biology D.D.S., University of Chile, 1968. Assistant Professor, 1974,. California Institute, 1978,79.

Louis Breger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology B.A., University of California (Los 1961. Visiting Associate Professor,

1957; M.A., The Ohio State University, 1959; Ph.D., Institute, 1970-71; Associate Professor, 1971,.

Robert Edward Breidenthal, Jr., Ph.D., Research Fellow in Aeronautics B.S.A.E .. Wichita State University, 1973; M.S., Caljt()rnia Institute, 1974; Ph.D., 1978. Research Fellow, 1978,79.

Christopher Brennen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering B.A., Oxford University, 1963; M.A., Ph.D., 1966. Research Senior Research Fellow, 1972,75; Research Associate, 1975,76;

California Institute, 1969,72; Professor, 1976,.

William B. Bridges, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics; Executive Officer for Electrical Engineering B.S.. of California, 1956; M.S .. 1957; Ph.D., 1962. Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, Institute, 1974,75; Professor. 1977,; Executive Officer for Electrical Engineering, 1978,.

Raymond P Briggs, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biology


(Michigan), 1967; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1973. Chaffey College. 1977,.

Roy John Britten, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate in Biology 1951. Staff Member, Research Associate.

David James Britton, D.M.A., Lecturer in Music


B.M .. Oberlin Conservatory of Music. 1963; Assistant Professor of Organ, California State 1977-.

James Eugene Broadwell, Ph.D., Research Associate in Aeronautics


Jeremy P Brockes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology of

1967: Ph.D .. Edinburgh University, 1972. California Institute, 1978,.


Herrick Brooks, Ph.D., James Irvine Engineering; Director of Environmental A.B..

of Environmental and Civil Laboratory

1949; M.S.,

Envif()nrnerltal and Civil Engineering. 1972-74; Director, 1974-.

Garry L. Brown, D.Phii., Professor of Aeronautics RE., Institute,

1967. Research Fellow, California 1974; Professor, 1977-.

of Adelaide, 1964; D.Phil.. Senior Research Fellow, 1970;


Lee F. Browne, M.S., Lecturer in Education

B.S., West Virginia State College, 1944; M.S., New York University, 1950. Director of Secondary School Relations, California Institute, 1969-; Lecturer, 1971-.

Donald Eugene Brownlee II, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Geochemistry B.S., University of California, 1965; Ph.D .• University of Washington, 1971. Senior Research Associate, 1974-. California Institute, 1977-.

Robert Josepb Brucato, Ph.D., Staff Associate, Hale Observatories B.S., University oflllinois, 1966; M.S., University of Chicago, 1968; Ph.D., Northwestern University. 1970. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1971-72; Staff Associate, 1972-.

Richard Hugh Buckholz, Jr., Ph.D., Research Fellow in Engineering Science B.S., University of Maryland, 1971; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1979; California lnstitute, 1978-79.

Francis Stephan Buffington, Se.D., Associate Professor of Materials Science; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies iecnn<)lo.gy, 1938; Sc.D., 195 L Assistant Professor of Mechanical Enl,in"eriM. California lnstitute. 1951-56; Professor. 1956-63; Associate Professor of MateScience, 1963-; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. 1975-.

John Douglas Buhr, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Bethel College, 1971; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1978. California Institute, 1979-80.

David W. Burchmore, Ph.D., Instructor in English A.B., Princeton University, 1973; M.A., University of Virginia, 1975; Ph.D., J978. California InstilUte. 1978-.

David T. Burhans, Ph.D., Lecturer in Speech Communication B.A., structor.



of Southern California, 1969; Ph.D., 1973. In·


Patricia Virginia Burke, Ph_D., Visiting Associate in Biology B.A., Pomona College, 1964; Ph.D .. California Institute. 1971. Visiting Associate, 1978.

William T. Burke, B. S. E. E., Visiting Associate in Computer Science B.S.EE., nia Institute.

of Washington, 1962. Senior Member, IBM Design Automation, 1976-. Califor-

Donald Stacy Burnett, Ph.D., """Pr of Nuclear Geochemistry; Academic Officer, Division of Geological and Planetary University of California. 1963. Research Fellow in 'of Nuclear Geochemistry. 1965-68; Associate Professor. 1968-75: Professor, 1975-; Academic Officer, 1979-. The

Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry pf California (San Diego). 1974; Ph.D ..

University. 1979. California lnsti-

tute. 1979-80.


Fellow in Biology

of Califurnia (Davis). 1973; Ph.D., University !Ute, 1978-.

<-alumma, 1978.


and Facu/(v

Bruce E. Cain, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science B.A., Bowdoin Arts and Sciences.

BPhil., Oxford University, 1972; Ph.D., Harvard Graduate School of Institute, 1976-.

Kathryn Lee Calame, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology of Missouri, 1962; M.S., George Washington University. 1965; Ph.D., 1975. Califor-

Judith L. Campbell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.A., Wellesley College, 1965; Ph.D .. Harvard University, 1974. California Institute 1978-.

Michel Jacques Cara, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geophysics M.A., University of Paris, 1970; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1979-80.

George A. Carlson, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry


A.B., University of California, 1961; M.A., 1963: Ph.D., 1967. Instructor, Citrus College, 1975-. California Institute, 1975-.

Klara Carmely, Ph.D., Lecturer in German B.A., San Fernando Valley State College, 1969: M.A., University of Southern California, 1971; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1973-.

Glen R. Cass, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering B.A., University of Southern California, 1969; M.S., Stanford University, 1970; Ph.D., California Institute, 1977. Senior Research Fellow and Instructor, 1977-79; Assistant Professor, 1979-.

Thomas Kirk Caughey, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Mechanics B.Sc., Glasgow University. 1948; M.M.E" Cornell University, 1952; Ph.D" California Institute, 1954. Instructor, 1953-54; Assistant Professor, 1955-58; Associate Professor, 1958-62; Professor, 1962-.

Carlton M. Caves, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.A., Rice University, 1972; Ph.D., California Institute, 1977, Research Fellow. 1977-.

Enrique Cerda-Olmedo, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biology 1965; Ph.D., Stanford 1967. Professor of Genetics, University California Institute, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, California Institute, 1975-76; Visiting Associate, 1979.

Sunney Ignatius Chan, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Physics and Biophysical Chemistry; .Executive Officer for Chemistry B,S., University of California, 1957; Ph.D .. 1960. Assistant Professor of Chemical Physics, California Institute, 1963-64; Associate Professor, 1964-68; Professor, 1968-76; Professor of Chemical Physics and Biophysical Chemistry, 1976-. Acting Executive Officer, 1977-78: Executive Officer, 1978-.

Bruce W. Chappell, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Geology B.Sc., University of New England, 1959; M.Sc., 1961; Ph.D., The Australian National University, 1968. Reader in Geology, 1977-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Thomas J. Chester, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Astrophysics B.A, University of Kansas, 1972; M,A., Princeton University, 1975; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Pandipati Radhakrishnaiah Chetty, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Electrical Engineering BE, Andhra University (India), 1971; PhD" Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), 1978. California Institute. 1978-79.

John Choma, Jr., Ph.D., Lecturer in Electrical Engineering

(PT) B.S.EE, University of Pittsburgh, 1963; M.S.E.E., 1965; Ph.D., 1969. California Institute, 1979-.

Anne Chomyn, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology Ph.D" California Institute. 1978. Research Fellow, 1978-79,

Robert Frederick Christy, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Physics; Vice President and Provost B,A., The University of British Ph.D., University of California. 1941. Associate Professor of California Institute. Professor of The~)retical Executive Officer for 1968-70; Vice President and Provost, 1970-; Acting

Mark Calvin Citron. Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B,S" Purdue University. 1971; Ph,D" The University of Rochester, 1976, California Institute. 1976-,

Officers and Faculty

J. Kent Clark, Ph.D., Professor of English Young University, Assistant Professor,

1950. Instructor, California InstiProfessor, 1960-.

Francis Hettinger Clauser, Ph.D., Clark Blanchard ltlillikan Professor of Engineering M.S., Science,

Ph.D., 1937. Millikan Professor, 1969-; Chairman, Divi-

Donald S. Cohen, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Mathematics Sc.B., Brown University, Cornell Institute), 1962. Assistant Mathematics, of Applied Mathematics, 1967-71; Professor, 1971-.

Judith G. Cohen, Ph.D., Associate. Professor of Astronomy B.A., Radcliffe College, 1967; Ph.D., California Institute, 1971. Associate Professor, 1978-; Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1978-.

Marshall Harris Cohen, Ph.D., Professor of Radio Astronomy B.E.E., The Ohio State University, 1948; M.S., 1949; Ph.D., 1952. Visiting Associate Professor, California Institute, 1965; Professor, 1968-.

Maurice Cohen, Jf., Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.S., Florida State University, 1968; M.S., 1970; Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1974. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1974-79; Visiting Associate, 1979-.

Julian D. Cole, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar B.M.E., Cornell University, 1944; Ph.D., California Institute, 1949. Professor, University of California (Los Angeles), 1969-. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1949-51; Assistant Professor, 195155; Associate Professor, 1955-59; Professor 1959-69; Fairchild Scholar, 1979-80.

Terry Cole, Ph.D., Research Associate in Chemistry B.S., University of Minnesota, 1954; Ph.D., California Institute, 1957. Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, 1976-77; Research Associate, 1979-80.

William E. Coleman, Ph.D., Lecturer in Management Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1949. California Institute, 1979.

Donald Earl Coles, Ph.D., Professor of Aeronautics B.S., University of Minnesota, 1947; M.S., California Institute, 1948; Ph.D .. 1953. Research Fellow, 1953-55; Senior Research Fellow, 1955-56; Assistant Professor, 1956-59; Associate Professor, 195964; Professor, 1964-.

Michael J. Collins, D.Phil., Visiting Associate Professor ofMathematics B.A., Oxford University, 1965; M.A., D.Phil., 1969. Lecturer, 1970-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Giuseppe Colombo, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Planetary Science Ph.D., University of Pisa, 1943. Professor, University of Padua, 1955-. California Institute, 1978-.

Brian L. Combridge, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.A., Churchill College, 1972; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1978-.

Jack F. Conn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Harvard University, 1973; Ph.D, Princeton University, 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Robin Sue Eichen Conn, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry A.B .. Harvard University. 1975; M.A .. Princeton University, 1977; Ph.D., 1979. California institute, 1979-80.

Frederick James Converse, B.S., Professor of Soil Mechanics, Emeritus B.S .. The 1933-39; Associate

1914. Instructor, California Institute, 1921-33; Assistant Professor, Professor. 1947-62; Professor Emeritus. 1962-.

William Harrison Corcoran, Ph.D., Institute Professor of Chemical Engineering B.S .. California Institute, 1941; M.S .. 1942: Ph.D., 1948. Associate Professor. 1952-57; Professor, 1957-79; Institute Professor, 1979-. Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering, 1967-69: Vice President for Institute Relations. 1969-79.

France Anne Cordova, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.A .. Stanford University, 1969; Ph.D. California Institute, 1979. Research Fellow, 1979.

Noel Robert Corngold, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Physics A.B .. Columbia

1949: Harvard 1966-74: Professor of

1950: Ph.D .. 1954. Professor of Applied Physics, 1974-.


Peter Ledsam Cottrell, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Adelaide University, 1974: Ph.D., The

uu""""y, 1978. California


Eugene Woodville Cowan, Ph.D., Professor of Physics University of Missouri, Institute, 1948. Research sor, 1954-61; Professor, 1961-.


S.M., Massachuse!!s Institute of Te"hrloi<,gy, 1948-50: Assistant Professor, 1950-54;

Ph.D" Profes-

Loring G. Craymer HI, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S" California Institute, 1972; Ph.D" The University of Wisconsin, 1977, California Institute, 1977-,

Bruno Crosignani, Lib. Doc., Visiting Associate in Electrical Engineering Laurea, University nf Rome, California Institute, 1970-71;

Lib. Doc., 197L Associate Professor, 1973-, Research Fellow, Associate, 1976; 1977; 1978,

Ronald J. Crowley, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics B,S" University of Southern California, 1961; University (Fulierton), 1974-. California Institute,


1965; Ph,D., 1967, Professor, California State

Joseph Cugnon, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics Ph,D" University of Liege, 1972, California Institute, 1979-80,

Siobodan M. Cuk, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Dipt lng" Belgrade University, 1970; M.S,E,E" University of Santa Clara, 1974; Ph,D" California Institute, 1977. Lecturer (PTJ, 1977; Research Fellow, 1977; Assistant Professor. 1977-.

