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Frankfurt 2016 Rights List Picture Books Contacts Stefanie Gussmann [email protected] board and picture books coeditions: Scandinavia, BeNeLu...

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Frankfurt 2016 Rights List

Picture Books Contacts

Stefanie Gussmann

[email protected]

board and picture books coeditions: Scandinavia, BeNeLux, France, Israel, Greece, Russia, Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Turkey, Middle East

Rita Davis

[email protected]

board and picture books coeditions: English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, Asia / adult gift books and stationery

Meike Lenz

[email protected]

juvenile fiction, young adult fiction, religious titles and albums worldwide

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Picture Books Fall 2016 frontlist + preview 2017

The Wild Bandit Thunderfart (Vol. 1) The Bandit Test Walko #61744, hardcover with spot-UV varnish, with a whoopee cushion, 40 pp., 4-colour print, 23 x 30 cm age 3 +, EUR 14.95

New series with crazily wild characters Funny illustrations by Walko A surprising twist in a fart-filled bandit story With a whoopee cushion

• • • • A great PAAAAAARRRP echoes through the Thunderwood! They say there are dangerous bandits living there. That's why it’s rare to see anyone going in, and even rarer to see anyone coming out again. But Robin dares to go there anyway – and is promptly taken prisoner by the wild gang. But Robin is smart, and he challenges the less smart bandits to a competition. Even so, Captain Thunderfart doesn’t like being taken for a ride! An adventure with a lot of farting in a horribly wild world of bandits.

Best Friends Again Katja Reider / Henrike Wilson #66790, hardcover with spot-UV varnish, embossing, 24.5 x 30 cm, 32 pp., 4-colour print, age 3 +, EUR 12.99

You started it! – No, you did! • Lovingly illustrated with strong characters • Important theme for all ages: arguing and making up again • Original twist

Mats and Schimansky used to be friends – really good friends. But one day they had an argument. Later, neither of them could remember who had started it. But in the end Mats and Schimansky weren’t speaking to each other any more – only via their friends… This wonderfully illustrated picture books tells the tongue-in-cheek but warm-hearted story of what emerges during this “silent treatment”, and whether the two will make up again.


Onno & Ontje (Vol. 1) Suddenly Best Friends Forever Thomas Springer / Matthias Derenbach #66920, hardcover with spot-UV varnish, 32 pp., 4-colour print 25.4 x 30 cm, age 3 +, EUR 12.99

Onno is an experienced fisherman and well-known loner. He and his wife Olga live on a holm. One day he becomes seasick all of a sudden and can no longer take his boat out. To save the business, his wife takes over his job, leaving him behind all day on the island. He enjoys the quietness until the sea washes an otter ashore. An unusual friendship develops. Who wouldn’t love this otter?

• • • • •

New series by film producer Thomas Springer (Petersson & Findus) Loveable characters Funny and heart-warming Charming friendship stories with a funny twist Important issues for children everyday: welfare and solidarity

PREVIEW Spring 2017

Onno & Ontje (Vol. 2) Friends help each other. Always! Oh dear, Ontje has caught a cold – just on the day he wants to repair his trolley and really doesn’t have time for anything else. But friends help each other, because they like each other. And even if you get sick as well – that’s what happened to Onno stupidly – it’s still the best thing in the world to stay together, isn’t it?


Capt’n Sharky’s Wildest Pirate Adventures Jutta Langreuter / Silvio Neuendorf A bumper anniversary book… • 3 successful pirate stories in one book • With an eye patch • Great value for money Just in time for the popular pirate’s birthday, three of his most exciting adventures in one book – and a piratical eye patch to disguise yourself with!

#62125, hardcover with gold foil, 32 pp., 4colour print, 23 x 30 cm, age 3+, EUR 14.95

The jubilee book includes: Capt'n Sharky and the Mystery of the Treasure Island (Vol. 1) Capt'n Sharky and the Sea Monster (Vol. 2) Capt'n Sharky – adventure in the Rocky Cave (Vol. 4)

PREVIEW Spring 2017 Capt‘n Sharky (Vol. 11) And the Treasure in the Deep Sea Jutta Langreuter / Silvio Neuendorf • With glow-in-the-dark cover, flaps, and fold-out page • Successful duo Jutta Langreuter and Silvio Neuendorf • Animated movie planned 2017


Capt’n Sharky and his crew rush into an exciting adventure in the deep sea. According to a legend a valuable treasure is waiting in a sunken city. Using a self-built diving vessel they descent into an impressive underwater world. But there are not only friendly fish in the darkness of the sea: a gigantic sea snake feels threatened by them and attacks them mercilessly. Will Sharky and his crew endure the bitter fight? 4