PIPPIN Character Descriptions - Emory University

PIPPIN Character Descriptions - Emory University

PIPPIN Character Descriptions PIPPIN The son of Charlemagne and heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, Pippin has returned from the university t...

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PIPPIN Character Descriptions PIPPIN The son of Charlemagne and heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, Pippin has returned from the university to discover that he has no idea what to do with his life. He searches for something in his life to be completely fulfilling, while the Leading Player and acting troupe try to guide and manipulate him. He is young, determined, and hopeful, while still a bit of an angst-ridden teenager.

LEADING PLAYER The smooth talking, charming, devilish head of the acting troupe, and narrator of our story. He has a flaring temper, yet can quickly compose himself back to the cool calm of a master manipulator. He seeks to guide Pippin and help him find something that is completely fulfilling, while convincing him that nothing will be enough. Using his demonic acting troupe to manipulate Pippin, he tries to convince him to perform one final extraordinary act—the Grand Finale! CHARLEMAGNE Pippin’s estranged father and the King of the Holy Roman Empire. He is a well spoken, uneducated King with an enormous ego. War is the most important part of being king in his eyes. He rules his empire with a slightly blurred view of fair-mindedness, which mirrors the apathy towards his own son. FASTRADA Pippin’s step mother, Charlemagne’s wife, and Lewis’s mother. Fastrada is an ostentatious, glamorous, flashy woman who spends more than her fair share of her royal allowance. She is a coy and seductive woman, but evil and manipulative in her own right. She has a desperate desire to get her son Lewis to be King of the Holy Roman Empire, no matter who she has to get rid of to do it. LEWIS The son of Charlemagne and Fastrada, Pippin’s half brother. He is a brutish man, all brawn and no brain. He is described as the perfect soldier: strong and stupid. A male chauvinist mama’s boy, with a love of battle, and no clue how close he is to being emperor. BERTHE Pippin’s grandmother, and Charlemagne’s mother. She exemplifies the term “dirty old

lady.” She is a sweet old woman with great style, who has left the kingdom due to a distaste for her new daughter in law. She doesn’t sugar coat the issues, but is a lighthearted woman who doesn’t believe in worrying. CATHERINE (Also Ensemble 1st Act) Pippin’s love interest, a tragically widowed farmer’s wife with a young son. She is part of the leading player’s manipulation of Pippin, until she begins to fall for him herself. She is elegant and graceful, and is put on a pedestal as the perfect woman. She is kind, generous, and strong willed, though a hopeless romantic. THEO (Also Young Pippin + Ensemble 1st Act) Catherine’s irritating, yet loveable little boy, who is the first to help break Pippin of his sour, callous attitude. PLAYERS The acting troupe that builds the scenes, plays all other characters, and provides the sinister aura around the show. They are mischievous, evil, corrupt characters who facilitate the manipulation of Pippin’s entire life.