Fred E, C. Culick, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Physics and Jet Propulsion S,B" S,M" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1957; Ph,D., 1961. Research Fellow in Jet Propulsion, California Institute, 1961-63; Assistant Professor, 1963·66; Associate Professor, 1966-71; Professor, 1971-78; Professor of Applied Physics and Jet Propulsion, 1978-,

Calvin John Curtis, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B,S" Harvey Mudd College, 1973; Ph.D" University of California, 1978, California Institute. 1978-79,

Eric Harris Davidson, Ph.D" Professor of Biology B,A" Professor,

1958; Associate

The Rockfeller University, 1963, Visiting Assistant 1971-74; Professor, 1974-,

John Michael Davidson, Ph,D., Senior Research Fellow in Physics A,B" University of California, 1966; University of Maryland, 1970; Ph.D., 1973, Research Fellow, California Institute, 1976-79; Senior Fellow, 1979-,

Norman Ralph Davidson, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry B,S., The University of Chicago, 1937; B,Sc" Oxford Chicago, 1941. Instructor, California Institute, 1946-49; Assistant fessor, 1952-57; Professor, 1957-. Executive Officer for Chemistry, 1967-73,

Lance Edwin Davis, Ph.D., Professor of Economics University of Washington, 1950; Ph,D" The lohns Hopkins University, 1956, California Institute,

Leverett Davis, Jf., Ph.D" Professor of Theoretical Physics B,S"



1941. Instructor, 1941-46;

Richard Albert Dean, Ph.D" Professor of Mathematics B.S" California Institute, 1945; 1948; Ph.D" 1953, sor, 1955-59; Associate 1959-66; Professor, 1966-,

E, J,

de Boer, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Chemistry

Ph,D .. University of Groningen, 1979, California Institute, 1979-80,

Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Mathematics Ph,D" Sherman

of r ... "",w.HU, Distinguished

Michael DeCampli, Ph, D,. Weizmalln Research F eflow B,S" Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1973; M,A" California Institute. 1978-,



Ebbel de longe, Ph,D" Visiting Associate in Mathematics Leiden State Institute, 1978-79,


1973, Scientific Officer, Catholic University, 1974-,

Max Delbriick, Ph,D., Sc,D" Nobel Laureate, Board of Trustees Professor of Biology, Emeritus Universitv of Alben- Billings Emeritus, 1977-,

1937-39: Professor, Trustees Professor

Fellow, California Professor of Biology, 1971-77:

Piotr Dembek, Ph,D, ,Research Fellow in Chemistry M,S" A, Mickiewica University (Poznan), 1968; Ph,D"

1974, California Institute, 1979-80,

Denn, Ph,D" Visiting Chevron Energy Professor Ph,D" Universitv of Minnesota, 1964, Allan P. Colburn Professor, Institute, '1980,

Charles Raymond De Prima, Ph,D" Professor (if Mathematics B,A" New York Institute, 1946,51; 1964-,

1940: Ph,D" 1943, Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics, California Professor, 1951-56; Professor, 1956-64; Professor of Mathematics,

Peter B, Dervan, Ph,D" Associate Professor of Chemistry 1967; Ph.D" Yale University, 1972, Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1979-.

Riccardo Destro, Lib. Doc" Visiting Associate in Chemistry of Milan, 1964; Lib, j 973-, Research Fellow,


1971, Associate Professor, 1970; Visiting Associate.


K, R, Sandhya Devi, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Physics 1973,

University of Mysore, 1965; M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, 1967; Ph,D" Tata Institute, Institute, 1979-80.

George John Dick, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Applied Physics A,B" Bethel


1953: Ph.D" University of Minnesota, 1957. Associate Profes1968-. Rutgers University, 1975: Ph,D" 1976, Calii()rnia Institute,

, Visiting Associate in University, 1967; 'v1S, 1968: California 1978-79,

1971 Assistant Professor.

Assistant Professor. 1943-45: Associate Professor,

, Assislanl

of Aeronautics and Applied Ph,D .. 1973. 1975,.

Feilow, 1973-74:

and Faculty


Nicholas Bernard Dirks, Ph.D., Instructor in Asian History B.A.,

University, 1972; M.A" The University of Chicago, 1974; Ph.D., 1978. California

Charles Hewitt Dix, Ph.D., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus A.M., Rice Institute, 1928; Ph.D., 1931. Associate Professor, 1954-73; Professor Emeritus, 1973-.

Anthony R. Dobrovolskis, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Planetary Science B.S., Illinois institute of Technology. 1973; M.S., California Institute, 1974; Ph.D., 1978. Research Fellow, 1978.

Jerry Bruce Dodgson, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Michigan State University, 1969; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1976. Calfornia Institute, 1976-.

Ellen R. Domb, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968; M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1969; Ph.D., Temple University, 1974. Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College, 1976-. California Institute, 1977-.

Dennis Dougherty, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., M.S., Bucknell University, 1974; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1978. California Institute, 1979-.

Alan Michael Dressler, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Astronomy B.A., University of California, 1970; Ph.D., University of California (Santa Cruz), 1976. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1976-78; Senior Research Fellow, 1978-; Carnegie Fellow, Hale Observatories, 1978-.

Ronald William Pres! Drever, Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.Se., Glasgow University, 1953; Ph.D., 1958. Visiting Associate, California Institute, 1977; Professor, 1979-.

William Jakob Dreyer, Ph.D., Professor of Biology B.A .. Reed College. J952: Ph.D. University of Washington. 1956. California Institute, 1963-.

Robert B. Drezner, Ph.D., Lecturer in Psychology

(PT) B.A., California State University (Northridge), 1971; M.A., California State University (Los Angeles), 1974; Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, 1977. California Institute, 1979.

Lee Alvin DuBridge, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D., President Emeritus A.B., Cornell College (Iowa), 1922; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1924; Ph.D., 1926. President, California Institute, 1946-69; President Emeritus, 1969-.

Ian W. Duncan, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.Sc., The University of British Columbia, 1974; Ph.D., University of Washington (Seattle), 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Susan Margaret Jean Dunn, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc., University of Strathclyde, 1975; Ph.D., National Institute for Medical Research (Mill Hill), 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Pol Edgard Duwez, D.Se., Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science, Emeritus School of Mines California


1932; D.Se., Associate Professor.

of Brussels. Professor.


Christina Elisabeth Dyllick-Brenzinger, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry Bristol University, 1972; Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1976. California lns!i-

University, 1973; Ph.D., Swiss

Institute of Tel:hrloklgy. 1977.

tu!e. 1978-. 1976.


Officers and Facultv


Jay Barry Edelman, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemistry S,M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973; Ph,D., California Institute, 1978. Research Fel·

iow, i978,

David Alvoid Edmonson, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemislry B,S..

of lllino;s, 1973; M.A" The lohns Hopkins University, 1975; Ph,D"

1977. California

Heinz E, Ellersieck, Ph,D" Associate Professor of History A,B.,

of California (Los Assistant Professor.

1942; M,A .. 1948; Ph.D .. 1955. Instructor. California Associate Professor, 1960·.

David Clephan Elliot, Ph,D" Professor of History M.A" St. Andrew's University, 1939; A,M" Harvard University, 1948; Ph.D., 1951; !\01.A., Oxford University, 1956, Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1950·53; Associate Professor, 1953·60; Pro· fessor, 1960.; Executive Officer for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1967·71,

Richard K, Ellis, D,Phil., Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics B.A .. New College, Oxford University, 1971; D.Phi!., 1974. California Institute, 1979·.

Sterling Emerson, Ph.D" Professor of Genetics. Emeritus B,Sc" Cornell University, 1922; M,A" University of Michigan, 1924; Ph.D., 1928. Assistant Profes· sor, California Institute, 1928·37; Associate Professor, 1937-46; Professor, 1946-71; Professor Emeritus, 1971·.

Warren G. Emery, M,S" Director of Physical Education and Alhletics B,S., University of Nebraska, 1948; :vI.S" University of California (Los Angeles), 1959, Coach, California Institute. 1955; Assistant Director of Physical Education and Athletics, 1963·64; Director, 1964·.

Stuart Alan Ende, Ph,D" Associate Professor of English A,B., Cornell University, 1965; M.A., New York University, 1966; Ph,D" Cornell University. 1970. Assistant Professor. California Institute, 197()·74; Associate Professor, 1974·,

Susan K, Ende, A. M" Lec!urer ill English A,B., Cornell University, 1965; A.M .. I 97(), Lecturer. Calit()rnia State University (PT). 1975·. California Institute. 1974·75; 1978.

Sverre T. Eng, Df-Tech" Visiting Associate in Electrical Engineering Df-Tech, , Chalmers University (Sweden), 1967, Professor, 1971·, California Institute, 1978·79.

Hermann F. Engelhardt, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Geophysics B,S" Munich Technical University, 1957; M,A"

1957; Ph.D., 1964. California Institute, 1976·.

Samuel Epstein. Ph.D" Professor of Geochemistry B,Sc., University of Manitoba, 1941; M.Sc" California Institute, 1952·53; Senior Research sor, 1959-.

Ph,D" McGill University, 1944, Research Fellow. 1953·54; Associate P~ofessor, 1954·59; Profes·

Thomas Erneux, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics Lic"

Universitc Ubre de Bruxelles, 1974; Ph,D .. 1979. Calif(lfnia Institute, 1979·g0.

Beat Ernst, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemis!rv Dip!., Swiss Federal Institute of Techn\)logy. 1973; Ph.D .. 1978. Calif
Tezer Mehmet Esat, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Physics B.Sc.. tralian

(London), 1971; M.Sc .. Queen's University (Kingston), 1972; Ph.D., Aus· 1976. California Institute. 1976·.

Rolf Etter, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemistn DipL, ETH (Zurich), 1974; Ph.D"

1979. California Institute, 1979·80,

Barbara Raymond Hough Evans, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.A., Swarthmore York (Ston\, Brook), 1972·. '

David A.B.

1945; M.A., Cornell Univcrsity. 1948; Ph.D, State Research Fellow, California Institute. 1971·72; Senior

Evans, Ph,D" Professor of Chemistn Oberlin College, 1963; Ph.D .. Calii()rnia Institute, 1968. Professor, 1974·.

of New Fellow,




B.A., Ph.D.,


Peter Ward Fay, Ph.D., Professor of Historv B.A., Oxford University, 1955,60: Associate

Thomas E. Felter, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering of California (Santa Cruz), 1970; M.Sc., Brown University, 1973; Ph.D., 1977. 1978,.

Derek Henry Fender, Ph.D., Professor of Biologv and Applied Science B.Sc., Reading University (England), 1939; M.Sc., 1946; Ph.D., 1956. Senior Research Fellow in Engineering, California Institute, 1961,62; Associate Professor of Biology and Electrical Engineering, 1962,66; Professor of Biology and Applied Science, 1966,.

John A. Ferejohn, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science B.A., San Fernando Valley State College, 1966; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1971. Assistant Profes, sor, California Institute, 1971,74; Associate Professor, 1974,77; Professor 1977,.

Alberto Ferrus, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Biology M.S., University of Sevilla, 1972; Ph.D., University of Madrid, 1976, California Institute, 1978,79.

Richard Phillips Feynman, Ph,D" Nobel Laureate, Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1939; Ph,D., Princeton University, 1942, Visiting Profes, sor, California Institute, 1950; Professor, 1950,59; Tolman Professor, 1959"

Richard D. Field, Jr., Ph,D., Richard Chace Tolman Research Associate B.S" Senior

of California, 1966; Ph.D., 1971. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1973,75; Fellow, 1975,78; Research Associate, 1978,79; Tolman Research Associate, 1979,.

Morris P. Fiorina, Ph,D" Professor of Political Science B.A., Allegheny College, 1968; Ph,D" The California Institute, 1972,74; Associate Professor,

(LOA) of Rochester, 1972. Assistant Professor, Professor, 1977,.

Richard Charles FJagan, Ph,D" Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Science B.S.E .. The University of Michigan, 1969; S, M" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971: Ph.D .. 1973. California Institute, 1975,.

Arne Woolsey Fliflet, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc"

Duke University, 1970; Ph,D" University of Virginia, 1975, Calii()rnia Institute, 1975"

James L Fobes, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Biology B.A" California State University (Los Ph.D .. 1975. California Institute,

1968; M.A .. University of Arizona (Tucson), 1972:

Athanassios S. Fokas, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics B.Se .. University of London, 1975; Ph.D .. California Institute, 1979. Research Fellow, 1979,80.

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Ph.D .. 1972. Baleman Research InSlmctor, California Institute.

1975 California in!-ltitutc. 1975-.


of Wisconsin, 1977.

in Chemistry 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.



1965; Ph.D, 1967; Habi!.. 1969. 1979-80.







Officers and Faculty

David Arthur Garelick, Ph.D., Visiring Associate in PhYsics S.B .. Massachusetts institute of Technology. 1959: Ph.D .. 1963. Professor. Northeastern University. 1975-. California Institute, 1979

Gordon Paul Garmire, Ph.D., Professor of Physics A.B., Harvard Fellow, California

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962. Senior Research Associate Professor, J968-72: Professor, 1972-.

Gregory Gartrell, Jr., Ph.D., Weizmann Research Fellow in Erwironmental Engineering Science B.S., California Institute, 1973; M.S., 1974; Ph.D., 1978. Weizmann Research Fellow. 1979-80.

