poker glossary - Grand Casino Bern

poker glossary - Grand Casino Bern

POKER GLOSSARY All in When a player does not have enough money to cover the full bet amount, and places their remaining money into the pot. Ante An am...

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POKER GLOSSARY All in When a player does not have enough money to cover the full bet amount, and places their remaining money into the pot. Ante An amount staked by all the players before the cards are played. Back Door When a player has three cards that would support a Flush or Straight, but needs the Turn and River to make a Flush. Bad Beat When a lucky hand beats a strong hand. Bet The amount a player is wishing to stake. Bet the Pot To make a bet that is the size of the pot (when playing pot-limit or no-limit). Big Blind A live blind (see below) that must be posted by the second player after the dealer button (see below). Applies to all poker games with a button. Bluff To raise or bet a weak hand in order to make your opponent think you have a strong hand. Board Community cards placed face up in the middle of the table, consisting of Flop (three cards), Turn (one card) and River (one card). These cards count the same for all players. Bring In A type of forced bet made by the player with the lowest card dealt face up in order to start the first round of betting (Seven Card Stud Poker). Burn (Burn Card) The top card of a deck is removed and usually placed under the pot before the cards are dealt, with a view to preventing cheating. Busted Hand A poor hand that cannot be improved. Button A flat disk (Texas Hold’Em, Omaha) that is used to signify the Dealer’s position on the table and is moved by one position after each game (blinds are shifted). Buy-In The amount that every player has to place on the table before their first game in order to be allowed to participate. This is variable and dependent on the limit (mostly, upper limit x 10).

Call This is when you place a bet equal to the previous bet. Cap/Cept Maximum raise in a game. Check Tactical move of one player passing in the expectation that another player will place a bet and that the first player can then raise. Chip Raise Used in tournaments to change smaller chip values that are no longer necessary for the limit. Each player receives one card for each chip removed from the tournament. The player with the highest card receives the total of all the removed chips. Community See “Board”. Dead Hand A hand that is removed from the game. Dealer’s Choice A variant of poker where each player in turn decides what game to play. A dealer button is often also used. Door Card The first upcard in Seven Card Stud Poker. Down Cards See “Hole Cards”. Draw Poker A variant of poker with five hole cards in which each player can exchange up to four cards at a time. Drawing Dead A hand that can no longer win. Drop See “Fold”. Family Pot When all the players are still in the game. Fifth Street The fifth card received by each player in Seven Card Stud. Five Card Stud A variant of poker in which each player receives one hole card and four upcards. Flop The first three community cards dealt face up at the same time.

Flush Five cards of one suit. Flush Draw When the player already has four suited cards and has the opportunity to buy a fifth of the same suit. Fold To discard one’s hand and forfeit interest in the current pot. Forced Bet A bet that the player who received the lowest upcard in the first round of betting has no choice but to make (Seven Card Stud Poker). Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank. Fourth Street The fourth card received by each player in Seven Card Stud Poker. Free Card The player receives a card without having to place a bet. Freeze Out A tournament in which the players cannot rebuy any chips. Gutshot Four cards of a straight with a card in the middle missing (e.g. 9, Jack, Queen and King without the 10). Hand A player’s five best cards. Heads Up When there are only two players left. High Low A variant of Omaha Hold’Em, where the “highest” and “lowest” hands share the pot. Hole Cards These are cards dealt face down to each player. Inside Straight The result of a gut shot. Jackpot Two specific card combinations that match. Jam A pot that has been raised the maximum number of times. Key Card Individual cards required to achieve a playable hand.

Kibitz An onlooker not taking part in a game. Kicker An odd card in a draw hand, usually a high card retained for the draw. Live Blind These are blind bets that are in play. Lowball A poker variant in which the lowest hand wins. Main Pot The pot into which all players have placed the same amount. In the event of an “all in”, further bets are placed in a side pot. Muck Discarding of hole cards without revealing them to the table. No Limit Poker variant in which players can bet all their chips at once. Nuts The best possible hand in a given game. Omaha Poker variant – similar to Hold’Em – in which each player receives four hole cards and must use two of their hole cards as well as three from the board for a valid hand. Open Ended Straight Four consecutive cards whereby one additional (consecutive) card is needed at either end to make a straight. Option A player with a live blind has the option to raise when it is his turn or when no player has raised beforehand. Overcard A card higher than one from the board. Pair Two cards with the same rank. Pass To throw one’s cards in and remain inactive for the rest of the deal (see “Fold”). Playing the Board When a player’s best five-card hand is the five cards on the board. Pocket See “Hole Cards”.

Pot All the stakes that accumulate during a game. Pot Limit A game in which a player’s maximum bet is the size of the pot. Rack A box of 100 chips, arranged into five groups of 20. Raise To increase the size of the bet required to stay in the pot. Rake The amount taken out of the pot for the casino. Rebuy The opportunity to buy more chips in a tournament. Reraise Second or subsequent raise. River Final (fifth) card from the board (community cards in Texas Hold’Em). Royal Flush The highest ranking poker hand – an Ace high straight flush (Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace). Running Pair Where the last two cards on the board (Turn and River) form a pair. Rush Where a player wins a number of pots in quick succession. Satellite A tournament with a low buy-in, allowing players to win the buy-in for a large tournament. Seating List A waiting list. Semi Bluff To bet or raise with a hand that is not the best but could improve to become the winning hand. Set See “Three of a Kind”. Show one Show all As soon as a player shows their cards to another player they must show them to all players. Showdown This occurs after the last betting round, when the remaining players compare hands. The highest hand wins the pot. Side Pot A separate pot contested by other players when one player is all in.

Small Blind A live blind, in all poker games with a button, which must be placed by the first player after the button. Split To divide the pot among two or more players. Stack The chips a player currently has before him. Steal An attempt to bluff. Straight Five consecutive cards not of the same suit (e.g. Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5). Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit (e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). String Bet A call with one motion and a later raise with another, or a reach for more chips without stating the intended amount. Stud A form of poker in which the first cards are dealt face down and the remainder face up. Suited Cards of the same suit. Texas Hold’Em Poker variant in which each player receives two hole cards and then five community cards are dealt. Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank. Tight Game A game situation in which fewer and fewer players remain in the game and only small pots are created. Top Pair A pair with the highest card on the board. Trips See “Three of a Kind”. Turn The fourth community card in Texas Hold’Em. Two Pairs Two pairs of cards. Under the Gun The player who is under the gun must act first on the first round of betting.

Under Raise A raise by an amount that is too low. Occurs only in all-in situations. Underdog A hand that is unlikely to win. Waiting List A waiting list. Wheel A wheel is the poker hand Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, the lowest possible straight. Wired Pair A pair from the player’s two hole cards.