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playhouse - Funktion-One

PLAYHOUSE VENUE VENUE USA HOLLYWOOD The über chic district of Los Angles, one of the hottest clubbing cities in the world, has recently welcomed a n...

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The über chic district of Los Angles, one of the hottest clubbing cities in the world, has recently welcomed a new addition to the line up. The $6 million mega-club has been designed for multifunctional purposes in the old building which once housed the historic Fox Theatre. The Muse Lifestyle Group has taken over and given a new lease of life to the venue. Owners Rob Vinokur, Elie Samaha and Mike Israyelyan have transformed the space during a complete redesign with the help of acclaimed design firm ICRAVE, intelligent lighting and video by SJ Lighting, architectural lighting by Vortex and a superb sound system tailored by Sound Investments. Playhouse stretches 13,000 square feet across three levels, and has a 750-person capacity. It is open four nights a week and boasts four bars, a VIP section, aerialist bartenders, circus-style performances, and intriguing design elements to keep guests captivated, as well as a glittering schedule of special guests. Renovating a prestigious venue such as the Fox Theatre was never going to be an easy task, with the challenge of keeping some of its historic charm in place whilst at the same time injecting a modern vibe. Prior to the Playhouse project beginning, the theatre had not been functioning for some time and the building had not been in use for more than three years. The redesign initially began to take shape with ICRAVE, a design


November / December 2009

firm that considers innovation and interaction to be the key components in its designs. ICRAVE’s new west coast office was in charge of the project, this, its first major contract since the office opened in March earlier this year, and heading up the team was Lionel Ohayon. ICRAVE created a performance space that makes the clientele feel completed encapsulated by integrating the design into the architecture. While the club environment is very flexible and can easily take on a number of different personalities dependent on the theme of the evening. The experience is topped off with a huge skylight, which forms an indoor patio effect. Though ICRAVE was the main driving force behind the design, they were also very open to input from the rest of the team. Lighting was selected and installed by experienced American lighting designer Steve Lieberman. He said: “The lighting design was driven by the interior design and its features. We needed it to fit many different applications for this venue because it wasn’t going to be the typical nightclub. Playhouse is billed as a ‘multipurpose’ venue.” In order to achieve the flexibility required, Lieberman opted for a truss based lighting system with chain motors. The 22 x Elation Design Spot 300 Pros which he spread across four separate truss structures around the club are all hung on motorised chains and can be moved up and down, to be in

November / December 2009



use or out of use dependent upon what type of event is taking place. By having such a flexible system means designers and light jockeys have many options to personalise their own lighting show. Lieberman continued: “When you pull them down, you don’t see a big silver piece of truss floating in the air. We want the effect you see to be the light beam itself and not have your eye drawn to the equipment.” Lieberman specified the Design Spot 200 Pros above other fixtures because of their ability to be controlled using a wireless transmitter. “It was nice not having to run cable back to the DJ booth. We just put one of Elation’s EWDMXT wireless transmitters in the booth, and it sends a signal to all of the fixtures’ wireless receivers. We have not seen a single glitch in the wireless system,” said Lieberman. The 300W fixtures also feature CMY colour mixing and a motorised zoom, making it an ideal candidate for a multi-functional venue. In the bar area the Design Spot 300 Pros are accompanied by Elation’s Opti Tri Pars, high-output RGB LED par cans which are powered by 18 x 3W LED lamps, each containing three different colour 1W LEDs, an innovation that provides smoother colour mixing and eliminates multicolour shadows around illuminated objects. To complete the installation, Lieberman decided to build a video wall behind the main stage to provide an additional medium of communication for DJs and live acts. It was constructed using Elation’s EVLED 256 37mm LED video panels and creates a semi-transparent screen which; “offers good backlighting detail and gives a lot of eye candy to the audience. It really helps push


November / December 2009

the performers out into the room and creates a 3D look on the stage,” said Lieberman. As far as the management is concerned, he added, “I think the owners are ecstatic with the system.” For the architectural lighting, Playhouse contracted Vortex Lighting. President Anne Militello met with the whole team in order to work out a concept that could integrate both elements of the lighting design. Militello said: “Being a theatrical designer myself, I was sensitive to the need for equipment space and understood the effect Steve was attempting to create. We merged control systems so that the main light jockey had one good integrated system. The entire space is the ‘theatre’ so both my lights and Steve’s lights could be played by the light DJ every night.” Though the architectural lighting is perhaps more subtle than the intelligent lighting that Lieberman fitted, it still has the ability to create an atmosphere. Militello incorporated some unique concepts into Playhouse in order to achieve originality. Militello created a cool glowing effect on one wall by simply covering it in fluorescent tubes to create a patterned wall mask, as well as creating a mirror effect of the lights using the glossy floors. Militello’s favourite part of the lighting design is; “the entrance hallway that changes colour and the ‘bubble wall’ that looks like floating dots of light.” Audio technology came in the form of Sound Investment, a US based company in its 10th year of business, installed by cofounders Dan Ange and Dean McNaughton. With the initial contact going back as far as 18-months, there was a number of