Edward Maurice Gates, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Mechanical Engineering B.Sc., sor, University

of Alberta, 1971; M.Sc., California institute. 1972; Ph.D., 1977. Assistant ProfesAlberta, 1977-. Visiting Associate, California Institute, 1978-79.

Sylvester J. Gates, Jr., Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Theoretical Physics S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973: Ph.D., 1977. Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows, Harvard University, 1977-. California Institute, 1979.

Ian Gatley, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S., Imperial College, University of London, 1972; Ph.D., California Institute, 1978. Research Fellow. 1977-.

George Rousetos Gavalas, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering B.S., Technical University of Athens, 1958; M.S., University of Minnesota, 1962; Ph.D., 1964. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1964-67; Associate Professor, 1967-75; Professor, 1975-.

Thomas R. Geballe, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Astronomy Ph.D., University of California, 1974. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1977-78; Senior Research Fellow. 1978-; Hale Observatories, 1978-; Carnegie Fellow. Las Campanas Observatory, 1977-.

Thomas Geiger, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry Vordiplom. Universitat Heidelberg, 1972; Dip!., 1976; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D., Sc.D., D.Sc., Nobel Laureate, Robert Andrews Millikan (LOA) Professor of Theoretical Physics B.S., Yale University, 1948; Ph.D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1950. Associate Professor, California Institute, 1955-56; Professor, 1956-67; Millikan Professor, 1967-.

Valrie Ann Gerard, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Erwironmental Engineering Science State University of New York (Buffalo), 1970; M.A .. University of California (Santa Cmz), Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1978-79.

Horace Nathaniel Gilbert, M.B.A., D.B.A., Professor of Business Economics, Emeritus A.B., University of Washington, 1923; M.B.A., Harvard University, 1926. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1929-30; Associate Professor, 1930-47; Professor, 1947-69; Professor Emeritus, 1969-.

Wayne Lewis Gladfelter, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S .. Colorado School of Mines. 1975; Ph.D .. The Pennsvlvania State University. 1978. California Institute, 1978-79. .

M. Michael Glovsky, M.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.S .. Tufts University, 1957: M.D .. Tufts Medical School. 1962. Chief. Department of Allergy and Clinical Kaiser Permanente Medical Associate Clinical Professor of of Calif()rnia (Los Angeles), 1976-. Medicine, Institute, 1977-.

William Andrew Goddard

m. Ph.D., Pr()fessor of Chemistry 1960; Ph.D., California Research Instructor, 1966-67: Assistant Theoretical Professor, 1971-74; Professor. 1974-78; Professor of Chemistry and

Jollie D. Godfrey, lr., Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S,

State University, 1973: M.S .. Cornell University, 1976: Ph.D., 1978. California

Officers and Faculty

John Walter Frank Goers, Ph,D" Research Fellow in Chemistry 1969; Ph,D., University of California (Los Angeles),

Marvin Leonard Goldberger, Ph,D" President; Professor of Physics (See page 54,)


j, Goldman, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics B.Se., University of Manitoba, 1968; Ph,D., Harvard University, 1973, California Institute, 1978-.

Peter Martin Goldreich, Ph,D" Professor of Planetarv Science and Astronomy B.S., Cornell University, 1960; Ph.D., 1963. Associate Professor, California Institute, 1966-69; Professor, 1969-.

Richard Morris Goldstein, Ph,D" Research Associate in Planetary Science


B,S" Purdue University, 1947; M,S" California Institute, 1959; Ph.D" 1962, Manager, Telecom· munications Research Section, Jet PropUlsion Laboratory, 1958-, Visiting Associate Professor of Planetary Science, California Institute, 1967-73; Research Associate, 1973·,

Han Golecki, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics B,Sc" Technion University (Haifa), 1970, M.Sc., 1974; Ph.D., Neuchatel University (Switzerland). 1978, California Institute,' 1978-,

Ricardo Gomez, Ph.D" Professor of Physics S.B" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953; Ph.D., 1956, Research Fellow, Calif,xnia Institute, 1956-59; Senior Research Fellow, 1959-71; Associate Professor, 1971-77; Professor, 1977-,

Nestor F Gonzales-Cadavid, Ph.D" Gosney Visiting Associate in Biology M. Sc., University of Buenos Central University of Venezuela,

1958; Ph.D., 1964; Ph.D., University of London, 1967. Professor, California Institute, 1978-79.

David Louis Goodstein, Ph.D" Professor of Physics and Applied Phvsics B,S., Brooklyn College, 1960; Ph.D" University of Washington, 1965. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1966-67; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1967-71; Associate Professor. 1971-75; Associate Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, 1975-76; Professor, 1976-.

Roy Walter Gould, Ph,D., Professor of Applied Phvsics; Chairman of [he Division of Engineering and Applied Science B,S., California Institute, 1949; M.S" Stanford Assistant Professor of 1962-74; Professor of man, 1979-,

Avraham Gover, Ph.D" Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B,S" Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University, 1977-,

M,S" 1971; Ph.D., California Institute, 1976, Assistant Professor, Associate, California Institute, 1978,

Michael ], Graetz, LL.B" Professor of Law and Social Science B,B,A" Emory University, Southern California, 1979·.

LL.B., Institule.

(PT) of Virginia, 1969, Professor of Law, University of

Sidney W, Graham, Ph.D" Bateman Research instructor in Mathematics B,S" University of Oklahoma, 1971; M,S., University of Michigan, 1972; Ph,D" Institute, 1977-,

1977. California

Harrv Barkus Gray, Ph,D., William R. Kenan, Jr, Professor and Professor of Chemistry; Clulirman of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 1957; Ph"D .. Northwestern University. 1960. Visiting Professor of Institute, 1965; Profes"" of Chemistry, 1966-; Kenan Professor,

John Peter Gray, Ph,D" Research Associate in Computer Science B.Sc"

1964; Ph.D., University of Newcastle. 1967, Visiting AssociResearch Associate, 1978-,

Richard R, Green, Ph,D" Lecturer in Electrical Engineering B.S., California Institute, 1964; M.S, 1965; Ph.D., 1969. Technology Development Offke. Tracking and Data Lecturer. California 1979


Advanced Propulsion

Visiting Associate Astronom!,cal Institute, 1967,



in Environmental 1979-80. 1976. 1979. 1968. California

1978. California InstilUte,


1976. California Institute . . University of California (San Diego), 1973; Ph.D., 1978. California institute, 1978-80.

Nancy Ann Mullaney Harvey, B.A.,

Research Fellow in Chemistry

of California (Santa Barbara). 1974; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 1978. Califor-

Research Fellow in Chemistry Tokyo, 1968; Ph.D., 1975. California Institute, 1978-.

William Hayes,

, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar

University Dublin, 1936; 1937; 1\atio031 University, 1974-. California Institute, 1979.


of Genetics, Australian

1978. Geophysicist, Dames and

Friedrich of Munich, 1972; Duer.naL 1977



Institute, 1979-80.

Hoffmann, Ph.D., Bateman Research Instructor in Mathematics

S.B .. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970; M.Sc., University of California, 1973; Ph.D, 1979. California Institute, J979-80.

Horst Hoffman, Habil., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar of Munich, 1959: DLrer.nat. 1961: Habil, 1965. Professor. University of California Institute. 1979-80.

Stephen John Hogan, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics B.A .. Trinity College, 1976; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

Werner Hollander, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering Dip/., Technical University of Munich, 1970; Dr.rer.nar., University of Heidelberg, 1977. California Institute, 1979-80.

Tai-Lin Hong, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geophysics B.S., National Tsing-Hua University, 1972; M.S., 1972; Ph.D., California Institute, 1978. Research Fellow, 1978-.

Leroy E. Hood, M.D., Ph.D., Ethel Wilson Bowles and Robert Bowles Professor of Biology B.S., California Institute, 1960; M.D .. The Johns Hopkins University, 1964; Ph.D., California Institute, 1968. Assistant Professor, 1970-73; Associate Professor, 1973-75; Professor, 1975-77; Bowles Professor, 1977-.

Norman Harold Horowitz, Ph.D., Professor of Biology; Chairman of the Division of Biology B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 1936; Ph.D., California Institute, 1939. Research Fellow, 1940-42; Senior Research Fellow, 1946-47; Associate Professor. 1947-53: Professor, 1953-; Executive Officer for Biology, 1971-76; Acting Chairman, Division of Biology, 1973; Chairman, 1977-.

Yoshiki Hotta, M.D., Gosney Visiting Associate in Biology M.D., University of 1968-72; Visiting

1963. Associate Professor, 1973-. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1979-80.

George William Housner, Ph.D., Carl F Braun Professor of Engineering


B.S., The University of Michigan, 1933; M.S., California Institute, 1934; Ph.D., 1941. Assistant Professor, 1945-49; Associate Professor, 1949-53; Professor, 1953-74; Braun Professor, 1974-.

Albert J. Howard, Jr., Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics B.S., Yale University. 1958; M.S., 1959; Ph.D., 1963. Professor, Trinity College, 1974-. California 'nstitute, 1979-80.

Robert Franklin Howard, Ph.D., StajJMember, Hale Observatories B.A., Ohio Wesleyan Observatories, 1957-59; Staff

University, 1957. Carnegie Fellow, Hale

Sir Fred Hoyle, D.Sc., Visiting Associate in Physics M.A., University of Cambridge, 1939; D.Sc., University of Norwich, 1967; University of Leeds, 1969. Visiting Professor of Astronomy, California Institute, 1953; 1954; 1956; Addison White Greenway Visiting Professor of Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1957-62; Visiting Associate, 1963; Sherman Fairchild Scholar, 1974-75; Visiting Associate, 1978-79; 1979-80.

Charles Frank Hoyng, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Miami University (Ohio), 1972: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976. California Institute, 1976-.

Henry Vincent Huang, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology A.B .. Occidental College, 1972; Ph.D., California Institute, 1977. Research Fellow, 1977-.

Donald Ellis Hudson, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics B.S., Calit()rnia Institute. 1938; M.S .. 1939; Ph.D., 1942. InstructOr of Machine Assistant Professor of Mechanical 1943-49; Associate Profcs~or, 1955-63; Professor of Mechanical and Applied Mechanics, 1963-.

1942-43; Professor.

A. James HUdspeth, M.D .. Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology A.B..

1968: M.D .. 1973; Ph.D., 1973. Assistant 1978-.

and Faculty

Edward Wesley Hughes, Ph.D., SenioT Research Associate in Chemistry, Emeritus B.Chem., Cornell Senior Research 1974-.

1924; Ph.D., 1935. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1938-43; Research Associate, 1946-74; Senior Research Associate, Emeritus.

Thomas Joseph R. Hughes, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Structural /I·fechanics Pratt Institute, 1965; M.S., Institute, 1976-79; Associate

of California, 1974; Ph.D., 1974. Assistant Professor, 1979-.

Floyd Bernard Humphrey, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics B.S., California Institute, 1950; Ph.D., 1956. Senior Research Fellow, 1960-64; Associate Professor of Electrical 1964-7 I; Professor, 1971-74; Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics,

John Clifton Huneke, M.S , Research Associate in Geochemistrv B.S., University of Redlands, 1961; M.S., University of Minnesota, 1964. Senior Research Fellow, California Institute, 1972-78; Research Associate, 1978-.

Michael W. Hunkapiller, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.S" Oklahoma Baptist University, 1970; Ph.D., California Institute, 1974. Research Fellow in Chemistry, 1974-77; Research Fellow in Biology, 1977; Senior Research Fellow, 1977-.

Stirling L. Huntley, Ph.D., Lecturer in Drama; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies; Director of Admissions B.A., University of California (Los 1945; M.S., 1949; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1956. Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Institute, 1971-; Lecturer, 1973-; Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, 1973-76; Director of Admissions, 1976-.

Edward Hutchings, Jr., B.A., Lecturer in Journalism


B.A., Dartmouth College, 1933. Editor of Engineering and Science Magazine, California Institute, 1948-79; Lecturer, 1952-; Director of Institute Publications, 1964-74.

Ardon Robin Hyland, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics B.Sc., University of Queensland, 1961; Ph.D" The Australian National University, 1968. Senior Fellow in Astronomy, 1978-. California Institute, 1978-79.

Michael T Hyson, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., University of Miami, 1970; M.s.. 1973; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1977-.

Andrew Perry Ingersoll, Ph, D., Professor of Planetary Science B.A., Amherst College, 1960; A.M., Harvard University, 1961; Ph.D., 1966. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1966-71; Associate Professor, 1971-76; Professor, 1976-. Staff Associate, Hale Observatories, 1971-.

Robert Ellsworth Ireland, Ph.D., Professor of Organic Chemistry B.A., Amherst College, 1951; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1953; Ph.D., 1954. California Institute, 1965-.

Frank Pieter Israel, Ph. D., Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy Ph.D., Leiden State University, 1976. California Institute, 1977-.

