Peddlers Application - Farmington Hills - Farmington Hills

Peddlers Application - Farmington Hills - Farmington Hills

SOLICITOR VS PEDDLER License for both is good for 120 days per Ordinance Solicitor Peddler Any Charitable, Religious or Political people or groups ...

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SOLICITOR VS PEDDLER License for both is good for 120 days per Ordinance



Any Charitable, Religious or Political people or groups with 501C status soliciting or obtaining contributions (money, goods, services, etc) from the public for a charitable, religious or political purpose.

Solicit for contributions for profit for themselves or a company and are NOT soliciting contributions for charitable, religious or political purpose.

Examples: Clean Water Action, Church groups, American Legion

Solicitor Requirements: 

 

Complete an application on behalf of themselves or organization. No fee required No badge is required but City will issue Registration Cert. to group. Police Dept is copied on names, addresses and copies of DL for each solicitor

Street and Curb Solicitation  No more than one organization in the city at one time  Limited to 3 consecutive days  Limited to 4 intersections within the city per day  No person under the age of 18 shall be engage in street soliciting. Revised 9/26/13 per change in Ordinance

Examples: Kirby Vacuum sales, magazine subscription sales, person going door-to-door asking people to hire them to do repairs at their home or other services.

Peddler Requirements: 

  

Complete an application and pay $50 fee. Copy of Photo ID One passport size photo ICHAT or out-of-state criminal history report (within 30 days of applying) (Michigan applicants only) If under 18 a work permit is required.



Valid for 120 Days

APPLICANT NAME: ___________________________________ PHONE____________________ APPLICANT HOME ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________ SOCIAL SECURITY #: ____________________ DRIVER’S LICENSE # _________________ DATE OF BIRTH_________________SEX: M____F____

HEIGHT: ____Ft ____In

HAIR COLOR____________________EYE COLOR_____________WEIGHT_____________ NAME OF PARENT ORGANIZATION _____________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS __________________________________________________________ COMPANY WEBSITE ADDRESS: ______________________________________________ COMPANY TELEPHONE NUMBER ______________________________________________ FEDERAL EMPLOYER ID NUMBER of parent organization ____________________________ STATE OF MICHIGAN SALES TAX LICENSE # _____________________________________ (If exempt – state basis for exemption) _____________________________________________ Where and when parent organization was established or incorporated and the form of its organization: ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Has the applicant or parent organization ever been denied a license for peddling; had a license suspended or revoked or been prohibited from peddling in any community in the past? YES __________ NO ____________ IF YES, PLEASE EXPLAIN ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Has the applicant or any officer/partner/member/director of the parent organization been convicted of a felony or any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude? Revised 9/26/13

______ YES

________ NO

IF YES, PLEASE DESCRIBE THE CRIME, INCLUDING ITS LOCATION AND DATE AND REASON THEREFORE: __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ START DATE OF PEDDLING: _________________

END DATE: ____________________

LOCATION PROPOSED FOR PEDDLING: ________________________________________ HOURS OF PEDDLING: ____________ (10 am to 8 pm or Sunset, whichever is earlier) TYPES OF GOODS/MERCHANDISE TO BE SOLD __________________________________ I hereby declare under penalty or perjury that the foregoing information contained in this application is true and correct, such declaration being duly dated and signed in the City. I further understand that misstatements and inaccuracies in the application are grounds for immediate termination of said license. I hereby authorize the city, its agents and employees to seek information and conduct an investigation into the truth of the statements set forth in the application and the qualifications of the applicant for this license.

X__________________________________________ (APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE)

DATE ________________________

APPLICANT MUST SUBMIT APPLICATION FORM, THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS AND APPROPRIATE FEE BEFORE INVESTIGATION AND LICENSE CONSIDERATION WILL BEGIN.  Detailed description of the type of peddling to be undertaken and the method to be used in conducting the peddling.  One color photograph of the applicant at least two inches by two inches (2” x 2”) which shall show the head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner.  Copy of Driver’s License (if applicant does not have Drivers License, 2 photographs are required)  A criminal back-ground history report issued by a home state government agency such as Michigan’s ICHAT, dated within 30 days of the date of this application; Michigan residents can apply at  If under age 18, a valid work permit (Issued by school district)  If peddling out of a motor vehicle, applicant must pay an additional $40 non-refundable fee for a vehicle inspection by the Police Department. Contact the Police Department to schedule an inspection at 248.871-2630. You must provide a receipt for the $40 to the Police Department in order to have your vehicle inspected. IT IS SUGGESTED THAT YOU WAIT UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED BEFORE YOU GET THE VEHICLE INSPECTION AS THE $40 IS NON REFUNDABLE. ******************************************* For OFFICE USE ONLY DATE SENT TO POLICE DEPT: ________________________________ DATE APPROVED BY POLICE DEPT: ________________________ APPROVED __________ Revised 9/26/13

DENIED ______________

BY WHOM: _______________