meetings with the owners and interior designers before the audio design was finalised and all were convinced they had a winning combination that was going to produce the best results. McNaughton and Ange were asked to collaborate a multi-purpose sound system suitable for a nightclub environment that was also capable of hosting live performances and corporate events. “With this in mind, we needed to select a speaker that was up to the job and so we went to Funktion One,” said McNaughton. Ange continued: “The owners Rob Vinakor, Elie Samaha and Mike Israyelyan and Lionel Ohayon, from ICRAVE Design, did a tremendous job of offering us the most appropriate acoustical environment. Through deliberate intent they allowed us a great deal of freedom with placement of the system and appropriation of acoustically friendly surfaces.” The FOH system is made up primarily of four Funktion One F221’s, along with eight Funktion One R4S-C’s, powered by MC2 amplifiers. The R4S-C is a skeleton loudspeaker but still has the ability to produce controlled dispersion with sound quality equal to that, which is expected from an enclosed version, it is perfectly suited to this kind of installation. In the BOH, the Resolution 2 Series are installed again while upstairs the F81’s take over accompanied by Crest Audio Pro9200 amps. Ange explained: “The Playhouse install was extremely important to us as it

SOUND FOH: 4 x Funktion One F221 loudspeaker; 8 x Funktion One R4S-C loudspeaker; 2 x MC2 E90 amp; 1 x MC2 E90 amp; 2 x MC2 T1500 amp; 2 x MC2 T1000 amp; 2 x Funktion One R4 Rigging BOH: 5 x Funktion One F221 loudspeaker; 4 x Funktion One AX88(A) loudspeaker; 4 x Funktion One F215 loudspeaker; 4 x MC2 E90 amp; 1 x MC2 T1500 amp; 1 x MC2 T1000 amp UPSTAIRS: 8 x Funktion One F81 loudspeaker; 6 x Community Professional i-118S loudspeaker; Crest Audio Pro9200 amp; Crest Audio Pro8200 amp PROCESSING: 1 x BSS BLU160 2AIx2AO networked digital signal processor; 1 x BSS BLU120 0AIx4AO networked digital audio I/O expander; 1 x BSS BLU10-BLK networked remote control; 2 x BSS 9012US remote volume control and source selection switch DJ EQUIPMENT: 2 x Pioneer DJM-800 DJ mixer; 6 x Technics SL-1200 turntable; 6 x Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD / MP3 player; 2 x Community Professional iHP3594 loudspeaker; 1 x MC2 T2000 amp; 1 x MC2 T1500 amp; 1 x FBT MAX-4a loudspeaker LIGHTING & VIDEO BAR: 4 x custom pipe structures (powder coat black) built by Total Structures; 4 x Elation Designspot 300 Pro; 12 x Elation Opti Tripar (LED par cans) DANCEFLOOR: 4 x 6-inch box truss (powder coat black) built by Total Structures; 8 x Elation Designspot 300 Pro; 4 x Elation Opti Tripar30 (LED par cans); 4 x Martin Atomic Strobe; 4 x Martin Wizard Extreme; 8 x CM Prostar hoist; 30 x Elation XStick LED Strip STAGE: 3 x 24-inch ladder truss (powder coat black) built by Total Structures; 3 x Custom power strips by Times Square Lighting; 10 x Elation Designspot 300 Pro; 4 x Martin Atomic Strobe; 6 x TMB ProCan 4 Lite Audience Blinder; 17 x ETC Source 4 Par; 4 x ETC Source 4 Lekos; 6 x CM Prostar hoist; 1 x Elation EVLED 256 LED video wall; 1 x JEM K-1 hazer CONTROL EQUIPMENT: 1 x ETC dimmer system; 1 x grandMA2 light; 1 x Skjonberg Motion Control hoist controller; 1 x Doug Fleenor Design optical isolator; 1 x Elation EWDMX wireless transmitter; 2 x ELO 17-inch touchscreen

November / December 2009


VENUE VENUE DJ Vice at Playhouse


Rob Vinokur with Designer, Lionel Ohayon from ICRAVE Design

coincided with our company opening up or LA offices. That being said, it was intended to be used as a showroom for our product and had to be able to perform at a level that clearly separated our work from that of our competition, as it had in other markets we opened.” Processing for the entire venue was supplied by BSS, while the DJ equipment was made up of Pioneer DJ mixers, Technics turntables, Community Professional loudspeakers, MC2 amplifiers and a FBT MAX-4a loudspeaker. Complimenting the audio installation Lieberman said: “I’ve been working with Sound Investment Audio for over 10 years. There is a confidence level and a sense of trust when I work this team.” Vinokur compliments the installation and said his favourite part of the club is; “the control booth, because you can see the entire