Keiichi ltakura, Ph,D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry


B.Sc., Tokyo College of Pharmacy, 1965; M.Sc., 1967; Ph.D., 1970. Associate Research Scientist, City of Hope. California Institute, 1976-.

Wilfred Dean lwan, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Mechanics B.S" California Institute, 1957; M.S., 1958; Ph.D., 1961 Professor, 1967-72; Professor, 1972-.

Assistant Professor, 1964-67; Associate

Seid Hossein Izadpanah, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B.S .. Tehran University, 1964; M.Sc .. 1969. Associate Professor, Pahlavi University.

1966; Ph.D" Sheffield University, 1978-79

Deane Brunton Jacques, M.D., Visiting Associate in Biomedical Engineering B.S., Colorado State

1965; M.D.,

ogy, California Institute.

Kenneth C Janda, Ph.D., Arthur Amos Noves Instructor in Chemical Physics A.B., Hope College, 1973; A.:\L Harvard University, 1975; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1978-.

(pT) Pn"",kion



Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mare rials Science 1970:

1975. Assistant Professor, 1976-. Instructor in California Institute, 1925-37: Assistant ProlesProfessor, 1943-68; Dean of Admissions: Director of UnDean Emeritus, 1968-. (PT)

, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics 1970: Ph.D .. Northwestern 1979-80.

"'diW." '"",

1975. Assistant Professor, University

1975. California Institute, 1976-. University, 1976. California Institute,

and Faculty

Wolfgang Gustav Knauss, Ph.D., Professor of Aeronautics B.S., Cali/(lfnia Institute. 1958; M.S .. 1959: Ph.D .. 1963 Research Fellow. 1963-65: Assistant Professor. 1965-69: Associate Professor. 1969-78: Professor. 1978-.

James Kenyon Knowles, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Mechanics B.S., Massachusetts Institute of tute. 1958-61: Associate Professor.

1952; Ph.D.

1957. Assistant Professor. California InstiAcademic Officer. 1971-75.

Eric lngrald Knudsen, Ph.D .. Research Fellow in Biology B.A., (San Diego).

of California (Santa Barbara). 197 j; M.A .. 1973: Ph.D, University of California California Institute, 1976-.

Joseph Blake Koepfli, D.Phil., Senior Research Associate in Chemistr}; Emeritus A.B., SWnt()rd California institute, Emeritus, 1974-.

1924; M.A., 1925; D.Phil., Oxford University, 1928. Research Associate, Research Associate Emeritus, 1972-74; Senior Research As;ociate

Robert C. Y Koh, Ph.D., Research Associate in Environmental Engineering Science B.S., California Institute, 1960; MS., 1961: Ph.D., 1964. Research Fellow, 1964-65; Research Associate, 1972-.

Edward W. Kolb, Ph.D., Research Fellow in PhYsics B.S., University of New Orleans, 1973; Ph.D., The University of Texas, 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Masakazu Konishi, Ph.D., Professor of Biology; Executive Officer for Biology B.S., Hokkaido University. 1956; M.S .. 1958; Ph.D .. University of California, 1963. Professor. California Institute. 1975-:' Executive Officer. 1977-.

Ronald J. Konopka, Ph.D .. Assistant Professor of Biology B.S .. Universitv of Dayton, 1967: Ph.D .. California Institute. 1972 Assistant Professor, 1975-.

Steven E. Koonin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics B.S., California institute, 1972; Ph.D .. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975. Assistant Professor, Calii()rnia Institute. 1975-78; Associate Professor, 1978-.

Joseph Morgan Kousser. Ph.D., Professor of Historr A.B., Princeton Institute, 1969-71:

1965; M.Phi!., Yale Professor, 1971-74; Associate

1968: Ph.D., 1971. instlUctor. California 1974-79: Professor, 1979-.

Robert Paul Kraft, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar of California (Santa Cruz). of Studies in Astronornv

B.S., University of Washington. 1947; M.S .. 1949: Ph.D .. 1955. Astronomer and Professor, Lick Observatory. 1967-; Chairman, and Astrophysics, 1978-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Heinz-Otto Kreiss, Dr.Tech., Docent, Professor of Applied Mathematics University of Hamburg. 1955; Lie., Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), 1960; Dr.Tech., 1960. California Institute, 1978-.

Joseph B. Krieger, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics Columbia University, 1959; Ph.D .. 1965. Professor. Brooklyn College, 1974-; Chairman, Department, 1976-. California Institute. 1979.

Jerome Kristian, Ph.D., Stuff Member, Hale Observatories A.B. Shimer College (Illinois), 1953: M.S., The University of Fellow in Astronomy. California Institute, 1967-68; Staff Member.

1956: Ph.D., 1962. Research Observatories, 1968-.

John P. Kroeker, Ph.D., Research F e!low in Bioinj()rmaliorl SYstems B.A., Cornell University, 1972; Ph.D .. 1977. California Institute, 1978-. Hans-J6m

Kruse, Dr.rer.pol., Visiting Associate in Economics Univcr~i{\'

of Hamhuf,!!, 1974: DLrer.pol, J97H. Visiting Associate. California Institute,

Toshi Kubota. Ph.D., Professor of Aeronautics B.E . Toho Universih. 1947: M.5 .. California institute, 1952; Ph.D .. 1957. Research Fellow, 195759: Assist,;nr Profe",);, 1959-63: Associate Professor. 1963-71: Professor. J97 J-.

Vijay Anand Kulkarny, Ph.D .. Senior Research Fellow in Aeronautics B.Tech, Indian Institute of Ltcturcr. )1.)75-76: Rc~earch Fellow.

Research Fellow and Senior Rc:-.carch Fdlo\\. ! 978

O(/icers and Facultv


Donna Marie Kunert. Ph.D .. Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S .. University of California (River,ide). 1974: Ph.D .. 1979. California Institute. 1979-80.

Aron Kuppermann, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Physics M.Sc .. University of Sao Paulo. 1948; PhD .. University of Notre Dame. 1956. California Institute. 1963-.

Mark J. Kushner, Ph.D .. Weizmann Research Fellow in Applied Physics B.S., University of California (Los Angeles). 1976; M.S .. California Institute. 1977; Ph.D .. 1979. Research Fellow, 1979·80.

Vladimir Nicolayevich Kuzmin, Docent, Visiting Associate in Applied Physics DipL. Tomsk Poly technical Institute. 1954: Docent. 1961 Researcher and Lecturer. Sevastopol Institute of Devices, 1968-. California Institute. 1979.

Jenijoy La Belle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English B.A., University of Washington. 1965; Ph.D., University of California (San Diego). 1969. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1969-76; Associate Professor. 1977-.

Barry James Labonte, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Astronomy B.S., California Institute. 1972; Ph.D., 1979. Carnegie Fellow, Hale Observatories, 1979-80.

Klaus Stephan Lackner, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics Ph.D .. University of Heidelberg. 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

Paco Axel Lagerstrom, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Mathematics FiLkand .. University of Stockholm. 1935; FiLlic., 1939; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1942. Research Associate in Aeronautics. California Institute, 194647: Assistant Professor. 194749; Associate Professor, 1949-52; Professor, 1952-66; Professor of Applied Mathematics. 1967-.

Aurora Mamauag Landel, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biomedical Engineering B.S .. University of the Philippines, 1949; M.S., The University of Wisconsin, 1952; Ph.D., 1955. Research Fellow in Chemistry, California Institute, 1968-71; Senior Research Fellow in Biomedical Engineering, 1975-78; Visiting ASSOCiate. 1978-.

Robert Vase Langmuir, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering A.B., Harvard Assistant Professor,

1935; Ph.D., California Institute. 1943. Senior Research Fellow, 1948-50; Associate Professor, 1952-57; Professor. 1957 -.

John W. Larimer, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Geochemistry B.A., Lehigh University, 1962; M.S., 1963; Ph.D .. 1966. Professor and Associate Director of Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University (Tempe), 1977-. California Institute. 1979.

Laurence A. Lasky, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.A .. University of California (Los Angeles), 1973: Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Silvanus S. Lau, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Applied Physics; Lecturer Materials Science



B.S., University of California, 1964; M.S., 1966; Ph.D., 1969. Bechtel Instructor in Materials Science, California Institute. 1972-74; Senior Research Fellow in Applied Physics. 1974-; Lecturer in Materials Science, 1974-.

Richard M. Lawn, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology M.A., University of Colorado. 1974; Ph.D .. 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Elias Lazarides, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology B.A .. Wesleyan University. 1971; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1975. California lnstitute, 1977-.

Leslie Gary Leal, Ph. D., Professor of Chemical EnRineering B.S., University of nia Institute, 1970-75:

1969. Assistant Professor. Califor-

Amy Shiu Lee, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biolof('; B.A., low. 1974-78;

of California. 1970; California Institute. 1972; Ph.D., 1975. Research Research Fellow. 1978-.

David M. Lee, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Earthquake Engineering B.E., University of Auckland, 1973: Ph.D., 19n. California Institute, 1978-

Jo Woong Lee, Ph.D. Visiting Associate in Chemistry Seoul "'ational National Universitv. 1972~

1964: Ph.D .. California Institute. 1970. Assistant Professor. Seoul A:.sociare. California Institute. J979-80


Supervisor, Laboratory, 1973-.


Professor, California

in Biology University of California (Los Angeles), 1978. California

Institute of Technology (Haifa), I Y77.



Steven Arthur Lippman, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Business


of California, 1964; M.S., Stanford University, 1%7; of Management, University of California (Los Angeles), 1976-.



Ericson John List, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Engineering Science BE, University of 1965-66; Assistant Professor,

ME, 1962: Ph.D., California Institute, 1965. Research Fellow, Associate Professor. 1972-78; Professor, 1978-.

Kon-Kee Liu, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geochemistry B.S .. National 1979. California

University (Taiwan), 1971; Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1979-80.

Wing-Ki Liu, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.s., University of llIinois, 1971: M.S., 1972; Ph.D., 1975. Research Associate. University of Waterloo. 1976-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Kwok-Yung Lo, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1969: Ph.D., 1974. California Institute, 1978-.

Joann S. Loehr, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.S., Cornell University, 1964; Ph.D., 1969. Associate Professor, Portland State University, 1976-. California Institute, 1978-79.

Thomas Michael Loehr, Ph.D. Visiting Associate in Chemistry 1963; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1967. Associate Professor, Oregon Institute, 1978-79.

James C. Long, Ph.D., Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S., California Polytechnic College (San Luis Obispo), 1969; M.S .. Stanford University, 1972; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1976-.

Michael S. Longuet-Higgins, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Mathematics


B.S., Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1945; Ph.D., 1951. Royal Society Research Professor, J969-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Gary A. Lorden, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics B.S., California Institute, 1962; Ph.D., Cornel! University, 1966. Assistant Professor. California Institute, 1968-71; Associate Professor, 1971-77; Professor, 1977-.

Heinz Adolph Lowenstam, Ph.D., Professor of Paleoecology Ph.D .. The University of Chicago, 1939. California Institute, 1952-.

Peter Herman Lowy, Doctorandum, Research Associate in Biology Research

of Vienna, 1936. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1949-65; Senior Research Associate. 1972-.

lens Ludwig, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S .. Technical University of Clausthal (Germany), 1969; M.S .. University of Hamburg. 1973; 1977. California Institute-, 1977-. .

Vanessa Ruth Lum. Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemislrv B.S .. The UniYersity of Chicago, 1972; Ph.D., University of Southern California. 1978. California Institute. 1978-.

Rein Luus,

, Visiling Associate in Chemistry University of Toronto. 1% I; 1962: of T()ro~to. 1'174-. California Institute, 1979-80.


! 964. Professor,


UJftcers and Faculty

Wilhelmus A. J, Luxemburg, Pb,D" Professor of Mathematics; Executive Officer for Mathematics BA, Professor, Officer, I 97()- ,

of Leiden, 1950: M,A" 1953: Ph,D" Delft Instiwte of Technologv, 1955, Assistant lnstitute, 19S8-6(): Associate Professor, 1960-62; Professor, 1962-; Executive

George Eber MacGinitie, M,A., Professor of Biology, Emeritus A.B" Fresno State College, 1925: M,A" Stanford University, 1928, California Institute, 1932-57; Professor Emeritus, 1957-,

Gordon Cameron Machray, Ph,D" Gosney Research Fellow in Biology B,Sc" Glasgow University, 1974; Ph,D" Edinburgh University, 1977, California lnstitute, 1977-,

Edward S. Macias, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry A.B., Colgate sor, WaShington

1966; Ph.D" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970, Associate Profes1976-, California lnstitute, 1978-79.

Bruce Edward MacNeal, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics


B,A" Pomona College. 1974: M,S., California lnstitute, 1977: Ph,D" 1979. Research Fellow, 1979-80.

G, S, Maddala, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar B.S., Andhra University (India), 1955; M.A., Bombay University, 1957; Ph D , The UnIversity of Chicago, 1963, Graduate Research Professor of Economics, University of Florida, 1975-, Calif~rnia Institute, 1979-80,

Martti Olavi Tuomas Maenpaa, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics M .Sc., Technical University of Helsinki, 1973; Ph.D"

1978, California Institute, 1978-79.

Kiran Ramanlal Magiawala, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Jet Propulsion BE, Gujarat University, 1971: M.Tech" Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1973; M,S., California Institute, 1974: Ph,D., 1979. Research Fellow, 1978-79,

Oscar Mandel, Ph,D" Professor of English B,A., New York University. 1947: M.A., Columbia University. 1948; Ph,D" The Ohio State University, 1951, Visiting Associate Professor, California Institute, 1961-62: Associate Professor, 1962-68; Professor, 1968-

Thomas P Maniatis, Ph,D., Professor of Biology B,A., University of Colorado, 1965; M.A" 1967; Ph,D" fessor, California Institute, 1977-79; Professor, 1979-,

Vanderbilt University, 1971. Associate Pro-

Steven Leonard Manley, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Environmental Engineering Science B,A., California State University (Northridge), 1971; Ph,D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1978, California Institute, 1978-79.

Frank Earl Marble, Ph.D" Professor of Jet Propulsion and Mechanical Engineering B,S" Case Institute of Technology, 1940; M,S" 1942; A.E" California lnstitute, 1947; Ph,D" 1948. Instructor, 1948-49; Assistant Professor, 1949-53; Associate Professor, 1953-57; Professor, 1957-,



Marcus, Ph,D., Arthur Amos Noyes Professor of Chemistry

BSe., McGill University, 1943: Ph,D"

1946. California Institute, 1978-,

Shlomo Margalit, D,Sc., Visiting Associate in Applied PhYsics B.Sc" Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, 1965: M.Se., 1968; D,Sc-, 1972, Senior Lecturer, Technion. 1975-. California lnstirute, 1976-77: 1978; 1979,

Shlomo Margel, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Chemistry B,Sc, Bar IIan

(Israel), 1970: M,Sc., Weizmann Institute of Science, 1972; Ph.D., 1976,

Vasilis Zissis Marmarelis, Ph.D" Visiting Associate in Bioinj()rmation Systems Dipl" National Technical of Athens, 1972: M,S" California lnstitute, 1973: Ph,D" 1976. Research Fellow and Lecturer in Science. California Institute. 1975+77: Bioinfonnation S)stCT1ls. 1077-79; Vi:-.iting Associate in Bioinformalion Systems. 1979.

Kenneth Albert Marsh, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Astronomy 1970: M'se, 1971: Ph.D" York University, 1'175. Research Fello". Research Fellow, 1979-: Hale Observatories, 1975-,

Richard Edward Marsh, Ph,D" Research Associate in Chemistry Cali!innia Institute, 1943: Ph,D., 10\1.. California In::.titute, 1950-55: Senior

Officers and Facultv


Cross Martel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; Executive to the President; Secretary of the Board of Trustees B.S., California Institute. 1949; M.S .. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1950; Ph.D., California Institute, 1956. Instructor, 1953-55; Assistant Professor, 1955-58; Associate Professor, 1958-; Executive Assistant to the President. 1969-; Secretary, 1973-.

Bahram Mashhoon. Ph.D., Research Fellow and Lecturer in Physics A.B., University of California, 1969; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1972. California Institute, 1979-80.

Colin R. Masson, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy B.A .. University of Cambridge, 1975; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Akio Masuyama, Dr.Eng., Visiting Associate in Electrical Engineering B.E., Osaka University. 1968; M.E., 1970; DLEng., 1973. Associate Professor. Tokyo University. 1974-. California Institute, 1978-79.

Jon Mathews, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Physics


B.A., Pomona College, 1952; Ph.D., California Institute, 1957. Instructor, 1957-59; Assistant Professor, 1959-62; Associate Professor, 1962-66; Professor, 1966-; Executive Officer for Physics, 1970-76.

Osamu Matsubaya, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Geochemistry B.S., Tokyo Kyoiku University, 1963; Ph.D., 1969. Associate Professor, Institute for Thermal Spring Research, Okayama University, 1976-. California Institute, 1977-.

Samuel Eugene Matteson, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics B.S., Baylor University, 1969; Ph.D., 1976. California Institute, 1976-.

James Walter Mayer, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering; Master of Student Houses B.S., Purdue University, 1952; Ph.D., 1959. Associate Professor, California Institute, 1967-71; Professor, 1971-; Master of Student Houses, 1975-.

George P. Mayhew, Ph.D., Professor of English


A.B., Harvard College. 1941; M.A., Harvard University, 1947; Ph.D .. 1953. Assistant Professor, California Institute. 1954-60; Associate Professor, 1960-68; Professor, 1968-.

James Oeland McCaldin, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering B.A., The University of Texas, 1944; Ph.D., California Institute, 1954. Associate Professor of Applied Science. 1968-73; Professor of Applied Science and Electrical Engineering, 1973-76; Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, 1976-.

Gilbert Donald McCann, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Science B.S., California Institute, 1934; M.S., 1935; Ph.D., 1939. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, 1946-47; Professor, 1947-66; Professor of Applied Science. 1966-; Director, Willis H. Booth Computing Center, 1966-71.

Terrence J. McDonald, Ph.D., Mellon Postdoctoral Instructor in History B.A., Marquette University, 1971; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1978. California Institute, 1978-.



McDonough, Ph.D., Lecturer in Engineering


S.B .. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1966; Ph.D., Cornell University. 1973. California Institute, 1979.

Thomas C. McGill, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Physics B.S., Lamar State tant Professor, 1971-74;

1964; M.S., California Institute, 1965; Ph.D., 1969. Assis1974-77; Professor, 1977 -.

Jack Edward McKee, Sc.D. D.Eng., Professor of Environmental Engineering B.S..

1936; M.S., Harvard Institute. 1949-56;

1939; Sc.D .. 1941. Associate 1956-60; Professor of En-

Professor of Environmental Engineering, 1970-

B.A., Oberlin 1970; Ph.D. 1972. 1979-.

Lionel A.B



McKenzie, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Economics 1940; Ph.D .. Oxford of Rochester, 1967-. California Institute.

, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry 1964.

Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology Somerville tute, 1969·73; Senior

1964; B.Sc .. 1965; Ph.D., 1967. Research Fellow, California Insti· 1975·.

Karen Cook McNally, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Geophysics c..amO'fflla, 1971; M.A .. 1973; Ph.D., 1976. Research Fellow, California Institute,



Sigrid R. McPherson, Ph.D., Lecturer in Psychology

B.A., University of Caiifornia (Los Angeles), 1962; M.A., 1965; Ph.D., 1968. California Institute, 1977·.

Carver Andress Mead, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering B.S .. California Institute, 1956; M.S., 1957; Ph.D., 1960. Instructor in Electrical Engineering, 1958·59; Assistant Professor, 1959·62; Associate Professor, 1962·67; Professor, 1967·77; Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, 1977·.

David Lawrence Meier, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics B.S., University of Missouri, 1971; M.S., 1973; M.A., The University of Texas (Austin), 1975; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977·.

George Robert Mellman, Ph. D. , Research Fellow in Geophysics S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971; M.S., California Institute, 1973; Ph.D., 1979. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1978·79.

Pamela L. Mellon, Ph.D., Weizmann Research Fellow in Biology A.B., University of California (Santa Cruz), 1975; Ph.D., University of California, 1979. California Institute, 1979·80.

James Edgar Mercereau, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor of Physics and Applied Physics B.A., Pomona College, 1953; M.S., of Illinois, Ph.D., California Institute, 1959. Associate, Research Associate, 1965·69; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1959·62; Professor of Physics, 1969·74; Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, 1974·.

Christian Gottfried Merkel, Ph. D. , Research Fellow in Biology B.A., University of Cincinnati, 1969; M.A., University of California (Santa Barhara), 1971; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1976. California Institute, 1976·.

Robert Lee Messner, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Physics B.A., The University of Chicago, 1968; M.S., 1970; Ph.D., 1974. California Institute, 1977·.

Richard Alvin Mewaldt, Ph. D., Senior Research Fellow in Physics B.A., Lawrence University, 1965; M.A., Washington University, 1967; Ph.D., 1971 Research Fellow, California Institute, 1971·75; Senior Research Fellow, 1975·.

David Joseph Meyer, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., State University of New York (Stony Brook), 1972; Ph.D., 1979. California Institute, 1979·80.

Ronald Leo Meyer, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.A., Don Bosco College, 1966; Ph.D., California Institute, 1974. Research Fellow, 1974·77; Senior Research Fellow, 1977·.

Elliot M. Meyerowitz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology A.B., Columbia University, 1973; Yl.Phil., Yale University, 1975; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1979·.

Gabor Mezey, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics M.Sc., Eotvos University, 1970; Ph.D., Budapest University, 1976. California Institute, 1978·79.

Josef Michl, Ph. D., Visiting Professor of Chemistry M.S., Charles University Professor, The University

1961; 1975·.

Czechoslovak Academy of Science (Prague), 1965. lnstitute, 1979·S0.

of Texas (El Paso), 1973:

California Institute,

Ph.D., 1978.

Ph.D., Assistant Professor ojComputer Science

Charles BA, 1977-.

University, 1968; M.S., Yale University, 1972;


Ph.D., Research Fellow

B.S., 1977-.



Reserve University, 1968; Ph.D., California Institute_ 1973. Research Fellow,

Herschel Kenworthy Mitchell, Ph. D., Professor of Biology B. S., Pomona Senior Research


1936: Oregon State California Institute, 1946-49;

1938; Ph. D. , Professor,

Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry

B.S .. National Saitama University, 1969; M.S .. Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1971; Ph.D., 1975. California Institute, 1978-79.

Stefan Mochnacki,

Research Fellow in Astronomy

B.Sc., University of Canterburv, 1970; 1971; University of British Columbia, 1977. California Institute, 1977-78. C~rnegie Fellow, Hale Observatories,

1961. Research Fellow, 1962-66; Assis1975-.


1973. Intel Corpo-

, Visiling Associate in Biology 1973;





84 Officers and Faculry

Fernando Bernardo Morinigo, Ph, D" Visiting Professor of Physics B,S.,


Southern California, 1957; Ph.D., California Institute, 1963. Professor, California 1971·. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1962·63; Visiting Associ· 1977·78. '

David W. ;"1orrisroe. M.B,A., Lecturer in Business Economics (?T!; Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer B.A., Manhattan 1954; M.A .. Columbia University, 1956; M.B.A .. Harvard School of Busi· Director of Financial Services, California Institute, 1969-74; Lecturer, ness Admini~tration, 1971·; Vice President felr Financial Affairs and Treasurer, 1974·78: Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer, 1978-.

Richard Patrick Morton, Ph.D" Baleman Research Instructor in Mathematics B.A .. Universitv of Arizona, 1975: Ph,D .. The University of Michigan, 1979. California Institute. 1979·80, .

Monica Mottes, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Biologv Ph,D., Universita de Pavia (Italy), 1977. California Institute, 1979·80,

Jonathan Craig Mudge, Ph,D" Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science B.Ec., Australian National University, 1968; Ph.D" Institute, 1978·79.

University of North Carolina, 1973. California

Duane Owen Muhleman. Ph, D" Professor of Planetary Science B.S.,

of Toledo, 1953; Ph,D" ; Professor, 1971·.

Harvard University, 1963. Associate Professor, California

James Ivan Mullins. Ph,D,. Research Fellow in Chemistrv B.A" University of South Florida, 1974; Ph.D., University of Minnesota (St. Paul), 1978. California Institute, 1978·.

Edwin Stanton Munger, Ph,D" Professor of Geography M.5 .. The University of Chicago, 1948; Ph,D" 1951 Visiting Lecturer, American Universities Field Staff, California Institute, 1954; 1957; 1960; Professor, 1961·.

Walter H, Munk, Ph,D" Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar B.S., Calili)fnia Institute, 1939; M.S., 1940: Ph.D., Universitv of California, 1947. Professor, Univer· sity of California (San Diego), 1954-; Director, Institute of Geophysics, 1959·, California Institute, 1979·80.

Bruce Churchill Murray, Ph,D" Professor of Planetary Science; Director ofJet Propulsion Laboratory S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953; S,M., 1954; Ph.D" 1955. Research Fellow in Space Science, California Institute, 1960·63; Associate Professor of Planetary Science, 1963-68; Pro· fessor, 1968-. Director, 1976·.

James D, Murray, Ph,D" D,Sc" Visiting Associate in Applied Mathematics B,Sc" St. Andrew's Fellow and Tutor, Corpus California Institute, 1979.

1953; Ph.D., 1956; M.A" Oxford University, 1961; D,Sc" 1968. College, Oxford University, 1970·; University Reader. 1972·.