Le quartier le plus chic de Los Angeles qui est une des villes les plus importantes au monde en matière de clubbing a récemment accueilli un nouveau venu. Ce mega-club de 6 millions de dollars a été conçu dans une visée multifonctionnelle dans l’ancien bâtiment qui abritait autrefois le Fox Theatre. Le site a été repris en main et s’est vu offerte une nouvelle jeunesse par le Muse Lifestyle Group. Ses propriétaires, Rob Vinokur, Elie Samaha et Mike Israyelyan ont transformé l’espace au cours d’un redesign total à l’aide de la firme, par ticulièrement renommée, ICRAVE. Les éclairages sont de SJ Lighting et Vortex Lighting et Sound Investments a préperé un superbe sound system. Vinokur a expliqué que la par tie du club qu’il préférait était “le stand de contrôle, car de là on peut voir l’ensemble du club et ressentir en profondeur son énergie. “Vinokur et ses par tenaires sont par ticulièrement excités à l’évocation de l’avenir du Playhouse, les premiers mois suivant son ouver ture étant déjà un franc succès.



Der super schicke Stadtteil von Los Angeles, eines der heißesten ClubszeneStädte der Welt, hat kürzlich einen neuen Zuwachs in seinen Reihen Willkommen geheißen. Der 6 Millionen Dollar teure Mega-Club ist für multifunktionelle Zwecke in dem alten Gebäude, in dem einst das historische Fox Theatre untergebracht war, entworfen worden. Der Treff ist durch die Muse Lifestyle Group übernommen und restaurier t worden. Die Besitzer Rob Vinokur, Elie Samaha und Mike Israyelyan haben den Bereich während der kompletten Umgestaltung mit Hilfe der gefeier ten Designfirma ICRAVE, Beleuchtung durch SJ Lighting und Vortex Lighting und einem kundenspezifisch angelegten Soundsystem durch Sound Investments transformiert. Vinokur hat er klär t, dass sein Lieblingsbereich im Club “die Regiekabine ist, denn von dor t aus kann man den gesamten Club sehen und wirklich ein Gefühl für die Energie des Raumes bekommen.” Vinokur und seine Geschäftspar tner freuen sich auf die Zukunft von Playhouse, mit der Eröffnung in einigen Monaten, die bereits als Erfolg abgestempelt wird.

November / December 2009

club from there and really get a feel for the energy in the room.” Ange concluded: “Rob set out to have the best sounding club in LA and he now has it day in and day out. The sound and lighting systems along with Lionel’s design are second to none and the venue is a great success in part because of the results of our combined efforts.” Vinokur and his business partners are extremely excited for the future of Playhouse, and they already have an extension for the venue planned in the form of a 24-hour diner named Sweet Love Hangover, it will be adjacent to Playhouse and is set to open very soon. He said none of this would have been possible without the hard work of; ”the dream team, Lionel Ohayon from ICRAVE, Steve Lieberman from SJ Lighting and Dan Agne from Sound Investment.”



Il distretto uber chic di Los Angeles, una delle città più famose al mondo per la sua vita notturna, ha di recente assistito all’ingresso sulla scena di un locale del valore di 6 milioni di dollari. Questo nuovo mega-club è stato progettato per ragioni multifunzionali nel palazzo antico che un tempo ospitava lo storico Teatro Fox. Del locale ha preso la guida e direzione il Gruppo Muse Lifestyle, che gli ha conferito un’iniezione di vita. I proprietari Rob Vinokur, Elie Samaha e Mike Israyelyan hanno trasformato lo spazio, rinnovandolo in toto, grazie all’aiuto dell’ acclamata società di design ICRAVE, di un’illuminazione SJ Lighting e Vortex Lighting ed infine, di un sistema audio superbo adattato da Sound Investments. Vinokur ha affermato che la par te migliore del club è rappresentata dalla “cabina di controllo, da dove è possibile vedere l’intero club e percepire la vera energia della sala”. Vinokur ed i suoi soci sono davvero eccitati per il futuro di Playhouse, la cui aper tura entro pochi mesi viene già considerata d i e n o r m e e s i c u r o s u c c e s s o.

El distrito súper chic de Los Ángeles, una de las ciudades que cuenta con los clubes más modernos del mundo, recientemente le ha dado la bienvenida a un nuevo club. El mega club de 6 millones de dólares has sido diseñado con varios propósitos en mente en el antiguo edificio que solía albergar al histórico Fox Theatre. La firma Muse Lifestyle Group ha adquirido el local y le ha dado una nueva vida. Los propietarios Rob Vinokur, Elie Samaha y Mike Israyelyan han transformado el espacio con un proceso completo de diseño con la ayuda de la aclamada firma ICRAVE, la iluminación a cargo de SJ Lighting y Vortex Lighting y un fantástico sistema de sonido diseñado por Sound Investments. Vinokur dijo que su parte preferida del club es la “cabina de control porque desde allí se puede ver todo el club y se puede sentir la energía del salón”.Vinokur y sus socios comerciales están muy emocionados por el futuro de Playhouse ya que los primeros meses después de su apertura han sido todo un éxito.