Joel Myerson, Ph,D" Spencer Research Fellow in Biologv University of Michigan, 1967; Ph.D .. Arizona State University, 1972. California Institute,

Menasche M, Nass, Ph,D" Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.S .. Cooper Union, 1970; M.S., Brown University, 1973; Ph.D., 1975. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1977·79: Senior Research Fellow, 1979·.

Edwin Leroy Neal, M,A" Coach B.A., Occidental College, 1964; M.A .. California State University (San Diego), 1971, California Institute, 1973-.

Philip Malcolm Neches, M,S" Instructor in Computer Science


B.S., California Institute, 1973; M.S., 1977. Instructor, 1979.

Henry Victor Neher, Ph.D" Sc,D" Professor of Physics, Emeritus A,B .. Pomona

1933·37; Assistant Erneritu~. j 970-

1926; Ph.D., Cali!()rnia Institute, 1931 Research Feliow, 1931 Instructor, I 94()·44; Professor. 1944·70; Profe"or 1937 AO; Associate

Officers and Faculty


Forrest D. Nelson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics Colorado State University. 1968; M.S., The University of Rochester. 1973; Ph.D., 1975. Institute, 1975-. . ,

Jeanne Marie Nerbonne, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology Framingham State College, 1974; Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1978. California Institute.

Gerry Neugebauer, Ph.D., Professor of Physics A.B., Cornell ciate Professor,

1954; Ph.D., California institute, 1960. Assistant Professor, 1962-65; AssoProfessor. 1970-. Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1970-.

Charles Newton, Ph.B., Lecturer in English, Emeritus Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1933. Assistant to the President, California Institute, 1948-66; Director of Development, 1961-66; Lecturer, 1955; 1960-62; 1966-75; Lecturer Emeritus, 1975-.

Marc-Aurele Nicolet, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering Ph.D., University of Basel, 1958. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1959-65; Associate Professor, 1965-73; Professor, 1973-.

Franz Rudolf Niederer, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geochemistry Ph.D., University of Bern, 1977. California Institute, 1978-79.

Wendy Irene Noall, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc., Auckland University, 1975; M.Sc., 1976; Ph.D., 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

Susumu Nohda, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Geochemistry B.S., University of Kyoto. 1966; M.S., 1968; Ph.D., 1972. Assistant Professor, Kyoto Sanyo University, 1975-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Roger Gordon Noll, Ph. D., Professor of Economics; Chairman of the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences B.S .. California Institute, 1962; A.M., Harvard University, 1965; Ph.D., 1967. Instructor, California Institute, 1965-67; Assistant Professor, 1967-69; Associate Professor, 1969-71; Professor, 1973-; Chairman, 1978-.

James North, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Science B.S., California Institute, 1944; M.S., 1950; Ph.D., University of California, 1953. Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, California Institute, 1962; Associate Professor of Environmental Health Engineering, 1963-68; Professor of Environmental Science, J968-.

John Andrew Nousek, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics A.B .. Harvard University, 1972; Ph.D .. The University of Wisconsin, 1978. California Institute, 1978·.

Frank Obermeier, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Mathematics B.S .. Georg-August University, 1961; M.S., 1965; Ph.D., 1968. Lecturer, 1977-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Clare M. O'Connor, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., Purdue University, 1972; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1978-.

Thomas E. Ogden, M.D., Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biomedical Engineering B.A., 1954: Ph.D., tute, 1976-.


of California (Santa Barbara), 1950; M.D., Professor of Physiology, University of Southern

John Beverley Oke, Ph.D., Prr4essor of Astronomy B.A.,

of Toronto. 1949; M.A..


sor, California 1958-6 I; Staff 191\ 1-64; Professor. 1964-; Associate Director,

1953. Assistant ProfesAssociate Professor.

John D. O'Keefe, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Planetary Science


of Southern


Makaro Okuno, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.A., University of Tokyo. 1971; M.A .. 1974: Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

HO,ocl1he:im (West Germany),

1977. Caiil,xnia


Associate, California



of Waterloo. 1974; Ph.D.,



University. 1979. California


,Research F e!low in Radio Astronomy

Timothy John Pearson,

of Cambridge, 1972;


1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Peck, Ph.D. , ProfessoTofPhysics

B.S., New 1964. sor. 1977-.


and Mechanical Arts, 1956; California Institute, Professor, 1965-69; Associate Professor, 1969-77;

Jeanne Peltre, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering Ph.D .. Universite Pierre et

Curie, 1976. Master Assistant, 1976-. California Institute, 1977-.

S. Eric Persson, Ph.D. , SraffMember, Hale ObseTvarories B.Sc., McGill Cniversity, 1966; 1975-.

Calii()rnia Institute, 1972. Staff Member.


, Gosney-Spencer Senior Research Fellow in Bi%gv 1965;

Brandeis Cniversity, i 968;

of California

, Associate Professor ofBiology 1966; M.Sc.; 1966; M_D .. 1968. Assistant Professor, California Institute. 1976-.

Thomas G. Staff, Bell Observatory.

Laboratories. 1978-.

William Emeritus 1933; Ph.D .. 1936. Instructor, 1936-40; Professor. 1947-79; Professor

Professor, Jet



Jerome Pine, Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.A .. Princeton University. 1949: Ph.D., Cornell University. 1956. Associate Professor, California Institute. 1963-67; Professor, 1967-.

Stanley H. Pine, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.S.. of California State University Angeles),

1957; M.S., 1962; Ph.D., 1963. Professor. California Institute, 1978-79.

Cornelius John Pings, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Physics; Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies B.S., California Institute, 1952; Ph.D., 1955. Associate Professor of Chemical ing, 1959-64; Professor, of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Physics, Executive Officer for Chemical Engirleering, 1969-73; Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, 1971-.

Milton S. Plesset, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering Science, Emeritus B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 1929; Ph.D., Yale Mechanics, California Institute. 1948-5 1: Professor, 1963-78; Professor Emeritus, 1978-.

1932. Associate Professor of Applied Professor of Engineering Science,

Charles Raymond Plott, Ph. D. , Professor of Economics B.S., Oklahoma State University, 1961; M.S., 1964; Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1965. California Institute, 1971 -.

Judith Carol Poe, M.Sc., Visiting Associate in Chemistry A.R.C.S., Imperial College, University of London. 1968; M.Sc., 1970. Senior Tutor, Erindale College, University of Toronto, 1975-. California Institute, 1979.

Micha Polak, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering B.Sc., Tel Aviv University, 1968; M.Sc., 1971; Ph.D., 1975. California Institute, 1977-.

Hugh David Politzer, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Physics B.S., The University of Michigan, 1969; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1974. Visiting Associate, California Institute. 1975-76: Associate Professor. 1976-79; Professor, 1979-.

Chung- Kwong Poon, Ph. D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.Se .. University of Hong Kong, 1963; Ph.D., University College, Reader, Department of Chemistry, University of Hong Kong, 1977-. California

of London. 1967. 1979.

Frank Clifford Porter, Ph.D., Weizmann Research Fellow in Physics B.S., California Institute, 1972; Ph.D., University of California, 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Edward C. Posner, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering B.A., The University of Chicago. 1952: M.S., 1953: Ph.D., 1957. Manager, Advanced Propulsion Laboratory, 1973-. Lecturer, California Institute, 1970; 1973; 1974; Visiting Professor, 1977-79; Visiting Professor, 1979-.

Christine Ann Powell, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Geophysics B.A., State University of New York (Binghamton), 1974. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1974-79;

M.A., Princeton University. 1972; Ph.D .. Associate. 1979.

Richard James Powers, Ph.D., Research Associate ill Physics B.S., lIlinois Institute of Technology, Senior Research Fellow, California Institule.

The University of


1962: Ph.D., 1967.

Research Associate,

Edward T. Preisler, B.A., Coach B.A., San Diego State College. 1941. California Institute, 1947-.

David Presti, Ph.D., Weizmalln Research Fellow in Biology B.S., Butler Universitv. 1974; M.S. Calii()rnia Institute. 1975: Ph.D .. 1978. California Institute. 1978-. .

George Worrall Preston Ill, Ph.D., Assistant Director and Staff Member, Hale Observatories Ph.D. Slaff

of California. 1959. Research Fellow in Astronomv. Observatories, 1968-: Assistant Director, 1976-. -

Aimee Brown Price. Ph.D., Lecturer in Art History B.A .. Stanford University. 1961: M.A .. Yale University. 1963: Ph.D .. 1972. California Institutc_ 1973-.

Officers and Faculty


Thomas A. Prince, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S., Villanova University, 1970: M.S., The University of Chicago, 1972; Ph.D., 1978. Calif()rnia Institute, 1979-80.

Nicholas J. Proudfoot, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.Sc., University of London, 1972: Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1975. California Institute, 1979-.

Ulrich Herbert Quast, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry M.A., Technical Universitv of Aachen, 1972: PhD., University of Basel, 1974. California Institute. 1976-. -

James P Quirk, Ph.D., Professor of Economics


B.A., University of Minnesota, 1948; M.A., 1949; Ph.D., 1959. California Institute, 1971-.

Arthur Raefsky, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geophysics B.S., New York Institute of Technology, 1971; M.S., State University of New York (Binghamton), 1974; Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Michael Augustine Raftery, Ph.D., D. Sc., Professor of Chemical Biology B.Sc., National University of Ireland, 1956; Ph.D., 1960; D.Sc., 1971. Noyes Research Instructor in Chemistry, California Institute, 1964-66; Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology, 1967-69; Associate Professor, 1969-72; Professor, 1972-.

Marc H. Raibert, Ph.D., Lecturer in Computer Science


B.S., Northeastern University, 1973; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977. Senior Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1977-. California Institute, 1979-.

Fredric Raichlen, Sc.D., Professor of Civil Engineering B.E., The Johns Hopkins University, 1953; S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1955; SeD., 1962. Assistant Professor. California Institute, 1962-67; Associate Professor, 1967-72; Professor, 1972-.

Susan A. Raikes, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geophysics B.A., University of Cambridge, 1973; M.A., Newham College, 1977; Ph.D., California Institute, 1978. Research Fellow, 1978.

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology M.B.B.S., Stanley Medical College (Madras), 1974; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1978. California Institute, 1979-80.

Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, Ph. D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc., Madras University, 1972; M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1974; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

Simon Ramo, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Engineering; Visiting Professor of Management Science (PT) B.S., The University of Utah, 1933; Ph.D., California Institute, 1936. Director, and Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, TRW, Inc. Research Associate, California Institute, 1946-74; Visiting Associate, 1974-; Visiting Professor. 1977-.

Pierre Ramond, Ph.D., Research Associate in Theoretical Physics B.S., Newark College of Engineering, 1965; Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1969. Visiting Associate in Theoretical Physics, California Institute, 1975-76: Senior Research Fellow, 1976-79; Research Associate. 1979-.

Georges Rancourt, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistrv B.Sc., University of Montreal. 1972: Ph.D., 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Subramanian Ranganathan, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B.Se, Delhi Cornell University, institute, 1979. .

1960; M.Sc., 1962; M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, 1963: Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Royal Military College (Canada), 1970-. California

W. Duncan Rannie, Ph.D., Robert H. Goddard Professor of Jet Propulsion and Professor of Mechanical Engineering BA,

1936; M.A., 1937: PhD., Calit()rnia Institute, 1951 Assistant Professor 1947·51; Associate Professor, 1951-55: Robert H. Goddard Professor of H. Goddard Professor of Jet PropUlsion and Professor of Mechanical

B.Sc., University of Witwatersrand, 1970; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1977.


in of Redlands, 1937; M.S" California Institute, 1938, Research Assistant, 1938,S2; Fellow, 1952,58; Senior Research Fellow, 1958,. Northwestern University, 1978;




Professor of

of California. Professor.


Officers and Faculty

Allan Rex Sandage, Ph.D., Sc.D., D.Se., LL.D., Staff Member, Hale Observatories A.B., Staff Member,

of illinois, 1948; Ph.D., California Institute, 1953; Sc.D., Yale University, 1966. Observatories. 1948-.

David G. Sandler, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S.,

of Missouri, 1971; M.A., Washington University, 1976; Ph.D .. 1979. California

Gregorio G. Santillan, Ph,D" Visiting Associate in ChemiSTry B.S., California

of the Philippines. 1968; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1975. Research Fellow, 1976-78; Visiting Associate, 1979-80.

Anneila I. Sargent, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Astronomy B.Sc., University of Edinburgh, 1964; M.S .• California Institute. 1967; Ph.D., 1978. California Institute. 1977-.

Wallace Leslie William Sargent, Ph,D" Professor of Astronomy; Executive Officer jor Astronomy B.sc., Manchester University, 1956; M.Sc., 1957; Ph.D., 1959. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1959-62; Assistant Professor. 1966-68; Associate Professor, 1968·71; Professor, 1971-, Staff Member. Hale Observatories, 1966-; Executive Officer, 1975-; Staff Member, Owens Valley Radio Observatory, 1978-,

William Palzer Schaefer, Ph, D., Research Associate in Chemistry B,S" Stanford University, 1952; M,S., University of California (Los Angeles), 1954; Ph.D., 1960. Instructor, California Institute, 1960-62; Assistant Professor, 1962-66; Senior Research Fellow, 196877; Research Associate, 1977-. Assistant Director of Admissions, 1968-73; Registrar, 1971-77; Director of Financial Aid, 1973-77.

James F. Seheimer, Ph, D., Visiting Associate in Geophysics B.S., Stanford University, 1973; M.S., 1973; Ph.D" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978. Scientist, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 1978-, Weizmann Research Fellow, California Institute, 1978-79; Visiting Associate, 1979-80.

Anton Roelef Schep, Ph.D" Instructor in Mathematics B.Sc .. University of Leiden, 1974: Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977·.

Peter A. G. Scheuer, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar B.A .. University of Cambridge, 1951; M.A" Physics. California Institute, 1979-80.

1955; Ph.D., 1955. Assistant Director of Research in

Maarten Schmidt, Ph,D" Sc.D., Professor of Astronomy: Director of the Hale Observatories Ph.D., University of Leiden, 1956; Sc.D., Yale University, 1966, Associate Professor, California Insti· tute, 1959-64; Professor, 1964-; Executive Officer for Astronomy, 1972-75; Chairman, Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy, 1975-78; Carnegie Fellow, Hale Observatories, 1956-58; Staff Member, 1959-; Director, 1978-,

Raymond L. Schmidt, Ph.D" Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering B,S., Florida Presbyterian College, 1964; Ph.D" Emory University, 1967. Associate Professor, University of New Orleans, 1972-, Research Fellow, California Institute, 1968-70; Visiting Associate, 1977-.

Elma Schonbach, B,M., Lecturer in Music


B.M .. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, 1939. Head of Music Department, West ridge School for Girls (Pasadena), 1971-, California Institute, 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979.

Walter Adolph Schroeder, Ph.D" Research Associate in Chemistn B.Sc., University of Nebraska, 1939; M.A., 1940; Ph.D., California Institute, 1943. Research Fellow, 1943-46; Senior Research Fellow, 1946-56; Research Associate, 1956-.

Joseph R, Schuh, Ph,D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Manhattan College. 1973; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1978. California Institute, 1978·,

Alan Schwartz, LL.B" Visiting Professor of Law and Social Science 1961; LL.B .. Yale University. 1%4, Professor of Law. University of Southern Institute, 1979-80.

John Henry Schwarz, Ph ,D" Research Associate in Theoretical PhYsics A,B., Harvard College, 1962; Ph.D., University of California, 1966. California Institute, 1972-.

Officers and Facultv


Frank Joseph Sciulli, Ph. D., Professor of Physics A.B.. tute, 1966-68;

of Pennsylvania, 1960; M.S., 1961; Ph.D., 1965. Research Fellow, California InstiProfessor, 1%9-71; Associate Professor. 1971-76; Professor, 1976-.

Ronald Fraser Scott, Sc.D., Professor ofCivil Engineering B.Sc., Glasgow University, 1951; S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953; Sc.D., 1955. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1958-62; Associate Professor, 1962-67; Professor, 1967-.

Thayer Scudder, Ph. D., Professor of Anthropology A.B., Harvard College, 1952; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1960. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1964-66; Associate Professor, 1966-69; Professor, 1969-.

Eleanor M. Searle, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor of History A.B., Radcliffe College, 1948; Ph.D., Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1961. California Institute, 1979-.

Leonard Searle, Ph.D., Staff Member, Hale Observatories Ph.D., Princeton University, 1956. Senior Research Fellow in Astronomy, California Institute, 196063; Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1968-.

Ernest Edwin Sechler, Ph.D., Professor of Aeronautics, Emeritus B.S., California Institute, 1928; M.S., 1929; Ph.D., 1934. Instructor, 1930-37; Assistant Professor, 1937-40; Associate Professor, 1940-46; Professor, 1946-76; Executive Officer for Aeronautics, 196671; Professor Emeritus, 1976-.

George Andrew Seielstad, Ph.D., Research Associate in Radio Astronomy A.B" Dartmouth College, 1959; Ph.D" California Institute, 1963: Research Fellow, 1964-67; Senior Research Fellow. 1967-72; Research Associate, 1972-.

Christian Seigneur, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering Ph.D., Universitv of Minnesota, 1978. California Institute. 1979-80.

John Hersh Seinfeld, Ph. D., Professor of Chemical Engineering; Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering B.S., The University of Rochester, 1964; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1%7. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1967-70; Associate Professor, 1970-74; Professor, 1974-. Acting Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering, 1973-74; Executive Officer, 1974-.

Charles L. Seitz, Ph.D., Research Associate in Computer Science S.B" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965; S.M., 1967; Ph.D., 1971. Consultant. Burroughs Corporation, 1971-. Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science, 1977; Research Associate, 1977-.

Ayusman Sen, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc., University of Calcutta, 1970; M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, 1973; Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 1978. California Institute, 1979-80.

Michael Herman Shaevitz, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Physics B.Sc., The Ohio State University, 1969; Ph.D., 1975. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1975-78; Senior Research Fellow, 1978-.

Fredrick Harold Shair, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, 1957; Ph.D., University of California, 1963. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1965-69; Associate Professor, 1969-76; Professor, 1976-.

Mark Howard Shapiro, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics A.B., University of California, 1962; M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1963; Ph.D .. 1966. Associate Professor, California State University (Fullerton), 1973-. Visiting Associate, 1976-.

S. D. Sharma, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Chemistry B.Sc., University of Delhi, 1949; M.Sc., 1951; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1961. Professor. Pierce College, 1976-. California Institute. 1979.

Robert Phillip Sharp, Ph.D., Professor of Geology, Emeritus B.S., California Institute. 1934; M.S., 1935; A.'\.1., Harvard SOL California Institute, 1947-78; The Robert P Sharp Professor Emeritus. 1979-. Chairman, Division of Geology, 1952-68.

Stephen A. Shechtman, Ph.D., Staff Member, Hale Observatories B.S., Yale University, 1969; Ph.D., California Institute, 1973. Staff Member, Hale Observatories, 1975-.


1979. Research Fellow. 1978-79;


Thomas Joseph Smith,

Visiting Associate in Chemistry

Illinois Benedictine College, 1971 Ph.D .• Purdue University, 1976. Research Fellow. California Institute, 1976-79; Visiting Associate,

Ralph Smythe, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Emeritus A.B., Colorado National Research sor, 1927-34; Associate Professor, 1934-40;

1919; Ph.D ..

Baruch Thomas Soifer, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Physics BS, California Institute, 1968; Ph.D., Cornell unlversItv. 1972. Senior Research Fellow. California lnstitute, 1978-; Staff Associate, Hale Observatories,

Malcolm Robert Somerville, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geophysics B.Sc.. University of New England (Australia), 1966; Ph.D., University of California, 1977. California Institute, 1978-.

David Sonnabend, Ph.D., Lecturer in Systems Engineering


B.5c-. University of California (Los Angeles). 1955; M.S., Stanford University, 1976: Ph.D., 1979. California Institute, 1978-.

Edwin V. Spencer, 1L, B.S., Coach B.5 .. North Carolina State University, 1964. California Institute, 1973-.

Roger Wolcott Sperry, Ph.D., D.Sc., Hixon Professor of Psychobiology Oberiin College, 1935; tite, 1954-.

1937; Ph.D .. The University of Chicago, 1941. California lnsti-

Lyman Spitzer, JL, Ph.D., D.Sc., LL.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar B.A., Yale University, 1935; M.A., Princeton University, 1937; Ph.D., 1938. Professor, 1967-. California Institute, 1979-80.

Randolph N _Splitter, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of English A.B., Hamilton College, 1968; Ph.D., University of California, 1974. California Institute, 1975-.

Michael E. Squil!acote, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., The University of Chicago, 1972; Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

William A_ Squires, Ph.D., Bateman Research Instructor in Mathematics RSc., University of Victoria, 1974; M.Sc., The University of Michigan, 1976; Ph,D .. 1979. California lnstitute, 1979-80.

Gabriel H. Srouji, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Chemistry Ouachita University, 1972; University of Tennessee (Knoxville), 1975; Ph.D., Emory University, California Institute, 1978-.

Maureen B. Steiner, Ph.D" Senior Research Fellow in Geology and Geophysics BS, Southern Methodist University, 1965·, MS, 1967; Ph.D., The 1974. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1977-78; Senior Research

of Texas (Dallas),

Gregory N. Slephanopoulos, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering 8.S .. National Technical University (Athens). 1973; M.Sc, University of Florida, 1975; Ph.D., versity of Minnesota, 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Alfred Stern, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Ins~ructor, California Institute, Professor. 1953-60; Professor, 1960-68;


Officers and Faculty

Eli Sternberg, Ph.D., D.Se., Professor of Mechanics B.C.E.. Professor

of North Carolina. 1941: M.S .. Illinois Institute of .~'.,.,v.v • .'. 1942: Ph.D .. 1945. Mechanics, California Institute, 1964,70; Professor of VH,cnanICS. 1970,.

Paul R. Stevens, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics B.S., University of California (Los Angeles). 1965; M.S., 1966; Ph.D., 1969. Research Fellow, California Institute. 1972; 1974,75: Senior Research Fellow, 1975,.

Homer Joseph Stewart, Ph.D., Professor of Aeronautics B.Aero.E .. University of Minnesota, 1936; Ph.D., California Institute, 1940. Instructor, 1939,42; Assistant Professor, 1942-46; Associate Professor, 1946-49: Professor. 1949,.

Edward M. Stolper, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geology A.B., Harvard College, 1974; M.Phi!., University of Edinburgh, 1976; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1979. California Institute, 1979,.

Edward Carroll Stone, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Physics M.S .. The University of Chicago, 1957; Ph.D., 1963. Research Fellow, California Institute, 1964,66; Senior Research Fellow, 1967; Assistant Professor, 1967,71; Associate Professor, 1971,76; Professor, 1976,.

Ellen Glowacki Strauss, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Biology B.A., Swarthmore College, 1960; Ph.D .. California Institute, 1966. Research Fellow, 1969,73; Senior Research Fellow, 1973,.

James Henry Strauss, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Saint Mary's University, 1960; Ph.D., California Institute, 1967. Assistant Professor, 1969,75; Associate Professor, 1975,.

Thomas Foster Strong, M.S., Dean of Freshmen, Emeritus B.S., The University of Wisconsin, 1922; M.S., California Institute, 1937. Assistant Professor of Physics, 1944,65; Associate Profes>or. 1965,69; Dean of Freshmen, 1946,68; Dean Emeritus, 1969,.

Gary Steven Strumolo, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics B.S., New York University, 1974; M.S., 1978; Ph.D., 1979. California Institute, 1978,79.

Felix Strum wasser, Ph. D., Professor of Biology B.A., University of California (Los Angeles), 1953; Ph.D., 1957. Associate Professor, California Institute, 1964,69; Professor. 1969,.

Bradford Sturtevant, Ph.D" Professor of Aeronautics B.E., Yale University, 1955; M.S., California Institute, 1956; Ph.D., 1960. Research Fellow, 1960,62; Assistant Professor, 1962,66; Associate Professor. 1966,71; Professor, 1971,; Executive Officer for Aeronautics, 1972,76.

Ivan E. Sutherland, Ph.D., Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science B.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1959; M.S., California Institute, 1960; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963. Professor of Computer Science, California Institute, 1976,77; Fletcher Jones Professor, 1977,.

Ryo Suzuki, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B.S., Waseda University, 1970; M.S., 1972; Ph.D., 1978. Group Leader, Device Design Group, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (Japan), 1972,. California Institute, 1979,80.

Coenraad Albert Swarts, Ph.D., IBM Research Fellow in Applied Physics Kand., Technical University of Delft, 1972; Ing., 1973; Ph.D .. University of Illinois, 1979. California Institute, 1979,80.

James E. Swartz, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Stanislaus State College, 1973; Ph.D., University of California (Santa Cruz), 1978. California Institute. 1978,.

Alan R. Sweezy, Ph,D., Professor of Economics, Emeritus B.A .. Harvard College. 1929: Ph.D., Harvard tute, 1949,50: Profe"or, 1950,77; Professor Emeritus,

1934. Visiting Professor, California lnsti,

Ernest Haywood Swift, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Anaiylicai Chemistry, Emerilus B.S..

1918; M.S., California Institute. 1920; Ph.D., 1924. Instructor, Califor, Professor. 1928,39: Associate Professor, 1939-43; Professor, 1943,67; , Chairman, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 1958~o3,

Officers and Faculty


Michael Tabor, Ph, D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc, University of Bristol, 1972; Ph.D" 1976, California Institute, 1978-79.

Johanna E. Tallman, Certificate in Librarianship, Director of Libraries A.B., University of California, 1936; Certificate in Librarianship, 1937. California Institute, 1973-.

Yoram Tambour, Ph, D., Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering B.Sc, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa), 1972; Ph.D" 1977. California Institute, 1978-.

Shoji Tanaka, Ph.D" Research Fellow in Chemistry B.Sc., Tokyo College of Pharmacy, 1972; Ph.D., Osaka University, 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

Vernon Take Taniguchi, Ph. D. , Research Fellow in Chemistry B.A., University of California (San Diego), 1973; Ph.D., University of California (irvine), 1978. California Institute, 1978-79.

Steven Paul Tanis, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.A., Rutgers University, 1974; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

Mark Allen Tanouye, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology A.B., Stanford University, 1972; A,M., 1973; Ph.D" 1978-,

Yale University, 1978. California Institute,

Vladimir Matveevich Tapilin, Cand., Visiting Associate in Chemical Engineering Cand., 1959. Professor, Institute of Catalysis (Novosibirsk). California Institute, 1975; 1978.

Hugh Pettingill Taylor, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Geology B.S., California Institute, 1954; A.M., Harvard University, 1955; Ph.D., California Institute, 1959. Assistant Professor, 1959-61; Research Fellow, 1961; Assistant Professor, 1962-64; Associate Professor, 1964-69; Professor, 1969-.

Murray F. Teitel!, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.A., Temple University, 1969; Ph.D., University of Texas, 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Valentine L. Telegdi, Ph.D" Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar M.Sc., Lausanne University, 1946; Ph.D., Swiss FederallnstitUle of Technology, 1950. Enrico Fermi Distinguished Service Professor, The University of Chicago, 1971-. California Institute, 1978-79; 1979-80.

Matilde Pasqua Teleman, Laurea, Visiting Associate in Physics Laurea, Rome University, 1970, Italian Public Education Ministry Associate, 1975-. California Institute, 1977-.

Neculai Teleman, Ph.D., Bateman Research Instructor in Mathematics M.S., Bucharest University, 1967; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977, California Institute, 1977-.

Katsuaki Terasawa, Ph.D., Lecturer in Economics B.A., University of Washington (Seattle), 1966; Ph.D., University of Kansas (Lawrence), 1972. California Institute, 1979.

Daniele Thierry-Mieg, Doctoral d'Etat, Visiting Associate in Biology Doctoral, University of Paris, 1974; Doctorat d'Etat, ]978. Attachee de Recherches, Centre de la Recherche Scientifique (Gif-sur-Yvette), 1974-, California Institute, 1979.

Jean Thierry-Mieg, Doctorat d'Etat, Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics Agregation, Ecole Nationale Superieure, 1971; Doctorat Physique, Orsay University, 1973; Doctorat d'Etat, 1974. California Institute, 1978-79.

Terry Lyde Thomas, Ph.D. ,Research Fellow in Biology B.S., University of Georgia, 1972; Ph.D., 1975. California Institute, 1975-.

Bozena Henisz-Dostert Thompson, Ph.D., Research Associate in Linguistics M.A., University of Warsaw, 1956; M.S., Georgetown University, 1961; Ph.D., 1965. Lecturer in English, California Institute, 1969; Senior Research Fellow, 1969-73; Research Associate, 1973-,

Frederick Burtis Thompson, Ph,D., Professor ofApplied Philosophy and Computer Science A.B., University of California (Los Angeles), 1946; M.A., 1947; Ph.D., University of California, 1952, Professor of Applied Science and Philosophy, California Institute, 1965-77; Professor of Applied Philosophy and Computer Science, 1977-.

John G. Thompson, Ph.D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar A.B., Yale sity of Cambridge.

1954: Ph.D .. The

of Chicago, 1959. Rouse Ball Professor, Univer-


Officers and Faculty

Wayne}. Thompson, Ph. D. , Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S .• Illinois Institute of Technology, 1974; Ph.D., California Institute. 1978. Research Fellow, 1978-79.

Kip Stephen Thome, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Physics 1962;

Research Fellow in 1967-70; Professor,

John Todd, B.Sc. , Professor of Mathematics


B.Sc., Queen's University (Ireland). 1931. California Institute, 1957-.

Olga Taussky Todd, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus Ph.D., University of California Institute, 1957-71;


University of Cambridge, 1937. Research Associate, Professor Emeritus. 1977-.

Thomas Anthony Tombrello, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.A., Rice University, 1958; M.A., 1960; Ph.D., 1961. Research Fellow, California Institute, 196162; 1964-65; Assistant Professor, 1965-67; Associate Professor, 1967-71; Professor, 1971-.

James H. Trainor, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Physics Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, 1964. Associate Chief, Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, Goddard Space Flight Center, 1964-. California Institute, 1979.

John T. Trauger, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Planetary Science B.A., Oberlin College, 1965; M.S., The University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1967; Ph.D .. 1972. California Institute, 1978-.

Nicholas William Tschoegl, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering B.Sc .. New South Wales University of Technology, 1954; Ph.D., University of New South Wales, 1958. Associate Professor of Materials Science. California Institute, 1965-67; Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1967-.

David L. Tubbs, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1973; Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

John Augustus Turner, Ph.D. ,Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Idaho State University, 1971; Ph.D., Colorado State University. 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

David Ralph Tyler, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Purdue University, 1975; Ph.D., California Institute, 1979. Research Fellow, 1979.

Ray Edward Untereiner, J. D., Ph. D. , Professor of Economics, Emeritus A.B., 1925; Emeritus


1921; J.D.,

of Law, Professor


Stephen C. Unwin, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy B.A., Clare College, 1976; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

David C. Van Essen, Ph.D., Associate Professor ofBiology Assistant Professor, California lnsti-

University of Amsterdam, 1925; M.A., Institute, 1934-35; lnstructor, 1935-40; Assistant 1942-47; Professor, 1947-74; Professor Emeritus,

Assistant. Professor,

Vito August Vanoni, Ph.D., Professor of Hydraulics,


Officers and Faculty

Jean Paul Nicolas Vevert, Doctoral d'Etat, Research Fellow in Chemistry M.S., Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg), 1972; Doctorat de'Etat, 1979. California Institute. 1979-80.

Victor V. Veysey, M.B.A., Lecturer in Business Economics; Director, Industrial Relations Center B.S., California Institute, 1936; M.B.A., Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, 1938; Lecturer, California Institute, 1977-; Director, 1977-.

William H. Vine, M.D., Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry A.B., Washington University, 1969; M.D., Ph.D., 1975. California Institute, 1976-.

Petr Vogel, Ph.D., Research Associate in Physics Ph.D., Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (USSR), 1966. Senior Research Fellow in Physics, California Institute, 1970-75; Research Associate, 1975-.

Rochus E. Vog!, Ph.D., Professor of Physics; Chairman of the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy S.M., The University of Chicago, 1957; Ph.D., 1961. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 196265; Associate Professor, 1965-70; Professor, 1970-; Chairman, 1978-.

Martin Evon Allmen, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Applied Physics B.S., University of Berne, 1973; Ph.D .. Institute of Applied Physics, University of Berne. 1975. Group Leader, 1976-. California Institute, 1978-.

Hermann Christian von Seefeld, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Applied Physics Lie., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1973; Dr.rer.nat., Technische Universitat Munchen, 1978. California Institute. 1978-79.

Thad Vreeland, Jr. Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science B.S., California Institute, 1949; M.S., 1950; Ph.D., 1952. Research Fellow in Engineering. 1952-54; Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1954-58: Associate Professor, 1958-63; Associate Professor of Materials Science, 1963-67; Professor, 1968-.

Makoto Wada, Ph.D. ,Research Fellow in Chemistry Aoyarna Gakuin University, 1970; M.S .. 1972; Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1977. Institute, 1978-79.

David Bertram Wales, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics; Associate Dean of Students B,S., University of British Columbia, 1961; M.A., 1962; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1967. Bateman Research Fellow, California Institute, 1967-68; Assistant Professor, 1968-71; Associate Professor, 1971-77; Professor, 1977-; Associate Dean, 1976-.

Robert Craig Walker, Ph. D., Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy B.A., University of California (San Diego), 1971; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977. California Institute, 1977-.

Robert Lee Walker, Ph.D., Professor of Physics; Executive Officer for Physics B.S., University of Chicago, 1941; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1948. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1949-S3; Associate Professor, 1953-59; Professor, 1959-; Executive Officer, 1976-.

Robert Bruce Wallace, Ph.D., Visiting Associate in Biology B.Sc., Simon Fraser University, 1972; Ph.D .. McMaster University. 1975. Research Fellow, Calif()rnia Institute, 1975-79; Visiting Associate, 1979-.

Keh-Chung Wang, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics B.S., National Taiwan University, 1972; Ph.D., California Institute, 1979. Research Fellow, 1979-80.

Peter Wannier, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Radio Astronomy B.S .. Stanford University. Institute, 1976-79; Associate 1976-.


1974. Assistant Owens Valley

Robert Rodger Wark, Ph.D., Lecturer in Art B.A., Curator of Art,

Gerald S.B ..

1944; M.A., 1946; M.A .. Harvard and Art Gallery, 1956-. California Institute,

Wasserburg, Ph.D., Professor of Geology and Geophysics 1951; S.M .. 1952; Ph.D .. 1954. Assistant Professor of Professor, 1959-62; Professor, 1962-63; Professor of




Officers and Faculty

Deborah Kay Watson, Ph.D. ,Research Fellow in Chemistry B.S., Allegheny College. 1972; 1977-

Harvard University, 1973: Ph.D .. 1977. California Institute,

1. Harold Wayland, Ph.D., D.Sc., ProJessor of Engineering Science, Emeritus B.S., of Idaho. 1931; M.S .• California Institute. 1935: Ph.D., 1937. Research Fellow in Mathematics. Mechanics, 1949-57: Professor. 1957-63; Professor of Engineering 1963-79; Professor 1979-.

Stephen V. Weber, Ph.D., Weizmann Research Fellow in Astrophysics A.B .. Princeton University. 1973: Ph.D., University of California. 1978. California Institute, 1978-.

William Henry Weinberg, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Physics B.S., University of South Carolina, 1966; Ph.D., University of California, 1970. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering. California Institute, 1972-74; Associate Professor, 1974-77; Professor. 1977-78; Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Physics, 1978-.

Alan Weinstein, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964; M.A., University of California, 1966; Ph.D., 1967. California Institute, 1979-.

Martin M. Weinstock, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., Brooklyn College, 1972; Ph.D., University of Miami, 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

David Franklin Welch, l.D., Associate Professor of Engineering Design A.B., Stanford University. 1941; I.D., California Institute, 1943. Instructor in Engineering Graphics, 1943-51; Assistant Professor, 1951-61; Associate Professor of Engineering Design, 1961-.

James G. Wendel, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Mathematics B.A., Reed College, 1943; Ph.D .. California Institute, 1948. Professor, The University of Michigan, 1961-. Visiting Professor, California Institute, 1979.

James Adolph Westphal, B.S., Professor of Planetary Science B.S .. University of Tulsa, 1954. Senior Research Fellow, California Institute, 1966-71; Associate Professor, 1971-76; Professor, 1976-; Staff Associate, Hale Observatories, 1966-74; Staff Member, 1974-.

Ward Whaling, Ph.D., Professor of Physics B.S., Rice University, 1944; M.A., 1947; Ph.D., 1949. Research Fellow, California Institute, 194952; Assistant Professor, 1952-58; Associate Professor, 1958-62; Professor, 1962-.

Gerald Beresford Whitham, Ph.D .. Professor of Applied Mathematics; Executive Officer for Applied Mathematics B.Sc., University of Manchester, ]948; M.Sc., 1949; Ph.D., 1953. Visiting Professor of Applied Mechanics, California Institute, 1%1-62; Professor of Aeronautics and Mathematics, 1962-67; Professorof Applied Mathernetics. 1967-; Executive Officer, 1971-.

Ralphe Wiggins, Ph. D., Visiting Professor ofGeophysics Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1965. Scientist, Del Mar Technical Associates, 1976-. California Institute, 1978.

John Edward Wiktorowicz, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1974; Ph.D., The University of Texas (Galveston), 1977. California Institute, 1978-.

Craig S. Wilcox, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry 1

B.S .. lllinois Institute of Technology, 1974: Ph.D., California Institute, 1979. Research Fellow, 1979-80.

Louis L. Wilde, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics B.A., University of Iowa, 1972; M.A., The University of Rochester, 1975; Ph.D., 1976. Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1976-79; Associate Professor, 1979-.

Francois Xavier Wilhelm, Ph. D., Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar Ph.D., tifique.


1970. Charge de Recherches, Centre National de la Recherche Scien-

Marcelle Wilhelm, Ph.D., Visiting Associare in Biology Ph.D .. University of Stras/)ourg. 1979. California Institute, 1979-80.

Ian Stuart Williams, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Geology B.Sc., Australian National University. 1974: Ph.D., 1977. California Institute, 1977-.